The Endgame (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Gold Rush

1 Previously on "The Endgame" Bank just got hit by six gunmen.
She thinks on a big scale.
And the biggest bank in New York is Federal Reserve.
How's she gonna steal 6,000 tons of gold? What's happening? The woman they took is Ameera Ojjeh.
She has the biometrics to open the vault.
I took over seven banks but not for money.
We have to be alive to get our revenge.
So when's the last time you thought of Isaac Bigby? - Who the hell is Isaac Bigby? - The man who killed my mother.
You actually turned your husband in to the FBI.
- You, Sergey - There's more to this.
Just walk away, and don't come back.
- Who are the Beloks? - Complicated question.
The Ukrainian organized crime family.
Every story from her has yielded sideways information about her next target.
Val has access and insight the rest of us don't.
- I listen to her.
You should too.
- That sounds like a demotion.
It's reality, Doak.
How is she receiving the information? Texts, all ones and zeros.
All of your targets are in this photo.
The others, are they next? Val Turner will discover it.
You're so domestic.
I love it.
- Don't get used to it.
- It's a special occasion.
Let's finish this.
Please, I've told you everything.
You told us a bit, Pasha, although it took some convincing.
But you have not told us everything, not yet.
You're afraid.
We are talking about powerful people.
But right now, we are the ones you should be afraid of.
I admit, I planted the bomb in the church.
My wife was sick.
I couldn't afford a doctor.
They offered me so much money.
Your wife is better now? She's good? It was too late.
It was all for nothing.
I'm so sorry.
The person who hired you, give us a name.
If I do, you'll just kill me.
No, I will not kill you.
I promise.
It's all right.
Whisper it to me.
You took so much from us, Pasha.
Murdered my husband's entire family, destroyed our lives.
We have lived with this grief for so long.
I see you have remorse, but is that justice? And yet I made a promise.
So I will not kill you.
He will.
A small justice was done that day but nowhere near enough.
- - So Pasha Antonov admitted that he was hired by a member of the Cutler administration to bomb your wedding? Someone in this photo? Care to share and save me the trouble of finding out myself? Why would a U.
official put a hit on the Vodianov family? When you meet that person, perhaps you can ask them.
I ran the dates of when these people worked for Cutler and checked the White House sign-in logs.
They're watching drone footage of the church explosion, aren't they? They're watching the massacre of 108 men, women, and children.
A nightmare.
To say the least.
Haven't you already made your point? The city's been at a standstill for a week, and innocent people are still being held hostage.
Four of the officials in this photo are currently facing charges.
I see others in this photo who currently face nothing at all.
Okay, so I'll make you a deal.
In exchange for the banks you hold, we'll investigate the others.
You're already doing this, except I have leverage.
But I like the idea of teamwork.
I wouldn't say we're a team.
Now, now, you never know when someone might turn out to be a true partner.
I won't stop until there is full accountability.
It's your mother's birthday this week, no? She would still be here with you if one man hadn't chosen the path of violence.
Don't you wish you could hold the Isaac Bigby accountable for everything he took from you? Bigby is dead.
I've accepted the fact that there won't be any justice for my mother.
But what if there could be? What if you could talk to him? Would you show him more mercy than Sergey and I showed Pasha Antonov? I don't deal in hypotheticals.
I deal in reality, the here and now.
You dwell in the past too, don't lie.
Who's next? You'll see.
We need to get to door three in time for the iris scan.
Sebastian, Garcelle, grab the boy.
Liam bring the briefcase and wire it up.
Let's go.
Where are you taking us? Okay, I'm coming.
We're all going down to the vault.
You will do exactly as I say.
I need to update the president.
So they breached the stairwell gate or They're in the process and likely to soon.
But that doesn't mean they're in the gold vault yet, ma'am.
So you called the White House chief of staff to say all is right with the world? Get to it.
That stairwell does lead to the subterranean levels and the gold.
But past extensive security layers.
Rogelio, your assistant director needs to stop sugarcoating.
We are neck-deep in fresh sewage.
If the 6,000 tons of gold in that vault is removed, tampered with, touched, posed with for a selfie, the world will say the United States cannot protect its assets, and the dollar will plummet.
