The Double (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I can't let down my regrets♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew on
the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring to color
the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 8]
I'm in a good mood today.
So I'll join you for a while.
Mr. Li, what are you looking at?
Duke Su, please enjoy your tea.
Both of us
shall take our leave first.
So is it still your treat?
Please enjoy,
Duke Su.
He's just a dog running errands
for the Emperor.
What's there to be cocky of?
Let it go. No need to provoke him.
You can bear this insult. But I can't.
I said, don't provoke him.
My Lord, can I really order anything?
Go ahead.
All right.
I thought the Ye family
of Luyang is rich.
You bought your way
into the Imperial Academy.
This painting of mine
is the former dynasty's artist,
Li Zhaodao's original work,
titled "Pine Shade".
It is priceless and invaluable.
Everyone, take a look.
He indeed damaged this painting.
You bully others with your power
and completely being unreasonable.
I happen to be in a great mood today.
[Meng Hongjin]
If you compensate me 3,000 gold liang,
I won't pursue this matter.
You're trying to extort me.
Who's that?
Ye Shijie,
the eldest son of the Ye family
from Luyang.
That means he's Second Lady Jiang's
maternal older cousin.
I guess we've interrupted
the Li brothers from watching the show,
I'm reporting you
to the authorities today.
Take him away!
What are you doing? Stop!
Don't touch me!
- Make way, please.
- Jiang Li.
Jiang Li.
Don't go.
Hold this.
So Second Lady Jiang,
are you here to join the fuss?
Lady Meng,
can I borrow this painting?
Let me take a look at it.
Oh, let me see it.
[Spring of the First Year of Tianbao,
by Li Zhaodao]
Master Li's ink artwork
is indeed valuable.
The value lies in its artistic charm.
So it's priceless and rare.
this painting is an imitation.
What nonsense are you spouting?
It's really an imitation.
Take a look
at this silk fabric for painting.
In the previous dynasty,
they only produced silk cloth
that was coarse and thin.
But the silk fabric of this painting
is pristine and delicate.
This is clearly double silk.
So Master Li of the former dynasty
couldn't have used double silk
of this dynasty.
[Spring of the First Year of Tianbao
by Li Zhaodao] This seal is also fake.
The former dynasty
seldom used stone-carved seals.
If it were a seal
from the former dynasty,
it would have the unique marks
of the seals from that time.
The ends of each stroke
in the seal script
would be slightly thicker
than the original stroke,
and the color would be lighter,
appearing yellowish.
But the ends of the strokes
in the seal on this ink artwork
are all smooth,
and the color is reddish,
which is obviously not right.
She has a point.
It was an imitation?
That's right. The color isn't right.
It's red.
So the color is off.
Give me back the painting.
Forget it. I won't pursue
this matter anymore.
Whether you are talking nonsense
or I was deceived,
I'll find out the truth myself.
But even if this is an imitation,
it has its own value.
You damaged my painting.
I'll let this matter go
after you pay me five gold liang.
If it weren't
for Second Lady Jiang today,
I would have fallen for your trick.
Ye Shijie, stop spouting nonsense.
When did I try to trick you
out of money?
Still denying, huh?
Come with me and dispute at the yamen.
Ye Shijie, you better don't
Mr. Ye,
this is probably a misunderstanding.
Lady Meng has also been deceived,
which is already unfortunate for her.
How about
Second Lady Jiang,
you don't need to help her.
She tried to deceive me today.
If she doesn't face consequences,
she will deceive more people
in the future.
Today, I'm not fighting for myself.
I'm upholding a sense of justice.
Everyone, take a look.
It was Ye Shijie
who spoke disrespectfully to me
and made unfounded speculations.
- No, it was you.
- No, he didn't.
- She tried to ruin his reputation.
- Ruin my reputation.
You were the one trying
to tarnish his reputation
and making a ruckus here.
Now you're acting
like you're innocent here.
I can't live anymore.
I don't want to live anymore.
All right. That's enough.
Lady Meng,
you can't live for this reason?
[Ma family]
There are more grievances in the future.
Won't that mean you have
to die a hundred times?
He is also at fault.
Mr. Ye,
you don't show compassion toward a lady.
All you care about is only thinking
about how to free yourself.
That's not the conduct of a gentleman.
Jiang Jingrui,
give me the money.
[Ma's Restaurant]
I've bought this painting.
Take it and tear it up
to vent your anger.
