The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e19 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 19

-Hey, Saiki.
-You want in on this?
Blackbeard, Dead or Alive!
Nendo. You didn't go to the baseball game?
Yes, I slept in.
-I heard they got crushed.
-Teruhashi! Oh!
-Did you see the Oh! Star episode today?
Maybe I'll get a job for the summer.
Do you want me to show you a place?
That store will close in three days.
This is the royal milk tea you wanted!
-Everyone's here.
-How unusual.
I guess it's only natural
since we're all in the same class.
But usually some characters are sidelined
depending on the episode. What's going on?
Take your seats.
Today, we need to choose
one boy and one girl
to be organizers for the culture festival.
Everyone voiced their discontent,
-but I noticed that they didn't put
-I probably won't get picked.
much energy into it.
That's because nobody
thought they would have to do it.
That's because last year,
when choosing organizers,
two people volunteered.
Everyone, including myself, thought
"Those two will do it again."
-But the teacher introduced a twist.
-Oh, by the way,
Hairo and Kasai did this last year,
so two people besides them.
This time, nobody said anything.
With those two out of the running,
speaking up and drawing attention
could very well lead to being chosen
as an organizer.
Everyone knew this.
Any volunteers?
Nobody moved a muscle.
Moving even a little bit
would draw attention,
and you would be forced
to be an organizer.
Preparing the schedule, ordering supplies,
managing the budget,
and finding a special guest.
Previous organizers have all said
It's a pain in the ass.
But someone has to do it.
The battle began.
As class representative,
I'll lead the discussion.
I'll ask again.
Is nobody willing to volunteer?
In that case, we will draw straws.
-Sure, whatever.
-Mikoto Aiura is the first to speak.
Drawing straws would play
to her strengths.
-She is a fortune teller, after all.
-What a pain!
-There's no way
-I'll pass on that.
she would draw the wrong straw.
Her skills do come in handy.
And with my psychic powers, I won't lose.
-I'm opposed!
-Chisato Mera spoke up.
-I won't draw straws. Is that okay?
Everyone thought, "Definitely not okay."
But she has a trump card.
My family is very poor,
so I work six part-time jobs.
That day was her sister's
seventh birthday.
Mera continued.
She got the short straw in life,
so nobody could ask her to do it again.
-Then I'm out too. My brother
After this turning point,
the battle entered a new phase.
so I can't do it.
-I have summer prep classes.
-Everyone else realized
that they needed an excuse.
-Mera established that precedent.
-Me too!
I could come up with an excuse,
but if I'm not careful
I sense a sinister demon
behind this culture festival.
-I will handle that.
-it could backfire.
-Kaido has no plans.
-So I can't be an organizer.
How about you, Saiko?
I'm included
in this ridiculous fight as well?
If you don't have plans,
we will ask you to draw a straw.
Is that so? Then I refuse.
I'm not organizing a festival
for these plebes.
-Saiko decided,
-There must be a ton of you who
-to insult the whole class.
-want to do it, right?
Here's one million yen.
I'll give this to the guy who volunteers.
Accepting this money
would mean abandoning one's pride.
Which they did.
It became a war.
-Among them, the most desperate
-Hey! I'll do it!
was this mysterious gentleman
wearing a girl's uniform.
-Next, this guy made a move.
-I'll do it.
It was the reformed Aren,
the former gang member.
-Everyone could only watch.
-You're after money too?
Things won't go your way
just because you're rich.
-Hairo, I'll do it.
-At that moment
Kuboyasu is so totally cool!
While eyeing the mysterious gentleman
picking up the bills,
I felt a sense of relief.
We have a guy, so now we need a girl!
If Kaido was doing it,
I would gladly volunteer.
-Then she spoke up.
-I'll do it if that's all right.
She knew
that volunteering here
would earn everyone's respect.
All the other girls were filled
with a sense of utter defeat.
This is going exactly as she planned,
but I felt like she had another trick
up her sleeve. I prayed
-the rest would go smoothly.
-So that's Kuboyasu
and Teruhashi. Any objections?
There were objections.
-Well, we already decided on Kuboyasu.
-I'll do it!
-I don't mind.
-His generous side shined through here.
-This box has all the boys' names in it.
-This next part would continue
-to go as she planned.
-Choose one.
You see, this girl has
the heavens on her side.
I knew this would happen.
I'm a psychic after all.
I'm always the one
to pick the short straw.
