The Double (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew
on the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring to color
the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 3]
Why are you here?
The person who sent me here
told me that Duke Su asked me
to take care of you here.
How are you feeling, Miss?
Did Duke Su
make things difficult for you?
I'm fine. Everything is well.
Miss, when I arrived just now,
I heard someone outside saying
that the Jiang family is going
to have a second wife.
Does it mean that we can go home?
There's something I have to tell you.
I still can't do anything
against those who killed Jiang Li.
I wonder if Li would have
a grudge against me if she knew.
She wouldn't.
Those who killed Lady Jiang
were those in the Jiang family
who turned their back on her.
Returning to Jiang's Residence
is like going into a tiger's den.
If others find out
that I replaced Jiang Li to come here,
both of us will get killed.
You've suffered enough
at Zhennv Hall for so many years.
Now, you have the chance
not to go with me.
The world is big.
You can choose your own path.
You don't have to risk your life
to go back with me.
If Mrs. Ye
didn't take me in to work
as Lady Jiang's maid,
I would've been sold to the brothel.
I swore that I would protect
Lady Jiang with my life.
But I couldn't keep my promise.
If I don't do anything,
I'll be ashamed to face her
in the afterlife.
As long as we can clear
Lady Jiang's name,
you'll be my master from now on.
I will serve you forever.
I'll do anything for you.
From now on, we'll go through
thick and thin together.
Madam Ji.
Are you really going
to take that girl back?
It wasn't easy to send her away.
If you take her back, it'll be
You don't know anything.
Although His Majesty
didn't say it outright,
for my husband,
it was a decree.
We have to take Jiang Li in.
[Madam Sun]
It's bad enough that she'll be back.
But what was Duke Su thinking?
Why did he ask us to welcome her
with the Duke's Residence procession?
It'll give her more power.
These clothes are made
with high-quality fabric.
When you go and
escort Jiang Li tomorrow,
bring these to her.
It's already unfair enough for us,
why do we have to give her
such high-quality clothes?
She'll become arrogant.
Then it won't be easy
to keep her control.
With the carriages of the Jiang family
and the Duke's Residence procession,
she'll live in a bubble of pride.
We need to make the bubble bigger
until it pops.
There's something
that I'm concerned about.
It may just be a coincidence
that Duke Su is involved in this.
But Mrs. Liu is not a fool.
It's not a coincidence
that the incident at Zhennv Hall
can make its way into the Imperial Court
through the Secretary of Finance.
The only one who knows
about Mrs. Liu and
Ye Zhenzhen's relationship
and use that to make this happen
is Jiang Li.
All these years,
Madam Jiang has never forgotten
about that girl.
She keeps thinking
and talking about her.
If she's actually that intelligent,
with Madam Jiang doting on her,
it'll be
hard for us.
I'll pay attention to that.
[Duke Su's Residence]
Madam Sun.
You are
Jiang Li.
You are Jiang Li?
Perhaps you can't recognise me
because it has been so many years.
That's not true.
I just haven't seen you in a long time.
Besides, I heard that the Mistress
of Zhennv Hall was taken away.
I'm worried that my eyes
are bleary with age.
So, I have to look more carefully.
This is the hairpin
that my mother left behind for me.
Look at it carefully, Madam Sun.
Looks like Madam Sun
is not just blearing with age,
but she also has a poor memory.
If mother and father don't want me back,
forget it.
Lady Jiang, please wait.
I've spoken out of line.
I should slap my mouth.
It's just because
I haven't seen you in a long time.
Please forgive me, Lady Jiang.
Madam Ji
missed you so much
because you had been away
at Zhennv Hall for so long.
So, she kept urging Duke Su
to send you home.
Finally, not long ago,
Duke Su agreed.
And Madam Ji immediately
asked someone to clean your room
and sent me
to escort you home personally.
If Madam Ji see
how beautiful you've become,
she'll be
so merry.
I'm really grateful to my mother.
I missed her a lot
the whole time I was at Zhennv Hall too.
I always felt regretful
that I couldn't stay by her side
to take care of her.
