The Enemy Within (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


1 She's the most hated woman in America.
Previously on "The Enemy Within" CIA Agent Erica Shepherd spied for rogue terrorist Mikhail Tal.
Mikhail Vassily Tal, former Russian SVR agent and one of the greatest threats to America today.
[EXPLOSIONS] I wanna bring in Erica Shepherd.
She knows Tal better than anyone.
She killed my fiancée.
Did you forget that? I'll see you in three days.
I love you.
I love you too.
I need to know why you did it.
I didn't work with Tal.
I didn't spy for him.
She is a beautiful girl.
Wait! Wait! I made a choice to save my daughter.
Working with Shepherd, is this gonna be a regular thing? I know Daniel and Kate aren't happy about it.
And you are? I mean, I agreed to work with you and everything, right? Mikhail Tal is still at large.
I suggest you stop relying on the advice of a traitor.
Shepherd is part of the reason we're closer than we've ever been at catching Tal.
Assuming she doesn't still work for him.
It happens today.
No, I can't.
Then just as we discussed, your secret will be revealed.
Okay, I'll do it.
Belonged to my dad.
[LAUGHS] - Old school.
- Yeah.
[CLEARS THROAT] I like it.
I've got something.
Yesterday morning, a 31-year-old NSA analyst named Jane Eaton stole a piece of highly classified software from her agency.
What kind of software? It's financial cloaking technology.
It basically allows someone to make an online transaction without a bank or government being able to track it.
It's handy if you're a terrorist or a rogue nation.
Or in this case, Mikhail Tal.
A deep dive into our contacts proves that she was in touch with him or one of his operatives weeks leading up to the theft.
We think that Tal leveraged this analyst into working for him by blackmailing her with some damaging personal information.
That's how he operates.
He finds someone's weakness and then exploits it.
Where's the analyst now? She was leaving the NSA campus when something happened.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] [TIRES SCREECHING] [BANGING AND CRASHING] Her car careened off the road and tumbled into a ravine.
She was pronounced dead on the scene.
But the classified software that was meant for Tal was still found on her body.
The local police had been ordered to keep the accident quiet.
Even NSA doesn't know about the breach.
Why? I am tired of sitting back and letting Tal take the fight to us.
We're gonna turn the tables on him, go on offense.
And this USB drive is how we're gonna do it.
We're gonna impersonate the dead analyst so that we can pass stolen NSA technology to Tal's contact.
But only after we secretly program it with tracking software Once he uses the tech, we'll be able to track him down.
Not one of his operatives, not some asset.
[BIRD CAWS] [DISTANT SIREN WAILS] So you've got the tech and you've got the plan, what do you need from me? Well, we know the NSA agent was planning to meet one of Tal's contacts, but we didn't know where and we didn't know when.
That's where you come in.
We found this coded message on the analyst's body.
We think it's instructions on how to get the NSA tech to Tal.
You ever seen anything like this before? [COMPUTERIZED BLEEPS] Yes.
Can you crack it? [UPBEAT ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Useless nights For getting down You can't save any moments They won't stick around Yeah, you feel We were going to anyway Kate, what location's latitude 39.
28, and 76.
60 longitude? [KEYBOARD CLACKING] It's a park called Emory Park Falls in Maryland.
That's the location, 3:00 today.
You cracked it? Most of the code is just noise meant to confuse and confound.
The key information is found in the corner surrounded by a Fibonacci Sequence.
That's a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two that proceed it.
So one plus one is two, two plus one is three, three plus two is five.
- So that's the code? - No, that's what isolates it.
The code is what's inside the circle.
Everything else is useless.
This is the location and this is the date, today.
All right, Daniel call Bragg and Pettigrew.
We need someone at that park ASAP.
I want surveillance cameras set up and I wanna prep that site for the exchange.
We only get one shot at this.
We gotta move.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You're gonna be the one to make the pass.
The NSA analyst was about your age, dark hair.
So whoever she was supposed to meet will be looking for someone who fits that description.
There must be 100 FBI agents that look like her.
Why me? I don't have the time to vet other agents right now.
