The Dragon Prince (2018) s02e09 Episode Script


Previously on The Dragon Prince I can't move, I can't walk, and it's not going to get better.
Oh I can't leave you like this.
There has to be something.
You need to calm down.
This is a hospital.
I am here to serve the king.
King Ezran.
But I'm not the king.
I'm just a prince.
My dad is No! No, no, no! Ezran? You messed with something you shouldn't have messed with, and now you're paying the price.
Callum? Are you okay? Ezran, I hope you know I never meant to hurt you or Callum.
It was scary, Claudia.
How you acted.
I know.
And I am so sorry.
Thank you.
Don't worry about me, I'll be safe.
I'm surprised to see you here.
And even more surprised you weren't that banther's dinner.
I kind of have a way with animals.
And banthers are actually pretty friendly.
They like praise, compliments, and a friendly scratch under the chin every now and then.
Hey, that's like me! Whoa! Wanna go up there? I should end this right now! Throw the mirror into a river and cut you off forever.
You won't.
You are too curious.
Hungry for knowledge and power.
Both things I can provide.
Allow me to earn your trust.
And how would that work, exactly? Search your heart.
There's something that you want very badly.
But something or someone stands in your way.
I I am having a problem getting some people to listen to me, to hear the importance of what I'm saying.
Who are these people? They are kings and queens.
The leaders of the other four human kingdoms.
Then we will have to get their attention.
So Ezran, why are you here? - And by yourself? - I found out something.
My dad That's okay.
You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.
I know it's not the same, but when I was a kid, my mom and dad split up.
I remember hearing them fight a lot at night after we went to bed.
And then one day, they told us Mom was moving back to Del Bar, where her family was from.
And then they said we had to choose.
And Soren chose Dad.
How could I choose? How could I do that? Then my mom looked at my dad, and she told me to stay.
She said I had to stay with Soren, that this was my home, and my brother and I needed each other.
And then she left.
But how could she do that? Why would she leave you? I think she needed to leave for herself.
To be happy somehow.
You might have noticed my dad is pretty intense.
You must miss her.
Losing her has been the hardest thing that's ever happened to me.
When you grow up, sometimes there are changes you don't expect, and you have to face things you're not ready for.
Callum told me that.
You are so lucky to have a brother like Callum.
I know.
And I'm lucky to have my brother.
Soren is a doof, but he's my doof! I know he would do anything to protect me, and I would do anything for him.
Ezran, you don't just have a way with animals you can talk to them, can't you? Yes.
I can talk to them.
I need you to help me find something in the forest.
If I can find milk-fruit, maybe I can help Soren.
Callum! Wake up! You've got to stay with me! Stay with me! Stay with me! Breathe.
Callum, you need to breathe.
You just need to breathe, sweetie.
I feel so overwhelmed with everything.
I I have so many thoughts, things racing through my head.
Sometimes you just need to focus on the present, take a deep breath and just be.
Oh, Callum! Please, come back.
It doesn't matter what you did before.
I just want you to be okay again.
Callum! Sometimes things can get so complicated that our minds can't quite sort them out alone.
But when you slow down and let yourself breathe, your spirit and your body can catch up with your mind, and help out.
I just have to breathe? To know something truly and deeply, you must know it with your head, hand, and heart.
Mind, body, and spirit.
I love you with all of myself, and I always will.
I can't lose you like this, you mean too much to me! Callum, I I Oh! Look, you're awake now.
You're even looking cheery.
And is that a twinkle in your eye? Oh, no.
That's not a twinkle, it's one of those sleep crusties.
- Here, let me - I have it.
I understand the sky arcanum.
This is where the squirrel said we should go.
There, I see it.
A milk-fruit bush.
Look, Claudia! There's a family of deer here.
I almost forgot how deer love milk-fruit! Yes.
Yes, they do.
Callum needs you.
Do you know the way back? I've got plenty of friends to help me if I get lost.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry if the things I did before were frightening or confusing.
I care about you and Callum a lot.
I know.
You understand the sky arcanum now? It's not one simple thing.
It's all the things.
They just had to come together, you know? It's like, I used to hold the power of the sky in my hand, right? But now that's gone.
But, Rayla, the whole world is like a giant primal stone, and we're inside it! I'm inside sky magic, but it's also in me, with every breath I take.
That kind of makes sense! Yes! And I kept thinking about birds, and sails, and how they connect to the wind.
