The Endgame (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Bury The Lede

1 Previously on "The Endgame" Ms.
Fedorova, you were brought here to discuss 105 federal criminal charges against you.
- I'm just a businesswoman.
- You're a mercenary.
You run an army for hire.
She's been operating for years.
I'd consider, she led you to her.
You've messed with the wrong woman.
The bank just got hit by six gunmen.
The boss is on his way, so if we are out of sight, maybe we could avoid some tension.
You two, leave.
Work it from the office.
I'm getting real tired of being sent away.
- You dug your own grave.
- She thinks on a big scale.
I took over seven banks but not for money.
Her husband, Sergey, he died when? 18 months ago.
We have to be alive to get our revenge.
Secretary Bradbury.
Attorney General Doblin.
You're under arrest.
Valerie Turner.
You actually turned your husband in to the FBI.
You, Sergey There's more to this.
Just walk away and don't come back.
I'm not gonna quit on you.
Good luck.
This is Tyler Erickson of ENN.
And leading our news today Day three, and seven banks, including the Federal Reserve, remain under siege in New York City.
And so far, the perpetrators have made no demands.
- Their goal remains a mystery.
- Americans are getting impatient for answers.
- I know I am.
- Join the club.
- Val, nothing in this photo - is telling me when Owen started working with Fedorova.
- The clothes? - Her cape is Valentino First appearance 2015, sold all over the world.
His suit is nice and expensive but available.
Like they anticipated this level of analysis and made themselves untraceable.
She's that cunning? Yes.
So, we don't know where it was taken, and it was sometime after 2015.
I'm thinking 2016.
This photo you sent me is the closest match to Owen's hair, facial hair.
I hated that soul patch.
And this.
That was after Argentina.
Where he got shot.
Is that where all this started? It was an undercover gun deal gone bad.
What the hell happened in Argentina? There he is.
- Elena Fedorova.
- Peter Shepherd.
Ah, Pete.
- Good flight? - Easy.
Hope you like meat.
Otherwise, you're in the wrong country.
Oh, would you care to, um Frisk you? Pointless.
"Pointless"? You're confident.
Confident, maybe, but not bulletproof.
Men behave differently when they're carrying a gun.
She can tell.
More fearful, pretending not to be.
Guns bring out the coward in men.
- But you sell them.
- At a very high profit.
At a very fair price.
Let's dine, then business.
Argentina October 2016.
Always impressive.
My expectations are high.
You exceed them.
You wanted a dirty agent, you could have dropped a bag of cash outside of 935 Pennsylvania Avenue and waited five minutes.
But Owen? Owen was clean.
Relative term.
If your eyes are opened and it changes your position to the law, does that make you dirty or just conscious? So his consciousness was changed in Argentina, before or after the bullet to his gut? - After.
- Yours? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
Look, I get it.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
But you're determined to put me in a black hat.
Release that.
- Maybe this will help - A new story.
This one about two friends Two friends who were torn apart by circumstances Torn apart by violence.
Me? Why? Where are we What the hell is going on now? We don't have a name yet on the hostage in the vault, but we know it's airtight, and our structural engineers said four hours is the time it would take before she suffocates, which we will not let happen.
Any indication this was coming? - Zero.
- Press her on it.
Before we play into Fedorova's hands for the umpteenth time, sir, I do have an idea.
- Arkon.
- Gas? You can't.
You'll kill people.
It's been improperly deployed in the past, but there have been advancements in the distribution system.
Mumbai was less than a year ago.
Seven hostages died.
The revised dosage is vastly below anything lethal.
We can use the bank's ventilation system to deliver the gas.
Within four minutes, everyone inside is asleep.
- Possibly dead.
- In five, we are in control, and this embarrassment is a step towards being over.
And, Agent Turner, I'll remind you, you're talking to a superior.
Sir, this is not the end of it.
A demand will come.
Fedorova does nothing in a vacuum.
When? When exactly will this demand come? Are you seeing this clock, Turner? This woman is going to die.
- I understand, but - Quiet.
What's going on? Hello, New York.
My name is Elena Fedorova, and I have taken seven banks in New York City.
- Unbelievable.
- She hacked the ENN feed.
Some things will happen today that you will disagree with, like locking a hostage in the vault of America World Savings downtown, where she is slowly losing air.
Did she somebody's gonna die? We are offering a way to spare her life, but I will negotiate with one person and one person only Tyler Erickson of ENN.
The news anchor? Why him? Send Mr.
Erickson, and I will release the hostage and the bank by the end of the day.
