The Endgame (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

All That Glitters

1 Previously on "The Endgame" All of your targets are in this photo.
- The others, are they next? - Val Turner will discover it.
She's got us chasing our tails, and I'm ducking calls from the White House.
We're hoping to make you our point person on this operation.
- What about Director Réal? - We're boots on the ground.
Hello, Mrs.
This is Michael Bagnall.
I'm representing Ms.
He died when he hit that table.
They're threatening a full investigation, during which I'll be in solitary.
I don't believe this.
I didn't think I could have children.
"A little girl, when asleep, puts her hand onto her heart.
" The message triangulated to Upstate New York.
I think we just figured out where Elena's keeping her daughter.
Stand by for the go order.
We're retaking the Federal Reserve.
- On the ground now! - FBI! Great news all around.
The job had to get done.
I got it done.
How's she gonna steal 6,000 tons of gold? Good morning, Skeptics.
New mind-blowing insider information about Elena Fedorova.
While the mainstream media is covering the bank heists, the FBI is covering up the truth.
Multiple government officials and high-profile individuals have been arrested this week.
Coincidence? I don't think so.
Nobody's gonna take this seriously.
Look at this guy.
Now, what do all these people have in common? According to an anonymous tip, they were all employed by the White House ten years ago.
An hour ago, this video had 100 views.
- How many do you see now? - 2 million.
Queen Fedorova is exposing something big.
The question is, who's next? Free Elena.
I'm the Serial Skeptic, helping you see the bigger picture.
It's not the video I'm worried about.
It's what it represents.
Elena Fedorova is turning people to her cause.
These take-downs have to end before she becomes the face of some ill-informed revolution.
I promise you, - I will do everything in my power - It hasn't been enough.
It would be a different story if you were the FBI director.
If you're offering a promotion, I accept.
Interim director to start, following a suspension of Director Réal.
You are offering a promotion.
Let me give you a timeline of what your future could look like, unless you're needed in the field.
- All quiet.
- Great.
This photo's been her North Star.
Everyone in it's been taken down, but there's still two banks under siege, meaning There's more to come.
Question is, do we wait or take a more proactive approach? What are we talking, Director? Well, there is a tsunami of pressure coming from Washington.
We may have to make some bold moves.
I'm all for bold moves.
The messages you decoded being sent to Fedorova, likely from her daughter, we've narrowed the source to a farm in Cold Spring in the Hudson Valley.
And you're sending a recon team to find the child? Or an extraction team to take her into custody.
Kidnap a five-year-old? - Is that where we are? - Hasn't Fedorova done worse? A woman in a vault losing air, a man with a bomb strapped to his chest.
This could be the leverage we need to finally end this circus.
Using her child against her? - What does that make us? - Equal to our opponent.
It makes us desperate.
You're the reason we took back the gold vault at the Federal Reserve.
Imagine what you could do with a National Guard presence in the next few days, coordinated with your people, when they are your people.
I love the idea of firepower.
It's this clarity of vision that will finally take the city back from Fedorova.
Thank you for believing in me.
And I think we will all benefit Fit from Julia? Julia.
Hey, hey.
- Miss Swanstrom? - She's still breathing.
Call 911! What's happening? No.
Before you decide to take her child into custody, she keeps saying that she wants me to see that we're partners.
Let me try that approach.
Impress upon her, no more games.
You know, if I look past your questionable morality, I can almost see the merit in what you've done.
You've only ever given us the truth, even when it was difficult to hear.
- Is someone getting anxious? - Name your target.
And quit the guessing games and the storytelling.
I actually have.
You just don't know it yet.
See, that's a guessing game, which I just asked you to quit doing.
I couldn't be more clear.
This ends and all banks will be released when everyone who was in that White House room the day of the church bombing is brought to justice.
They're all in custody and awaiting trial.
- One more story.
- You're pissing off people - who will drop you down a hole.
- Deeper than this one? Your lieutenants, Louie and Rona, will fall off the face of the planet, and you may never see your daughter again.
Do you want that child to grow up without a mother? I want her to grow up in a better world than I did, one where a happy life is possible, like in the stories I used to read her, like in the story about the king.
- Have I told you that one? - No, no, you haven't.
You haven't told me a story about a king.
It was my daughter's absolute favorite.
Once there was a king, and he was told that a girl could spin straw into gold.
So he made her his prisoner and locked her up in a tower.
What's a prisoner? A prisoner, my love, is someone who is kept some place they don't want to be.