So no one gets tricked after this.
Who wants your money?
I'll just give this painting to you all.
Let's go!
What a busybody.
Who are you calling a busybody?
Li arguing with someone
on the street and seeking attention.
She completely lacks the manners
of a Jiang family woman.
I think
Second Lady Jiang is quite courageous.
how about we consider teaming up
with Second Lady Jiang?
After all, she's also
from your Jiang family.
What do you think?
You can team up with whoever you want.
Mr. Zhou, see you.
I told you earlier
that your plan is too childish
and won't work.
If it weren't for Jiang Li,
I would have my hands on Ye Shijie.
When the time comes,
I'll offer him some help.
He will only be grateful to me.
Li Lian,
they are relatives by marriage.
If you don't come up with a plan soon,
Father will really get angry.
I understand.
Don't get yourself involved
in matters like this in the future.
That Meng Hongjin is the daughter
of General Xuanwei, Meng Youde.
When she gets angry,
she even dares to bite a dog.
Why didn't you say earlier?
You've already done him
such a huge favor.
You should discuss
the Entry Exam with him.
No rush.
We're running out of time here.
Fine. Let's see
when you start getting anxious.
Carry this box for me.
Second Lady Jiang,
His Lordship wants to buy you tea.
Duke Su?
Did she commit some crime again?
Mr. Jiang, we're just inviting her
for some tea.
Oh, tea.
Then I'll go with her.
Mr. Jiang.
His Lordship only invites
Second Lady Jiang.
There's nothing Duke Su
and I can talk about.
We shall take our leave then.
Excuse us.
We'll take this way.
This way, then.
It's fine.
Listen. I have a bad temper.
- Jiang Jingrui.
- Hey, buddy.
Here's some money.
I'll go now.
[Awakening Stone. Drunken Moon]
Duke Su, what matters do I owe again?
You're the second person
who asked that question today.
Please have some tea.
I dare not.
I thought I was brought here
to be interrogated.
Don't be so angry,
Duke Su,
the name "Li" was given by an elder.
[Also a cat breed]
We're not close enough
for you to address me as such.
When a cat is caught by the tail,
it looks just like you do now.
I've had my tea.
So I'll take my leave.
[Awakening Stone. Drunken Moon]
Duke Su, what's the meaning of this?
Why did you stand up
for Ye Shijie earlier?
Ye Shijie is my cousin.
I can't ignore him when he's in trouble.
I heard this year's exam requires students
from two schools to team up.
Did you set your eyes on him?
Yes. Is that a problem?
Shen Yurong is in charge of the exam
by imperial decree.
Do you think
you can pass under his watch?
If I can't pass,
are you going
to accuse him
of favoritism and corruption for me?
Smart enough.
Second Lady Jiang,
I heard a story before.
It's pretty interesting.
How about I tell you about it?
It's called,
"Duke Huang of the East Sea".
Duke Huang from the East Sea
gained divine power in his youth.
He went up the mountains
taming wild beasts and admired by many.
He thought he was unrivaled.
Later, a big white tiger appeared
in the East Sea.
Duke Huang went to subdue it
but was killed instead.
Have you heard this story?
Duke Su, are you trying to remind me
that the people I face now
are just young snakes and weak tigers,
luckily subdued by me?
If I encounter a real fierce tiger
in the future,
I won't escape death either.
Second Lady Jiang,
I rarely read people's fortunes.
But I'll make an exception today.
The path you're on
has a fierce tiger ahead
and a cliff behind.
I advise you to pause
and think carefully
before moving forward.
Who is the real fierce tiger?
You will find out in time.
I have no choice.
If she wants,
she could crush us like ants.
Duke Su, you've been an official
for many years.
Have you ever killed a tiger?
What were you thinking
when you killed it?
When I raise my blade and bring it down,
I think of nothing.
I think of nothing but seeking justice.
It's ugly.
Try to make do with it.
What does my business
have to do with you?
Maybe in the future,
our paths will converge.
Second Lady Jiang
stomped on the snack you gave her.
Well stomped.
If you want to enjoy the show,
you must first support the actors.
Li, why are you back so late?
Something happened after school.
I got into a conflict.
It will probably reach home soon.
We must make the preparations.
My Lady, I have a message
from Old Madam.
She wants you to go to Wanfeng Hall.
[Wanfeng Hall. Humble Underneath]
You're the mother,
you can just handle it yourself.
