The Enemy Within (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Eye of Horus

Previously on "The Enemy Within" You tried to access classified intelligence on Mikhail Tal.
I didn't try to access those files Anna Cruz did.
- And why would she do that? - Because she's a mole.
She clawed her way into this building, and she clawed her way into you.
Drop the gun, Keaton.
Now! Anna, I can protect you.
- I could never trust you.
- Yes, you can.
I'll keep my word.
I need you to pu that gun down.
- Are you proud, Agent Keaton? - Tal.
You saw Anna for what she was but not before she gave me what I wanted.
You had someone on the inside.
That ended tonight.
What makes you think she's the only one? How are you feeling after Saturday? - A little tight.
- Ha.
Ten miles will do that.
You should've seen me the day after.
I could barely walk when I woke up.
Today will be nice and easy.
4 miles, 9-minute pace.
You ready? Yeah.
Hey, when you headed back to D.
anyway? Uh, Wednesday I've got to get back to the office.
Hold on a sec.
I've got to tie my toe.
Daniel's doing cleanup in a Colntel Division.
They're going to sweep the interrogation room for bugs, so your meeting with your daughter's gonna be here today.
In my cell? Supervised.
If you wanna wait until the techs are done No, I want to see her.
You look like hell, Keaton.
I turned her.
Anna Cruz, before she was shot.
I turned her.
I could see it in her eyes.
How's the cleanup coming? I'd call it a thorough and complete purge of a lot of hard work.
We have to assume that everything that Anna Cruz had access to has been compromised.
Keaton, I have something urgent.
I've been monitoring the mesh network that Tal and his operatives use to communicate.
Look at this.
There's been an uptick.
The chatter on the network jumped to more than 1000% this morning.
I'd say that's a whole lot more than an uptick.
What is that? Turn that up! We are now getting reports of eight killed and countless more victims in what local police are calling one of the worst acts of violence in city history.
There is no information yet on who is responsible or the motivations behind the bombing.
Authorities are saying whoever carried out this heinous act is still at large.
We will continue to monitor This is Tal.
What do you have for me? Dozens of Tal's operatives were communicating on the mesh network minutes before the bombing.
The problem is there's no way to find out which one actually carried out the attack, but I had an idea.
I analyzed the cell traffic from the past few days and I found this.
This user is at the center of the communication cluster and everyone on the network contacted him.
You think he was the mastermind? No, because everyone contacted him only once.
They were conducting radio checks.
He's not the mastermind.
He's Tal's communication expert.
Keaton, when we get him, we can unlock the entire network.
We can find the bomber and we can find Tal.
So are we going after this guy or what? Yeah, Keaton's on his way down right now.
Eight people killed in a bombing in broad daylight.
That's awful.
- You see the photos? - Mm-hmm.
Don't worry, we're gonna get whoever did this.
- What up, boss? - That bomb went off in New Jersey, but Kate tracked down Tal's communications expert here in D.
Now we get him, we got a shot at getting everybody involved, including Tal.
How'd she track him down? - Using this.
- Stingray signal tracker.
Out target's just ten miles away from here.
Kate said that person talked to everybody that was involved in the bombing.
We got to bring him in, we got to bring him in alive.
Tal's actions aren't random.
Let's go figure out why he attacked that pier.
Ready? Let's roll.
Keaton, I tracked the suspect's cell phone to a Telecom building outside of D.
The suspect's definitely inside.
Track him from here.
Let us know if he moves positions.
We're going to sweep the interior, go floor by floor.
Remember, we need this guy alive.
You got it.
Keaton, I got something! I think the target's on the roof.
Copy that.
We're headed there now.
Keaton, 12:00.
He's heading for the south side of the building.
This way! Hey, stop! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Stop! Don't come any closer.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Holstering the gun.
Just take it easy.
- Stay back or I'll jump! - Just just take it easy.
Take it easy.
It's going to be okay.
I mean it.
I'll jump! Okay, just take it easy.
No, let me go! - You're under arrest.
- Let me go! Target acquired.
Nice catch, boss.
What do you think? It's so Small and dark.
- What do you really think? - Sorry.
It's just so Empty.
Well, it's a lot better than where I used to be.
What you do all day? I work and I have my memories of you.
But there's no TV or books or music.
There is music.
There's music for one hour a week.
What are you listening to? Who is it? One Direction? No.
Who do you like? Right now, The Doors.
I loved Jim Morrison when I was your age.
I must've listened to the Live at the Hollywood Bowl a hundred times.
And Grandpa hated it because he loved Jazz.
- Yeah.
- You've told me the story.
- Are you still playing piano? - No.
Hannah, you quit? Just kidding, Mom.
I still have lessons twice a week.
I even have culmination at the music school tonight.
I wish you could go.
Let's see what you're playing.
It probably won't be possible.
