The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e23 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 23

How you do that?
That's awesome, Takashi!
-It's pretty cool.
-Spin it again!
Watch close.
First, you hold the pencil like this,
then bam!
-Whoa, awesome!
-Teach us how you did that!
It's pretty tricky.
Takashi is so awesome.
Ku, don't recklessly show
your psychic powers to people.
You're awesome, Takashi!
Takashi's the only one who can do that.
He's just twirling his pencil around.
That's so stupid.
It's proof
that he should be studying harder.
What did you say, Asumi?
You call it stupid? Want me to punch you?
If I were you,
I would step back right now,
or you'll regret it.
Look at your shoes.
He peed his pants!
-Peed his pants!
-Get the teacher!
What's going on here?
-It's Asumi!
-Peed his pants!
I'm sorry. I've always had this problem.
When I'm angry, I lose control.
-Of your anger?
-Of my bladder.
Get a towel!
-See you later!
Let's go!
Hurry up!
We're going to miss Super Fun Land!
Super Fun Land is going to start!
We have to sprint!
You better watch it, you jerk!
-You're a total weenie!
Don't mess with us again!
You stupid pants wetter!
How dare you make fun of Takashi!
Takashi! Super Fun Land is going to start!
Crap! That's enough for you today.
What? It doesn't hurt. Why?
My scrapes are all gone.
Was that just a dream?
What's this?
Everyone, do five front flips.
Switch when you're done.
Takashi's doing a helicopter!
You're so cool, Takashi!
Look at him spin!
He could be a world champion!
Stop that, Kusuo!
How are you doing that? Wow!
Ku, don't recklessly show
your psychic powers to people.
This name tag is yours, isn't it?
I found it in the park yesterday.
There's something I want to ask you.
Are you a cleric?
I was hurt yesterday,
but then I got all better!
Did you have something
to do with it, Kusuo?
If you did, that's really amazing.
You could win a Nobel Prize
for healing people!
Just kidding, probably not.
Look over here, Asumi!
Takashi is doing the propeller!
Pretty awesome, isn't it?
-Clap for him!
I could do that if I were bigger.
I guess we weren't clear enough yesterday.
Hold him down!
Okay, Takashi.
Using violence to get your way
isn't impressive at all!
Shut up!
-Come teach him a lesson.
-Get him, Takashi!
Is that a new move?
I can't let go.
My butt is starting to hurt.
That's hot!
My willy is on fire!
-Did you hurt your willy, Takashi?
-My willy! My willy!
-My willy!
The school nurse needs to check his willy!
Take his willy to the nurse!
Make room for willy!
That was amazing. How did he do that?
I want to see him do it again.
Wow! He's like a psychic.
Spy kick?
Not spy kick. Psychic!
That wasn't Takashi who did that.
It was Kusuo!
You have psychic powers, don't you?
That's awesome, Kusuo!
What's that face supposed to mean?
Help me, Kusuo!
I put the controller's strap
on backward. Can you
What the heck?
Wait, that's not Kusuo.
Who is this?
Did he mess up again?
Where is Kusuo anyway?
Good grief, I failed again.
I'll have to try the second grade next.
One year later.
Sacchi, you've got the new console system?
Can we come play it today?
-My parents
-Who cares about them?
Who cares about them?
Good morning, Kusuo.
Did you do the homework?
Don't act like that.
You're hurting my feelings.
Did you do the art homework?
I didn't know what to make.
Touma Asumi talks to me all the time
since that happened.
What's that trash you're holding?
That's what you made? Oh, it's a robot!
Yes, that's really good. It's, well
Well, I made something too! Want to see?
It should be in my bag.
You sure talk a lot.
Leave your trash at home.
That's mean, Fire Crotch.
Don't call me that!
I'll punch you next time!
You already did.
-It hurts.
-Are you okay?
I'm used to it.
You should tell the teacher
about Fire Crotch.
Even now as a second grader,
Takashi continues to torment Asumi.
I could easily help him,
but I pretended not to notice.
That's because Asumi suspects
that I'm a psychic.