If Mr.
Erickson declines or is not allowed in by the FBI, she will die.
Like I said, you may hate me now, but by the end of the day, I promise, you will love me.
- Looks like we got our demand.
- Sir, we have an alternative.
I don't think we do.
All the bank surveillance is live, and we're patched into it.
We'll have eyes on you at all times.
I'll be fine.
My cameraman? They refused, said they have a camera of their own, which we expect can broadcast from inside the bank.
You expect? So you really don't know much, do you? Mr.
Erickson, have you ever heard the name Elena Fedorova before today? No, but she's obviously sharp, she's good with technology, and she's now making a PR play.
But is there any reason why she'd choose you specifically? Um I'm the most trusted man in America.
Sir, I need you to keep behind the barricade, please.
- Okay! - Do you mind? They're ready.
We're ready.
- Same.
- Let's go.
You better be right.
Hands up.
- That's Tyler Erickson.
- What's he doing here? Hello, sir, ma'am.
How are you holding up? You doing okay? They put a woman in there.
She looks really scared.
Her name's Arushi Banerjee.
She's a graphic designer from Rhode Island.
She likes to bake.
Is she gonna be okay? Let's go.
Over here.
My name is Tyler Erickson of ENN.
You asked for me.
Here I am.
Now, since your request has been met, why don't you release the hostage that you're holding in that vault? If you answer one question.
Oh, I have a sinking feeling about this.
I can relay any questions to the authorities.
Our question is for you.
Tell us about the swan.
The what? - Tell us about the swan.
- I don't know about any swan.
Tell us, or the hostage in the vault dies.
- The swan? - What the hell is that? I have no idea.
You ever heard of this before from your pal at Fort Totten? Never.
Who could have predicted this would go pear-shaped? She's obviously targeting him.
I have no idea why.
But following the pattern of Bradbury and Doblin, she will keep coming at us sideways.
Well, we don't have time.
All available agents outside, now.
You too, Flowers.
That is, if you're still a part of this operation.
Comb every inch of that building for points of egress, as discussed.
They're looking for ventilation access for Arkon.
- They're all been prepped.
- They have.
You'd gas this bank without authorization? When there are 15 minutes on that clock, and the woman in the vault is turning blue, Réal is gonna give me the nod to do whatever I see fit.
You better believe that I'm gonna be ready.
Take the north side.
That's an order.
North side, Val.
Let's do it.
I'm sorry you're caught in the middle of this.
I'm trying to be a good friend, a good colleague.
I trust you, and I believe in you.
But here's how this is working out he's over here, and you're over here, and there's me in the middle, getting ground up like hamburger meat.
It's not my intention.
Anthony, I It's the facts, Val.
What? Where's that fire? Let me check my inside source.
FDNY has a Twitter feed.
Three alarm at Lebed Storage.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
"Where there's smoke, there's fire" Elena said that to me earlier.
You know what Lebed means in Russian? Swan.
See, Anthony? She's coming at us sideways.
- But the question remains - Who is Elena Fedorova? How was she able to remotely take over the broadcasting of ENN News? And what's to be made of her bizarre demand? It looks like all is going according to plan.
Elena's face is all over Times Square.
What's up? Might have seen a guy I used to know.
Who? - Name's Horek.
- Street punk from Odessa.
You're supposed to be dead, Sergey.
Doubt he'd recognize me, but It's nothing.
Just like you said, everything's going according to plan, huh? Hmm? Started in the shed.
Electrical panel's burnt out, so it was likely a short that sparked some accelerant.
Lot of old paint in there, rags.
- Anything off about it? - Nothin'.
The old boxes pop sometimes.
Appreciate you.
We got a lady in a bank vault losing air, Val.
- I'm thinking, Anthony.
- It's significant.
I know it is.
Or is it the runaround, eating up resources? We've already got the boss pissed at us.
It seems like something Fedorova would do.
"Tell us about the swan," and there just happens - to be a fire at a facility named swan? - Named Lebed.
If there's anything we've learned from Fedorova, there are no coincidences.
- It's coming - It's coming from over here.
What is? You don't smell that? Oh, yeah, whoa.
What in the hell? - Power's been out a week? - That's right.
Freezer unit whatever's in there must have thawed out.
Only thing that smells that bad is a dead body.
You still think it's a coincidence, Anthony? I'm getting on board, Val.
This will lead to Tyler Erickson.
Bank on it.
Pete, we deliver on every promise.
No lies, no exaggeration.
