The Endgame (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Previously on "The Endgame" Look, will you just tell me your name so we can communicate a little more civilly? I won't be giving you anything.
Think about together forever, my love.
FBI! Don't move! Who the hell is Isaac Bigby? Isaac Bigby is the man who killed my mother.
30 bullets ripped through our house.
And your darkest wish is to kill the man who killed your mother.
The officials in this photo, they're watching drone footage of the church explosion.
They're watching the massacre Of 108 men, women, and children.
Ma'am, there are two other people in that photo.
One of them will be her next target.
I know Judge Caroline Walsh.
Don't know why she'd be a target.
Still, I'm putting a detail on her home.
Now, if you did know Sergey, you'd certainly be interested in what's going on with his wife these days.
Horek is a dead man.
I got an idea.
Owen made his choice.
He's with Elena.
Check your pocket.
Isaac Bigby's address.
He's alive.
So now it's time for you to tell me a story.
And I'm dying to know how it ends.
What are you trying to pull? Why are you trying to mess with me so badly? - It's just cruel.
- I understand that's how you feel.
But it's not the intent.
It's a lie.
I don't buy it.
You think I'd waste time trying to fool a master investigator? You feel manipulated.
I understand.
You know what I really feel? That I could wrap my hands around your neck long enough to kill you before anyone could stop me.
Your anger is justified.
Your life has been pried open.
But wouldn't you rather be free of this phantom? - Who says I'm not? - Me.
It takes one to no one.
When the past is not exorcised, it comes back to haunt you.
Agent Turner, I've given you the truth.
That's all I've ever given you.
It's the act of a true friend.
It is a mind game and nothing else.
And I did investigate Bigby.
He's buried in Louisiana.
A coffin full of bricks.
That's what's under the headstone you saw.
What exactly do you think I want with this? Closure.
Open wounds fester.
Let's close it together.
Well, thanks, pal.
This means nothing.
Do you sleep well, Agent Turner? I sleep just fine.
Oh, Mom.
Mom? Mom! I did what you asked.
The tenant there is listed as Lawrence Oliver, - not Isaac Bigby.
- Fake name.
He's been there five years.
Look deeper.
I will.
I wanted to get down here because I was getting anxious.
What'd you think I'd do, Anthony? Not worth mentioning because it's not gonna happen.
Kill him? That what you're thinking? - I've been thinking about it.
- Yeah, I would too.
But that's why we're gonna get out of here and get some coffee.
I'm not letting you take one step in that direction.
I'm being torn up by this.
Memories of my mom keep flashing back, and Owen, how am I supposed to make peace with this too? Talking with me somewhere else.
Start the car.
Please, Val? This? All the guards on my door, the late-night phone calls for this? Caroline.
Caroline, have you been watching the news? Paying any attention at all the past six days? The Marconi trial is finally about to hear closing arguments, longest trial I've ever sat on.
I have a request.
You're gonna say no, but consider recusing yourself from the case.
Come in with me now.
As you predicted, no.
I walked into a staff meeting, and drone footage was playing that I had no connection to.
Now I'm next on this Fedorova's hit list? - It goes to logic.
- Why? What have I done, Rogelio? Adjudicated 40 federal cases, locked up hundreds of evil bastards like Fedorova.
I'm not challenging your record, Caroline.
I'm trying to protect a friend.
You are unchanged from college.
Same big heart but same over-thinker.
I wasn't overthinking.
I was being prepared.
There is a pattern.
Three, two, one.
The initial incident won't seem to be about you.
It may start with someone in the past.
You may end up in grave danger That we may not be able to get you out of.
You should tell ghost stories.
You're so good at this.
Caroline, you, too, are unchanged.
I have been threatened hundreds of times.
Pissing off criminals comes with the job.
I appreciate the concern, but I will be fine.
Now, unless you want to take a trip down memory lane and spin "The Sound of Silence" and kill a bottle of cheap red, I have court in the morning.
My team is sitting on your house.
That is nonnegotiable.
That, I can handle.
The drone footage you were watching in this photo, it really meant nothing? What I saw seemed like a military operation.
I didn't have anything to do with it.
Stay frosty.
Log director's departure.
Glen, Glen.
I'm so sorry.
Did you see an Aussiedoodle run by? He always bolts the leash.
Glen? You named your dog Glen? I'm unconventional.
Let's do it.
Remember me? Come with us, Your Honor.
Explain this again.
The phantom, it's our program.
