The Endgame (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Endgame" You look just like a guy I knew in Ukraine, he's dead.
Horek is a dead man.
There's other methods of pest control that don't leave a mess.
Looks like Ferret found himself a friend with nothing to lose, huh? Goes by Samson.
Doing life for arson.
This is a problem.
Get in the door! I'm good.
You missed me, huh? Hi.
Chief of Staff Swanstrom wants us to conference.
- Victory lap, Val.
- Great news all around.
The president was thrilled to hear it.
All of your targets are in this photo.
If you don't work for Elena Fedorova, who do you work for? We keep hearing the name Belok.
They're a crime family.
Enemies of Elena Fedorova? Snow White? If you had the chance, would you forgive Isaac Bigby for killing your mother? Isaac Bigby's address.
Now piss off before I call a cop.
I'd like to report a possible heroin overdose.
Laced cigarettes Your signature move.
- That was homicide.
- That was closure.
You timed that delivery guy to come to Bigby's home.
He orders the same thing every night.
All that so I could see his last breath? I wish I could have been there.
But now, with this Bigby gone, you'll see how it changes you How well you'll sleep.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
You're telling me the lights went out and the door just opened, and you don't have anything to do with it? I would say we're both in the dark, Agent Turner.
- What are you hearing? - Walkie is fried.
Put in fresh batteries an hour ago.
It's dead.
Lights are out everywhere.
- What's the head count for personnel? - Seven guards.
Secure the entrances and the perimeter.
Report back to me.
We need to figure out what the hell is going on.
Yes, boss.
Power is out in the whole compound.
What are these lights? Think they run on a generator that dates back to the Cold War.
SWAT's shift change was an hour ago.
We've only got a skeleton crew here at night.
My weapon's in the gun locker in the muster room.
I'll get them.
Stay back.
All eyes on her.
Attention, all inmates! Everybody up! Everybody up! On your feet.
Assemble in the cafeteria.
What's going on? - Fire in B-wing.
- What's going on? Everybody up! We're moving out.
Hey, what are you doing? Who are you? Identify yourself.
You hear me? Step out now.
I'm not taking any chances.
This is Snow White trying to break you out.
I've never lied to you, Agent Turner.
Tonight is not the night that changes.
What was that? Sounded like a body dropping.
I promise you, this is not Snow White.
Which means we may have a very big problem.
This is kind of like a sleepover, no? Classic American tradition.
Never had one.
Are they always this much fun? You say this isn't Snow White.
If that's true, who is it? Who would be stupid enough to attack a federal base on American soil? I have a hypothesis, and if I'm correct, the answer has been in front of you for days.
The photograph? Everyone in that photograph's been taken out.
There is a blurry shape in the background.
That's all that's left.
A quintessential sleepover activity, no? Telling scary stories in the dark? That blurry shape is called "The Ghost.
" CIA? I've only ever heard him mentioned once An investigation I was involved in.
A sheik and his American family were killed in a gas leak in Qatar.
Rumors were they were actually murdered by a deep-cover operative.
"The Ghost.
" I was just out of Quantico.
I thought the veteran agents were trying to scare me.
They weren't.
If The Ghost is coming for us, I'm going to need some different clothes.
And you better help Director Réal get those guns.
Son of a bitch.
Guns are sealed in.
Locks are electronic and they're all fused.
The electronics are dead.
Computers, everything An electromagnetic pulse that can knock out all the electronics in Fort Totten.
They don't exactly grow on trees.
Have you ever heard of "The Ghost?" CIA operative.
Wet Work specialist.
Fedorova says he's behind this? Techs could never identify who that was.
That's bad news.
The Ghost fell off the map after going rogue.
Killed two marines.
Means he won't hesitate to come after any of us, unless Fedorova was trying to taunt us because this could still be an escape attempt.
The holding cells in the basement, with the two Snow White lieutenants? They operate on an electronic system too.
Meaning either the EMP fused those cells shut Or disabled the locks entirely.
