The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

What is Done

Previously on The Dragon Prince Assassins.
A scout on patrol discovered them just before dawn.
We believe they're Moonshadow elves.
The humans crossed into Xadia and murdered the King of the Dragons.
Then they destroyed his only egg, the Dragon Prince.
Tonight, we bind our lives to justice.
Ezran, you don't get it, do you? Why do you think they're sending us away? Because they're coming to kill him.
The human, he looked up at me and I saw the fear in his eyes.
You let him live, but you've killed us all.
[theme music playing.]
They'll be on the lookout for us now.
Five of us won't be enough.
We need all six.
We'll be stronger as five.
Hey, could I borrow your sharpener thingie? Whetstone.
Yeah, that.
Come with me.
Ezran, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said what I said.
I'm sure everything's going to be fine.
Come on.
Later, you can call me a jerkface, and I'll do the crazy jerkface dance for you.
It is a dance of stupitude and sorry-ness.
Okay, well, I'm going to go grab some books for our trip.
We don't have much time, so I'll be back to help you pack in a few.
I thought you could do it, Rayla, but I was wrong.
You're not wrong.
I can do it.
I know you've never taken before.
I brought you because you're talented.
Maybe the fastest and strongest of any of us.
But it takes more than that.
There's an instinct.
A moment of truth.
And in that moment, you hesitate.
- I won't hesitate again.
- You will.
I see now that you're still just a child.
Your heart isn't hard enough to do whatever it takes.
I messed up.
I know I did.
Because I let that human go, we're all in danger.
But that's why you have to let me make it right.
No, it's too late for that.
I bound myself, my heart for You'll be unbound when the job is done.
Your role now is to stay out of the way.
You will wait here, quietly.
If we're not back by sunrise, go home.
I can fix this.
How in the [giggling.]
I thought the book was haunted or something.
You should have seen the look on your face.
- It was completely adorable.
- Ridiculous.
Did you just say adorable? Did I? [clears throat.]
It's so amazing that you can do things like that.
Nah, it's just a simple wind breath rune.
Can you smell the peanut butter? Oh, yeah.
Is that part of the spell? Nope, it's just what I had for lunch.
[both laugh.]
See this? It's a primal stone.
It uses magical energy from one of the six primal sources.
- Look.
- Wow.
What's inside? [Claudia.]
It's a storm, a real storm.
Captured from the top of Mount Kalik.
That's incredible.
You're so lucky you get to learn magic.
Well, you get to learn sword-fighting.
I'd switch places in a second.
[gasps and exclaims excitedly.]
I do not understand girls.
My king, we have not been able to find the elves.
Sundown is only an hour away.
Soren and the others have returned to bolster your defenses.
It won't be enough.
I've accepted that tonight, I may pay the price for our mistakes.
Harrow, don't give up just yet.
Claudia and I are still searching for a creative solution.
Call it what it is dark magic.
I've spent years going along with these "creative solutions," and where has it gotten me? I don't understand.
I know you don't.
Leave me.
[exclaims excitedly.]
Okay, what is that, with the nose, the finger? Not everyone speaks Claudia, Claudia.
It means, I've got something.
Ezran, we need to get going.
It's almost sundown.
Ez? Oh, no.
- Prince Callum.
- Ow! Uh [chuckles.]
Of course we're both here.
Why wouldn't we be? Right.
Well, the king wants to see you alone, Prince Callum.
Oh, perfect.
But he could have seen both of us if he wanted to.
Yesterday, I had two eggs for breakfast and I was starving.
Today, I had four eggs and I'm stuffed.
So, tomorrow Three eggs, I get it.
We don't need to talk.
[guard 1.]
I was going to say two eggs and one sausage.
[exhales sharply.]
You wanted to see me? [Harrow.]
Prince Callum.
- My king.
- No, I Please.
Callum, I know I'm not your birth father, but I want you to know that [breathes deeply.]
This isn't easy.
So, the most important things, I've written down.
A letter? [Harrow.]
You'll understand in time.
I want you to break the seal when Well, you'll know when.
When you've been killed.
War is full of uncertainty.
Why can't you do something about it? Can't you just make peace with them? It's not that simple.
It seems pretty simple to me.
You don't want to die.
I'm sure the elves and dragons don't want to die.
So, everyone agrees.
There are centuries of history.
Generations of wrongs and crimes.
On both sides.
I am responsible for some of those wrongs.
I have done terrible things.
I thought they were necessary.
Now, I don't know.
But I do know I will pay the price for the choices I made.
There has to be a way to make it right.
It's too late.
What is done cannot be undone.
But you're the king.
You can do anything.
[Harrow sighs and chuckles.]
The great illusion of childhood is that adults have all the power and freedom.
But the truth is the opposite.
A child is freer than a king.
I'm going to give this back to you this weekend, okay? I'm not going to have to open this.
Take care of your brother.
[Rayla grunting.]
