The Double (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew on
the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring to color
the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 6]
Oh, my dear Yao.
My dear,
what's wrong with Yao?
Take a look at these rashes.
She has rashes all over.
Did any of you have sandalwood
with you just now?
You see, Third Lady
can't get into contact with sandalwood.
Everyone in the Jiang's Residence
knows this.
they wouldn't have it on them.
Could it be someone
among the guests might have carried it?
Speak up if you have something to say.
Third Young Lady
started to develop rashes
after wearing the earrings given
by Second Young Lady.
Could it be that there's something
in the earrings
Take off the earrings and check them.
Second Young Lady,
why did you do this?
I know you're not content
and not fond of Third Lady.
But such an act is simply too much.
I don't dislike Ruoyao at all,
nor did I add any fragrance.
All the evidence points to you.
What else is there to deny?
explain yourself.
can you give me
some time alone with Ruoyao?
What are you up to?
I experienced similar symptoms
when I was at Zhennv Hall.
I know a way
to make Ruoyao feel better.
What kind of method
that your father and I
shouldn't know about?
please trust me.
With you and Father here,
what are you afraid of?
They're all gone.
Just say what you want.
Why did you do this to me?
I didn't mean
to steal your limelight today.
As your older sister,
I only want to extend my congratulations
like any other sister would do.
someone deliberately stops me
from attending your ceremony.
Stop feigning your innocence.
Tell me.
Why did you use sandalwood to harm me?
You clearly knew
you're allergic to sandalwood.
Yet, you endured this pain out of a ploy
to vent your anger
because of the ceremony.
It must have been really hard on you.
Then we have nothing to discuss further.
Let Father come in
so he can see your vicious true colors.
I asked them to leave
to preserve your dignity.
Do you think the ploy
of harming yourself
would make them punish me?
What do you mean?
If you're certain that I'm behind this,
how about I make a deduction
of what will happen next?
First of all,
I'll ask my maid,
Xiangqiao, to testify for me.
After I bought these earrings,
the earrings have been
in her safekeeping.
I've never touched them since.
I know
Xiangqiao works for you and your mother.
So she'll go to great lengths
to frame me.
It was Second Lady
who put the fragrance in there.
I saw it myself.
You're making slanderous accusations.
you must have lost your conscience
to make up such a baseless accusation.
No, I'm not!
If I'm lying,
heaven shall strike me with lightning!
Mother will take the opportunity
to aggravate the situation.
you could've come to me directly
if you're not happy.
Ruoyao is your younger sister.
How could you not consider
your family ties?
Isn't this the truth?
Of course not.
Because the earrings containing
the fragrance
are imitations.
A few days ago,
I spent 20 liang of silver
on these earrings at the Jixiang Store.
Earrings of this quality and price
are rarely seen in the entire store.
Moreover, the craftsmanship
of these earrings is rough.
Forget about 20 liang.
They're not even worth one liang.
Our grandmother is knowledgeable
about these things.
She would notice at a glance.
Products from Jixiang Store
cannot possibly be of this quality.
So here comes the question.
Who swapped the earrings
that I originally intended to give you?
You don't have to frame Xiangqiao.
She's not that bold.
Well, a person's boldness
can be nurtured,
During this time,
I've always given Xiangqiao good things.
Good things
naturally breed courage.
She thought I would be kicked out
sooner or later.
This expensive pair of earrings
will eventually end up
in Mother's hands.
It's better to keep them herself.
Do you really think
people are that foolish?
Who would believe your story?
I have witness.
I wasn't sure
if Xiangqiao would switch them out.
So I had Tong follow her.
She indeed went to see
that craftsman who specializes
in counterfeits.
Everything will fall into place
after Father's probing.
So what?
How can we prove
that a greedy maid
was the one who put the fragrance?
Of course with physical evidence.
The fragrance is in Xiangqiao's room.
If you don't believe it,
I'll ask Father to investigate.
How is that possible?
It's not that Xiangqiao is incompetent.
