The Double (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make
a place for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew
on the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring to color
the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 2]
[Virtue and purity]
[Zhennv Hall]
I have the perfect solution.
What's the solution?
From now on,
will be Jiang Li.
Jiang Li has not left Zhennv Hall
in over ten years.
Ten years.
No one knows what she looks like by now.
Besides, you call the shots here.
No one would dare to defy you.
What's your motive?
It's better to be a starving camel
than a horse.
She's the daughter
of the Chief Secretary,
while I'm just a poor country girl.
Perhaps one day
the Jiang family will start to miss me.
Then I can live a life of luxury.
Do we have a deal?
is Jiang Li still lying in her bed?
Tell everyone
to leave Jiang Li
She'll be recuperating here
for the next seven days.
♪Withered flower, so white and flawless♪
♪Where is it going
to paint a picture of love♪
♪Severed from its branch,
cut from its attachment♪
♪Carried by the sandy wind
to Earth's end♪
♪Under the sunset
a crow returns to its nest♪
♪Wishing the twilight clouds
could carry its message♪
♪If you see the Spring Flower, tell her♪
What's the matter with you?
Thanks to you,
my lady is now dead.
You ingrate,
you even stole her identity.
Today, I'm going to kill you
- and avenge to my lady.
- Tong.
So what if
you kill me and the Mistress?
What about the people who sent
Li to Zhennv Hall?
What about the people who
abandoned her for ten years?
Do you think they will feel sorry?
They won't.
They will feign sympathy,
forget about the whole thing
and return to their comfortable lives.
Is that what you want?
Do you want her to die in vain?
The Prime Minister,
he will avenge my lady.
He will avenge
Avenge her?
Prime Minister Jiang has not spoken
to her in ten years.
He couldn't be happier to be rid of her.
Why would he avenge her?
Besides, what can he do?
Shut down Zhennv Hall,
throw a fancy funeral
and bury Jiang Li without clearing
her name?
And then what?
Her stepmother
gets praised for being merciful?
There's a reason I'm taking
Jiang Li's identity.
What are you going to do?
Jiang Li and I
were both vilified.
No one trusted us.
But Li trusted me
and I trusted her.
Li is dead now.
She can't clear her own name.
I must help her.
They think
they can condemn us
to a life of humiliation.
We'll show them.
You and I
will be exonerated
from this mess.
I want a thorough cleaning.
Every nook and cranny,
especially under the trees.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
Look alive,
I want the whole place squeaky clean.
So please focus
on your tasks.
What are you doing here?
It must be difficult
collecting firewood all by yourself.
I'll accompany you tomorrow.
But the Mistress said you're not
to leave the courtyard.
I won't touch it again.
Feeling curious, were you?
I won't do it again.
I told you the lantern is for
the Mistress' hands only.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
Such disobedience!
Quit staring, let's go.
They might see you.
Why aren't we allowed
to touch the lantern?
Hall rules, no roaming about
with lanterns at night.
We can only use lanterns
outside of the ancestral shrine,
which means only the Mistress
can use lanterns.
No one else is supposed to touch them.
"There are four virtues for women.
Womanly virtue, womanly speech,
womanly manner, womanly merit.
What is womanly virtue?"
Nice needlework.
I had a lot
of practice.
I'll make the necessary arrangements
in a couple of days.
I'll introduce you as Jiang Li.
Then, you can show yourself.
Thank you, Mistress.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
To teach the man and not the woman
You're a smart girl.
Do as I say,
and you'll be rewarded.
I will obey you, Mistress.
you smell different today.
No gossiping at work.
Good day.
The evening is for resting.
Having restless thoughts is a sin.
Venturing out at night is a sin.
The evening is for resting.
Zhennv Hall is heavily guarded.
My lady and I were never able
to escape this place.
Now, it's even harder.
Where are you going?
I'm going out for some fresh air.
Don't, going out at this hour
is considered a sin.
You'll get beaten.
Everyone is fast asleep.
No one will notice, isn't that right?
The reason we can't go out at night
is because
there was once a nun
who sneaked out at night
to meet her lover.
