The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e08 Episode Script


1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince When the humans came and killed the Dragon King, the Dragonguard, my parents, failed in their duty.
They ran away.
I'm so ashamed.
You are so The power we need to defeat Xadia and save humanity is now ours! I can't stay here anymore, Claudia.
You've seen what's going on.
What Dad turned into.
Claudia, you can leave him! Please, Soren, don't don't do this to me.
Don't make me choose.
Not again! We've brought him home.
Azymondias, the Dragon Prince! It makes my heart leap to see that he lives.
But you're too late.
The Dragon Queen has not opened her eyes in ten days.
But she's not No, no, she's not dead.
She lives and breathes, but she is not with us.
My name is Ibis, mage of the Skywing elves.
When I heard that Queen Zubeia was ill, I thought I could use my magic to help her.
Losing her mate and her egg had irreparably broken her heart.
Finally, she closed her eyes, and has not opened them since.
I will show you.
Don't worry, Zym.
She's your mother.
Don't you wanna see her? You're not ready yet.
I understand.
It's okay.
We'll go in first.
I'll be right back.
Wake up.
Your baby's here.
You have to wake up.
You okay? This is where it happened, Callum.
Where my parents ran away.
I can't stop thinking about that moment.
How it led to all of this.
Being here it hurts.
Thanks for getting me this far, buddy.
You're free now! Start a new life for yourself here in Xadia! Maybe you'll meet a nice, uh, unicorn, huh? All right, mountain.
Prepare to be dominated! Come on, Soren! What were all those workouts for? You can do this! Oh Maybe I shouldn't have done this in armor.
Come to finish me off? - Soren? - Huh? Is that you? Callum! Rayla! We need your help! This guy? What's Soren doing here? Stop asking questions! Help him! Oh, right.
Ventus Spiralis! Is this the afterlife? No, it's still just the life still.
You're alive.
What are you doing here? Hold on.
Give me Give me a second to catch my breath.
We're all doomed.
- It's my dad.
- Lord Viren? He's here in Xadia? He's rallied the armies of four kingdoms, and it's not just that.
We went to the Sun elf place? And my dad he stole some kind of horrible power.
And he used it to transform his armies into into something else.
What do you mean? They're stronger, angrier, big claws! He's made an army of darkness and he's leading them here for him.
The Dragon Prince.
I did use the word "doomed.
" - Hey, uh, Ibis, was it? Where you going? - To the pinnacle.
I must see how long we have before this army of darkness is upon us.
I'll scout from the sky.
Oh, good.
Uh, how are you gonna do that? You don't have wings.
Sorry, is that rude? Is it It's just we met another Skywing elf, and she had wings, so I thought you all had wings? Sorry.
Do not worry.
My ego is unharmed.
All Skywing elves are indeed born connected to the sky.
But fewer than one in ten of us are born with wings.
Of the rest of us, only a rare few can learn to do this.
Mage wings! That's amazing.
You have got to teach me how to do that! Teach you? My apologies, but a human cannot Fulminus! Look, I've heard it before.
That humans can't do magic, that it's not my destiny, but I know the Sky Arcanum.
And with that army coming here, I'm going to need to learn all the magic I possibly can.
So, please teach me.
Hmm to learn an Arcanum as a human.
Such a thing is unheard of.
But if I may offer instead some helpful advice? - Leave.
- Uh, what? Take the Dragon Prince far away from here.
Run, hide, survive.
But we came all this way! And it will mean nothing if you throw your lives away here.
Leave, while you still can.
Well? Did you get him to teach you any neat sky spells? Tornado punch! Lightning lash! Storm sneeze? No.
But, uh, he did have some advice.
He says we should leave.
- Leave? - I think maybe he's right.
Every choice we've made so far has been to keep Zym safe so, maybe leaving is the right thing to do.
I agree.
Okay, I'll tell Ezran and Soren.
But I'm not going with you.
What? You and Ezran should take Zym, but I can't leave.
All of this happened because my parents ran away, so I have to stay and defend the Dragon Queen.
