The Endgame (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Fairytale Wedding

1 Previously on "The Endgame" Miss Fedorova, you were brought here to discuss 105 federal criminal charges against you.
I'm just a businesswoman.
- You're a mercenary.
- You run an army for hire.
She's been operating for years.
I'd consider she led you to her.
- You give her a lot of credit.
- I'm not sure you give her enough.
We thought it might be beneficial to all to discuss a plea.
You've messed with the wrong woman.
The bank just got hit by six gunmen.
- The bank is surrounded.
- The stunt fell flat.
Well, let's see if the next one will have a kick.
Work it from the office.
I'm getting real tired of being sent away.
You dug your own grave.
It's likely there's a larger strategy.
She thinks on a big scale.
If she led us to her, find out why.
Valerie Turner, you actually turned your husband in to the FBI.
The federal agent taking drug money serves all ten years.
- Orders? - You looked into my husband? You looked into mine.
- Her husband, Sergey.
- He died when? - 18 months ago.
- It's under way.
- Good luck, Sergey.
- I won't need it.
Elena is in charge now.
I'll be out soon.
Fedorova has evidence that could prove Owen's innocence.
- How did she come by it? - She's the one who framed him.
I took over seven banks, but not for money.
When this day is done, one of you will be gone.
Afraid you're next? You're not.
You are.
But in English.
She says, "Sergey, you are marrying a woman, but you are still a boy.
" Your mother means well and loves you dearly, but you are no boy.
You, though, are a real woman.
This will be a wild ride, I promise you that.
We're going to miss our wedding.
- Church is full.
- There's room in back.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
There's the old street fighter.
I have another story to tell you.
I don't want to hear it.
Your lawyer said you framed my husband.
I want to know why.
This new tale first.
- I think you'll like it.
- I doubt it.
- You'll be back, Agent Turner.
- See you soon.
When did this start? How long have I been in the dark, Anthony? Are you in the dark, Val? Was Owen framed by this lawyer, like he said, or is it a mind game? Divorce papers, out of the blue, on the same day she attacks the city? And Owen is going along with all of it.
Go to the prison.
Press him on it.
Interrogate my husband? Is that where we are? Well? It's all tied together Fedorova, the banks, Owen I just don't know how yet.
Shut your eyes for a few hours, Val.
You got to take care of yourself.
Thanks, Anthony.
Yeah, I'll do anything to help.
Oh, Owen.
- - Go one block east! Right now, this bank is top priority.
There's signs of server activity, hacking.
We think she's the leader inside.
Get a name, nationality, anything.
What's with the long guns, boss? HRT is placing a snake camera to regain surveillance.
I'm done flying blind.
We're gonna retake these banks one by one, starting here.
Hey, what are you hearing from Fort Totten? Very little.
Yeah, look, you're loyal to Val, and I appreciate that, but do you see this? More vans by the hour, more lookie-loos at every bank.
If this thing turns into a wildfire, which I will not let happen, but if it does we all get burnt.
So consider a freer flow of information.
It's the smart move.
In the 12 hours since seven banks were taken in New York City, there has been no progress in the FBI's efforts to reclaim them.
The takeovers are the work of a disorganized group - that capitalized on lax security - - at neighborhood banks.
- Regarding the New York Federal Reserve, they have the lobby and will go no further.
They have no way to access the gold and no way to remove it.
This goes live in 30 minutes.
We have no idea what's going on in the Federal Reserve.
No communication from inside, nothing from the hostage, Ameera Ojjeh.
It's called "PR.
" It's a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.
It's containment at the request of Washington.
"Tread carefully.
Defuse this.
" There are a lot of very tense eyes on this, - powerful people.
- More than you'd expect? - Far more.
- Ready to continue? This one is about a mother and child.
This lady is out of her mind.
This child was very complicated, but the mother was very devoted.
I I did order on the app, but there's no place in the app to indicate extra foam.
And the partners at my firm, they're They're very specific Yeah, extra foam.
She made sure the child got a good job and that all his needs were attended to.
Thank you.
I'm on my way.
This child just could not stay out of trouble.
- Hey, get over here.
- What the hell? Get him.
Go! - Who are you? - Don't move.
- Oh, come on.
- What do you guys want? In the car.
Move it.
One day, the mother had to face reality.
What the hell is this now? I thought these monitor feeds were secure.
That man has a bomb on him.
Secretary Bradbury.
Oh, my God.
What is happening? I have your son.
Here we are.
Traffic, Mama.
Which every guest managed to avoid.
I need a moment with dochka.
It's not all his fault.
Well, it's a big day, your day.
You show up when you please.
