The Endgame (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

#1 With A Bullet

1 Previously on "The Endgame" Miss Fedorova, you were brought here to discuss 105 federal criminal charges against you.
I'm just a businesswoman.
You're a mercenary.
You run an army for hire.
We crossed paths in Gambia.
She tried to kill me.
Valerie Turner.
You actually turned your husband in to the FBI? You looked into my husband? - You looked into mine.
- Her husband, Sergey.
- What's up? - Might have seen a guy I used to know.
You look just like guy I knew in Ukraine.
He's dead.
Think about the goal.
Together forever.
It'd be a good idea to keep the information highway open, solidify we're working as a team.
This seems like a political move, seeing as how you've dropped the ball twice now.
I am not your enemy.
Come to the bank and find out what I mean.
Do you love me now, New York? I'm starting to see your patterns.
- You're going to slip.
- Not yet, though.
She could be getting messages inside the bunker.
These bank heists and the people targeted by Fedorova There's always a connection.
Jane, come to the tunnel.
Almost there.
Not sure what Owen was trying to communicate to you with this thumb drive, because all I've found is this sound bite.
Cleaned up the environmentals, dropped all the ambient noise.
It's buried, but It's the only way.
If we let this go on, they'll all be dead.
- Sounds like you, Val.
- It is.
- Where's it from? - A mission in Gambia to recover NGO workers who'd been taken hostage, recorded by Fedorova, hidden in my home.
- To what end? - That's why we're here.
Anything else on it? I'll keep refining, but so far, zero.
Why did Owen have it? How the hell Maybe with a bug or a parabolic mic.
But she was pretty close.
Definitely closer than I thought.
- Send me what you got? - Mm-hmm.
Thanks, Halima.
Lunch is on me.
When have you ever taken lunch? It's the only way.
If we let this go on, they'll all be dead.
Ah, memories.
Why Gambia? Why bring it up now? I don't recall bringing it up at all.
Cut the riddles.
There are no coincidences, and nothing with you is random.
Owen didn't just leave this for me to find.
Your patience is thin.
It's becoming difficult for you discovering how deeply your husband is involved.
- I'm sympathetic.
- Try being cooperative.
Consider that it might not be a bad thing.
What, my husband lying to me for years? Not gonna put that on the plus side.
Marriage is challenging, especially when you're with someone you grew up with.
We share this.
Shared it, I suppose.
May I suggest you re-frame your outlook on Owen.
Maybe his involvement is for a good reason.
It's late.
Tell me what this is supposed to communicate? Maybe it's best told in a story A bedtime story about a bullet.
The bullet you fired at me in Gambia? Our first collaboration.
I don't think we define that term in the same way.
We were working together.
We're working together now.
Just listen.
Think back to that day.
That's the schoolroom.
That's where the teachers are being held.
Put them to work.
They do not need to spend so much time in the market.
They're undisciplined.
Make sure you've located all the men.
They spend two minutes at each post, which means we have 90 seconds to get them out.
Let's move.
Louie, do you see that? A U.
team of three is raiding the schoolhouse.
Saves us the trouble.
They'll get the teachers.
We'll finish the job.
The U.
finally does something smart Puts a woman in charge.
- I've got some bad news.
- She's going to be a dead woman.
The guard bailed his post.
He's going back inside.
She's walking into an ambush.
What a shame.
We could use a woman like this.
What are we hearing? The hammering just stopped a few minutes ago, then activity in the walls.
They're trying to escape, that's clear.
And we're looking for routes out.
They're nothing indicated in the building plans, but the owner said they're ancient and inaccurate.
Should I direct HRT to The basement or the first floor.
Maybe they're trying to go up.
Any indication from Special Ops? All they're hearing is shuffling.
No sense if they're climbing up or down.
Boss? We need to strategize our approach before committing.
This lady relies on us rushing the tactics.
Of course, boss.
Expand the perimeter two blocks.
Clear the way for HRT to take the door.
No traps.
We're getting smart today.
Right on time.
Alpha on point.
Team One in position.
- Team One authorized to move.
- Go! Boss, there's people coming out.
Stand down! Stand down! Hold your fire! Hands, hands in the air! We don't know who the hell's who.
Don't trust anyone! Go! Go, go, go! - Lobby's clear.
- It's empty.
They're all gone.
Sir, here.
There's an access tunnel.
Leads to an access hall.
Boss, that's the hammering we heard.
They have to be following it outside.
Let's go! We'll find them.
Today's our day.
They went out at the crack of dawn.
They're no more than an hour ahead of us.