It's Saiki!
One month until the culture festival.
I met with Teruhashi in the library
to discuss the festival. Because
I didn't think we would end up
putting on a play.
I thought the library would help us
pick a play,
but it's hard to find a good one.
Thanks for the exposition.
We have to prepare costumes too.
We have so much to do.
We shouldn't have decided on a play!
As if.
This is all according to plan.
You think the class decided
to put on a play, don't you?
Please raise your hand
if you have any ideas.
How about a maze?
Oh, a maze.
A coffee shop?
A coffee shop.
-Oh, 50,000 paper cranes!
-How about a play?
-Idiot, we couldn't
Wow, a play! Sounds fun.
Let's do a play!
Let's take a vote then?
-Paper cranes!
-A play it is.
-Fifty thousand!
-We will decide on a play to perform.
-Fifty thousand!
It looked like the class
democratically decided on this,
but I just manipulated these plebes.
Don't call your classmates "plebes."
Why a play? That's a silly question.
We have to decide on roles and costumes,
go shopping for supplies, and more.
This is my chance to make him gasp.
Even during the play
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
-I can make him say that.
Romeo doesn't have a line like that.
I'll have so many chances.
Even just the two of us being here
is a rush!
-For you. Not for me.
-Let's do this!
Hey, I bought this earlier.
It will be useful to write down our ideas.
Our team name is the K's.
Let's fill up two or three of these
with all of our ideas!
Do you understand the meaning
-of these two K's?
-It just sounds like an electronics store.
-Let's start discussing.
-Well, this will fit the K's theme.
-Good grief. Finally.
I'll lend you a hand.
I'm used to this kind of thing.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
-Why are you here?
-I asked them to come.
Because talking to you alone
makes me nervous.
-The more the merrier, right?
-Can we help decide the roles?
Wow, thanks.
What are you thinking?
You're ruining our time alone.
What's wrong with you?
I was thinking the best choice is
a Grimms' fairy tale or Shakespeare?
I heard that another class
is doing a play too.
The Wizard of Oz.
Really? Then we will have to avoid that.
On a different show, the characters did
Romeo and Juliet.
-Then, we can't do any play.
-We won't do that either.
How about Momotaro, then?
That's for little kids.
By the way,
isn't Urashima Taro a terrible story?
Urashima Taro saves a turtle
and is welcomed at the castle.
This part is fine.
But he realizes that the days
he spent at the castle
were actually centuries in the real world.
And he opens the souvenir
and instantly becomes an old man!
That's too much! After he saved a turtle,
-Why is this relevant?
-what a horrible fate!
Well, they did tell him
not to open the box.
Anyone would open it!
That's the only thing he could think of!
He will freak out once he gets back.
-It was ruthless.
Why didn't the princess or turtle
explain anything?
That's true. That reminds me,
the first time I heard The Old Man
Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom,
I thought it was strange.
A long time ago,
an old man lived with his dog, Shiro.
One day, Shiro barked where to dig,
and he found gold in his field.
The greedy man next door heard this,
and borrowed Shiro, but all he could
dig up were snakes and junk.
The greedy man kills Shiro out of rage.
The old man gets very sad,
and plants a tree on Shiro's grave.
In a short time, the tree grows large,
and the old man thinks, "This is Shiro."
He cuts down the tree to craft with it.
He cuts it down? That's awful!
There are many theories,
but when he uses this wood
to make rice cakes,
his pot overflowed with rice.
I mean, by this point,
the old man should already be rich,
so he doesn't really need all this rice.
But the greedy man asks to borrow the pot,
and the old man reluctantly agrees.
Like, why lend him the pot?
He killed your dog!
Now you're lending him your pot?
Normally, you would pummel him
like a rice cake!
That's horrifying.
Things don't work out for the greedy man,
who burns the pot to ash.
Teruhashi continued to recount the story.
The angry emperor imprisons him. The end.
What's with this story? What holds
-all the episodes together?
-Why are we talking about this?
-We're here to decide on a play.
-How does he get all that
-in his old age?
-You know
There's a story I thought was weird.
Which one?
There was once an old man
and an old woman.
A peach floated down the river.
When they opened it,
there was a kid inside.
That's crazy!
That's not the same thing.
We're not talking about
supernatural premises.
-Are you listening?
-We're still off-topic.
Fine, I'll talk about one.
For Kuboyasu's story,
please refer to the manga.
