The Endgame (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


1 I have a little story to tell you.
A fairy tale.
It's about a little girl who loved her father.
He was her hero.
She was his princess.
But this is a story about the day that little girl grew up.
It's a different kind of fairy tale.
- Approaching New York.
- Secure the package.
Fedorova, I'm U.
Attorney General Reed Doblin.
FBI Director Rogelio Réal.
Homeland Secretary Joan Bradbury.
- You were brought here today - Kidnapped.
Expelled into our custody.
To discuss 105 federal criminal charges against you and your organization, Skazka o Myortvoy Tsarevne.
Violation of the Arms Export Control Act.
Supplying known combatants of the United States.
- Piracy.
- I'm just a businesswoman.
You're a mercenary.
You run an army for hire.
I've been sitting.
No charges have been filed yet.
We thought it might be beneficial to all to discuss a plea.
In return for? How about your contacts in Angola? Start there.
Names and aliases.
And if I decline? Then you and your prom dress can sit in super-max solitary until your mind rots.
You put up a good fight, but no one knows you're here, and we've got nothing but time.
Start writing.
Don't make a sound.
- Who is it? - Director, New York Commerce Bank just got hit by six gunmen, and they sent a message to you, personally.
I emailed the screencap.
Just tell me what it says, Doak.
"Director Réal, bow to the queen.
" What the hell? How did this get here? She orchestrated a bank takeover in Lower Manhattan.
Is this your message, lady? Who's the queen? When this day is done, one of you will be gone, then another, and another.
You've messed with the wrong woman.
This little girl grew up in a world of great cruelty.
But she was always protected by her father.
To him, she was a treasure.
They did everything together, thick as thieves.
All my security is FBI.
One of your agents planted it.
That agent will be rooted out.
She arranged some leverage.
It's not a surprise.
But the question is, what is she after? Seven.
Hey, baby.
What's up? Talk to me.
How long have you been my girl? Since the swing set at PS 15.
You gotta know I would never do anything to hurt you.
And I need you to consider that doing this Is helping you.
You're scaring the hell out of me.
Divorce? No.
It's best for us.
We said we'd see the sentence through to the end.
We said we'd reevaluate after a year.
It's over for me.
A federal agent taking drug money serves all ten years of his sentence.
You know that.
So you just decided Without a discussion.
You you retained a A thousand-dollar-an-hour firm? I don't know how the hell you pulled that off.
- It's for the best.
- No.
Owen! All units, 91 new takeover at 130 Bowery.
Have a good one, Agent Turner.
I'll do that.
setting up on Grand.
- ESU can stage there.
- Yes, sir.
Good morning.
- Bank squad? Robbery crew? - On their way.
And the task force is canvassing for any surrounding surveillance footage.
Command post is settin' up this way.
The explosion? It was set off in the attic.
Easy access.
Now buried in debris.
The crash from the chandelier set off the shatter sensor and locked them in.
- Getaway car? - Lookin' for it.
So far, nothing.
- Six gunmen.
- No discernible way out.
On a Wednesday? What day is their delivery? Head of bank security said they get their cash on Friday.
So right now, there's no more than 30 grand in there.
Elaborate entry for 5 grand apiece? Not sure any of them are named Einstein.
Safety deposit? We can look into that from the command post.
Stop trying to drag me away, Anthony.
The boss is on his way, and you two aren't interacting well.
And I sense you're running a little hot this morning.
So if we are out of sight, like at the command post, maybe we could avoid some tension.
If he stays out of my face, we can.
You two, leave.
Work it from the office.
God, you're doing that angry driving thing.
I know I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut Watch and learn But damn it, all I'm learning is how to get sent home early from active scenes.
Owen filed for divorce.
You know what? - Good.
- Anthony.
Do not.
I'm just saying maybe it's an opportunity to move on.
We've been together since we were five.
He also knows the job will never believe you weren't involved as long as you're still married.
- They can go to hell.
- But they won't! You will, though.
One demotion after another until you can chart a spiral from first Black female supervisor in the criminal branch of the New York office to eventually lady in the basement who can show you where the staples are.
- It's up.
- Surveillance New York Commerce.
The sleight of hand was cute, but a little like a fish on a dock sucking for air.
A little saying from childhood.
Don't poke a tiger with a short stick.
The bank is surrounded.
Your people will not get out.
You will not be traded for hostages.
The stunt fell flat.
Well, let's see if the next one will have a kick.
See, whether it's a glitch in the auto-pay or you actually neglected the bill, our hands are tied.
- Over one payment? - Unfortunately.
Hi, Mom.
Everybody get down! I am an honest agent.
Did I hide Owen's identity when he popped on that wire? No.
I went to my ASAC within the hour and reported, "My husband may be involved in my case.