In the end, she fell off a cliff
and died.
But her spirit remained
and haunted Zhennv Hall at night.
After that, another nun sneaked out.
She saw the ghost
and was nearly frightened to death.
Could it be that it's just a story
to discourage us
from venturing outside?
No, it's true.
The nun remembered it clearly.
The ghost was dressed like a nun,
and tall! Isn't that creepy?
A tall female ghost?
[Practice morality and virtue]
In three days,
Mrs. Liu will be dropping by Zhennv Hall
on her way to the Half Moon Ceremony.
It will be a long journey.
Mrs. Liu will be spending
the night here.
Give the orders.
Make sure Zhennv Hall
is clean as can be.
We want Mrs. Liu to feel comfortable.
As you wish.
One the day of Mrs. Liu's arrival,
make sure those two stay here.
Don't let them roam about
lest they offend our guest.
The Secretary of Finance,
Liu Yuanfeng's wife.
do you know her?
If memory serves,
she's a good friend of Mrs. Ye.
The hairpin you're wearing
was a gift from her to Mrs. Ye.
You must be tired, Mrs. Liu.
One is never too tired to give out alms.
Greetings, Mrs. Liu.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
Zhennv Hall is so well-kept.
I really appreciate it.
[Mrs. Liu]
Sorry for visiting on such short notice.
Not at all.
I'm grateful that you decided
to drop by.
We've prepared a room for you.
I hope it's to your liking.
After you.
Wake up.
is our only chance to escape.
Escape? How?
Mrs. Liu.
But Mrs. Liu had always known
that my lady was staying here,
yet she never came to visit.
Without the Jiang family's instruction,
do you think she'll get us out of here?
Give this hairpin to Mrs. Liu.
Are you sure about this?
Tell Mrs. Liu Jiang Li is in trouble.
Once she sees this hairpin,
she'll follow you.
But this whole place is under
the Mistress' control.
Even if Mrs. Liu sympathizes with us,
the Mistress might deny our claims
and accuse us of lying.
What if Mrs. Liu
saw the Mistress committing
a disgraceful act?
Do you mean
Did you notice the Mistress' scent?
She wears makeup every day.
What's so strange about that?
Every day or some days?
Come to think of it
Now you're getting it.
While I was reading "Lessons for Women",
I noticed a scent on the Mistress' body.
It was no ordinary scent.
It was the scent of ylang-ylang.
It's a perfume of seduction.
How did you know?
My Lady,
he has not visited you in days.
Here, take this.
What is this?
The scent of ylang-ylang.
Whenever the Mistress
smells of ylang-ylang,
the lanterns would be raised,
like tonight.
Whenever the Mistress doesn't smell
of ylang-ylang,
the lanterns would be lowered.
So there is hidden meaning
to the lanterns.
Isn't there a place
called Helin Temple nearby?
That's right, it's on top of the hill.
The other day,
while we were collecting wood,
I deliberately wandered
towards Helin Temple.
I noticed the lantern, when raised,
was visible from across the hill.
When lowered, it was obscured from view.
One time, I went to Helin Temple
to pray.
They hold a ritual every other night.
Whenever there was a ritual,
the Mistress would smell of ylang-ylang,
and you could see the lantern
raised above the hill.
Do you know what it means?
It means the lantern
is a signal to the
ritual's participants.
But what does it all mean?
Could it be that it's just
a coincidence?
One day, while everyone was out
collecting fruit,
I lowered the lantern.
Guess what happened?
That night,
I had a feeling something might happen.
So I sneaked out while you were asleep.
And I saw the tall female ghost
you told me about.
The curfews, the female ghost
So it was all meant to restrict us
while she goes about her business.
If she gets caught,
she'll get thrown into prison.
Besides, there's a ceremony
at Helin Temple.
Why would the Mistress do such a thing
when Mrs. Liu is around?
The lantern.
I raised it.
You're a genius.
I'll go find Mrs. Liu.
To see Mrs. Liu,
you need more than a hairpin.
You need a reason.
Do it.
Wait, don't you think
it's a little excessive?
This our only chance.
Unlike Jiang Li, I don't have any scars.
