The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

An Empty Throne

Previously on The Dragon Prince It's up to us now.
We have to return this egg.
We have to keep it safe and carry it to Xadia.
And find its mother.
Aunt Amaya? [Callum and Ezran groan.]
I'm so glad you're safe.
Though it is a heavy burden, I will humbly take up the battle in Harrow's name.
- [horse whinnies.]
- [Gren interpreting.]
Stop the coronation! The princes are alive! [Rayla.]
What now? Ugh.
I don't think a boat [Callum.]
Just get in.
[theme music playing.]
Good morning, little rays of sunshine.
A volunteer.
How eager.
[breathes deeply.]
[Ezran and Rayla snoring.]
[Rune Cube pulsating.]
This doesn't end well for you.
Last night, you thought the cube was just a worthless toy.
But now we know It's a glow toy.
[Bait groaning softly.]
I'm going to find some food.
Wait, we've got food.
We grabbed a sack of bread at the Banther Lodge.
I thought this was a sack of clubs.
No, it's food ish.
I'm good.
[Gren interpreting.]
Thought I might run into you here.
We need to talk.
Here goes nothing.
Easy now.
What is this thing made of? [sighs.]
Help! Help! What is it? What happened? Help! [exclaims.]
He tried to copy Claudia's lightning spell, but he doesn't know how to finish it.
Yeah, I I only saw her do the first half.
But I'm very good at the first half.
Seriously? That sounds like a really good and safe idea.
Okay, lecture well-deserved, but what do I do now? When you release a spell, there's usually a word or a phrase or something in ancient draconic.
Uh, anybody speak dragon? I don't speak dragon.
- You didn't hear Claudia say anything? - No.
I mean, I think right when I grabbed her hand away, she might have called me a fool.
Yeah, fool seems about right.
Okay, give me a second.
I know some draconic words.
Just let me think.
Know what? I'm just gonna throw it.
What? No! Yeah, I'm gonna throw you the Primal Stone.
- That's a good plan.
- [croaks.]
No, that's not a good plan.
Throwing is bad.
I won't throw it.
I'll just gently toss it.
No, no, no! No throwing.
No tossing.
Tossing it.
Ha! Ah! It worked.
I'm okay.
You're kind of making a sizzling sound.
[Callum sighs.]
Sorry about that.
I guess I'm just so excited to be learning magic, and I got a little carried away.
Okay, enough almost-killing me.
The sooner we return this egg, the sooner, maybe, this war can end.
It's time to hit the road.
Road? Why wear ourselves out walking on a road when we can let the river do the walking? Nope.
Say goodbye to the boat.
We go by land from here.
But why? The river's going the right direction, and moves much faster than we ever could on foot.
I mean, look at those legs.
What? I have nice legs.
We're walking.
That's final.
Is there maybe another reason you don't wanna take the boat? Something you're not telling us? No.
There's no secret reason.
So, wait.
Are you, like, this back-flippin', tree-climbin', sword-stabbin' elven warrior, but scared of a little splish-splashin'? [inhales.]
Aw, that's cute.
Fine, we'll take the stupid boat.
[Gren interpreting.]
How could you let it come to this? You speak as if I invited these assassins.
I had to leave our stronghold at the Breach.
Do you have any idea the dangerous forces gathered at our border? I did everything in my power to protect King Harrow.
I was willing to give my own life.
- Then what went wrong? - He did.
His own stubborn ways stopped me from helping him.
You know him as well as I do.
His pride was more important to him than his life! You wanted this outcome.
How dare you suggest His death creates opportunity for you.
His death breaks my heart.
Then honor him.
Find his children.
They're gone, Amaya.
Captured by a Moonshadow elf.
If they're not already dead, they will be soon.
This is a time of crisis.
An empty throne is a beacon of weakness, an invitation to destroy us.
We must defend Katolis and all of the human kingdoms against what's coming.
I can help us from there.
You think I am being an opportunist.