Since you came to us, I felt you were my own.
Only better because you're not.
I owe you my life.
You saved me.
You don't owe me a thing.
You're a treasure and the future of the family.
- With Sergey.
- Yes.
Men have always been the face of our dangerous business, but the women are the power.
And you will be the new queen one day.
So the crown jewel.
It's always protected me in violent times.
We are very alike.
So much death and tragedy in our lives, but you are the fresh start.
Wait for the choir.
So did she tell you to make a run for it? Still deciding.
Oh, last chance.
Well, I'm already in the dress.
I will love you forever.
Who the hell do you think you are? Just a women held illegally.
Some would say kidnapped.
So you take my son? My son? What did he ever do? What is the point of this? What do you want? You on a spit turning slowly.
But for the moment, I'll settle for some new clothes.
I've been in this two days now.
If anything happens to him, I'll hang you myself.
New clothes? Put her in prison orange.
You're kicking a beehive.
She's not the beehive.
I am.
Val, I've got five special ops teams looking for surveillance where Jensen got grabbed.
If it were my kid, I'd have the whole bureau on it.
You're not Joan Bradbury.
She said that if it got out that Fedorova took seven banks and the homeland secretary's son, it would cause panic.
She doesn't want to look weak.
You're learning.
I got a hit on a car tag going into the Midtown tunnel.
But the tag should hit in Queens, but it doesn't.
Cars don't disappear inside a tunnel.
I'm looking at video on the tunnel exit.
It doesn't come out.
There's no exits inside that tunnel.
- There's no way out.
- Turner? - Stuck in traffic.
- So I'm assuming you got the name of that woman bandit in the bank? I ran her domestically and through Interpol face recognition.
So far, nothing.
And that was good enough? So now you're just sitting there, jawboning with your pal? I need her identity.
If we can get a clean recording of her voice, we can run it for an accent.
That will at least give us a place to start.
Sir? We have eyes inside the bank.
Pinhole camera's in place.
Anthony? Yes, Val.
What does come out of the tunnel? Any trucks, like big trucks? - Yeah, I've seen one.
- Have special ops hunt it down.
Okay, what are we looking for? I'll explain when they find it.
They're hacking into the server.
Well, cut the power, scramble the Internet.
They can hack in, but they'll never get anything out.
Clock is ticking, Michael.
- Almost there.
- Video files take time.
Come on, come on.
- Done.
- It's all on the thumb drive.
Time for the next step.
Yeah, excuse me? I need a minute please? I was elected spokesperson by my fellow hostages.
I saw the whispering, but I didn't see any election.
More like you bullying them.
So first off, why is the power out? And when will there be food? We're actually pretty hungry You're getting worked up, Mr.
I will answer no questions except to say that food is coming Right now.
Want to know how the kidnappers made their car vanish, Anthony? All I see is a truck.
With the getaway car inside.
Cars don't just disappear.
This doesn't get us Jensen, and there's not a whole lot of time left.
Oh, my God.
I know this place.
Son of a bitch.
I think he's close.
And why are we so sure about that? I don't know why twisting a knife in my back is part of Fedorova's plan, but it is.
Fedorova and her mind games.
What do you mean, Val? That story she told about a mother and child? My mom is buried here.
There's a whole lot of people buried here, Val.
The bond between mother and child is so intense and becomes more so, I think, if one of them is taken too soon.
That was the case with my surrogate mother.
Incredible woman.
The bond became stronger after she was gone or, well, murdered.
The same may happen for you when your son explodes.
Joan, taking the bait doesn't help.
Director, Jensen's location.
What are you seeing on the ceiling and floor? Stone walls, dirt on the floor.
There's 18 damn minutes left.
What if he's not there? Jensen, if you can hear me, yell or respond to the camera.
He can hear you.
He's trying to respond.
The bomb squad is choppering in.
They're two minutes out.
Anthony, where are you? Are you close? I'm at the fire door, coming out.
Val, staircase.
Looks like it heads down to the basement.
Careful, Anthony.
Jensen, keep yelling.
I hear him.
Jensen? We're the FBI, stay calm.
It's a large-scale fragmentary device.
It could kill all of us.
My whole family is dead over what, a drug deal, stolen weapons? I will kill every single one of them.
They will all be dead by the morning.
We're the only two left.
We have to go, or we'll be wiped out.
I can't leave her.
If they know we're alive, they'll come for us.
They may be coming now.
We have to go, Sergey.
To get our revenge, we have to be alive.
That's what she would want.
Okay, what is happening? Please tell me what is going on.
Easy, Jensen.
Everything is going to be okay.
The plastic explosive pack is large, attached to a fragmentation component.
