The Endgame (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Beauty and the Beast

1 Previously on "The Endgame" You're the reason - we took back the gold vault.
- Freeze! If you're offering a promotion, I accept.
This ends when everyone who was in that White House room the day of the church bombing is brought to justice.
What's happening? Smoke bomb set off the sprinklers.
What happened to the gold? All the gold is clay.
There is one clay mine in 50 miles.
You own this clay mine? Fedorova wanted us to discover this place.
Why? President Wright gave me the capital to buy that mine.
The President gave you the money? Elena's last target is the President of the United States.
God bless the United States of America.
This has to be kept quiet.
How long's it gonna stay that way? Hey, you dropped your phone.
Good morning, skeptics.
New mind-blowing insider information.
Exclusive video from my source shows the gold in the Federal Reserve is fake.
All civilians must clear back four blocks! The new perimeter of the Federal Reserve is Trinity Place, Water, Wall, and Fulton Streets! What are you hiding, man? Where's the gold? Move back to the designated perimeter immediately or you will be placed under arrest! Where's the gold? Where's the gold? Where's the gold? Agent Doak.
We'll water cannon if needed.
The area will be clear before the motorcade is within a mile.
The President will be arriving soon.
President Wright is expected at the Federal Reserve any minute now to address a country in turmoil.
A leaked surveillance video appearing to show that gold bars in the Reserve's vault - have been melted - What'd you learn? The mineral compound in the painted bars in the Reserve vault is a match to the clay from the mine in Chief of Staff Swanstrom's name, shadow-owned by President Wright.
Why am I not surprised? President Wright watched the attack on Fedorova's wedding, and he owns the clay mine where the fake gold bricks were mined.
Is there any question he's involved in the theft of the gold? Not to any sane person.
But he'll know there's not enough to prosecute.
However, the most powerful man in the world backed into a corner? That's lethal.
- How tight is the circle on this? - You, me, Flowers Fedorova.
Doak knows about the connection between the President and the clay mine.
He's choosing to believe that the connection's not significant.
Director? The President's motorcade's pulling up.
For now, we're keeping this very close to the vest.
Sir, I have a gut feeling the President in New York is a part of Fedorova's plan.
Same here.
Dig into it.
Are you panting, Doak? I'm not.
Eagle has landed.
I repeat, Eagle has landed.
The smiles for the cameras, Rogelio.
I'm beyond furious.
- Where is it? - Inside.
This way, Mr.
- Mr.
President, over here! - Mr.
President! Can I have your autograph? Hm.
Very clever.
What's your explanation? Fedorova? She is elusive to say the least.
'Bout all she'll give up is riddles and stories.
That center on me as the culprit here? I'm just taking a wild guess.
Sir, you being involved has not been entertained.
It's hell of a frame job though, very thorough.
Come on, after all these targets, my friends Yours too, Réal It's such sad consequences.
The arrests were sad, indeed.
All legitimate.
She built a ladder leading right to me.
Well, except it's unfounded.
You see that, right? I don't trust Fedorova.
I follow evidence.
- At heart, I'm just a cop.
- And a great one who's gonna find the stolen gold and have it back in the vault by the end of the day.
My team is on it around the clock.
Triple the efforts.
I don't like being accused.
I don't deserve it.
The others who are guilty? Fine, let them rot.
Find the gold or get out.
Stick close to the Reserve today.
You're not needed a ton.
You, come.
You're hunting the gold solo.
No need to report to Réal.
Any findings come directly to me by way of my S.
, Max Gallo.
Met him this morning.
I used to have nothing but respect for Director Réal.
I just don't understand this failure.
Confusing to us all.
Have you had contact with Chief of Staff Swanstrom? She's fine.
Taking a health leave.
You want to know if her offer still stands of Interim Director? I am also glad to hear she's doing well.
Offer stands, if the bleeding is stopped.
I've been saying it for days.
Fedorova's been running this show for way too long.
Those big changes are coming.
Fedorova is done.
Good morning, everyone.
Thank you so much for coming.
We have many questions.
We'll get around to answering all of them.
- Do you hear it? The clock is ticking.
- No, not now, not - anymore.
We don't have time.
- Exactly.
- The President is in New York.
Why? To see a show? Do you understand the danger you're in, leaking that video of the melted gold bars? Do you think the President will come after my child like the FBI? There's a detail in the house upstate.
They're not taking her into custody yet.
Not yet.
My plan for the President is simple.
- To indict him and put him in jail.
