The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

The Dagger and the Wolf

Previously on The Dragon Prince [Viren.]
A party of our best will be dispatched immediately to find the princes.
I will task my own children, Soren and Claudia, with leading the rescue expedition.
I bound myself to end Prince Ezran's life.
And this binding will never come off while he's alive.
It will just get tighter and tighter until I lose my hand.
- Just take it! - [groans.]
We have to do something! [Callum.]
Ez, no! He's alive! Oh, no.
Something's wrong with the egg.
[theme music playing.]
Ez, you should really try to sleep.
I'm I'm [sneezes.]
I'm fide.
You're not "fide," you need rest.
What are you drawing? Oh.
When you were down there, under the ice, I was so scared.
I thought I was going to lose you like we lost her.
But somehow you made it.
And now I can't stop thinking maybe she was watching over us.
If she knew what we were trying to do, she'd be proud of us.
And she would yell at you to go sit closer to the fire and bundle up! [sniffles.]
I know.
She's beautiful.
She's your mother? [Callum.]
Um, I found some moonberries.
This should keep us full for a day.
And I found these for you.
Bogeyberries! Ancient Xadian cure for the common sniffles.
Mmm nope.
They don't go in your mouth.
Uh To cure a stuffy nose, you've got to stuff 'em up your nose.
Seems doable.
How's the egg doing? [Callum.]
I don't think it's getting better.
It was glowing so bright before, but now it's dim and flickery.
It's even darker than when I left.
We gotta find help.
[dogs barking.]
[Soren whistling.]
These are the best tracking hounds in Katolis.
One sniff, and they can follow someone's scent for miles.
The step-prince's training shirt.
- It's so dirty.
- [chuckles.]
He spends most of his training falling in the mud.
More like the "mis-step" prince! [laughing.]
Uh You know, 'cause he trips and falls a lot? - [dog whimpers.]
- Oh, no, the joke was clear.
- [barking.]
- They found the trail! - [horse whinnies.]
- Yah! [sighs.]
And they lost the trail.
[dog whimpers.]
Aw, good try, doggies.
There it is! A town! I knew I saw smoke.
Maybe we can find help.
Okay, sure.
We might find a dragon egg expert.
But we will definitely find a bunch of elf-hating humans.
No problem.
Get ready to meet human Rayla! Yeah, I'm not sure that's gonna cut it.
Just wait.
Once I pair my disguise with my perfect human impression, the illusion will be complete.
[with accent.]
Greetings, fellow humans! Human fellows! I sure do like hanging out with other humans, and talking about things like money and starting wars.
That's pretty good, actually.
Totally, my good human friend! Bring it in.
High four! Uh can you impersonate a fifth finger? Right, right.
I need some kind of a hand disguise.
Look, snow-elf! I'm pretty sure that's a snow-man.
Hand disguise! Just don't shake hands with anyone.
[with accent.]
Just walking into town, without a care in the world, despite my sub-century life expectancy.
- Shh! - That's the spirit! I defended the border against all manners of horrors and monstrosities.
Things you can't even imagine.
There's nothing I fear now.
In fact, I wager I could defeat any challenger here, with nothing but my dagger! [crowd gasps.]
What about you? [clears throat.]
[crowd applauds.]
Maybe you! - [crowd gasps.]
- [big guy chuckling.]
This isn't even my biggest sword.
Ooh! I'll take that bet! - [man 1.]
My money on the big guy! - [man 2.]
Mine, too! They're distracted.
Let's go.
Wait, you'll want to see this.
[crowd exclaims.]
Well I certainly hope that wasn't your biggest sword.
[crowd laughing.]
[big guy sobbing.]
Ha! Anyone else? What was that? It's a Sunforge blade! Wow! I can't believe I just saw a real Sunforge blade! What's a Sunforge blade? In Xadia, Sunfire elves can make magic weapons that stay as hot as the moment they're forged for hundreds of years.
See that? The sheath is inscribed with special runes to protect him from the heat.
- Otherwise, well - His pants would be on fire? Yeah.
His legs, too.
Rayla, if that blade can cut through a steel sword like it was butter would you say it can cut through pretty much anything? Not just pretty much, it can cut through anything.
My wrist binding! You have to go get that dagger.
But what about the egg? We'll find help for the egg.
Just meet back here at the statue.
How will you get that dagger? I'm going to ask nicely.
What are we gonna do? Can you just be quiet for a minute? I'm trying to think.
Every minute we sit here, the step-prince and the crown runt get further and further away.
I know a tracking spell, but first I need something from the princes.
We have this? No, something more personal than a shirt.
You mean like underwear? No, gross! I mean like spit or toenails.
We don't have time to search the whole lodge for toenails, Claudia! Well, I don't see you doing anything helpful! We have to do this! If I fail, I don't know what Dad will do to me! And I'm already failing at step one, never mind "Never mind" what? You said, "something like spit or toenails.
" What about elf hair? Yes! That's perfect! We'll find Callum and Ezran wherever we find that vile, bloodthirsty elven assassin.
Cute braid, though! Look! Do you think this is some kind of animal doctor? I think so.
Or a dating service for pets? Probably an animal doctor.
But that's a good idea! Right, Bait? [sighs heavily.]
I'll be right with you! [whinnying.]
Oh, I'm so sorry.
There's nothing I can do for that poor creature.
- Mmm.
- What? Oh, no, no, no.
He's fine.
- We have, uh, a different problem.
- [horse whinnies.]
Oh, what happened to you, little sweetie? - [whinnies.]
- Aww! You saw something really scary, didn't you? [doctor.]
She sure did.
This one ran away up the Cursed Caldera.
Whatever she saw, she's lucky it only scared her.