We're talking global depression.
Look, we will do everything in our power to keep that from happening.
The president's in the press room at 3:00 p.
Is that what he should tell those vipers? Ma'am, there are two other recognizable people in that photo.
One of them will be her next target.
We're working on that now.
I know Judge Caroline Walsh.
Don't know why she'd be a target.
Still, I'm putting a detail on her home.
The other is Ahmed Abdel.
In 2011, he was an assistant in the Cutler staff.
We're digging into companies he's founded after leaving the White House? Opal Electronics, Sable Gaming, TITN Consultants.
TITN? Four years ago, they did a complete security revamp at the Federal Reserve.
So if anyone can stop Snow White from stealing the gold, it's him.
Which would put Abdel number one on Fedorova's hit list.
- Bring him in.
- I'm on my way.
What's her name again? Val Turner.
And, Flowers, you're her partner? That's right, ma'am.
Keep doing what you're doing.
I'll brief the president now.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
You got through the first gate, but you're gonna need a lot more than that to get to the gold.
Something like this? No! Wired up, ready to go.
What are you planning to do with that? Sir, I'm a mother with two little girls at home.
I am begging you, please don't hurt me.
Don't give me a reason to.
We've tracked the coded messages being sent to Fedorova via the War Room console.
Most originated from cell phones inside the hijacked banks.
Snow White members keeping Fedorova up to speed.
But there's an outlier.
A third of those messages were sent from a cell phone north of the city.
Peekskill Correctional Facility.
Mm, the only person I can think of inside of that prison sending messages.
is Owen Turner.
- Mr.
Abdel? - Yes? Special Agent Val Turner, FBI.
Sorry to drop in unannounced, but you don't pick up your phone.
- Do you have a minute? - I don't, no.
Yeah, that was just me being polite.
I'm here on the authority of the director of the FBI and the White House.
Open the door.
What do you want? Look, Snow White operatives are trying to breach the Federal Reserve's gold vault.
I have it on good authority that you can help us stop them.
I do not know what you're talking about.
Abdel, unless you want to end up indicted, humiliated, or whatever else Fedorova has planned for you, help me, and I'll help you.
It runs off the phone.
What doesn't these days? I heard her name on the news, that's it.
I don't understand why I'd be a target.
Well, most of the other people in this photo were.
So it stands to reason you're next.
- Oh, God.
Where did that come from? - Where do you think? Okay, uh, I was just operating the drone camera.
I was technical assistance.
They pulled me in at the last minute, but I didn't know what it was about, not until it was over.
I didn't do anything to her.
I'm not sure she sees it that way.
Okay, does she know that Joan Bradbury said that if I told anyone, she would revoke my citizenship, deport my parents back to Syria? I'm innocent here.
You've been waiting for me, haven't you? Or her.
I've seen what's been going on.
It's been like a like a vise tightening around my throat.
You want it to stop? Help us keep Snow White out of the Reserve's gold vault.
You are assuming there's a way in.
If you built it, you can crack it.
There is a trapdoor.
So if the system was ever compromised, I could log in and manually reset it.
The only thing is, I need to be on the Reserve's server.
Let's talk on the way.
What the hell is this? I don't suppose you brought any other agents with you.
No, they're definitely not with me.
Um, where can you take cover? - Fr-fr-fr-from whom? - Ahmed.
There is there is a safe room off the library.
Good, go.
Wait, your phone, it controls the house? Unlock it, give it to me.
Okay, go.
Val, do you have Abdel? Three armed gunmen just showed up wearing Snow White masks.
I think she's trying to take him out.
I'll send backup.
Hold them off.
FBI! Drop your weapon! Damn it! Come on out now.
Game's over.
You're supposed to be in the safe room.
There's another gunman.
The safe room door, it's stuck.
How can it be stuck? Because it's needed.
That's when technology always fails.
Give me my phone.
That's the third shooter.
Call it off.
Right now! I don't understand.
Tell your men to stand down.
Any harm comes to Turner, the same comes to you.
Harm Agent Turner? Why would I do this? You better pray the state police get to them in time.