And after Anna Cruz, I can't afford to trust anyone.
You trust me, Agent Keaton? Not for a second.
But what I do know, what I can trust, is that you wanna catch Tal as much as I do.
FBI will maintain a secure perimeter around you at all times.
We're gonna closely monitor that GPS transponder in your chest.
But Shepherd, don't make me regret this.
[PHONE RINGS] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] So Shepherd's just gonna be free? That's what Keaton said.
It's a bad idea.
We'll have extra agents on site and we'll be monitoring her every move.
Besides, she's still got that GPS tracker in her chest.
She beat it once already.
Yeah, but that was before I was on the team.
All I'm saying is, it's a big park, and she's shifty as hell.
Hey, Daniel, you up to speed on this Shepherd op? - Yeah, why? - You think it's a good idea? - I think it's a great idea.
- You do? - Of course.
- Why? Because Keaton's my boss, and he says it's a great idea.
You see, that's why he's getting promoted next.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Everybody ready? One minute until we take our positions.
You're trying to look like the NSA woman, but you're a known figure.
What if you get made? I just have to not look like myself for three minutes.
Everybody's in position.
It's time.
All right, here we go.
You make the pass, turn around, come back.
Don't engage.
This is for my team, but I want you to hear this, Shepherd.
One false move, one motion that goes unaccounted for, the director's given us express authority to shoot to kill.
This is as short a leash as anybody's ever been on.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Don't get any ideas.
I know why I'm here.
All right, it's 3:00.
Pettigrew, do you read? Copy.
Daniel, how's your feed? It looks good from here.
Someone at your landing, male, mid-40s.
Okay, he's your guy.
No, wait.
We have a second possible.
It's a male coming from the west.
I see him, the kid.
Kid doesn't look like he's dressed for this weather.
He doesn't plan to be here long.
Go with the kid.
He's your guy.
Make the pass.
Do you have the software? Yeah.
Do you have your instruction? What are you doing, Shepherd? I told you not to engage.
I'm going in.
Wait, hold a beat.
Sorry, what was that? Do you have your instructions? Uh, yeah, yeah.
The TaskRaven listing said it was like a banking software.
Yeah, my colleagues and I, we're trying to do - an investment startup.
- Oh, awesome.
Uh, yeah, okay.
So I'll get this back to you ASAP.
- Thank you, appreciate it.
- Yeah.
Shepherd, I told you specifically not to engage.
I needed to confirm that he was a cut-out, that he didn't know he was working for Tal.
Get back to the van.
I'm coming.
My name is Braden Decker.
I'm 19 years old.
The recipient was a grad student.
Seems like he was telling the truth about this being a TaskRaven job.
Not everyone working for Tal knows that they are.
It makes it possible for Tal to be the only one who sees the big picture.
Applied Mathematics when I was 16, and now I'm working on getting my Masters in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins.
Parents died at a young age, financials say he put himself through college.
Makes sense he'd be a cut-out for Tal, exploits people's notable weaknesses.
Pettigrew's tailing Decker now.
Pettigrew, where's the kid? Internet café.
Got on a terminal and plugged in the USB drive.
He's uploading the software from an anonymous location.
- Has he met with anyone? - No, it's a solo project.
That tracks with him being an unwitting accomplice.
Stay on him.
[COMPUTER PINGS] Guys, we got a hit.
Tal just used the altered software.
Can we locate Tal off of that? I just need to decrypt.
The transaction ISP's are still cloaked, but you can use it to build a positional profile.
It's like the game Battleship.
Every time Tal uses the program, we can use that data to narrow down where he's located.
[COMPUTER PINGS] And the transaction was routed through an ISP in Newark.
He's in this country.
He wouldn't risk coming here if it wasn't significant.
Could be another attack.
Whatever it is, this may be our best and only chance to get him.
- I'm sorry.
I think I must be in the wrong place.
Are you here for the grief group? Yes.
Then you're not in the wrong place.
- Hi, my name's Anne.
- Will.
Nice to meet you, Will.
Is this your first time? Yeah.
I remember how hard that was.
