The Enemy Within (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

An Offer

Cabrera, what's the status? Surveillance is up and operators are in position.
Any chatter on local police channels? None.
Any abnormal activity on the site? Haibach and Villareal have been monitoring the building all morning.
They've reported nothing.
We're clear to proceed if you are.
- We're a go.
- All right, let's go.
All right, Des, CCTV feeds inside the building are up.
Langley's given us the green light.
Copy that.
Remember what we're fighting for here.
These passport papers are the key to finding Tal.
So be safe, but no mistakes.
I'm going in now.
All right.
Looks like we've got four guards total.
You just passed one.
There another one the ground level at the end of the hall.
Upstairs you have two on your right.
Sarah, push in on four.
Files are in aisle six, fourth row from the bottom, ID number 17143.
Let's go.
Stay calm.
You've been made.
Get out.
Get out now.
Give me cameras on the first floor.
I want to find the other two guards now.
You have one guard in front of you, one to your left.
Des, are you hit? - No.
- Can you get out? - I don't know.
Go now.
Des, are you out? Did she get out? Haibach, stand by to get the case.
Des, do you read anything? Des, are you out? [TENSE MUSIC.]
This is Villareal.
I'm in the van.
We're leaving the site now.
Do you have the papers with you? Sitting in my lap.
Good work.
Good work.
We're gonna work on your extraction plan and we'll have you home in 24 hours.
- Well done.
- Looking forward to it, ma'am.
- Congratulations, Erica.
- Yeah.
Those passport documents are the key to Tal's inner circle.
This is a huge win for the agency.
We got him.
Well done.
Good job, guys.
Keep it up.
Let's get them home.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
What are you eating for breakfast? An energy bar.
That's a candy bar in gym clothes.
- You should eat eggs.
- Why don't you make me some? I'll learn how to cook them tomorrow.
Come on, let's go.
We're late.
Hurry up and I'll let you drive.
- Really? - No.
- Mom.
- Someday.
Not my car.
Let's go.
Are you sure you can't pick me up? Why do you want me to pick you up? Because when dad does it he gets there, like, half an hour early.
- So? - So, he watches me play.
And then on the way home he tells me, like, every little thing I did wrong.
Well, I'm sure he's just trying to help.
I know, but he doesn't really know what he's talking about.
He played high school sports.
He played golf, Mom.
It doesn't count.
Closing the embassy in Yemen will force CIA to drastically reduce its operations there.
Houthi rebels are threatening to take over the government.
We don't have a choice, Erica.
Then neither does CIA.
I'm leaving now.
State Department's not budging.
No, I have to be on the Hill with the House Intelligence Committee at noon.
Also, would you confirm that Cabrera's monitoring Haibach and Villareal's extraction? I want no complications there.
Understood? Erica? Erica! - You left your phone.
- Oh.
I had to answer it.
The school called.
Hannah didn't show up today.
I dropped her off.
Hello, Erica.
I'm watching your daughter.
Tal? She is a beautiful girl.
You should be very proud.
I want their names.
The four CIA operatives who stopped those bombings.
Don't hurt her.
That isn't my decision to make.
It's yours.
It's up to you whether your daughter dies today or not.
- It's a simple choice - Can we talk? It's your daughter's life or theirs.
Wait, wait! Five, - four - Just stop counting! Three, two, one.
Steven Haibach, Brian Lanich, Desiree Villareal, Laine Heffron! Thank you.
Tal! Tal! Tal! Tal! [SCREAMING.]
Hi, this is Hannah.
Leave me a message.
Hi, this is Hannah.
Hannah? Hannah? Hannah, are you in here? Hannah? [RATTLING.]
What do you want? I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen her? You're not supposed to be in here.
- Have you seen her? - I ain't seen nothing.
Her phone is here.
Why is her phone here? Look like I got a phone? My daughter is missing.
She's 13.
She has a pink backpack.
Have you seen her? I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen her? Thank you.
Have you seen this girl? Excuse me.