It's just that many people
in this world are not content
with what they have but envy others
who have more.
Yunshuang has long been jealous of her.
This is from Madam Ji.
All right.
This is my last warning.
Don't ruin Madam's plan.
If you still remember
that I brought you to work here,
don't stir any trouble.
So what if you were the one
who brought me into this household?
Why must you always mention it?
Everyone relies on their own abilities.
You can't blame others
if you're not doing well.
If this scheme to frame me succeeds,
it will be Xiangqiao's credit.
If it fails,
do you think Yunshuang
won't use this opportunity
to get rid of Xiangqiao?
So you've been instigating the two maids
from the beginning.
I'm just protecting myself.
If I'm not careful,
won't it be adding
"deceiving mother, harming sister"
to the crimes
of matricide and fratricide
against myself?
It's been so long.
What is Li doing?
Let them talk a bit longer.
Both of them are grown now.
What can happen?
Since you've figured
everything out so clearly,
why did you tell me alone?
Why didn't you say it
in front of everyone earlier?
I don't want to be your enemy.
But don't think about driving me away.
I returned to reclaim what's mine.
If you keep getting in my way,
I won't let it go.
That's all I have to say.
As for whether you want to pin the blame
on me,
that's up to you.
Li grew up in Zhennv Hall.
We don't know her temperament well.
Her intentions may be good.
But she might not handle it properly.
I can't help but worry
even when we're out here.
Ruoyao is much better now.
how are you feeling now?
Much better.
Thanks to Li.
We misunderstood Li
regarding the earrings.
tell me.
What's the misunderstanding?
I'm feeling a bit tired now.
I want to sleep for a while.
If it was a misunderstanding,
then it's good that it's resolved.
My dear,
don't worry too much.
get some rest.
Everyone can go back now.
give me the antidote.
What did she say to you?
your idea of making me
break out in a rash
wasn't good at all.
The maids you sent over
are more of a trouble than a help.
The matter was resolved just like that?
I heard it was all a misunderstanding.
Bring Li here.
Greetings, Grandmother.
I made pear soup
and thought of you.
Thank you, Grandmother.
Sit here and enjoy it.
I heard Ruoyao was sick today.
Her mother summoned you for questioning.
What happened?
It was nothing serious.
Ruoyao wasn't feeling well, that's all.
Some people are spreading rumors
that you harbored ill intentions.
The gift you sent turned out
to be poisonous.
I'm not blind, you know.
You can tell me the truth.
It was my maids
who made a mistake.
She mixed up the gift
I wanted to give Ruoyao.
Mother will punish them.
You're truly sensible girls.
It's heartbreaking
to see you suffer such grievance.
After drinking the pear soup today,
I no longer feel wronged.
I know those two maids in your court
were chosen by your mother.
Madam Zhang,
please accompany Li to Fangfei Garden.
I made up my mind.
So just follow my decision.
That woman is not home.
This place is ours now.
We can do
whatever we want.
Hello, Zhang and Wang.
Oh, Li and Zhao.
Why are you here?
We're here to catch you.
Get them!
What are you doing?
Why are you taking us away?
Don't touch me.
You're hurting me.
Let go! Let go!
- Oh, stop it!
- Let go.
Drag these two troublemakers out
and punish them with the family rules.
Madam Zhang,
could there be a mistake?
Madam Zhang,
we're innocent.
That's right.
Take them away.
Madam Zhang.
Madam Zhang!
- Zhang. Wang.
- Li. Zhao.
- We're innocent.
- We're innocent.
Xiangqiao, this is all your fault.
How is it my fault?
- Go!
- I'm not going.
- No, I'm not leaving!
- I don't want to go!
No, I don't want to go!
I'm innocent!
Second Lady, we're innocent!
I don't want to leave.
Second Lady, we're innocent!
We're innocent!
Second Lady, you must be in shock.
Old Madam has instructed
to send you new maids tomorrow.
You can keep the ones that suit you.
I'm grateful to Grandmother
and thank you too, Madam Zhang,
for coming.