But now, it's great.
I'm finally going home.
I'll be filial to her
just like how much she loves me.
That's great.
Bring it forward.
Madam Ji
specially asked me
to buy these new clothes for you.
She doesn't want you to feel
uncomfortable in your old clothes.
They are made from high-quality fabric.
I think
you should change into them right now
so that you can look magnificent
to match your status.
Thank you, Madam Sun.
Here you go.
Lady Jiang, after you.
As you said,
Madam Jiang dotes on Jiang Li the most.
So, Ji Shuran knows very well
that Madam Jiang
is the only one we can rely on.
I'm sure she won't let us
build a good relationship
with Madam Jiang.
Do you know what taboos Madam Jiang has?
I remember that Master Jiang
once married a woman from the brothel.
That woman was haughty.
She loved luxurious dresses
and brocade was her favourite.
That kind of fabric is
as expensive as gold.
She wasted a lot of money on clothes.
So, Madam Jiang hated her so much.
[Clear the Way]
[Qin's Father]
Duke Su, you arrested my son
without any valid reason.
Looks like you have no respect
for this senior statesman
who has served two reigns.
He smuggled salt and
stole from the national treasury.
I'm investigating these cases
under His Majesty's order.
If he's guilty,
His Majesty will make
the final decision.
If he's not guilty,
we can prove once and for all
that he's innocent.
By saying that he was arrested
for no valid reason,
I think it's too early
to make that call, Master Qin.
I'll give you a few more days, Duke Su.
If you can't find any evidence
and still refuse to release him,
I'll seek justice for my son at the cost
of my status gained
from serving my country and my life.
I believe
that someone as filial as His Majesty
will understand
the love I have for my son.
Mr. Qin still refuses
to spill the beans.
Should we torture him?
Mr. Qin knows that his father
will back him up.
Of course he won't admit to anything.
Are you worried that I can't get him
to confess because I'm too lenient
or are you worried that his father
will take this up to His Majesty?
This is our job.
What do we have to be afraid of?
You are too reckless.
It is Second Lady Jiang's fault
for leading us astray.
At first, I thought that we could
find the mastermind through her.
But now, we are stuck.
This is terrible.
[Benefiting the People]
[Clear the Way]
Looks like she's being taken home.
The Duke's Residence procession
is indeed grand.
[Clear the Way]
My Lord,
Mr. Jiang
took his daughter back
from Duke's Residence.
And you even gave her
half of your procession.
We haven't found any evidence
of his bribery.
I don't think we should waste time
watching this procession
from the tea house.
I never thought that the flowers
would bloom so early this year.
Are you going to take them all?
Don't worry. I have money.
[Noble People, Prosperous Land]
My Lord.
Second Lady Li is quite interesting.
She tricked us so that she could return
to the Jiang family.
Now that she's
in the Jiang family's carriage,
she has forgotten all about you.
What is the meaning of that?
Five hits.
You want to beat me up again?
If she's the real Jiang Li,
I'll consider this half of my procession
a gift for her.
Are you saying that
Her identity seems suspicious.
And an important official
is involved in this.
I need to get to the bottom of it.
Tell me.
Why does a troublesome person
want to enter
a troublesome place?
I don't believe in coincidence.
Regardless of her looks
or other things.
But now that she has returned
to the Jiang family,
it'll be even harder
to interrogate her after this.
We don't have to interrogate her.
It's better to let her go home
and see what she's going to do.
Watch her closely.
Yes, My Lord.
What are you doing?
Madam Jiang
gave me a reminder yesterday.
I haven't seen her for 10 years.
I should prepare a welcome gift for her.
Duke Su
is sending her back with his procession.
If I don't prepare
something appropriate for her,
I'll be ridiculed
by the people in this city.
This is a gift from His Majesty.
What do you think about this gift?
You love your precious jade.
But Li is just a kid.
She won't know how to appreciate it.
What about
this Chinese calligraphy painting?
It's from a famous artist.
It's rare and precious.
