The Double (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place for me
in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew on
the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring
to color the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 4]
Get them pruned.
The others, too!
Tong, stop playing with water.
Hurry up
and water the plants.
Focus on the work of posts.
Wipe all eight posts down.
Put it here. Put it on the ground.
Then put one here.
Put one here. Do you copy?
- Yes.
- Xiangqiao.
My Lady.
This is my favorite bracelet.
It's beautiful.
It's the perfect fit.
simply beautiful.
Thank you, my Lady.
My Lady.
You must be thirsty.
Should I get you some tea and pastries?
- Sure.
- Hey, you!
What's wrong with the flowers?
They look bad.
How could you put them like that?
Flower planting?
What flowers?
Just some common peonies, tree peonies,
and chrysanthemums.
Pretty common.
But it's
quite a lot.
I heard that Xiangqiao and Yunshuang
moved them back and forth
to fill the courtyard.
It's still something to talk about.
Ask everyone in Jiang's Residence
to say that Second Lady Jiang
acts recklessly
as soon as she comes back.
Not only does she squander,
but she also ill-treats her servants.
Got it.
Is the gift for Mr. Shen ready?
These are the best snacks
from Ji's family.
The credit for compiling the book
goes to you.
I just shared some ideas with you.
It makes us look distant
that you come and offer thanks.
Without your guidance,
I would not have been able
to satisfy His Majesty.
I'm honored to pay a visit.
I would like to take this opportunity
to thank you for your help.
Done talking?
My man often compliments you
for being a role model
for the younger generation in the court.
You're flattering me.
Mr. Shen.
This is a token of our regard.
Please accept it.
Thank you, Prime Minister.
Thank you, Mrs. Jiang.
Next month's the adult ceremony
of our little girl.
Please feel free
to show up.
It would be a great honor.
I should leave now.
All right.
Please see Mr. Shen off.
This way.
My Lady, should I put this over here?
Yes, just put it over there.
All right.
Put these here.
Be careful.
Mind your step.
Put this over there.
Got it.
Mr. Shen.
Put some more over there.
This way, please.
Mr. Shen.
All right.
My Lady.
Xiangqiao is here.
Have a seat.
You've had a hectic day.
Have a seat.
All right.
Open it.
My Lady.
You give
Take it.
Thank you, My Lady.
This is too expensive.
More is yet to come.
What did I do to deserve it?
Thank you, My Lady.
You need to look after
the flowers in this garden.
Dry weather increases body heat.
Chrysanthemum dispels heat.
When you have time,
pick some chrysanthemums
in the yard,
and sundry them to make tea.
Needless to say.
I was going to make this for you today
but the Lord had a guest.
I'd been rushing around
thanks to Mrs. Jiang
and I forgot about it.
Who was the visitor?
You made much of him.
It's Mr. Shen, Shen Yurong.
My Lady.
I'm not that thirsty.
Was Mr. Shen you mentioned
the scholar whose wife just died?
Mr. Shen
is the Principal Graduate of the Year.
The Lord thinks highly of him.
He is even invited
to the Third Lady's adult ceremony.
Is he?
That's right.
It's a pity
that his wife was a bad woman.
She even cheated on Mr. Shen
and wanted to escape
after being discovered.
Guess what?
She fell off a cliff.
Serve her right!
Poor Mr. Shen,
he was head over heels in love.
He didn't eat or drink
for three days and three nights
when he heard about his wife's death.
The love of Mr. Shen
is deep.
But maybe there is divine justice.
His Majesty values love and loyalty.
In appreciation of Mr. Shen's devotion,
His Majesty even issued a decree
to praise him.
I heard
that His Majesty
is paying more attention to him now.
It's a blessing in disguise.
Mr. Shen
Shouldn't you
take care of the flowers now?
I haven't finished.
It's okay, let's go.
I'll see you off.
The bangle!
- My Lady, see you.
