The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e24 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 24

Good morning!
-Good morning.
-Teruhashi, good morning!
Oh. Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning!
-Nice weather!
Teruhashi always causes a stir
when she arrives.
-Oh, morning!
-"Oh, morning"?
Teruhashi, good morning.
Good morning.
Mukohara, did you get a haircut?
Wow! Not even my friends noticed.
Looks good!
From then on, Mukohara
lived a full life,
never once changing his hairstyle.
He's not dead.
Teruhashi has an incredible memory!
Yes, I don't even remember
that guy's name.
That's Mukohara.
-What's his full name again?
-Something Mukohara.
In any case, it's impressive.
It's not just her memory either.
She works hard too.
Yuta! Yuta Mukohara!
That was close.
I remembered his haircut
but totally forgot his name.
I can't risk forgetting
a classmate's name.
That would ruin my perfect image.
Teruhashi has memorized the names
of everyone in the school.
But did you see his face
when he realized
I had noticed his haircut?
He probably almost cried
from happiness. Go me!
You're awfully proud of yourself.
In any case, she's already really popular,
but she's striving to become even more so.
She sure is something.
Well then, if I stay
in the bathroom too long,
people will think I'm pooping.
Did you hear?
Teruhashi noticed a guy's hair.
-People are already gossiping.
-Maybe she will notice if we cut our hair?
Even Mukoshima got noticed.
Wasn't it Mukota?
If she noticed me,
I might die from happiness!
-Teruhashi, good morning!
-Good morning.
Oh, morning!
-Good morning.
-Teruhashi, good morning.
Oh, did you all cut your hair?
She noticed!
-I got mine cut too.
These guys too?
-How did you know?
-How did you know?
What? I mean,
I see you all every day. Isn't it obvious?
Yes, we cut our hair!
I'm so happy Teruhashi noticed.
Good job, Teruhashi.
You did well to memorize everyone.
Being perfect means that I always
pay attention to my surroundings.
It's amazing she memorized them all.
It's also amazing that all these guys
got haircuts.
Like, all of them.
-Toyooka, did you get a haircut?
-Oh, what?
No, not really.
Oh, well Not a haircut, but did you
change your shampoo?
I think you smell different.
There's no way she's right.
-Shampoo? Seriously?
-She can tell?
To think Teruhashi
remembers what I smell like.
You know, I think I used
my mom's shampoo yesterday.
Yes, I did.
Amazing! You're a goddess
-What a relief.
-for noticing a nobody like me.
But she couldn't rest.
-Rumors continued to spread
-Teruhashi knows the members of my family.
that the most beautiful girl in school
might take notice of you.
That led many others
to compete for her attention.
You've got to be kidding me.
Fine, bring it on.
I'll do whatever it takes
to keep my image as the perfect beauty!
-Good morning, everyone.
-Just tell them, "I don't know."
Good morning.
Good morning, Kaneko.
Born on May 10, blood type O.
Is that how you say hi?
Did you change your hair gel?
How did you know?
Seriously, how?
Well, Teruhashi
can read people almost like a psychic.
-Good morning, Teruhashi.
-Her perceptiveness is undeniable.
Did you change your prescription?
But this is a bit much.
Different cologne?
-He wears cologne?
-Changed your dream school?
How could you possibly tell?
You changed the PIN for your debit card?
-That's plain creepy!
Bring it on.
I haven't slept at all because
I've been collecting information on you.
My perfect image is indestructible.
My vision is blurring. Pull it together!
I don't feel good. I need to get away.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Good grief. You're trying too hard.
-Nobody noticed.
-What? Saiki?
-Get away from her!
Teruhashi made an effort
to notice all of you,
but none of you noticed
how exhausted she was.
What is he doing?
Fujisawa, born September 23, blood type A!
-You're awake!
-We were so worried!
Oh, I passed out. I can't believe it!
You all carried me?
No, Saiki did.
-Oh, that.
He just showed up
and took you to the nurse.
He came out of nowhere.