Why drag me into this?
In the past, I always thought
Li should learn proper manners
before attending the School of Integrity.
Li knows this.
But I'm worried
she might not accept it willingly
if I were to handle this matter.
Old Madam, she listens to you.
I hope you can teach her
our family rules and traditions well.
Second Lady is here.
Greetings, Grandmother.
Greetings, Mother.
Li, Yu'er said
you had a dispute with Lady Meng
in public today.
Is that true?
Yes, it is true.
Do you know that Lady Meng's
father is General Xuanwei?
Yes, I know.
If you know,
why did you still confront her?
Your actions will put your father
in a difficult position.
I don't know how this matter
had anything to do with Father.
Li, you may not know this.
General Xuanwei and Chancellor Li
have a close relationship.
Although they don't seem
to interact much on the surface,
they have deep connections.
In court,
Chancellor Li and your father
often have differing opinions.
Your actions have now escalated
the tension between them.
Chancellor Li?
Who is the real fierce tiger?
You will find out in time.
Our Jiang family has always
had strict family rules.
The most important rule
is not to stir up trouble.
That doesn't mean
our children should hide
when they make mistakes or face issues.
But in the capital,
the officialdom is complex
and people are complicated.
Your father has a hard time
navigating around it.
Li, you were reckless this time.
Grandmother, please calm down.
It was also my fault
for not keeping an eye on Li.
She is straightforward
and may clash with other students.
I'll make sure to step in
and stop her next time.
You're indeed wrong.
Your sister just started
at the School of Integrity
and isn't familiar with the rules there.
You should have watched out for her.
How could you leave her alone?
Old Madam,
it's also my fault
that Li got into this trouble today.
How about Li stays with me
for a few days
to learn the rules?
I want her to quickly learn
the ways of the capital.
No rush.
We still need to listen
to what Li has to say.
I did nothing wrong today.
Years ago, I made a mistake
and was sent to Zhennv Hall.
Father bore the brunt
of the scandal because of me.
It was my lack of education
and carelessness.
People gossiped badly
about Father.
By chance,
I recognized that the painting
was a fake today,
which disproved
the rumors of my ignorance
and restored Father's reputation.
knowing the painting was fake
and not exposing it would be dishonest.
Although there were some mistakes today,
they didn't harm anyone's dignity.
If I just kept quiet about this,
that would tarnish
the Jiang family's reputation.
If you put it that way,
you've also considered
the bigger picture.
no matter how well Li explained it,
it doesn't change the fact
that she got into a dispute
in the street.
There's no justification
for our family's conduct.
She was almost in a fight
with someone on the street.
Onlookers were pointing fingers
at the Jiang family.
When others are criticizing
the Jiang family,
you just stand by and watch?
I only heard about it.
By the time I arrived,
the crowd had dispersed.
Yu'e, don't take rumors seriously.
How could relay this to Grandmother?
The gossip is so unpleasant.
Imagine how disgraceful
you were at the time.
I also heard
that the person who was tricked
by Meng Hongjin
is Ye Shijie of the Ye family
from Luyang.
They have a close relationship with Li.
So it's no wonder
she defended him fervently.
Since they're family
and both studying in the capital,
why has Li never mentioned him
after returning home all this time?
It seems like our Jiang family
is deliberately distancing ourselves
from relatives.
Li, were you in contact
with the Ye family
even before you returned?
I've never met Ye Shijie.
If Ruoyao hadn't informed me,
I wouldn't have known he was my cousin.
I didn't expect to unknowingly help
a relative in distress.
my birth mother may have passed away.
But she was related to the Ye family.
If I turn a blind eye
and let my cousin be taken
to the county office,
if this matter spreads
what would people think
of the Jiang family's upbringing?
What about Father?
Why are you dragging Father into this?
That's right.
You may not know this, my dear sisters.
An official from the Ministry of Rites
disrupted his elder brother's funeral
because he was drunk.
When the officials brought it up,
he was accused
of disregarding familial relations.
Out of anger, the Emperor punished him
with ten floggings.
Being an official,
it's not easy for Father.
If this matter were blown out
of proportion,
what should we do then?
Yu'e, I wonder who you meant
being disgraced?
Whose reputation is at stake?
Li is right.
We owe Li a lot
over these ten years.
I understand
if you've been resenting the family.
I just hope you can forgive and forget.
After all,
you have Ye family blood in you.