Our act must be convincing enough
to dispel any suspicion.
We have to do it for Jiang Li's sake.
[Mr. Qin]
My Lord,
Zhennv Hall is right ahead.
Zhennv Hall?
It's a refuge for women.
The perfect hideout.
Who goes there?
Come out.
Show yourself.
Show yourself.
Buddha, someone's after me.
Please help me.
This isn't a Buddhist temple,
and I'm no Buddha.
You'll get discovered eventually.
Houshan Forest lies
beyond those windows.
Go, hurry.
Thank you.
Come any closer, and I'll kill her.
Be my guest.
It'll only add to your sentence.
Duke Su.
Mr. Qin,
surrender while you can.
You've been convicted
of salt trafficking.
What are you talking about?
Tell us where you got the salt.
You made His Highness chase you
all the way from Helin Temple.
If you don't come clean,
not even God will be able
to save you.
You can't fool me.
I know you won't let me off that easily.
I know I'm going to die
no matter what,
so I may as well die here.
At least I get to die
with a beautiful woman.
I'm a kind person.
Since that is what you want,
I'll grant you your wish.
In a moment, you and her
will be reunited
in the netherworld.
Madam, my lady is dying.
Please save her.
This is Zhen's hairpin.
Could it be
Take me to her.
Sure, follow me.
My dear, let's surrender.
What are you talking about?
I said, let's surrender.
Duke Su has hunted us down
and captured both of us.
What choice do we have?
What are you talking about, you wench?
Why did the higher-ups do this to us?
Now we're forced into a corner.
Release me
and surrender to Duke Su.
He might just let us live.
Who are you?
I'm your wife and accomplice, silly.
Do it.
So you two are partners.
Hurry up and kill her.
After that, I'll kill you.
I'd like to see
how you silence her.
I'll kill her.
I'm going to kill her, I mean it.
On your knees.
Get up.
My Lord,
look at her.
Doesn't she look familiar?
Check out this piece of cloth.
My Lady, someone is watching you
from the balcony.
You don't see this everywhere.
Step right up.
It's the scholar's wife,
the most talented girl in Huaixiang.
Isn't she beautiful?
How do you know she's the most
talented girl in Huaixiang?
He asked his men to scout
for pretty girls.
Why, you
It's Duke Su.
Yurong told me
he's an arrogant, cruel man.
We'd better not attract his attention.
Let's go.
[Wife of Academician, Ms. Xue's coffin]
Is your surname
Xue by any chance?
You got the wrong woman.
You're right. She's dead now.
She may be a ghost,
but a bandit? No way.
Let me go.
Don't listen to the shrew.
I'm innocent.
You got the wrong guy. Let me go.
Let me go.
How annoying.
Lock him up.
I'll interrogate you right here and now.
Once I'm done,
I'll throw you back to your handler.
Get up.
Duke Su, are you underestimating me?
How disrespectful!
Do you think a nun
can't smuggle salt?
I know as much as that man,
yet you arrested him
but not me?
Begging to be arrested?
you can't use force in an interrogation.
Isn't it inconvenient?
Li, are you there?
If we hadn't barged in today,
you'd be singing a different tune.
And you said your surname wasn't Xue.
Take me back to the capital,
and it will all make sense.
May I know what you were
planning originally?
Wouldn't you like to know?
I may as well.
Tie me up and take me with you.
I'll tell you everything.
My Lady, why are you tied up?
Don't touch her.
She's a convicted criminal.
What's this all about?
Mrs. Liu?
Duke Su.
I was pursuing an enemy of the Court
when I stumbled upon
this suspected accomplice.
I need to take her back
for interrogation.
There must be a misunderstanding,
Duke Su.
Tong, she is
My Lady,
this is Mrs. Liu,
she used to visit you and your mother.
Aunt Liu? I'm so
Help me, Aunt Liu.
I'm no accomplice.
I was set up. I tried to explain,
but to no avail.
I don't want to be taken to the capital
for trial.
Help me.
Okay, don't fret.
Duke Su, how can you simply arrest her?
This is Zhennv Hall.
