The Double (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew
on the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring
to color the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 5]
What did Duke Su want from you today?
Maybe he resents being used by me
to return to the Jiang family.
He was testing me today,
probably suspecting my true identity.
Will you be in danger, Miss?
No worries.
I've already made things clear.
We should avoid
provoking him in the future.
No matter what happens,
don't pawn this jade pendant again.
No one is worth me giving up
this pendant.
My Lady, Jiang Yu'e wants to see you.
She's already here.
This is Jiang Yu'e,
the only daughter
of Mr. Jiang's third wife.
[Jiang Yu'e]
She uses her family's power to bully.
She has been
Jiang Ruoyao's lackey since childhood.
This is a music score from Ruoyao.
She also invites you
to meet in the courtyard.
How deliberate of you.
The Jiang's Residence
has really become undisciplined.
Even a maid dares to scold her master.
Yu'e, you're indeed well-mannered,
coming to your sister's room
to reprimand the servants.
The music score is dirty, burn it.
You're insolent!
You're insolent!
Yu'e, you are precious.
Please take your filth with you.
It's wasted staying here.
My kindness
is considered an ill intention.
I've delivered Ruoyao's message.
Do as you see fit.
She's still the same
as when she was young,
bullying the weak
and fearing the strong,
like a dog relying
on its master's power.
Woof, woof!
Seems I should meet this Third Lady.
What a tune.
I suppose you are Ruoyao.
Such a beautiful melody,
it's a pity it was interrupted.
You've spent years in the Zhennv Hall,
do you know music too?
I only learned a bit there,
it's nothing much.
This zither isn't mine.
Last time, I passed by a tea house
and heard a singer playing it.
It's a good zither,
but the singer played it poorly.
She ruined it.
I just took it to play with.
Now that it's broken,
it should be thrown away.
It's just a broken string,
not a big deal.
Some things are mine,
and even if I don't want them,
they don't belong to others.
How do you know that others will want
the things you don't want?
It's best if they don't.
Otherwise, the consequence
is not a good one.
Li, you must have had
your coming-of-age ceremony, right?
Tomorrow is my ceremony.
Li, you must come.
Of course,
I will definitely bring a gift.
My Lady.
Bring out my best clothes and jewelry.
During tomorrow's ceremony,
I want her to see
what a true
Jiang family lady looks like.
Is Ruoyao asleep?
Not yet.
I asked Jinhua.
She said that the Third Lady
opened the wardrobe,
trying on different clothes
and jewelry repeatedly.
She's too busy to sleep.
The daughters of the Jiang family
are all beautiful.
However, no matter how good
the clothes and jewelry are,
who can they outshine at the ceremony?
The Third Lady is still young
and naive.
We must think more for her.
I will ensure Third Lady's
coming-of-age ceremony
is flawless.
Second Lady.
This is the beauty soup
specially prepared by the kitchen.
It's sent by Mrs. Ji
to nourish your body.
drinking this soup, you'll be prettier.
Anything else?
My Lady.
You need to drink the beauty soup
while it's hot to become beautiful.
I'll drink it once you leave.
All right.
Bring the silver needle.
The silver needle?
This is serious.
I'll report this
to Old Madam and Mr. Jiang now.
It must be Ji Shuran's doing.
Although there is evidence,
who would dare testify?
It would mean losing their life.
Then what should we do?
What if this is meant to kill you?
If I die in Jiang's Residence,
Ji Shuran will still have to
show up at the courthouse.
It's unlikely that she'll kill me.
This poison is probably
just to keep me
from attending the ceremony.
This beauty soup is really delicious.
Oh my, Xiangqiao!
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
waiting to collect the bowl
from Second Lady.
My Lady, you drank it all?
This beauty soup is really delicious.
My Lady,
you've become so beautiful
in such a short time.
I think so too.
You look so clean!
So pretty!
Come with me
to find a way out.
Madam Ji.
Just as you expected,
Jiang Li pretended to drink a few sips
and then secretly poured it out.
This girl is very meticulous.
She survived in Zhennv Hall for so long,
she should have some ability to cope.
