The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


Previously on The Dragon Prince Every one of these men and women would gladly trade their life to save yours.
Would you, Viren? [scoffs.]
I'm here for the king, and I'm also here for his son, Prince Ezran.
Wait! You need to see something.
It can't be.
The egg.
It wasn't destroyed.
Moonshadow elves are dangerous, elite fighters.
Under a full moon, they become nearly invisible.
And they can penetrate any defense.
Nothing in the five kingdoms can stop them.
When it is done, I will send a shadowhawk with a blood ribbon message to the Queen of the Dragons.
We strike when the moon is highest.
[theme music playing.]
This may be the end.
[Pip chirps.]
- Aw, who gives the best birdie kisses? - [Pip squawks.]
Pip does.
[Pip chitters.]
But I don't understand.
The switching spell will save his life.
Why would he say no? King Harrow is a principled man.
You mean "stubborn.
" Watch your tongue.
But, yes, he is hardheaded.
Usually about the right things, but about this [sighs.]
I don't know.
You look so happy in this portrait.
I was.
We posed for this a few days after King Harrow's coronation.
He insisted I stand next to him for the painting because he knew I would stand by him through anything.
And you have.
So far, yes.
I have to stand by him through this, too.
I need to be the man he once believed I was.
What does that mean, Dad? It means there's one more thing I can do to convince him.
What are you doing? If I told you, you would try to stop me.
So, shouldn't I just try to stop you then, even without knowing? Goodbye, Claudia.
Persimmon? [snaps fingers.]
This changes everything.
So, this is it? The egg of the Dragon Prince? I can't believe it.
If the egg lives Maybe it could stop the war.
He's okay in there.
I can feel it.
But how? [stammers.]
Why wasn't it destroyed? [Claudia.]
Because my father saved it.
Claudia! Callum, Ezran, get behind me.
I can protect you from the elf.
Your father didn't save it.
He stole it.
That's a lie! Then, Claudia, why is it here? My father took it to protect us, Callum, so the elves and dragons couldn't use it.
What are you talking about? How can we use it? Don't play dumb! You know it's a powerful weapon.
It's not a weapon.
It's an egg! Ezran, don't be afraid.
Walk towards me, and if she moves even an inch [energy crackling.]
Just bring that thing here.
It's not a thing! It has a mother, and it needs to go back to her.
You're right.
It wants its mother.
Ezran, be careful.
Follow me.
Don't worry, I won't hit Ez.
Fulminis Ah! Callum, what are you doing? The right thing.
I hope.
I'm sorry, Claudia.
[chain rattles.]
Callum! [grunts.]
[wolves howling.]
There's something after us.
Keep running.
Wait, not that way.
- Why not? - [thuds.]
- Because it's a dead-end.
- [groans.]
I can't stop them.
They're just smoke.
My swords pass right through.
[wolves growling.]
There might be something I can do, but I don't know if I can do it.
Is this a guessing game? Just do it! - Aspiro.
- [wind howls.]
You did it! You never mentioned you were a mage.
Who, me? No, I'm I'm not really anything.
You just did magic.
Yeah, that's what a mage is.
You're a mage.
Really? Wow! I'm a mage! [yelling.]
I'm a mage! [shushing.]
Nobody likes a loud mage.
I'm a mage! So, what's in the basket? A bigger moth? It's something that will protect the king when all your swords have failed.
Uh, you You know they can hear you, right? He knows, sir.
I am prepared to do anything to protect the king.
I hope you will understand.
Listen, I need you to give me the egg.
I have to get it to the roof, right away.
What? Why? Just trust me.
Right, right.
That makes sense.
Since we go way back.
Like that one time, ten minutes ago, when you chased me through the castle trying to stab me? [laughs.]
Good times.
You might not realize it, but I'm trying to help you.
Any moment now, others will be arriving.
Others like me.
I need to show them the egg to stop them.
Just give it to me.
- [croaks.]
- I'll take you to the roof.
I've given thought to what you said.
Oh, have you? Then why have you returned with that abomination? Yes, I've brought the soulfang.
I have a proposal.
Let me explain.
Go on.
