The Double (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew
on the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring to color
the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 7]
A young official
in a clean white robe indeed.
I don't like the way
you talk so formally to me.
It makes me uncomfortable.
Your Highness.
Even the way you kneel
looks better than other men.
I am glad that you like it.
I dislike righteous officials
and those in clean white robes.
I love the way you look at me
with all the frustration kept inside.
Play along, won't you?
Your plan is an unprecedented one.
This is a national affair.
I can't obey the order.
That's very persistent of you.
Very well.
Rise and eat.
[Govern the people, serve Heaven]
The Entry Exam
is on the 10th next month.
As for the guidelines and rules,
they are in the memorial.
It's a relief to leave the Entry Exam
in your hands.
Your Majesty, the Eldest Princess
wishes to see you.
Your Majesty.
Scholar Shen is here too.
Am I interrupting your conversation?
Not at all.
That concludes my report.
I should go now.
[Govern the people, serve Heaven]
Scholar Shen.
I came with an idea.
I'd like your opinion on the idea.
The Entry Exam is
just around the corner.
It was always the same questions.
We never got any remarkable talents.
I have a better idea
for the exam this year.
What might it be?
Why not let the men
and women compete in teams?
The Imperial Academy and
the School of Integrity are not the same.
Men and women can sit for the same exam.
Do you assume the noblewomen
would be a liability
for the noblemen of the capital?
That's not it.
Your Majesty.
Do not forget,
I was sent away as a hostage
to bring peace to the Great Yan.
You are sitting on that throne,
thanks to me.
Do not underestimate
the women of this nation.
When time calls for it,
we can be as capable as men.
It's high time you gave them a chance
to sit the same exam as the men.
What do you think of this idea,
Scholar Shen?
Very well.
We proceed with your idea.
Many thanks, Your Majesty.
[Govern the people, serve Heaven]
I came here because of you.
Do not be wayward again.
Lest you want me to show you
how to be obedient.
[Taiji Hall]
[Jiang's Residence]
A light stroke.
Like so?
Not bad.
Jiang Li!
Jiang Li!
I have an interesting story for you.
What do you mean?
The Imperial Academy
and the School of Integrity will have
men and women
sitting for the exam together.
That has never been done before.
Why the unique method this year?
You know nothing.
The new Entry Exam
was approved by His Majesty.
Scholar Shen Yurong
of the Selection Exam
is seeing to the matter.
From what I heard,
His Majesty will personally meet
whoever has the best score.
This is a chance of a lifetime.
Where do I find a lady to team up?
Jiang Li.
You're not even a member
of the School of Integrity.
I must talk you out
of this bizarre idea.
The School of Integrity
is for the daughters
of beauty and talents from
families of officials in the capital.
You look
somewhat passable.
But that look
is unique to you.
As for your talent
You have a long way to go!
Even if my uncle
pull some strings for you
and got you into
the School of Integrity,
you'll still get eliminated.
You'll be the greatest
laughingstock of the city.
It's worth it
to give the people a good laugh.
You're just asking for trouble.
My uncle will never let you participate.
Let's have a bet.
If you get in,
Little Backbone and I
will walk a lap upside-down
at the Imperial Academy.
One whole lap.
Can you even walk upside-down?
Show us now if you can.
Why you
You two
I'm done wasting my time on you.
I haven't seen Bing Ji in a few days.
According to Mrs. Shen,
Bing Ji has caught a cold lately.
She will visit you
when he gets well.
Using a child for a show of displeasure?
Madam Jiang,
The Second Lady wants to see you.
Let her in.
Why the sudden visit?
I came to thank you.
Bai Xue is kind and thoughtful.
She is very capable
and a rare talent.
She is your servant now.
Handle her with care.
I have a request.
Tell me what this is about.
I've been in the Zhennv Hall
for ten years.
My reputation was tarnished.
Father brought me back.
The Jiang family restored my reputation.
But to the others,
I am always the same sinner.
You overthink too much.
I want to study
at the School of Integrity.
I want to hone my character
and make a name for myself.
It's great for a woman
to pursue knowledge.
Do you think so too?
The world should know
how capable you are.
I wrote this.
Good handwriting.
[Wang Jiuling, despite not living to
100 like Peng Zu, guided the Fan Zhong.]
The Zhennv Hall is not a place to learn.
You must have practiced hard.
Knowing you appreciate it,
it was worth the effort.
Your father had
excellent handwriting as well.