All right, go sit on Fedorova.
I'll check the cells.
Louie, what is this? It's not the plan.
But it might work to our benefit anyway.
I think there may be a way to get out of here.
The door lock.
When the fluorescent lights up, I think the door unlocks.
We just have to time it right.
Hey, back away from the bars.
What's going on, Director Réal? Someone forget to pay the electrical bill? Power outage.
It's nothing for you to worry about.
Get comfortable.
Oh, definitely.
We're getting out of here soon.
Agent Flowers.
Burning the midnight oil? Got something for you.
The console in the War Room, the blinking light Fedorova has been getting messages from? We got one a couple hours ago.
"The little potato covers ground on every part.
" The little potato? I'll get it in the decoder right now.
Val may have some ideas.
You've reached Agent Valerie Turner.
- Please leave a message.
- Weird.
Val doesn't turn her phone off or let it die, like, ever.
I'll try Totten.
Fort Totten's dark.
Could be a communications error, but - Let's get Doak on the line.
- He said he had an appointment - and not disturb him on any account.
- At 11:00 p.
? Mm-hmm.
Keep at that code.
I'm going to take a ride.
The Ghost.
Tell me what you know about him.
His real name is Lucas Crowe.
He works for the CIA Special Activities Division.
Black Ops.
He's a kind, gentle man that orchestrated the bombing of my wedding.
He's your last target.
We had plans for him today.
This wasn't it.
My guess is he caught on to what was happening with his partners, and instead of waiting for Snow White to come to him, he decided to come to Snow White.
And you're his primary target? We'll see.
Until then, tell me.
What did you think about me when we first met? This is not a sleepover.
It kind of is.
You're welcome to borrow my pajamas if you want.
Isn't that what friends do? Something tells me you haven't had very many friends.
I used to have a friend once.
- Her name was Natalia.
- Used to? Sounds promising.
I learned a lot from her.
I was very vulnerable when we first met.
I had been held captive for weeks.
An hour sleep at a time.
What, some kind of terrorist? Mm, something like that.
Are you all right? She won't stop crying.
I have two little ones at home.
May I? She was just feeling a little insecure.
That makes two of us.
My husband's away on business.
It's taking longer than expected.
I thought I could handle it.
It's hard to do this alone.
Believe me.
I know.
Looks like she likes you more than me.
Come on.
Let's get you home, mm? These gardens are boring anyway.
Aren't they, little one? Thank you.
Wait for it.
Now! Ta-da.
Couldn't get mine.
I'll do some recon.
Back in a minute.
- Be careful.
- Shh, quiet, love.
What? What is it? Louie, don't.
You! Louie! Louie! Ah! Oh, come on, come on.
Louie, I'm coming.
Louie! Where is he? He's just gone.
Everybody, listen up.
The warden's got an announcement.
As I'm sure you can hear, we got a fire going.
This is the furthest place from it, so this is where we're going to wait it out.
Fire department will be here soon enough to deal with all this.
- Everyone, stay calm.
- I don't trust this.
You think the warden's up to something? No, I'm thinking yesterday, Horek made a friend with an arsonist.
And today there's a fire.
Who's there? Show yourself right now.
- How the hell did you get out? - We need your help.
He's been stabbed.
What happened? He's here The Ghost.
Louie fought him.
Guards are all gone.
He must've taken them out.
He's got an abdominal wound.
And sounds like it's getting worse.
Tension pneumothorax.
His lung collapsed.
I need medical supplies.
Stay here.
Don't let him move.
I don't trust him.
He'd be happy to let Louie die.
Not gonna happen.
Louie's our responsibility.
- All three of you are.
- Yeah, much good that is.
Director Réal was a corpsman in the Marines.
If it were my fiancé bleeding out on the floor there, the one person I'd want on my side is him.
He's the best we got, love, unless you know how to re-inflate a lung.
Look, I need you to tell me exactly what you saw in the basement.
It's like he came out of nowhere.
But I Louie wounded him.