Have you forgotten
that Li grew up at Zhennv Hall?
She hasn't been to school much.
She'll be sad if you give her this gift.
Take a rest.
I've overlooked this.
I've already prepared a gift for her.
I already asked someone
to send her some clothes
made out of high-quality fabric.
I didn't even give some to Ruoyao
although she loved them.
Li will come back well-dressed
and well-treated.
No one will say that she's ill-treated
by the Jiang family.
Thank you for your effort.
I'll go and get changed first.
Is she not here yet?
[Jiang's Residence]
Yes. It has been so many years.
I wonder
how Second Lady Jiang looks.
She's just a bumpkin
who lives in the mountains.
She can't possibly be pretty.
That's right.
Let us welcome Second Lady Jiang back
from her cultivation.
She's here.
[Clear the Way]
Start the music.
Is she Second Lady Jiang?
I knew it.
She looks so tacky.
That's right.
You are right.
The Jiang family is a wealthy family.
Is this how they treat
their own daughter?
Is she Li?
[Young Tong]
If you apologise to your mother,
you won't have to go
to the mountain to repent.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Greetings, Father, Mother.
Why are you wearing
a dress from Zhennv Hall?
Didn't you send those new clothes to Li?
Madam Sun.
I asked you to send
those new clothes to her, right?
already sent the clothes to Lady Jiang.
But when she heard
that they were from you,
Maybe she didn't like them.
Li, those clothes are a gift
from your mother.
Why didn't you wear them?
Maybe Li didn't love those clothes
that I sent her.
She can go shopping tomorrow
and choose some new clothes herself.
The clothes you gave me
are made out of high-quality brocade.
I love them and I'm grateful for them.
But what?
But maybe it has been too long.
Mother has never visited me
at Zhennv Hall.
She doesn't know my body measurements.
So, I couldn't fit into
any of the clothes she gave me.
How could you be so careless?
My Lord, it was my fault.
Madam Ji did ask me to find out
Second Lady Jiang's
body measurement.
But I had overlooked it.
Please punish me.
Calm down, Master Jiang.
Maybe I'm too happy
that I've forgotten
to monitor the tasks given to her.
Li, let's come in first.
Don't make your uncle and aunt
wait for you.
Li, they are your uncles and aunts.
Uncle Jiang.
Aunt Lu.
He's your second uncle, Jiang Yuanping.
He's tall
and looks kind.
[Jiang Yuanping]
Yuanbai's brother. The first wife's son.
[The Lu Family]
Lu is the daughter of Chengwu Official.
Jiang Yuanping is famous
for doting on his wife.
Back then, Madam Lu caught a cold
during her postnatal care.
Now, she has a persisting headache.
He feels really guilty about it.
It's good that you are back.
I don't know what you like.
Please take
this jade bead rosary as a gift.
Thank you, Aunt Lu.
Aunt Lu,
has your headache gotten better?
My headache is not that severe anymore.
Uncle Jiang has brought
many physicians to treat me.
Now, I'm feeling better.
How kind of you to worry about me.
Li has always been very sensible.
I always held her when she was young.
And she was a good baby.
Now, she's already a young lady.
Uncle Jiang, Aunt Yang.
I've prepared
a pair of pearl earrings for you.
Jiang Yuanxing. The third wife's son.
He has big eyes.
The son of the third wife.
[Jiang Yuanxing]
He's not valued by the Jiang family.
He loves fishing.
[The Yang Family]
Yang is the daughter of Xuande Official.
If it wasn't because
she was getting old,
she wouldn't marry Jiang Yuanxing
who works as a proofreader.
Do you like them?
Thank you, Aunt Yang.
Uncle Jiang, do you still go fishing?
When I went out to chop some wood,
I saw many lively fish
in the river of Qingcheng Mountain.
The view was amazing too.
I haven't gone fishing in a long time.
Li is such a lovely child.
You are right.
She still thinks about us
despite being away for so many years.
Brother, since all of us are here today,
let's have a reunion dinner tonight.
We can invite Madam Jiang too.
Li has just returned.