Would you like to come in for some tea?
I still need to report back.
Second Lady, please rest well.
All right.
Jiang Li!
You won this fight beautifully.
Grandmother never gets involved
in household affairs.
This time, she stepped in
and took care of everything
just for you.
What did you do?
It's because Grandmother
has a kind heart.
Grandmother is very perceptive,
you know?
Even if she saw through
Eldest Aunt's schemes,
she wouldn't say anything.
This time, Madam Zhang came over
and took care of everything for you.
You can rest easy now
and won't be harmed
by those clumsy tricks anymore.
I must thank you,
my good cousin.
It's Jingrui,
or just Rui is fine.
After all, it's hard to refuse a favor.
And I really like
the little turtle you gave me.
By the way,
I heard your chrysanthemum tea
is especially good.
Let me try some.
Come on.
Old Madam,
we've dealt with those two maids.
Tomorrow, help pick someone reliable
to send over.
She's been managing the household
for so many years.
Why can't she let it go?
Li came back with nothing
and suffered so much in the mountains.
What harm is there
in being generous with her?
Yuanbai has his heart set on her.
We're all women.
And I can't say
that Yuanbai is wrong.
The Madam is a smart person.
I'm sure she'll behave in the future.
Let's hope your words come true.
Why did Old Madam suddenly ask
about this?
I'm not too sure either.
I heard
Old Madam summon Second Lady over
and sell her maids from her courtyard.
It's said to send new maids for her.
She's trying to keep me in check.
But the Old Madam
didn't pursue this matter.
This means
she doesn't to have a fallout with you.
It was clearly Ruoyao's
coming-of-age ceremony.
Yet, that girl stole the limelight.
I even had to adorn her hair
in front of everyone.
Since it's come to this,
I must fulfill my duties
as a mother now.
What do you have in mind, Madam?
Now that she has entered adulthood,
I must plan
her marriage properly
to avoid
being accused of ill-treatment.
My Lady, my name is Bai Xue.
This is her birth record.
Young Lady, please review it.
If you're satisfied with her,
you can keep her around.
Thank you, Madam Zhang.
[Bai Xue, born on the 18th day of the fifth
month in the 42nd year of Zhangping, from
Zaohua Village in Huaixiang, has sold herself
to the Jiang's Residence due to poor harvest]
My Lady,
I'm healthy and strong.
I can clean the courtyard.
Your birth records stated
that you're from Zaohua Village.
I know a girl
who's also from Zaohua Village.
What's her name?
I may know her.
She's over 20 years old.
She has two younger brothers.
I've never heard of her before.
But my parents have been living
in Zaohua Village for a long time.
I can write home
and them to ask around.
Thank you.
why are you searching
for a girl named Haitang?
Haitang was my maid.
After that incident,
I never saw her again.
Her disappearance is fishy.
Perhaps she knows something.
I'm not sure
if she was also harmed.
If I can find her,
it might reveal the truth
of what happened.
My dear.
My dear,
you're back.
Are you all right?
Does it hurt?
I'm fine.
Next time, let the servants handle
the needlework.
I've always sewn
all of your clothing myself
over the years.
Everything in this house
is handled with these hands.
My dear, it must be hard on you.
It's something I learned after marriage.
My parents never taught me these things.
They only let me focus
on practicing music.
That's right.
When we first met,
you played a song
at your father's banquet,
a memory I cherish.
But now, these hands
have worn out from the house's affairs.
My little hardships
are nothing compared to yours.
You must be tired.
Here, have some tea.
All right.
I've been unable
to manage Li's affairs properly.
I feel ashamed of my role as a mother.
It's not entirely your fault.
Although Li has been
in the mountains for years,
she's gentle and sensible.
I want to find a good husband for her.
I heard the Ministry of Personnel's
Secretary's son
is still not married.
He has a good appearance and character.
His family background
is not as prestigious.
Mr. Zhao's rank is below yours.
But he is loyal and steady,
which is rare in official circles.