If I helped him using my powers,
he would find out.
-Fire Crotch is so mean
-It should be noted that
-Takashi was called Fire Crotch
-and scary.
because he burned his crotch
on the horizontal bar.
In any case, I ignored them.
However, I wasn't mature enough
to follow through at the time.
Perhaps because I had friendly feelings
towards Asumi.
Where did my shoes go?
And then I said
What's wrong?
What is this?
That hurts! Stop!
Why are you doing this?
Please stop.
And then it happened.
You want to join us, Kusuo?
Don't look at us like that!
You're next then!
I don't remember what happened after that,
but I quickly realized what I had done.
The first thing I did was
to erase their memories.
I have a power that lets me
use a nanana-shaped object
to make people forget.
For these three,
I erased their memories from the point
I entered the room.
And for Asumi, I decided to erase
the fire crotch incident from a year ago.
Asumi was unconscious,
so he didn't see me come in.
But since he suspects I'm a psychic,
he will probably assume I did it.
The reason for that
was the fire crotch incident.
Yes, it all began
with the fire crotch incident.
I left the classroom half destroyed
so their erased memories
would be replaced with new ones.
The three bullies
regained their consciousness
-and saw the destruction.
I remember!
When we were bullying Asumi,
he suddenly went crazy
and destroyed the classroom!
Just as I planned,
they are crediting Asumi for all of this.
-The memories will vary by person,
-What? I went crazy?
but will all seem natural to them.
And the fire crotch incident is erased
from Asumi's memories.
No, that was Kusuo.
Wait, why did I just think about Kusuo?
And why are we even friends?
Let's see, Kusuo had a secret,
and I wanted him to show me.
That's right!
I heard a rumor
that Kusuo had a big willy,
and I wanted him to show me!
It was replaced by another willy.
The classroom's destruction
caused a commotion,
but it was attributed to
the deteriorating building.
However, rumors spread
that Asumi was actually psychic,
and nobody bullied him again.
And I would quietly transfer
to a different school.
I was afraid they would regain
their memories if I stayed.
What have you been narrating?
You heard me. Why are you talking
about Asumi and psychics?
Who are you?
Where are you going?
You're not normal, are you?
Wait, are you
It didn't work.
She disappeared.
It was a psychic.
Wait, Kusuo!
Which means that was
Good grief, I failed again.
He detected me even 200 meters away.
I forgot that without my power limiter,
I was more powerful then.
I'm my own worst enemy.
Time traveling is such a pain.
I need to go back and change the past
so Akechi doesn't find out
about my powers.
It sounds easy, but it's not.
Unlike shorter bursts of time travel,
there is one rule to going back
to a specific time.
The world cannot have more
than one of the same person.
Once someone notices their existence,
the traveler is forced out of the past.
That is why I have to use
my transformation power
before going into the past.
The trickiest part of this rule
is my past self.
Even with a disguise, he can easily
find out who I am telepathically.
Meaning, I have to change the past
without my past self finding me.
And here's the other issue.
A tiny change in the past
can change the future drastically.
The Butterfly Effect.
These are the issues I have to deal with.
But wait. Who is this?
Let's review the situation.
This is the current situation.
If this continues,
Akechi will find out he is psychic.
And so he traveled back ten years
to change the future.
He must change the past properly
so Akechi doesn't find out in the future.
That explains about it.
There are two things to be careful of
when changing the past.
His identity being discovered
and the Butterfly Effect.
I must keep these in mind
while creating a future
where he doesn't realize the truth.
Time Travel!
I've arrived.
I know the visual effect was cheesy,
but this is actually ten years ago.
Now, first I need to go invisible.
Well, only my past self
would be able to recognize me
through this disguise.
But this prevents the Butterfly Effect.
It means I won't be able
to use most of my powers.
Okay, this is about 300 meters
from the school.
If I timed this just right
It's five minutes
before the fire crotch incident.
So, that's Takashi.
I didn't really remember him well.
Now I see why I dislike Takahashi so much.
Now, Akechi No.
Asumi should be giving me my name tag.