I don't know how badly.
But then Crowe just disappeared.
I know he's called The Ghost, but he can't literally walk through walls, right? No, but the question is how he made you think that.
He's injured.
That's good.
And wherever he's patching himself up now, doesn't matter.
He can't get here.
This is the safest place in Fort Totten.
There's only one entrance.
All right.
You have air trapped in the lung lining and the chest wall.
I'm gonna need to let it out.
We can't just sit and wait.
We need weapons.
We don't have anything.
Everything's behind electronic locks.
There must be something.
This won't be pleasant.
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
There's an old storage locker in the basement.
Hasn't been used for decades.
We already know Crowe has access to the basement.
Val, take someone with you.
I need to stay and monitor.
Well, come on, let's go.
I'm not leaving him alone with you.
Looks like I'm your only option.
You think I trust you with my safety? I'm trusting you with mine.
We have a common enemy.
It's not in my interest to let The Ghost kill either one of us.
You make one false move Oh, friendship bracelet.
Another sleepover tradition, no? You've reached Agent Valerie Turner - Flowers? - Any word from Totten? None.
There's been reports of a power outage in the area.
Traffic lights are out for two miles in Bay Terrace, so if you're headed there, you might have to end up going on foot.
- Keep your guard up.
- Thanks, Halima.
One more thing That code "the little potato"? We've run it through 84 different numerical ciphers.
Tried it in English, Ukrainian, Russian, half a dozen other Slavic languages.
Dead end.
I'll pass it on to Val if she ever answers.
Where the hell is everybody? You've got somewhere more important to be? No.
No, I do not.
When the chief of staff calls, I drop everything.
Well, then, cheers.
Two of Fedorova's top lieutenants both off the chessboard today.
First Capital Security Bank back in our hands too.
To a job well done.
Well, thank you, Ms.
You know, we're similar.
You and I.
Flattered you think that.
We may not be the face of our respective operations, but we hold the power.
Bet in your academy days, you didn't think you'd end up here.
I may have entertained the idea.
What do you know about a group called the Beloks? Not much.
They're a shadowy group in Ukraine, a family operation.
The name keeps coming up.
I'm having my people look into it too.
The White House has been very impressed by your leadership over the last few days.
- Do you mean - Mm, The Big Man.
We're hoping to make you our point person on this operation.
Make a change.
What about Director Réal? You're boots on the ground.
Fresher intel.
That's more of what we're looking for.
Where's SWAT? A vent.
It has to be an entry point.
Réal wasn't kidding when he said this thing was dated.
They cleared out Totten during the Cold War.
None of this has been touched since then.
A dagger and scabbard? What, in case he's a musketeer? That one won't fire, or it will misfire in your hand.
It's been here for too long.
I promise you, half of these things are useless.
You know, I'm actually a trained FBI agent.
I know about weaponry.
I'm an illicit arms dealer.
So do I.
Your friend, Natalia How long she manage to stick it out? - Two minutes? Three? - Would you rather I not tell you about the faulty weaponry? Ah.
Now, that we can use.
Blueprints from when Totten was operating during the Cold War.
Not that much different from today.
You think I haven't seen those? Rona has a picture of it on her phone if you want.
Doesn't it get tiring? Hmm? The notes, plans Being in control all the time.
What happens if you let your guard down? The CIA sends an assassin to kill you.
We need to get moving.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
This blueprint This is Fort Totten too, when it was first built during the Civil War.
The Cold War version we're in now, it's a retrofit.
The old Fort Totten had a layout of passageways throughout it that were sealed off behind the walls during the retrofit.
That's how he's getting around.
If he has this, he can literally walk through walls.
There's a passageway that leads directly above the Assembly Room.
Right above your cell.
Which you thought was the safest place in Fort Totten.
Everyone in that room Sitting ducks.
He's right above us.
We need to get back the others.
Come in.
Please forgive the mess.
Don't worry about it.
Sergey still not back? He had to extend his trip another few weeks.