Cost is 35 million.
Uh, what was that earlier about a fair price? You pay for the quality.
Chinese product runs half that.
And 10% of their barrels have a pitting flaw.
Go elsewhere if your clients will accept a gun that occasionally explodes in their hands.
They do not.
Then 35 is a fair price.
Are you always looking over your shoulder? I wish I didn't have to.
Someday maybe not.
Someone walking like a coward? Two men, actually.
That one there with a badly set broken nose and a star tattoo behind his ear.
And that, uh, means something to you? No, except it's exactly the same as that man who walked in earlier.
And they pretend not to know each other.
Maybe they don't.
That would be some coincidence.
And I don't believe in them.
Don't leave me here.
Don't let me die.
This is obviously a very trying situation and a tremendously confusing one.
I have no concept of what our captors are asking me to confess to, and they refuse to clarify.
Just answer the question, man! I would, but I don't know anything about a swan.
I hear you, Turner, and it's absolutely worth discussing, but Swan Storage, the fire, the cold-case DOA is something for the NYPD Homicide Unit that we can revisit later.
The DOA, Ming Lee, was reported as a suicide two years ago.
She's supposed to have jumped off the Manhattan Bridge, and the body was never recovered.
She was a cub reporter for an investigative news website.
Okay, which gets us closer to Tyler Erickson's orbit.
If we could negotiate for more time on the clock, more information could lead to his confession.
Or another dead girl.
Can you tie Erickson and your DOA together? Not yet.
Did Tyler Erickson rent that storage unit? We don't know.
The owner said whoever rented it two years ago paid for it ten years in advance.
- He didn't ask questions.
- I hear you, Turner, but for now, we let the NYPD work the two-year-old murder case, and we get back to preventing a new one.
- Boss.
- Doak.
The duct to the ventilation system was sealed off when you instituted the 91 Prevent Defense.
Well, unseal it.
Proceed connecting the delivery pipe.
And make it quick.
Anthony, what do you got? I found Ming Lee's next of kin.
Her mom lives on 31st, off Broadway.
Maybe she can connect her daughter's appearance to Tyler Erickson.
- What are they doing? - Collecting the bank cash, moving the furniture, but we can't see where because the surveillance POV ends just short.
Does that seem intentional to you? Well, look who's back.
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been two hours and 40 minutes.
By now, the oxygen levels in the vault of America World Savings are getting low.
But you must realize, it is Tyler Erickson that's letting her suffer.
Remember, I am not your enemy.
Come to the bank and find out what I mean.
I promise you won't regret it.
What does that mean "Come to the bank"? She's gathering a crowd.
For what? I don't know, but there are no coincidences.
Where the hell am I? Lie back, lie back.
You're safe and lucky.
The bullet missed your aorta by half an inch.
Looking for your FBI badge, Agent Owen Turner? - You knew.
- Of course.
It's not easy to find us, but you did.
We were impressed enough that we agreed to a meeting with "Peter Shepherd.
" What spy movie did that come from? What do you want from me? Friendship.
You see what we deal with These attacks.
You're in a tough business.
- Buy an ice cream parlor.
- We'll consider it.
Our business is tough, but our competitors have an unfair advantage.
You heard the name "Belok"? Small-time crime family based in Ukraine.
- Not much footprint.
- No, no.
The Belok footprint extends all the way into your own country.
And this is why we're here trying to meet new American friends.
Not interested.
And if you don't let me go, you're gonna face a world of hurt.
Your FBI handlers back at the hotel need a check-in, but not quite yet.
It's not them I'd worry about.
You hold me, and my wife comes looking.
You don't want that.
Sounds like a special woman.
You have no idea.
Murder? I don't understand.
Your daughter was discovered today in a storage facility.
We're very sorry.
We know this is hard to hear.
My daughter Police said suicide.
She jumped off the bridge.
The river carried her body out to sea.
- That's not the case.
- Mrs.
Lee, did your daughter ever mention anyone she was having trouble with? - No.
- We know she was a journalist.
Was she working on anything sensitive? Uh, meeting important people? She wanted to.
She was very ambitious, but, no.
Did she ever the name Tyler Erickson? No, Ming wouldn't know anyone like that.
Did she leave behind any files, her laptop, her phone? No.
Police said maybe she jumped with her bag.
She texted me goodbye, and then, um I don't understand.
Please tell me what's happening.
Sergey You talking to me? Yeah, Sergey, it's Horek.
Name's Collins.
Sorry, sorry.
You look just like guy I knew in Ukraine.