He caught you as if he somehow knew
-you would pass out.
-Damn, if only I had done that.
He left right after he brought you.
But we
Where are you going?
-To thank him!
-You should rest!
Let's pick up where we left off!
You know, earlier
Sorry, I forgot!
Good grief.
-Someone found out?
-That you're a psychic?
-I didn't have a choice.
-How could you?
That's seriously a big deal!
Yes! Why are you so calm?
What's with you?
You guys slip up all the time.
Why get mad?
Of course I'm mad!
I have to be one of the few
who know your identity.
That makes me special!
-Who cares?
-I already get less screen time
because of big-boobs over here!
Don't worry, you can still be special
as a trashy pervert.
Kusuo, is it a girl? A guy?
-A guy.
-I'm still the only girl!
-Come on!
You can't just talk about
how you're a psychic!
-What's that?
-You're not helping, you perv.
Anyway, we have to do something.
Let's pay him a visit.
I'll judge whether he deserves
to know Saiki's identity.
Why do you think that's up to you?
-I see.
-So that's the one.
He seems kind of lame.
A total side character.
Well, we can't judge entirely
on appearances.
-True, appearances aren't everything.
-You underestimate him.
I'll judge whether he has the aura
to be a Psychic Kid!
Kusuo, turn off your aura.
What am I, a freak show?
I bet it's a little aura, right?
Well, yes, kind of.
Better than she expected.
Then I'll look at his guardian spirit!
Oh, that old skill.
Well? I bet the spirit is chubby or bald.
Oh, yes.
I see.
Better than he expected.
I thought he was a side character,
but his aura is pretty darn good.
I thought his spirit would be a hag,
but he looks intimidating. A detective?
-Excuse me.
What have you been doing?
Can I help you?
Oh, no, well
What? Saiki is gone!
-You're Kusuo's friends, aren't you?
You said you owe Kusuo money or something.
You've met him?
I don't remember men.
Do you know about Kusuo, by the way?
His secret.
-No, I don't.
-What is he saying?
-I'll let you in on it.
-What is he thinking?
There are people around.
Kusuo is actually a psych
Akechi, let's play dodgeball!
We need to go
before the sixth graders get it.
Saiki didn't shut him up?
-What if someone heard you?
-Heard what?
-That Saiki is a psychic!
-A psychic!
Yes! You tried to tell us that earlier!
Saiki were you watching?
This guy is bad news.
Shouldn't he disappear?
-What are you saying?
I haven't said anything like that.
What? You said, "Kusuo is a psychic"
Yes, I did.
Kusuo is a psychic's friend
or a magician's friend, anyway.
What do you mean he's a psychic?
-He got us!
-He got us!
Now tell me
Is Kusuo a psychic?
Only you know his identity?
You were calling to Kusuo, who isn't here.
"Shouldn't he disappear?"
I remember him now!
-That's enough.
Where were you?
I went to the library to return a book.
How dare you idiots reveal my secret?
You don't have the right to do that,
do you?
I realized as soon as they asked
whether I knew your secret,
but I'm surprised that other people
knew about it besides me.
And to think that it would be these
Don't laugh at us!
-Him, sure, but me?
-Oh, well
Don't mock us!
Well, just mock her, not me!
Sorry, I wasn't making fun of you.
Then what are you laughing about?
I didn't mean anything by my words.
I smirked earlier not to make fun of you,
but because I was reminded of two monkeys.
I certainly didn't think
you were idiots.
You talk too much!
So, you were making fun of us after all!
-I know Saiki the best!
-No, I do!
Oh, that's intriguing.
This is stupid. I'm leaving. What?
Something wrong, Saiki?
I can't find my keys.
That's it! We will race to see
who can find Saiki's keys first!
Whoever loses has to stay away from him!
Interesting. I'm in.
I'll find them myself,
so you all can stay away.
He fell for it.
There's no way I'll lose. I'll show you
this girl's power!
She's doing all the work?
Well? Where is it?
Shut up. I'm concentrating.