I dropped my name tag
when I healed Asumi
after he was beat up the day before.
While that was also part of why
Akechi became suspicious of my powers,
I decided not to change it.
I've already tried a few times.
Good grief, he looked right at me.
No, I'm too far away.
And I'm invisible. There's no way.
But wait, I could detect a presence.
I suppose it's possible.
We are talking about me here.
I could be stronger than I thought.
I can check by using telepathy.
Look at him!
Takashi is doing the propeller!
There's the propeller. What do I do now?
If I stop that, I can prevent
the fire crotch incident from happening.
I'll try throwing a rock.
Takashi started spinning
in the other direction!
That was too hard.
Is he bleeding?
Anyway, that should have changed fate.
But my guess is that it didn't work.
I should go back and check.
Time Travel.
I knew it. This is the Butterfly Effect.
This is what happens when you try
to change things.
And what's with the outfit?
Also, all my memories
are automatically updated when I return.
I see, so that's what happened.
I have to go back and try again.
Stop right there!
If you don't want to get stabbed,
-leave your food.
I'm sorry, Takashi.
This world happened
because I hit you with a rock.
Time for take two.
It's a pain that
I lose two hours each time
to reapply the disguise.
Stopping the propeller didn't work.
I need to figure out what to change.
Next, I'll try
Help him, teacher!
-Yes, this.
-He hurt his willy!
Takashi broke his willy!
Treatment for the fire crotch.
It may seem unrelated, but you never know
what it could change.
I have to keep my distance though.
Take his pants off!
-I'll have to teleport in there.
-Take them off!
It doesn't hurt?
-Heal his injury with my power,
-You're better?
and time travel home.
Surely, that was too fast to notice.
Did it change? How did it go?
Greetings, traveler.
Do you have any water you could spare?
I want to plant a seed.
It's worse.
-Are you really Takashi?
-This seed
-You aged more than ten years.
-holds the future.
This wouldn't have happened
if I had only ignored your genitals,
and I wouldn't be forced to be
in this ridiculous get-up.
Good grief, another redo.
Why is a post-apocalyptic world
just one tiny move away?
But I learned
from these two failed attempts.
I changed too much.
I need to change something that
seems completely inconsequential.
-There they are.
-You pants wetter!
Here comes the biggest turning point yet.
My past self sees this
and unleashes on them.
I would like to stop the bullying
and prevent it from happening,
but that's what I've been doing.
That won't lead to anything good.
It can just be a small change.
That should do it. Now, I'll travel
back to the present before I arrive.
You want to join us, Kusuo?
Maybe it's nothing,
but it could be enough
to change our destiny.
How did that do?
Akechi is still stone.
Did nothing change this time?
I guess not doing enough is an issue.
Why Takashi too?
This is no good at all.
Kusuo would continue his efforts,
Where did my shoes go?
They all ended in failure.
Failed again. I'm running out of time.
I only have two and half hours left
until he's back.
This next time travel
is going to be my last chance.
I can time travel back to any time
before five years ago,
but when I return to the present,
I have to account
for the time I spent in the past.
Plus, I lose two hours using
my transformation power each time.
This my last chance. I can't fail.
This will be the one.
That should do it.
A pornographic magazine
is a big deal for a kid.
No matter who picks it up,
it has to affect something.
I'm back in my room.
Okay. I guess nothing's different.
Wait! Akechi is gone.
Did I succeed or not?
His memories are instantaneously updated
when he returns to the present.
I see.
My time travel resulted in
We're coming in!
-A failure.
-We're here to hang out!
-How's it going?
Sorry to drop by every day like this.
We just like it here.
It's our hangout spot now.
I find myself in another strange timeline.
It seems that in this world
What's up, Kussu? Something wrong?
My nickname is Kussu.
Come on, dude!
In this world,
I have a strange handshake with Kaido.
-Here's your drink, bro!
-Kuboyasu calls me bro.
-Sorry to barge in again, President!
-Hairo calls me President.
We really should apologize
for doing this every day.
To both Saiki and Kokomi!