Full task force has been assembled to hunt the Snow White fugitives.
Surveillance is being pulled for a mile radius.
- Extensive.
- Doak is focused today.
Sick of being the butt of the joke I'd be, too.
Can't say I didn't warn him.
I just wouldn't warn him again this morning.
Offering that up.
They changed clothes before the escape.
Anything of interest in the clothing? Nothing except two diamonds.
One fell out of a pant cuff.
The other was in a boot sole.
Figure they fell out of a safe deposit box when they dismantled the room.
Track the stones with the GLA.
Maybe we can return them to their owner.
Where's Doak? He's in the attic where they set off the chandelier explosion when they first took the bank.
Is the bank owner here yet? On his way.
What's the interest? Why his bank was a Fedorova target.
Access to next door Isn't that how she got the evidence on Attorney General Doblin? Just making sure it wasn't something else.
Like? Gambia.
Interesting, but you should be hunting fugitives.
Every story from her has yielded sideways information about her next target, which may be more relevant.
Réal said to give you resources.
You will have them.
First order get the fugitives into custody.
We were 30 seconds behind them.
Look, I want leverage on her, and don't you think having a top lieutenant in custody would help that? It might.
Get to the command center.
Start combing through surveillance footage.
Let's get this win, Val, together.
- He's on fire today.
- Sir, we found a motherboard from one of the chandelier charges.
Looks very sophisticated.
- Sir? - You're still here, Val? Sir, don't move.
- What the hell is this? - Don't touch it! Don't move! Nobody move! You seem upset, Director.
There is an element of detachment required in law enforcement.
In a criminal enterprise as well.
It's not easy to maintain, but the best of us manage to do so under trying circumstances.
Like being imprisoned in an FBI black site.
You put my people in danger.
You are messing with the wrong man.
What concerns you, Director? The welfare of Doak or what you may learn as he melts down? The laser trap, the explosives he's your target? There is a point at which you will have outlasted your usefulness.
Keep up the stories and the manipulation, but if you hurt one of my people that will be a very dark day for you.
The same may go for you, Director.
- You all right, Vendig? - Be real careful, don't move.
- Wow, that packed a punch.
- Yeah, concussion blast.
Good thing you were off its center.
Just stay put, okay? Don't move.
They're solid-state lasers, most likely using some type of glass or crystalline as the host.
Crystalline? Like what? Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, rubies, sapphire.
- Diamonds? - Absolutely.
How long till you penetrate the network? We've introduced the most common dopants to disrupt the energy transmitted to the surface.
- We keep getting burn-back.
- English.
The only person who can shut it off might be whoever set it up.
Go find them, Turner.
- Now.
- Yes, sir.
Special Ops pulled this off the surveillance hard drive.
He's a Snow White lieutenant and an ordnance expert.
He blew the hole in the safe deposit that led to next door.
And those diamonds found in the clothes, Anthony? Industrial, for use with lasers.
Gemological expert said there's one guy in town who sells them in bulk.
Who's that? Bank owner, Moustakas.
How in the hell does a guy own a bank? He's wealthy as hell.
He owns five banks in the city.
She took this bank for a reason, I'm telling you.
Val, if Doak finds out we delayed hunting the fugitives to discuss Gambia It's significant, Anthony, I promise.
Run surveillance on footage from Mobile Command, and I'll track the diamonds.
I'll see what I can find.
Yes, Director.
Thought you should know, Fedorova is still receiving communications.
She knows Doak is trapped in the bank, and I never mentioned his name.
I think she might even be reading lips, too.
- We'll get a break on that eventually.
- Yeah? When? Because she is getting so far under my skin it's making me itch.
Same, Director.
It's a lovely song, right? Oh, forgive me.
You probably don't speak Russian.
Not a word.
It's about a woman who wades into the icy waters of love, wondering, is her love a man or an iceberg? Interesting.
I just can't get over how much you remind me of Sergey.
He was always crafty.
If he were going by a different name, he'd definitely be up to something.
He's the kind of guy who'd never let the law get in the way of a good payoff, if you know what I mean.
But you wouldn't know anything about Sergey because you're Collins.
And I'm a very private guy.
So I would respect that if I were you.
Over and out.
Now, if you did know Sergey, you'd certainly be interested in what's going on with his wife these days.
It's all over the news.
But you wouldn't know anything about that.
You're Collins.
You know what Horek means? His nickname? It means a ferret.
We had a huge problem with ferrets in my grandfather's village.
You know, they used to burrow into the chicken coop at night, and in the morning, we would see all the destruction.
So my grandfather some nights he would sleep in the chicken coop with a hammer and a shotgun.