I can probably defuse it if I can get to it, but it's blocked by the harness system attaching it to him.
- So we have to remove it.
- Except the harness is all titanium, which would take six minutes to sever with a plasma cutter - Okay, can we please hurry? - Hold on, Jensen.
What's the next option? The harness has an alphanumeric keypad.
- Someone figure out the code.
- It could be anything.
Okay, wait.
Mother and child, right? That's what Elena said.
There's not much there, Val.
Oh, God.
You want the code? I think there's a four in it.
No, that's something else.
You have a decent bargaining position right now, but if that bomb goes off, God bless you, lady.
Bargain? You'd renege.
Besides, I don't think well in polyester.
- Jensen, think.
- The code to remove the harness may have something to do with you and your mom.
- Does that ring any bells? - No.
If someone wanted to take your mom down, why would they come to you? What does this have to do with anything? Jensen.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Jensen, anything now, ever.
I dealt coke for, like, six months in college.
It was nothing big, just, like, small stuff.
Okay, what does that have to do with your mother? I got busted, and she got me out of it.
She made a phone call, and the evidence went away.
Was there a word, a phrase, anything Yes, I used to tell people to put me in their phone as "Snowman.
" Try "Snowman," try "Snowman.
" Val, I'm gonna physically pull you out of there.
- You have five seconds.
- Wait, wait, no.
This one is about a mother and child.
My mom is buried here.
- Type in Isaac Bigby.
- Who is that? - I-S-A-A-C B-I-G-B-Y.
- You got it.
- Come on, get it.
- Oh, my God.
- Come on.
- Take cover.
Get down.
- Is everyone okay? - Good.
No joke.
Absolutely would've killed us all.
I think we have a sick hostage.
Lawton, what's the problem? My chest hurts, head's pounding.
Panic attack.
Take a breath.
I don't get panic attacks.
- Migraines? - Never.
I want a paramedic to see this.
I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
Agent Turner.
He said you were very brave.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Secretary, this was used to bind your son's feet.
Static line, used on boats.
Does this mean anything to you? Nothing.
It's just that everything she's done has had a reason.
It means nothing to me.
We'll download at the Fort when I'm done at the hospital.
Put a bow on this.
So who the hell is Isaac Bigby? How did you pull that out? I told you, everything she does has a reason.
Isaac Bigby is the man who killed my mother.
I got to bring fresh flowers.
She deserves that.
I knew she'd passed.
I didn't know she died so young.
Died sounds natural.
She was killed.
10:00 at night, drive-by strafing.
30 bullets ripped through our house.
Fired by Isaac Bigby.
My dad collared him on attempted murder the day before.
He got out somehow, came for payback.
Bigby still locked up? Never did a day in jail.
Right after the shooting, he managed to fall off the map.
I even tried to find him once when I was a teenager.
After I joined the Bureau, I tried again.
He's buried in Baton Rouge.
Put it to bed.
- I never knew any of that.
- I don't talk about it much.
Well, Fedorova knows, and she's taunting you with it.
I'm not making it up, Anthony.
Her plan is bigger than the banks.
I mean, she has to have been preparing for years.
And somehow Owen and I are a part of it? And I don't know who to trust, and it's made me leery of everything.
Oh, God.
They will get the street fighter side of my DNA.
There's the old street fighter.
She may have the car bugged.
She could be getting messages inside the bunker.
No, and don't don't tell me I'm paranoid.
And don't tell me I'm crazy.
I was gonna say let's trade cars.
I'll run it down.
Thank you, Anthony.
- It's killing me.
- Lawton, look at me.
- If you're playing games - I swear.
The pallor, the shortness of breath, the sweats Nausea.
Looks a lot like a cardiac episode.
Sir, I've spent every minute of the last two days trying to make this lady sweat, but now that she is, I feel like we're about to get bit.
We're sure it's legitimate? He's the bank manager who risked his ass texting us schematics of the bank.
He's practically a hero.
Son of a bitch.
And sir, there's more of a crowd at the barricades.
Three more news vans.
I'm not inclined to burn our surveillance, but if this guy dies, it doesn't look good for anyone.
Bring him out if they'll let him.
Which, thinking about it, might be an opportunity to storm the bank.
Look, a bloodbath doesn't look good for anyone either.
We have a chance to be humanitarians.
Don't blow it.
I apologize for nothing.
Jensen made a mistake in college.
Could've torpedoed a spotless academic record.
I pulled a string.
One string in 30 years of public service.
What would you have done? If there's anything else, relay it now so we can defuse it before it goes public.
Going after you for fixing a minor coke bust is small time.
