The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


Previously on The Dragon Prince Boys! You're going on a trip to the Banther Lodge.
- [growling.]
- Aspiro.
You just did magic.
- [Rayla.]
You're a mage.
- Wow! I'm a mage! [Viren.]
Moonshadow elves are dangerous, elite fighters.
They will find you, and they will kill you.
It's up to us now.
We have to return this egg to keep it safe and carry it to Xadia.
And find its mother.
We could make a difference.
Just the three of us.
- [grunts.]
- [Callum.]
Four of us.
[theme music playing.]
Unbind yourself! Unbind thyself.
Unbindo! [sighs.]
Don't judge me.
So what, I'm talking to my ribbon-thing? How is that any worse than talking to a whatever it is you are? [growls.]
Ugh! [bell tolling.]
[tolling continues.]
A funeral so soon is madness.
It is tradition to mourn fallen kings for seven sunsets.
You've not even given him one.
I understand your concern, Opeli, but in a time of war, we must move forward.
Hey, keep your head up.
Ugh, sorry.
Long night.
Drink this.
I call it "hot brown morning potion.
" [laughs.]
That's good! [indistinct murmuring.]
Today we woke to a devastating truth.
Our king has been taken from us.
[crowd gasping.]
Slain by the forces of Xadia, vile Moonshadow elves.
To me, he was more than a king.
In his final hours, Harrow called me his brother.
Where are the princes? They need to be here.
The princes are dead.
[crowd exclaiming.]
We cannot let Xadia's cruelty go unanswered.
We must move forward with strength.
Light the pyre.
[crowd gasping.]
When a ruler of Katolis dies, we mourn for seven days.
But we are at war.
Today, we must mourn sevenfold for tonight, there will be a coronation.
Hey! That's your name, right? Callum? - Clem? Or was it Camel? - Uh, it's Callum.
I guess I was just distracted trying to draw this prima-ball.
- Primal Stone.
- Right.
It holds the pure essence of a primal spirit inside.
- [sighs.]
Primal Source? - Right.
You do know what the Six Primal Sources are? Uh, if I say yes, are you gonna make me name them? [Rayla.]
All magic in the world comes from the Primal Sources.
They're the original and purest forms of magical energy.
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Ocean, and - The Sky.
- Yes.
To cast a spell, a mage needs Primal Energy.
So that wind breath spell you did? You'd usually need a storm or at least a strong breeze.
But with that stone, you have all the power of the Sky, any time.
- Wow.
- Primal Stones are incredibly rare.
They've been sought after by the most powerful arch-mages in history.
And now, somehow you have one.
Wait, I I've seen these before.
At the Banther Lodge.
There was this little cube thing and it had these exact symbols on it.
Uh, neat.
What if it's magic? We have to go get it.
Wait, what? We have real problems to worry about.
Ending the war.
Taking the dragon egg to Xadia.
Remember? Xadia's to the east, right? So is the lodge.
It's on the way.
Oh, great.
I'm sure it won't be crawling with humans.
Humans that are looking for you and want to kill me! Yay! No, it's the winter lodge.
It's been empty for months.
Trust me.
Look Rayla.
Princes are supposed to be good at things.
Uh, sword fighting, leadership riding horses.
But I've always been kind of bad at, well, everything.
So, when I tried that spell, I was sure I'd end up on fire or covered in spiders but it worked.
And then you called me a mage, and that felt right.
I I just have this feeling that cube thing could help me.
Callum? [yawns.]
I had a weird dream.
It wasn't a dream, Ez.
All of that was real.
Are you sure? There was this giant pink hippopotamus and I pulled its ear off.
Because it was made of taffy.
Uh no.
That that was a dream.
I thought you meant the elves, the smoke wolves, the dragon egg.
That was all real.
Then I tried to thank the hippo for the taffy, but he couldn't hear me, because I was eating his ears.
Hey, sad prince.
Let's go get your cube.
- Really? - [Rayla.]
Just, please, no more detours, all right? Or heartfelt speeches.
- Hey, guys? Can we - We're not stopping yet.
- But I'm - No snacks.
I was gonna say thirsty.
Drink this.
Uh, no, thank you.
We don't drink that.
- What? - Blood.
We don't drink blood.
We don't mean to be rude, but, uh, you can keep it.
It's moonberry juice.
Is that what humans think we are? Bloodthirsty monsters? No, no, no.
It it's not that.
I mean, I I have heard stories, but but I'm sure they're just stories.
Horrible, awful stories.
Oh, look at that, we're here.
See? No winter, no humans at the winter lodge.
Let's just make this quick.
Tell me where the thing is, and I'll be in and out.
Okay, so this is the game room.
Cube should be in there.
Like I said, no winter, no humans.
Right? Yeah, but it is kind of weird there's no one here since this is where Dad was sending us.
[horn sounding.]