- How? Do I have to do everything around here? The information that I have, that my partner has, could get us killed.
Can't arrest anybody if we're dead.
This is the clock I am talking about, ticking louder and louder for all of us.
Then help me.
- Last story.
- No do not.
This one is about a girl in a box.
How do I look? Like a princess? Can you say it in English? You need to practice.
Like a queen.
Hm, I like the sound of that.
Uh-oh, there's a beast.
- We'll be trapped in here forever! - Don't be scared, Mommy.
I'll fight him off! You cannot stop me! No one can! Oh, you are too strong! Ah! My hero! Time for sleep.
I can't go to sleep, Mommy.
What if another beast comes after us? Oh, then it's my turn to protect you.
One of the only times I felt truly safe was in that box made of pillows and cushions.
If I was facing death, that is the memory I would like as my last.
That's fatalistic and that's not you.
Why are you telling me this? Because I know what comes next, and it cannot be stopped.
So just sit back and get rolled over? Or you can look at the bigger picture.
The Serial Skeptic.
He will lead you to the matryoshka, a Russian nesting doll of immense significance.
Time is wasting.
How? We have company.
What's this about? Who are you? Special Agent Max Gallo, Secret Service.
Ah, what a surprise.
Fort Totten is no longer under FBI control.
Secret Service is taking over.
Leave the premises, Agent Turner.
Leave, or you'll be arrested.
Agent Turner, look at the bigger picture.
The ball is rolling, or I may be gone by nightfall.
A hood, Agent Gallo? Afraid I'll see you're a spineless lackey? The Skeptic's building is this way.
Appropriate we're talking to this guy.
I've never been so paranoid.
I told Fedorova she was in danger, and all she gives us is this loon and a matryoshka.
Has it dawned on you that right now, we're running an unauthorized case? We're under orders from the Director.
Who may not be the Director for long.
Everything we're doing is going contrary to the President.
- Who is a criminal.
- With unchecked power.
If we can't put him away and we survive, we're talking federal penitentiary.
For real, Val, I'm scared.
I am too, and if you had told me eight days ago that we would be doing this, I would've said you were crazy.
But I I believe in it.
What floor is this guy on? That one, the one that's burning.
901 Greenpoint Ave, Sunnyside, fire and a bus.
There's smoke coming through.
Ah, this old chestnut.
In the world of torture, this is known as the presentation of instruments.
Exactly right, and through a hood too.
For whom are we waiting? Quiet.
I'll guide you.
Guess you're hearing the clock ticking.
Just runnin' the plan over and over.
It will go like clockwork.
What'd you hear from outside? No hiccups.
- The trucks? - They're coming.
There a time of departure from the prison? I changed all of that.
My old friend Tomorrow night, you're free.
Then what? Then we reconnect with our wives.
That's what you're thinking about.
Val might sooner put a knife in my heart than reconnect.
Well, your reasons were noble.
The slightest variation from the plan, you tell me right away.
No surprises.
My heart can't take it.
Of course.
He had ID.
Name is Jacob Goldberg.
The Serial Skeptic.
Poor son of a bitch.
- Hey, Captain.
When can we get inside? - Three hours, maybe more.
It's still hot as hell inside.
- Have you got a cause yet? - So far, gas leak.
The neighborhood lines are 100 years old.
No way.
Someone blew that apartment up.
No signs of accelerant or an explosive device.
No signs of much else.
Place was filled with papers, damn near hoarder level.
Okay, when can we send someone in to retrieve his computer or any electronics You're talkin' about fused blocks of plastic.
There's nothing left.
Hey, there was supposed to be a protective detail on him 24/7.
I called it in myself.
I'm gonna guess that order fell through the cracks.
Like an order from the President? Or his hatchet man, Gallo.
No way the Skeptic didn't keep backups, right? A guy that paranoid is not gonna keep all his files in the same place.
Presuming his files lead us to this matryoshka, I mean, where to start? I have no idea, but the clock is ticking.
That's gotta be his car.
Run the plates.
I wanna know everywhere this car has been since the Skeptic started posting about Fedorova.
On it.
We need an ID on a Nissan, black sedan, U5A What do you got? In the past 18 months, there have been three different updates to the Reserve's security system.
Each update caused a slight glitch in the actual security footage, which only happens these three times.
- And look.
- There.
The frame before the glitch and the frame after the glitch don't match.
Looks like the security feed was hacked and placed on a loop for a limited amount of time.
When the loop ended and the real-time footage started, it created a brief glitch in the feed.
That's what we're seeing.
