The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Hearts of Cinder

1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince We'll let the Light decide her fate.
A human with a pure heart.
How original.
But, Rayla, you need to know the Dragon Queen is dying.
- We have to get to her.
- If she knows her little one still lives, perhaps she'll hold on.
The dragon's lair is only about a day's journey.
They call it the Storm Spire.
Xadia hates us.
They hate humanity.
And they would destroy us if we let them.
But we will fight back! Aw, you're so cute.
Just too cute! Hey, wait up! - Hey, Dad? - Soren.
I just have one question.
Now that we're in Xadia or should I say, New Katolis? Or East Katolis? Or Katol-east? Get on with it, son.
What's the plan? You do not need to concern yourself with the plan.
I mean, you do have a plan, right? My plan will be revealed at the appropriate time.
I am a Crown Guard.
Shouldn't the leaders know what's going on? Enough, Soren! If you want to lead, you need to learn how to follow.
And if you want to learn to follow, you need to learn how to shut your mouth.
Perhaps you could look to Prince Kasef for an example.
You think you're so great, with your quietness, rugged battle stance, and your horse with kind eyes! - So, what is the plan? - To fulfill your wishes, of course.
- Is your wish to rule Xadia? - I wish for humanity to flourish.
And it cannot flourish with a knife forever at its throat.
So, you wish to conquer Xadia? No! No, my goal is a bright future for humanity.
And this bright future will require us to conquer Xadia? Yes.
Yes, perhaps.
The key to achieving your noble aims for humanity is simple.
It's the same as it has always been.
The key is the Dragon Prince.
You must take down the Dragon Queen and capture the baby dragon.
Then you will have the attention of all the world, and the power to do what you want.
But first, there is something we need here in Lux Aurea.
You want us to attack the stronghold of the Sunfire elves? But we need to preserve our forces for the final confrontation.
Viren, I'm nothing if not elegant and efficient.
We'll risk as few lives as possible one.
Ah, mine.
So, this is it.
The Storm Spire.
And I take it the Dragon Queen didn't make her lair at a nice kinda halfway-up there kind of place? Nope.
Tip-top! Aw, Zym.
Don't worry.
You're about to meet your mama! Your radiance, another human has come to Lux Aurea.
He requests an audience.
You see, sister? You bring one human, and the next thing you know, we are overrun with them.
Throw him in a cell.
But this human is the King of Katolis! Oh? Then put him in the extra-nice ring of fire.
Sister, this human claims he knows what happened to Queen Aditi.
What does he know about our grandmother? So, uh, when we get up there, are we gonna tell the Dragon Queen we're a thing? Uh, I don't think it's gonna come up.
Oh, I see.
You're saying we should hide it from her.
Kind of a secret, forbidden-romance situation? Yes.
Yes, that's right.
The Dragon Queen must never know! I understand.
The world just isn't ready for what we have.
This is elven writing.
Can you read it? It says "Prepare to draw your last breath.
" What do you know of my grandmother? Allow my people safe passage through Xadia, and you will know the truth.
Your people? Do you bring farmers and poets, or do you bring an army? Humans bring nothing but trouble, and you are like all the rest.
If you allow us to pass, we have no trouble with you.
We will see if we can trust you.
The Light will decide! Look into the Light! Ahh! Your true form is revealed.
Ugly and evil.
I am not surprised.
But don't give up hope, you will be purified.
You know, I think this interrogation is going very well.
You're not dead.
Bad news, my human friend.
Your king came seeking passage.
What? That's impossible.
The Light revealed his true nature.
- Tainted with darkness, rotten to the core.
- Such an arrogant man.
That man is no king.
He may be the most dangerous human in the world.
No matter.
The queen sentenced him to be purified.
After the ritual, I doubt there will be anything left of him.
You don't understand.
If he's here, everyone is in danger.
We have to stop him! How tall is this thing? Maybe we should just rest here for a second.
Guys, we can't stop here.
We have to keep going.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
The light from the Sun Forge is one of purification.
It will only remove the parts of you that have been touched by Dark Magic.
The ritual has started! We have to stop him! Ugh! Humans disgust me.
Your kind could not be satisfied with what you were given.
So you take what is not yours.
You take it within you, and you turn it to filth.
Your arrogance is so predictable.
You allowed my vessel to walk right into your court, and then you brought him directly to the source of all your power? Oh, the irony is wonderful! You're just like your grandmother.
Would you like to know the truth of her fate before you face yours? No! No! The air's so thin.
I can barely breathe.
It's too much.
Zym, we can't leave them here.
I don't know if I can keep going.
Zym! Zym, how long was I out? Hey! I've met you before, when you crashed.
You're okay now! I understand! Dad? I have been granted a great gift.
The power we need to defeat Xadia and save humanity is now ours! We must evolve.
When we strike against the Dragon Queen, we will face elves and dragons, and they will rain fire upon us.
But with this gift, I will inoculate you.
And instead of destruction, that fire will be our nourishment! Now, come forth.
Do not be afraid.
You will understand when you see the first to change my own beloved son, Soren.
Step forward, my son.
Let me help you.
I don't wanna do this.
Step forward.
I I'm afraid.
I am ready! I am ready to receive the gift! Guys! Wake up! You gotta wake up! I know how to fix everything.
The gateway wasn't a warning.
It was the solution! What? What are you talking about? To make it all the way up, you have to draw your last breath.
It's a rune, Callum! And the trigger words are Ventus Spiralis.
How do you know all this? I met an old friend.
Ventus Spiralis! Rayla, wake up! Come on! We're gonna be okay! Hey, that isn't part of the spell.
Uh, yeah! So, uh you were gone for a while, and now, uh, this is a thing, so What? Wha Soren.
What's going on? Where are you going? I can't stay here anymore, Claudia.
You've seen what's going on.
What Dad turned Kasef into.
What Dad turned into.
Maybe he's just doing what needs to be done.
Claudia, you're changing, too.
But it's not too late.
Come with me, Claudia.
You can leave him! Please, Soren, don't don't do this to me.
Don't make me choose.
Not again! Okay.
Good bye, Clauds.
No! No! No, no, no! Now, it is time for all of you to embrace this power! We're here.
I can't believe we've made it! We've brought him home.
Azymondias, the Dragon Prince! He's here to see his mother.
It makes my heart leap to see that he lives.
But you're too late.