This was to lower her guard.
Do as I said for the next step.
[Dali Temple]
The deadline has passed.
If you don't let me go,
don't blame me for going after you.
What are these?
These aren't mine.
Burn them.
So much fun!
So much fun!
These are all money!
It's not yours,
why are you making a fuss?
I just
Who wouldn't feel pain
seeing money being burned?
I don't feel any pain.
I don't run a casino
or a brothel,
unlike you.
What's wrong, Mr. Qin?
Staying here for the past few days,
your accounts are showing no income.
Are your businesses about to collapse?
I can catch every single one
of your private salt traffickers.
After hitting them,
someone will get scared
and tell the truth.
However, I don't want
to waste that effort.
Mr. Qin,
if you're willing
to save me the trouble,
I promise you
I'll return
your money.
I'll set you free too. How about it?
It seems you're not willing
to help me with this.
Then forget it.
I won't bother asking anymore.
You can just wait
for your last meal.
lock his shackles.
It's troublesome to open them.
The money from the salt trafficking,
I split it fifty-fifty with Yang Song
from the Bureau of Salt and Iron.
Are you really going to let him go?
What if he's lying?
If he's lying, he wouldn't dare
implicate the Bureau of Salt and Iron.
The secret guard reports.
Yang Song has gone to the local office
of the Bureau of Salt and Iron
and is on his way back.
Keep a close watch.
As soon as he returns,
arrest him immediately.
Tomorrow, I'll take a day off
to listen to Taohong's opera.
My Lord,
Taohong's troupe
won't be performing tomorrow.
It's the coming-of-age ceremony
of the third lady of the Jiang family.
Ji Yanlin invited
Taohong's troupe to perform.
I didn't tell you earlier
because you've been with Mr. Qin.
Is Shen Yurong on the guest list?
That will be
more interesting than the opera.
[Jiang's Residence]
Master Jiang.
Tell her
to hurry up and get dressed.
If she can make it, fine.
If not, she shouldn't come out.
All right.
Madam Li.
Isn't this Taohong,
the famous actress from the capital?
Her performances are very hard to get.
We're in for a treat today.
Master Sun.
Master Liu.
Mr. Jiang,
it is an honor to be here today
to celebrate
the third lady's coming-of-age ceremony.
Thank you.
Mr. Jiang.
Mrs. Jiang.
[Marquis of Ningyuan]
We're late.
You personally present this gift.
My daughter will surely be delighted.
I already have
a marriage agreement with Ruoyao.
Today is her coming-of-age ceremony.
[Marquis of Ningyuan's wife]
I must bring a gift.
Madam Ji, is today
So many of you are here.
Mr. Jiang.
Mrs. Jiang.
Where is the Second Lady?
I brought her a gift.
Mrs. Liu,
I will accept it on Li's behalf.
No need.
I want to give it to her personally.
She has suffered in the past
and is still a bit scared.
I'm worried today's event
might overwhelm her,
so I let her rest.
Second Lady Jiang hasn't been back
in the capital for a long time.
She must have forgotten
the rules she learned.
She was difficult
to discipline as a child.
Mrs. Jiang must have had a hard time.
Someone was teaching her initially,
but later,
she was abandoned
in Zhennv Hall for more than ten years.
Forget about etiquette,
it's a miracle she's alive and back.
She should be punished
for forgetting the rules,
but what about those who forgot her?
What about them?
No parent
wants to see their child suffer.
When I lost my child,
I was heartbroken too.
I let my husband handle it,
and when I realized it,
my heart ached terribly.
Mrs. Liu, rest assured.
Now that Li is back,
I will certainly make it up to her.
too kind-hearted.
Mrs. Liu.
Jiang Li's suffering in Zhennv Hall
wasn't anyone's intention.
However, don't forget
why she ended up there.
If it weren't for
Today is Yao's coming-of-age ceremony,
let's not bring up the past.
Mrs. Liu.
Mrs. Liu, this way.
Mrs. Liu.
Everyone's here.
Madam Wang.
Mrs. Liu, we've been waiting for you.
Oh no.