If you're close to your cousin,
there's no need to keep it from us.
Keep it from you?
Are you saying I'm not being honest?
I will always believe whatever you say.
Greetings, Grandmother.
Greetings, Aunt Shuran.
Aunt Shuran,
I was with Jiang Li when it happened.
I can testify for her.
Jiang Li didn't intend to hide anything.
At first,
she didn't know the people
who were in dispute.
She only found out after I told her.
Whether it's disgraceful
or making a scene or not,
the door is wide opened, Aunt Shuran.
You can hear what people are saying.
at the scene
praised Jiang Li.
Our Second Lady Jiang's
reputation outside
is good.
I know you're close with Li.
You'd naturally take her side.
But as a lady,
we should always watch our conduct.
It's admirable for Li
to stand up for justice.
But for a lady to interfere
in men's affairs in public
is not elegant and reflects poorly
on our morals.
Speaking of morals,
you're trying to make
a logical argument today?
Then can you criticize Duke Su too?
What does this have to do with Duke Su?
Grandmother, if you must know.
Naturally, it's because
he praised Jiang Li endlessly.
After the matter was resolved,
we were about to leave
when Duke Su personally sent someone
to invite Jiang Li for tea.
What did he say to you?
What did he say?
Nothing much.
He just complimented me.
Duke Su said,
"Like father, like daughter".
He also sent his regards to Father.
Since that's the case,
it seems today's incident
was not Jiang Li's fault after all.
All right. Now that everything is clear,
you can all go back.
Well, the children are young
and afraid of tarnishing
the family's reputation
ended up disturbing Old Madam's rest.
We'll leave now.
We won't be disturbing you now.
Grandmother, I'll take my leave too.
Grandmother, I'll take my leave too.
I was worried at first.
But it seems our Li is quite clever.
[Wanfeng Hall]
Duke Su sure is useful.
No wonder you insisted
that I mention Duke Su
in front of Grandmother.
One praise from him is enough
to outweigh a hundred criticisms
from Ji Shuran.
Did Duke Su really praise you?
I can't believe you made such a lie.
If Duke Su finds out later,
he will surely hold you accountable.
He doesn't have the time.
Young Master,
Mr. Li requests to see you.
Mr. Li?
I wonder what brings you here, Mr. Li.
I've heard about Meng Hongjin trying
to deceive you today.
Mr.Ye, you're modest yet confident.
What a true gentleman.
That's why I came here
to make friends with you.
[Talents Flourish Here]
You're too kind, Mr. Li.
In the past, you only focused
on studying the classics.
Perhaps not fully understanding
the ways of the capital.
There are all kinds of people here.
Without a strong support network,
one may fall victim to schemes.
I'll just be frank. I admire you.
If you're willing to be friends,
I'll ensure your well-being.
[Talents Flourish Here]
Apart from the Imperial Academy,
the whole capital city
won't dare to offend you anymore.
Are you suggesting that we team up
for the upcoming exams?
Those at the Imperial Academy
are all aiming for success
in their careers.
Once they achieve that,
navigating the political circles
becomes a skill.
Mr. Shen's wise decision
in reforming the system
has given us a chance
to learn this skill here.
Think about it. If you join us,
you'll have a chance
to excel and gain favor,
not just securing your future
but also studying without worries
and help you take care
of any unnecessary troubles.
What do you think?
No rush.
You can give me your answer tomorrow.
I'll take my leave now.
[Ye's Residence]
Second Lady Jiang.
The exams are approaching.
I heard you still haven't formed a team.
Thank you for your concern.
It's indeed true.
We were betrothed once,
which makes it somewhat our fate.
I'm impressed with your experiences.
It's a pity if someone
as talented as you were
to be expelled right
after entering the academy.
Morally and logically,
I should lend you a hand.
Have you asked Ruoyao's opinion?
If you're willing,
I'll persuade Ruoyao for you.
[Extended Virtues and Knowledge]
Mr. Zhou,
weren't you
with my other two cousins?
Now you're trying
to get close to Jiang Li.
So which one are you planning
to push out?
Or are you just being greedy
and want both of them?
I'm just trying
to help Second Lady Jiang.
my marriage with Jiang Ruoyao
isn't set in stone yet.
How about this? Go back now
and break off your engagement
with Jiang Ruoyao.
Only then continue with Jiang Li.
When that happens, you can naturally
form a team.
Jiang Jingrui,
that's going too far.