Hey, don't just stand there.
Why don't you start looking?
I already know where they are.
They are in the men's bathroom
on the third floor.
What? You just made that up!
I did not. It's a simple deduction.
Earlier, Saiki searched his right pocket
for his keys.
And his handkerchief came out.
So, his handkerchief
was in the same pocket as his keys.
Thus, he lost his keys
while taking out his handkerchief.
The handkerchief was damp
and had recently been used.
Earlier, he went to the bathroom,
used his handkerchief,
and lost his keys.
Which bathroom, you ask?
Kusuo said he went to the library.
There's only one bathroom
between here and the library.
The one on the third floor.
His keys are there.
-Found them.
-I'm glad.
-You pass.
-Welcome to the Psychic Kids.
Now, stay away from me.
This is the start of third semester.
And the anime has caught up
to Chapter 238 of the comics.
But things are normal.
We need a break from serious stuff.
-Hey, Saiki.
-Sounds like Kaido.
Feels like I haven't seen his face
in a while.
But things are back to normal.
Long time no see.
They are not back to normal.
-What's with that outfit?
-Oh, this?
Over winter break, my mom
took the school uniform I had modified.
She made me change my hair and clothes.
She made the right call.
This is the worst.
These glasses have these squiggles,
and it's hard to see.
Those are straight from a cartoon.
Little guy, what the hell is that look?
Great, here comes trouble.
Well, Nendo's the same as always.
You look like a loser.
No, he's not the same.
What's up with your body?
My body?
It's the same.
It has even made you talk different.
All I did was eat and sleep.
I'll be thin tomorrow.
There's no way!
Why did they change so much?
Dang! You guys are totally different!
That's Kuboyasu.
What happened to you guys?
What happened to you?
-Aren! What happened?
-His look is still the same.
Oh, this?
As soon as winter break started,
I was riding a motorcycle up a mountain.
Suddenly a raccoon jumped out.
I swerved off a cliff.
I fell 50m. It was pretty rough luck.
That's insane.
The surgery took eight hours.
My heart stopped at one point.
This got real dark.
What is this?
Isn't it kind of hot?
It's been a while since we were here.
Feels like things are back to normal.
-Definitely back to normal.
Definitely not.
Why isn't anyone else saying anything?
Look at them.
No reaction?
Wow, what happened?
You guys look totally different.
Yes, Hairo!
Finally, someone says something.
Did something happen over break?
Same to you.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Holy cow, Hairo! You're ripped!
Really? Well, I couldn't train outside
during winter,
so I worked out indoors,
but do I really look different?
Totally different!
I see myself every day,
so I didn't notice.
Come on, it's obvious!
Maybe a little bit?
Stop flexing.
Are you trying to be a bodybuilder?
Of course not!
Sure, I've gained mass,
but I don't have definition,
and my vascularity needs work.
You're talking like a bodybuilder.
Wow, Hairo, that body!
-It's nothing
-It's amazing!
-What happened?
-These guys look different too.
You're totally different!
Now, that's a popularity gap.
Teruhashi, what happened?
Wow, look at you.
Oh, Teruhashi?
Even Teruhashi is different?
-has pigtails!
-Is it weird?
Who cares?
What's with that hair?
A friend gave me
these scrunchies as a gift.
You look totally different.
Other people here have changed way more.
But, some things don't change.
That's right.
-Teruhashi's beauty is the same as always.
-Teruhashi's beauty is the same as always.
Not newsworthy.
I haven't changed at all.
My hair is a little different, but
-actually there's someone
No, nothing!
You're redundant.
Nendo's already the extreme fatso.
Huh? What happened?
You've been around since the start,
so you need more impact.
Your timing is way off! Do better!
No way! Oh, dear!
Everyone feels the same about you.
Excuse me.
Oh, sorry.
Is that Chisato?
-No way!
-Okay, now what?
Who is that?
Mera! What's with that outfit?
That's a little over the top!
Did you win the lottery?
It's not like that.
-Basically a lottery.