Horek is a dead man.
- And then what? - You go to solitary? You get transferred to another prison? Listen, I respect that fact that you're against bloodshed, but sometimes it's the only way to get rid of the problem for good.
We only got six more days, and this is over.
There's other methods of pest control that don't leave a mess.
Less effective methods.
I got an idea.
Just play along.
Be cool.
Be cool, huh? It's the only way.
If we let this go on, they'll all be dead.
I hear gunfire and then you.
What else should I be hearing? The reason Fedorova left it for me to find.
When you said, "They'll all be dead," who's "they"? Three American NGO workers, schoolteachers, taken hostage by a Gambian warlord named Kahlil Suma.
We rescued them, then she came in and erased the guy.
Not saying he didn't deserve it, but - She's a killer.
- Elena Fedorova? Honestly, I think she's kind of amazing.
- She outed a murderer.
- And now this.
Have you been watching the news? I have.
She's making herself a folk hero.
Yeah, not if I can help it.
Look, I got to go.
Your fellow was here.
He bought 25 half-carat synthetics.
He said it was for scientific equipment.
- Did he leave any contact information? - None.
Paid cash.
Wait, um, what's this? Diamond solitaire? Ah, yes.
He bought that, too.
Two-carat, cushion-cut, platinum setting, conflict-free A wonderful engagement ring.
Engagement ring? Since day one, there have been numerous calls traced between the first and second banks.
We thought it was her lieutenants coordinating tactics, which it may be.
But it's also him calling his girlfriend, the one with the braids.
We could never identify her.
He may be running, but the ring suggests he might hole up and wait for her.
A lot of places to hide in the city.
Flowers is tracing his cell now.
Posthaste, Turner.
And, Turner another thing Have you identified Fedorova's target yet? There's always a target for these stunts.
We haven't yet.
Tell Flowers to get his ass in gear.
- Trace the calls.
- Done.
Get back.
Back up.
The lasers have tightened in.
The box is getting smaller.
- - Think, Mr.
We're in a real situation here.
I wish I could help.
But the electrical system in this building is beyond my knowledge.
I wouldn't have a clue how someone would wire in a laser system like this or how to turn one off.
Boss, I think it has its own generator or its own battery system, which I would not touch right now.
Get him clear.
Go! The way the lasers are installed, it could move the beams all the way to the wall.
Trapping us.
Did we trigger the movement? I don't see any motion sensor.
It might be remote, or on a timer.
I want a team drilling an escape hole through the ceiling Sir, we discussed it debris could break the lasers' path.
Then they come up through the floor - or through the walls.
- Solid concrete.
Two hours to drill, easily.
Son of a bitch! Anthony, if we're gonna find Fedorova's lieutenant, we got to do better than just Brooklyn Heights.
We're trying to triangulate this guy's cell, but we can't narrow the circumference.
Where in Brooklyn Heights can you go undetected for days maybe? Without cameras, without prying eyes.
Some place he could make a run for it when the time was right.
He's not taking a bus, hitting the airport.
Has to know we have all the toll roads covered.
There's no other way out of Brooklyn.
Anthony, there's a marina just south of the Brooklyn Bridge.
ONE15 Brooklyn Marina.
A boat.
It's an easy slide out of town.
On my way.
The marina, good.
Hopefully that'll pan out.
Look, keep your head up.
Anything more, you're the first to know.
Appreciate it.
D-Director, each of these stunts has focused on a specific target, which I know has not been identified.
Not as of yet.
Do you think it's possible they targeted me? You're near Fedorova.
Has she said anything to that effect? I don't put much stock into what she says.
But it did come up? She didn't say no? Doak, don't get ahead of yourself.
Each of these stunts has come to a conclusion with a confession, but there is nothing to confess.
Understood and appreciated.
Stay cool, Doak.
I'll be in touch.
Those lasers get hot.
Is your friend starting to melt? Okay, we'll be fine.
Damn it.
I've gone into it as many times as I can.
I can hear the wind blowing behind you.
I know I'm pushing you to the brink with this, but I know it's significant.
I refined it so minutely, I can hear a bird flying by.
Nothing else is on this drive.
Thanks, Halima.
All right.
What was that call about? The recording? - Gambia? - Listened to it 20 times.
- I can't get past it.
- Not sure if you should, Val.
Your instincts are awfully good.
They're not perfect.
They weren't that day.
You are my son my flesh and blood.
Then you disrespect me? Bring shame to the family name! He's whining like a baby, you know "What can I do, Papa? How can I make you proud?" I tell him, "Be a man!" Chin up, chest out! I ask him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" He says, "I want to be a fighter like you, Papa.
