The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Through the Ice

Previously on The Dragon Prince Humans and elves don't trust each other.
That won't change until we take this egg back to Xadia.
Rayla, we bound ourselves.
There's only one way to release.
A party of our best will be dispatched immediately to find the princes.
I will task my own children, Soren and Claudia, with leading the rescue expedition.
Listen, I need you to give me the egg.
I have to get it to the roof right away.
What? Why? Just trust me.
You scared me, you wee cutie.
Thanks, little one.
But my hand's got a problem you can't lick away.
What's the matter? Never trapped an elf before.
Easier than I thought.
Callum? I think we're alone.
Finally Oh, I've been waiting for this moment.
Callum? Mmm.
Your breath still smells like peanut butter.
Callum! - What what? - Wake up! Rayla's missing.
Oh, no, did she take it? The egg's still right here.
Okay, good.
You know, that still doesn't mean we can trust her.
But I like her, Callum.
Hey, I like her, too.
But the thing is, she's An elf? Who cares? It seems maybe everything we've ever heard about elves is wrong.
I was gonna say, the thing is she's not telling us everything.
I can feel it.
Give me the boys peacefully, and I'll let you go! Release your prisoners.
They're not prisoners.
They choose to travel with me.
What? Why would they trust you? Because we're in this together! They're my friends now.
Friends? You killed their father! I didn't kill anyone.
Your leader did.
What's the difference? Wait.
They don't know, do they? When they find out, they'll hate you.
Shut up! Savor your victory, elf.
Next time you won't be so lucky.
Says the guy in the ditch! So, did you know you were kind of sleep-talking before? What were you dreaming about? Uh I don't remember.
Why? I didn't, like, say anyone's name out loud, did I? No, but you said something about peanut butter Sandwiches.
Yep, I remember now.
I was having a dream about sandwiches.
You seemed weirdly excited about sandwiches.
You know what? In a few years, when you're older, buddy we'll sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk about sandwiches.
Go, go, go! We've gotta move.
What's going on? Where were you? We should eat something first.
Look how grumpy Bait is right now.
There's no time! We have to get moving now.
Rayla, why? You have to at least explain I don't have to explain anything to you.
Let's go! Fine.
Fine! I love having meetings up here.
I get a nice leg workout going up all those stairs.
We have important things to discuss.
Try and focus.
No problem.
You have my undivided attention.
This evening, you and your sister depart on a mission.
Searching for the princes.
Oh, yeah.
That's the good kind of burn.
The outcome of your mission is critical to the future of our kingdom.
We got this.
We'll find them.
I'm sure you will.
But there's a bit of nuance to this situation.
No idea what nuance is.
Listen closely.
You are to return with the terrible news that the princes have perished.
Excuse me? I think my head was upside down and it got sort of mixed up.
Can you say that again? You are to return with the terrible news that both princes have died.
This path is too easy.
No, it's not.
It's exactly the right amount of easy.
It's well-worn, it's flat, it's soft.
Sooner or later, we're going to run into somebody.
We need to go up that way.
Tougher terrain is safer for us.
The tougher, the better.
- Well, that sounds terrible.
- Exactly.
This is already tough enough.
Do you have any idea how heavy this egg is? Uh, no, I don't.
Because you won't trust me to carry it.
Well, should we trust you? Have you told us the truth about everything? Fine, keep carrying the extremely heavy egg.
But quit crying about it.
We're going up this way.
So, hold up.
If we return with the news that the princes have died won't that mean we failed? The coming war will determine the fate of humanity.
History has come to a crucial tipping point.
So you're saying, things could go either way? Precisely.
Like a see-saw.
History is like a see-saw.
If we are strong enough to make the right decisions, humans may finally return to Xadia, and take back the great magical lands that are rightfully ours.
But if we are led by a child king He'll make bad choices? He will make weak choices! History will tip the wrong way and the forces of Xadia will crush not only Katolis, but all the five kingdoms! Okay.
So I'm supposed to come back with the news that they're dead.
What I don't understand is what am I supposed to do if we find them alive? Oh you'll know the right thing to do.
The right thing.
I I don't know if I can do that.
Out there, in the wild, accidents happen every day.
Deadly accidents.
My son.
This won't be easy, but you are strong.
Now, tell no one.
Not even Claudia.
You must carry this weight alone.
It will be a burden for me to take the throne.
And someday that throne will belong to you.
All right! Let's stop and eat.
I'm starving.
Uh Oh, no.
- I don't have the food.
- What? Carry your stale human food.
How could you leave it? You rushed us! You were yelling at us, and I just You made me leave it! Oh.
That's right.
Because I remember yelling three things "Hurry, hurry.
" "Let's go, go, go.
'" And, "Be sure to abandon all the supplies you need to survive.
" What are we going to do? We're out of food! Well, I suppose I'd be willing to share my moonberry juice with you.
It's packed with super nutrients, and I still have plenty Still had plenty.
Someone drank it all! Who went through my stuff? - I didn't touch your things! - Don't look at me! Well, I didn't drink it.
If one of you didn't sneak it, then who? Wait.
Did that little frog monster Bait wouldn't do that! You have no reason to think Don't accuse him! Look at how he's glowing! Well, Bait glows different ways depending on how he's feeling.
Like, he has one color if he's lonely.
Or he glows another way if he's hungry.
Or angry.