My daughter is missing.
She has light brown hair.
She's 13 years old.
Have you seen her? Was she wearing a pink backpack? Yes, where is she? I don't know, but she was sitting on that bench over there.
- Do you know where she went? - She left.
- With the police.
- What? Two officers took her and drove away.
Thank you.
Bethesda Police Department.
How may I direct your call? My daughter was picked up by two police officers at Virginia Park.
Can you tell me exactly what happened? My daughter is missing.
Someone told me that she was picked up by two police officers.
I need to know where she is.
Did you get the names of the officers? No.
Okay, let me check with our units.
Please hold.
- Ma'am, are you there? - Yes, yes.
What park did you say it was? Virginia Park! Third Street.
It couldn't have been more than ten minutes ago.
I'm sorry but there's no record of any of our officers - picking up a minor.
- That's impossible.
- Check again.
- I did.
Check again! I did, ma'am.
None of our officers have your daughter.
What's her name? I can file a missing persons report and issue an Amber Alert.
- He has her.
- What? Who has her? [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
- It's Shepherd.
- Erica, where have you been? Been trying to get a hold of you.
- What is it? - It's Haibach and Villareal.
They picked up suspicious activity outside the safe house.
I think they might be in trouble.
Have you heard anything? Erica, have you heard anything? - No.
- Are you sure? No you have any reason to believe they might be compromised? No.
How do you want to proceed? Pull them out.
Pull them out now.
Down! Oh, down! Down! - [GUNFIRE.]
Go, go, go, go, go, go! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
- What's going on? - They're not responding.
- Who? - Villareal and Haibach.
We gave them instructions to leave the safe house, but they haven't checked in.
Did you try their cell? - Yeah.
- What about the sat phone? I tried both.
No answer.
Contact our assets in Zagreb.
I don't care who it is, you get someone to their location as soon as possible.
- Yeah? - Bring her to me.
- Shepherd.
- They're gone.
- Who? - Haibach and Villareal.
They're dead.
They went dark right after we tried to pull them out.
Our asset on the ground in Zagreb found them shot to death in their car outside the safe house.
They're dead, Erica.
Both of them.
It's Tal.
How do you know? [PHONE BEEPING.]
- What is it? - Brian Lanich.
We can't get a hold of him.
- This is Cabrera.
- Listen to me.
There's been foreign chatter.
I think one of our teams has been compromised.
Haibach, Villareal, Lanich, and Heffron.
They all helped me stop the Logan Airport bombing.
Get word to them wherever they are, whatever they are doing, you get them to safety immediately.
Are you hearing me? Whatever it takes.
Stop moving.
Stop moving.
I just stabbed you in your carotid artery.
Lis listen to me! I just stabbed you in your carotid artery.
The only thing keeping you from bleeding out in the next 15 seconds is my thumb.
Where is my daughter? [GASPING.]
I know you work for Tal.
I know he has my daughter.
You tell me where she is or you die.
- She's at your house.
- You are lying.
Both of them, dressed as police.
They took her home.
Hello, Erica.
Such a pleasure to finally meet you.
Where's my daughter? Safe.
If you hurt her, I will kill you.
You are in no position to make threats.
I suggest you don't.
You look different in person, stronger.
Odd how our opinions can shape a person's image in our mind.
Where is she? Ask again and I'll have her eyes plucked from her skull.
Do you know why I'm here? Do you know why I risked my life to enter this country? No.
It's because of you, Erica.
I'm here to tell you your future.
The four CIA operatives who work for you will die.
There is nothing you can do to change that.
And soon your country will know your part in their deaths.
You'll be arrested as a traitor and spend the rest of your life locked in a cage like a dog.
Your country will despise your very existence.
And you will never see your daughter again.
That future is as inevitable as the dawn.
Except through me.
What do you want? You.
You want me? You want me to work for you? I've had many adversaries in my life.
Interpol, MI6, Mossad.
But no one came close to stopping me.
Not until you.
And I want you to be an operative.
I want you as you are.