I know you're in there.
Come on out real easy, man.
Don't make me come in there and get you.
Ah! - Get out here.
- Are we good? Great.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, sending three gunmen, Fedorova clearly has a big problem with you.
Two of the shooters are DOA.
The third's in custody and being transported.
A shoot-out, Val, with you in the middle? What is this, Fedorova upping her game? Did you speak to her? She denied involvement.
She wasn't cryptic or confusing or annoying? Just denied it.
I'll pursue it further.
Director Réal, we just got word about the shoot out.
- The MCU interview room is - Good, Doak.
Put Anthony Flowers on.
Of course.
The director.
This is Flowers.
I need you to handle something for me.
Drive to Peekskill Prison for a sit-down with Owen Turner.
I'll fill you in on the way.
Don't tell anyone where you're going.
Not Doak, especially not Val.
- Understood? - Yes, Director.
Send your cell.
Call back when you're driving.
I have to step out, orders.
Regarding? Can't say.
Welcome, Ms.
Welcome, Mr.
Unless one of you is a Federal Reserve board member in disguise, this is the end of the road.
You need three of us to enter the vault.
I'll get you a refill, Ms.
Welcome, Ms.
One down, two to go.
Let's hit it.
You see, this is where I become frustrated.
I was told there was no way to breach the vault door without a third board member's biometrics.
They're through the first vault door.
Abdel, Assistant Director Doak.
Heard you had a hell of a morning.
Team's assembled outside, awaiting your download.
Let's get this over with.
We pulled the plans for you.
This is the third shooter from Abdel's house.
In the command center, if that works for you.
Not even sure I'm in charge.
- You are.
- Really? I get the sense if this goes pear-shaped, I'll be selling knish in Times Square.
That's probably true for both of us.
You didn't get raked over the coals by the president's chief of staff.
Exactly the opposite.
When I upgraded the system, I had them seal a fire door from the vault level to the subway tunnel on the William Street side.
There is a vulnerable spot.
It's just brick and drywall.
No rebar.
We can break through.
I'll take a small detail, go in quiet.
Be in and gone before they even know it.
I'll get him into the server.
You question the prisoner.
Um, Doak? Listen, Abdel is skittish.
Interviews are your specialty, - and we need the best in that room.
- And the president is watching.
So if it's flawless, it's commendations for me and reinstatement for you.
What do you say? I'm all about teamwork.
Your name, please? Ameera Ojjeh.
Your name, please? Scott McPherson.
Your name, please? Seamus Plymouth.
- You have a delivery for me? - Depends.
Are you Federal Reserve board member "See-moose Ply-mouth"? It's pronounced "Shay-mus Plih-muth.
" Want a tip? Next time, get it right.
Have a good day.
Two down, one to go.
The entry point is very close.
This way.
Sir, vault two has been breached.
Snow White is through the second vault door.
Don't worry, they won't get through the third.
It's iris recognition.
You can't fake that.
Okay, unless they have a board member's eyeball in their pocket, they're not getting through.
Oh, my God.
This is it.
I marked it, just in case.
Vault sensors are picking up a strong heat signature at the third door.
Tech thinks it's an explosive device, and it's just been armed.
- We need to get in now! - Yes, sir.
He doesn't look well.
I've been watching him for days.
He never left the house.
He has a problem with alcohol.
How the mighty have fallen.
Let's do this tonight.
I don't feel well.
About this? Him? For weeks now, it comes and goes.
I thought I had the flu.
I think there's something wrong with me.
What? I don't believe this.
I didn't think I could have children.
All these years we've been together It's a miracle.
It's my mother in heaven sending us a blessing.
How you doing? Owen.
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah, it's not a social call.
Val was involved in a shoot-out today.
- Oh.
- She's fine.
Shoot-out? With who? See, that's a question that I'm inclined to ask you, but there's not a lot of honesty coming from your camp.
So I'll just say what I'm here to say.
Anthony, I don't know anything about a shoot-out.
Maybe that's true, maybe not.
I don't know you anymore, but whatever you're involved in put Val in front of flying lead.
So I'm just here to ask, was that the original goal? I don't know anything about it.