I think this was the last place in the world I wanted to be.
I started coming to this group four years ago after I lost my daughter.
Sorry about that.
Thank you.
Well, why don't you come on in.
Thank you.
Can I ask what happened to your hand? It's, uh, work accident.
Must have a pretty dangerous job.
It can be.
So, how'd you hear about our little group? Co-worker of mine told me about it.
It's nice to have people in your life who care about you.
Why are you here, Will? Um My fiancée, she, uh she died about three weeks ago.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Listen, I'm sorry.
I don't think this is for me.
It's not usually all women, I promise.
- No, I know.
It's not that.
- I know.
It's too soon, right? You're not ready to talk about your loss in front of a group of strangers.
So don't.
Don't say a word.
You don't have to.
Sometimes listening is enough.
I sat here for a month without speaking.
Now they make me run the meetings.
It does help, Will.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to the grief support group.
My name's Anne, and I lost my daughter Molly four years ago.
[COMPUTER PINGS] Guys, Tal made another transaction.
He's on the Eastern Seaboard.
Tal is here.
We have to take advantage of this.
You keep honing in on him, I'll have Molinero get the East Coast tactical team on standby.
[PHONE RINGS] What are you doing? Watching your screen.
Is that not allowed? - No, that's okay.
- Are you sure? 'Cause if you have something to say, Kate, you should say it.
No, let's move on.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] I came to see you personally.
What does that mean to you? That we have something important to discuss.
I can assure you, all is going according to plan.
You assure me? You give me your assurances? We first agreed to collaborate because of a shared philosophy.
We will achieve what we set out to achieve, and we will do so in the form of action.
I still don't have an operative in position.
Has to be the right moment.
The FBI, they remain a problem.
Let me see what I can do on that front.
Please do.
[ANXIOUS MUSIC] Once those tac teams are 100% ready, you let me know.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] We got a problem.
We just flagged Tal's most recent activity.
150,000 was wired to a U.
account, and the wire has a subject code of "KO".
That's kill order.
account, most likely a hit on our soil.
- Do we know the target? - There's no name, but there is a four-digit code attached that we can't account for.
It's the last four digits of the target's Social Security number.
- Yeah.
- I'm running the SSN now.
You don't have to.
It's Braden Decker.
Tal's gonna take him out.
So Braden Decker played his role, Tal's gonna take him out.
That synchs up with his method.
Decker's got hours, not days.
We need to bring him in.
What? You intervene and try to save his life, and the gambit is ruined.
Tal will know that you're tracking him.
So you just wanna let him die? I wanna catch Tal.
A kid's life is in danger.
I'm sorry, you're recommending that we don't do anything? I am recommending that you let this mission proceed - to its objective completion.
- "Objective completion"? Let's call this what it is, you're signing this kid's death warrant.
- You don't know that.
- Kid's got no tradecraft.
He's a sitting duck.
Sometimes in matters of intelligence, the best choice is distasteful.
But that doesn't make it wrong.
It doesn't mean that it's right.
You are so close to ending Tal.
No more tragedies, no more attacks.
I am asking you to make a choice for the greater good.
One life to potentially save countless more.
- One life for Tal's.
- Absolutely not, no.
I'm not gonna allow an innocent person to die.
[SCOFFS] Whether Braden Decker is innocent or not is immaterial.
You make one move that lets Tal know that you're onto him, and he goes to ground.
We'll find another way.
[SCOFFS] This is just like Anna Cruz.
Your lapse in judgment set them back months.
You lose Tal now and once again all of the blame, and everything it brings, falls squarely on your shoulders.
Shepherd, a word.
Look at this without emotion for just a second.
You're a hypocrite.
You claim to be a patriot, you even invoke "the greater good.
" But given the same exact set of circumstances, you chose to save one civilian over the lives of four other people.
I didn't choose this.
A choice is made in free will.
I was forced to make a heartbreaking decision, a decision that haunts me every single day.
So Hannah's life was worth more than Braden's, or for that matter, Laine's? I get it.
I get it.