Deputy director of the CIA.
Feed me intelligence.
Protect me from your country.
In return, I will save you from that cage.
And your daughter will be safe forever.
Don't answer now.
I know anything you'll say will merely be in service of saving your daughter.
I want you to think [LAUGHING.]
About your response.
I want you to feel the noose of incarceration tightening around your neck.
Then and only then do I want your answer.
You hate me.
But in time, you'll see just as many before you have that beyond hatred lies salvation.
Your daughter is upstairs in her room unharmed.
She knows nothing about this.
She simply believes she was caught skipping school.
The less she knows, the better, in case your decision is one that pleases me.
Good-bye, Erica.
Hannah? I thought I thought something had happened to you.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I just wanted to meet Dylan at the park and I wasn't thinking.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
You're safe.
What happened? Oh, I cut myself getting in the car.
It's not as bad as it looks.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Are you sure? Did they hurt you? No.
Mom, it was the police.
They saw me at the park and asked why I wasn't at school.
I didn't know what to tell them so they brought me back home.
Are you mad? No.
I need to call the school and let them know that you're okay.
- Give me one second? - Okay.
Hi, you've reached Laine Heffron.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
- Daniel.
- What's up, Will? Did you follow up with the DOJ on that Anderson case? Counter Terrorism's asking.
Yeah, I spoke to them this morning.
They're, uh, ready to press ahead with espionage charges.
But not homicide? No, no.
They don't think we have it yet.
- They wanna wait for forensics.
- Talk to the lab.
- Find out what the hold up is.
- You got it.
- And you still good for Saturday? - We're looking forward to it.
Major Keaton.
Director Mayer.
What are you doing down here? We need to talk to you.
Everything okay? Can we speak in your office? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
So what's going on? There's been an incident.
About an hour ago we received word that a private jet that we chartered went missing.
Foreign authorities have confirmed the jet went down.
Everyone aboard was killed.
So, uh so so what are you saying? - I'm sorry, Will.
- No.
Laine was on that flight.
We're so very sorry for your loss.
Is there anything we can do? We No, no, no.
You sleep here last night? Not last night, no.
- You know, Will, you have to - What, Daniel? What? What do I have to do? Hmm? Eat, sleep, take better care of myself? I mean, please, tell me what I have to do.
God knows everybody else has been.
'Cause they care about you.
Well, all I care about is catching the person that killed Laine.
Gotta go.
Where you headed? Langley.
Deputy Director of the CIA is briefing me on their end of the attacks.
I'm coming with you.
Agent Keaton.
I'm Anthony Cabrera.
- This is Agent Zain.
- Pleasure.
I worked with Laine.
I'm sorry.
We're in here.
Thank you so much for coming, Agent Keaton.
I know our two agencies haven't always worked well together in the past, but four of our people are dead.
And we're willing to do anything in our power to find those responsible.
Tell us what you know.
The separate attacks were definitely coordinated.
All three happened within 30 minutes of one another.
Any indication that Tal's operatives were in communication with each other? Not at this moment, no, but we're still waiting on signals intelligence from the NSA.
How did Tal find them? Truth is, we don't know.
But we have a theory.
It's not uncommon for foreign intelligence agencies to monitor our operatives when they're abroad.
Our bureau does the same thing here in the States.
We think that Tal may have exploited these agencies in an effort to locate our people.
We think that's how he found them and how he was able to take them out so quickly.
Okay, so you've told us where and you've told us how, but you still haven't told us why these four operatives were targeted by Mikhail Tal.
These four operatives were part of a team that in 2015 stopped the bombing of 20 passenger planes that were US-bound.
They saved thousands of people.
And he killed them because of that? Yes.
Who knew about this team? Uh, a handful of analysts, systems technicians, and, uh, senior operations managers.
We're gonna need a complete list of all those names by the end of the day.
Cabrera can help you with that.
Agent Keaton.
I am sorry for your loss.
Only a handful of people at the CIA knew the identities of the four operatives killed at the recent attacks.