Wake up!
Miss, I dreamt that someone
was pinching my face.
Wake up.
Miss, why are you up so early?
It's not early,
we overslept.
The coming-of-age ceremony
has already started.
We couldn't have
both overslept together.
Someone must have tampered with us.
didn't we already
avoid everything yesterday?
I was careless.
The beauty soup was just a diversion.
Never mind that now.
Get dressed.
This is a gift from Concubine Li.
[Ji Yanlin]
It's a reward from the Emperor.
I couldn't refuse,
so I brought it here.
You know,
although she became a concubine,
she's still the youngest in our family
and very close to us.
Concubine Li is also concerned
about Ruoyao's coming-of-age ceremony.
Father-in-law, you and Concubine Li
are very thoughtful.
Her gift is too precious.
We cannot accept it.
We're all family.
Take it.
- Take it.
- Yes, father.
I am getting old.
The family's honor
and disgrace are shared.
You've met Shuran's cousin, right?
Think about it,
and maybe mention it to the Emperor.
why do you bring this up again?
Appointing people based on kinship
doesn't sound good.
The Emperor follows the law and justice.
It's not something my husband
can decide with a few words.
I understand.
Today is
Ruoyao's coming-of-age ceremony,
not a good time to discuss this.
We can talk about it another day.
As you say, Yuanbai.
I'll go in first then.
Master Ji, please.
Mr. Jiang.
Mrs. Jiang.
Mr. Shen, that's so nice of you.
I was saying
Mr. Shen should visit often
to guide Ruoyao.
Thank you, Mrs. Jiang.
As expected of the Prime Minister,
his residence
is much more grand than ours.
Don't be fooled
by their plain appearances.
I hear that everyone present
has a rank of at least the third grade.
If you fancy someone,
let your brother know.
None of them are young.
Old ones are affectionate.
Give it to me.
This is outrageous!
They even sent people to guard us.
I'm going to cause a scene.
If you cause a scene now,
the whole city will laugh at us.
If Jiang's family's reputation
is ruined, you'll be affected too.
This Ji Shuran is truly ruthless.
What should we do now?
I hope the big gift I sent yesterday
wasn't in vain.
Jiang Yuanbai is so cunning.
Even if he married you,
he remains indifferent
to the Ji family's matters.
You are also so incompetent.
You married into the Jiang family
but don't know
how to scheme for your family.
Was he the one you wanted me
to marry back then?
Now you see
someone else rising smoothly
and you want to exploit them.
Don't speak so harshly.
you're part of the Ji family,
so you must always think
for our family's benefit.
- Duke Su.
- Duke Su.
Why is he here?
Why is Duke Su here?
It's not a friendly visit.
He comes with a blade.
Something big must be happening.
Duke Su, are you here
on official business?
You're joking, Mr. Jiang.
There's no official business today.
Master Ji has a lot of influence,
even Xiao Taohong canceled
my reserved performance to come here.
I had to follow her here
to join the excitement.
Mr. Jiang, you don't mind, do you?
In that case,
Duke Su, please.
Where is Second Lady Jiang?
Duke Su.
Li is feeling unwell today
and resting in her room.
Mr. Jiang.
I gave half my ceremonial gifts
to Second Lady Jiang.
Out of courtesy,
she should come out today to thank me.
Indeed, it is disrespectful.
In that case,
I'll send someone to ask her again.
Duke Su.
Ruoyao reaches her coming-of-age,
and many worthy scholars
offer their praise.
The azure bird flies not alone,
for she has found someone
to hold her hand.
Third Lady Jiang and Mr. Zhou
make a wonderful couple.
Today is
Ruoyao's coming-of-age ceremony.
Thank you all for coming.
Where have you been?
I had a stomach ache.
Where's my father?
We have beauties in the Jiang residence,
as unique as they are graceful.
Like a lotus emerging from clear water,
naturally adorned.
Her hands are delicate,
her skin as smooth as cream.
We found her.
There are two people guarding the door.
She probably can't come out.
I knew she was not one to avoid crowds.
Apparently, she is locked up.
Do you want me to go?