I brought you this mixture of licorice and fennel.
It's an old remedy my mom would use on me and my sister to help us sleep.
You're a godsend.
- Go ahead.
- You don't want to? I wanted this so badly.
Now I'm starting to think maybe I wasn't meant for it.
I'm I don't know.
I'm all wrong, Natalia.
Just just take her.
That instantaneous, unbreakable connection we're all supposed to have? Sometimes it requires time.
You're not a bad mother and you're not alone.
This belonged to my mother.
It's one of the few things I still have of hers.
It's beautiful.
- I want you to have it.
- I can't.
If it hadn't been for you, I don't think I would have survived the last few weeks.
Please take it.
I'll treasure it forever.
Yes, please.
- Hello.
- Lenochka.
Just checking on you, my sweet.
You've been in low spirits lately.
I've been having a hard time.
I know, love.
I'm home very soon.
Natalia is here.
She always makes me feel better.
Natalia, your new friend? When she leaves, call back.
I'd like to talk to you about her.
The name she gave you doesn't check out.
Feels like you're enjoying this.
We've got to keep relieving the pressure.
Don't worry.
I've no regrets.
For Queen and Country, remember? I do, forever.
True believers.
Just like you.
We need to get everyone out of here stat.
Old plans for Fort Totten.
The Ghost has a direct pathway here.
I don't think we should leave just yet.
If we know exactly where he's coming to, perhaps we can use this information to our advantage.
- Actually, I agree with her.
- Obviously you have a plan.
What is it? All right, easy.
Keep it calm.
What's taking so long? Is the fire department even coming? - They're on the way.
- He's stirring them up.
- Stay cool.
Stay cool.
- Hey! I smell smoke.
- Eyes open, Owen.
- Do any of you smell smoke? - Hell yeah, I do.
- Where's the warden then? Calm down.
Is he just going to leave us here to die? It's locked.
It's locked! Owen.
Hey, chill! Chill! Calm down.
Chill, chill.
It's a directional fragmentation mine.
Upward blast cone.
Triggered by this pressure plate.
Ghost lands, steps off it, boom.
He'll land here after he drops through.
And we'll be ready when he does.
Let's dig a hole for the mine.
Louie, come on.
You must admit.
We work well together.
I'm just trying to keep us all from getting killed.
We're not a team.
What you said before about control You are correct.
I have control over many things, but what I really want is so simple.
To take my daughter to the park To spend so much time in the sun she can count her new freckles.
And then go home.
Like you say in your movies, I want the fairy tale.
Is that "Pretty Woman?" My mother-in-law had a bootleg copy.
Terrible Russian dub.
I had to learn English just so I could experience the movie properly.
Landmine armed.
Very slowly, very carefully.
Once he steps on it, it's armed.
Once he steps off, it blows.
He's here.
Let's go.
No! Don't move.
Uh, Val? Anthony, do not move.
You must be Sergey.
And you must be Natalia.
Elena is just napping with Sofiya.
I'll head home.
I'll let her rest.
Two minutes.
The pot is warm.
Tea? You weren't due back for three days.
Ah, finished early.
I couldn't wait to get back.
She told me how much help you've been.
Can't tell you how grateful I am.
Motherhood is hard.
- We're peas in a pod, she and I.
- Mm.
If I don't walk out of here, I have ten men outside who will start firing.
So do I.
You won't get far.
No bullets will fly in this apartment today.
Sofiya is asleep.
I will not have her woken.
Who do you work for? People work for me.
You were waiting for him to return so you could kill us all together.
All the Vodianov eggs in one basket.
It's a pity, Lenochka.
I so enjoyed our talks.
We need to pack.
We need to leave.
- They know we're here.
- This isn't over.
Of course it's not.
I had a vulnerable moment.
- It won't happen again.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I should have been there.
I should have had your back.
I know you tried to kill me.
You tried to poison me! Hey! Hey! Hey! You gonna try and save your buddy? No.
Oh, damn.