It watches for any activity in the bank's server without being detected.
Anything they're doing, we can see.
- And there's activity.
- How? We killed the power inside.
Some kind of generator.
Not sure.
But there's definitely activity.
They're trying to break into Elena Fedorova's frozen account.
Oh, this is perfect.
I told her.
I warned her! Nothing yet from CSU inside the brownstone, but it's probably a waste of time.
My hatred for Fedorova is about to erupt.
But the note, what does it say? "How many people can you fit into a 300-square-foot store?" It's Fedorova's handwriting.
This is a new level of baffling.
It's a lure.
She loves a lure.
To what, we don't know yet.
Oh, dear God.
If they hurt her Got something.
Taken by a gas station surveillance camera down the road from Elmira Correctional.
That's 30 miles from here.
There was a prison break there last night.
A convict named Jamie Alfonso.
And this is who's driving his getaway van.
Snow White.
The plates were blurry, but Special Ops just got them cleaned up.
And a neighbor down the street from here, their surveillance showed the same van screeching past last night the same time the judge was kidnapped.
Why Caroline? What's the connection between her and this escaped con? She put him away in 2010.
Alfonso murdered a thug named Carlos Bella from the Mirabile family.
She's been kidnapped by a killer she put away.
That's unbelievable.
If it's any comfort, it hasn't been about physical retaliation for Fedorova so far.
Or maybe today's the day when Fedorova breaks her mold.
We just got a plate hit on the getaway van.
- Abandoned in Brooklyn.
- All right, go now.
Doak, this better concern finding Caroline Walsh.
In the spirit of all things Fedorova does being connected, I believe it does.
There's activity at First Capital Security Bank.
They're attempting to get to funds all of a sudden.
I'm listening.
I've been watching that bank, studying it, monitoring their activity since it was taken.
And I believe this is the beginning of an escape attempt.
But I have a way to liberate it and capture Fedorova's lieutenant.
The woman with the braids who's one-upped you four times.
Three times.
I'll just need a little leeway, something unconventional.
Just get to it, Doak.
What are you talking about? Snipers.
Our little generator here is running very well.
Decrypter's working.
The FBI's got a phantom in the server.
It's pretty rudimentary, but they're watching us.
Just using our own money to buy a little cryptocurrency.
What's to see? Should be expecting a call from them soon.
And there it is.
The getaway van.
What do you got? Van was wiped clean.
We have NYPD starting a canvass for cameras.
Thank you.
But pointless.
Surveillance is gonna show men in masks dragging the judge from this van into something else.
Likely untraceable.
So why'd we race here? Wait, it's not about the van.
It's about the place.
The van is a lure.
Anthony, when this is all said and done, - you won't need me for a damn thing.
- Doubt that, Val.
How deep did you get into Jamie Alfonso's homicide file? He shot a guy in cold blood.
Two in the head.
Eyewitness sealed it.
Alfonso have any priors? Bad checks, boosted a car at 18, nothing violent.
From car theft to double-tapping a gangster, like a mob movie.
Alfonso waived his right to a jury and requested an immediate bench trial.
Thought he could beat it.
And Judge Caroline Walsh decided his fate.
No parole.
And now Alfonso wants payback? I don't know yet.
This guy's been sweeping the same square of concrete since we pulled up.
Excuse me, sir? Sir, did you see that van pull up? - Just came out and saw it there.
- Uh -huh.
You're lying.
Or is there another reason why you're twisting the paint off of that broom handle? What'd you see? Guys in those bank robber masks, the blurry ones.
Does the name Jamie Alfonso mean anything to you? He lived here.
Does he have people here? Family? They all moved after he got busted.
It was a messed-up scene.
Dragged him out in front of his kids, his mom.
They're all gone now.
But you're still not telling us everything, are you? Was he here? Did he leave a note? I had nothing to do with this.
- With what? - It was Jamie.
He came up to me in the mask.
He gave me something.
What's your name? Agent Val Turner.
He said the FBI is coming and only to give this to Agent Val Turner.
You seem very upset.
Would a little story help you? Cut to the chase.
What did she ever do? Then what? A warning? A threat? Let's talk about corruption.
She is not corrupt.
Because she was your girlfriend, she's immune? - She was not my girlfriend.
- No? Not senior year, before law school? All right, you've done your digging, good for you.
What's the point? The point is that corruption doesn't begin with a bang but a whimper.
Because of this, you see a young woman full of promise where I see something else.
All right, then.