I'm sure she's tired from her journey.
We can have dinner tomorrow.
Please be understanding
and let Li get some rest first.
You are right.
Am I right, Li?
As you wish, Mother.
Li has grown up a lot.
You've become more sensible now.
You are so considerate.
Let your mother take you
to the backyard to take some rest.
Let's go.
How difficult can it be
to have a reunion dinner?
Take a good rest, Li.
If you need anything,
you can always come to me.
What's wrong?
I haven't been back in a long time.
Our residence has changed drastically.
I don't remember my way.
We've renovated
the front yard and the backyard.
Come. Let me show you around.
Do you still remember this place?
It has changed.
I remember
that I cried in fear
on that decorative rock.
I want my mother!
Don't be afraid.
I'm here to save you.
After that,
you said something
that gave me the courage
to jump down from there.
What did I say?
I forgot.
You said this.
Don't worry.
I will never let you get hurt.
I never thought that you would remember
so many things
from your childhood.
I remember
that we used to love
sitting there and
watch the moon together.
My grandmother loved sitting over there
while watching a performance.
Come to think of it, how's Grandmother?
She doted on me the most.
I'm unfilial.
I haven't been
taking care of you and Grandmother.
Your grandmother
has always doted on you.
She won't blame you.
It was my fault for making a mistake.
If you didn't send me to Zhennv Hall,
I wouldn't have realised my wrongdoings.
Let bygones be bygones.
You have grown up now.
We need to look at the future.
Is Grandmother still mad at me?
Madam Jiang is a kind lady.
She won't blame you.
If you want to pay her a visit,
you can just be frank with me.
You didn't have to torture yourself
by talking about the past.
You made my heart bleed
when I heard those words from you.
At first, I wanted to let you rest
because I worried
that you would be tired
from your journey.
Since you can't wait to see Madam Jiang,
I'll go with you.
Mother, Li has returned.
[Madam Jiang]
Jiang Li has returned.
Madam Jiang was very kind to Jiang Li.
Jiang Li would get cold easily.
And she would be down
with a fever and cough during winter.
When Madam Jiang found out,
she would personally
cook pear soup for Jiang Li.
Greetings, Grandmother.
Let me take a good look at you.
Is she really Li?
Yes, Mother.
My child.
You've had it hard.
I've gotten older and less mobile now.
I could only send you some gifts
during the festivals.
But you only had Tong with you.
And she was still a child.
I wondered if she had taken good care
of those things I sent you.
If Madam Jiang really cared
about Jiang Li,
had she received
anything from Madam Jiang
in the past ten years?
We can't be sure.
Maybe she sent them.
But they were taken by others.
I've been living well
thanks to your care.
I regretted not being able
to see you and take care of you
by your side.
Since you are home now,
let's not talk about it anymore.
If you need anything after this
or if you want to eat anything,
you can come to me.
Thank you, Grandmother.
Madam Zhang.
Go and cook some pear soup for Li.
She loved it when she was young.
Yes, Madam Jiang.
Sit down.
Put this on.
No, Grandmother.
This is too valuable.
Take it.
- Here.
- Grandmother.
I'll pay you back
for what I've owed you for 10 years.
Thank you, Grandmother.
You have cute hands
and a beautiful face.
She didn't look like this in the past.
She looks so different now.
Young Master.
Grandmother, I want to play.
He is
You are the bad girl
[Jiang Bingji]
who tried to kill my mother and brother.
I'll hit you! You are a bad girl!
- You are a bad girl!
- Bingji.
Shut up.
Why did you take Bingji here?
He woke up from his nap
and wanted to find his mother.
I couldn't stop him.
When have you
given birth to such a cute young boy?
You are so beautiful, Sister.
I'm not your brother.
You are a murderer.
You killed my brother.
- Bingji, nonsense.
- Nonsense.
I don't want
the beautiful sister to be here.
Grandmother, I don't want her here!
Get up.
- I don't want her here.
- Get up.
Grandmother, I don't want her here!
Grandmother, I don't want
the beautiful sister to be here.