- Let's go.
I'll continue later.
What's wrong, Miss?
Mrs. Shen
who is known by everyone
as an evil woman of infidelity
is me.
I thought
it was an ordinary family dinner.
It's been a long time
since we get together for a meal.
I was busy with the book compilation
and neglected my family.
My lady, thank you
for your careful attention to detail.
Thanks also to Mother and Ruyun
for helping out.
Let's raise our cups.
Wishing my son a prosperous career ahead
and bring honor to our ancestors.
Everyone drinks wine
but you drink tea.
What do you mean?
I'm not feeling well today.
I'll drink tea instead of wine.
Just a sip.
Li is not feeling well.
Don't force her.
Just do Mother a favor.
Drink it.
A grown son cannot be kept for long.
My son is ungrateful.
He always takes the other side.
We are a family.
Mother, don't talk nonsense.
I was not feeling well
and offended you.
Today is a day of celebration.
Be happy.
Who knew that the wine was drugged?
Shen Yurong sent me back to the room.
When I woke up
Who are you?
I once suspected
that the mother and daughter
of the Shen family framed me.
But I never thought
that Shen Yurong knew about it.
I know.
I know.
I thought my lady
was the most miserable person
in the world.
Little did I know that you
I was a fool.
In the end, I got my father
and brother into trouble
and killed.
All of them are blood debts.
God's justice will prevail.
Those evildoers
must be punished.
All right.
I'll help you.
I will help you.
♪I'm willing to follow her home♪
Since the people
who framed Jiang Li and me
will turn up at the ceremony,
we need to change our plan.
Showing up at the adult ceremony
is not enough.
Do you remember
how's the adult ceremony of Li?
She has no adult ceremony.
Then we will administer
an adult ceremony for Jiang Li.
Jiang Li risked her life to save me.
Now I've returned to the capital
and Jiang's Residence.
I must administer justice
for her life.
Jiang Li
is a distinguished woman.
She deserves to stand
in front of everyone in the capital.
She deserves praise and blessings.
Tong, that's why
the adult ceremony
is not only for Jiang Ruoyao
but also for Li.
I will make Jiang Li
return to her position fair and square.
But Miss,
it's hard.
Ji Shuran will stop you.
No matter how hard it is,
we will do it for Li.
If Shen Yurong sees
you again
As long as I show up
at the adult ceremony,
my identity as Jiang Li
will be indisputable.
Even if Shen Yurong suspects me,
he will never dare
to make trouble in Jiang's Residence.
The destinies of Jiang Li and I
were intertwined.
She will help me
from above.
She will make him
meet me again
from the best family in the capital.
I never thought
that cutting chrysanthemums
would be so hard.
You see, all the sunny spots
are taken up by the small garden.
There is no sunlight elsewhere.
It causes dampness easily.
Do you know of other places
in the residence
that get more sunlight?
You came to the right person.
There's plenty of sunshine
in the courtyard.
Then let's put them there.
They are just chrysanthemums.
Are you ready to quit
just because you've received
the only one mutton fat jade bangle
of its kind?
Then let's go
dry chrysanthemums together!
It's not how it's supposed to be.
Be elegant
when you arrange chrysanthemums.
What are you doing?
Being lazy?
I saw Mr. Jiang.
I'm thinking of giving a bow.
My Lord.
Get out of the way.
My Lord.
How is Li doing?
- She
- She is doing good.
You talk too much.
Stay out of it.
She is doing good.
But she feels hot.
That's why
we are sun-drying chrysanthemums
to make tea.
I did it all.
No wonder it looks bad.
You still have the nerve to mention it.
What's wrong with you?
His Majesty just ascended the throne.
Internal affairs are complicated.
My nose is a little out of joint.
I just made the chrysanthemum tea.
It's able to clear heat
and brighten eyes.
No wonder it has a pleasant smell.
As long as it can relieve your fatigue.