Taking a nun
without informing the Mistress,
don't you think it's inappropriate?
Aunt Liu, please ask the Mistress
to plead on my behalf.
Don't worry.
I'll go get the Mistress.
She'll help you.
I'll be waiting here, Mrs. Liu.
What are you doing here?
I saw your lantern,
so here I am.
Not now, I have an important guest.
You need to leave.
Get off me. Leave now.
Since I'm here
There's no one out there, I've checked.
Hands off.
Mrs. Liu!
Such indecency! Such obscenity!
Have you no shame?
Girls, take this scandalous couple away.
You two.
Take them away!
Mrs. Liu.
Keep walking.
This is my first time
seeing the Mistress apprehended.
Now I've seen everything.
Mrs. Liu, I was set up.
I saw it with my own eyes.
How dare you deny it
in front of Duke Su?
This is out of my jurisdiction.
Mrs. Liu, you decide.
Girls, wake up all the nuns.
Two of you stand guard.
Lock them up.
We'll bring them to trial tomorrow.
These filthy animals,
just looking at them makes me angry.
Lock them up.
- Wait
- Get up.
It's not what you think, Mrs. Liu.
- This is an injustice.
- Come on.
Mrs. Liu.
- Come on.
- Mrs. Liu.
Mrs. Liu.
Can I take my convict now?
My Lady.
My Lord,
she's wounded.
What should we do with her?
Let her rest.
Come here.
Interrogate her.
You're finally awake.
Aunt Liu, sorry for the trouble.
What have you been through?
You're badly injured.
Don't move.
Still dizzy?
Lie down, then.
Where did those wounds come from?
There's no need to tell me.
That witch must have tortured you.
When your maid showed me this hairpin,
I knew you were in trouble.
If your mother knew
what you've endured here,
she'd be devastated.
Aunt Liu,
it's okay. It's all in the past.
I'm just glad
to see you.
But what if
Duke Su
Don't worry, Li.
I can't snatch you away from Duke Su,
but I can ask your family
to rescue you.
Wait and see.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
Pick up the pace.
Duke Su, I heard you're fond
of using force in an interrogation.
But let me warn you,
she's the Prime Minister's daughter.
If I find even a scratch on her,
I'll report it immediately
to the Prime Minister.
Does the Jiang family
still care about her?
Even if they don't,
do you think the court will let you off?
Mrs. Liu is something else.
Back to business.
Shall we take her away
once she regains consciousness?
Let her have a good night's sleep.
Otherwise, I'd get accused
of mistreating a convict again.
Mr. Qin gets arrested
while she gets special treatment.
Prepare some paper and ink.
I have a memorial to write.
I want to join in the fun.
[Kindness beyond reproach]
I'm sorry.
I told them your wound
was self-inflicted.
I'm so useless.
It's all right.
It doesn't matter anymore.
how did Duke Su get involved?
It was an accident.
Everyone is saying
he's going to take you to the capital
for trial.
Isn't that great?
We'll play along.
We can finally escape Qingcheng Mountain
and go back to the capital.
But Miss,
even if we make it to the capital,
we still can't go back
to Jiang's Residence.
Besides, will Mrs. Liu
speak to the Jiang family?
She doesn't need to.
The Mistress' scandal
will be revealed by Mr. Liu
at the court.
Once the Emperor gets word of it,
the Jiang family
will be forced to acknowledge
their estranged daughter.
A reputable family like the Jiangs
cannot risk being seen as heartless.
Whether they like it or not,
they have to
accept Jiang Li,
and publicly, too.
[Zhennv Hall]
Did you sleep well?
Were you up all night?
I've been thinking.
What is your surname?
Didn't you ask Mrs. Liu?
She said your name was
Li Hua (pear blossom)?
Li Mao (civet)?
Little civet.
Have some respect, Duke Su.
This is the first time a convict
has reproached me.
That's not the behaviour of a convict.
How about now?
Yesterday, you mutilated yourself.
Today, you ask to be tied up.
You are a bold one.
Are you intimidated, Duke?
I must go.