Video splice wasn't as seamless as they hoped.
Okay, we now have a time-stamp of when the gold was taken out.
Anything out of the ordinary happen those same three days? There were power outages.
First one is a four-block radius in Chinatown, and then I see one here in Tribeca, - and, oh, there's one in SoHo.
- What else? Protest outside City Hall.
The 2-3 line was down all three of those days.
Maintenance due to - Flooding.
- Where? Fulton Street Station.
Son of a bitch.
They moved the gold through the subway line.
Follow that lead.
Go through the security footage.
Find out anyone who accessed the vault.
By the end of this day, we're gonna have this gold back.
Is this where the fun begins? Has our mystery guest arrived? Hello, Mr.
- This is quite a moment for me.
- Same for me.
But probably for different reasons.
Ten years we've been in each other's orbit, and never met in the flesh.
Your methods of introduction are dramatic.
The hood.
Barbaric, but you do have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.
I was referring to the bombing of my wedding.
That was our first introduction.
It was strictly business if that's any consolation.
Oh, solves everything.
You could've shown up at any point.
But you chose today.
Why? I get the feeling you already know.
You discovered a quirk of the Beloks.
- They keep evidence.
- They do.
And you didn't know that when you destroyed Vodianovs to get in bed with them? Honor amongst the Beloks has never been their strong suit.
But they do think big.
Like heisting the Federal Reserve and installing a puppet President.
Now you're just being sour.
I won that election fair and square.
And yet, you are worried about a piece of evidence that's gone missing.
The matryoshka.
Your friend, the Serial Skeptic, didn't have it.
After what we put him through, well, we'd know.
Another innocent ground under your heel.
Playing with those dolls was never really fun for me.
Reminded me of the memories and the secrets people hide away.
Like knowing you're only a pawn to the Beloks.
You have a very sharp tongue for someone in zip ties.
Someone I'm trying to make a deal with.
A deal? I love a deal.
The Reserve's gold is gonna be in transit soon.
Now I've been authorized to cut you in for a portion of the profit.
So now you're Lady Belok's mouthpiece too? Snow White's been in conflict with the Beloks for too long.
If you accept their offer, there'll be a truce between your families.
You'll be done living in the shadows.
You take your daughter and disappear anywhere in the world.
I'm offering you a life of peace and comfort and all you have to do is give the matryoshka back.
So where is it? Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough.
Sodium pentothal should get you honest soon, to get us started.
Fair warning burns like hell going in, then it breaks down your mind.
A suggestion take the deal.
You won't get another offer from her again.
Diaz! Isabel Diaz, FBI! State your business.
Ma'am, do you know a man named Jacob Goldberg, goes by the Serial Skeptic? He said if law enforcement ever came, to read them this statement.
Diaz, Jacob is dead.
He said that people might come and say things like that.
Really? I'm sorry.
How do I know you didn't kill him? Well, I'm betting that lately he talked less about the FBI and more about Snow White.
Did he ever share things he was working on? No.
He said it was to protect me because it was dangerous.
Did he ever mention a matryoshka? - A Russian nesting doll? - No.
Did he mention the Beloks? Oh, my God.
Jacob never posted about the Beloks because he was afraid to.
But he had a lot of theories and kept hard copies on all of it.
Thought he didn't talk about his work.
He didn't, and he had a strict rule about not touching his things, but I snooped around once in a while.
What in here relates to the Beloks? All of it.
- Are we making progress? - Oh, we're doing just great.
Look, I understand why you're upset with me.
But your anger is misplaced.
You know who's really to blame for the church bombing? Sofiya Vodianov.
Sofiya is to blame, really? The Cutler administration had a very good relationship with the Vodianovs until Sofiya got greedy.
Cutler got greedy, and you sold him on the Beloks.
But then they took more than she ever would have.
Brilliant move.
Give back the matryoshka, or more bodies will start dropping.
Don't be like Sofiya.
Make the right choice.
You are terrified.
Afraid Natalia has no more use for you.
I wouldn't worry about Lady Belok coming for you.
I'm coming for you.
I'm shaking in my boots.
You're gonna wish you didn't do that.
Oh I only wish I done it longer.
You're gonna have to be real careful.
Too much of this will kill you.
Anthony, I think I got something.
This one.
Car crash, 2015.
Remember this? Of course.
Stephanie Tirado, presidential candidate, her husband.
Yeah, she was the front-runner headed into the convention.
She dropped out of the race after her husband, Michael, died in this car accident.