To me too?
-I'm sure you would rather be alone.
-It's fine.
I get enough alone time with Kusuo.
Teruhashi acts like my girlfriend.
You two are so cute!
Bro, your drink is getting warm!
Stop it, you guys!
Oh, my god, you guys are going
to make me totally jealous!
And Nendo is a little effeminate.
It was a complete failure.
Time to go back to my original world.
What's wrong, Saiki?
So, I'm back to where I started.
His petrification should be running out
right about now.
That's straight from another manga.
My body suddenly feels lighter.
Must be my imagination.
The fragments disappear immediately.
Anyway, I think it's time you admit it.
Good grief, this is going to be
a pain to explain.
Targeted by Touma Akechi's persistence,
Kusuo turned Akechi into stone
when his psychic abilities
were about to be uncovered.
Kusuo spent the next 24 hours
before the petrification wore off
traveling back in time to eliminate
the reasons for Akechi's suspicions.
But the Butterfly Effect did not allow him
to get the results he wanted,
and after several attempts,
his 24-hour time limit was just about up.
Kusuo concluded that changing the past
wouldn't work
and returned the world back to normal,
waiting for Akechi's petrification
to wear off.
That's the gist of it.
Now would you just admit
that you have psychic
What? Isn't this off by a day?
Wait a second,
did you change the date
when I looked away?
Why would you do that?
the clouds are different shapes,
and the atmospheric pressure has changed.
Has a full day really gone by?
Then what power is this?
Time wasn't stopped, just my time
Seems like he's figured it out.
Looks like I have to confess.
Now, tell me everything.
I promise I won't be surprised.
I thought you weren't
going to be surprised.
You're trembling.
You can't even stand.
So, you really are a psychic.
I knew I was right,
but it's still surprising
when you witness it.
You're still overreacting.
All I did was bend a spoon.
That's all you saw me do so far.
So this is psychic power.
You bent it without touching it
or anything.
Again, you're overreacting.
Here, I'll do something better.
The spoon is floating!
Is there anything that won't surprise you?
-It returned to his hand!
-Pipe down already.
I'll give him a chance to calm down.
-It's back on the desk!
-I just set it down.
Calm down already. What's with you?
I'm sorry, I'm just so excited.
I always see through magic tricks,
but I can't figure this out.
That's why I know it's psychic powers!
I already told you it was.
I've never seen anything like this!
I promise not to tell anyone,
so could you show me more?
I've never seen anything like this!
I promise not to tell anyone!
I knew it. My deduction was right.
The destroyed classroom in grade school.
I don't know why everyone
thought I did it,
but I never would've found out
if I hadn't met you again.
I'm really sorry about
following you around.
I just wanted to know
because there's something I wanted to say.
Thank you for saving me
when I was being bullied.
But I still have one question.
Why did you transfer
without saying anything?
Why didn't you tell me?
Did you think I wouldn't keep your secret?
I certainly hope not!
I wouldn't leak the secret of the person
who saved me,
no matter how incontinent I am!
Don't act like
you said something profound.
Good grief.
Now Akechi knows about the truth too.
I can't change the past
in the ways I want,
but I suppose it's fine.
At least I changed the one thing
I really wanted to.
That actually wasn't the first time.
Hey, wait!
Did you heal me?
What is it?
Wow, how did you do that?
Do it again!
He said he's not psychic.
That's lame. Let's go.
You're psychic, aren't you?
Asumi said you were, so do something.
Show them, Kusuo!
I know you can beat them up
if you wanted to!
How long are you going to ignore me?
I swore to never tell anyone
about my abilities after that.
But I don't blame Asumi
for telling everyone about my powers.
It's only natural for desperate people
to reach out to people they know can help.
It's all my own fault for telling Asumi.
Although I erased all those things too.
What is it Saiki?
It might happen again.
I'll worry about that when it does.
Since Touma Akechi has found out
that I'm psychic,
it won't be like back then.
That's partly because I've grown,
but there are also way more weirdos
around me now.
Next time will be some of that.
It's the finale of season two.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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