After becoming the Prime Minister,
a few words he wrote
became the treasured
calligraphy artwork.
So, he stopped writing.
Show these writings to him.
He will be thrilled.
Then, ask him to send you to the school.
I'll prepare
the necessary stationery for you.
I wouldn't want to trouble you.
Are you concerned
this might displease someone?
Do not be concerned.
I'm keeping this paper.
I'll convince your father.
Thank you.
Have some pear soup.
These are Li's handwriting.
What do you think?
[Wang Jiuling, despite not living to
100 like Peng Zu, guided the Fan Zhong.]
Upright and with the right force.
Straight and not without a shine.
Even you agree it's good handwriting.
Is this enough to enroll her
in the School of Integrity?
Li wants to study
at the School of Integrity?
What do you think?
Li is passionate about learning.
I'm glad that she does.
But the School of Integrity
is unlike the average schools.
Every year, women would get expelled
due to lackluster results.
Li barely had an education before this.
I'm worried the people there
might give her a hard time.
Yuanbai is the current Chief Secretary.
His children
must not be illiterate
and mocked by the people.
After years in the Zhennv Hall,
Li still managed
to have remarkable handwriting.
She has worked hard to accomplish this.
Bullies won't dwindle her spirit.
I think
the handwriting
is better than Ruoyao's,
who you practically raised.
Indeed, Madam Jiang.
However, we don't get to decide
if Li can get a place there.
My husband,
we should hire a tutor
to test Li's standards.
Knowing her capability
is the best for her and this family.
Makes sense.
Ask Yuan Ping
to hire the tutor
who taught Jiang Jingrui.
He is experienced and sharp.
He once said
that Jingrui would make it
into the Imperial Academy.
He was right.
I'll go to Yuan Ping later.
The two schools are not the same.
Well, who should we hire?
I know someone for the task.
If he thinks Jiang Li can make it past
the selection
of the School of Integrity,
the others will have to
accept the decision made by us
and the school.
Scholar Shen.
Prime Minister Jiang.
Let's have a word.
You are in charge
of the Entry Exam for both institutes.
That's a tremendous task.
Do you have some time?
Thank you for the concern.
It's my day off. I have some time.
I need a favour from you.
My daughter Jiang Li wants
to enroll in the School of Integrity.
But as you know,
she has never gone to a proper school.
She is your daughter.
I believe she will do remarkably.
I hope you are right.
Test her standards for me.
It should give my wife and I
an ease of the mind.
Is there a problem, Scholar Shen?
A request from an elder.
I'll do my best.
Much appreciated.
Mrs. Jiang.
Scholar Shen, take a seat.
Have some tea.
I'll bring Li here.
Scholar Shen.
Li spent ten years at the Zhennv Hall.
If she offends you in any way,
I hope you won't mind.
I won't.
Scholar Shen.
A token of appreciation.
This gesture is unnecessary.
I'll take it that you accept the silver.
Remember to do your job well.
Li is the firstborn.
It shouldn't be a problem for her
to get into the School of Integrity.
Scholar Shen,
do not leave me disappointed.
I thought the money was
meant for another purpose.
Why are you helping Jiang Li?
Do you know why I asked
Scholar Shen to test her?
I have no idea.
Scholar Shen came
from an impoverished family.
When he became the Principal Graduate,
he held a banquet
to meet the people in high places.
But no one attended.
It was all for nothing.
Therefore, he hates
the privileged who look down on others.
No money can sway him.
I hired him
so he could hate Jiang Li to the bones.
Scholar Shen.
Where are your manners?
You remind me
of someone close.
I apologise for the behaviour.
My father often talks about you.
It's an honor
to have your guidance.
When the incense burns out,
I'll mark the paper.
Have you been to Qingcheng Mountain?
With whom?
She is gone.
Let's not talk about her.
Are you afraid of the thunder?
It's personal.
Let's not make it
part of the conversation.
Jiang Li.
Show some respect.
The nights of Qingcheng Mountain
are piercing cold.
It's cold enough to open your eyes.
I never understood
why my loved ones
would be so cold to me.
They made me stay
on Qingcheng Mountain for ten years.
But I get it now.
I saw the money my mother left you.
I know I misunderstood.
My mother still cares about me.
Therefore, I have a request.
I survived ten years
on Qingcheng Mountain.
Now, I only want to rely on myself.
I hope you are fair
in your judgment.