You see everything, don't you, Shepherd? You see the whole chessboard, but that doesn't give you the right to play God.
Oh, no.
You are God in this scenario.
You control my fate.
You control whether or not I see my daughter.
You control whether or not I catch the man that destroyed my life.
Exactly, because I've earned the right to make those calls based on the decisions that I've made.
Just like you've lost your rights based on decisions you've made.
What do you intend to do? [TENSE MUSIC] All right, listen up.
Decker's life is in danger, we need to protect him.
But this is also our first legitimate line on Tal, so we're gonna play it both ways.
Bragg, you link up with Pettigrew.
Put a protective perimeter around Decker while we hone in on Tal.
Don't contact Decker, don't alert anyone that we're watching.
At this rate, it's only gonna be a couple of hours before we have Tal in our sights.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] Pettigrew, where's Decker? Left the internet café, he's on the move.
Okay, Tal's tasking a professional hitter to him.
Bragg is on his way with a security team to your position right now to establish a secure, silent perimeter.
- That's not gonna be easy.
- Why's that? Decker's headed to Ammendale Racetrack.
The horse track? What's he doing there? Not clear.
All right, you stay on him.
Bragg and the HRT team will be there soon.
Copy that.
A racetrack is a tactically challenging place to lock down.
One false move from your protective detail, Tal will be alerted.
He will vanish.
Team will only have to keep Decker secure for a little while longer.
We'll be fine.
[COMPUTER PINGS] Does that get us closer to Tal's location? - Southeast D.
- We got him, Will.
One or two more hits max and we can have Tal's exact GPS coordinates.
Daniel, you're with me.
Kate, as soon as those coordinates come in, you let me know.
We're gonna be in position to take Tal down.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [SIREN WAILING] You know, you made the right call back there, Will, with Shepherd.
Kate, where are we? Once Tal uses the program again, I'll be able to give you more detailed coordinates.
Cinnamon Girl on the far outside and Cash Money on the inside.
The Blueberry Girl now making slow move up the middle.
Murphy's Law, Cinnamon Girl Murphy's Law and it's gonna be Cinnamon Girl off stride and the wire.
Silent cover.
Tac-team on the perimeter, plainclothes fall in on a tighter follow.
Keep this quiet until we can't.
Any sign of the hitter, any sign of anything, we collapse the envelope and save the kid, all right? Okay.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SIREN WAILING] Ladies and Gentlemen, our next race will be the eighth running on the Ammendale Invitational, and we have a $50,000 guarantee.
This will be an invitational handicap for your own basis at a distance of one mile.
Most times of that race is just under five minutes.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Another civilian just sat down next to him.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] And his name is Oscar Bishop.
He went to Hopkins with Decker, but he dropped out after one year.
And since then it looks like he's been doing some mid-level hacker work.
- Thanks for meeting me here.
- Yeah.
Let me see it.
Could you analyze that for me? If the upload architecture is what you described, I don't need to.
That's NSA proprietary, 100%.
There's a lot of people who'd be very interested in what you have.
Why didn't you tell me that on the phone? 'Cause I wanna buy it.
I'll give you 200 grand.
[TENSE MUSIC] - No, I don't wanna sell it.
- Then what's your plan? I'll give it back to the NSA.
I need to.
Dude, they will crucify you.
Whether or not you wanna admit this, you're now an accessory to a very serious cybercrime.
I'll tell the truth.
- The truth? - Yeah.
That you got it from some lady at a waterfall for a TaskRaven job? I'm on your side, and I barely believe it.
Braden, sell it or walk away.
I can't do either.
I can't be here.
Good luck.
Atlantic Street, it looks like an industrial tract.
Daniel, if we find them, you know there's no version of this where Tal's gonna allow himself to be arrested.
He's not gonna hesitate, so we can't.
[INDISTINCT SPEECH OVER PA] [CHEERING] Pride and Joy holding the lead with Challenger to take up by the furlong hold.
And it's Pride and Joy by her We got a possible Tal operative moving towards Decker.
Mighty Mo making a charge to the outside.
He needs to hold off.
You don't have enough to find Tal.
