The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Heroes and Masterminds

1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince Katolis will not wage war on Xadia.
If you will not stand with us, then you stand in our way.
Then, tomorrow at dawn, three armies will wage war on Katolis.
How can I let this happen? There may be a way to prevent this bloodshed.
It's done.
Take him.
Rayla, you're the most amazing person I've ever met.
That's not what I was expecting.
Oh, no! Where's Zym? Hey! I was hoping you'd be my first visitor.
I wish I could come up there with you, but See? This isn't so bad.
She's got Zym! We have to stop her before they get too far into the desert.
Our mounts are gone! Nyx must have untied them.
Why won't she come? Soulfang serpents.
You need to stay very, very still.
Uh Yup! That's my plan.
Still as a mouse.
Are mice still? - Or just quiet as a mouse? - Just do both! No! We've got to get back inside before Run, Callum! It's too dangerous.
We have to wait until sunrise.
Today is a new day! Katolis has a new king and a new royal line.
Wait! Lord Viren, King Ezran has abdicated.
But just because he stepped down does not entitle you to take his place.
Oh? And why not? Because we have laws.
Our laws tell us there is a way to choose a new royal line.
It's how we've done things for centuries.
Only orphans have a right to ascend.
My parents are dead.
Does that count? Does anyone else here share Opeli's concern? Viren, you are not above the law! I'm afraid you have misjudged the situation terribly.
I am the law.
All hail King Viren.
All hail the king! All hail the king! All hail the king! - All hail the king! - Come on.
It's now or never.
What? It won't be long before he goes after traitors.
That's us.
We have to flee, now.
All hail the king! All hail the king! All hail the king! What do we do? Where do we go? The Kingdom of Duren.
It's our only chance to find help.
Will you stop moving around? Sorry.
I'm just trying to find a good position.
Oops! See? It's tricky.
Just hold onto me.
Oh, I mean, I guess I could do that? - If you don't think that would be - If I don't think that would be what? - Weird.
- You're already weird.
Super weird.
Just hold on.
Uh, uh uh, okay, sure.
Not weird.
Putting my arm around you seems very normal.
I'm just, uh, gonna do that.
So how are we going to find them? Zym and Nyx.
We're tracking them as we speak.
I picked up a thing or two from Corvus.
It's subtle, but if you look closely, you can find the Ambler's tracks.
Someone's coming.
You need to hide.
No glowing.
Soren? I'm here to help.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Why are you doing this? Helping us.
Your dad was a good king.
As crown guard, it was my job to make sure that nothing happened to him.
No matter what.
So, when the Moonshadow elves came, I did everything I could to protect him.
But it wasn't enough.
I just don't want to fail you, too.
Thanks, Soren.
Is that a mirage? Or is the Ambler getting closer? I see it, too.
Its foot is stuck again! This is our chance to catch up.
Hang on.
Hee-ya! ‘Kay, listen up.
We're gonna have to walk across the bridge without anyone seeing you.
- How are we gonna do that? - Don't worry.
I brought a disguise.
- There's no clothes in here.
- Yeah.
You climb in, and you'll be disguised as stuff in a sack.
How about I hide in the hay, and you just pull the cart? Horses need hay.
I am bringing hay to the horses! Very hungry horses need hay.
Hungry, hungry horses.
Okay, okay! I'm I'm sorry.
Please stop yelling at me.
Oh, no, I'm not mad.
See ya.
Soren, wait! The hay is glowing.
Yeah, it is.
So? Nothing.
It's pretty neat.
Thanks, man.
Hay's the best.
Knock knock! - Oh, who's your new friend? - Don't! Do not touch it.
Sorry, Dad.
I just thought it looked cute.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to get ready for our march on Xadia.
Did you need something? Uh, no! I was just making sure you're okay.
I mean, you are okay, right? Thank you.
I'm fine.
Claudia, you understand why Prince Ezran had to be removed? Of course.
He couldn't have done the things that need to be done.
Others might take a crown out of self-importance, but I You're doing it to help us.
To help everyone.
Yes, that's right.