I just spoke
about what was on your mind.
Go back and ask your parents
if they agree to let you break
another engagement.
Jiang Li, let's go.
Ignore him.
[Extended Virtues and Knowledge]
Mr. Ye! Mr. Ye!
Are you treating my favor as a grudge?
What do you mean?
I helped you.
Yet, you keep avoiding me.
What are you afraid of?
Are you afraid
that I want you to return the favor?
What else do you want then?
Buy me some tea.
I refuse.
I'll wait for you at the tea house
after school.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
I heard about
how you taught Meng Hongjin
a lesson yesterday.
I thought you were like them
who bully the weak and fear the strong.
But you have some principles.
It makes me want to get
to know you better.
I'm Liu Xu.
If you face any trouble at school,
just mention my name.
I'll cover you.
Thank you.
I heard you haven't formed a team yet.
Coincidentally, I haven't either.
How about we team up?
The two of us?
your dim-witted cousin?
We don't have great odds.
What if we add Ye Shijie into the mix?
Ye Shijie?
The one from the Ye family of Luyang?
He does have some knowledge.
But is he willing to join our group?
I'm not sure.
But we should give it a try.
This way, please.
I've been waiting for an hour.
A young lady should dress up
before an appointment.
I think I'm quick enough.
Consider the tea on me.
Have as much as you like.
Let's stick to formalities.
We are family after all.
But why do you always keep me
at arm's length?
Second Lady Jiang,
you're a high-born lady
and I'm a merchant's son.
I don't deserve
the title of cousin.
Remember what you said
when Grandmother came to fetch you
from the capital years ago?
[Thirteen Years Ago]
My dear Li, it must be hard on you.
Come here and let me hug you.
[Old Mrs. Ye]
Come home with me.
I don't to go anywhere. This is my home.
Isn't my home also your home.
No, you're not my family!
[Ye Mingxuan]
Li, how could you be so outrageous?
My mother is standing right here.
I'm the Lady of the Jiang family.
I don't want to be part
of a merchant's household.
I'm not leaving with you.
Li, you should come with me.
Please come home with me.
Mother. Mother.
After Grandmother reached home,
she fell seriously ill
and had to recuperate for a whole year.
Father was deeply troubled
by this for many years.
And now, you're here claiming kinship.
How can I still trust you?
Hence, the ties between the Jiang
and Ye families were cut off.
Would we dare to keep in touch?
What are you doing?
Shijie, let me explain first.
There's something I've been keeping
in my heart for many years.
I've always wanted
to tell Grandmother myself.
But I never had the chance.
I don't need to hear your excuses.
It's not.
I may be young back then.
But I was not a heartless person.
I thought I was protecting
the Jiang family and my father
from Grandmother and all of you.
Little did I know, I was just naive
and being manipulated unknowingly.
Tong, tell me everything you know.
I want to know
about Li's past entanglements
with the Ye family.
During her ten years at Zhennv Hall,
Young Lady has always regretted
for what she did back then.
Go and see your mother.
Mother, what's wrong?
Li, you're here.
Li, can you tell me
how I treat you?
You treat me well.
I raised you since you were little.
I've always favored you.
Even Ruoyao wears your hand me down.
how can I withstand
the idle gossip from outsiders?
What did they say?
Mother, what's wrong?
Second Lady,
your maternal grandmother
is here to pick you up.
There are rumors outside
that Madam mistreats you.
For them to say such things
really breaks Madam's heart.
That's why Madam fell ill
from such slander.
Could there be some misunderstanding?
Please blame me for being harsh.
The Ye family of Luyang
is a merchant family.
Do you think they genuinely
want to take you back?
They just want to control and use you
and leverage My Lord's official position
for their business in the future.
They say a stepmother's life
is difficult.
If you go with that Ye family,
it will confirm the slander
against Madam.
Those are slanders!
They just trying
to push Madam to the brink.
Mother, don't be angry.
I won't go anywhere.
The Jiang family is my home.
I won't let anyone bully Mother.
It's heart wrenching.
I was young and foolish then.
I believed their words
about the Ye family being greedy.
How was your life
in the Jiang family afterward?
How did your stepmother treat you?
She was meticulous.
She's always kind
to me in public and private.
If I didn't want to study,
I didn't have to.
If I didn't want to practice calligraphy,
I didn't have to.
If I didn't want to do embroidery,
I didn't have to.