No need.
The Jiang family
is full of mixed characters
but she insists on returning.
Now we can see
how much she wants to show herself.
The auspicious time has come.
The coming-of-age ceremony begins.
My dear.
Honoree, be in position.
A talented man and a beautiful woman,
what a perfect match!
A talented scholar
and a beautiful lady.
A match made in heaven,
a pair destined on earth.
Next, Mrs. Jiang will dress the honoree
and place the ceremonial hairpin.
On this auspicious month and day,
you begin
to wear your first adult attire.
Leave behind your childish pursuits,
and follow the path of virtue.
May you enjoy long life
and good fortune,
and receive abundant blessings.
The ceremony is complete.
Thank you.
Marquis of Ningyuan's wife
is truly fortunate
to have gained
such a talented
and graceful daughter-in-law.
It's my fortune.
It is my good fortune to be connected
to Ruoyao through marriage.
- Where are the fireworks?
- Where?
What happened?
Where are the fireworks?
- There's none.
- No fireworks.
Did they save the money for fireworks?
Where are the fireworks?
The fire Fireworks
My Lord!
The fireworks
They misfired.
You, quickly go solve this!
Such beautiful flowers!
Isn't this beautiful?
Who is that? So elegant and refined.
Isn't she
Second Lady Jiang
who just returned from Zhennv Hall?
Oh, so she's the one
who killed her mother and brother.
So is this Second Lady Jiang?
Yes, it's her.
A ghost!
It's Xue Fangfei.
It's her.
Mother, it's her!
She's back to claim her life.
Shut up!
Here's a small gift
to congratulate you
on your coming-of-age ceremony.
Li, you finally made it.
Why are you so late?
I'm not yet familiar
with the house's layout,
so I was delayed a bit.
I made it in time for Ruoyao's ceremony.
Allow me to introduce her,
this is my second daughter
who has just returned.
She's Jiang Li.
Mr. Jiang has acknowledged
this daughter.
Let's not mention
the allegations of murder anymore.
Mother, isn't that Fangfei,
my sister-in-law?
How can there be
someone so identical in the world?
Indeed, she truly embodies the grace
of the Prime Minister's family.
Despite being away for many years,
her every move
is still elegant and dignified.
Mr. Jiang is truly fortunate.
Mrs. Liu, you flatter us.
No parent
is without concern for their children.
I know
that my father
has been very worried about me,
which is why he brought me back.
Seeing Second Lady Jiang today
fills my heart with sorrow.
During all these years
when you were away,
I never saw you
have a coming-of-age ceremony.
Who dressed your hair back then?
In the humble conditions
of Qingcheng Mountain,
I never had a coming-of-age ceremony.
So, Mrs. Jiang didn't attend
Li's ceremony back then?
Not even once in ten years?
How pitiful!
Being the Prime Minister's daughter,
she didn't even have a proper ceremony.
This is inexcusable.
Mrs. Jiang shouldn't have done that.
Mother has been busy
with household matters.
If she had overworked herself for me,
I would have felt guilty.
Today is not too late.
You're not yet twenty.
A hairpin
is the symbol of this ceremony.
According to the sayings,
a hairpin symbolizes adulthood.
I'll give it to you.
Let it be a token
to make up for the ceremony you missed.
I'll put it on your hair.
Mrs. Liu, thank you for your kindness,
but with my mother present,
I cannot accept your gift.
Oh, how silly of me.
Mrs. Jiang is still alive.
Come, Mrs. Jiang.
You should be the one
giving her the hairpin.
I will adorn your hair.
Thank you, mother.
I beg you to take this
to my father.
Tell him
I am here suffering greatly,
filled with resentment.
However, I am not wrong,
I have never been wrong.
I hate him.
I hate every single person
in the Jiang family.
Even in the afterlife,
I will curse every one of them
to meet a grim end.
- Jiang Li!
- Jiang Li!
Mr. Jiang, you are truly blessed.
Your eldest daughter carries herself
with extraordinary grace!
Mr. Jiang,
your daughter is so remarkable she
makes one forget the mundane world!