Bragg, hold off as long as you can.
[SIREN WAILING] [TENSE MUSIC] Heads up, Collins, he's coming your way.
Damn it, we've been made.
Send the team to the stairwell, take him into custody.
Pettigrew, do you still have eyes on the kid? I got him.
Keaton, we have a positive location, It's 1324 Meadowbrook Terrace.
It's an industrial space.
Meadowbrook Terrace, got it.
[SIREN WAILING] All right, this is it.
You ready? Gun! [GRUNTS] [GUNSHOT CRACKS] [SCREAMING] Damn it, engage! Engage! No! [GUNSHOTS CRACKING] [SCREAMING] Shooter down! Shooter down! Call an ambulance, all right? Call an ambulance! - [MOANING] - Jacquie, you all right? Jacquie, you all right? Stay with me.
I swear, we're gonna get you out of here.
[WHIMPERS] We're gonna get you out of here, all right? You're fine, you're fine.
You're doing all right.
Stay with me, come on.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Let's circle back downstairs.
No, we missed him.
He's gone.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Rest easy.
The software's been safely returned to the NSA, and they're confident they can troubleshoot anything that might have been done.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] I didn't mean to cause all this.
Well, you didn't.
You just got involved with the wrong people.
You were trying to do the right thing.
The agent who saved me, is she gonna be okay? Well, she's in the hospital now, but she's tough.
She's doing okay.
Doctor said he's confident, so They got her knocked out on the good stuff right now.
Hate to say this, but, um, kinda grown to care about her.
You'll have to tell her that when she wakes up.
Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.
Gonna get a coffee, you want one? No, no.
I'll catch up with you later.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Gave us quite a scare, Jacquie.
But you'll be happy to know that it wasn't a complete loss wrapped up one of Decker's assassins.
Daniel's gonna get him to talk.
And all those payments that Tal made using the stolen tech gave us a ton of new leads.
Gonna be a thick file on your desk when you get out of here, so you better be ready to work.
I hate hospitals.
When Laine was killed, I, uh, punched this wall so hard Broke six bones in my hand.
Had those bones set right here in this hospital right down the hall.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Doc said that the pain would eventually go away eventually it did.
Some days Some days my hand just doesn't feel quite right.
It feels different.
Will, the CIA was just here.
They just moved Tal's operative out of holding.
What? Where? An Agency Black Site, said our security was too lax.
Didn't want what happened to Nemec to happen to this guy.
- That wasn't our fault.
- I know.
- They promise to share to intel.
- Who authorized this? That's the thing, Will.
This was top down.
Authorization came from the White House.
National Security Advisor came down here to talk to Molinero himself.
NSC advisor? He just left.
I'll see to it that we don't have any more problems with the FBI.
- Hi.
Don't worry, you're in the right place.
My name's Will.
Pleasure to meet you, Beth.
This your first time? Yes.
Come join us.
Okay, everyone, let's get started.
Welcome to the grief support group.
My name is Will, and I lost my fiancée Laine three years ago.
And [VOICE FADING] [UNSETTLING MUSIC] This was an outright loss, Agent Keaton.
You had Tal in your grasp, and you let him slip away.
We saved an innocent civilian.
I'll stand by that.
I was not gonna have Braden Decker's blood on my hands.
[SCOFFS] At what cost? How much more blood is gonna spill because Tal is still out there? You could have ended it today.
You're worried about getting blood on your fingernails? You're gonna be swimming in it.
You wanna catch Tal, you wanna avenge Laine's death, you're gonna have to sacrifice a part of yourself, Agent Keaton.
Catching Tal comes at a very high price and from the actions that I've seen, you're not willing to pay it.
And you are? Absolutely.
And how'd that work out for you? Tal's still out there running around taking innocent lives, and you're gonna die alone in this cage.
You don't know my debt, you have no clue of what I've sacrificed.
Talk about paying a high price, truth is, you have never gotten the job done.
I don't need to be a murderer to catch one.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] I don't have much time.
Are your contacts still in harness within Russian Intelligence, line KR? Yes, what do you need? I need to speak with Tal.