♪Under the sunset
a crow returns to its nest♪
♪Wishing the twilight clouds
could carry its message♪
♪If you see the Spring Flower, tell her♪
[Virtue and purity]
♪I'm willing to follow her home♪
[Taiji Hall]
[Prosperous Era]
I have performed all the errands
you requested
and prepared a report, Your Majesty.
Your wife has just passed away.
Despite being burdened with a funeral,
[Emperor Hongxiao]
you've completed
the task admirably.
You are a capable official.
Your Majesty,
my wife's recent death
has left me crestfallen.
As I needed to travel to her mother's
home to manage her funeral,
I could not fully devote
my time to executing your orders.
I have wavered.
Please forgive me, Your Majesty.
You've done no wrong.
Your devotion to your wife
and her family
should be emulated.
Let this be an example to all.
Officials who exhibit piety
towards his spouse and family
should be commended by the court.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Mr. Jiang.
[Jiang Yuanbai]
Your Majesty.
What is the progress on the mausoleum?
The Queen Mother's mausoleum
is nearly complete.
All that's left is the engraving
of the three shrines.
It will be completed next month,
in time for the Rite of Passage.
I could not honor my mother
while she was alive.
Mr. Jiang, your suggestion
to build a mausoleum
appeases the gods and my conscience.
Moreover, you volunteered
to oversee its construction.
Your effort and dedication
is much appreciated.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
You are welcome.
Your Majesty.
[Li Zhongnan]
I understand from the Ministry of Works
that this project
has been hemorrhaging funds.
Your Majesty, there was
a drought last month.
Some of the builders
succumbed to the heat,
and construction was halted.
To ensure the deadline was met,
we had no choice but to mobilize
more builders
and hire men to transport water
from the south
to keep our builders hydrated.
All these things came at a cost.
We are not hemorrhaging money.
As expected of you, Chief Secretary,
always thinking of the people.
Although the mausoleum's construction
is important,
it stirred up gossip among the people.
Even the censorate is looking on
with contempt.
Tampering with the budget
is no small matter.
You've become
quite the celebrity, Mr. Jiang.
The citizens are outraged.
Let me ask you,
are you trying to get the Emperor
into trouble?
Mr. Li!
- Mr. Jiang
- Enough.
The excess cost will be borne
by the Imperial Court.
There's no need to fight.
Mr. Liu.
Your Majesty.
Zhennv Hall of Qingcheng Mountain
is neither an official nunnery
nor a private school.
Yet I heard
it has received sizable donations
from our officials.
How could
such a ridiculous thing happen
at such a place?
Your Majesty.
[Liu Yuanfeng]
My wife visited Zhennv Hall.
She witnessed everything last night.
The Chief Secretary's daughter,
Jiang Li, can testify as well.
I assure you, it's true.
Why is the Chief Secretary's daughter
in Zhennv Hall?
Your Majesty.
My daughter committed a crime.
I sent her to Zhennv Hall
to be reformed.
Mr. Jiang, I don't mean to pry into
your family's affairs.
Your daughter
was sent there ages ago,
and you still haven't reclaimed her?
Thank you for your concern, Mr. Liu.
I will deal with my own problems myself.
I just want you and your daughter
to reunite.
Given the last memorial,
Duke Su's memorial
makes total sense.
The nuns of Zhennv Hall
must be in cahoots
with the salt traffickers,
harboring criminals.
I've ordered Duke Su to get
to the bottom of this.
Whoever is behind it
will not be spared.
[Jiang's Residence]
The cold weather
calls for something warm.
A few simple dishes
for my husband and his mother.
Take a wild duck from the farm
and make a herbal soup with it.
No one knows Mr. Jiang
and his mother's palate
better than you, Madam.
I just want to make sure
they're taken care of.
Get to it.
My Lord.
My dear.
You seem frustrated.
Fetch Jiang Li, right now.
Why do you bring this up?
His Majesty read two memorials today.
One from Liu Yuanfeng,
one from Duke Su.
You mean Mr. Liu
actually brought this issue
to His Majesty
in order to humiliate you?
Don't you know?
Back in the day, your father
hindered his career
by filling the court
with his supporters.
Did you think he'd pass up the chance
to expose us?