Her husband's driver, Eduardo Reyes, swerved to avoid a deer, and the car went off the road and flipped.
Reyes survived.
Tirado's husband died.
At the time, everything seemed above board, and there was no reason to suspect otherwise.
Except one person benefited from Tirado dropping out of the primaries.
President Andrew Wright.
He owes his election to this car crash.
What's that got to do with the Beloks? - Or the nesting doll? - I don't know.
But Jacob has a whole file on the driver, and an evidence tree trying to prove a Belok connection.
Guess the Skeptic didn't buy the deer story.
Are we for real saying this wacko knew more than the FBI? Elena chose him for a reason.
Ed Reyes.
Owns an auto repair shop in the city.
Let's go talk to him, see how he responds to a little conversation.
Excuse me.
Eduardo Reyes? Mr.
Reyes! FBI! Stop! Calm down.
Wow, Reyes.
We just wanted to have a little conversation.
Okay, now, running like I did, that was a misunderstanding.
I said I was FBI very clearly.
Who'd say that and be lying? The Beloks? Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Been watching the news, Eduardo? You know what's going on with the bank robberies, Elena Fedorova? You ever contact with a guy named Jacob Goldberg, - the Serial Skeptic? - That stupid son of a bitch.
Sounds like you know he got killed this morning.
I told him to watch who he came talking to.
He came here asking questions about your involvement with the Beloks and the death of Michael Tirado? Yes.
Did he think your accident was a setup? You understand just you being here puts a target on my back? - We can protect you.
- Oh, no, no, you can't.
We'll do everything we can, Eduardo.
But you act like someone who's got a lot on his chest.
Let us help you.
I worked for the Tirados for five years.
I was their friend.
Then what? Who approached you? Guys with Eastern European accents? Threatening you? Said they'd kill my entire family if I didn't do exactly what they wanted.
What choice did I have? They had photos of my wife.
They knew her schedule.
What did they want? They said, "Bring the car in for an oil change.
Come back in an hour.
" Then that night, "Just drive.
" On the accident report, you said you dodged a deer.
- There was no deer.
- There was a blowout, but like an explosion.
Something they planted.
Okay, then what? They didn't just leave you alone after that.
They took me to meet with a woman.
They called her Lady Belok.
She made me admit I was responsible for the death, filmed it, put it on a thumb drive, and then she put it in this doll, like a little Russian doll.
She put it in this locked cabinet with, like, 50 others.
Said if I ever talked, she'd send it to the To the get this the FBI.
And each of these dolls contained evidence? Like they were trophies, but people.
People like the President.
Lady Belok had him on a shelf like a doll.
He'll keep you safe, Eduardo.
Yeah, Elena's mentioned this woman before.
Lady Belok, Natalia.
We've run the name through Interpol.
Nothing pops.
But she's the leader.
The matryoshka Fedorova mentioned this morning.
Now we're assuming in it is evidence against the President? Tying him to the death of Michael Tirado, which won him the election.
It's a shocking notion, Turner.
- Where's the proof? - "Where's the proof?" Director, what's happening with Fedorova? - Being interrogated.
- Exactly.
Elena needs me to find the doll implicating the President.
I think it's key to her plan.
We both know she'd die before giving it up to Wright.
Yes, exactly.
Time for sleep.
I can't go to sleep, Mommy.
What if another beast comes after us? The evidence, where is it? Did you even know about the matryoshka before we stole it? No, I did not.
But you're still loyal to her.
I made my bed a long time ago.
You know, I wasn't lying when I said I was impressed by you.
I am.
You stole that doll from right under her nose.
Almost got away with it too.
Took Natalia about a week to notice it was even missing.
You two are alike in so many ways.
I thought we were close once.
Not so.
And how is it smart to continue this circle of violence? See, what you don't realize, Elena, is that the Vodianovs Are the losing side.
No, no.
Please, no.
No, no, please.
Stop, please, no! Tell me where it is.
Tell me where it is.
Safety deposit box.
Under my daughter's name.
Republic Bank of New York.
Republic Bank of New York is still being held by Snow White.
How do I get my men in safely? Promise me you'll spare my operatives - and the hostages.
- You have my word.
There's a surface entrance abandoned on the west side.
We're done.
-What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Take the bank.
- Get rid of her.
- Yes, Mr.
Keep going.
And there's our truck number one.
The others? Coming every hour or so.
Four in total.
And ours will have the blue ribbon on it? Tied to the bumper.
Blue for Elena.
When I was on the job, I was known for having ice water in my veins.
But this my heart's in my throat.