I have to assume that you got involved with these people because whatever they sold you sounded like the right path, or maybe it was part of it all along.
Now, you know I would never put her in jeopardy.
But she is, because the people you're working with just tried to take out your wife.
That's not it.
The same woman who stood by you when no one else would.
Owen, if you knew it was coming, just clam up.
But if this is out of hand, which it is, get out now.
And I'll do anything I can to help.
Okay, okay.
Just ask yourself one question, then.
Is this really who you are now? Go.
How long will it take to reset the system? No more than a few minutes.
Can you open this? We can send in a team to take them out.
Have to retake the system to open the door.
Then it's all yours.
Val, tell everyone topside that we're in the server room.
Ivan Aslanov, here on a student visa.
So what are you studying? I have nothing to say.
Oh, now, now, now.
Not so fast, come on.
One thing you should learn while getting your American education is that this is the land of let's make a deal.
Not interested.
Well, you're in a tough spot.
You had one job to do.
One job.
Take out Ahmed Abdel.
You failed.
What do you think Elena Fedorova is gonna do to you when she finds out? What do I care about Elena Fedorova? What can she do to me? She's your boss.
I don't work for that bitch.
You were wearing Snow White masks.
Bought at a kiosk near Grand Central.
His surveillance would show the masks.
So his surveillance shows the masks, you put it off on Snow White.
Okay, so if you don't work for Elena Fedorova, who do you work for? 'Cause we keep hearing the name Belok.
I'd like my lawyer.
See, I do know about America.
I watch TV.
Second iris has been scanned outside the gold vault.
Get Doak on the radio.
Make sure he's aware.
Maybe they're out of range.
They shouldn't be.
Send an agent down.
I can't make sense of it, sir.
I've interviewed two of her people.
They never denied being Snow White.
In fact, they revel in it.
So I'm leaning toward believing his story.
So who is he? No record in the U.
, nothing with Interpol.
But he's trained well and acts like she's an enemy.
When I mentioned the Beloks, he lawyered up.
If he's with the Beloks, why go after another enemy of hers? We brought Abdel in to spoil Elena's plan.
But I like the idea of teamwork.
Now, now, you never know when someone might turn out to be a true partner.
Sir, does she look worried? Not a bit.
I got a bad feeling.
Abdel is in the photo.
He must be her target.
Unless she turned him And we just walked him right into the Federal Reserve.
Don't move.
Abdel, my name is Elena Fedorova.
This is my husband, Sergey Vodianov.
I know who you are.
Don't be afraid.
We just want to talk.
You drink so much, Mr.
Something you're trying to forget? Are you are you here to kill me? - You would deserve it.
- I'm so sorry.
I I didn't know.
Only a day ago, it wouldn't have mattered that you were sorry.
I felt so much rage for the people who hurt us.
I've killed people.
I would have killed you.
But I don't want to do that anymore.
Doesn't change anything.
- No, it doesn't.
- Sit down, don't move.
I need to make the world better for those who come next.
Perhaps you'd like to help us.
- Time frame, Abdel? - 20 seconds.
You can do anything on your phone.
What are you doing with propane? Doak, get Abdel out of there.
He's with Snow White.
I'm on my way.
Freeze! Don't move! It's it's too late.
It's done.
Take them back up to the lobby.
I'll handle this.
Do not set off that device! We need to unlock this door right now.
No, we need to leave.
They're planting propane tanks in the vault.
The device will set them off and the room will become an oven, over 2,000 degrees.
The gold will vaporize.
- Why? What does that prove? - It's Gambia.
It's the diamond mine she imploded.
It's not about the money.
It's about revenge.
Get a demo team and the bomb squad to blow this door.
You don't have time for that.
- We have charges.
- Take it now! Freeze! You all better run.
We got a lobby full of hostages upstairs and no time to evacuate.
Just under a minute.
Take the prisoners back out through the tunnel.
Due respect, sir, we should stay till the room is clear.
That's an order! Let's go, everybody out.
You remember ordnance class at Quantico? Some of it.
We could try cutting the wires, but if it has collapsing circuits, then it detonates.