Mr. Jiang,
it is a great fortune
to meet your eldest daughter today!
Such elegance
is rarely seen!
Azure robes frame her body,
green gauze highlights her snowy skin.
She is naturally charming and graceful!
Jiang Li! Jiang Li!
- Third Lady!
- My Lady!
Third Lady!
- Ruoyao, are you all right?
- Third Lady!
- What's wrong?
- Ruoyao!
What's going on?
Get someone to check on her.
My Lady, are you all right?
Third Lady, wake up!
- Ruoyao!
- Third Lady, are you all right?
- My Lady!
- Ruoyao!
Li, did you see that?
This is my gift to you
for your coming-of-age ceremony.
♪Severed from its branch,
cut from its attachment♪
♪Carried by the sandy wind
to Earth's end♪
Jiang Li.
Thank you.
♪Under the sunset
a crow returns to its nest♪
♪Wishing the twilight clouds
could carry its message♪
♪If you see the Spring Flower, tell her♪
- What should we do?
- What now?
What should we do?
Oh no!
- What should we do?
- Ruoyao!
Third Lady!
- Quickly find a doctor!
- What do we do?
- What should we do?
- My Lord!
[Jiang's Residence]
Aunt Liu, thank you so much for today.
No need for thanks between us.
If you need anything in the future,
just let me know.
All right.
I will leave now.
How did you let the Liu family
corner you like this?
Father, why did you ask me?
I should ask you,
when will our grievances
with the Liu family ever end?
At my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony,
I was forced to bless Jiang Li instead.
All right.
It's just a coming-of-age ceremony.
I noticed Duke Su
kept looking at Jiang Li.
Do you know when she got involved
with the Duke's household?
Father, have you forgotten
Duke Su's half-ceremonial gift?
This Jiang Li must not be kept around.
[Jiang's Residence]
Second Lady Jiang.
We meet again.
You may have forgotten,
but last time we met at your doorstep.
I didn't expect you to be Jiang Li.
You have grown even more beautiful
since our engagement when we were young.
Mr. Zhou.
Here's a small gift from me.
I want to give it to you
to make up for the lost time.
Mr. Zhou.
The engagement has already been changed
to my third sister.
I should not accept your gift.
Please give it to the rightful person.
Mr. Zhou.
Why does Jiang Li
look so much like Xue Fangfei?
has she returned from the dead?
Shut up.
During today's ceremony,
the Jiang family clearly confirmed
that she is their daughter.
So, she's the Prime Minister's daughter.
The resemblance is just a coincidence.
Be careful with your words,
or you'll get in trouble.
Let's go.
Mr. Shen.
Mrs. Shen.
Hurry up, let's go.
Second Lady Jiang.
What are you looking at?
I thought I would miss this drama,
but I didn't expect you
to handle it so well,
forcing everyone into a corner.
As for your cousin,
he's a master of misdirection.
You're done for.
It hurts so much!
Why did you hit me?
It hurts!
You're finished.
It was you!
Don't go!
How could you hit me and leave?
- You can't escape.
- Come down!
- Let go of me, come down!
- How dare you hit me!
Let go!
Don't leave!
Why did you come to the Jiang family?
Duke Su, I don't understand
what you are asking.
I thought the Jiang family had a proper
and warm household.
You covet their warmth so much
that you even schemed
against me to return.
However, now I see
your position in the Jiang family
isn't so great after all.
The Jiang family is my home.
Of course, I want to come back.
Duke Su,
you are meddling a bit too much.
If I hadn't meddled,
could you have returned?
Tell me,
how will you repay me?
Duke Su, thank you
for bringing me back to the capital.
I also helped you resolve
the Qingcheng Mountain case.
I think I repaid you.
We are even now.
In the future,
I won't hold you accountable
for wronging me.
Let's not pursue
any further grievances.
Now you reminded me.
No one
has ever called me brainless before.
Jiang Li.
How will we settle that score?
Then scold me back.
If you don't,
let's consider the matter closed.
I'll leave now.
Xue Fangfei!
Second Lady, something happened.
Madam Ji is calling for you.
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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