Are these few chrysanthemums
grown by you?
Yes, Father.
I grew
these few chrysanthemums.
Mother used to look after
the flowers and plants with great care.
I'm careless.
Mother often said
that chrysanthemums are unwavering.
It is the symbol of strength and virtue.
Chrysanthemums stand out
in the cold autumn
like a gentleman.
Just like Father.
I didn't think you remember this.
Where are you going?
We're going
Then I don't think
you need to go anywhere.
We want to
use the lavatory.
I also need to take a biobreak.
- Is it okay?
- Okay.
Let's go together.
How could you?
They went to get some snacks.
Please have a seat.
I need to go to the palace.
Father, can you help me
bring some snacks to grandmother?
That day, I disturbed her.
I feel guilty.
It's not all your fault.
Forget it.
Let's sit for a while.
Please taste
the premium chrysanthemum tea
grown by me.
Don't beat me!
Don't beat me.
I'll never do it again.
Never, ever.
What's wrong with you?
It's nothing.
All right.
All right, Li.
Don't be afraid.
Okay, don't be afraid.
I'm here.
Tell me.
When I was in Zhennv Hall,
sometimes I got beaten and punished
if I didn't finish my work.
And I
Let me see.
You have grown up.
You are a big girl now.
But you will always be my daughter.
How dare
the Zhennv Hall be harsh to you!
I'm home.
As long as you keep coming here
for flowers and tea,
I will be contented.
What is?
I embroidered it at Zhennv Hall.
It's not up to much.
I'm afraid that you
I'm afraid that you are ashamed of me.
Is this Li's embroidery for Old Madam?
Do you know what Li has been doing
in Zhennv Hall?
To get enough to eat,
she was forced to steal some insoles
and exchange them for money.
If word gets out,
others will be laughing
at the daughter of the Jiang family
for not having
enough to eat.
The person in charge
must have embezzled money.
I'll ask someone to teach her a lesson.
Do you know she's injured?
She was beaten in Zhennv Hall.
There are wounds all over her body.
I've been busy
with the adult ceremony these days
so I missed her out.
I failed as a mother.
I failed to win her heart.
She didn't tell me anything.
Instead, she told you
and you had to remind me.
I owe her that.
This is not
the most painful thing I heard today.
She's afraid that I'm ashamed of her.
How could she think so?
This girl
keeps everything from me.
She doesn't dare
to get too close to you.
Since you mentioned the adult ceremony,
let Li attend.
We owe her so much over the years.
We can't break her heart again.
has never attended any banquets.
No one taught her the rules.
I'm worried that she will make a fool
of herself at the adult ceremony.
It will freak her out instead.
The daughter of the Jiang family
will have to meet people
sooner or later.
Think about it.
If word gets out
about what happened to her
in Zhennv Hall
and how we erase her name
from the adult ceremony,
the rumor of bad parenting
will be irrefutable.
How to get away?
I will make arrangements.
Thank you, Shuran.
Mrs. Jiang told you a thousand times
not to let Jiang Li meet the Lord.
You can't even handle something trivial.
What's the use of keeping you?
I'm clueless.
It's Xiangqiao.
She goes for a slight profit.
Jiang Li gave her some money.
She helped her do a lot of things.
Drying chrysanthemums
was also her job.
I didn't have the slightest idea.
If I knew,
I will stop them.
Is this true?
I'm innocent.
I only approached her
to gain her trust
and get information.
The chrysanthemum tea incident
would never have happened
if Tong hadn't followed me.
Madam, don't worry.
After this incident,
Jiang Li will trust me more.
It will be easier for you
to do anything from now on.
this is a reward from Jiang Li to me.
I am about to hand it over to you.
Keep it.
All right.
If you can gain her trust,
the loss is nothing.
Next time,
you won't just lose
your monthly allowances.
All right.
Loathe me on sight?
Want Mrs. Jiang to punish me?