Yes, it is, because she is just a lot of firecrackers.
The bomb was lethal.
She'll pay for that, but look at her.
She wants me to come in there.
She wants me to scream, provide her some entertainment, but I won't do it because I see who she is.
But you, Agent Turner You have made this woman into a boogeyman who can see through walls.
She's a criminal, and criminals, by definition, are dumb.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be criminals.
I'm gonna be with my son at St.
Solitary, black box.
This doesn't go unpunished.
So when's the last time you thought of Isaac Bigby? You probably think of him every day, no? I don't think of him much at all.
I closed that chapter of my life.
Really? When people hurt the ones you love, do their names really fade? Why do you care? I don't remember when my real mother died.
I was so young, in Brazil, but Sofiya, who raised me When she was taken, it was a moment of truth.
I felt like I was being devoured on the inside, but I had to be strong for myself, for Sergey.
Losing my mom was sad, too, but I didn't take over seven banks.
You didn't have to.
But this pain, this loss It's something we share.
Mothers stolen from us and the strength gained, no? I suppose it gave my life some focus.
You joined the FBI to find him Bigby.
I joined the FBI to put away scumbags who can't see fit to follow the law.
Is this some attempt at mutual understanding? - 'Cause I don't see why.
- You will.
What I see is tricks.
Lots of folks have lost a parent.
Why me? It's better if you come to it yourself.
Besides, people are listening.
If I laid it all at your feet, you wouldn't believe me.
I said before, we're going to be partners.
For now, that's plenty.
When did this begin with my husband? When can I have some new clothing? I can have them delivered.
They're prepared.
Bring them, and I'll give you a hint.
Always a step ahead.
All contingencies, never a complication.
Not yet.
There's a hostage dying at First Capital Security Bank.
Is that a part of the plan? We're off topic.
Bigby Are you sweating? You were young.
You went looking, but didn't find him.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe you didn't look hard enough? - You're deflecting.
- Am I? Or are we just doing business, you and I? Always another layer with you.
The sick hostage there is, isn't there? - Always another layer.
- Always.
Stay back.
Okay, no tricks.
No threat here.
We just want the sick man.
One if you're ready.
Two if you need more time.
The paramedics are coming to the door.
I will walk with them.
We'll get him on the gurney, and we will leave.
Please tell them to hurry.
Just hold tight.
I was just trying to help the hostages when I gave the FBI the layout of the bank.
I don't want to be a hero.
Lawton, before we took the bank, I saw you refusing a Black woman a loan for having a single missed payment on her credit.
There's rules.
You enjoyed it.
If you make it out of here alive, and I hope you do, I need you to promise to do better.
I will.
I swear.
Rip it apart if you need to.
I'm telling you, she's getting information somehow.
They just started.
So far, nothing.
Where you headed? I don't want to say, not in a Bureau car.
Val, she is devious with how she's getting in your head, but surveillance? That's a good way to isolate you, make you think you're being watched even if you're not.
I know, Anthony.
Keep looking anyway.
- Major Flowers.
- Val? You forget to mention an expensive-looking steamer in the trunk of your car? Unbelievable.
All right, back away.
Wide perimeter.
We need the bomb squad right now.
You don't need to call a bomb squad, Anthony.
Fedorova's not gonna blow up her own clothes.
- Her clothes? - Planted.
Probably when we were at the cemetery visiting my mom.
Damn, that's cold.
Search every inch of that trunk.
There's something in there other than clothes.
There's always another level.
Okay, we got him.
Look, I'm assistant director Patrick Doak.
You're clearly the leader in there.
Won't you just tell me your name so we can communicate a little more civilly? No, Director Doak, I won't be giving you anything.
Run it through voice AD.
I want to know who this bitch is ASAP.
Am I gonna die? I swear I'll do better.
Please don't let me die.
No one's gonna let you die, Mr.
Just let me place these for the ECG.
It feels like an elephant just stood up off my chest.
That's good.
Just lean back.
Finish the ECG.
I'll get us rolling.
I can breathe.
Don't move.
Hand it over.
Your fingerprints popped up in North Carolina.
You were a cop.
How did she get you to throw away your whole life for her? Is that really what you think's happening here? That's not what's happening at all.
- It's exactly the opposite.
- How? You'll see.
Did she teach you to be just as aggravating as she is? Was it a course? The Elena Fedorova method for infuriating people? When I say you'll see what we're doing here, I don't mean tomorrow or next week.
I mean right now.
We got the thumb drive open.
It'd be a good idea to keep the information highway open between us given how you're gathering intel at Fort Totten and I'm holding down the banks.
- Absolutely, boss.