And so one day, she was trying to spin all that straw into gold.
So we can do it the easy way Or continue the painful way.
If you want to know where Lady Belok is I'll die before I tell you.
I'm not interested in her location right now.
Then what? I want you to tell me about the gold.
The gold.
What did she mean by that? - I wish I knew.
- These stories and riddles.
If we don't get clarity soon, my team goes upstate.
Excuse me, sir.
There's an incoming call from the White House.
Oh, this won't be pleasant.
It's for you both.
Hello? Can anyone hear me? - President Wright.
- Director, Agent Turner.
Hello, Mr.
Julia Swanstrom missed this morning's intelligence briefing, and she'd sooner cut off a toe.
Naturally, I got concerned, and then we just got this anonymous link.
Oh, my God.
Swanstrom is the next target.
Find her.
And whoever is responsible for this, I want you to make them bleed.
It's filling up.
Is that Gold paint.
Help me! Why Swanstrom? Tell me now.
Don't push it.
Not today.
And spoil the surprise? Not for all the gold in the world.
I looked into Owen's predicament.
This isn't a minor infraction.
He killed a man.
It was self-defense.
He was protecting me.
If that's the case and it's on surveillance, he'll duck it but not soon.
Getting him out of solitary in time would require a miracle.
The plan falls apart without Owen.
It's a two-man job.
You need to make peace with the reality that it's now a one-man job.
And Owen? He stays in the lockup? I'll work on it.
Remember why you're doing this and who's waiting for you on the other side.
They used Arkon gas, the sleeping gas Doak was planning to use.
There's a grim poetry to it.
The gas, gold paint.
Could be related to the gold at the Federal Reserve.
It's the only bank we took back.
Maybe a message? We have 24-hour surveillance on that vault.
Nobody's been inside since Snow White broke in.
- Let's concentrate on Swanstrom.
- How long do we have? Three hours tops.
She's not in Fedorova's White House photo, and there's no way she could've been.
Her name's not in the White House sign-in logs, and she has social media posts show her serving in the Peace Corps at the time.
- Model citizen.
- Wouldn't be the first time one of Elena's targets appeared innocent at first.
She's innocent.
You build that opinion during your off-hours meeting with her? We were just discussing strategy, nothing out of school.
Nobody said it was until you did.
You've had a rough morning.
Take the day, Doak.
Sir, I can help with the search.
I said take the day.
That's an order.
Val, keep me updated.
What? I was just taking a meeting.
Is that a crime? We don't have any leads.
Did she say anything that could help us find her? We were discussing strategy.
I am not gonna be interrogat - Ouch.
- Uh, Val.
I'm not a damn training puppet.
Special Ops just sent it.
Hey, Skeptics, check out this video submitted by an anonymous subscriber.
Chief of staff Julia Swanstrom entered this hotel at 8:45.
- How does he know about this? - I don't know.
Now there are reports that her suite is crawling with FBI agents and she's nowhere to be seen.
Is the chief of staff missing? Is she Fedorova's next target? Subscribe for more.
I'm the Serial Skeptic, helping you see the bigger picture.
Wait, pause it, pause it, pause it.
Go back.
Okay, stop right there.
Zoom in on that delivery van in front of the hotel.
What does it say? Zinnia's Flowers.
That's how they got the gas in.
Find that flower shop.
What'd you say that guy's handle was, - the Serial Skeptic? - Yeah, what are you doing? He currently has more leads than the FBI.
I'm subscribing.
Help! Somebody help me! What time did you say the van went missing last night? Oh, I don't know.
One of my drivers noticed it was gone early this morning.
Well, why didn't you file a police report? Well, I was about to, but then it was back, parked in its usual spot, keys on the dash, gas tank full.
- Here she is.
- Thank you.
Why go through the trouble of refilling the tank? Fedorova image control.
She doesn't steal from the people.
She's like Robin Hood but in couture.
Looks like they washed the van.
The outside is spotless.
Not in here.
Anthony, look.
Probably just flower potting soil.
It doesn't look like potting soil.
Not like Snow White to leave evidence behind.
Unless she wanted us to find it.
I'll deal with him.
Hand-carry a sample back to the lab to identify origin.
Not taking the day? This is the chief of staff we're talking about.
I'm riding with you.
It's Réal.
Let's take it in your car.
I need to stay in the loop.
Hey, do not tell him I'm here.
- Director.
- Do you have any idea what's going on at Fort Totten right now? What do you mean? People are assembling outside.