But I couldn't be more selfless in my motivation.
I am a servant of Katolis.
I am a servant! Those are awfully nice clothes for a humble servant, Viren.
You don't believe me.
Then you take it.
Go ahead, sit down.
I'll support you as queen regent.
I'll gather the High Council, and we'll send word to the other crowns of the Pentarchy immediately.
The throne stays empty until we find the boys.
[sighs, grunts.]
Bait, you know you're not supposed to do that.
- No playing in the water.
- [croaks.]
Bait loves the water, but he should be afraid of it.
You wanna know why he's named Bait? [groans.]
Not really.
Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.
It's kind of a sick joke, I guess.
Glow toads? They're apparently delicious.
Deep-sea fishermen use them to catch giant fish, stuff like that.
That's why he's named "Bait.
" [chuckles.]
Get it? That's my stepdad's sense of humor.
But, yeah, that's why we have to be extra careful about him not getting in the water.
Guys, he doesn't know how delicious he is, so shh.
[croaks suspiciously.]
And that's how the noodle got its name.
[horse whinnies.]
May I light a candle? You doing all right? I'm doing great.
I just love boats so much.
That's why I'm down here.
To be close to the boat.
Tell you what.
I'm gonna ask you five questions.
Please don't.
Come on! It'll be a fun distraction, help take your mind off things.
Five questions, that's all you get.
Okay, question one.
We always heard all these crazy things about Xadia.
Like, it was this place with just magic everywhere.
Is that really what it's like? Yes.
Next question.
It must be so weird that everywhere you look there's magic.
It's not weird.
In Xadia, magic is pretty much in everything.
It's no different from saying, "Everywhere you look, there's nature.
" It's just part of the vibrance or spirit of things, you know? I can't wait to see that.
It sounds incredible.
Yeah, it is.
See, it's working, right? Don't you feel a little better? Maybe so.
Ask your next question.
Okay, question two.
What are your parents like? - They're dead.
- Oh.
Rayla, I didn't mean to It's fine.
So, this might not be the best time to bring this up, but are you sure you're not scared of the water? I'm done with questions.
I know, it's just the water's about to Look! Pull the boat over! I don't think there's time.
Pull it over! I admit it, I hate the water.
I'm afraid of it.
It makes me sick.
All of the bad feelings.
It's too late, hang on! [Rayla screaming.]
Hold tight! [Ezran laughing.]
Your sister made him better.
Harrow told me he was never as strong or brave as Queen Sarai believed him to be, but he tried every day to be stronger and braver so he could live up to what she saw in him.
She was compassionate and patient.
Unless, of course, you took the last jelly tart.
I only made that mistake once.
[both laughing.]
A sweet tooth and an iron fist.
General Amaya, I am sorry for what happened in the throne room.
You helped me see the truth.
[Gren interpreting.]
And why was that so hard? I was blinded by my abiding love of our kingdom and humanity itself.
Guard, fetch a stable boy, quickly.
I've encountered a giant pile of bull droppings.
The princes come first.
Finding them is absolutely the top priority - of the kingdom of Katolis.
- [Gren.]
You see it my way.
I'll be departing at sundown with a rescue party.
Of course.
But allow me to ask what happens to the Breach? You said yourself how precarious the situation is.
Without you there commanding the fortress, do you believe, in your heart, that the border will hold? Make your point.
If the Breach falls, the enemy will surge into Katolis, and I can hardly imagine the death and destruction that will follow.
Then what are you suggesting? You return to the border, hold it fast.
It's where you're needed most.
A party of our best will be dispatched immediately to find the princes.
And in case you still doubt my intentions, I will task my own children, Soren and Claudia, with leading the rescue expedition.
I do doubt your intentions.
I will return to the Breach, but your children won't lead the rescue.
The mission will be assigned to Commander Gren.
That's that's me.
I am Commander Gren.
[Callum and Ezran laughing.]
You faced your fear.