She covered up my mistakes
and allowed me
to become more and more arrogant
at home.
Are you suggesting
Spoil me rotten.
These are just your words.
Now you're telling me all this
because you want to reconcile
with the Ye family
without offending
the Meng family, right?
So you're upset with me
because of this incident.
Are you upset
about not sending Meng Hongjin
to the authorities
and giving her a way out?
Isn't that so?
I didn't mean to give her a way out.
It's just that in this complex capital,
there are various powers at play.
Even though the Ye family is wealthy,
their lack of official positions
makes them vulnerable.
In the world of officials and merchants,
officials have authority over merchants.
Giving Meng Hongjin a way out
is also for your sake.
If you kept pushing
and causing a fallout,
the Meng family
would seek a death warrant.
You're a smart person.
You were just upset yesterday.
That's why I dare to remind you of this.
I understand that.
I wouldn't have let her off this time.
What do you mean by this?
I never like owing any favors.
This is my gratitude
for your help yesterday.
Your way of expressing thanks
is indeed characteristic
of the Ye family.
Your family is of a business background.
But I am not.
If my assistance becomes a transaction,
wouldn't I also become
someone like Meng Hongjin?
Return it in another way.
What do you have in mind?
Team up with me
and help me pass the exam.
It shouldn't be difficult
for you, right?
To be honest,
Li Lian approached me.
Li Lian, the son of Li Zhongnan?
Do you know the relationship
between Meng Hongjin and Li Lian?
Do I need to know?
General Xuanwei, Meng Hongjin's father,
has a close relationship
with Li Zhongnan.
The two families have deep ties.
Perhaps Li Lian and Meng Hongjin
are already acquainted.
You shouldn't speculate
on this matter so lightly.
When did Li Lian approach you?
It was after Meng Hongjin
caused trouble.
That's right.
What do you mean?
I'm guessing he would say
if you join his group,
similar incidents
won't happen to you again.
How did you know?
In that case,
Li Lian was behind Meng Hongjin's plot.
their original plan
was to use Meng Hongjin
to make things difficult for you first.
Then come to your aid
when you're helpless against Lady Meng.
They just want to recruit you.
But they didn't expect me to show up.
Are you telling me this
to form a team with you
so you can pass the exam?
I want to establish myself
in the School of Integrity.
But what I want most
is for the Ye family to know
the real Jiang Li.
When I was young, I was deceived,
which broke Grandmother's heart.
The truth is,
is the most important to me.
Thank you for the tea, Shijie.
Jiang Li.
I'll join you.
Has General Meng's side
been taken care of?
Don't worry.
We sent clothes to his wife.
They also responded with gifts as well.
The issue between Li and Meng Hongjin
is considered settled.
I originally thought Li
would face bullying upon entering
the School of Integrity.
But I didn't expect her
to have such courage.
My Lord,
you have always been cautious
in court matters.
The School of Integrity
and the Imperial Academy
are for high-ranking officials
and nobles.
The conflict between Li
and Meng Hongjin is not a concern.
But I fear
it might cause trouble in the future
and implicate you.
You're overly cautious.
It's just a dispute
among younger generations.
As the Prime Minister,
I shouldn't be bogged down
by such matters.
Li has had a unique experience.
Don't you remember
how we brought her back initially?
When some matters are talked
about repeatedly,
they can reach the Emperor's ears.
My dear, you worry too much.
If Li can achieve such great things,
I will certainly discipline her.
[School of Integrity]
Come here.
Did Ye Shijie really agree
to join our group?
You seem to care about him a lot.
I'm just concerned about you.
Don't go.
Did he agree to join us?
You can ask him yourself later.
Jiang Li!
I've been asking around all morning.
Everyone at the Imperial Academy
has formed teams already.
Now, apart from you, me, and Ye Shijie,
we're short one person.
We'll have to figure something out
at the School of Integrity.
[Knowledge. Erudite. Dedication. Principle]
Aren't you the one
who caused trouble
on the first day of school
and got into a fight with others?
You even sleep during lessons.
The one who ignored me,
Liu Xu, the daughter
of the Minister of Revenue.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Jiang Jingrui.
Jiang Li, even if we need
to fill a spot,
we shouldn't pick her.
Jiang Jingrui.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Jiang Li, don't blame me
for not warning you.
If you want to pass the examination,
be careful who you choose.
Bringing in someone who talks big
but lacks substance
will only bring trouble.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
But don't worry, Lady Liu.