Won't make that mistake again! So what can I help you with? [coins clinking.]
I won that money fair and square! - I don't want your money.
- Then what do you want from me? I want your help.
[horse grunting.]
Tell me exactly what's going on.
Well, uh - A friend of ours has a problem.
- Jofus.
Your friend's name is Jofus? - It's a real name.
- Mmm-hmm.
Real name.
Our friend, Jofus, has an egg.
An animal egg.
He's been taking really good care of it.
You know, keeping it warm, and safe wrapped in blankets.
Except one time he dropped it into an icy lake for several minutes.
[clears throat.]
Anywho Uh, sorry, what was that? He dropped it into an icy lake.
Uh, Jofus.
Jofus did.
This was Jofus.
Right, of course.
That sounds bad.
We're worried it's hurt.
The egg is colder, and it doesn't glow like it used to.
Wait, a glowing egg? Uh yes? Look, I can tell you have a real problem.
I want to help, but I won't be able to unless you tell me what's really going on.
I promise you, I'm not going to get you in trouble.
- You can't tell anyone.
- I won't, okay? But you need to trust me.
Wait! I don't want to fight you.
I just want to borrow your blade to cut this.
Oh, you just want to "borrow" it.
- Do you know how valuable - Fine.
You hold it.
Just cut this thing off me.
But it'll burn you.
I don't care! Just do it, please.
You're one of them! [with accent.]
Who, me? I'm just a simple human girl, who likes the human things, like bread, and complaining all the time.
No! You're an elf! [normal voice.]
I'm an elf.
Calm down, this will only take a second.
Ahh! No! Nothing can cut this stupid binding! Ugh! Just take the dagger! Don't hurt me, please! I'm not going to hurt you.
And I'm not going to steal from you, either.
So what are we doing here? I just need one more thing for the tracking spell.
Special rocks? Magic twig? Ah, here it is! This way! You're kidding, right? [grunting.]
If only I weren't so muscular.
That's a dragon egg, isn't it? I've never seen one before.
Only pictures in books.
I'll do what I can.
- I do hear a heartbeat.
- That's good, right? It's faint, and slow.
I'm afraid it's dying.
I don't know what I can do to save it.
I'm so sorry.
No! There has to be something you can do! Anything! Please Come on, Ez, let's go.
We'll find another way.
I'm hesitant to tell you about this, because it might be incredibly dangerous.
There was a miracle that happened a few years ago, but it happened on the Cursed Caldera.
There's someone you should meet.
I'm Ellis.
And this is my sweetie wolf, Ava! - [Ava coos.]
- [Ellis exclaims.]
[Ellis chuckles.]
The doctor's right, there was a miracle.
I still don't really understand how it happened.
But I do know this without it, Ava would be dead.
Two years ago, I found her in the woods, when she was just a little cub.
Somehow, she got herself caught in a hunter's trap.
Her front paw was crushed in the rusty metal jaws.
And she was scared.
But she still had fight in her! [Ava whimpers.]
I know you're hurting.
It's okay! I want to help you! [yips.]
I got her free, and took her back to the village.
But things got worse.
Her leg is too badly hurt.
It'll have to be removed.
We have too many mouths to feed already.
Please! Just for a few weeks, while she gets stronger! Then we can send her back to the forest.
The pack won't accept her like this.
They'll let her die.
Ellis I know it's hard to accept, but putting her down now is an act of kindness.
Otherwise, she'll only suffer.
No! [Ellis.]
I took her where no one would follow us.
Up the slope of the Cursed Caldera.
It was like the legends said.
The higher we climbed the more terrifying creatures lurked in the shadows.
But we kept going.
I won't ever leave you.
We're gonna make it through this! [sniffles.]
I was trying to make Ava feel better, but inside, I knew all was lost.
That's when it happened.
Oh, what a beautiful creature! [voice breaking.]
No she's hurt.
She's perfect.
[pants and barks.]
We have to find this miracle healer.
If she can save a cub's missing paw Maybe she can save a dragon egg! Wait, a what? Uh, he said, maybe she can shave a wagon leg! - But why would she But - [Ezran.]
Sorry! Gotta go! [Callum.]
Thank you so much! [Soren.]
This is why I hate magic.
It always involves something really creepy.
- [fungus squishing.]
- Ugh! Gross! Oh, where is it? [gasps.]
Wait! I know how to find it.
What are you doing? I can't see a thing! - [Claudia.]
Shh! - Oh, can you see better if I'm quiet? [Claudia.]
Give it a moment.
Let your eyes adjust.
Look! There! [Soren grunts.]
Still think magic is creepy and gross? All right, so what else do we need for this spell? [chuckles.]
Nothing! We're all set.
Really? Great! All we have to do now is climb to the top of the tallest mountain in Katolis.
It's a fun spell.
Did you find the knife guy? Did you get his knife? The bad news is that the Sunforge blade didn't work.
The good news is that the binding will fall off naturally when my hand does.
Ah, Rayla, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Tell me something good happened with the egg.
Yes and no.
Well Well, no.
Not yet, but maybe! [chuckles nervously.]
So, yes? In a way? Okay, that's averaging out to be around a maybe-minus.
Yeah, that's about right.
We learned about a miracle healer.
Someone who might be able to help the egg.
And maybe your hand, too! Really? The only catch is, the healer lives up there the Cursed Caldera.
Please tell me it's named that because it was discovered by the great explorer, Sir Phineas Cursed.
Well, actually, it's because it's infested with horrible monsters Yeah, no, I know.
There she is! She's an elf! [mob clamoring.]
Oh, right.
I forgot about the other bad news.
[laughs menacingly.]
[mob clamoring.]
Forget it.
No point following them up there.
They'll never make it out alive.