Or hangry! That's when you're so hungry that you're angry I know what "hangry" means.
So what does that color mean? Hmm.
Actually, I've never seen him glow that way before.
Kind of a reddish, purplish berry color.
Yeah, he did it.
I think she's hangry.
I'm habsolutely hurious! Speak your true nature to me.
Nothing? You are a stubborn magic mirror.
You think I haven't tried that? I've cast eight different reveal spells.
They all failed.
At the end, I see nothing but my own frustrated face staring back at me.
Well, maybe it's just a mirror.
Of all the treasures, artifacts and relics in the lair of the Dragon King and Queen they kept this close to where they slept.
It must be important.
Then we'll figure it out.
Whatever it takes.
Hear that, mirror? I'm putting you on notice.
Kind of weird how the mirror did it right back at me.
Like it was putting me on notice.
We have something important to discuss.
Your mission.
- To rescue the princes.
- Yes, but you will have a secret mission that is far more important.
Claudia, you must recover that dragon egg.
They have it with them, so shouldn't be a problem.
Princes, egg I've got room for a third mission if you need anything else while we're out.
The egg cannot fall into the wrong hands.
It is too powerful, too dangerous.
Whatever happens, whatever accidents or tragedies may occur above all else, you must return with that egg! - I understand.
- Good.
One question.
Let's say we're attacked by giant bumble-scorps, and they're all buzzing like and flailing their scorps at us like and I'm forced to choose between saving the egg and saving Soren.
What should I do? Dad, it's a joke.
Relax, I'm kidding.
Everything will be fine.
The egg.
If you have to choose, choose the egg.
Rayla, can you slow down? It's getting a little tricky.
Rayla! Come on! You're the one who made us take this crazy route, at least let us keep up with you.
I just need to put this down a second and catch my breath.
There is a solution, you know.
You can just let me carry the egg.
You realize that I could just take it, right? I could just take it from you any time I wanted.
Yeah, that's good, Rayla.
Way to increase trust.
But I don't.
That's the point.
Oh, well, congratulations! You haven't threatened us and forced us to give you the egg? You deserve a medal.
You're a hero! I could take it! I could return it to Xadia on my own Guys, you need to keep it down I would be a hero! Then what's stopping you? Because it has to come from you.
Human princes, returning the egg to the Dragon Queen.
That's the gesture that matters.
That could end the war, and change the world You guys need to stop fighting.
Look! All your yelling is cracking the ice.
If we're not careful, we could start an avalanche.
- Got it? - Uh-huh.
Not a peep.
It stopped cracking.
Run! - What happened to your hand? - Don't worry about it.
Just run! We're not going to make it! It's like a snow-nami! - Callum, what are you doing? - Get behind me.
Aspiro! Is everyone okay? Where's that hiccuping, juice-thief frog? He's right there, and he's okay.
We all made it! I'll go get the egg.
Ez! Don't move.
We're coming to get you.
Hey, Sor-bear.
What's wrong? You look kind of down.
Aw, grizzly, grizzly Sor-bear! Did Dad say anything strange to you? Yeah, he kind of did.
Did he say anything strange to you? Uh No.
Totally not, just a standard Dad chat.
What? Oh.
Okay, I guess.
So what did he say to you that was so strange? Uh, he said that walnuts are his favorite fruit! I mean, that's crazy, right? - I don't even think they're a fruit.
- They're not.
Well, that is strange.
I mean, what's his favorite vegetable, ice cream? Anyway.
Are you ready for our mission? Yeah.
I guess I am.
I'm sure you won't die.
- What? - On this mission.
I mean, eventually you will die.
I assume.
But who knows? Maybe you won't! Thanks, Claudia.
Stay still, we're almost there.
Easy does it.
Just pass it over.
What now? Now I'm going to hand you the egg.
I'm sorry if I was a jerk before, Rayla.
We're lucky to have you as our friend.
I do trust you.
No, wait.
I don't deserve your trust Not yet.
I need to tell you the truth.
This morning, the big rush was because I was attacked by someone.
A human.
I fought him off, but it was hard.
Because of this.
- You don't need to do this right now.
- Yes, I do.
This is an assassin's binding.
A Moonshadow elf ritual.
Before I met you, I swore an oath.
I bound myself to end Prince Ezran's life.
And this binding will never come off while he's alive.
It will just get tighter and tighter until I lose my hand.
But I'm ready to pay that price.
Thank you for telling us, but we need to focus on the situation.
There's one more thing.
The night I met you, something bad happened.
Rayla, there's no time.
Callum, I need to tell you.
The King Just take it! - You dropped it! - I just told you my hand was messed up.
Well, use the other hand! Stop arguing! We have to do something.
Ez, no! Ezran! - I'm going in after him.
- Don't! What? Why? He'll get it.
He'll save the egg.
We have to believe in him.
And we're going to need to be up here to pull him out.
- He's just a kid! - He's brave and strong.
He can do this.
Come on.
Come on! It's going to be okay.
Ez will get it.
You were wrong.
He's not coming back.
I'm so sorry.
I thought he would be able to.
He's alive! The binding is still tight.
Ez is still alive.
He has to be.
Ezran? Ez Ez, you saved it.
You got the egg back.
You did it! Please, Ezran, you gotta be okay.
Just say something.
I think I got a case of the frozie-toesies.
Oh, no.
Something's wrong with the egg.