Wow! So are those jewels real Ouch!
Please don't touch me
with your filthy impoverished hands.
A personality makeover too.
Hey, that's cruel!
Who do you think you are?
I was nice to see you
when you were struggling!
Whatever do you mean?
How dare you!
-Are you done yet?
-Maybe I'll interject.
Hold up!
You're not better than us!
Sit the hell down!
Well, that escalated quickly.
What is this? A dream?
If it's a vision, it's bound
to happen anyway.
What has the world come to?
Will things ever go back to normal?
-See you later!
-Take it easy!
School's finally over. I'm exhausted.
I had to hang out with the usual suspects.
Though their appearances are
from far from usual.
I don't mind them as much as I used to,
but it's still tiring to be with them.
I'm bored of their faces already.
If only someone new
-What? Oh, it's him!
How have you been?
Uryoku Chono and Mr. Ike.
What a coincidence that we ran into you!
It's been a while.
What's up?
We're doing a magic show nearby.
We were just talking about you.
What? A handshake?
Have you gotten better at magic?
-Amazing, right?
But I'm still an amateur.
He's gotten way better.
He's a fledgling compared to you, though.
I'm a pigeon, though.
What's with these guys?
They are real magicians now.
I've trained a lot since then.
We're almost at our venue.
Will you come by sometime?
No, I'm all right.
They've grown so much
since I first met them.
Oh, hello.
Cider-Man Version Two!
That's not his name.
Yuuta and his mom.
Thanks for always taking care of Yuuta.
Cider-Man Version Two
-What is it?
I'm sorry.
He hasn't been watching
Cider-Man much lately,
so he feels guilty.
Oh, I see.
He's been really into another show.
Sorry I betrayed you.
Yuuta's growing up.
Ueda Peanut's Nuts TV is really good!
"Nuts, nuts, deez nuts!"
Okay, he hasn't grown up.
Ueda Peanuts.
Sounds familiar.
I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces today.
-Pochimi, you're too fast!
The street musician
from Volume One of the comics.
He hadn't made an appearance
in the anime, though.
Excuse me!
This is
Hey, don't I know you?
The Negishi fan.
You still use the same ball?
You'll lose it again.
That's not the same ball.
I actually met the real Negishi
after that.
When I told him about my grandpa,
he signed this ball for me.
He said, "You can't lose a memento,
so use this instead."
So I've stored away my grandpa's memento
and use this instead!
I see.
But if I were you, I would store that away
as a memento too.
Well it feels like a waste not to use it.
Isn't it more of a waste to use it?
-Wow, Negishi signed that ball?
That's amazing! Can I see?
Tashiro, the speed king!
-Just a quick look!
-One hundred yen for ten seconds.
One after the other. Which means
Tashiro, what's up?
-Oh, I remember you!
-Who are you again?
You helped us out
when our captain was injured.
Cliché baseball team.
How's it going? I'm all better.
You really saved us back then!
I didn't really do anything.
You helped us out a lot, like
Like well
No, he backed out
because he hurt his finger.
I don't think he did anything.
Abe and Nendo saved us.
You don't need to tell me.
Right, Abe?
Who knows? I was so focused
on my own pitching,
-I don't remember.
-What's up with today.
Saiki, it's been a while!
Cafe Mami's owner!
I just saw him recently,
so it hasn't been that long.
Good timing. There's a celebrity here.
That famous comic book artist.
Shiragami, author of Silent Cyborg.
It's been a while. I'm a huge fan of his.
I'll ask for an autograph.
Even though I've never read any
of his comics.
You're the worst kind of fan.
Damn amateurs.
He won't mind if I just sit behind him.
I'll take just a quick peek.
What is he drawing?
-Not a comic.
-Take that.
Artists have it rough.
Wow! Incredible!
-What is it?
What fabulous art!
Museum director Michael Scofield!
You're from England. Why are you here?
-May I?
-Hey, wait!
Is there some trouble?
Hey, where's my coffee?
Sorry. A café au lait?