Zhao Qi is also dignified
and knowledgeable.
I'm sure he would treat Li well.
Li was raised in Zhennv Hall
without formal education
and a questionable reputation
in the past.
With the current emperor's promotion
of female education,
it's natural
to want a well-educated daughter-in-law.
Li is lacking in this aspect.
If someone marries her
just to gain favor with you
but mistreats her,
won't that be my fault?
So after much consideration,
I sought the Zhao family
and asked for their opinion.
They willingly agreed.
Besides, Li has your support.
She won't suffer after she marries.
You're right.
But we should also consider
Li's feelings.
Why are you staring at me, Father?
I think you're now an adult
and it's time to discuss your marriage.
I've only just returned.
You're already trying to send me away?
Don't be ridiculous.
We've just reunited
and now we're talking about separating.
I feel upset.
I'm not forcing you to marry now.
We can meet him first.
If it's a good match,
then we can discuss marriage later.
Your mother has worked hard
on this for you.
You can't let her down.
All right.
I'll do as you say.
why did Ji Shuran
suddenly introduce
a marriage prospect to you?
I'm sure Shuran wants to get rid of me
so she's eager to marry me off quickly.
Who is Zhao Qi?
I did ask around.
He's a talented scholar.
Three years ago,
he performed exceptionally well
during the imperial examination,
earning a personal audience
and rewards from the emperor.
However, he refused official positions.
Why would Ji Shuran
give me such a good match with me?
Maybe if the match is not good enough,
Master wouldn't agree so easily.
There must be something fishy.
How about you talk to Master
and reject him?
It won't be a good idea.
He's already said
it was Ji Shuran's wish
and we can't disappoint her.
If I insist,
I will be ungrateful.
what if you talk to Old Madam?
So what it's a bit rush
to find a good husband
for a stepdaughter?
Ji Shuran is not wrong in this matter.
It's not a huge problem.
Grandmother can't blame her entirely.
This matter
is up to us.
Mr. Jiang,
this is my son, Zhao Qi.
Greetings, Mr. Jiang.
Greetings, Mrs. Jiang.
[Zhao Qi]
Not bad, quite dignified.
Second Lady Jiang looks lovely.
Greetings, Mrs. Zhao.
Here are some tokens of courtesy.
Have a seat.
Serve the tea.
Our courtyards
have several pleasant views.
Mr. Zhao,
since it's your first time here,
how about we let Li show you around?
That'd be great.
Second Lady Jiang, after you.
Finding a good husband for Jiang Li
is the best solution
for dealing with her.
Mr. Zhao made some trouble
a few years ago
and sought help from my father
to get out of it.
This gave my father
a lifelong hold over him.
I hate Jiang Li.
Without us getting involved,
she'll be living
under the Zhao family's thumb forever
after marrying.
[Liuyu Pavilion]
Second Lady Jiang,
I've prepared a gift
for our first meeting.
It's cosmetic.
This is made
from purple jasmine,
giving it a hint of cold purple.
It's delicate yet elegant.
It's not suitable for ordinary women.
But just right for you.
Mr. Zhao, you're being thoughtful.
But I did not prepare anything for you.
It's all right.
We'll stop the pleasantries here.
Living in Zhennv Hall for ten years
and able to return in a grand fashion.
I'm sure you're a smart person.
Shall we be frank?
Mr. Zhao, you're straightforward.
I don't like beating
around the bush either.
I'll drop my act now.
My parents
hope for a prosperous family line.
after we're married,
our top priority
is to grow the family tree.
Mr. Zhao, you sure are frank.
But you're excited about this too early.
Well, you see.
I'll skip the romance part
so you don't have to pretend
to accept and reject my proposal.
You still have to marry me
after going back and forth like this.
So you never thought I'd reject you.
You dare refuse a marriage proposal?
Can't I?
What a joke.
Besides me,
who else can you aim
to marry to climb the ladder?
Since ancient times,
marriages have always been about status.
Speaking for which,
I'm a legitimate daughter
of a prestigious family,
and your father's rank isn't that high.