Instead of punishing me,
Mrs. Jiang let me keep the reward.
You better watch out.
If I'm punished by Mrs. Jiang again
because of you,
I will not spare you.
Let me tell you.
If I hear you speak ill of me
in front of Mrs. Jiang again,
I will not spare you.
Are you guilty?
Don't think I don't know
what you did in Jiang Li's room.
What did I do?
You're just jealous
that I'm more likable.
I can please Mrs. Jiang and Lady Li.
But you can't.
these rewards are all mine.
What's the matter?
You have a sour face.
Who likes you?
Nobody likes you
so you take it out on me.
If I am a sour face,
then you will be a flat face.
You take advantage of Madam
and bark at me every day.
You call me a dog?
You are!
Then you will experience
dog bites today.
You mad dog!
Get ready for your death!
Mad dog!
[Fangfei Garden]
Jiang Li has been home for several days
but we haven't seen her come out.
Is she shy
or someone won't let her out?
Well done, Detective.
Mind your own business.
Li loved to run around
when she was little.
Rui also liked to play with her.
But it's true that
a young woman is very different
from the little girl she once was.
When Li was little,
her face was chubby.
She is graceful now.
If I run into her on the street,
I might not be able to recognize her.
Your main concern should be your son
instead of your niece.
The Entry Exam will be held soon.
Judging from his laziness,
I will see how you explain to Old Madam
if he is expelled from school.
My Lady.
Aren't you in charge of this matter?
Why do you blame me now?
I wanted to be responsible for him.
- Look at him.
- My Lady, don't hit me.
Don't hit me, my Lady.
- Stop. Argh!
- Don't hit me.
Miss, you're smart.
The Lord must have
said something to Ji Shuran.
She sent so many supplements
and rewards today.
It looks nice.
Then it's yours.
Thank you, Miss.
It's a beauty.
There's a monster there.
You're a big girl.
And you're afraid of a tortoise?
Show mercy!
Jiang Jingrui.
He is the son of Jiang Yuanping,
the brother of Mr. Jiang.
He's the most facetious person
in the family.
Over dramatic, noisy, silly,
[Jiang Jingrui]
and undisciplined are his descriptions.
People call him Rui.
Show mercy!
Show mercy.
My dear little tortoise.
Are you okay?
Did they hurt you?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hello cousin.
are not Jiang Li.
Young Master.
What do you mean?
Cousin, what do you mean?
You call me cousin?
Jiang Jingrui.
Now you make sense.
Your serious look just now
gave me goosebumps.
You made me sick.
You gave me this nickname
when you were little.
I'm uncomfortable
with you looking like a stuffed shirt.
I thought
I would never see you again.
You don't even know.
Ever since you left,
I had been crying every day.
I was devastated
and pierced to the heart.
I could only depend on
the little tortoise.
Fortunately, Uncle is scrupulous
and brought you back.
Thank you for your concern, Rui.
You're welcome.
Have a seat.
You too.
if you don't want
to be kicked out again,
you have to be smart.
Thanks for the reminder, Rui.
Does Jiang Ruoyao give you problems?
I haven't seen her since I got home.
But I'd been away from home
for a long time.
Why is she giving me problems?
Both of you like Zhou Yanbang.
Zhou Yanbang?
Did you forget?
You and Zhou Yanbang
had been engaged since childhood.
After you were sent away,
the family
has changed his marriage partner
to Jiang Ruoyao.
Now you are back.
Jiang Ruoyao must have
got something against you.
I think
let's not attend the adult ceremony.
Think about it.
You and Zhou Yanbang
can't be together anymore.
It doesn't matter how awful you feel.
You're going to
watch Zhou Yanbang and Jiang Ruoyao
exchange glances
in front of so many guests.
How would you feel?
You will feel terrible.
And you will complain
that you lose face at the ceremony.
That's who you are.
I'm tired.
Please see the guest off.