Don't they owe you for helping them? Um, sort of, but that's not really what I asked for in return.
What did you ask for? You.
- Can I, um - What? Can I hold hold you? Are we allowed? I don't care.
You still fit.
- Is this - What? What? Is this always how it's going to be? We're never alone.
We can't talk about anything private.
Like what? Like what? Is something wrong? Hannah, you can talk to me.
There's just things I want to tell you, - and I - Shepherd.
- We need you upstairs now.
- What, I still have time I'm sorry.
We need you upstairs now.
It's urgent.
I was in the middle of something important.
What difference would five minutes have made? Eight people were just killed in a bomb attack in New Jersey.
Tal is behind that.
I'm sorry, but I need your help.
Do you know the target? No, but we captured his communications expert.
Daniel is about to question him now.
You know how Tal recruits his people.
Same way you've helped us with Cruz, you're gonna help us with him.
We can skip the introductions because we already know everything about you.
I need the names of everyone involved in the bombing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't lie to me.
You built the communications network used to plan this attack.
That doesn't just make you complicit.
It makes you responsible.
I repair telephone lines.
I know nothing of mesh network.
Then why are you wanted in Egypt for building the communications network used by the Arab Spring protestors? Like I'm saying, we already know everything about you.
Why don't you just save us all some time and tell me Where can I find the bomber? Your guess is as good as mine.
He's not gonna be an easy break.
Any second now, Tal can discover that you've captured him, alert his operatives.
Clock is ticking, Keaton.
Bragg, tell me you got something.
Yeah, the explosive materials used in the bomb are ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel.
Blasting cap was set to detonate, and the casing was a propane tank - hidden inside of a backpack.
- Any leads on the origin? Yeah, the bomb techs identified the ammonium.
It looks like it came from a fertilizer plant in Richmond, Virginia.
Jackie and I are gonna head down there right now.
Good work.
Keep me updated.
Eight people are dead.
You know what that means? Eight back-to-back life sentences.
That's what you're looking at.
You know, Sam Maybe I can help you.
Maybe I can talk to the prosecutor see if we can work a deal.
You mean the same deal you offered Viktor Nemec? He died in your custody.
I'm sorry, Agent Zain, but I think I'll take my chances.
Why didn't you report the theft to the FBI? Our tanks registered at full-capacity the whole time.
Whoever, uh, stole the ammonium nitrate was sophisticated enough to hack our computer monitoring system too.
We had to hand measure just to figure out - how much was missing.
- Well, how much did they take? Close to a 1,000 pounds.
But if somebody's gonna use it, they're gonna - they're gonna do it soon.
- Why is that? The chemical plant is missing 1,000 pounds of fertilizer, but the bomb today only used about 100.
That's 900 pound of explosives unaccounted for.
There's more bombs out there.
900 pounds of ammonium nitrate is enough to bring down a building.
The only way we castop that form happening is sitting in that room right now.
Daniel, we need results now.
He rejected a deal, but he's smart and engaged, which means there's a way in, an incentive.
You don't have time for this.
I've worked in Cairo.
I have contacts that can extradite Sam to a prison that is very good at convincing people to talk.
You mean rendition and torture? Not everyone can be as scrupulous as the FBI, Agent Zain.
How'd that work out for you in finding Bin Laden? The CIA waterboarded his right-hand man 183 times, and it still took you ten years to find him? All right, let's stay focused.
Daniel, I need you to stay on Sam.
You figure out what incentives will appeal to him, but do it quickly.
- We're running out of time.
- You need to do more.
My contacts from Egypt will give you information.
They will reveal to you his weak points.
What contacts? I worked with an Egyptian intelligence officer named Gamal.
Before I was arrested, he was posted at the Egyptian embassy in D.
under diplomatic cover.
So if he's still in the United States and you can get him here, I guarantee you he will have information that will help out.
Okay, I'll call him.
I'll bring him in.
Uh, you're not not understanding.
It will take more than a phone call to get him here.
Why is that? Well, let's just say that Gamal and I had a falling out and he's not going to work for the U.
So if you want to bring him here, then you will have to black bag him.
No, I'm not ready to do that.
We don't have much time, so let's cut to the chase and talk about the people you care about.
Who's this? You know who she is? Here.
You look happy together.
She must've meant a lot to you.
Nadia was just a protestor during the Arab Spring.
No, no, no.
She wasn't just a protestor.
She was a leader of the protest.
We know everything about her.
She had endless courage.
You know, I watched some of the coverage at the time.
She must've made you proud.
What do you know about pride? I don't know, um you tell me.
What don't I know? There were thousands of us in Tahrir Square.
For the first time in my life, I was proud.
Proud to be here amongst the people.
Proud to be a part of something bigger than myself.
Proud proud to be Egyptian.
Afterwards, Nadia and I returned home.
To celebrate, filled with hope.