[The shaded peaks
of Zhongnan are beautiful.]
[Snow accumulates,
floating at the cloud's edge.]
[The forest's outline reveals
the vivid color after rain.]
[In the city,
the evening cold intensifies.]
The handwriting
Scholar Shen.
What do you think?
Will this earn me a spot?
Based on my understanding,
you are indeed talented.
But you need a year or two
before making it
into the School of Integrity.
Since I have the talent,
why the wait?
Why won't you look at me?
I will inform Prime Minister Jiang
of the result.
It's getting late.
I must go.
Do you hate me?
Or did I offend you in some way?
Why would you ask?
Why must you do this to me?
Did you do this?
Why must you do this to me?
The people claim
that you are ever so righteous
and stand against the objections.
You carved a new path
of Imperial Examination for the poor.
You are righteous
and virtuous.
I only ask
for a chance of education.
You know I am just as good as others.
I am worthy of being
in the School of Integrity.
But you are thinking about
getting rid of me at this very moment.
Was I wrong about you?
Or were the people mistaken?
Is your conscience clear?
Is my conscience clear?
[Learning virtues and knowledge]
Scholar Shen.
Is Li worthy of the School of Integrity
with her current capabilities?
Despite the years
she spent on the mountain,
she is knowledgeable.
She is a prodigy
of great talents.
But the School of Integrity
is meant for female scholars.
I think
she would fare better
if she were tutored
for another year.
In that case,
we'll proceed with your suggestion.
I take my leave now.
I'll see you off.
[Learning virtues and knowledge]
Why are you reading
Ruyun's books for the entrance exam?
This is too deep for Ruyun.
If I study this, I can teach her.
You want to be
in the School of Integrity?
If I weren't married,
I'd go to the school for sure.
♪Our tears merge into a river♪
Scholar Shen.
Safe travel.
There is a strength I admire
about Jiang Li.
Do tell.
I came from an impoverished family.
As an official,
I've seen many who use education
as a front for personal gains.
[Jiang's Residence]
Jiang Li's desire to pursue knowledge
is truly hard to come by.
The bar to get into the school is high.
But a year's delay
will undermine her determination.
It's not worth it.
♪So too does hatred linger♪
I heard it myself
that it's better to send her
to the school next year.
Why did he change his mind?
Perhaps Scholar Shen mentioned
something to him
when he saw him off.
But now,
His Lordship got someone
to help Jiang Li pack her belongings.
Have you heard?
Jiang Li is leaving
for the School of Integrity.
Get back to your practice.
Why didn't you stop her?
Do you expect me
to be her sister in school?
You dare raise your voice against me
over this trivial matter?
Do you remember nothing
about my lesson on composure?
Do you think your privileged background
and music talent
is not as good as that girl
from the mountain?
But I
Go back to your practice.
Any updates from the scouts?
The shop is open.
No news as of now.
Watch closely.
If Yang Song is dead,
we get no money
out of the Bureau of Salt and Iron.
But the business
with Li Zhongnan goes on.
One link will move the other.
He will make a move.
My Lord.
It's said there are changes
to the Entry Exam this year.
How so?
Princess Wanning went to His Majesty
and proposed that both schools
take the same exam.
The students must sit
for the exam in teams.
His Majesty approved.
Is Shen Yurong still the examiner?
The new system undoubtedly
provides the rich and powerful
a chance to openly partner up.
Shen Yurong
never openly fawned over
any rich or powerful families.
He hates the forming of factions.
It seems
things are more interesting
than expected.
There's more.
Shen Yurong helped Jiang Li
make it into the School of Integrity.
Well played.
I should keep watching.
[Conceal the talent
and draw no attention]
How could you be so cruel
as to ruin my reputation?
You'd even bury me alive!
Have you been to Qingcheng Mountain?
The nights are piercing cold.
It's cold enough to open your eyes.
I never understood
why my loved ones
would be so cold to me.
Scholar Shen, do you hate me?
Why must you do this to me?
The food is ready.
Answer me.
Why are you locking yourself in there?
Come out and have your food.
There's a storm.
Where are you going, Yurong?
[Jiang's Residence.]
As you expected,
someone did go through
the grave of the mistress.
He has already been paranoid.
We will be safe for some time.
You were right to expect it.
Help her change into my clothing.
She is gone.
Why should she wear your ragged clothes?
Do as I say.
I'll explain everything one day.
I feel sorry for Jiang Li.