Get up.
He's such a young kid.
He wouldn't say this unless
someone taught him what to say.
You are right to lecture me.
I've been busy
with Li's return
that I've overlooked Bingji's education.
It was my fault.
Maybe Young Master
heard the servants
gossiping about it.
Madam Jiang.
Please punish me.
Bingji is still young.
We just have to teach him
better after this.
Today is Li's return.
Let's not punish the servants.
Jiang Li is back.
She came back in a grand manner.
But the family is in a mess.
This is unacceptable.
I might sound harsh.
But I wasn't blaming the child.
I just wanted to remind you
that no matter
it's the adults or the young,
you need to educate the young carefully
they that they won't develop bad habits.
That's the whole point
of this family reunion
that you are showing me.
You are right.
Forget it. That's enough for today.
Okay. We'll let you rest now.
Madam Sun,
take Li back to her room to rest.
Yes, My Lord.
This is your courtyard,
Second Lady Jiang.
[Fangfei Garden]
Fangfei Garden.
This is fate.
This is the courtyard
that you stayed at.
You still remember it, right?
it looks a little bit shabby now.
We didn't dare to do anything to it
because you weren't back.
It'll look nice once it's cleaned up.
Your return is too sudden.
Too many things to do in a short time.
The servants don't have enough time
to clean the place too.
I think
we'll have to trouble you
to clean up the place yourself.
Isn't that
your preference too, Lady Li?
Here. Take a look.
What do you think? Do you like it?
If you don't,
I have to tell Madam Ji at once
so that she can switch you
to a bigger courtyard.
Thank you, Madam Sun.
Although the yard is run-down and messy,
it'll be nice once it's all cleaned up.
I'll get going, then.
Lady Li.
We have just arrived
and this is the courtyard they gave us.
You can report this to His Lord
to punish Madam Sun
for her dereliction of duty.
If we don't like it,
we can move to another courtyard.
If we report her but
don't want to move to another courtyard,
isn't that unreasonable?
If we move to another courtyard,
it'll be set in stone
that we are picky.
No wonder.
Ji Shuran must have
asked someone to take Bingji there too.
No wonder
she would be so kind
to let you meet Madam Jiang.
So, it was just a part of her plan.
Madam Jiang is sincere toward Jiang Li.
But she didn't stand up
for Lady Li just now.
This courtyard is just a power display.
More will be coming.
I always fell sick when I was young.
Mrs. Jiang and Jiang Li
were the ones who took care of me.
They refused to let me do anything
until I recovered.
Jiang Li and Mrs. Jiang
were great people.
But after Mrs. Jiang passed away,
Jiang Li was tortured by them.
The Jiang family
can never repay Jiang Li
for what was done to her.
I'll take back everything
that belongs to Jiang Li.
[Simple but Elegant]
Madam Ji.
I've sent Jiang Li to Fangfei Garden.
Anything that seems out of place?
Ever since the Duke's Residence
took her back,
she started plotting against us.
She lied, acted pitiful and
pretended to be a good girl.
If you didn't plan it out beforehand,
we would've lost this round.
She's someone intelligent.
When Madam Jiang asked her
if she had received her gifts,
she didn't reveal the truth.
She's good at bidding her time.
What's wrong?
Madam Ji.
Don't you think that Jiang Li
is too different
from how she was 10 years ago?
Are you talking about her temperament
or her looks?
Jiang Li was very young when she left.
She looks somewhat similar
to young Jiang Li.
But her temperament
has totally changed.
Be careful with your words.
[Simple but Elegant]
Don't say that
in front of my husband and Madam Jiang.
If others hear this,
they'll think that I'm not willing
to accept the daughter of the first wife
of the Jiang family.
Since she dares return,
it means that she has come back
fully prepared.
If she's the real Jiang Li,
I'll show her
who's the mistress of the house.
If she's a fake Jiang Li,
she'll expose herself eventually
under my watch.
Then, we'll find out what motive is
when the time comes.
Send two maidservants to her tomorrow.
to serve her well.
Second Lady Jiang.