You're wrong about me.
I can do this.
I will do this.
Ez, is that you? Hello? You know you can't sneak up on me.
Uh, uh, you're not who I thought you You're one of those, with the pointy Oh, you don't like my ears? [stuttering.]
I mean, yeah.
Yes, I do, I guess.
I mean I meant the pointy swords.
That's far enough.
I'm looking for someone.
Uh, did you check back there? [Rayla yelps.]
[Callum panting.]
She's right behind me.
- Hey, you swept the leg.
- What? [stutters.]
Lord Viren! Claudia! Anyone! [grunts.]
You don't have to die.
There are only two targets tonight.
Wait, two? What do you mean? I'm here for the king.
And I'm also here for his son, Prince Ezran.
You can't.
That's not fair.
Why would you hurt someone who's done nothing wrong? Humans cut down the King of the Dragons, and destroyed his only egg, the Dragon Prince.
Justice will not be denied.
I see.
Well, then, you've found me.
I am Prince Ezran.
[door opens.]
Not a great day for a picnic, Viren.
On that, we agree.
Moonshadow elves are dangerous, elite fighters.
Under a full moon, they become nearly invisible, and they can penetrate any defense.
Nothing in the five kingdoms can stop them.
I know this.
They will find you, and they will kill you.
Not helping, Viren.
But it doesn't have to be you.
In the black sands of the Midnight Desert dwells a mysterious snake called a soulfang serpent.
The soulfang has an unusual diet.
Its bite drains and consumes the spirit of its prey.
On our last journey into Xadia, I acquired a rather unique specimen.
Two heads, two bites, two souls held at once.
And through magic, I can switch your spirit with another.
The Moonshadow elves will find the king's body, but your spirit will survive.
I have to do this.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to, but I have to.
Why? You know this is wrong.
An assassin doesn't decide right and wrong, only life and death.
That's very clever, but come on, really? How does this solve anything? This is justice.
Humans attacked us unprovoked.
So it's okay for you to do the same thing? Well, no.
It's not the same thing, because we're attacking you provoked.
Then it's a cycle.
You hurt me, someone will get revenge against the elves.
- It won't end.
- [Ezran.]
Psst, Callum.
Shh, go away.
I found something.
Are you talking to that painting? [chuckles nervously.]
Uh, why would I do that? 'Cause it's not a good time.
You mean, because you're with a girl? Uh Jelly tart? Kid, get out of here.
Callum, what's going on? Callum? I thought you were Prince Ezran.
You lied to me.
Okay, how is that worse than trying to kill someone? [chomps and swallows.]
Have you met Bait? Say hello to my little friend.
[Rayla screams.]
Callum, follow me.
I have to show you something.
I won't hide in the body of another, while someone else dies paying the price for my decisions.
Two hundred men and women are ready to fall protecting you tonight, but you won't let one soldier sacrifice their life for you? It's not the same.
I would rather die a king, than live as a coward.
So, that's what this is really about.
What are you talking about? Pride.
No, I already told you the problem.
It's dark magic.
Yes, it is.
It's clever.
It's brilliant.
It's practical.
It will save your life and many, many others.
It's a shortcut.
We may not pay now, but we will pay the blood price eventually.
What do you think got us here? Dark magic! [scoffs.]
You're acting stubborn and ungrateful.
Should I be grateful that you destroyed that dragon's egg? Thank you for starting this unwinnable war? Thank you for angering the dragons and the elves so much that tonight they are here for my life? Destroying that egg saved our kingdom.
Maybe all of humanity.
It was an egg! And it would have become the most powerful creature in the world! [Harrow exhales.]
What is done cannot be undone.
I am offering you a path forward.
Your discomfort is understandable.
You don't feel right trading your life for another's.
But know this, every one of these men and women would gladly trade their life to save yours.
Would you, Viren? I [sighs.]
Get out.
[both panting.]
You're only making this worse.
Worse how? [Ezran.]
This way.
We're trapped.
What do we do now? Time for a puzzle.
Rock, rock, stone, rock, stone, stone.
- Rock, stone, rock, stone, stone - Wait, what's the difference between the rocks and the stones? Ugh! You made me do stone instead of rock.
Rock, rock, stone, rock, - stone, stone, rock, stone, rock.
- Uh [door opening.]
Yes! You're sure she won't be able to follow us? No way.
It took me over a month to figure out that combination.
[door opening.]
But how did you I just pressed all the stones with the jelly handprints.
What is this place? Runaan is right.
There's nothing in humans worth sparing.
Time's up.
Humans destroyed the egg of the Dragon Prince.
There must be justice.
You'll have to get through me.
Really? Wait.
You need to see something.
I'm not falling for that flashing frog trick again.
He's a glow toad.
But there's no trick this time.
Please, look.
You uncover it.
I can hear something inside, something alive.
It It can't be.
The egg.
It wasn't destroyed.