I'll do everything I can
to make up for your shortcomings.
What shortcomings?
We're all classmates.
So let's not be that obvious.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Jiang Jingrui,
have I been too nice to you?
Woman! You're hurting me.
All right. Let me go.
Let go.
Come on. Let go.
Let my hand go.
[School of Integrity]
Mr. Ye,
you're here.
I was really caught off guard.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
What happened to you?
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Ye Shijie.
I didn't expect you to reject Mr. Li
and join this group of worthless people.
Is it worthless people
or a motley crew, we don't know that.
What did you say?
Meng Hongjin,
you can't even express yourself clearly.
I don't want to talk
to unreliable people
like you.
Ye Shijie,
there's still time to join us
if you leave them now.
The Emperor's reward
will surely include you.
I'm thankful
that Mr. Li thinks highly of me.
But I've already promised Jiang Li.
So I can't go back on my word.
Haven't you heard
about Jiang Li's dirty deeds
at the Zhennv Hall?
Aren't you worried
about tarnishing your reputation
for being with a tainted person
like her?
Meng Hongjin,
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Those I interact with are sensible
and learn from wise teachings.
It's shameful of you to spread rumors
and cause trouble.
What a joke.
Why should I apologize to you
who are about to be expelled
from the school?
Ye Shijie, even if you're capable,
they'll only drag you down
if you team up with them.
You might be disappointed this time.
We're judged based
on the team's overall performance.
With Mr. Ye here,
we won't be that far behind.
Is that so? How about a bet?
If you're eliminated,
Ye Shijie,
you'll publicly kneel
and apologize to me.
Meng Hongjin, are you out of your mind?
Are you trying to imitate Jiang Li's
righteous behavior?
Her father is the Prime Minister.
What about you?
[Knowledge. Erudite. Dedication. Principle]
Meng Hongjin, listen here.
If you keep being unreasonable,
be prepared for a fight.
I bet you won't dare to agree.
A bunch of fools.
I'll make that bet.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
Since it's a bet,
then the condition should be mutual.
If we're not eliminated,
then you
will kneel and apologize to Jiang Li.
Are you scared?
Not at all.
You just provoked me.
Here's a new bet.
If you're eliminated,
all of you today
will kneel and apologize to me.
This is between us.
It has nothing to do with the rest.
Don't go too far.
Weren't you just standing up
for justice?
Do you feel bad seeing
your cousin kneel before me?
Since you involved us all,
how can we exclude the Li brothers?
If we get eliminated,
we'll kneel.
But if we're not eliminated,
you and the Li brothers
will kneel and apologize.
How dare you!
Anyone with a bit of sense
wouldn't bet with you.
This time, you've dragged
the Li brothers
into this bet.
Our bet is as grand
as the Imperial Academy itself.
We could start a betting counter here.
You're out of your mind.
I don't want to be associated with you.
I heard someone talking about me.
Mr. Li is here.
Mr. Li.
You have no idea
how unreasonable they are.
They said if we lose the bet,
we all have to kneel to them.
Meng Hongjin,
you're really good
at playing the victim first.
We're all fellow students.
There's no need for all this kneeling.
It wouldn't sound good if word got out.
Mr. Li, you are reasonable.
you should keep an eye
on your teammates.
I just learned
that this whole bet started
because of Second Lady Jiang's
incident at Zhennv Hall.
So it's not really anyone else's fault.
Since everyone is so eager to bet,
let's do it this way.
Both of our teams will compete.
If you lose,
Second Lady Jiang will return
to Zhennv Hall herself.
Return to Zhennv Hall?
Meng Hongjin started this.
Why should Jiang Li go back?
How about this?
If we lose,
I, Li Lian, will become a monk.
Jiang Li.
From now on, you are me
and I am you.
No one can make us leave
without our consent.
Everything started at the Zhennv Hall.
I'll take you away from here
and never come back.
Mr. Li,
this is between Lady Meng and me.
No need to get you and others involved.
Mr. Ye,
if you change your mind
and join my side,
the bet
will be canceled.
You've been an official for many years.
Have you ever killed a tiger?
What did you think about
when you did it?
When I raise my blade to strike,
I don't think about anything.
No need to cancel the bet.
I'll accept
the bet.
Once said.
It cannot be taken back.
[Embrace Universal Knowledge. Erudite]
[Dedication. Book Principles Insight]
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime
of loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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