Even in death, she couldn't have peace.
Lady Jiang would watch over us.
She wouldn't hold it against you.
We cleared one obstacle.
It's time.
I must leave for school.
Can I go with you?
I'm worried for you.
Do you know anyone
who brings their servant to school?
ever since we left the Zhennv Hall
and came back,
I've never left your side.
At least we'll have each other's back.
If you're at school by yourself
I'm worried
Have you ever seen me get mistreated?
You, on the other hand,
must take good care of yourself
while I'm away.
[Jiang's Residence]
The qin is broken. I got a new one.
Perhaps we can sit closer.
Never mind.
You two may go on.
I'll ask Mother for another carriage.
It's a shame we can't go to school
See you at school.
Miss, Ji left early today.
Where can we get a carriage?
Jiang Li.
Aren't you going to school?
I'm getting ready to leave.
Where is your sisters' carriage?
They left.
Never mind.
I can walk there.
I am simply too good
for my own good.
I hate seeing people get mistreated.
Jiang Li.
You can ride with me.
- Let's go.
- Load the snacks!
[Welfare for all]
This is a blessing in disguise.
Why squeeze into their carriage?
It's not worth it.
They always go to school
in the same carriage.
Not really.
Sometimes, Zhou Yanbang
would give Jiang Ruoyao a lift.
Are you going to the School of Integrity
just to meet Zhou Yanbang?
What else could it be?
Isn't it better to stay at home?
Why keep yourself locked at the school?
I bet this is about Zhou Yanbang.
Listen to me.
He is engaged.
He's not worth your time.
From what I heard,
His Majesty would personally meet
the examinee with the highest score.
There is also a reward.
That's a reward
I'd want.
You want a place
in the palace for the reward?
What do you take the school for?
You don't simply
become the best there is.
We are taking the exam
as a team of four.
The ranking is for the whole team.
I doubt you'll even
get a team.
The team with the best chance
to become the champion
and meet His Majesty is the team
with Chancellor Li's two sons.
Firstborn, Li Jing.
He is always in the top three
for this year's regular tests.
He usually keeps
a low profile.
Li Lian is the second son.
Not as outstanding as the firstborn,
but he is a skilled organizer.
He is good at gathering
the talented and visionaries.
The two sons of the Li family
are at the top of the school.
They are the sons of a powerful
and important official.
Li Zhongnan
and my uncle are rivals
in the Imperial Court.
We can't team up with them.
It's not a bad thing to team up
with the Jiang sisters.
Jiang Ruoyao
is the precious daughter
of the Jiang family.
She is the best qin player
in the School of Integrity.
They are good with arts,
but not with martial arts.
However, one is engaged.
Zhou Yanbang is
an excellent mounted archer.
Not even the sons of the Li family
can match his skills.
[Extended virtues and knowledge]
[Cultivating Talents]
Did you see that?
Jiang Ruoyao and Mr. Zhou
are in the second tier
of the School of Integrity.
They are
from renowned families
and are engaged to each other.
They are basically inseparable.
No matter how hard you try,
you'll never get on their team.
Is there a third tier?
Watch where you're going.
You're Xue
What are you doing here?
Did you suffer brain damage?
If you can come here,
why can't Ms. Jiang Li be here?
The same woman who killed
her mother and brother.
What is that nonsense about?
Listen up!
If you ever slander her again,
I'll make you pay!
Shen Ruyun.
She is in the third tier of the school.
A family member had success,
the rest enjoyed the boons
and got into the School of Integrity.
The great families
will never team up with them.
So, they only
have their own little group.
But it's too late for you
to join them.
Is there a fourth tier?
Yeah. That's us.
We have the blanket ready
to pack up and leave.
The late emperor founded a girls' school
and opened up a new area
in the Imperial Academy.
The building was modified and renamed
[School of Integrity]
the School of Integrity.
He wanted the women to learn
about rites and honor.
[Imperial Academy]
His Majesty carries on this legacy
and focuses efforts
on the girls' school.
So, he expanded the school's system.
The two schools
don't study together,
but this courtyard
is shared by both.
Stop! Stop right there!
Stop hitting me!
- Stop!
- It's me!
Stop right there!
You hit too hard!
Grab him!
[Imperial Academy]
Coming! All right!
Who is he?
[Ye Shengxuan, namely Shijie]
Your cousin.
Do you remember him?
My cousin.
A relative from your mother's side.
Your cousin, Ye Shijie.