What timing!
The Queen Mother's mausoleum
is about to be completed.
His Majesty is big
on filial piety right now.
The Emperor lost his mother
at a young age,
and now the Queen Mother,
you know that.
With his memorial, Liu Yuanfeng
played to His Majesty's vulnerability
while putting pressure on me.
Li is a Jiang after all.
Now that Zhennv Hall is rife
with scandal,
even if His Majesty and Mr. Liu
didn't mention it,
we should bring Li home.
Aren't you angry at her?
Why should I be?
It's been so long.
I think she has repented.
nothing is more important
than our reputation and innocence.
I leave the decision to you.
The problem is,
Li is still in Duke Su's custody.
Duke Su?
I have no idea how he was able to
convict Li of harboring a criminal
and embezzlement.
If she's found guilty,
even without Li Zhongnan's incitement,
our reputation will be ruined forever.
I must talk to Duke Su.
If I manage to reclaim her,
we must make her return public,
lest we seem guilty.
I understand, my dear.
Once Duke Su agrees to let her go,
you can leave
everything to me.
We will celebrate our daughter's return
in a grand manner.
No one will be able
to criticize us, then.
My dear.
You are so kind
and forgiving.
I am moved.
You've endured so much
all these years.
What Li has done to you
It's all in the past.
If you hadn't mentioned it, I
I might not even remember
our unborn child.
My dear.
I promise you,
if Li has not repented,
if she treats you with spite,
I won't forgive her.
Thank you, my dear.
I helped you.
Don't you owe me an explanation?
Duke Su, what would you like to know?
What is your surname?
You should know.
I ask the questions.
You answer.
My surname is Jiang.
My first name is Li.
I am the daughter
of the Chief Secretary.
Why did you collude
with the salt traffickers?
I lied.
You lied?
So it wasn't a collusion
but a tryst?
Watch your words, Duke.
I don't even know him.
I was waiting for Mrs. Liu.
I didn't
provoke you or your men.
You barged in on your own accord.
That's not the answer I'm looking for.
That's my answer.
No one leaves my interrogation room
without telling me the truth.
I'm an exception.
My Lord, Mr. Jiang is here.
He's waiting in the main hall.
He has a message for you.
What is it?
He says, if you try
to force a confession,
he will report it to His Majesty.
Fine. I guess she's not staying.
Did we just get tricked by her?
She made us arrest her,
yet refuses to talk
no matter what.
She's like a statue.
Think of it
as a charade.
What shall we do with her?
Take good care of her.
See that no harm comes to her
until the Jiang family arrives.
But we don't have any maids.
Go fetch her maid.
My Lord, she has a request.
Out with it.
She wants to speak to the nuns
in Zhennv Hall.
What makes her think I'd do that?
She said she'd starve herself
if you don't help her,
and see that you can't hand her over
to the Jiang family
in one piece.
Where's the Duke?
He has just finished the interrogation.
Where is my daughter?
I want to see her now.
Don't worry, Mr. Jiang.
The Duke has straightened things out
with your daughter.
It was all a misunderstanding.
No harm
came to Jiang Li.
It was just a little scare.
The Duke wants you to know
that you're free to take Jiang Li home.
Anything else?
Of course.
He said, no need to thank him,
thank His Majesty.
when you're ready to take Jiang Li home,
he will give her
half a banner of the house of Su
and escort her home
to prove her innocence.
What are you doing here?
I've come to help you.
I owe it all to you.
I'm going back to the Jiang family.
I'll make sure you get to live.
Is that all?
Of course.
However, all of you must keep
Jiang Li's secret
hidden forever.
It's for your own good.
The trial is coming up.
Your affair was merely
a crime of indecency.
It has nothing to do with them,
and you don't deserve to die.
Worst case, you spend
a few days in jail.
If you get pardoned,
you'll be released even earlier.
However, killing the daughter
of a Prime Minister
is a capital crime.
I may have stolen someone's identity
out of greed,
but I did not harm anyone.
But you, you took someone's life.
All of you.
Don't you ever think
of blackmailing me.
I won't die,
but you will.
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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