But you can't face an entire army by yourself, you'll Die? Probably.
But if I die, I'll just be paying the price they should've paid a long time ago.
Just remember me, okay? Goodbye, Callum.
Really? So, that's it? Just goodbye? You're going to stay here and die out of pride? It's not pride, Callum! It's more than that.
It goes deeper.
Oh? Do you have a nicer word for it? Honor? Redemption? It's just pride! Please, Callum, this is about who I am.
Don't let your parents' mistakes drag you down.
I know you feel guilty, but you're not thinking straight! Rayla, you have to let it go! If you think I can just let it go, then you don't know me at all.
You never did.
It's a moon opal.
I wonder if it could Historia Viventem.
What really happened here? Historia Viventem! He's turned the Dragon King to stone! We have no choice, we have to leave! Now! It's them! I know what happened.
Callum, I don't want to talk about it.
I won't change my mind.
No, no, no.
I did a spell to see what happened back then, when Viren took the egg.
What are you talking about? That's impossible.
It's true! That's them.
My parents.
You really did see them.
When Viren came to destroy the egg, some of the Dragonguard did run.
All of the others have already fled.
You know we can't win this.
Come with us! No, we swore an oath.
If there's any chance, we must stay and fight! So long as the egg lives, there is hope.
Then stay and die.
It's a pointless sacrifice.
Wait! Can't you at least take it with you? And make myself a target? Are you mad? You made a mistake coming here! What are you doing to him? Aspiro Frigis! Now, you may witness history as I end a dynasty by destroying that dragon's egg.
Wait! You're a Dark Mage.
You must know the magic that egg holds.
It could be a powerful weapon.
Why would you destroy it? What are you doing? Don't waste it, mage.
Keep the egg alive.
Wise counsel, indeed.
How might I repay you? Ah! I have just the fate in mind.
They didn't run.
They fought.
To the end.
They saved the egg! We're here and Zym is alive all because of them.
What does this mean? - What should I do? - I don't know.
But it's your choice.
No one else's.
We should decide together.
Here's our situation.
Viren is coming here for Zym, and he's leading an army of monsters.
The Dragon Queen is sick, and we don't know when she'll wake up if she'll wake up.
So, we have a choice to make.
We can try to take a stand here, or we can go on the run, and protect Zym as long as we can.
So, uh hi.
Uh, I know I'm not really part of the group, but can I say something? I've known Viren longer than anyone here.
I mean, because he's my dad.
But it took me a long time to understand who my dad really is.
And it was hard to see, because I really I really looked up to him.
He's smart, and the way he talks, you really believe that he's a good person, that everything he does is to protect his family, his home, or all of humanity.
He makes you think that as long as you do what he says, you must be doing the right thing.
Even when he asks you to do something bad.
Something evil.
So, the truth is, someone who wants you to do horrible things, and convinces you that they're good, that's a villain.
My dad is a villain.
And he's only gonna get more powerful, and the more powerful he gets, the more people will listen to him, and believe him, and follow him.
So, maybe we could run, and we'd be safe for a while, but he's not gonna give up.
It may seem hopeless, but our only chance is to fight him here.
While we're all together.
The only way to stop this is to look evil in the face and say, "No more.
" I was wrong.
You are more than just a big, dumb lump, aren't you? Maybe a little more.
So, we stay.
All of us.
We all agree? All right, then.
We fight.
The Dark Mage's army will be here by daybreak.
But there's something else.
Come outside.
Aunt Amaya! Oh, right, uh All that stuff at the Banther Lodge, it was a big misunderstanding.
I'll explain later, but Rayla is our friend.
Uh, looks like you have an elf friend now, too? We are not friends.
She is my prisoner.
I am Janai, Golden Knight of Lux Aurea.
I've brought my city's forces.
What's left of them.
They wait at the bottom of the Storm Spire, ready to fight the monster who destroyed our home.
I know you said we should run, but we wanna help.
We wanna fight.
Then we will need all the help we can get.
Do you really think so? We're going to find more help, too.
Big help.
My little brother, all grown up and riding dragons.
This is it, huh? This is it.