All right.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
No need to see me off.
My Lady.
My Lady, are you going out?
Ruoyao is on the threshold of womanhood.
I'll go out and pick a gift for her.
It's dirty.
It's dirty too.
My Lady.
All riders in the residence
are off today.
Maybe another day?
You can also write down
what you want to buy.
And we'll help you.
She's right.
Get me a chariot out there.
I'm afraid I can't get it now.
Can you wait two more days?
Yunshuang, can you do it?
- I
- As long as you can do it,
it doesn't matter
how much money it takes.
You are anxious
because of the Third Lady.
I will get a chariot now.
Hold on a minute.
Thank you.
Please look after this place.
I have
a tiring task.
My rare pearl!
Look at you.
You can't even stand still.
[Jiang's Residence]
[Zhou Yanbang]
A large chariot.
Mr. Zhou.
On your head
Thank you.
You still need to
water the flowers in the yard today.
You don't have to go shopping with me.
- Tong.
- My Lady, I'll go
My Lady.
My Lady.
Who was that person?
It's Second Lady.
Second Lady?
Is that Jiang Li?
All right.
Third Lady.
[Jiang Ruoyao]
What were you looking at?
I heard from the servant
that your sister is back.
Do you want to see her?
How about I ask her to meet you later?
It's just a question without ceremony.
I remember you were engaged.
How about you cancel our marriage
and get back to her?
Why are you offended?
Jiang Li has been in Zhennv Hall
for many years.
She is ignorant
and vulgar.
How can she be comparable to you?
I bought you
your favorite cookies.
There was a long queue.
Let's go.
Let's go to school.
Don't get upset.
Let's go.
My Lord.
Secret guards have been dispatched
to search Qingcheng Mountain.
It is estimated to take two more days
to complete the search.
It's too slow.
We're short-handed.
We can only
move some of the secret guards
around His Majesty.
Just proceed.
My Lord, I'm glad
to hear you say so.
Jiang Li is out.
Her patience finally snapped.
Continue to follow her.
I'll go and pick a gift
for Jiang Ruoyao.
You go to the pawnshop.
Redeem something for me.
Got it.
These are all famous and dear goods
in our store.
Have a look.
This is the calligraphy scroll
given by Mr. Shen,
the Principal Graduate to our store.
It is worth its weight in gold.
Like gold dust.
Mr. Shen is not only good at calligraphy
but also a good man.
He will become a good official
who works for the welfare of the people.
You're right.
He has a good handwriting.
- You're right.
- Look at this.
[Shen Yurong]
Please take a look at this.
This is also a rare treasure.
Mrs. Shen?
Mrs. Shen.
Who is Mrs. Shen?
Isn't she Jiang Li who just came back?
You're right.
We didn't see her last time.
She is really pretty.
Sir, I'm ready to pay.
Take care.
The leopard cat jade pendant
you asked for
was bought by someone.
Jiang Li went to the pawnshop
to redeem this.
I let the shopkeeper know in advance
as instructed.
Whatever she wants to redeem
will be taken by us.
Who put it in the pawnshop?
The owner said it was a married woman,
but he couldn't remember the details.
A married woman?
The shopkeeper said it was Duke Su.
He also said
that he is now in the tea house.
Why is he eyeing our things?
He is not eyeing our things.
He's targeting me.
Miss, stay calm.
He's Duke Su.
We can't mess with him.
The shopkeeper would not mention
his whereabouts for nothing.
We are invited.
Not going
would be foolish and disrespectful.
Why draw back?
I have to get the thing back.
Sorry, guys, I'm late.
Have a seat.
Drink. You must have a drink.
Three shots first.
Madam, please stop.
The private room upstairs is booked.
You can't go in.
The dishes are served.
Please let the guest know
that Jiang Li turns up for a rendezvous.
Have a seat.
It is a good day.
You're late today.
Never mind.
Come, sit down, please.