Doak has some unconventional ideas to liberate First Capital.
Things I wouldn't normally approve of.
But given this, they're in motion.
This is the beginning of corruption.
You began this journey as a man of principle.
And now you've let Doak off his leash.
And you're downplaying a beautiful relationship with the judge, which she may take offense if she survives the day.
Don't push me.
And don't underestimate me.
Assistant Director Doak, always a pleasure.
I have a proposal for you.
We'll trade all the hostages in exchange for your boyfriend, Louie Tang.
He'll be brought here? You'll continue to hold the bank.
We'll take the people.
They serve a purpose.
Amend it or lose a boyfriend.
Make the exchange, or he's shipped out tonight.
Some black hole in the middle of hell.
Not even I'll be able to find him.
You're not authorized to make a deal like this.
I am.
And it expires in one minute.
Didn't see that coming.
He's gotta be messing with you.
Yeah, well, we're messing with him.
We're in the account.
Now transfer $10 million into crypto.
Write the code here.
- Well? - Back exit, quiet and easy.
Any tricks, and it's a gunfight.
Back exit, as expected.
Get your men in position.
They're ready.
This'll be shooting fish in a barrel.
Sniper three, line of sight.
Valerie, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by asking you if Shawna Tyrell jumped off a bridge, - would you do it too? - No, Mom, I wouldn't.
All right.
Why is it okay for you to lie just because she lied? Mom, I only wanted to stay up one extra hour.
But not to finish a homework assignment like you said but talk about outfits for a boy's birthday party, which it is now questionable whether you will attend.
- Mom, come on.
- Uh-uh, Val.
Baby, you come on.
Here's what happens to people who lie Tiniest lie.
They get used to it.
Because that lie was easy, the next one gets a little bigger, and then that gets easy.
Then you'll lie about anything.
And then worse, you start to think other people are lying, too, because if you're doing it, they must be also.
And that erodes away at you.
Corrupts you.
You know that word? "Corruption"? - Director.
- I got your message.
"Follow the corruption.
" As confusing as the first.
So we're working on a theory.
Digging back into Alfonso's case.
I looked through it.
It's open and shut.
But the first lead, following the dumped getaway van to his home, where he was arrested? The message was more than the card.
I think he was making sure it was communicated what he lost.
His family, his kids.
That's what happens to convicted murderers.
But it's like he's starting at the beginning of his case.
Maybe we should too.
Suggesting it should be reexamined? For what? Corruption? Nonsense.
Got a lead on the eyewitness in the Alfonso case.
Name was Curtis Simpson.
No home address, but we got a place of work.
Okay, we think that's where they're headed next.
The witness.
You hear of any ransom demands, any signs of life You're our first call.
This must all hurt deeply.
She is not like the others in that photograph.
Maybe she's worse.
Do you really know her as well as you used to? Don't mind me.
Read your email.
Feisty, isn't she? Is that the kind of girlfriend she was? Lots of dancing or more walks on the beach? Saved by the bell.
Doak, you may have just prevented a homicide.
Where do we stand? Nice little van you got here.
In there.
Lock him up.
We've got the prisoner.
Setting up the exchange, smooth as silk.
And, Doak? - Make it hurt.
- That's the plan.
- - The witness in - Alfonso's case worked here? - Curtis Simpson.
Not worked, works.
According to the IRS, he's on record getting a paycheck from here.
About how many square feet would you say this store is? Small, 300.
The first note, "How many people can fit in a 300-square-foot store?" We just found our 300-square-foot store.
What have we learned? It's a front.
The eyewitness in Jamie Alfonso's case may draw a check from here, but he don't work here.
We're still no closer to the judge.
We're being lured.
Okay, first it was where he got busted.
Second, the eyewitness.
I guarantee you the next stop is the crime scene.
Val, am I a wet blanket if I'm saying all of this is super speculative? We're on the right track.
How could you be so sure? Because of this.
Oh, no, Anthony.
"If the judge lies, she's a dead woman.
" - Ready? - Born ready.
You know, I have to admit that through the hatred and frustration, there is a slight bit of admiration for your whole insane mission.
Not mutual, but okay.
You play some good tricks.
But I want this to go smoothly.
So here's some incentive.
This is the ring we took off you.
It's for her, I assume.
The one in this bank.
Now, when the hostages are free and you're inside with her, it's yours.
Last step of the exchange.
All set, boss.
Now, if this goes south and there's some sleight of hand, I'm gonna come to your prison cell and flush it down your toilet while you watch.
