The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e09 Episode Script

The Final Battle

1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince Here's our situation.
Viren is coming here for Zym, and he's leading an army of monsters.
The Dragon Queen is sick, and we don't know when she'll wake up.
- The key is the Dragon Prince.
- Yes.
You must take down the Dragon Queen and capture the baby dragon.
Then you will have the attention of all the world, and the power to do what you want.
It may seem hopeless, but our only chance is to fight him here.
While we're all together.
The only way to stop this is to look evil in the face and say, "No more.
" Perfect.
Manus, Pluma, Volantus! My arm is itching a little.
Maybe it's starting to work? Did you pull a muscle in the middle of a jumping jack? Oh, uh, no.
I was just greeting the sunrise.
Hello, sun, how's it going? You know, it's a big day.
Could be our last.
To be fair, that's true every day.
Okay, but to be even more fair, it's not every day that you get attacked by an army of 10,000 monster-soldiers.
Rayla, if today is our last day, I want you to know Hey, guys! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Time for the battle meeting! Ding-ding.
So, like, I wanna say something to you.
You know all those times I called you the step prince, or made fun of you, or knocked you down and stuff? - You remember that? - I do.
I do remember that.
Well, I'm sorry.
It was wrong and I'm sorry for it.
I think it was because even though the king was your stepdad, it was it was so clear how much he loved you, and that made me feel jealous and upset.
So, I picked on you, because I didn't know any better.
Also because you're smaller and weaker.
Oh, thanks I guess.
And slower I forgot slower.
So, should we, like, hug or something? You know, to seal the apology? Is that a thing? Uh, I don't know if that's necessary Oh! I am proud of you, Claudia.
Despite everything, you have stood beside me.
Well, of course.
You're my dad, Dad.
I know, it's just You have grown up so brilliant and strong.
But you are still my little girl.
We're all that's left of our family, and I won't let anything break us apart.
When you capture the dragonling, I will show you how to take his power, how to imbue yourself with all his magic and potential, so that you will transcend the limits of your human form.
Then none will dare stand against you.
"We have one objective today, protect the Dragon Prince.
" At any cost.
The forces of Lux Aurea will fight bravely, to the last elf standing.
"We will be outnumbered, but their forces are vicious and sloppy.
Our job is to hold the line.
" So, what happens if some break through? "That's when our natural advantage comes into play.
The spire itself.
While they try to climb up, they'll be vulnerable, and that guy can pick them off easily.
" And by that guy, she means this guy and my zap hand! Yeah! Pew! Pew! I'll stay here with you.
No matter what else happens, I will keep you safe.
You will be a worthy defender.
The last Dragon Guard.
Aww Dad, look, they have shields.
Maybe we should just give up and turn around? Everything is ready.
We only wait on your command, King Viren.
- Uh - Ugh, it's fine.
Let's just do this.
Wait Wait Drop! For Lux Aurea! Go, go, go! Noctu Igne! Hold the line! Push them back! Oh, no.
They're coming.
It's Ezran! And he's brought help! Dragon friends! Whoo! Brace yourself.
Tenebris Praesidium! The soldiers! They're immune to the fire! So much more than that.
They're strengthened by the blaze! It is time for the next phase of our plan.
I understand.
No! Don't land! You've gotta stay in the air! Hey, there.
It's going to be okay, wee fella.
You're ready to see your mother.
I'll go in with you, but, Zym, I don't want you to get your hopes up.
She's in a deep, deep slumber, and I don't think she's waking up any time soon.
It's okay.
She's your mother.
You can go to her.
Aspiro! Don't even try it.
I got more wind where that came from.
Fulminis! Fulmin Ready! Launch! Forward! - The tide is turning! - I love how you say that! For King Ezran! - Are you okay? - Yeah! Of course.
Are you? This morning, I thought we were doomed.
Then the dragons came, and I thought we would win.
But then things got doomed again.
But now we're okay! It does feel great to not be doomed.
Go to her.
- What? - Rayla.
It's okay.
I got this.
I am so proud of you.
I know.
You fought bravely.
Thank you.
My name is Marcos.
Now that the battle's over, we need to help the wounded, and we need to free these dragons.
"I'm worried.
This is not over until we find Viren.
We cannot let him slip from our grasp.
" I'll order a massive search of the entire battlefield.
We will find him and capture him.
We won't let him get away.
It feels a lot better to be on the side that's unchaining things.
Claudia? Claudia, wait! Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to run into you like that.
Are you okay? Please, let me help you.
Ahh! No! Drop the staff, Father.
It's over.
I am a Crown Guard, and he is the true king.
I will do whatever is necessary to protect his life, because now I know what the right thing to do is.
Do you hear me? Soren, wait! You're making a mistake! Lay down your staff and surrender.
How could you? I I had no choice.
Why would he try to hurt me, when it's so clear he couldn't win? The battle is over.
- No, it's not.
- What? The real battle was never down here.
All of this was just a distraction.
He was just an illusion! Claudia, where is he? Oh, no! Zym is in danger! Your mother can't protect you now.
So still.
So perfect.
I'll harvest her later, but first, it is time to consume you.
Zym, run! Ugh.
You haven't saved him.
You've done nothing but create a brief inconvenience for me.
I'll return for you soon.
It will be a pleasure to add one more Moonshadow elf to my collection.
There is no escape.
Come on, Rayla! You can't give up now! Bait! You're my hero! Yes! Yes! Oh, such power! I can feel it surging into me! You're too late.
I've already won.
No! No, no, no! Rayla! Manus, Pluma, Volantus! Oh, please work, please work.
Manus, Pluma, Volantus! Rayla I love you.
Manus, Pluma, Volantus.
- Callum! But how did you - 'Cause I love you, Rayla.
I really do.
I love you too, Callum.
Well, I'm happy to see you, too.
I just can't believe it.
Everything we've been through together.
Traveling across the world, coming here to Xadia We did it! We changed things.
We made a difference.
Just the four of us.
Five of us.
"Hey! Just the five of you, huh?" Uh I mean all of us! Is this a dream? I can't believe it.
Elves and humans are here and they've brought back my baby, my love, and my hope.
What What what's going on? You're alive! Somehow, I I survived the fall? No.
You didn't.
But you're okay now.
Where is Your creepy caterpillar friend? Two days ago it climbed up that wall, and spun itself into that.
It's changing.