Can I even climb higher by marrying you?
Do I need to aim for you?
Do you really think
your status as a legitimate daughter
allows you
to pick any man in this world?
You probably don't know
how the other elites
in the city view you.
Then please enlighten me.
Then I shall reluctantly
explain it to you.
In noble family marriage unions,
the most important thing is reputation.
Then appearance and talent come after.
A lady's virtue is important.
How's yours?
Your clothing styles
are common and intolerable.
As for your appearance,
quite unique.
You're not properly cared for
and show signs of weariness.
As for your talent,
you've stayed in the mountains
for ten years
without proper education.
how many characters can you even read?
As for reputation,
everyone knows
about the matricide and fratricide.
If you were from an ordinary family,
you'd marry just anyone.
But now,
being the legitimate daughter
of the Jiang family,
you could choose
among some lower-class prospects
or settle for a lesser status.
Even if you were willing,
your family wouldn't want
to be disgraced.
In the capital,
[Liuyu Pavilion]
those above Rank Five
won't accept you.
While those below Rank Five
are not in your family's favor.
That's why
our Zhao family agreed
to this arrangement today.
This is due to your devout praying.
Does that mean
you're the only prospect for me?
Do you have any other choice?
Considering your nobility,
why would you want
to marry someone like me?
Grow the family tree.
I guess you're not young anymore.
You see, men don't age
as gracefully as women.
I can see the lines around your eyes.
Just tell me what you want to say.
In the capital, a fine man like you
who is still unmarried at such an age
and solely focused
on pleasing your parents
can only mean one thing.
What could it be?
You have a lover but can't marry her.
I never expected you can be so witty.
Have a grape.
Does she not meet the standards
of your Zhao family?
Who is this lady from your neighborhood?
What are you talking about?
Others may not understand, but I do.
When you were young,
you saw how beautiful the lady
from the neighborhood was.
So you secretly have affairs with her
and play a role
as a husband for nothing.
You clearly like her
but couldn't bring her home
for fear of being scolded
by your parents.
So you overlook your marriage.
But you were still young,
so you have ample excuses
to drag your marriage.
that you're older,
how can your parents tolerate
this anymore?
can't delay it
and are afraid
of exposing your secret affair.
So you must quickly find
a suitable match
from a respectable family.
those suitable matches look down on you
because you're old.
You can't aim for those
with high standards
and your parents won't accept
those with low standards.
So you set your eyes on me,
a notorious legitimate daughter
from a renowned family.
So you're begging me to be noble,
self-sacrificing, and heroic,
rescuing you from dire situations.
Baseless statements,
speaking nonsense,
fabricating out of thin air,
and misleading.
Mr. Zhao, you indeed
have exceptional abilities,
are well-versed in literature,
and possess remarkable talent.
Don't you point at me.
Zhao Qi,
[Liuyu Pavilion]
let me be clear.
I will not marry you.
First, I'm discerning
and won't tolerate any deception.
I have other matters to attend to.
I can't marry anyone.
You go
and reject this marriage proposal.
Or else, when I'm in a bad mood,
I'll bring my family
to visit your secret lover
and send them to your Zhao family.
At this moment,
are you threatening me now?
It's not a threat.
Just ending our engagement.
Now, it's a threat.
Zhao Qi,
listen to me clearly.
You can toy
with a lady without support
and use a lady from a noble family
to continue your family line.
I've never heard of such logic.
Today, I'll let your behavior slide.
But if I ever find out
you treat other ladies like this.
I'll expose everything
and your Zhao family
will lose face in the capital.
What are you waiting for?
If we keep this conversation on,
it'll get more disgraceful.
I've always taken care of myself.
These two have been away
for quite a while.
They must be getting along well.
Mr. Zhao doesn't seem
to be interested in me.
What What?
Yes, Mother.
Let's discuss
this marriage matter again.
Li, you're so clever.
How did you know he had a lover?
I had a friend
who went through this kind of ordeal.