That's why I know I can count on you, Claudia.
Everything's going to be okay, Dad.
I'm here for you.
Well played.
She will be a valuable asset.
She is not an asset.
She is my daughter.
Come on out, everybody.
Wow! I can't believe you all worked together to save me.
Credit where credit is due.
Soren was the mastermind.
" I like it.
That can be my new nickname.
It even rhymes.
"Sor-ine the Mastermind.
" That does not rhyme.
I have to go, or my dad will know something is up.
These guys will take you to the rendezvous point.
Thanks, Soren.
You're the best crown guard a king could ask for.
She got the Ambler's foot unstuck.
What do we do now? We're going to have to do this the hard way.
No, no, no.
You're not gonna This is crazy.
This is totally crazy.
You can make it! I'll catch you! Ah! Whatever your stupid scheme was, it's over, Nyx.
We, uh We trusted you.
What's the big deal? I was just taking Zym back to his mum.
He would get home faster, and I assume I'd get some sweet treasure or something as a reward.
So, you know, win-win.
You really think you have me cornered, don't you? You've forgotten something.
Oh, yeah? What's that? - She's right.
We did forget.
- Ugh.
Soren should be here.
Why is he late? Oh, Soren told me he needed some bathroom time.
He said he ate some bad cheese, and now he's "paying the price.
" You do know what he means by "paying the price"? - He means that he's - Yes, yes, I get it.
No need to paint a picture.
I would only need one color for that picture.
I am humbled to stand before you.
You are the greatest fighting force in the history of humankind! Xadia hates us.
They hate humanity.
And they would destroy us if we let them.
But we will fight back! But before we embark on our journey across the world, a journey that will change history, there is one unpleasant matter.
What? You see, Ezran, in his last act as king, insisted that all those who no longer wish to fight be allowed to lay down their arms.
Well, go on, leave us, cowards.
We don't want you anyway.
No, no, let them be! Let them return safely to their families.
But even their families will know that they are deserters.
They will wear a badge on their clothing.
A badge of shame and cowardice, a broken link! A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
It is better to be rid of our weak links today! Sorry I'm late.
What'd I miss? What do we do? How can we follow them when she's flying? Look! Hey, cut it out, you little zap monster! Ah! Here we go! Wow! How'd you learn to do that? I've never done that before in my life! Zym! You're okay.
I'm so sorry we lost you.
Help! Help me! My wings are hurt.
I can't fly.
Why did it have to be soulfangs? You're going back to Xadia and finding your brother.
As soon as your ride gets here.
I was surprised to receive a message from Katolis.
It's not signed, but I assume it's from the strapping young idiot.
"Dear Moon Lady" Ugh.
But I am happy to help.
Goodbye, Opeli.
Thank you for believing in me.
I serve the true king.
Corvus, I'm sorry I let you down as king.
It only took me a few days to mess everything up.
Are you kidding? In your first few days as king, you showed more courage, strength and grace than most leaders show in a lifetime.
Goodbye, Ezran.
Ho, ho, ho.
Goodbye, Bait.
Time to go, Ezran.
Phoe-Phoe will be strongest traveling at night.
Whoo! So, how are you going to get home? Oh, I thought I might spend a few days travelling in disguise, messing with some humans.
How do you humans say it? Party time! Please.
You have to help me! Callum, get Zym back to the Ambler.
- Stay right behind me.
- Okay.
Callum! Why aren't you running? Right.
So, why did you save me? Even after I tricked you and betrayed you? It's because I'm charming, right? Despite it all, you can't help but like me? Nope, that's not it.
I do not like you at all.
Then, why? - It's because Rayla is a hero.
- What? Rayla saves people.
She's brave.
She does what's right, even if it puts her own life in danger, and even when the odds seem impossible.
Even when it means her own people might misunderstand and turn against her.
Rayla is selfless, strong and caring.
That's what makes her a hero.
That's what makes her Rayla.
You are so Oh, no.
I'm so I'm sorry.
I just got carried away.
Next thing I knew, my lips were getting way ahead of me, and Shut up.
What? Wow.