We clear? As day.
Let's move out.
Loading dock stacking up? We're on schedule.
Four more days.
All we have to do is keep our head down and Oh, he's out of the infirmary.
Was supposed to be a week.
This is why my way, the final way, is the smartest.
We just have to handle him properly.
He should be dead.
I don't have any capacity for bad news, Val.
Hate to tell you, Director, we're leaving the building where Jamie Alfonso killed Carlos Bella, nothing there.
- No note? - Nothing.
We thought this was the next stop.
It's a bust.
Good God, she's got us chasing our tails, and I'm ducking calls from the White House.
You want to tell him? There is some progress, Director.
The last place we were lured to The watch repair.
The IRS has 25 employees listed.
We're looking into those names and looking into the business itself.
Money laundering, filtering payments to criminals.
It's mobbed up.
That much is clear.
Yeah, but which mob and What, Turner? How they may be connected to Judge Walsh.
I need you to presume she's innocent.
Do you hear me? I do.
Keep me apprised.
Horrible feeling, isn't it? The walls closing in on a friend.
One more thing.
Tea? Positions.
In position.
We're ready.
- Tell me when you see her.
- On it.
We're all set.
Show them the prisoner.
I got eyes on him.
We're gonna send him to middle ground.
- You ready? - Ready.
Bring the hostages in.
Louie, you all right? Very well, my love.
Anything I should know about? Right as rain.
That's the all -clear.
All is exactly as we described.
For every hostage released, your boyfriend takes a step forward.
One step forward.
One step.
One step.
One step.
- Anything? - Nothing yet.
- One step forward.
- Go.
One step.
When you get to the door, the hostages will walk away.
One step.
- Got her.
- Here's payback.
Get down! Open fire! Seal that door! Yo, they just opened fire on hostages? Are you hurt? Are you shot? No, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
Get them clear! Get them clear! Go! Move! Move! Move! You missed me, huh? Later.
Let's go.
Take the door now! Come on! Tunnel.
Been hearing them dig this all week.
I knew it.
- Bank's empty.
- Follow the tunnel.
Yes, boss.
Three with me.
Baxter, point.
Pearson Sneaky bastard.
I got a sinking feeling about these 25 employees.
Like they're involved in her cases? Like, being paid off? I'm trying to presume the judge's innocence here, but Alfonso's case was a bench trial, meaning Judge Walsh made the final decision, no jury.
And she's in the photo watching Fedorova's wedding being bombed.
If they were all witnesses in crimes where she was the judge Wait, this isn't about the crime.
It's about the witnesses.
Alfonso wasn't luring us to the crime scene.
He was luring us to where it was witnessed.
I remember from the case file it was an apartment nearby.
I'll find it.
So I heard you were in the infirmary.
Someone spiked my juice.
The doc said tetrahydrozoline.
Eye drops.
It's crazy.
But thank God I grew up on samogon, right? - Gut of steel.
- Yeah.
Is the plan still moving forward? Yeah, two weeks from today.
Thank God.
I'll be tip-top by then.
He didn't act like anything was wrong.
But this Who's the muscle? Goes by Samson.
Doing life for arson.
Looks like Ferret found himself a friend with nothing to lose.
Huh? He may be acting normally, but this is a problem.
This is it.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
I got you.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Agent Turner, you made it.
Your partner can call for all the backup they want.
They won't get here in time.
Okay, look, Jamie.
We're here to help, okay? One more step, we go out the window.
This is real easy, okay? Agent, take a look out that side window.
There's a rooftop across the way.
Can you see it? No.
We're too low to see the rooftop, okay? So how from this apartment did Curtis Simpson see a murder on that rooftop? Jamie, look, I don't know.
I don't know, okay? Curtis Simpson couldn't see nothing.
But still, Judge Walsh sent me to prison for the rest of my life.
Jamie, look, this is not the way - to prove your innocence, okay? - Oh, I know.
But what's a couple more years to a life sentence? I want real justice for me, for the 25 other witnesses she took at their word, for all the cases where she locked up innocent people.
That's not true.
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! Look, Jamie.
I know how it feels to be wronged, okay? How it sticks with you.
I know.
Elena told me all about you.
Your history, your ma.
That's why you're here, helping me to get this confession.
I didn't do anything.
You ruined my life is what you did.
My children were taken from me.
My grandmother died from heartbreak.
Even if I'm cleared, that ain't coming back.
So I want justice, - or we can go out this window.