Ever since we have Ping'an,
[Inner Tranquility]
He hasn't touched me since.
He spends his time outside drinking
and having fun with his lover.
[Dai Yun]
Madam Xue,
I'm sorry that you have
to hear about this.
What's your plan after this?
Now that I have Ping'an,
his family has a descendant,
his parents no longer care
even if he's leading a dissolute life.
This is how my life
is going to be after this.
As for you,
you must keep this in mind.
People who target women
for the sake
of continuing the family line
are shameless.
Women face bad consequences for mistakes
while men often get away
with a carefree attitude.
His family even go great lengths
to cover it up.
It makes me speechless.
But Ji Shuran seems determined
to kick you from the family.
Besides, marriage decisions
are dictated by parents
and matchmakers.
Today, you managed
to get rid of Mr. Zhao.
There will be other prospects coming
after this.
What should we do then?
To stay in the Jiang's Residence,
I need to find another way.
What way?
Walk out of here.
[Yang's Residence]
What's the meaning of this?
Yang Song is suspected of colluding
with merchants to sell official salt.
We were ordered to arrest him.
But only female members
are in the house.
Even as secret guards,
you cannot barge in like this.
Mrs. Yang,
since there are women in the house,
we won't search further.
Please ask him to come out.
Duke Su,
there must be a mistake.
My husband would never commit
such a crime.
He has been honest
and upright all his life.
He never accepted any bribes.
But he has certainly given out a lot
from this household.
How could such a person break the law?
Madam, please sit.
Please have a seat.
I believe you are unaware
of this matter.
I have investigated
many cases like this.
Even when the Ministry of Justice
has given the verdict,
the families are left crying,
while the guilty walk free,
that their actions
have offended the Emperor.
When the Emperor is enraged,
His Majesty doesn't spare the family.
Do you know
where these people ended up?
They're enslaved
and confined
at the Office of Instruction.
Until death, they have no idea
who put them there.
Put the wives aside.
Even the pitiful children become slaves
with no future at all.
Where is Yang Song?
Confession letter.
We've been tricked.
Your Majesty,
[Prosperous Era]
the bureau has corrupted officials.
I have failed in my duty.
I'm willing to take responsibility
for my negligence.
But before that,
[Kong Zhaofeng]
I ask
for a chance to rectify the situation.
I will punish those involved
in the Bureau of Salt and Iron.
I'm truly grateful to Duke Su
for uncovering corruption
in the Bureau of Salt and Iron.
You don't need to praise me, Mr. Kong.
I put in so much effort.
Yet, I only managed to catch
this small corrupt official.
Such is my incompetence.
let me take the blame.
Duke Su deserves credit
for the case of the illegal salt trade.
As for the Bureau of Salt and Iron,
corruption has been prevalent
and deep-rooted.
It cannot be accomplished overnight.
But take this as a warning, Mr. Kong.
Be extremely cautious from now on.
I won't disappoint Your Majesty's trust.
You're dismissed.
Mr. Shen.
Yes, Your Majesty.
How is the progress
on the examination reform?
Your Majesty,
I have started to abolish
the -submission of writing samples
and public recommendations.
Now, rankings will be determined solely
by the examination papers.
The new anonymous grading system
has also been implemented
in the recent provincial examinations.
For next year's Imperial Examination,
all examination halls will implement
the new system.
Other than that,
post stations have been set up
in several counties
near the capital
to provide travel vouchers and subsidies
for underprivileged students
heading to the capital for exams.
After implementing this policy,
it has raised the public spirit.
The number of candidates
is increasing daily.
Your Majesty,
it's commendable to give
underprivileged students opportunities.
However, adding new rules
and rejecting pre-submitted work
will increase the burden on examiners.
I have heard during the recent exams,
there were several cases
of misjudgments,
leading candidates to protest
at the government office.
The capital's post stations
also experienced chaos and overcrowding.
The imperial exams are held
once every three years.
Relying on a single exam
to determine success
can lead to talented individuals
being overlooked
and mediocre ones being selected.