How do they know Fedorova is here? The Serial Skeptic.
Some internet troll.
A week ago, he was posting paranoid conspiracy theories about aliens, and then suddenly, he has spot-on information about Fedorova's plan.
Find him.
Okay, according to his latest post, he's outside the crowd at the Federal Reserve.
Get his source.
Let's go.
A woman's life is on the line.
No ransom.
No tit-for-tat demands.
Just a woman in a water tank and anonymous tips to a blogger.
Director, were you the type of child that would skip ahead to the last page of the mystery novel? Ms.
Fedorova, were you the type that taunted animals until they bit you? Never.
And I was always very patient, but there is a limit.
- And I don't want to get to it.
- You seem exasperated.
I don't like what you're pushing me to.
Stay patient, Director.
You'll have your answer soon enough.
Get me out of here! I swear you won't get away with this! That actually hurt me.
Listen, you are causing both of us unnecessary pain and frustration.
Seryozha, dinner.
Smells good, doesn't it? Eh? Golubtsy.
My mother's recipe.
My mother, who your family murdered.
So I'm gonna go upstairs and have a wonderful dinner with my exquisite wife, and when I come back, I hope you tell me what you know about the gold.
Oh, and if I like what I hear, maybe you'll get some leftovers.
Are you a prisoner? Can you make straw into gold? I can try.
How? Well, it's a secret.
You know what a secret is, don't you? You want me to tell you? I can't tell you the secret when you're all the way over there.
Come on.
Quiet, quiet.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing here? What are you doing up? Did you have a bad dream, huh? I don't want her growing up seeing the kinds of things I saw when I was a child.
Well, at least our prisoner won't be bothering her anymore.
He's dead? Then it was all for nothing.
We'll get our answers another way.
Without Sofiya.
What are you suggesting? I have a distant cousin on my mother's side.
She lives alone in upstate New York.
Sofiya will go stay with her, out of harm's way, until every last person responsible for that church bombing gets what they deserve.
What do you got, Anthony? Mineralogist is getting a more detailed analysis, but turns out, the dirt from the van has traces of clay.
Clay? Then we're talking about a factory, pottery warehouse.
I'm searching all of the above.
There's about 200 candidates.
Narrow the search.
Lot of Snow White fans.
Elena's gaining support.
There he is, the Serial Skeptic.
Hey, you, step out.
Whoa, whoa, I know my rights.
This is a public street.
Yeah, and you're coming inside to have a chat, or I make your life hell in ten different ways.
We just want to ask you a couple questions, okay? - Okay, all right, all right.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Free Elena! Free Elena! Free Elena! - Free Elena! - Come on, come on.
Free Elena! Free Elena! My tips are anonymous.
Doormen, waiters.
Just people in the right place at the right time.
You never been approached by anybody in a pixelated mask? Even if Snow White approached me, I wouldn't know it.
You can buy Fedorova fan gear on any street corner now.
My account blew up when I started posting Elena content.
A bunch of my subscribers are meeting up here.
Why here? Federal Reserve is Elena's only failed bank heist.
She'll be back.
Have you gotten any tips recently about - chief of staff Julia Swanstrom? - An hour ago.
What was the tip? Speak now.
The chief of staff is a clone.
This is insane.
Famous people clone themselves all the time for money, power, to fake their own deaths, like Steve Jobs or Tupac.
All right, back to your day job.
Come on.
It's true.
There are secret cloning facilities all over the country.
There's one on Staten Island.
What did your anonymous tip say? Just that some company no one has ever heard of is building a water research facility in a sketchy old mine.
Would this happen to be a clay mine, by any chance? Yes.
How did you know? It's nice to know someone in the FBI has got a brain.
Thanks for the tip.
Just helping you see the bigger picture.
Yes, boss.
Clone factory? The man has sludge for brains.
There is one clay mine within 50 miles.
Staten Island.
You got somewhere better to be? This is unacceptable, Réal.
- Right under your nose.
- I agree, Mr.
We will find her.
Call me with some good news.
- Val.
- Director, we're five minutes out from the clay mine, but I'm getting the sense that there's something to come at the Reserve.
She's gathering a crowd there.
I'm doubling our presence.
Val, we're at a fulcrum.
I'm sending an HRT unit to get eyes on Fedorova's kid.
Director, this is just recon, right? For the moment.
There's a boot on my neck.
- So you found Fedorova's kid? - We're not bringing her in.
If it were up to me, I'd send a Black Hawk to pick her up right now.