You're done, Turner.
Stay as still as possible, Anthony.
I'm trying, Val.
We might be able to delay the blast - Four-second delay, possibly.
- Possibly? It's Louie's best guess without examining the trigger spring.
It may have corroded.
It may be fused.
So somewhere around four seconds, maybe more or less.
But I think I can doctor the trigger system.
- He's your man.
You decide.
- Shape of the blast zone? Upward and conical.
Radius 6 feet.
All right with you, Anthony? Only option we got.
You change how the Belleville spring hits the delay element.
What's wrong? My heart feels like it's jumping out of my chest.
Your pulse is over 200.
His heart's failing.
There's a defibrillator in the muster room, but we need to move him there now.
I'll finish.
He's coming.
For real this time.
Val? What the hell do we do? Don't move.
Lucas Crowe.
It's nice to finally meet you in person.
I use knives 'cause I like them.
Doesn't mean I didn't bring a gun.
Quick, get him on the table.
- Come on, Louie.
- Get his shirt open.
Come on, come on.
Easy, easy.
It's supraventricular tachycardia.
I don't even know if this is a convertible rhythm, but what choice do we have? Louie? Louie.
He passed out, boss.
All right, let's just hope I'm right and he cardioverts, because this is his only chance.
Clear! It's not producing enough joules.
That damn generator.
You can't let him die.
Drop your weapon.
You're under arrest.
- You're defending her? - Against a rogue attack.
- You're no better than she is.
- Now, now.
Is it a rogue attack, or do I have the highest possible authority to be here? You have no idea what she's planning, do you? Still? - 'Cause if you knew - Now! What brilliant plan is this? What happened? The spring mechanism, it didn't work.
Nice try.
On your feet, both of you.
Give me the gun.
What? If I want to get to her, I got to go through you first? Something like that.
Nice work.
You too.
Clear! It's just not producing enough power.
Come on, try again one more time.
All right.
Come on! What happened? The power's back on.
FBI! FBI, freeze.
Nobody move.
- Let me see your hands.
- Don't move! All right, all right.
I'm Agent Flowers.
I called you here.
Hands where I can see them.
Hey, hey, hey, go easy.
We've all been under attack.
We need you to clear this room immediately, Turner.
Let's go.
I can't believe it, but with all this craziness, I forgot The reason I tried to get in touch with you in the first place.
That Snow White message about "the little potato" It was a dead end.
Nothing Russian or Ukrainian.
Not any kind of cipher, either.
Her mother was Brazilian.
Run it in Portuguese.
Got it.
Been a while since my corpsman days.
Director, got here as soon as I heard.
Where were you? Agent Flowers repeatedly tried contacting you.
Word is, all of Snow White is alive, three U.
guards are wounded and four are dead, along with a CIA agent.
How did this happen? The CIA agent was a rogue operator.
He killed those guards.
Who never would have been here in the first place, - if not for Elena Fedorova.
- Wait, wait.
On whose authority are you speaking this way? I'm just asking questions.
I want a full accounting of your night, Doak.
You missed all the fun.
I want to know why.
You were right, Val.
It's a Brazilian nursery rhyme.
There's the translation, "A little potato, when born, covers ground on every part.
"A little girl when asleep Puts her hand onto her heart.
" This is about Elena's daughter.
She speaks to her in Portuguese.
The message triangulated to upstate New York.
I think we just figured out where Elena is keeping her daughter.
Single file.
Back to your cells.
Horek died when he hit that table.
They're threatening a full investigation, during which I'll be in solitary.
That's not good, Owen.
This is going down in three days.
You, up.
And, you, Collins, back to your cell.
The warden needs privacy.
Hi, it's me.
Sorry to disturb you.
We had a bit of a dust-up, that's all.
It's all been handled.
I hope that's so.
You know how I have a temper.
Everything is going according to plan.
- It better be.
- It is.
I assure you, Lady Belok.
This belonged to my mother.
I want you to have it.
I'll treasure it forever.

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