No, black, blockhead!
Black coffee, blockhead!
Driving instructor Baiku Manabe!
Yes, right away!
Coffee starts with "C."
What's this feeling?
A darkness from the counter seats
They are
characters who didn't appear in the anime.
I'm sure there were various reasons.
Nothing I can say about that. Let's go.
They will just keep coming.
Hey, nerd.
I told you.
What are you doing, nerd?
I don't feel like talking to you.
I see through you.
I worked up my courage
and asked out Kokomi,
but she rejected me so I'm here
to have some tea by myself.
-Too bad. Bye.
Wait up!
I know you. You will pretend to go home,
hoping to accidentally run into Kokomi.
That would be your plan.
-Hey, Mugami.
-How did you know?
You gave yourself away.
-Mugami, it's me, your rival.
It's Ruchi! We were on the same show
together! Detective Joker!
-Look at me! You don't remember?
-Hey, wait!
Out of the way!
Good grief.
It continues after all.
Nendo's mom, Kaido's mom,
his sister and brother.
I guess Kaido's sister
isn't always like that.
Let's go.
Going home?
I almost blew up the potatoes in her bag.
Kusuo, it's been a while!
It's unusual to see you with her.
I thought it was Riki,
but it turned out to be her.
Well, they do look identical.
The sweet potatoes were on sale today.
Who's next?
Feed me!
Great timing. I'm hungry.
-Here we go.
-I'm starving. Feed me now.
Hey, don't ignore me!
You think I'll be satisfied
with this comic-book style fishbone?
Oh, it's pretty good.
I'm finally home.
It's fine
that my grandparents are here,
but why is that guy here too?
Kusuo is still out?
Probably found a distraction.
I wonder if Ku will be surprised
to see we're all together!
Kusuo will figure it out
before he comes inside.
He might even be outside
wondering whether to come in.
Yes, I might not be able to
come home today.
We have so many gifts too.
Like coffee jelly.
-I'm home.
-Ku, welcome back.
What? Where did your parents go?
They went to bed.
They're tired from traveling.
Maybe I'll make a teleportation device
to make it easier for them.
That would cause all kinds of trouble.
Guess I saw it coming, but today
was just one thing after another.
You know, right?
I know that voice.
Haven't seen you since chapter 100.
-You should understand.
-The final chapter?
Right, this is the final chapter.
Chapter 240.
But this isn't the end just yet.
It will continue a little longer.
Just like usual.
We're counting on you.
Just like usual?
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Good morning.
Ms. Shima, good morning!
Good morning.
Good morning, Principal.
I'm late to practice!
Where's your uniform?
-Satou, good morning.
-Oh, morning.
-How's it going, Zolbe?
-Just like always.
I stayed up too late. I'm tired.
Kusuo, do something about him!
Don't run away.
I can't deal with him myself.
What does PK Academy's code of conduct say
about over-accessorizing,
or what kind of shoes to wear to school?
Damn it! Since I walked here
just like these plebes,
I stepped in dog crap! I'm going home!
-Hey, Saiki.
-Kaido! That outfit!
I changed at a park on the way here.
Nendo! That body!
I took a dump and I'm back to normal.
Kuboyasu! Your injuries!
They all healed.
The doctor said it was a miracle.
I slowed my training,
so my body's back to what it was!
My hair is normal today too.
Yesterday you wore the scrunchie
I gave you!
I did.
Bitcoin's value tanked.
My castle
Oh, she'll be great for the Occult Club!
I'll switch it up occasionally
and eventually make Saiki gasp.
-I wonder what Saiki is like
to his sister Kuriko?
I bought you cake, Kuriko.
Wow, let's eat it together.
-Like that?
Right. This is a comedy series.
No matter what changes,
it's back to normal the next day.
What about me?
-Hurry up!
Good grief.
Well, my animated disasters are over.
I've got a headache. Is this a vision?
On the screen, I see a new anime
that nobody has ever seen?
It can't be helped.
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
See you next time.
Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka
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