It's excitement.
Hey, look.
They're loading the buttons.
That's a hell of a lot of buttons.
Billions worth.
Okay, tell me you found something.
I mean, Ojjeh's iris scan was logged in multiple times, the same three days as the last security update.
Ameera's original file was inputted twice.
Everything looks in order.
I think her iris scan was cloned.
What the hell? Is that Max Gallo? Doak, gather your HRT and FBI S.
Executive order to retake Republic Bank of New York.
Right now.
Of course, Agent Gallo.
The President asked that this be top priority.
Turn over your research on the gold hunt and the names of the agents working on it.
Secret Service will handle it from here.
Let's move out! What'd you learn, Doak? That not all that glitters is gold? Doak's been ordered to retake Republic Bank of New York.
Why now? What's changed? I'm guessing they broke Fedorova.
She wouldn't.
Snow White still has two banks in their control, right? Republic Bank of New York and Windsor Fidelity.
Fedorova would never give up a bank unless she wanted to.
If they're looking for that evidence, she sent them there as a distraction.
A distraction? Why? Why hold onto two banks when only one has the evidence? If Doak's team is headed to Republic Bank, then I bet you the stolen matryoshka is in Windsor Fidelity.
All right, everyone.
Let's go! FBI, put your hands where I can see 'em.
- Stay calm.
- Don't even think about it.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't move! Fedorova gave you up.
She gave us the way in.
It's all over.
Drop your weapons now.
Let me see those hands! Get those hands up.
- Okay, you two, with me.
- Yes, boss.
- End of the room.
- Walk.
Val, this all makes sense theoretically.
But now I'm not so sure.
If what we think is here actually is here, it's minutes before the President finds out we're onto him, and only a matter of time before he'll come for us too.
Between you and me, if that doll isn't there, and we don't find it, Fedorova is dead.
Do you think she deserves that? No, I don't think she does.
Then let's go see what we've got.
Box 751.
- Stay where you are.
- My name is Agent Val Turner, I believe you have something for me.
Good work, Doak.
We'll take it from here.
From the queen.
- Val, let the bomb squad open it! - I don't think we need it.
This is a story about a girl in a box.
- What is that? - Nothing that concerns you.
- Val, they're at the door.
- We're surrendering.
We're unarmed! We're comin' out.
What is this, some kind of a joke? Slowly.
One at a time.
Anthony, call Réal.
Snow White just surrendered the last bank.
We now have control of Windsor Fidelity.
Oh, you are too strong! Ah! Ah, he leaves you to do his dirty work.
He sent me to give you one last chance.
But I told him there was no point.
You know me well.
I've come too far to give up now.
Lady Belok said to make you suffer like her sister did.
Her sister did not suffer.
I snapped her neck like a twig.
Bury it.
Hide the grave.
No, no, no.
Please, no.
No, no, please, stop! Look, I'm a little worried about Stephanie Tirado's momentum, okay? If she joins the primaries, I'm not so sure I can win.
That's a problem for both of us.
Lady Belok, that's who he's talking to? What exactly do you expect me to do about it? - That's our best guess.
- Do what you do best.
I don't know.
Take out Tirado's entire damn family for all I care, - just as long as it gets done.
- I suggest you watch your tone.
- Look, I - And he just ordered a murder.
I don't have to remind you that the only way I'm gonna have access to the Federal Reserve gold is if I'm in power.
That's not gonna happen if Stephanie Tirado wins the election.
It will be handled.
Why do I feel like we're handling nitroglycerin? Because it could take him down, and by now, he'll assume we have it.
Val, you gotta be very, very careful.
Do not go home.
Don't go anywhere you do usually.
Director, none of us are safe until we find out where that son of a bitch is hiding the gold.
Val Turner.
Agent Turner.
I heard Windsor Fidelity was surrendered today.
Inside one of the safety deposit boxes was a matryoshka doll from the same set found at Republic Bank of New York, except the one at Republic was empty.
What'd you find at yours? I think you know, sir.
Dangerous business.
Fedorova would tell you the same, except she's dead.
Sorry, was that a hard blow? I know you two have grown close lately.
Too damn close.
I propose you resign, or I'll release the video to every single media platform including the Serial Skeptic, who you killed to protect yourself.
I don't think you understand what you've done.
Pissed off the Beloks? Not just any Belok.
Lady Belok, herself.
She already got to Elena Fedorova.
Now all of her focus and attention will be on you.
I hope Elena's prepared you for what's to come.
Guess we'll see.

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