" I say, "No, no, no, no, my son.
I am not a fighter, I am a winner!" Yes! Yes, sir! Val? Val.
FBI! Don't move! Take that hand out! This one? You got it.
- And now the other! - Real slow! Grenade, Val! You took the first bank.
You must be a very important person - in her organization.
- Just one of many.
Tight-knit group, these "many"? United by a common purpose.
- Care to share it? - You'll know soon enough.
Move! That's what you all seem to say.
What's the extent you're willing to go to for Fedorova suicide bombing? I don't mean to sound childish, but that's kind of for me to know.
And me to find out.
When were you gonna propose to your girl? The one who took the second bank? - You're stalling now.
- Got a big plan? Gonna get down on one knee? You're stalling until your backup gets set up SWAT, bomb squad, snipers.
Got to even things up.
You've got a grenade and a senior agent in harm's way.
And now you're in harm's way.
Let's start with the laser device at the bank.
How is it disarmed? With sweat and tears.
Director, we could use an update.
The fugitive isn't cooperating yet.
He will though, Doak.
Sit tight.
I'm not sure that's an option anymore.
Please stop wasting your breath.
You won't listen to me, you won't listen to reason, and you won't negotiate, but I bet there's one person you'll listen to.
Only one.
You're such a fanatic, you'd blow yourself up for her? Possibly.
Communicate that to the Director! He'll only stand down for Fedorova! Sir sir, please, maybe this helps, maybe I just got to say it.
- I'm listening, Doak.
- Back when I was a junior agent, I worked on a fentanyl-smuggling case out of Venezuela.
My superior told me to cut loose a Miami car dealer who'd gotten caught up Young guy, named defendant.
Said to keep him out of the indictment, that he was just a kid who got in with the wrong crowd.
A few years later, that same kid was running his own drug ring.
Brought in his own shipment of fentanyl.
It was over-pure, and 30 people died some of them just teenagers.
All right, Doak.
What was I supposed to do? I was just a kid on the job myself.
I know people think I'm a blowhard, but it's important for me to get it right.
I can't have any more blood on my hands.
Please Please tell Fedorova.
Maybe this is the confession she's after and it ends this.
I'll tell her now.
Call Agent Turner.
Tell her to instruct the SWAT snipers to blow the fugitive's brains out.
I guess she can read lips.
Louie Stand down.
How do I turn off the lasers? No need.
They don't do anything.
Take cover, take cover! It's over.
They didn't do anything.
They didn't do a damn thing.
Sir there's a safe in here.
I've never seen this before.
I have no idea how to open it.
Really? You own the bank, and you don't know about the safe hidden in the wall? It must be a holdover from one of the previous renovations.
It's not old, and it's awfully clean.
Then someone else put it there.
- Someone else? - I just I'm not aware of it.
I see.
Thank you.
- Confine him.
- Yes, boss.
Get the plasma saw.
Cut this thing open, now.
So it's Louie, huh? Um, what's your girl's name? To be Fedorova's top lieutenant, you must be pretty sharp.
You want me to insult your intelligence and threaten you and your fiancée and tell you we're gonna get her eventually and put her under the hot lights and only one of you gets an immunity deal? Nah, we can skip all that.
Thought so.
Though we do need to discuss the phone.
Dive team's in the water.
What's on it? Dirty selfies.
I'm bashful.
Enjoy lockup.
Were you aware that we've crossed paths before? You never saw me, but I saw you in Gambia.
Figure out the recording yet? Doesn't look like it, or you wouldn't care so much about me.
- Who should I care about? - We get so involved listening to the sound of our own voices, that we miss the big picture.
Explain yourself, Louie.
It's the only way.
If we It's the only way.
I can't believe it.
No way.
Always happy to break bread with a stranger.
How insanely stupid are you, saying the name of a man who's supposed to be dead? - I - And what the hell did you do to get in here, Horek rob another graveyard? - I've moved on from such things.
- Ah.
I have something good.
Keep your mouth shut, forget my name, forget Odessa and my wife.
There may be something in it for you.
Now, that's the Sergey I remember.
There will be a breakout in about a month, then an easy score outside.
- 35 grand for you.
- $100,000.
Old friend.
I'll find you.
That'll be a week in the infirmary at least.
More than enough.
- Did you see that? - Yeah.
- He okay? - Don't know.
Medic to cafeteria, stat.
It's the only way.
If we let this go on, they'll all be dead.
The gunfire was from the warlord's men executing the villagers.
- I recall.