[horses neighing.]
Yeah, we probably shouldn't have come here.
Aunt Amaya? [Callum and Ezran groan.]
I'm so glad you're safe.
Extremely safe! Safe and alone! [chuckles nervously.]
Oh, uh, that door's locked.
So, uh, you wait here for a minute, couple minutes, few However long it takes.
I'll go find a key.
I don't believe in locks.
Someone's here.
What? No, no.
No one here but us and all your [shouting.]
human troops! Callum, you know it doesn't help to yell.
And why are you saying "human troops" like that? Uh, what do you mean? That's how I always say [shouting.]
"heavily-armed human troops!" [laughs nervously.]
Uh, Ezran has something to tell you.
Um, I skipped breakfast.
I'm sorry.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
The food here is [bangs loudly.]
Dig in.
Aunt Amaya, why are you here? I received a messenger bird from the king yesterday.
The most important things, I've written down.
A letter? - [Gren.]
What's wrong? - I just He gave me a letter, too, but I must have dropped it somewhere.
What'd your letter say? "General, the castle is under threat.
Assassins have infiltrated the kingdom.
Moonshadow elves.
" The worst kind.
- "Do not bring your force to the castle.
" - [Ezran grunts.]
"Your orders are to proceed immediately to the Banther Lodge.
Callum and Ezran will be there.
Above all, see to it that my sons are safe.
" Wait, there's more on the back.
"PS: Once their safety is assured, the boys may wish to build a dirt man.
" We do not wish to build a dirt man.
We do not.
You're safe now, boys.
[crunching sharply.]
This is all my fault.
We should have never come here.
But we found Aunt Amaya.
Maybe we should tell her, Callum.
Tell her what? About the egg and Rayla.
We can't.
Didn't you hear what she said? How she talked about elves? To Aunt Amaya, elves are monsters.
- But if we just explain everything - [Bait vomits.]
It won't work.
Humans and elves don't trust each other.
That won't change until we take this egg back to Xadia.
We have to find Rayla and get out of here.
[imitating Callum.]
"It's the winter lodge, Rayla.
No winter, no humans.
" [scoffs.]
"It's okay.
" Huh.
- [door opens.]
- General Amaya! The princes have disappeared.
How did you do it? How did we do what? "We"? How many of you are there? Did I say "we"? [Gren.]
Don't look away from me.
It's just me.
I'm alone.
If there are more of them, the princes are in danger.
Do not take your eyes off her.
[guard yelps.]
Careful with those.
Wouldn't want to lose a finger.
I mean, can you imagine going through life with only four fingers? [faint rumbling.]
This is one of your weirdest ideas.
Weirder than snail armor? Ez, snails already have armor.
- Then why do they keep getting smooshed? - We're not [grunts.]
My point is, I don't know if this plan'll work.
She'll know what to do.
Have you met Bait? Say hello to my little friend.
Thanks! [croaks.]
Come on! [Gren.]
Stop right there, elf.
Callum, Ezran, come here.
Callum, we should just tell her.
Boys, get away from her.
Wait! What are you saying? He says, if we don't let you go, you'll kill them and drink their blood.
That you are a monster.
Right, so you have to let us go.
It's okay, Callum.
I've slain monsters before.
Do it.
Take her out.
Go ahead, take another shot.
But read my lips.
The next time I swing my blade, I'll end both of them in half a second.
- Move, humans.
- Ow! [unconvincingly.]
Ow [Rayla.]
What now? Ugh.
I don't think a boat [Callum.]
Just get in.
If the elf realizes we followed them, she'll take the princes' lives.
We need to be careful.
Corvus! Track them, but stay out of sight.
And when you see an opportunity, free them.
The rest of you, ride with me.
That worked.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe you're such a jerk.
What? What's wrong? You called me a bloodthirsty monster.
You have no idea how that feels.
But I don't actually believe any of that.
I was just trying to scare her.
I thought she'd back down.
Oh, that went well.
They tried to kill me.
I'm sorry.
That's not what I meant to happen.
Well, it did.
You found it? [Rayla.]
It's a toy.
Probably a piece from a children's game.
I hope it was worth it to you, putting everyone's lives in danger.
It's almost time, Father.
Crown time.
Or, as I like to call it, the Crown Hour.
Crown o'clock? [sighs.]
Thank you.
That will be all.
No song for the occasion? Hmm? People of Katolis, King Harrow's death has wounded us deeply, but the loss of his sons, our princes, is a greater injustice.
By taking the heirs to the throne, our enemies sought to leave us without a leader.
It would disgrace Harrow's memory to allow the kingdom he loved to be lost in darkness.
Though it is a heavy burden, I will humbly take up the battle in Harrow's name.
I will become Lord Protector of the realm.
[indistinct chatter.]
[horn sounding.]
Stop! [horse whinnies.]
Stop the coronation! The princes are alive!