Good thing it's not up to you.
Help! Which way do we go? - Val! - Stop.
Over here.
This way.
What the hell is this thing? How do we get in? How do we empty it? - There's the valve.
- Try to break the lock.
I'll try to dislodge the drain pipe.
- It's rusted as hell.
- I think I can break it.
Hurry, she's drowning.
I almost got it.
Come on.
It's all right.
You're safe now.
All done here? Owen, you're here.
In the flesh.
The attorney said it was gonna be a miracle.
You were stuck in solitary.
They said they reviewed the surveillance and let me out on self-defense.
- Mm.
- The plan is on.
Thanks for having my back.
Thanks for having mine.
Do me a favor, Val.
Give me a description of that clay mine.
This place has been out of commission for years.
It's supposed to be a water facility now, but that looks like a front to me.
See, I did some digging, some thinking, like Doak suggested.
The mine is owned by Get this Julia Swanstrom.
You're kidding.
It was an active clay mine when it was purchased six years ago by a shell corporation called HydroPure International, but Swanstrom is the signatory.
She owns this place? Any indication of why she might want to? Zero, Anthony, but I'm gonna look into it.
Can I get you some water? Anything at all? Miss Swanstrom, how you doing? - You up for a couple questions? - Maybe later, Val.
She's had a nasty day.
We both have.
You own this place, this clay mine.
Owning land is not a crime.
Through a shell corp? Suggests tax evasion.
Open my books.
I have nothing to hide.
Easy, Val.
Fedorova wanted us to discover this place.
Why? Why is Fedorova targeting you? For the same reason she's targeting you.
This morning, Patrick caught me up on your history, your husband's betrayal.
Fedorova preys on smart, capable people, bending them to her will.
She's an anarchist who wants to destabilize the U.
And she continues to humiliate us out there while you waste FBI resources, resources I could reallocate with one phone call.
I suggest you go before you get reallocated out of a job.
Crowd has grown.
Please advise.
Why are you holding Elena Fedorova? What are the charges against her? We want answers now.
This isn't a dictatorship.
This has been a difficult week for all of us.
Our nation is facing is facing an unprecedented Val.
I got a bad feeling, Anthony.
The clay mine, a tank of gold paint, and a squeaky-clean chief of staff who isn't in Elena's White House photo.
And Doak is acting fearless.
That's the most disturbing part.
It's like the Serial Skeptic says, I'm not seeing the bigger picture.
He's filming us.
I'm putting an end to that right damn now.
No, no, no, no, don't.
There's no point.
You can take his phone away, but you can't take them all away.
That's why Elena's trying to reach the people.
You can't stop them all from posting videos and taking pictures.
When everyone who was in that White House room the day of the church bombing - Oh.
- What just happened? Anthony, this is a photo.
- Thank you, Val.
We know that.
- Meaning someone took it.
We've been trying to figure out why Elena is targeting someone who isn't in the photo, but there was another person in that room that day.
Whoever took the photo, that's her last target.
Okay, but it couldn't have been Swanstrom.
She was in the Peace Corps.
Do you still have those White House sign-in logs that you pulled up from this morning? - Yeah.
- We missed it because we were searching for Swanstrom, but look for any name you might recognize.
It would have to be someone powerful, someone the chief of staff might know or want to protect.
Val, he was a junior senator at the time, but I see a name I definitely recognize.
Andrew Wright visited the White House on the day Fedorova's wedding was bombed, but if he took the picture, that means A story about a king.
Elena's last target is the president of the United States.
May we persevere as one people, and may God bless the United States of America.
Hey, Bagnall, what's up? I've been trying to reach you all day.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Owen is already out.
- Whatever you did worked.
- It wasn't me.
When I called to discuss Owen's case, I was informed he'd already been released.
Is it possible it's an actual miracle? Someone got him sprung without a fight, someone powerful who is not with us.
Sergey we might have a problem with Owen Turner.
Is this necessary, Val? It's a matter of national security.
We need the privacy.
Okay, what's so important? We think Fedorova's real target is the president.
She's going to attempt an assassination? No, no, that's not Elena's style.
She's gonna want to expose him somehow for being involved in the bombing of Fedorova's wedding ten years ago.
What? What are you talking about? What wedding? You really don't know, do you? Clearly not.
I'm very confused.
Your kidnapping led us to the mine.
So why did you buy that mine six years ago? To build that water research facility.
Waterborne diseases are one of the leading causes of death in children in developing nations.
And clay can be a cheap, effective water filtration solution.
