The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

Sol Regem

1 Ba-bum.
Long ago, Xadia was one land rich in magic and wonder.
I smell death.
Is that why you summoned me here? So you could insult me? You and all your followers must give up Dark Magic, immediately and forever.
It is humanity's only path forward.
It's a path backward.
You just expect humans to go back to the way things were before we had magic? When humans starved and struggled, helpless and pathetic? Back to a time when we were lesser beings? You are lesser beings.
You are arrogant! Hmm.
Lay down your staff and walk away.
Lay it down? But it was a gift.
That would be rude.
- A gift? - Of course.
You didn't think that a lesser being like myself would be able to craft such a powerful relic? Who gave you the staff? - Who? - One of the great ones.
You You promised my safety if I came here! Yes, you will be safe high upon this peak far, far away from the city of Elarion.
You can't be saying an entire city? Hundreds of thousands of innocent people! Children! Give up Dark Magic or I will reduce it to ash! You wouldn't.
No! That's no ordinary dragon.
Is there such a thing as an ordinary dragon? His name is Sol Regem, the Sun King.
He was the king of the dragons a long time ago.
But he was blinded when the wars began, and he's become a symbol of rage and bitterness.
Okay, so, an enormous, angry, blind dragon is blocking our path to Xadia.
What do we do? Well, we can't fight him, seeing as you've just got your cute blow spell, and my swords aren't fit to be his toothpicks.
We'll have to sneak past him! Callum, it's time for you to get your first lesson - in the ways of stealth.
- Nice! I I mean Nice.
The secret of stealth is that you don't have to be invisible.
You just have to be invisible to your enemy's senses.
Well, he's blind, so we don't need to worry about his sense of sight.
That leaves only two senses we need to fool, hearing and smell.
Wait, why are those the only two senses we need to worry about? Well, if it gets to his sense of touch, we're in big trouble.
And sense of taste? Nice knowing you.
Got it.
All this stuff about senses and appearances, it kind of sounds like Moon Arcanum stuff.
If you say so, mage.
General Amaya, we're running out of time.
I strongly recommend we gather the battalion and abandon the fortress.
General! General, the Sunfire elves have already taken over the outpost on the Xadian side of the Breach.
If the elves mount an attack, we simply don't have the numbers to hold this fortress.
When the elves mount an attack.
General Amaya, I'm sorry to interrupt, but someone has arrived.
Come on, Callum, try to keep him quiet.
I know, it's just Ez would know how to calm you down, wouldn't he? We just need to trust each other, okay? I've got you.
What now? I'm sorry to interrupt, but where are the reinforcements we requested? We sent many messages to Lord Viren.
No reinforcements are coming.
Lord Viren has been arrested for treason.
"Lieutenant, you're right.
We can't defend the Breach.
But I won't abandon it.
Our only choice is to destroy it.
" - Do we run for it? - We'll never make it.
He'll just bite us in half or slam us with his tail.
So, sneaking is out, running is out, fighting is out.
What's left? - Burning to death? - Definitely out.
Looks like it's down to my least favorite course of action.
Mighty Sol Regem, I am Rayla of the Moonshadow elves.
- What are you doing? - Uh - I am bowing, great dragon.
- No.
I mean, why are you here? We have been traveling in the human kingdoms on the business of Zubeia, the Dragon Queen.
We humbly ask your permission to cross back into Xadia.
What kind of business would send you to the wretched human lands? We are transporting something precious, someone precious.
The new-born Dragon Prince, Azymondias! Lies! You dare lie to me? The egg of the Dragon King was destroyed! No! Wait! I have him here.
The Dragon Prince lives! And he's very cute, isn't he? There's a good boy! - How is this possible? - It is a miracle.
He needs to go back to his home.
Please, allow us to pass, so we can reunite the Dragon Prince with his mother.
I do not understand how the Dragon Prince came to be in the human lands.
However, I will allow you and the dragonling to pass back into Xadia.
But not the filthy human who cowers nearby.
Sol Regem - It's okay.
You go on without me.
- No! Callum, we're so close.
Rayla, getting Zym to Xadia is all that matters.
Just tell the Dragon Queen I helped a little.
I'll go back home.
Home? No.
There are two choices.
You all die, or just the wretched, evil human dies.
I agree with you, Sol Regem.
Some humans are evil.
- Uh, Rayla - But not this one.
Not Callum.
The only reason the Dragon Prince is alive is because of this human.
He left his home and his family to save the egg, and he sacrificed everything so Azymondias could be born.
He's noble and true.
When we met, he could have had me captured or killed.
But he didn't, because without knowing me or anything about me, he saw past human hatred and did what he knew was right.
He's smart and kind and brave, and he's my friend.
My best friend.
So, please, allow him to pass into Xadia and help me take the Dragon Prince home.
Because I don't think I can do it without him.
I smell death! What? No, Callum is different.
I smell the reek of Dark Magic on him.
He's no different.
He rips the life and magic out of innocent creatures.
He must die.
The cable.
"It's done.
Let's go.
" On your command, we'll pull the cable and detonate the barrels.
"And a thousand tons of rock and lava will seal the Breach forever.
" I'm sorry, Rayla.
But if me dying is the only way for you and Zym to get across safely, - then it's time for me to face the end.
- Calm down.
He can't use his fire breath yet.
He can only do it every few minutes.
He needs time to recharge.
We can't hide from his senses, but maybe we can trick them.
Create a false appearance.
After all, we can only truly know the appearance itself.
- Now you're sounding like Lujanne.
- Wow, really? - That wasn't a compliment.
- Here's the idea.
I could use Aspiro to blow my scent to a different place.
Like like ventriloquism, but with smells! - Smelltriloquism! - Uh - Vensmelloquism.
- It's a stupid idea.
But there might be something to it.
Time is up! Give me your scarf! If I wear it, I'll smell like you, and I'll draw his fire.
Once he uses his blast, you and Zym make a run for it while I keep him busy.
This is the worst idea you've ever had.
He's gonna burn you to a crisp.
No, he won't.
I'm faster than him.
And besides, it's the only chance we've got.
I haven't bathed in two weeks.
This should do the trick.
Right? Here goes nothing.
We're ready to detonate the explosives on your command.
Pull! Now what? The trigger's been disabled.
"Someone has to go out there and set them off.
I I'll do it myself.
" But, Amaya, you won't survive.
- What did she say? - She said the rest of us will.
Come on, Rayla, come on! Foolish human! That arch.
What if Throw it! He wants me to throw up on the dragon? Oh, throw it! Aspiro! That was amazing! Too close, but amazing.
Relax, I'm only slightly singed.
Good thinking with Aspiro.
That arch isn't going to hold him forever.
Let's get out of here before "too close" becomes "too late.
" Thanks for letting me borrow this.
I think it's good luck.
Do not despair.
Be patient.
Your time will come.
You have put things in motion.
He is too dangerous.
There aren't enough locks and chains in the Five Kingdoms to contain the threat he poses.
Then, what are you suggesting? There's only one way to neutralize Viren.
And that's to do it permanently.
What is the meaning of King Ezran!