Can I go home?
Lump-removing Old Man is cool.
They are not going to decide
on a play. I'll go home.
You know, there are a lot
of strange fairy tales.
Yes, there are lots of stories
that need fixing.
-We can fix them!
-We can fix a fairy tale ourselves!
We can add characters
and change the settings!
We can fix a fairy tale by our own hands
and perform it at the cultural festival!
It took a while,
but that's a pretty normal idea.
-What a brilliant idea!
-What a brilliant idea!
It's not brilliant.
Hardly anyone does them like the original.
-How about a modern Momotaro?
-That's been done.
-Or writing it from the villain's view?
-That's also been done.
That was the first time people
envisioned a remake of classic stories.
Don't lie!
Among the ones we talked about,
the most flawed one
Yes, it's got to be.
It's famous too!
All right, our play will be
a remake of Urashima Taro!
It's been done.
Our class decided on Urashima Taro.
We have two days
until the culture festival.
The script and casting were finalized,
and we began rehearsals.
Today, everyone's costumes
are finally complete.
-If I'm doing this, I'll give it my all.
-These are well made.
I'm seaweed number four.
Good grief. I'm glad that's my role.
Teruhashi wanted me to play Urashima,
but I avoided it.
Teruhashi is here!
Speak of the devil.
How do I Iook?
Teruhashi, you look amazing!
Wow, thank you.
That was a perfect entrance.
Yeah, it was perfect.
I'd never leave the castle
if I were with her.
Who needs the real world?
As I thought.
My intuition to cast her as the princess
was spot on.
Pretty sure anyone else
would do the same, director.
Saiki, that suits you.
But are you okay with such a small role?
You weren't around when we did casting.
This is the best.
I've wanted the seaweed role
since I was a kid.
I missed the casting meeting on purpose.
I didn't want Teruhashi to be able
to rope me into something.
It's safer to just leave a note.
I'm relieved, but I don't know
who got the other roles yet.
-Who's going to be Urashima Taro?
-We've got a great Urashima.
Oh, you're here.
-Look. He wanted to be Urashima.
But he couldn't memorize any of his lines,
so now he's a coral.
A perfect fit.
This is hard to move in.
What's that look, pal? I love it.
You're one to talk.
At first, I thought Nendo as Urashima
might be original and interesting, but
-You dumb turtle!
-Stop it!
-He can't remember a single line!
-Don't do that thing!
-You assholes!
-Of course not.
We had to rehearse that scene
-a million times.
-Where is that coming from?
-Below you!
-What the hell!
-What's with him?
-Hey, Saiki!
You don't need to be in character now.
Hairo is amazing.
He's a real method actor.
Coming to school, during gym,
he does everything as a turtle.
What an idiot.
I can move this quickly now!
Turtles don't move quickly.
A turtle this fast
would scare off any bullies.
-And these two play the bullies.
-You lazy turtle!
He's not lazy at all.
-Hey, turtle!
Turtle! Hey!
You might want to change those lines.
-And Mera.
-Can you eat a turtle? You can, right?
I've seen them eat tortoises.
What do they taste like?
-Can I have a little bite?
-This is actually terrifying.
That's the main cast, but who is Urashima?
He's here. You look good in that.
-Really? I can't tell.
-Oh, it's Kuboyasu.
Putting on the costume makes me nervous.
Can I really do this?
You're the supporting role. You can do it.
The supporting role?
Isn't Urashima the lead?
-Make way!
-Damn. He's here.
You're in the way, plebe.
Here comes the leading role.
So, it's you.
The Other Urashima?
What's with that look?
Didn't you read the script?
Sorry, but no.
Look at the title.
The protagonist is Saiko, not me.
The Other Urashima Taro?
We said we
would remake Urashima Taro, right?
At least look through the script.
-Why is he the lead?
-Know your place, your plebe fishermen.
Originally, Saiko was also a seaweed,
but he begged.
He paid everyone off with money.
He helped with the set and costumes,
and I didn't really want
to play the lead anyway.
So, that's why the costumes look
like they cost a lot.
Is everyone dressed?
Let's do our final rehearsal!
All right.
Let's go to the gym!
Pay attention, seaweed and coral!
-I'm so ready!
-Me too!
To be continued.
Is everyone ready?
Year two, class three,
The Other Urashima Taro.
"Once upon a time, there was
a young fisherman named Urashima Taro."
-So, he's the narrator.