You are my king but you are also my friend.
Your friend? Yes.
Right now, I do not come to you as my king.
I think of you as my brother.
I see the problem now.
It's that you believe you are special, better than everyone else, above the laws of this kingdom.
That's not what I was trying to say.
Please, listen.
Assassins are coming to murder me tonight, and you're wasting what precious time I have left.
No, Harrow, I Stop.
How about, "No, Your Highness.
" In fact, let's try, "Yes, Your Highness" for a change.
Oh, are you sure you wouldn't prefer "Your Royal Highness"? "Your Esteemed Inimitable Majesty," perhaps? I have tolerated your arrogance for too long, maybe even encouraged it.
But if today is my last day as king, you will know your place.
And where exactly is that place? Right here.
On your knees.
You are a servant of the kingdom of Katolis.
You are a servant.
You're here.
I know you are.
You defied me.
Runaan, you need to call off the mission.
You've lost your mind.
Please, listen to me.
I've found something.
The egg of the Dragon Prince.
That's impossible.
The egg wasn't destroyed, it was stolen.
Their High Mage was going to use it for dark magic, but the human princes found it, and they're only trying to help No.
Humans are liars.
This is a trick and a trap.
You're a fool, Rayla.
She's not a fool.
What she's telling you is true.
You've made a terrible mistake.
Ez, show him.
It's beautiful.
How can we take vengeance for an act that never happened? You have to call it off.
Rayla, you know it doesn't work that way.
We bound ourselves.
There's only one way to release.
Runaan, please.
There has to be another way.
This is a miracle, a chance for peace.
The humans struck down the King of the Dragons.
Justice will not be denied.
Now, give me the egg.
Callum, Ezran, go.
- But - Just keep it safe.
Don't do this.
I will kill you.
[swords clanging.]
Let's see, a spell to break the chain.
Well, fun as it would be to turn the chains into snakes, I guess I'll just use the key.
You need to stay here, hidden.
- Keep the egg safe.
- [croaks.]
I'll go talk to the king.
Callum, why don't you just call him "Dad"? Because he's the king.
And I'm his stepson.
I think he would want you to.
If you wanted to.
I don't know about that.
Be right back.
Whoa, slow down there, step-prince.
The king's pretty busy right now.
Trying not to, you know, die and stuff.
You're not stopping me.
You should not be here.
- [grunting.]
- [swords clanging.]
You're better than this.
No, not really.
You've had about 20 years more training.
Not your fighting skills.
- I mean your character.
- [grunts.]
You saw the egg.
There's no need for vengeance tonight.
You're just trying to stall me.
Interesting theory.
Care to discuss? Your justice will come later.
No, wait! [Callum.]
I know what you did.
You stole the egg of the Dragon Prince.
We found it, and we're keeping it safe.
"We"? The king will have you in shackles when he finds out about this.
What makes you so sure he doesn't already know? Grab him.
But he's the Prince.
Do it! [yelps.]
Now, tell me.
Where is the egg? I'll call out.
I'll scream.
Go ahead.
This one's not so good at hiding.
I told him that.
Uh, where's your brother? He went up to the tower to see our dad.
Oh, no.
That's the last place he should be right now.
You impudent little mongrel.
You were spoiled and given everything and that has left you weak and helpless.
Tonight, your world is changing, and there is nothing you or anyone can [wind howling.]
They're here.
Defend the doors! [exclaims.]
[swords clanging.]
King Harrow! Dad! [Ezran.]
Callum! Callum, where are you? Callum! [panting.]
Did you talk with Dad? [swords clanging in distance.]
Say the word and I'll go back into that tower with you.
It's up to us now.
We have to return this egg.
We have to keep it safe and carry it to Xadia.
And find its mother.
We could change things.
We could make a difference.
Just the three of us.
The four of us.
Callum, do you think Dad will be okay? He has the finest guards in the kingdom defending him.
Yeah, of course.
Regina Draconis! [screeching.]
Finish this.
My pleasure.
We can find more practical uses for this one.
Tie him up.
What's going on? Something's wrong.
No, it's We should stop and rest soon.
It's a long journey to Xadia.