But but, of course, you can't be him because because that guy he's dead.
My condolences.
Sorry to bug you.
He recognized you.
- He won't be a problem.
- No? We're on a time line.
We can't let it get mucked up.
You worry too much, old friend.
I'll take care of it.
Haven't I always? Look, you have got to give me more than that.
You can't just put a person's life in my hands and give me no way to save her.
- They gave you a way.
- That's right.
If she dies, it's on your head! - Exactly.
- W-what is this? - What's what's going on? - Do not move.
Do not fight.
What is this now? Why are we being blindfolded? Oh, look what the cat dragged in.
I was hoping we'd have some alone time, Director.
I've been around a while, lady.
You've pulled some bold moves today, but blindfolds in the middle of a bank takeover sends a very specific message.
Something's coming you don't want to see? Something that could cause panic.
Like your fellow hostages being executed.
I just want to lay down one of my ground rules.
Loss of life will be met with the same.
If anyone, hostages, SWAT, anyone dies by your hand, I'll take your people down, guns blazing.
Message received.
What the hell is your story? Are you enjoying this Terrorism, torturing an innocent woman? - An unfortunate cog in this wheel.
- She's a citizen.
No criminal record, not even a parking ticket.
She doesn't deserve this.
Yes, well, Tyler Erickson deserves everything he gets and more.
And he's connected to Ming Lee the dead woman found in the freezer, how? As I said before, this is a story about two friends, the kind you would trust with anything.
Hard to come by, very rare.
But when you do, they're worth their weight in gold.
I don't have time for stories.
You should make time.
Ah, Director, just so you know, I have the same ground rule.
If my people die in your gas attack, retribution will be ooh-la-la.
I know what you want, Doak.
15 minutes on the clock.
The oxygen level in the vault is likely at 25%.
Paramedics say, without air, very soon she'll go into cardiac arrest, live on television.
- And? - The Arkon gas is here with an airborne particles expert who will dial in the dosage.
This will all be done in five minutes Zero loss of life.
You can't guarantee that.
Do it.
Clear the area! On my signal, you take the doors.
Yes, sir.
Any resistance from the takeover crew, you take them.
Safeties off.
Get a gas mask or get two blocks away.
Fully authorized.
- Got a gas mask, Anthony? - I'll go get them.
We've got exactly seven minutes until that clock runs out.
You willing to gamble a woman's life on your hunch? No.
We're nowhere closer to linking Ming Lee's death to Erickson.
Admitting defeat.
Is this really Val Turner or a new Fedorova trick? Body snatching.
You saw them collecting cash and moving furniture.
And blindfolding the hostages, saw it all.
Maybe an attempt at a counteroffensive.
All moot when the gas goes in.
A counteroffensive or maybe an escape plan.
The surveillance inside was aimed to hide where they were putting that furniture.
We'll be sure to question them when they wake up.
After you take care of the gunmen, you give me the all-clear so the paramedics can get to the hostage in the vault.
What the hell just happened? Sounded like a transformer blew.
We lost visuals in the bank.
Electricity's out down the block.
Should we hold the Arkon? - They're doing this! - There's no time! Take the doors! Go! Go, go, go, go, go! Where'd they go? There's no Snow White here.
They're all gone.
The vault! The vault! All clear, vault is open.
Pulse barely palpable.
She's alive! They went out through the vent.
Look, they can't escape.
We sealed off the duct.
Except you unsealed them to get the gas in.
God damn it.
- Where's that duct let out? - Every block has an outlet.
- There must be a utility door.
- Let's go.
I want those sons of bitches.
- What the hell was that? - Some kind of bomb.
It's cash, money coming down, right into the crowd behind the barricades.
- It's a diversion.
- Look, money! - Money! - Grab it! Right there! An access door.
Hey, hey, move! FBI.
Move, FBI! FBI coming through! Ah! Ming Lee.
Who is this now? A woman, reporter We found her today.
Yeah, I heard all that, but how is it related to me? Because they found her in a place named swan? You have to understand, okay? These bank heists, and the people targeted by Fedorova There's always a connection.
None that I can see.
Now, look, I don't know this woman, and if I I'm sorry, are you insinuating something? Have I not been through enough today? Was it not enough that the FBI sent me into an ambush? You went in willingly.
Not for a ritual humiliation in front of a global audience.
You know, the American people are gonna be asking a lot of questions, like what exactly is the FBI hiding from them? And you can bet your ass I'm gonna find out.
Excuse me.
They want me on camera.