" And for that, they wanna muscle me out? If so, is it smart to get up in their face? You ever hear of an old-time bootlegger? Luther Darnell.
I grew up next door to his grandkids.
Nice guy.
Stone-cold criminals, like their grandfather.
Next door, the Baileys' dad.
Captain in the Three-Nine.
And mine? Uniform patrol.
Cops, hoodlums down every block.
So I know crime, but I chose the other way.
And Owen did, too, until he slipped, and I still don't know why.
But until I do, he does not get to dump this marriage.
And until the Bureau accepts my word, they will get the street fighter side of my DNA.
All units, 91 All units, 91 new takeover at the First Capital Security Bank Another bank.
It's two blocks away.
I plan to respond.
Do you have a problem with that? Val.
Val! - We're good.
- You gotta head back.
This whole sidewalk's closed.
I know this bank.
Solomon Santillana has 70 million in here.
- Cartel guy.
- From two years back.
I led the RICO case that put him away.
Word was, he had five safe deposit boxes here with diamonds, gold coins, and crypto codes.
So what are we doin'? I have the number to his burner phone.
He's in a level five federal pen.
He is, but he's resourceful.
And how do you have his number? Cost me six Snickers and a carton of smokes.
I'm resourceful too.
Val Turner.
Val Turner? Get out of town.
Val! Ha! I'm watching you on TV! Solomon, you see what bank I'm at? Oh, hell yeah.
Is it you? New York Commerce? Hey, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week.
It's not a denial.
Val, I do not have the plums or the people to bang two New York banks in one hour.
Come on.
And definitely not from the joint.
Solomon, you do have the plums and the people.
Well, it's not my business now.
No way.
I'm serious here.
I'm about living right and dropping fire beats.
No one would touch this bank without your permission.
I'm tellin' you, you're giving me way too much credit, V.
Appropriate credit.
There was only one person you kneeled to, and You dropped off, Val.
There is that one person, isn't there? You look tense.
Too much worrying.
Is it her? She'd take this bank in a heartbeat, and New York Commerce, and I've always respected you, Val.
All right? I mean, you're the reason I'm here.
You put me away, so you're smart.
But do you remember the last time you tangled with her? Solomon, what do you know about this? Good luck, Agent Turner.
Let's get this line back at least another block.
We get these news How did these news crews get in here before us, huh? Why don't you let me get him up to speed You don't take a hint.
Sir, do you know the name "Elena Fedorova?" Arms trafficker? She runs an international organization of soldiers for hire known as SMT Skazka o Myortvoy Tsarevne.
Russian for "Snow White.
" Where is this coming from? Is she involved? What do you know about her? Keen military strategist, loyal to no country.
Snow White handled money laundering for Solomon Santillana.
We crossed paths in Gambia.
She tried to kill me or have me killed.
The jury's still out on who pulled the trigger.
I have a five-volume subfile on her.
Have it on my desk ASAP.
I'm getting' real tired of being sent away.
You dug your own grave.
If these two banks are a Snow White operation, it's likely there's a larger strategy at play.
She thinks on a big scale, like She could be targeting more banks.
I suggest we put a 91 Prevent Defense A Prevent Defense on all 765 banks in the city? That's madness, Val.
Little pit stop? What's this? You know what a comm hub is? Bank with a server farm? Patrols communications between branches.
And secure transfers between all 765 banks in the city.
Unless you hack it.
Then it's not secure.
Then we're here to raid the lollipop bowl.
If I'm Fedorova, I hit it next.
What are we lookin' for? Dudes with faces that haven't downloaded? We're lookin' for the rock in the river, any disruption in the flow.
Looks like an office building, but inside it's a fortress.
- All units, 91 new takeover.
- Republic Bank of New York.
- All units, 91 new takeover.
- America World Savings Bank.
Two more banks.
Agent Turner.
Get your files.
She's at Fort Totten.
This subfile is extensive.
Her husband, Sergey.
He died when? 18 months ago.
Why haven't I heard about this? Doak hasn't been interested in new business - from me for a year.
- Well, we are.
He said you might have insight into her endgame.
Five years ago, I was in Gambia, doing interrogations after an attempted coup.
A warlord named Kahlil laid siege to a fishing village, raping women as a demoralizing tactic.
Fedorova showed up out of the blue with a team of five, liberated the village within the hour.
How? The warlord ran out of cigarettes.
She sent in two cartons laced with heroin.
30 minutes later, she walked in unopposed.
So what, she just showed up bucking for sainthood? She slaughtered them all, so no, she's not interested in sainthood.
Why is she in custody? What, this not good enough? She's been operating for years.
Why now? We've been flushing her out with bribes across eastern Europe for two months.
A waiter in Tverskaya tipped us that she comes in same day every year.
