The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince So, why did you save me? Even after I tricked you and betrayed you? - It's because Rayla is a hero.
- What? Rayla is selfless, strong, and caring.
That's what makes her a hero.
That's what makes her Rayla.
I've spent years going along with these creative solutions, and where has it gotten me? I don't understand.
I know you don't.
Viren, you are not above the law! I'm afraid you have misjudged the situation terribly.
I am the law.
All hail King Viren.
All hail the king! All hail the king! All hail the king! All hail the king! Wake up, love bugs.
This is your stop.
Whoa! So, what do we do from here? Well, the dragon's lair is only about a day's journey.
They call it the Storm Spire.
Big, tall, mountainy-tower thing, pierces the clouds? You can't miss it.
So, uh, again, thanks for not killing me.
You know, for conning you, and then betraying you, stealing your dragon, and leaving you stranded in the desert.
No tip? I suppose that's fair.
A word of advice, the air can get pretty thin up there.
Hey, looks like I gave you a tip! Guess we're even now.
Bye! Phoe-Phoe, you've been flying all night.
You must be exhausted.
Are you sure you don't want to stop and rest? How are you tired? What, you don't want me to smoosh that thing? Do not smoosh the purple creature.
Think of it as my animal familiar.
So, you're saying you've adopted a little bug-pal? Yes, Soren.
He is my little bug-pal.
I'll just ride back here with Claudia for a while.
Has our relationship truly escalated to this new height? Am I your "little bug-pal"? We have a long journey ahead.
While we travel, there is something I have been meaning to ask you.
My understanding is that somehow you killed Avizandum.
I've killed no such person.
Avizandum was no person.
Avizandum was an archdragon, the great king of all the dragons.
The most powerful creature in the world.
Yet, somehow, you brought him down.
So, Avizandum was his true name.
We called him Thunder.
We encountered the great dragon many years ago.
We had dared to enter Xadia because we desperately needed something.
And in his fury to drive us out Thunder killed our queen, the love of King Harrow's life, Sarai.
Many years passed before I saw a chance to avenge her.
eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
Ready or not, here I come.
Now, where could that clever little glow toad be hiding? Hmm.
Bait's not back here.
I think I hear him.
I smell him.
I sense his grumpiness.
He's close, I know it.
I give up.
Bait is a hiding genius.
Gotcha! Ah, Viren.
Care to join the next round of hide-and-seek? No cheating with magic.
Uh-huh, perhaps next time.
High Mage Viren and I are going to talk.
Okay, Dad.
Come on, Bait.
My king, an unusual opportunity has presented itself.
We can avenge her, Harrow.
We can slay the King of the Dragons.
Are you crazy? Thunder is bigger and stronger than any beast the world has ever seen.
Entire armies have fallen and crumbled like toys before him.
How can we hope to kill such a godly creature? I have discovered a powerful spell.
We can create the ultimate weapon of vengeance.
On that fateful day, so many years ago, Queen Sarai saved my life, but minutes later, after Thunder struck, there was nothing I could do to save hers.
I watched as her spirit passed from the world.
Go on.
In her final moments, I captured something that I hoped we could use later.
- It's empty.
- No.
It contains her dying breath.
Viren You see, I knew about a very ancient, powerful spell.
However, it requires something impossibly rare, the horn of a unicorn.
I searched for years and I failed, but a few days ago, my daughter Claudia succeeded where I could not.
She captured a unicorn and brought me its horn.
Viren, what have you done? Tell me you don't want justice.
Tell me she wasn't your world.
The dying breath.
The unicorn's pure horn.
There's one last component I need.
The undying hatred of one who loved the victim.
Your blood.
I know your heart still burns with anger.
Avenge her, Harrow! It's been a long time.
Our kingdom is prospering.
There is peace.
My boys, they're growing up.
Perhaps it's wiser to stay focused on these blessings.
She didn't get to see the princes grow up.
She should have.
Yes, it's true.
And what about them? They were robbed of their mother's love.
I do hate him.