Madam Sun.
[Yunshuang, Xiangqiao]
They are Xiangqiao and Yunshuang.
Lady Li.
Xiangqiao is
- What do I say about you?
- Smart and nimble.
She's smart and nimble.
Obedient and sensible.
Yunshuang is
Introduce yourself. Hurry up.
I'm diligent.
Robust. Good.
Lady Li, you are so beautiful.
Yes. She's beautiful.
Both of them
used to serve Madam Ji.
But since
you only have a maidservant with you,
It's too inappropriate.
So, she asked me
to send them here to serve you.
Please relay my thanks to Mother.
Second Lady Jiang, look.
These are the new clothes,
new jewellery
and the monthly allowance
that Madam Ji has prepared for you.
Please keep them well.
How kind my Mother is.
Put them at the back.
Xiangqiao, Yunshuang.
Serve Second Lady Jiang well.
With all your heart.
I'll get going now.
Go and wash the cups.
How frightening! What should I do?
I broke them.
How could you break them?
My hands are calloused and rough.
I can only do some menial work.
I still need some time
to get used to skilled work like this.
Although your hands
are calloused and rough,
this is not skilled work.
But you can't even do it.
If I say that this is menial work,
then it's menial work.
Menial work.
Xiangqiao's hands are calloused
and can only do menial work.
You'll take over this kind
of skilled work after this.
Then you'll sweep the floor from now on.
The cups are shattered.
I need to go to the storehouse
to replace them.
How could she be like that?
She was bullying us on purpose.
More like this
will happen in the future.
Go and get some fertilizer.
They don't have it.
You haven't even asked.
How do you know they don't have it?
It's not something
that's readily available.
No one is a foreseer.
They won't know
that we'll need some fertilizer today.
We need to ask someone to come here
and list out what we need, right?
Then, they'll send someone
to purchase what we need.
Go and do that, then.
I can't do that.
The housekeeper
is definitely not in right now.
If I just go there like this,
I'll get hit 50 times.
I won't go.
How do you know she's not there
if you don't go there and ask.
Forget it.
Tong, go and find
the housekeeper yourself.
My stomach is in pain.
I need to use the toilet.
This is so sweet. Give it a taste.
Is it sweet?
So sweet.
I want to see
if you can keep sitting there
and do nothing.
Why can't we?
Second Lady Jiang says
that we can take a rest
whenever we are tired.
Are you tired?
I'm exhausted.
What about you?
Here. Eat this.
Don't worry.
I won't wash or touch the curtains
in these two buckets.
I'm going to show the Jiang family
how lazy their maidservants are.
I'll do it.
Lady Li, you can't do this.
I've worked the whole day.
But I'm not complaining
about being tired.
She didn't throw a tantrum?
How obedient.
I also think that it's strange.
I even asked
those two maids to bully her more.
I never thought that Second Lady Jiang
would be able to take it.
Madam Ji,
should we bully her even more?
Just ask someone
to continue watching her.
Inform me at once if she makes a move.
Ruoyao's coming-of-age ceremony
is just around the corner.
I don't want to spend
so much energy on her.
If she keeps her head down,
I can let her live under the same roof.
But if she doesn't
Look at them.
They don't act like maids at all.
Miss, you are Second Lady Jiang now.
You can punish them.
Are you done?
Another thing.
They are the ones
who caused trouble every time.
But I'm the one who had
to clean up their mess.
Are you mad?
Of course I am.
They haven't been here long.
But they are already bullying us.
What should we do after this?
We are new here.
If I order the maids around
and punish them severely,
what will Old Madam Jiang
and Jiang Yuanbai think of me
if they find out?
Are you saying that
Think about it.
These two maids worked diligently
for the family before this.
If they were punished
after working for Fangfei Garden,
it would make me seem like a bully.
Once I'm labelled as a bully,
the guilt that Jiang Yuanbai feels
toward Li for letting her suffer
10 years on the mountain
will be erased by Li Shuran easily.
But we can't keep backing down, right?
I'm enduring it because
I don't want to expose myself.