She has her own army.
She's obsessively cautious, and her operations are overly engineered.
I'd consider she led you to her, and this waiter may be involved somehow.
You give her a lot of credit.
I'm not sure you give her enough.
I need the name of that waiter.
Necati Acar.
No record with the Russian Politsiya.
Nothing with Interpol.
Brick wall.
If she led us to her, find out why.
Agent Valerie Turner.
Took you long enough.
You've been expecting me? Since I got here.
I've been hoping to meet you since You tried to put a bullet in my head? Tried? It went right where it was aimed.
So I'd trace it.
- You could've sent a card.
- I did.
An hour ago.
You're impressive.
Solomon Santillana was untouchable until you.
We're not here to discuss me.
Oh, but we are.
I've been chased by law enforcement all over the world.
So many personalities.
Although most clock in for a pension.
Of course, there's the crooks with a badge.
Then there's you.
Your devout faith in the institution you serve, Agent Turner.
You actually turned your husband in to the FBI and thought you'd be rewarded.
You can't let go even if it destroys you.
You're a unicorn.
You're gonna make me blush.
Is blind faith a compliment? You may be dazed from your ride in the shipping box, but I'm here to offer you an opportunity To help myself.
To communicate your goals.
For leniency? You've studied me.
When do I negotiate? You negotiated to get your husband's corpse out of Crimea.
Cost you six cruise missiles, right? For someone who grew up ruled by an institution that abandoned you and left you for dead, not having control is challenging.
But we're not some third-world country you can steamroll.
So unless there's another explanation, the bank takeovers are what? Terrorism? Now you're dazed.
But divorce will do that to you.
Pending divorce.
I know what you're thinking: "I just got the papers.
" You looked into my husband? You looked into mine.
Sergey Vodianov was a part of a criminal organization.
So was Owen Turner.
For what it's worth, I never found anything close to what you were accused of: shielding Owen from prosecution.
And I never found evidence it was you who poisoned Sergey.
A false rumor.
He was the love of my life.
I have a little story to tell you.
A fairy tale About a girl who loved her father.
Her father taught the girl everything about surviving the cruel world.
He taught her to kill.
Or she'd be killed.
Are you telling me this to prove you're a killer? That's well documented.
I'm telling you this because you worked so hard to know me.
But you know nothing.
Why is it so important that I know the real you? One day, you'll drop the blind faith and join a partnership.
You should know your partners.
The little girl loved her father.
He was her hero.
She was his princess.
This little girl grew up in a world of great cruelty.
But this is a story about the day that little girl grew up.
It's a different kind of fairy tale.
You're a mother.
I didn't know that till now.
I saw the stretch marks from pregnancy.
Where's the child? - Safe.
- Sergey's? Yes.
Tell me what you want to accomplish.
This again.
My attorney is James Glover.
I would like to speak with him.
When the hell have you ever hid behind a lawyer? You're playing coy? Now? That's not the woman I saw in Gambia.
You wanted to take back the village, you took it back.
You wanted to cut off the blood diamonds, you imploded the mine.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Your eyes should tell you that the cigarettes have already been dipped.
Kahlil's mine.
You could've taken a billion out of it.
But you blew it up.
You following that pattern here? Keep asking good questions.
- What happening? - The mole.
Manzer is his name.
Caught him on surveillance planting the message card on Doblin.
Oh, he's got this too.
- See that? - You're not bulletproof.
You're never gonna get her.
Everything you took, she's gonna have back by the end of the day.
Just get him out of here.
Are you gonna take that as confirmation? Of what? The Second Bank Fedorova took is used by the Bureau for confiscated funds.
Hers are there.
From what that dumb son of a bitch said, she's gonna try to reclaim her funds and redistribute them through the comm hub.
Taking back money is small time for her.
She just told you it was like Gambia.
The bank manager inside texted that there's access through a vent.
We are moving now.
Look, this is a misread.
Gambia is about bigger game, and the biggest bank in New York is-is Federal Reserve.
How is she gonna steal 6,000 tons of gold? I suggest we divert an FBI SWAT team Okay, seriously.
Réal, who the hell put her in charge? I am filling a vacuum.
We have been manipulated all day, and now she calls in a dirty agent to, what, make a pal? I am not dirty.
- Agent Turner.
- Agent Turner.
HRT will raid-secure the second bank.
In the meantime, there's a SWA unit on the way from Boston.
I'll assign them to the Federal Reserve.
I would devote more resources Agent Turner! You did really nice work in there.
Take the win.
What do you got? Val.
Are you sure the Federal Reserve? Off a lead I'd call tenuous, which is a nice way of saying flimsy.
Look H-hold on.
Agent Turner.
- Hello, Mrs.