We could try to relocate it to a safe place, but if it has a mercury switch that's sensitive to movement It detonates, and there's no safe place to relocate it.
Last option remove the detonators.
If there's no trigger mechanism, the primary explosive is neutralized.
I'll take one.
You take the other.
Real easy, Val.
Three, two, one, pull.
Take cover.
There's no point.
Either it worked, or it didn't.
Cross your fingers.
Let's finish this.
Stand by for the go order.
We're retaking the Federal Reserve.
Take the door.
Moving in.
On the ground now! FBI! Show me your hands! Down, down now! When they came for Abdel, they fired on Val.
They must have been wearing Snow White masks.
A message for us.
- They could have killed her.
- Beloks are no match for your wife.
That's not the point.
You said the plan could draw them out, but you never told me that Val could get caught in the crossfire.
Did you think it was gonna be easy? Elena is doing everything she can to protect her.
You better hope that's enough, because if anything happens to Val I'll kill you both.
Remember that.
I should probably thank you for saving my life earlier.
Don't mention it.
Abdel, before you're locked up, help me understand.
The shooters who came for you, no records here or abroad.
They're ghosts.
But if I had to guess, I'd say they were hired by the Beloks.
That's a good guess.
Not a lot of information available.
- They're a crime family? - Mm-hmm.
Enemies of Elena Fedorova, Snow White? Long time.
That's probably all I should say.
How'd she turned you? You seem like a a smart, freethinking person.
Like your husband? We're discussing you.
The tactics were probably different for me and Owen, different but the same.
Put a word to it.
I lied before.
I wasn't pulled into the room just to guide the surveillance drone.
I I arranged payment to the bomber, Pasha Antonov.
You could say I hired him, technically.
Did you know what you were paying him to do? No.
I was told it was to help our allies in Belarus, working to fight against Russian aggression.
They lied to me.
I drank to cope.
I I withdrew.
And then Elena and Sergey knocked on my door.
I'm done now.
Ahmed, I'm all for redemption, but prison is a dangerous place.
If the Beloks want you dead, they can find you there too.
Elena won't let anything happen to me.
Elena wasn't there this morning.
I was.
Yes, because Elena sent you.
The messages Elena's receiving from outside Forensics cracked the code.
And? What'd you learn? First, some of the messages are coming from inside Peekskill Prison.
I sent Flowers to visit him and to let him know about the attack at Ahmed Abdel's house just to see if he'd reach out to Elena.
The latest message reads, "Val and Abdel under fire.
The new players are here.
" He knows about the Beloks.
It's a lot to process.
But I don't want you visiting him again, not without a wire.
It's too risky.
I was ordered, Val.
Do not apologize, Anthony.
It wasn't something I felt good about.
But at the same time, I gotta say I didn't hate giving him a piece of my mind.
Look, um, did he seem upset when you told him about what happened at Abdel's house? Yeah, he was upset.
It's just the message he sent Elena was so, um straightforward.
I'm just I'm trying to make it make sense in in in my head.
Maybe I'm trying to make it something it's not.
Don't know, Val.
It all comes out to the same.
Owen made his choice.
He's with Elena, not me.
Chief of Staff Swanstrom wants us to conference.
Victory lap, Val.
Take it.
You earned it.
I'm not in the mood.
Great news all around.
The president was thrilled to hear it.
Well the job had to get done.
I got it done.
Freeze! I'll never understand it.
There's, like, a piece missing.
What's the one thing that turns a person from normal human being to zealot? Willingness? For us, it was our baby.
We wanted a better life, a better world for our child.
As most mothers do.
Giving birth does not make you soft, quite the opposite.
You know what's easy? Murder, violence.
What is hard is forgiveness.
If you had the chance, would you forgive Isaac Bigby for killing your mother? This again.
If you had the opportunity to right that wrong and if there was someone who understood Is that what turned someone like Abdel to Snow White? Well, it doesn't apply to me.
Hmm, let's see.
Check your pocket.
Isaac Bigby's address.
He's alive.
For all these years, there's been no accountability, no justice.
So now it's time for you to tell me a story.
And I'm dying to know how it ends.

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