I will leave you with your grief.
Hey, man.
I'm Soren.
I don't think I caught your name.
Prince Kasef.
Right, right.
Do I detect a little accent? Ooh, let me guess.
You're from that one kingdom You know the you know the one I'm talking about.
Uh, uh, the Noodleoodlia.
That's exactly what I just said.
I can't believe it.
This is the moment I've dreamed of my whole life! We're going into Xadia! Phoe-Phoe, you did it! You got us here.
Phoe-Phoe? What's wrong? Phoe-Phoe! You're exhausted and sick.
You got us to Xadia.
We can find them on our own now.
You need to go home so you can rest and get better.
I know Lujanne told you to bring me all the way, but you have to promise me you'll be okay.
She says she has to see this through.
Your brother, Soren, he's a bit quirky.
People usually say I'm the quirky one.
And your father, is he talking to himself? What? No, of course he's not talking to himself.
That'd be crazy! He's talking to his little bug-pal.
Please, continue.
I eagerly await the great confrontation.
We did not find Thunder Avizandum where we expected to find him.
Where is he? He's always guarded this border jealously.
But today, when we've come for him, he hides? No.
If he's not protecting the border, it's because he's protecting something more important.
It took us days to reach our destination the lair of the Dragon King and Queen! Here he comes.
Today, of all days, I will spare you.
But you must turn around and leave Xadia.
Today is a special day, a day of life.
Do not force me to make it a day of death.
This is your last chance.
Leave or die! You never gave her that choice.
What is this? We've done it.
It's over.
No, it's not.
What do you mean? The reason he was here and not at the border.
He was protecting something very precious.
His egg! His mate must be gone.
That's why Thunder was willing to spare us.
He needed to get back to that egg! So what? Why does that matter? - We must destroy it.
- What? - No.
- We have no choice, Harrow.
Don't you see? If that egg hatches, all of us will be in terrible danger.
From a baby dragon? After what we have done, his name will be "vengeance"! His destiny will be the destruction of humanity.
Give me one chance to clean this up.
And then it will truly, finally be over.
It's horrific, Viren.
There is no other way.
Do it.
Is it a statue? No.
It's not a statue.
Hey, it's okay, little guy.
You're safe, you're safe.
We're here with you.
That sounds like Phoe-Phoe? What an incredible story.
I am delighted you took down that arrogant monster.
It sounds like you have a history with Avizandum.
Oh, I do.
He is the reason I am where I am today.
And where is that? He never bothered to mention where he imprisoned me.
You're imprisoned? Your home looks like no prison I've ever seen.
Yes, it's well appointed.
But make no mistake, this has been my prison these past few centuries.
King Viren, I have some bad news.
We've received word that the Breach has been completely destroyed.
- What? - Without the Breach to cross into Xadia, our armies are stranded on the human side.
The border is completely impassable.
We're going to cross that border.
After all impassable is just another kind of passable.
Yes! Ez? Ezran! Zym, Zym! I missed you so much! Ezran? Callum! Rayla! Ezran, what are you doing here? Let's just say that being king isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? Let me look at you.
I'm fine, Callum! I'm safe now.
Phoe-Phoe? Oh, no.
She flew the whole way here.
She's so tired, but she wouldn't let me stop her.
You did so good, Phoe-Phoe, and now we made it.
No! You've got to be okay.
You promised me you'd be okay.
She is going to be okay.
She's a Moon Phoenix! When the time is right, she'll be reborn! I hate him.
He's the one who took my mother.
Oh Looking at him, seeing him It makes me sad, and angry, and confused.
Of course it does.
It's painful.
How could you feel any different? See that spear? That was her spear, my mom's.
And my stepdad put it into his heart.
How am I supposed to feel about that? I don't know, Callum.
Glad? Happy that we got revenge? Or maybe regretful and sad, because Because what? Because that was Zym's dad.
I feel so sorry that this all happened.
Me too, Callum.
But look at them, playing together.
That's the miracle.
That's hope.
They're the ones that are going to break the cycle.