- This is Michael Bagnall.
I'm representing Owen in your divorce proceedings.
Wow, okay, you have abysmal timing.
Is there really a good time for this kind of thing? Then maybe not.
Hey, you there? - Yeah, yeah.
- Things are blowing up here.
They're going all in to retake the bank.
Can we get some quiet in here? They're wrong about this, and all hell is gonna break loose.
Anthony, wear your vest.
Way ahead of you.
They're here.
It won't be long now.
Pretty soon, we're going to be like a corduroy pillow: making headlines.
I think we already are.
Think about the goal.
Together forever.
Stay cool, my love.
We've dropped through the manhole in Avenue A.
Proceeding to the utility access room under the bay.
Acknowledge once in place.
Maintain comms on channel four.
Proceeding to the bank's boiler room and water main.
There's visual on access.
We're seconds from entry.
We'll access the bank lobby through the ventilation system.
I've got eyes on it.
Green light to execute.
Get the hell out of there! Go, go, go! We need to put a 91 Prevent Defense on all banks in the city.
Do we seem sloppy to you? Do you think we don't know this bank? Who works here, their habits, personalities who might play big shot texting the FBI with a burner he uses to communicate with his mistress.
No more heroics, Mr.
Give it to me.
Fed police have it locked down.
But I don't see Boston SWAT.
- They're a minute out.
- They weren't racing.
They're more of a covering-the-bases measure.
Leaders and diplomats enter on Pine, am I right? The back entrance? Yeah, yeah, I'm seeing the back way.
Probably locked down too.
Why don't you get back to Avenue A? No way Doak sends us packing now.
- Son of a bitch.
- It's the waiter.
FBI! Go, go! Freeze! Abida! Abida! - I've got the girls.
- Stay where you are.
There may be more shooters.
Anthony, shots fired at the Reserve.
Boston SWAT has the scene.
We're gonna hole up in the Reserve.
Damn it, Val.
You're gonna give me a heart attack.
Hold on.
Agent Flowers, this is Commander Dowd, Boston SWAT.
We're in gridlock.
ETA unknown.
Val, I don't know who you're with, but it's not Boston SWAT.
- What's happening? - What's happening? You come for these kids You die.
The woman they took is Ameera Ojjeh, Saudi industrial magnate and board member of the Federal Bank.
You know what that means? She has the biometrics to open the vault.
She comes once a year for admin duties.
This time, she brought her kids to show them the gold.
I called it, Anthony.
Doak said the scene is yours to coordinate down here.
That's a good thing, Val.
Don't screw it up.
My attorney is James Glover.
I would like to speak with him.
This is Mike Bagnall.
Does your partner represent Elena Fedorova? Our firm does represent Ms.
And you just happen to represent my husband A firm there's no way he could afford.
Are you coercing him? Agent Turner, let's meet at Delmonico's.
- Never heard of it.
- You need to It's right behind you.
You have one minute to explain, or I take you into custody.
Agent Turner, I'm gonna present an opportunity to help your husband.
So your client's been meddling in the personal life of a federal agent? Ms.
Fedorova has evidence that could prove Owen's innocence.
She has a trade to propose your help in a certain matter for your husband's freedom.
And this evidence how did she come by it? She's the one who framed him.
You're under arrest.
And you have something on your coat.
I'll be coming for you both.
It would be much easier for us to come for you.
Fedorova can explain further.
Have a nice day, Agent Turner.
What's this? What the hell's going on? Are we being hacked? Looks like he's in a crawl space between two buildings.
What's next door? Another bank.
Fidelity Bank of New York.
Make 'em retake it.
- Storm the vault now! - It's locked down.
No entry.
We put up a Prevent Defense at all 765 banks in the city.
Have I got your attention? Stop now, or I go off book.
It's not pleasant.
But it's really effective.
I can't wait.
Last chance.
And I'm being generous here.
Before we continue, I suggest you resign immediately.
Okay, uh, I'm gonna decline that suggestion and give you one of my own.
Shove it up your a Your grandmother's.
Don't worry.
The rabbit is safe.
But there are other things in that safe deposit box you don't want public crypto keys, proof of embezzlement, zip drive photos of Ms.
Snow White and the seven banks.
So that's what all of this is about? Blackmail? Afraid you're next? You're not.
You are.
I took over seven banks.
But not for money.
You want to know why? For power.
For revenge.
Or for something as simple as love.
It's under way.
Good luck, Sergey.
I won't need it, Owen.
Elena is in charge now.
I'll be out soon.
The worst day of my life, and I still almost got you.
What do you think I'll do tomorrow? Small thinking.
What's in motion will eclipse you, the FBI, the government.
You're going to learn a lot, Agent Turner.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
There's the old street fighter.
I have another story to tell you.

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