- No, no, no, no.
You raise that weapon, she dies.
- Do it again.
- Stop.
Just stop.
You y-you were innocent.
And I knew it, and I convicted you anyway.
That's it.
That's all I wanted.
No! - Judge Walsh! - I'm okay.
- Jamie Alfonso? - He's gone.
He went in a window.
Go, Anthony.
The fugitive? I'm pulling surveillance in every direction around the apartment building, but so far, he's nowhere.
And her confession? Every one of the 25 employees of that watch repair were witnesses in her bench trials.
Paid off.
All resulted in guilty verdicts.
Of innocent people.
Who didn't have the means to fight back.
And the watch repair, owned by the same shell corporation that owns Lebed storage.
I'm guessing these trials were covering up crimes committed by the Beloks.
It's worth considering a task force.
And she's in as deep as anyone in the photo.
Same as Bradbury, Tyler Erickson, any of them.
We're contacting all these phony witnesses to get a fresh angle into the Beloks.
But they're all in the wind.
Thank you.
What an ordeal.
When did it start, Caroline? - How? - You're joking me.
I was being held on the ledge of a 12-story building.
I've never been more afraid in my life.
There's no merit to what I said.
You were so genuinely righteous in school.
- Come on.
- I admired you so much.
You're going to regret this.
And I will have your job.
Forget our history.
Was it money or something else? Did it begin with a bang or a whimper? What was it, Caroline? One case where someone drops an envelope to look the other way? The fugitive Jamie Alfonso, don't look too hard.
Cuff her.
Ro? Rogelio! It's beautiful.
May be some time before we can get married.
When the time is right.
You said to me day one, no plan is perfect.
So far, so good.
Don't say it.
You'll jinx it.
Don't believe in jinxes.
So far, so good.
Real quiet, real easy, hands visible.
I told you no sleight of hand.
There's a tracker in it.
In the band.
Not bad for a man who shot live rounds at hostages.
The only live round was the one we snapped over your head.
Little of that Snow White theater.
- Bravo.
- You're gonna like where you're going.
Close to the boss.
Totten? You helped a guy walk right out of prison today.
I think you're better off behind stone walls.
And tomorrow, you're getting shipped out.
So enjoy your honeymoon.
Get up.
Let's go.
Have a safe trip.
They're pulling all kinds of information off the First Capital servers.
I wanted you to hear it from me first.
There's an FBI list of paid informants, guys in witness protection.
Bigby, an informant.
He's one of them.
It would explain why he was able to just disappear when you were a kid.
She said it.
This is what she wants me to think we have in common.
government involvement took her family.
Mine too.
Just stay where you are.
- I'm fine.
- Val.
My mom wouldn't want me to do anything to him.
I may never get closure, but I'm fine.
- Good night, Anthony.
- Good night, Val.
If you had the chance, would you forgive Isaac Bigby for killing your mother? But if you had the opportunity to right that wrong? I'm Agent Valerie Turner.
I need a minute.
I thought you were deli delivery.
I don't got any time for this.
Is your real name Isaac Bigby? It's Larry Oliver.
It's Isaac Bigby.
My father was a sergeant, Jason Grady.
My mother, Madeline Grady.
- Sound familiar? - I don't know what you want.
She was special.
My mom had a kind word for everybody.
All the girls on my block were jealous of me because of how beautifully my mom braided my hair.
She was an angel.
- You know that word? "Corruption"? - I've heard it.
You can write me a two-page essay on why it's bad while you're at Owen's.
And then you killed her.
You murdered her.
The world just went dark.
Beat it, lady.
My angel, my light, just gone.
Excuse me.
- Marko's Deli.
- Yeah.
You're late.
I don't know anything about what you're talking about.
Now, piss off before I call a cop.
I am a cop.
- 911.
- Yeah.
I'd like to report a possible heroin overdose.
Okay, ma'am, can you please tell me your location? Laced cigarettes, your signature move.
That was homicide.
That was closure, which you never would've achieved without me.
You're still too righteous.
To murder a man? I will never be anything but.
You timed that delivery guy to come to Bigby's home.
He orders the same thing every night.
I put an operative in place, waited for you to show up.
All that so I could see his last breath.
Ah, I wish I could have been there.
This experience, it was necessary in terms of how I will need you in the future and how you will need me.
But now with this Bigby gone, you'll see how it changes you.
How well you sleep.
What did you do? I would say we're both in the dark, Agent Turner.

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