I got good news and bad news.
- What do you want first? - Good.
I need good.
The ME found DNA under Ming Lee's fingernails.
Get out of town.
That means we can subpoena him for a comparison sample.
What's the bad news? It's badly degraded.
It's not gonna provide a match to anything.
- What do we know about her? - Arushi Banerjee.
No connection to Fedorova we could find.
Address in Inwood.
And she came to the bank here? And was randomly chosen? Don't say it.
There are no coincidences.
Arushi, I'm Agent Turner.
May I ask you a question? You live in Inwood, right? What brought you here? The bank manager called me three days ago, and he said there was a problem with my loan application, but I never applied for a loan.
He said it sounded like stolen identity and I had to come down to sort it out immediately.
Arushi do you happen to know someone named Ming Lee? Ming? Yeah, she was my friend.
We lived in the same building, at least until she died Suicide.
Why are you asking about her? We found her body today.
And Ming didn't commit suicide.
I knew it.
How? She was so excited about something she was working on An article.
I tried to tell the police, but they said the case was closed.
When was the last time you heard from her? She texted me right before she disappeared.
Numbers, made no sense 1164.
You remember them? I thought about it so often, I memorized it.
I have no idea what it means.
Thank you.
Pop it.
Well done, Ming Lee.
According to these documents on Ming Lee's laptop, she was investigating Tyler Erickson for his association with a Ukrainian organized-crime family, the Beloks.
Seems to go back to when Tyler worked as a press aide in the Cutler presidential administration.
That would have been ten years ago.
Ming had documents showing Tyler received at least 10 million from the Beloks during that time.
They were paying him for favors in the White House.
- Looks like it.
- And how'd the woman end up dead? Ming must have approached Tyler with her findings, and he killed her.
Proof of this? Evidence? None.
See, inconclusive DNA will not garner a conviction or a slap on the wrist or a confession or anything else that lunatic at Fort Totten has promised.
- We don't need it.
- You actually do, Val.
Yes, trying, scary, but this isn't my first high-tension rodeo.
Still, it is baffling that the FBI would be so ham-fisted about the operation.
Thank you, Don.
We're clear.
We're next, Tyler.
Ming Lee left a laptop with an article about you and the Belok family.
And the ME found DNA under her fingernails.
Well, that would require a comparison sample to prove any relation to me which I have no reason to give you.
It's not my DNA.
Actually, I don't need a sample, Mr.
I already have one.
The American people are going to be asking a lot of questions, like what exactly is Tyler Erickson keeping from them? And you can bet your ass I'm gonna find out.
I have no idea how she ended up dead.
I don't.
I have no clue.
The DNA under her fingernails suggests a struggle.
No, uh, she swung at me first.
How did she end up in the freezer in the storage facility? I had nothing to do with that.
Who did? I made a call.
I said that there was a girl who was asking questions.
They came and got her.
It has to be their facility.
I had nothing to do with it.
After you killed her, you called who? Were they named Belok? And they put her body in the freezer.
- I have nothing else to say.
- Then you're under arrest.
Let's go.
ENN's own Tyler Erickson arrested on charges of homicide.
Details are starting to roll in.
So, you see, you may have questioned my methods, but a killer is locked up.
I always keep my promises.
Do you love me now, New York? What a day.
Am I trending? I did a quick search on Tyler Erickson and found that when he worked at the White House as a press aide Reed Doblin and Joan Bradbury were there, too.
Is that the connection? The connection is corruption, greed, murder.
This Erickson pig killed a girl.
You put him away.
Still want me in the black hat? Who are the Beloks? Complicated question.
I'm not sure you're ready for the answer.
But I'll give you this.
Owen received a gift from them in Argentina.
The bullet.
It wasn't intended for him, but he received it nonetheless.
Still carries it, no? He does.
So, you see, we're on the same side.
Getting to know each other so well.
Stop saying that.
You don't know me.
I know your favorite meal is pasta puttanesca but only the way Owen makes it.
You like your coffee scalding hot and black.
Your dream vacation is to swim with sharks off Australia's Gold Coast.
And your darkest wish is to kill the man who killed your mother.
My husband tell you all that? I just want us to be friends.
We're getting there.
And I'm starting to see your patterns.
You're going to slip.
Not yet, though.
- Uh-huh.
- You good? I'm fine, baby.
There we go.
There we go.
You ever think we're in the wrong line of work? What would be the right line of work? One that doesn't get you shot.
I can't bear to lose you.
You are never going to lose me.

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