Do you feel better about water now? I have never felt worse about water.
Well, anyway, we're making great time.
Hey, guys? Does anyone else see Bait? - [Bait croaks.]
- [gasps.]
Bait! Come back here! Do your froggy paddle.
[croaking softly.]
You know you're not supposed to get in the water.
What a disaster.
I know, right? My socks are all soggy.
A disaster! A soggy disaster! - Uh, Callum - [Ocean Rune pulsating.]
Hey, Ocean Rune.
I've never seen it light up before.
Wait, why would the Ocean Rune be [all screaming.]
Oh, I get it! [grunts.]
Ah, sweet, solid land, we meet again.
[Callum gasps.]
- Guys, behind you! Bait is in trouble! - [Ezran.]
What? Bait needs help! Bait sneezed kelp? No.
She says, "Bait's knees smell.
" Well, that's just mean.
No! [croaks.]
It's down to me, isn't it? Of course it is.
Goodbye, sweet, solid land.
I barely knew you.
Come on, Rayla, do it for the frog.
The grumpy frog that hates you.
Here goes.
I have an idea.
Rayla, jump! - But you don't know how to - Just jump! [roars.]
I've sent word to Corvus that King Harrow has passed.
Is Lord Viren aware that Corvus has been tracking the princes? No.
Do not trust Viren.
It may be a month from now, it may be a year, but he will stab you in the back.
I'll be careful.
I expect to be notified when the princes are found.
And safe.
Of course.
I'll send word to the Breach immediately.
Oh, Gren, bad news.
There's been a change of plans.
What are you talking about? What is he talking about? Oh, I've decided you're off the mission.
Soren will lead the rescue expedition.
What? General Amaya was very specific that I was to lead this.
Oh, perhaps there was a misunderstanding? Soren, set up a meeting for Commander Gren and I to discuss his concerns.
Somewhere quiet.
Say, around 9:00? Yes, very good.
9:00 suits my schedule.
Very good.
Rayla, you saved Bait! Without you, he would have been - fish food.
- [groans.]
That was brave, Rayla.
No, I already told you, I'm afraid of water.
I know.
That's why doing what you did was so heroic.
Oh, thanks.
Why wouldn't you just tell us about your fear before? It's okay to be afraid of things.
I guess I was afraid of being afraid.
Well, that's kind of circular.
But, hey, worth noting: you're not afraid of being afraid of being afraid.
That's deep.
But stupid.
The thing is, Moonshadow elves aren't supposed to show fear.
That's sad.
It's our way.
My parents aren't really dead, but I wish they were.
They're cowards.
What do you mean? My parents were part of an elite force, the Dragon Guard, eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince.
Storm dragons only lay an egg every thousand years.
So that egg is so rare and precious.
But when the humans came and killed the Dragon King, the Dragon Guard, my parents, failed in their duty.
They ran away.
I'm so ashamed.
Rayla, I'm so sorry for what humans did.
So, you see, that's why I have to make things right.
When I first came here, I was on a quest for revenge.
But the moment I saw that egg, everything changed.
Now, this is a journey of redemption.
- We're in this together.
- [croaks.]
[water splashing.]
Oh, no.
Our boat seems to be drifting away.
It slipped just out of my reach.
What will we do now? - [sighs.]
Goodbye, boat.
- Thank you.
So, what's the deal with your wrist ribbon thing? Does it mean something? Oh, uh Nah.
It's just decorative.
Decorative? Yeah.
Moonshadow elf thing, I guess.
Five past 9:00.
I apologize for my tardiness.
It was only five minutes.
So, what are your concerns? Well [clears throat.]
You took me off the mission.
Hmm, noted.
Go on.
And you threw me in this dungeon.
Ah, I see.
Anything else? Uh, no.
But No.
I guess those are the main two.
Thank you.
Your feedback is a gift.
Father, it's about our other prisoner He's still refusing to eat.
Then let him be hungry.