- Me too.
Can't forget their screams above the flat report of the Kalashnikovs.
Except Kalashnikov's don't have a flat report.
They have a deeper sound.
They do indeed.
The guns being used by the warlord's men, these guns are M16s, American guns.
How on Earth did they get them? Not you.
Snow White has never dealt in American military weapons.
That will get you on the radar of your Army Intelligence, CIA, FBI very quickly.
- Who sold them the guns? - A real patriot.
Associated with New York Commerce, where you set up your laser device? I knew saving your life was the right thing to do.
Saving my life? Mm.
Safe's open at New York Commerce A lot of hard drives, crypto wallets, and files.
Doak said there's one labeled "Gambia.
" - Get to the bank.
- Yes, sir.
27 zip drives, 14 crypto wallets, all linked to wire transfers to and from offshore banks, all speaking to international money laundering going back ten years to your days in the Treasury Department.
I don't know about any of this or that safe.
Your fingerprints are on it.
We've determined that.
I'm gonna talk to my attorney.
There's so much evidence against you here, Mr.
Moustakas, I was about to suggest that myself.
But before we cuff you Records brokering the sale of 15 shipments of stolen American armaments to Gambian warlord Kahlil Suma.
I'm pretty certain there's nothing in there that could be connected to me.
I wouldn't be certain of that.
Those guns were used to overtake a village where women were raped for sport and American NGO workers were kidnapped and tortured.
That had nothing to do with me.
The guns you brokered almost got me killed.
You want to help yourself? Is this how you got on the radar of Elena Fedorova? Never heard of her before she took over my property.
- I'm not sure I buy that.
- You'll have to.
On your feet.
He's so proud of himself.
Whenever you see one of these, an entire me wall you know they're no damn good.
I'll start digging into Moustakas.
If there's an early association with Fedorova, I'll find it.
Anthony I think I found it.
They're all in the photo.
So I wasn't the target in any way? That's been determined? Wrong place, wrong time Fedorova confirmed.
With relish, I'd imagine, from what I hear about her.
I'm the only one who heard what was said.
It stays with me.
It was humiliating, but the the confession was true.
You had a leader with poor judgment, resulting in an experience that shaped you into an agent determined to take bad guys off the street, regardless of money or connections.
- That's what I heard.
- Thank you, Director.
And I appreciate the look into the operation.
It's good for you to know the scope.
Because in all honesty, being kept in the dark has weighed on me.
I'm not sure the assignment of duties has been properly balanced.
Val Turner being here and you in the field.
She is a field agent.
Was there any mention of Gambia when New York Commerce was first liberated? By Val Turner? We had a very active environment.
So, if her instinct had been followed, pursued, this whole embarrassment of yours could possibly have been avoided, correct? - I - She as access and insight the rest of us don't.
I listen to her.
You should, too.
Like take her orders? That sounds like a demotion.
It's reality, Doak.
I'm gonna destroy you.
He looks like he's had a hell of a day.
I think we all have.
But this perked me up.
Don't they all look pleased with themselves.
All of your targets are in this photo, taken during their time in the Cutler Administration.
- Attorney General Doblin? - Embezzler.
- Homeland Secretary Bradberry.
- Bribed by a drug cartel.
Tyler Erickson Newsman, murderer.
And now Moustakas Money launderer, connected to Gambia.
How does it feel knowing your life was put in danger by the people supposed to keep you safe? - Infuriating.
- We share this.
We share so many things, see so much the same way.
The others in the photo, are they next? Are they corrupt swine? Do they deserve to lose everything they amassed on the backs of good people? Val Turner will discover it.
This is a good partnership.
It goes all the way back to Gambia.
That's where it began.
- Bad luck.
- This won't end well for her.
Well, everyone needs a little help sometimes.
I am not a fighter.
I am a winner! He's coming.
I watched you the whole time Gutsy woman walking into a trap.
I will show you the way.
The story about a bullet I'm the bullet.
You want a partnership? We need a balance of power.
Not easy when you're always one step ahead.
You'll catch up.
What are they watching? The beginning of our story, of course.
Dive team recovered Louie's cell phone.
Special Ops pulled the SIM.
Texts all ones and zeros.
Some sort of binary code? - We assume.
- It's being worked on now.
What number were the texts sent to? And we pulled the records It's been receiving from a number of other cell phones as well.
She's getting intel from all over.
We're tracing those phones now.
Okay, so the question is, how is she receiving the information? Ones and zeros? I have an idea.
- Is she asleep? - That's affirmative.
Okay, I need the room.
Elena, the balance of power just shifted.

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