Wow, you really are a model citizen.
What? That's what President Wright says.
That's why he gave me the capital to buy that mine.
The president gave you the money? He said he believed in my vision.
I couldn't afford the land, so he set up a shell corporation in my name.
Yes, it's technically inappropriate.
Does it warrant this interrogation? Turner, now.
You got something else, or should I just have you turn over your badge right now? That might require a sign-off from the director.
Or am I looking at his replacement? - Don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, you do.
You've been hinting at it all day.
You have a terrible poker face.
Well, facts are facts.
It's not mine yet, but it's in the mail.
Only question now is, do you want to go quietly or with all your bridges on fire? With you, that bridge has been burning for a year.
Yeah, well, I called it when Owen got arrested that you'd also go down in disgrace.
I should tell fortunes.
Is that a fire alarm? Sprinklers activated in the gold vault.
Some kind of incendiary device.
Damn it, I can't tell what I'm looking at.
What's happening? - Smoke bomb set off the sprinklers.
- Smoke bomb? - When did she set up a smoke bomb? - She's doing this? Fedorova? You know when she left it? When you liberated the Reserve.
It was a setup.
She left something behind.
We were both there that day.
Oh, now you want to share credit? I never heard of this, but my guys are asking for an FBI supervisor.
What's happening? What's going on? What happened to the gold? It melted.
Some kind of acid spray from the sprinklers? It's water.
Gold paint.
All the gold is fake.
I'll take her in.
Just one minute more, please.
We'll see her again soon.
18 months are gonna go by in a flash.
18 months.
Our family is being torn apart again, all for gold.
That bastard has hidden 6,000 tons of gold somewhere in New York.
Let's find it and make him pay.
Just one more minute, please.
Of course, my love.
Take all the time you need.
All right, I got all the names of the firefighters who went into the Reserve.
Fire captain swore them to secrecy.
Nobody saw anything.
Now we know what the president was doing with that clay mine.
This has to be kept quiet.
How long's it gonna stay that way? Biggest bank heist in history? And where the hell is all that gold? Anywhere, but we are now part of a very select group of people who suspects who really took it.
Can't prove it, though, because he used Swanstrom's name.
Elena was right again.
Val, knowing what we know, are we In danger? For now, we tell no one what we know about the president.
Even if we did, who would believe us? We'd sound as crazy as the Serial Skeptic.
Agent Turner.
Speak of the devil.
Elena do this? What was it this time? Nothing.
False alarm.
No, come on.
I'll call it an anonymous tip.
Go home.
Take down those videos for your own good.
I'm a journalist.
I refuse to be censored.
Hey, you dropped your phone.
This isn't my Director, I'm glad you wanted to talk.
I'm putting together a handpicked ops team for the gold recovery, totally sub rosa.
I know what you were meeting with the chief of staff about this morning.
I should fire you.
I'm not sure you have that authority anymore.
- Turner told you? - She didn't say a word.
I still have a few friends in the Beltway.
Fedorova's child.
- Located? - Located.
But not approached.
This whole Fedorova business is bringing out the darkest parts in all of us.
Or maybe it's just who we've been all along.
The truth coming to light.
Be careful, Patrick.
You're getting into some deep water.
Don't worry.
I know how to swim.
Kill the mic.
Where's the gold? You're upset.
That's the thing about the truth.
Sometimes we don't like it.
Sometimes it hurts us.
Sometimes it comes at a cost.
The cost of discovering the truth about the fake gold in the Federal Reserve about $500 billion.
Where is it? Help me prove the president took it, and I'll tell you where he put it.
I'm not supposed to tell you this.
But we know that your daughter's name is Sofiya.
5 1/2, brown hair.
She's in upstate New York with a caretaker named Bruna.
The FBI is watching her from a distance for now, but if you don't tell me where the gold is, they will come for her.
And I won't be able to stop them.
I haven't held my daughter in 18 months.
We're all paying a price for these unfortunate truths you're learning, but if they touch a single hair on her head, you better believe all $500 billion of that gold are going to end up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
If the American people find out the truth about that theft, they will lose faith in their government.
There will be riots and chaos.
That's your plan, isn't it? Let's just say it's all part of the bigger picture.
Hey, Skeptics, check this out.
Exclusive video from my source shows the gold in the Federal Reserve is fake.
Free Elena! Free Elena! Free Elena! Free Elena! Free Elena! Free Elena! Where is the gold? Has Elena Fedorova committed the biggest bank heist in history?
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