- What's on the drive? Video that I'm thinking we should deliver to the director personally.
Solidify we're working as a team.
A team? Really? Val, look.
We have had differences, but I am your friend.
Always have been, always will be.
That's comforting, but it hasn't felt that way.
And this seems like a political move, seeing as how you've dropped the ball twice now.
Petty, Val.
I thought you were better than that.
What's on the drive, boss? All right, I'm here.
Sit down, Joan.
Fedorova's team tried to smuggle this out of First Capital.
There's a server farm in that bank.
Evidently, the Veracuz Cartel has a shadow account they use to warehouse collateral.
Surveillance against enemies or people who might become enemies, secretly recorded.
- Great.
- My office has been salivating for a wedge into the Veracruz Cartel.
Sir? That's Cuitláhuac Ríos, Veracruz Cartel boss.
Yeah, I've seen pictures.
And that's you.
I'll make this quick.
The number is ten million, which hits my account April 30th every year.
If, for some reason, it's late or hits my account one minute past midnight, you will have no further warnings on the ports, no warnings on Coast Guard patrols.
You will be hung out.
Understood? Nautical rope, Coast Guard.
I guess it did have some significance.
There's further evidence that the arrest of your son was orchestrated, a negotiating tactic for you to lower your fee.
Which you did, to five million.
This obviously puts you in a bind, Rogelio.
Sorry about that.
- Puts me in a bind? - If it gets out.
What's the country to think but that a vigilante is in charge? No, bad play.
That'll make you look very weak, but I have an idea.
- What would you suggest? - I'm talking to him.
Doblin resigned.
I'll take a few weeks and resign, too, lay it off on family issues.
That ought to cover it.
You're under arrest.
On your feet.
I combed it.
No contraband But this.
By the way, the car is clean.
S-O swept it, stripped it down.
If this lady's getting information, it's not from the car.
I don't like this place, Val.
It stinks like bad secrets, and that's not you.
No, Anthony, it's not.
What is Owen doing with them? Secretary Bradbury, so corrupt.
- Disgusting, isn't it? - It is.
So how awful am I really? At this point, I deserve a badge like yours.
People like me with badges don't plant bomb.
- No? - Shrapnel sprayed 50 feet.
You almost killed that kid.
There would've been justice in it.
But unlikely to happen.
Not with Val Turner on the job.
- You found my trunk.
- And what was in it.
You, Sergey, my husband.
When was this taken? Sergey was alive, so at least two years ago? - Yes.
- Where? - That's foggy.
- Who took it? Our people.
Secretary Bradbury may disagree, but when you're running an operation that's legal-adjacent, it's wise to keep records of the people you meet with.
- What was the context? - Also foggy.
Why are you playing this bait and switch? Because I see a bigger picture.
I see two women who have more in common than one of them would like to admit.
I also bad guys getting their due.
And I see an FBI agent who's had a veil over her eyes for years finally having it lifted, but it must be done gradually.
I don't buy your benevolence, and I never will.
Never say never.
I have another story to tell you.
No, no, I'll save it for tomorrow.
I kept my end of the bargain.
Only way to gain more knowledge is if you keep yours.
Give her the trunk.
Okay, Val.
I'm not sure it will look like a dove.
It'll be fine.
It will remind me of her.
When I am done, you do the same for me.
We can't get married for some time.
Till then, this is our bond.
Our life starts today.
I can't live with the people who did this walking free.
They expect us now.
We wait.
We kill them when they're comfortable.
I know what she said to you at the church.
You are the new queen.
You're my queen.
- - Owen, you owe me some answers.
Val, you're not gonna win this.
But look, I'm the bad guy here.
Just walk away and don't come back.
There's more to this.
You're torturing yourself.
You remember after my mom got killed And I left the house to hit the streets to look for Isaac Bigby, to kill a man I'd never be able to find.
What was I carrying? - Box cutter.
- And what did you do? Took it out of your hand.
And said we'd get through it together.
That's what I'm doing now, Owen.
It's different, Val.
I don't think it is.
You didn't quit on me, and I'm not gonna quit on you.
Good luck.
What did you tell her? Nothing.
Nothing? No winks, no signals? I'm sticking to the plan, and don't you ever question me.
You don't know how hard it is seeing her like this.
Let me tell you a joke, Owen, a prison joke.
A woman is leaving visitation, says to the CO, "How dare you, working my husband like a dog?" The CO says, "Your husband? He's the laziest convict here.
" The lady says, "Lazy? He just told me he's been digging a tunnel for months.
" Soon, Owen, soon.
Just be patient.
Oh, you don't like my joke? Okay, well I know somebody who will.

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