When we returned that night, the Mukhabarat were waiting.
During our escape, we were separated.
Sam! Nadia! - Sam! - Nadia! - No! - Nadia! Nadia! I was able to escape, but Nadia She was captured.
No! No, no, no! No, no! Imprisoned.
My Nadia They beat her to death.
So please, don't lecture me about pride.
I was a fool.
We all were.
I'm sorry, Sam.
How can you be sorry? Your government betrayed us.
Where was your CIA after the elections? Was that when you started working for Tal? To seek revenge against America? Revenge, yes.
But not against America.
Against the man who killed Nadia.
After her death, I was approached by a Serbian soldier who worked for Tal.
He had a scar on his hand.
He said he could give me money and passage to America, and he said he could give me the name of the man that killed Nadia.
All I had to do was wait until I was called on.
Yes, I built Tal's communications network, but I killed no one.
No, you can't hide behind some veil of ignorance, Sam.
Eight people died today because of your network.
But you can still do some good.
You can help us stop the bomber.
- No.
- Stop protecting - these killers.
- I said no! If I take a deal that benefits me without justice for Nadia, I might as well spit on her grave.
And if another bomb goes off, innocent people will die and their blood? It'll be on your hands, Sam.
Must be so easy for you to stand there in judgment.
But you know what Nadia taught me? Conviction.
I want a name, Agent Zain.
I want the name of the man that killed Nadia.
Tell me that and I will tell you everything.
Otherwise, I have nothing more to say.
He wants a name, Agent Keaton.
Let's get him one.
I've got eyes on Gamal here.
Everybody take positions.
I'm heading out on foot now.
He's on the run! Move in now! I'm on him.
Bragg, he's heading your way.
Hands behind your back.
You don't know what you're doing.
Let's go.
Why am I here? Under whose authority was I detained? Mine.
It's been a long time.
We have a lot to catch up on.
I apologize for my pick-up service, but I was pretty sure you wouldn't come willingly, - considering - Considering one day we were allies helping each other capture terrorists and the next you're helping to overthrow my government? If your government had been a little less corrupt, perhaps they could have avoided a revolution.
Why am I here, Shepherd? I need a name.
I need the name of one of your colleagues who killed a student who was involved in the Arab Spring protests.
Her name was Nadia.
Nadia Salah.
She wasn't just a student.
She was also a leader.
Why should I help you? What do you think Tal would do to you and your family if he knew that you were cooperating with the U.
government? I'm not cooperating with you.
I want to show you something.
But you might find it disturbing.
There's nothing here.
No, not yet.
But imagine that there were.
Imagine that there was a story written about how you gave crucial information to the FBI that disrupted an attack being planned by Mikhail Tal.
Imagine what he would do to you.
Why would Tal believe that? Please, Gamal, you've seen me manipulate diplomats, oligarchs, heads of state.
Do you really think that this would be so difficult? Besides, Tal doesn't have to believe that it's true.
He only has to believe that it might be.
Do you remember what we told Abu Rasha when we captured him down in Luxor? That we'd tell his brothers he was a rat.
You and I, we've both used threats before.
Doesn't mean they don't work.
I've been hunting terrorists for 30 years, Shepherd.
There's a thousand men who want me and my family dead.
But I realize now for every man we took off the street, we put two more back on.
If you want my help you're going to have to do more than make hollow threats.
How old is your son now? It's about the same age as my daughter.
You and me, old spies, we like to fool ourselves into believing that we're immune to the violence that we enact on each other.
This is true.
Do you remember why it is we said we got into this job in the first place? - We both love our countries.
- Countries.
And a country is just a collection of families.
Earlier today, eight families lost someone, and any minute, many, many, many more will.
I need a name, Gamal.
I need a name to protect my family and your family and a collection of families.
You do this for me, and when those men come seeking revenge from you I will be there and so will the FBI.
That's not a threat.
Who's this? Anwar Egoyan.
He's a secret policeman with Egypt's Mukhabarat.
He's the man you're looking for.
He's the man that killed Nadia.
Where is he? Cairo? He's dead.
What? He died in a car accident two years ago.
That can't be true.
Where did you get this information? Egyptian Intelligence.
We checked it ourselves.
- It's true.
- Why should I believe you? Because if I was going to lie to you, I'd tell you he's alive.
I know it's not what you want to hear, Sam, but it's the truth.
I've searched for this man for years.
Listen to me, time is running out.
We had a deal.
I give you a name, you help me stop the next bombing.
A deal? You gave me the name of a dead man! Sam, if you don't tell me where the attack is going to happen, hundreds of people will die.
And what about Nadia? Who will answer for her? You can't bring Nadia back by helping to spill more blood.
There are other Nadias out there, other innocent victims.
Don't use your mind games on me! I understand.
I understand you must be angry, Sam.