Tal had to have gotten the names from one of them.
These are the 12 people.
These are our suspects.
Let's go to work.
Keaton? What, you got something? Robert Lennon checks out.
From the beginning, he's been claiming that he had no knowledge of Brian Lanich's whereabouts the day of the attack.
I just got confirmation that he was telling the truth.
He couldn't have done it.
That's her.
Erica Shepherd.
She's the one that's working with Tal.
Whoa, wait.
Look, we don't have it yet.
We don't have enough evidence.
You confront her now, you risk her conviction.
We'll get it, Will.
We have to do this by the book.
- I will.
- Where are you going? Just wanna talk to her.
It's good to see you guys.
You, too, Will.
We miss you.
You don't come by the house anymore.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I've been a little busy.
You can still visit, you know.
That hasn't changed.
Appreciate that.
Saved these seats for you guys.
You know how this is gonna work? Yeah, well the, uh, director's gonna get up and he's gonna say a few words.
And then he's gonna put Laine's name in the Book of Honor.
Her star's already on the wall.
I gave the CIA my daughter.
They give me a star.
Can you, uh, excuse me for a minute, please? Erica Shepherd.
Agent Keaton.
How have you been? I've been better.
So I was wondering, um, how's the progress on the Tal investigation? Any closer to catching him? I'm sorry, I can't say.
Are you still heading up the investigation for the FBI? I am.
Sorry, can't say.
Though there has been some talk.
Nothing official, just gossip among family members.
What kind of gossip? A little bit of everything.
Some people think that he was working with the Russians.
Others think that he was working with an American.
In fact, some think from the CIA.
And what do you think? I think that whoever it is should be worried.
'Cause sooner or later, I'm gonna find them.
I'm confident that you will.
It's time to go to bed.
What? I have to be at work early in the morning and I'm not gonna be rushed like I was today.
- It is time to go to bed.
- Okay.
Did you do your homework? I forgot.
I'll do it in the morning.
I'll wake up early.
I promise.
Hannah, you are 13 years old.
Can you explain to me why I'm telling you to go to bed at night, asking you if you've brushed your teeth, and I'm dragging you out of bed every morning? - I'm sorry.
- Sorry isn't an answer! And sorry is not gonna cut it in the real world! You have got to start taking care of yourself! [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
I'm exhausted.
You have got to start taking care of yourself.
I'm not always gonna be here to take care of you.
Do your homework.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- You were right.
- About what? Erica Shepherd.
You were right.
We got the subpoenas? Yeah, the phone company turned over the records of her family's phones this morning.
She was using her husband's cell.
No, her daughter's.
There's one incoming call from a known Tal associate on the morning of the attacks.
Will, it is less than an hour before the first death.
We got her.
Where is she now? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Hey, Hannah.
Where are you? Okay, well, I'm almost there.
I'll meet you outside the museum entrance.
Okay, bye.
All agents move in.
Move in now! - Go, go, go! - FBI! - Don't move! - Do not move! - Left side.
- Covered.
Hands behind your head.
- Do it now! - Hands behind your head! [HANDCUFFS CLICKING.]
Stand up.
Erica Shepherd, you're under arrest for espionage and conspiracy against the United States of America.
I know what you did.
I know everything.
Life is over.
- Get her away from me.
- Wait.
My daughter's on her way here.
Let me say good-bye to her.
Get her out of here.
Please, please! Hannah! [BEEPS.]
Don't say your name.
Don't say who you're calling for.
Just give me the first three-digit code you were sent.
- The second three-digit code.
- 7RK.
One moment.
Hello? Hello? Hello, Erica.
Tal? I must admit that I didn't think I would hear your voice again.
What is it you want from me? Three years ago you made me an offer.
What of it? I want to know if it still stands.
Three years ago, you were in a position to help me.
I still am.
The FBI, William Keaton.
He's closing in on you.
I know you feel it.
I can help you.
Why? After all these years, why would you do this now? I am not going to die in a cage.