Duke Su.
I wonder what you want from me.
The waiter said you were looking for me.
You asked the shopkeeper of the pawnshop
to send a message.
I dare not refuse to come.
Besides, you still hold
the jade pendant
that my servant is going to redeem.
I don't have any jade pendant
of a servant.
The shopkeeper of the pawnshop
told me that it belonged
to a married woman
Is he the right one?
This is what your mother left behind
when she passed away.
She said
it must be given to you
when you get married.
It will send you peace and success.
Since you have made up your mind,
take it.
Go. Remember, don't be shy to ask
if you encounter difficulties.
You will always be my daughter.
Jiang Li.
Jiang Li.
This is left behind
by an old friend of mine.
I can't tell you.
You have been in Zhennv Hall for years.
Where did this old friend come from?
Duke Su, this is personal.
Okay, then. Tell me.
Why did your old friend pawn it?
♪If there are no happy memories♪
Your man overworked himself.
He needs to rest.
It takes at least three months
for him to recover.
No way.
He will have the Palace Examination
in one month.
Is there any other way?
Caterpillar fungus is good for the body.
But it's not something
the ordinary people can afford.
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
Why do you look like this again?
Jiang Li.
Where does this jade pendant come from?
The affairs of the deceased
is not worth mentioning.
Please return the jade pendant to me,
Duke Su.
You can give me a quote.
Do I look like I'm short of money?
What do you want?
I haven't got the answer I need.
That day at Zhennv Hall,
I had no choice but to make use of you.
Please forgive me
and return the jade pendant to me.
Don't be so nervous.
Otherwise, I would take it
as a token of love
given to you by your lover.
As I said before,
I do not know him.
All right.
Tell me.
Where did Qin hide the stolen goods?
If you speak the truth,
I'll give it back to you.
I don't know anyone named Qin.
Stop horsing around, my Lord.
Finding stolen goods is more important.
If it cannot be found
in Qingcheng Mountain,
is there any other way?
Are you looking for what the man hid
when he burst into Zhennv Hall?
If I tell you
where it is hidden,
will you return my jade pendant
to me?
Tell me more.
In the backyard of Zhennv Hall.
How do you prove that?
The fruit puree dyed his hands.
There is a tree in the backyard.
It was windy.
There were windfalls.
Those fruits are like mulberries.
They dye your fingers if you touch them.
It's hopeless to clean your hands
for several days.
He was digging.
How do you know
he didn't get it somewhere else?
I stayed at Zhennv Hall for ten years.
I know very well
that the fruits there
are different from those elsewhere.
That's a good excuse.
I'm telling the truth.
Duke Su,
please return the jade pendant to me.
What's the hurry?
We will know the answer soon.
My Lord, it is found.
I've been out for quite a while.
Duke Su,
please return the jade pendant to me.
I have to hurry home.
Duke Su.
Why didn't you ask
how your lover was doing?
He's still in my hands.
It seems that
you still suspect that
I have an affair with Qin.
That day I had a knife put to my throat.
Today I
tell you everything I know.
Is this an affair?
Is love greater than life
and the future?
Duke Su, where is your brain?
Did you
just call me brainless?
You're brainless.
A woman's reputation matters.
There's no way you don't know that.
My shelter was broken into
for no reason.
The intruder became the lover.
I became a strumpet.
You talk and laugh
while my reputation is ruined.
What's worse is
giving a dog a bad name and hanging him.
Are you trying to force me to death?
I can't prove my innocence.
If you think
I have an affair with your prisoner,
just head to Jiang's Residence
and lock me up.
What's that look for?
My Lord, do you think
there's something wrong with our look?
Go back and get ten strokes.
You are filthy.
Do you think I went too far?
I dare not.
It's nothing.
I also think I'm shameless.
If I'm not shameless,
I can't force the truth out of her.
Do we need to send someone
to continue following her?
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we
traverse the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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