-"One day,
Urashima set out to sea as always,
but saw some people by the shore.
He saw that some children
were bullying a turtle."
-Scum I mean, how awful!
-"Urashima Taro stepped in to save it.
But then, a demon
-whispered in his ear.
-Don't do it.
-'It's The Other Urashima Taro.'"
-Saving it won't make you money.
What is this character?
"Actually, Urashima
has an alternate personality."
Two people in one?
Only the strongest
will survive in this world.
This fairy tale is a horror now.
But that turtle is intriguing.
Hey, turtle plebe.
-"Plebe" isn't in the script!
-Write it in.
I can help you, turtle.
In exchange,
show me the underwater paradise,
Palace of the Dragon.
-How did you know about that?
-Damn you!
-What happened?
-That was an explosion.
Don't worry, it's just an explosive
hidden in your clothing.
-Don't stop the play.
-Why would you do that?
I am so grateful for your help!
As promised, I will guide you
to the Palace of the Dragon!
-"And with that, Urashima Taro was taken
-I can do this!
-to the Palace of the Dragon."
-Only Hairo could handle that role.
You're up. Coral, just stand.
Seaweed, just wave or something.
Easy compared to Hairo.
The lights went off.
And on again.
"Urashima and the turtle arrived
at the Palace of the Dragon."
Saiko spent way too much on this.
This is the Palace of the Dragon!
At the bottom of the sea?
"Upon arriving,
they were greeted by two fish."
What a lovely man.
Oh, it's you two.
-"Further inside"
-What is this?
Welcome. I'm the princess.
-"It was the princess."
-This lighting!
"Urashima couldn't help but"
-"He sighed in awe."
They wrote that in.
"Urashima fell in love with the princess."
They added a romantic subplot.
"Urashima Taro spent a fantastic time
at the Palace of the Dragon.
Urashima relished his stay
at the Palace of the Dragon."
Why keep repeating the name?
"Before he knew it, a month had passed.
Urashima Taro left
the Palace of the Dragon
-for home."
-What happened to the romance?
"Urashima tried to court the princess,
but was rejected.
He was given a box
that must never be opened,
and was chased out of the castle."
What happened there?
"Upon returning,
he immediately noticed a change.
He didn't recognize anyone.
While at the Palace of the Dragon,
hundreds of years had passed.
Urashima opened the box.
Engulfed in smoke,
he rapidly aged and died.
But the Other Urashima Taro did not die.
All that disappeared was Urashima's life,
and the Other Urashima was fine."
I survived!
"Urashima returned
to the Palace of the Dragon
and married the princess.
They lived happily ever after."
-What? That's it?
-Well done!
-That was not good.
-I was nervous.
We should end
with me kissing the princess.
-Oh, right.
-I'm going home,
so have it fixed by tomorrow.
-Out of the way! I'm the lead actor!
-Saiki, what did you think?
It made even less sense than the original.
Was it strange
to see a happy ending
for the Other Urashima?
Of course, it was.
Because that script was a lie!
Saiko kept complaining,
so we changed the script.
He was unhappy with everything.
In the real script, the Other Urashima
will age due to the box,
and the real Urashima will live happily
with the princess.
The set and costumes
were all bought with Saiko's money.
If he pulls out, it would be a disaster.
Well, this really is a mess.
-Is that right?
You tried to trick me.
Take everything away!
I'll look forward to your show
and to seeing the real ending!
-It's the day of the culture festival.
-We killed the Wicked Witch of the West!
-After this play, it's our turn.
-The tin man cried for me.
The scarecrow used his brains.
The lion was brave.
-Everyone's wearing glasses.
-You always had what you wanted!
But that was a pretty good rendition
of The Wizard of Oz.
-Next is class three?
The Other Urashima Taro?
I actually heard that this show
has awesome costumes and sets.
-And Teruhashi is the princess.
-No way!
-Class three's The Other Urashima Taro.
-It's the class with Miss PK in it!
What? Is this a mistake?
-"Once upon a time,
-Isn't that a stagehand?
-Urashima Taro"
-Oops! Wrong side.
-This guy?
-This guy?
I figured this would happen.
Saiko pulled out, and we only had
one day to prepare.
-But we put that day to good use.
-He's trying. He tied his hair back.
-That doesn't even come close!
-We will show you our Other Urashima Taro!
To be continued.
What'll we do?
Saiko took away our costumes and sets,
and we lost a main character!