He came all the way
from Luyang this year.
Rich and high up the leader board.
A tycoon in his hometown.
However, he is too secluded.
He only reads and never makes friends.
Does he have a team yet?
How is his academic?
One of the best in literary tests.
I went to him.
But my enthusiasm
was doused by his cold demeanor.
[Pursue Knowledge and Uphold Rules]
Who is she?
Who is this girl?
Jiang Li., you're finally here.
Jiang Li.?
This is
the rumored Jiang Li
who came back from the Zhennv Hall?
Some scandals took place
at the Zhennv Hall.
Growing up in a place like that
probably affected her character.
Is she here
for Mr. Zhou?
My sister is new to this school.
I hope we can all get along.
If she offended you in any way,
I apologise on her behalf.
Jiang Li.
You came late.
I saved a seat for you.
But there were too many people.
I felt bad to keep the seat for you.
Ruoyao, forget her.
She is older than us.
She can find her own seat.
I shan't trouble you with that.
Back to your seats!
The class is starting!
You must be Jiang Li.
[Learn as One]
Greetings, Ms. Xiao.
Take a seat.
[Xiao Deyin]
Next, you'll take the Entry Exam.
I hope to see you again
when the results are ready.
Let the class begin.
[Liu Xu]
I'll bring it tomorrow.
I have two gifts for you.
Do you want the one
in my left hand first
or the right hand?
Right hand.
I bought this for you.
Your favourite desserts.
What are you looking at?
Isn't that Jiang Li?
I can bring her here
so can you stare at her all day!
I'm curious about
her sudden decision
to come to this school.
She is not as qualified as you.
All right.
You haven't seen the other gift
I prepared.
I had this hairpin custom-made for you.
Wear it
and you'll be the most beautiful Ruoyao.
Fancy words.
That is the Chief Secretary's
second daughter.
Don't you think
she is prettier than Ruoyao?
I heard she was the first
to be engaged with Zhou Yanbang.
The little sister stole
the older sister's fiance.
Will the older sister
try to win him back?
Given her tarnished reputation,
after the Marquis of Ningyuan
canceled the engagement,
no one would propose.
I should try my luck
and make her my concubine.
Go get it, tiger.
Let's go.
Ms. Jiang Li, care to
join me for some tea?
What was that for?
A bunch of young boys
gossiping about a female student
of the School of Integrity.
You should be ashamed.
You're a brute
who raises her voice against men.
No men in the city would marry you.
If I had to be virtuous
just to marry someone of your standards,
I'd rather shave my head
and become a nun.
Why you
What did you say?
Forget it. Don't argue with her.
She is Liu Xu
from the School of Integrity.
Famous for her rudeness.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- She is just trouble.
Why you
Let's go.
Forget it.
Let's go.
Let's go!
You're just trouble!
Come on.
I'll see if
- If she weren't a girl
- Forget it.
I wasn't helping you.
I hate it when they get in my way.
I know you.
You used my mother at the Zhennv Hall.
The elderly like you,
but I can't stand you.
You're full of schemes.
I've heard that you're a candid person.
The rumors didn't disappoint.
My conscience is clear,
unlike the scheming
and treacherous kind you are.
My Lord, news from the Red Pavilion.
A customer by the alias
"Lonely Gentleman"
always splurged his money.
He got drunk lately.
He said he couldn't
frequent the place anymore.
I bet the guy's stream
of revenue was cut off,
but wanted to save face.
Who is this Lonely Gentleman?
He's from Qiantang.
Arrived in the capital in recent years.
A man from Qiantang
Judge Kong's wife was
from Qiantang as well.
Welcome, Duke Su.
My apologies,
your regular booth on the second floor
was taken today.
I'll arrange another booth for you.
Are you new here?
Don't you know that is Duke Su's spot?
It couldn't be helped.
Mr. Li insisted on taking the booth.
I offered a different spot,
but he wouldn't go.
Mr. Li?
We rarely get to meet.
I'll sit by his table.
Duke Su, they ordered us
not to disturb them.
Sons of the Li family.
You're in a good mood today.
What do you want, Duke Su?
I'm not always working.
Today, I'm here for some tea.
The view here is stunning.
But we've taken the spot.
If it's tea you want,
go somewhere else.
As for the tea,
the bill is on me.
Never mind.
I don't usually fancy a crowd.
But I'm in a good mood today.
I'll keep you company.
Mr. Li, what say you?
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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