But you are an honest person.
So, it confuses them.
have you
come up with a solution against them?
After cooperating with me
for the past two days,
I've already figured them out.
We've given them plenty of chances.
- Here. Give me a hand.
- Be careful.
Let's go.
Be careful.
Where should I put it?
Over here.
Be careful of the steps.
Be careful.
Put it in front.
Put it here.
Put it over there.
Okay. I'll go there.
Take this.
Be careful.
What are you doing?
My Lord.
These are arranged by Madam Ji.
Third Lady's
coming-of-age ceremony
is just around the corner.
We have to put one here.
Madam Ji.
On my way here,
I can see that the residence
is being decorated.
You have worked hard.
That's just my duty.
This is the guest list
for the coming-of-age ceremony.
Please take a look at it.
I'll leave it to you
to make the decision.
What's wrong?
This is a major ceremony for Ruoyao.
We have to invite
the Marquis of Ningyuan.
I'm not worried
about the Marquis of Ningyuan
feeling offended.
After all, Li is our child.
She'll meet the public sooner or later.
I'm just afraid
that she'll feel ill at ease.
She was engaged to Zhou Yanbang
from the Marquis's Residence.
But due to the mistake she made,
we discussed with the marquis
to switch her out with Ruoyao.
If Li sees Ruoyao and Yanbang together,
I'm afraid that she'll feel upset.
we are a prestigious family.
There'll be many officials
attending Ruoyao's
coming-of-age ceremony.
If Li is there
and the incident with Madam Jiang
that day repeats itself,
it'll be bad for her.
You are right.
If she can't handle
the situation properly,
she'll be ridiculed.
We don't have to let Li attend
the coming-of-age ceremony.
Let her get used to living
in the capital city first.
Then, we'll find a chance
to introduce her to the public.
Your wish is my command.
You've worked hard lately.
Let me give you a massage.
[Jiang's Residence]
Only Xiangqiao has been summoned.
It's fine.
Have a seat.
Pour some tea for her.
Lady Li.
You are too kind.
You just have to give me your order.
I have
lectured Tong about it.
She grew up at Zhennv Hall with me
since she was young.
So, she doesn't know the rules
and she doesn't know
the ways of the world.
She's a straightforward person.
Please forgive her.
There's nothing to forgive.
We just want to serve you well.
We lived at Zhennv Hall for many years.
And we've just returned.
There are many rules that we don't know.
I hope that you can give us
some guidance after this.
Lady Li.
This is what Mother gave me
when I just came back.
I have nowhere to wear it.
Do you like it?
If you like it,
you can take it.
Thank you, Lady Li.
I have something to ask you.
Lady Li.
What is it?
I saw many servants
moving around some potted plants.
The residence is bustling with life.
Are we going to have
some important guests over?
Third Lady's coming-of-age ceremony
is just around the corner.
Everyone is getting
the residence ready for it.
I see.
Give me more tea.
I haven't been able
to visit my grandmother.
I'm afraid that she'll get upset.
But I'm a bit bored staying here.
My yard looks nice
but it's a little bit empty.
Can you help me
get some potted plants to decorate it?
Although I can't help
with my sister's ceremony,
I want to make
my living quarters look livelier.
Lady Li.
I know the rules of the residence.
If you can help me with this,
other than this hairpin,
more will be coming.
Just leave it to me.
Shameless woman.
Thank you, Lady Li.
Lady Li.
You are too generous.
The more they get from me, the better.
The coming-of-age ceremony
is just around the corner.
But we are not informed about it.
Looks like I'm not invited.
Ji Shuran has a great plan instead.
She doesn't want me
to get close to the Jiang family.
And she doesn't want
the public to see me.
If I let her hide me in the dark,
it'll be pointless for me to return
to the Jiang family.
And I'll always be the Second Lady Jiang
that's surrounded by hateful rumors.
So, I have to attend
this coming-of-age ceremony.
I want to let everyone
in the capital city knows
that Jiang Li is the daughter
of the first wife of the Jiang family/
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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