And I thought I had to find my wings but that's just it, I am the wing! That makes less sense but okay! Moment of truth.
Let's see if I can really do this.
Ezran, you're back! He was gone? I love your zappy kisses.
Callum, you figured it out? You can do magic again! - That's incredible, Prince Callum.
- Thanks.
Uh who are you? You missed a few things while you were out.
This is Corvus.
He's on our side now.
I've always been on the same side.
- I serve the young king.
- What? I know about Dad.
I I don't know what to say.
I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you.
I tried to, but I just couldn't.
I'm sorry, little one, but you are agile, young, and alive and I need you.
Hey! What are you doing? You can't be in here! The patient needs rest.
Claudia? What what are you doing? Hey, what's what's this? I can I can move my toes.
I can move my toes! I forgot how much I love wiggling them.
I can I can feel again! I can feel my knees, and my strong, powerful thighs.
And my ribs! Ahh! Ugh! I broke ribs, didn't I? It's horrible! I can feel again! Ahh! Claudia.
Clauds, are you okay? You're gonna be better now.
That's all that matters.
Everything's packed and everyone's healthy.
And we're just a few hours from the border of Xadia.
Packed and ready! - Let's do this.
- Callum.
When you told me assassins were coming for Dad, I ran away and hid in the walls.
With a healthy stash of jelly tarts, as I recall.
And when I found out Dad was gone forever, I ran away again.
I've been running away from things my whole life.
But I can't run away from growing up.
Now that you're King Ezran, are you gonna start saying wise things like that all the time? When you grow up, you have to face things you're not ready for.
Wait, what? I'm not going with you to Xadia.
I have to face my responsibility.
Now that I'm King, I have to go home.
Maybe I can help the world better from the throne.
I can do whatever I can to stop the war.
Ezran, returning Zym to his mother is the world's best hope.
I know! And you guys will do that.
You'll find his mom, and Zym will take his place in Xadia, just like I have to take mine.
Ezran I wish I could go with you, but I can't.
You and Rayla have to do this without me.
I'll travel with the king, and keep him safe.
Ezran, are you sure? I'll miss you, Rayla, but I'll see you again.
I promise.
You'd better.
I know where you live.
As soon as Zym is home, I'll come back to help you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I'm so proud of you, little guy.
You're going to grow up so strong and good.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you learn to fly, but I know you'll get it soon! I wish you could come with me, too, but you need to go be with your mom.
That's your home.
Both of us need to go home.
You tried to win over the other humans with loyalty and friendship, but they ignored you.
Those who fail tests of love are simple animals.
They deserve to be motivated by fear.
Bring terror to Del Bar to Neolandia to Evenere and to Duren! This canyon leads to the Moonstone Path.
I can't believe we're almost to Xadia.
We came this far and Ez isn't with us.
I know, but we can't think about that now.
He's doing the right thing, and so are we.
One simply walks into Xadia, huh? Hold on! There's sort of a trick to it.
Not all the rocks sink that quickly.
A few will let us stand on them long enough to walk across.
Those special stones are called the Moonstone Path.
Okay, great.
- So how do we know - Patience, friend.
The Moonstone Path! Oh, I get it.
You're in danger.
They've come for you.
Do as I tell you.
Prepare for battle.
Lord Viren! Open up, by order of the High Council! Well? Open it for them! Surrender, Viren! Stop.
It's over.
But I can destroy them all! I have all the power I need! Stop! You're completely surrounded, Viren! Give yourself up.
Don't make me give the order.
You have betrayed me.
I will stay with you.
The sky's getting lighter.
We need to hurry! If the sun rises, we won't be able to see the moon runes.
Run! What's wrong? Why are you stopping? I can see something.
They're in trouble! Okay, Zym, you can do this.
You need to block the light.
You can do this, Zym! Whoo! - He's flying! - Whoo! You're doing it, you're flying! I knew you could do it! He's trying to block the sun! He isn't going to make it! Aspiro! Yeah! Whoo! We can see the path again! Run! - We did it! We made it across! - Whoo! Yeah! - Whoo! - If I may be so bold you're a weird king, King Ezran.
I know.
We both failed our secret missions, Claudia.
What's Dad gonna say? We're both alive, that's the important thing.
And we're not coming back empty-handed.
It's the horn you cut off the dragon.
Failed missions, mad Dad.
But dragon horn means magic.
Maybe Dad not mad! - Yes! That was amazing! - Ahh! This is it, Callum.
Oh, no.
It's him.
Sol Regem.