If the chief examiner could understand
some genuinely talented candidates
through pre-submitted work,
they would be better informed.
Hastily abolishing this system
could compromise fairness.
Better informed, huh?
Is it better informed
about the candidates' talents
or the candidates' family backgrounds?
Your Majesty,
I believe
that since pre-submitted work
can lead to collusion
between candidates and examiners,
abolishing it is the right move.
As for Mr. Li's concerns,
the issue lies not in the new system
but in academic administration.
Appointing competent officials
to enhance academic administration
to support the new exams is the way
to address the fundamental problems.
A new system will inevitably
have some shortcomings at first.
We can address them one by one.
If we hesitate
and cling to old practices,
then reforms throughout history
would never have succeeded.
Mr. Shen,
you can proceed without hesitation.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Speaking of the imperial exams,
let's discuss the central six academies.
The annual exams
of the Imperial Academy's six subjects
have produced talents like Zhao Qi,
who is not interested
in becoming an official.
The School of Integrity
initially established
to promote female education,
has been overlooked in recent years.
I want you to oversee
this year's exams for both schools.
I want you to keep an eye
on those with genuine talent
and high aspirations for me.
I shall obey, Your Majesty.
Yes, Your Majesty.
[Benefit All Beings]
Trinkets for sale!
we should have that fox Kong sit
on our interrogation bench for a while.
He has been in charge of the bureau
for so many years
because of his clean reputation.
Now, he is still untouchable.
Are we going to watch him guard
while secretly stealing
and let Yang take the fall?
Yang was just a pawn.
Have a taste of our fine wine!
This is the finest tea
of the year.
Mr. Kong, have a cup.
Tea can be refilled once spilled.
But if someone gets a hold
of your weaknesses,
it will be hard to break free.
I was careless.
But don't worry.
I've cleaned up
the Bureau of Salt and Iron thoroughly.
Xiao Heng won't find anything.
I hope so.
- Father.
- Father.
Do you know why I asked you here?
The money from the bureau
has been cut off
[Li Jing]
and that side needs money.
We need to fill this gap.
Where should we start?
- The Ye family.
- The Ye.
The Ye and the Jiang family
are in-laws.
Since Jiang Yuanbai remarried
and Ye Zhenzhen's daughter, Jiang Li,
was sent to the Zhennv Hall,
the Ye and the Jiang families
have not been in contact since.
[Li Lian]
The Ye family may be wealthy.
But they lack prestige.
Two years ago,
the Ye family used various means
to get their son, Ye Shijie,
into the Imperial Academy
to study with us.
If we control him,
won't we control the entire Ye family?
If you've thought of this,
why didn't you take action?
Ye Shijie is arrogant.
We haven't found
the right opportunity yet.
I'll pave the way for you.
- Yes, Father.
- Yes, Father.
Why aren't you drinking, Shen?
A toast to you, Your Highness.
Even your posture while holding
the wine glass looks graceful.
No need for your toast.
Today's banquet is for you.
I heard His Majesty has appointed you
to oversee the examinations
at both schools.
You're truly a talented individual.
Thank you, Your Highness.
These are the schools
where talented individuals enter.
I'll carefully consider His Majesty's
intentions and work hard.
If it were just a routine examination,
it wouldn't be interesting.
How about a joint competition,
where the young gentlemen
from the Imperial Academy team up
with the ladies
from the School of Integrity?
That would be so interesting.
I'm looking forward to it.
No, that's not feasible.
After all, this is the Entry Exam
and should be taken seriously.
Why can't we try something innovative?
If we follow Your Highness's suggestion,
it may lead
to students forming factions,
which could harm the integrity
of our officials in the future.
Those with true talent
but poor social skills
or family background
might be overlooked.
This would not be beneficial
for our government's integrity.
You really are a clean young official
without flaws.
But I don't like it
when you talk to me so seriously.
It makes me uncomfortable.
On your knees.
Your Highness.
I said, kneel.
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands, can we get
through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime of loneliness,
just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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