You don't understand anything.
Tell me, if Nadia was standing here right here, right now, tell me she wouldn't want to save the lives of those innocent victims.
Better yet, Sam, tell her yourself! Go ahead! Here, tell her! Tell her you don't have the courage to do this.
- Stop! - Tell her, Sam! Because tomorrow will be too late.
If this bomb goes off, it's on you.
Tell her, Sam! The target of the next attack, what is it? Nadia had twice my courage.
She would've never agreed to work for Tal.
1225 Wellington Street in Dulles.
Thank you, Sam.
Thank you.
Kate, what do we know about that address? 1225 Wellington is the address for Crossroads Bank, it's an international investment firm.
Uh, just wait.
I've seen this man before.
Yes, Wallis Reynolds, he's the CFO.
He was killed in the New Jersey bombing.
And all the bank's holdings, tax filings, annual returns they've all been redacted.
That's because it's not a real bank.
I recognize this pattern and I know why Tal's targeting it.
Crossroads is a front company that finances Agency black ops through offshore accounts.
So all these employees are CIA? No, they're civilians who think they work at a real bank.
But Tal murdered the CFO because he was probably the only one that was read-in, and now he's taking out the entire bank.
Pettigrew, coordinate with the local PD and make sure all these people get out safe.
Copy that.
This way, come this way.
I want to clear a two-block radius around this building.
Keep coming, keep coming.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Kate, have you accessed the building's CCTV system yet? I just got it up.
Any sign of the suspects? No, not yet, but we have another issue.
The local police are saying the elevators and the electronic door locks have been disabled.
Everyone above the mezzanine level is still trapped inside.
What happened to the exits? Excuse me, excuse me.
I think Tal's operatives got into the building's security network.
I think they've shut everything down.
This building's 13 stories.
There's still hundreds of people in here.
Kate, can you remotely unlock those doors and get those elevators going? I'll see what I can do.
Now keep going, keep going, keep going.
I need you to take us to your security station.
Keaton, I think that guard works for Tal.
I think I know where the other operatives might be.
- Where? - The 4th floor.
The CCTV camera's on that floor.
- They're all offline.
- We're headed up there now.
Something's not right here.
- I'm gonna check this out.
- Go check it out.
Let me talk to you.
Hey, let me talk to you.
Bragg, he could be trying to detonate a bomb.
Found the bombs.
They're attached to the structural columns.
If they go off, they can take down this whole building.
Can you disarm them? I don't know yet.
We have a problem.
This whole floor is filled with explosives.
What's going on? Hey, no! Don't move! They triggered the countdown.
I can't get into anything.
Can you stop it? We're working on it.
It's not looking good.
Please, keep moving.
This way.
Let's go.
Kate, give me something.
Bragg, I'm trying.
I have an idea.
They're using an isolated detonation device to set off the explosives.
If I can disconnect this, those other bombs won't detonate.
Uhh! Is there anybody in the basement? No, it's empty.
Why? Oh! Keaton, are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
It's over.
How many exactly? There were 164 employees in the building.
164 lives for Nadia.
Can I see my wallet? Yeah, here you go.
This is a pin that Nadia gave to me.
I want you to have it.
Thank you.
It's the Eye of Horus, isn't it? It's a symbol of protection.
It's also a symbol of healing.
That's what Nadia gives me even in death.
Stay out of trouble, Sam.
When I was setting up the mesh network, Tal asked me about its range over water.
- Over water? - Yeah.
And when I said it depends on environmental factors, he asked, "Well, what about over a warm gulf?" Does that mean anything to you? Not sure.
Thank you.
You keep doing what you're doing, you might be a pretty good interrogator one day.
One day you're going to get us all fired.
What are you doing, Will? Black-bagging people in the street? There's something you're not telling me.
Something about Shepherd.
There has to be.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
Deputy Director Molinero.
People forget Frazier started his career with 29 straight wins.
Number 27 was Muhammad Ali.
Then he lost four of his next eight fights and never recovered.
We still talking about boxing? You did good work today.
Stopped a Tal attack, saved a lot of lives.
But you also let a mole inside the Counterintelligence Division.
That mistake set us back months.
Not to mention, it's probably how Tal discovered Crossroads was a CIA front company in the first place.
One step forward, two steps back.
We also uncovered Tal's communications network.
No telling what type of intelligence that will unearth.
The objective of this unit isn't to gather intelligence.
It's to apprehend dangerous spies and operatives, and Mikhail Tal is still at large.
Anna Cruz was your last mistake.
Next one, you're out.
There's not going to be anymore mistakes.
If you want to keep that promise, I suggest you stop relying on the advice of a traitor.
Shepherd is part of the reason we're closer than we've ever been at catching Tal.
Assuming she still doesn't still work for him.
Good night, Will.
What? What's wrong? You daughter called me today.
What did she say?