The festival is in two days!
We have to pull it together by then.
-Make 50,000 paper cranes!
We're still doing the play!
Tomorrow is a Saturday.
make your own costume in one day!
Don't put our rehearsals to waste!
I totally forgot that I had plans
for the whole Saturday.
-That's a pretty fishing rod.
-So this is all I could find.
Sorry, everyone.
"One day, Urashima"
But I believe in us.
I'm counting on you guys!
-"found children bullying a turtle."
-Take that!
They're just bullying some guy!
-Why didn't you make costumes?
-"Urashima intervened."
I should just stop you guys.
Crap, I was reading comics until morning.
But I do have these brass knuckles.
That's it?
I was working all day.
But it's okay! I have a knife
to cook the turtle with.
You're not cooking him!
Sorry! In one day,
I could only make the underside.
Start with the back!
Damn it. At this rate,
this show is done for.
What's worse, the Other Urashima role
I'll play the Other Urashima!
-I don't have any faith in him. It's over.
-"A demon whispered
-This play is a failure.
-in his ear."
-Saving it won't make you money.
-"The Other Urashima Taro."
He actually looks the part!
I put together some of my clothes
to make this outfit.
Awesome, Shun!
If the lead role is all right,
we still have a chance.
We can do this!
It's, you know
Only the strong survive
-I know the lines, but I'm so nervous.
I have no choice. Hypnosis.
I wish everyone was a potato.
-They all look like potatoes!
-Nobody will help it.
-I can do this!
-But that turtle is intriguing.
Through hypnosis, everyone's face
now looks like a potato to him.
This is enough of a disaster
that I have to help.
All right!
I can't let them mess this up even more.
All right, coral!
-Time for the Palace of the Dragon set!
-Don't knock it over!
-Hey, careful!
"Urashima and the turtle
-arrived at the Palace of the Dragon."
-This is a pathetic palace.
Is that a pull-up bar?
Which is seaweed and which is Urashima?
Let's just leave.
What a lovely man.
They're fresh in a different way.
Let's stay a little longer.
Good grief. The audience
is about to leave.
It's understandable.
I would've left a while ago.
-You're on, Teruhashi!
-I'll trust the other organizer.
Teruhashi, you're going out in that?
Yes. Is it a bad idea?
No, it's just, we have a normal costume.
"Further inside
-it was the princess."
-It's Teruhashi!
I was waiting for this!
Teruhashi is up.
Her costume is perfect!
to the Palace of the Dragon.
-Wait, no costume?
Teruhashi is in her jersey too.
-Teruhashi, what's with you?
-I'm disappointed.
Urashima, you're very kind.
-For a second
-I can see it! Teruhashi as a princess!
-You're right!
An illusion caused
by her beauty and performance!
It's not just her!
Next to her, he looks like Urashima Taro.
-Urashima Taro just gasped!
The turtle and seaweed
looked like humans a second ago!
Wow, it's totally
the world of Urashima Taro!
No, it's Teruhashi's world!
That's right. I don't need a costume.
With my acting and beauty,
-I can make you see anything I want.
-Make yourself at home.
By wearing the same jersey
as everyone else,
I made it easier to project onto them too.
Just this once, I'll let the rest of you
share the spotlight with me.
I'm the culture festival organizer.
I can't fail!
-I'll get best performance award!
-Good grief.
Sixteen years of acting is paying off.
But not even Teruhashi can change
everyone's appearance.
So I used hypnosis to make
the audience see the whole cast.
Without her, using hypnosis this way
would've made people realize
something was up.
I couldn't have done it without her.
I'm an organizer,
so I have to do this much.
I hand it to you.
With your powers and mine, we can't fail.
We're invincible.
Because of that box you gave me,
my body has been freed.
That smoke stored the time
that passed here,
and you gave it to me knowing that
If you knew that, why did you return here?
The box has been opened.
The passage of time here is different
than in your world.
-If you stay here,
-Finally, the climax.
you will age 100 times faster.
-If you return
-I won't go back!
Good grief. The culture festival
was a pain in the ass again.
I love you!
I also love
The award for best performance went to
The Wizard of Oz.
Hey, Shun, our Urashima Taro
wasn't too bad, right?
Our class is undeniably the best.
We're in it, after all.
-For the next festival
Can you talk about the next episode?
Oh, sorry, Kaido, you and Nendo
are in trouble next week.
Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka
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