The Enemy Within (2019) s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on "The Enemy Within" I worked with Laine.
I'm sorry.
I know our two agencies haven't always worked well together in the past, but we're willing to do anything in our power to find those responsible.
You're working with her? She's responsible for my daughter's murder.
Dean asked me to research something for him.
It was a name, Sierra Maestra; a mountain range in Cuba.
I think whatever Dean was killed over had something to do with Cuba.
Tal, three years ago you made me an offer.
You want me to work for you? Feed me intelligence, protect me from your country.
I want you to feel the noose of incarceration tightening around your neck.
Only then do I want your answer.
I am not going to die in a cage.
How did he first approach you? What did he say? Come on, Carla, you have to remember the first time you met Mikhail Tal.
I told you.
I've never spoken to Tal in my life.
Bowman, heads up.
We're six miles out from the location now.
Copy that.
We have you on surveillance outside the National Intelligence Center in Madrid.
The same building Tal destroyed earlier this month.
We both know that building doesn't come down without your engineering expertise.
Tal ordered you to carry out that attack.
So don't sit there and try to make me believe you've never spoken to him.
I'm only a teacher.
What would Tal possibly want with me? Tal's trained you well.
So maybe you think you can hold up under interrogation.
Maybe you already have.
But Carla I know everything about you.
I know all your secrets, all your fears.
That's why sooner or later you're going to tell me everything you know about Tal.
If you say so.
Turn off's approaching on your right-hand side.
I see it.
- What the hell was that? - Convoy's under attack.
Stay there.
Two gunmen outside coming for us.
Coming around back.
We need to get out of here now.
It's our only chance.
- Tell them anything? - What do you think? He caught you in the shoulder.
Call a doctor.
Earlier this morning, a prisoner in CIA custody escaped during transport.
Her name is Carla Mendoza.
She's a structural engineer and served three years with the Spanish Special Operations Group.
She also happens to be one of Tal's top lieutenants.
Our reports say Mendoza was killed in Spain last week.
That was a CIA cover story spun by us in order to buy more time alone with her.
The truth is, she was apprehended in Madrid.
This morning, en route to Langley, Tal operatives ambushed her convoy.
Five private security contractors were killed, including one of my top interrogators.
He was with my team for years.
That's a major operation to mount just to break out one person.
Like I said, we think she's of huge significance to Tal.
Any leads on her whereabouts? Well, if he did, he wouldn't be here.
Trust me, there's nothing the CIA hates more than asking the FBI for help.
Especially when they're working with a traitor.
So how can we help you find Mendoza? Dr.
Alan Novak, he's a physician on Tal's payroll.
30 minutes after she escaped, he walked into CIA Headquarters and said he knew where she was hiding.
How would he know that? During her escape, she was shot in the shoulder.
Novak was asked to treat her.
Why'd he come to you? Novak wants out of Tal's organization.
In exchange for a new life, immunity from prosecution, and federal protection, he is offering us Mendoza on a silver platter.
But there's something that's stopping him from cooperating? Or someone.
Four years ago, Novak thought about leaving Tal's organization.
He even contacted an agent at the CIA, a woman named Rebecca Martin.
Martin and Novak talked for months.
He came to trust her.
And now, she's the only person he's willing to talk to.
So who is Rebecca Martin? I am.
Rebecca Martin was an alias I used for covert operations.
I'm the one that spoke to Novak four years ago.
- I need you to do it again.
- You're asking for my help? I wanna find Mendoza.
Novak said she's stable, but she's losing blood and she's in shock.
We have three, maybe four hours at the most.
Where is he? Langley.
I'll let security at the Agency know we're on our way over.
Shepherd's right.
CIA's only working with us 'cause they have to.
Once Mendoza's in their custody, we'll never see her again.
Which means we need to get to her first.
Now, details of Mendoza's transport were classified.
Tal's operatives had to have gotten them somehow.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Tal had an inside man on that convoy.
Pull the background on all the private contractors.
We find that inside man, we find Mendoza.
You sure you're ready for this? Do I look worried? You're walking into the CIA as the most hated person in Agency history.
I'm guessing they won't be throwing you a party.
How is that different from any other room that I walk into? All set.
Let's move out.
Open your mouth.
Lift your tongue.
What about the shackles? Leave 'em on.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome our new Deputy Director of Operations, Erica Shepherd.
- Congratulations, boss.
- Thank you, Laine.
Thank you.
Thank you, Director Robert.
We all know that there are those intent on destroying our country; people who despise what we stand for, who are determined to corrupt our ideals and erode our belief in basic intrinsic goodness.
And the threats that they present us with are real, and they are dangerous.
And they are multiplying exponentially every single day.
But I have no fear.
I know we will overcome every challenge that we are presented with, because I know firsthand the talent, the dedication, and the unerring integrity in the hearts and minds of all of the patriots in this room.
You are on the first lines of defense, and I am honored to be at your side.
So, for your trust and your faith, thank you.
And I give you my word, I will not let you down.
Welcome home.
I got her from here.
How are you, Sarah? I can't imagine it.
What's that? What Laine would say.
Alan Novak.
That's him? What, you don't recognize him? Well, I've never met him.
- What are you talking about? - We never met in person.
- You recruited him.
- With an alias.
I never met him face-to-face.
Okay, so how do we know that that's the same Alan Novak you were talking to? - I don't.
- How 'bout we just find out.
It's nice to finally meet you in person.
- I'm Rebecca Martin.
- No, you're not.
I know who you are.
You're Erica Shepherd.
You worked for Tal.
- What is this? - Just hear her out.
She worked for Tal.
This was a mistake.
I never should have come here.
Richard Pearce was the alias you used for our communication.
Your decryption key for my emails was 7-5-tango-4-6-2-alpha-9.
I am Rebecca Martin.
We exchanged dozens of emails.
Now is not the time to be shy, Alan.
The longer you sit here, the less of a chance we have of finding Mendoza.
She's running out of time.
What do you wanna do, Doctor? Daniel, tell me you got something.
Tal had an insider on the convoy.
He's one of the private military contractors.
- His name is Luke Bowman.
- What do we have on him? I got in touch with the owner of the security company.
He said Bowman's been MIA since the attack.
We dug into Bowman's background.
He's a former Marine who spent 15 years working K&R.
He's an extraction specialist? One of the best in the world.
We think Bowman was the one who planned Mendoza's escape.
Well, if you're right, I'm sure he's gonna try getting Mendoza out of the country as soon as possible.
I'll check every private charter company in a 100-mile radius.
Make sure you do it fast.
If we made him this quickly, CIA's not too far behind.
Yeah, we're on it.
I don't know about this.
How do I know you're not still working for Tal? I've spent the last three years of my life in prison.
And up until recently, that meant 23 hours a day of solitary confinement.
I'm not sure you can even imagine what that's like, not hearing another human voice for days on end.
It erodes you.
Everything I valued in my life was taken from me.
And I should have known it was gonna happen, because everyone who gets involved with Tal either ends up dead or in prison.
And I promise you, Alan, unless you talk to us now, one of those will be your fate.
I thought it'd just be one job.
I was helping somebody who would have died otherwise.
At least, that's what I told myself.
But Tal he wouldn't let me stop.
I have three boys, a wife You want a better life for them.
- Yes.
- Four years ago, I came to you with this choice, and you turned me down.
So what's changed? Why now? - Something happened.
- With your family? No with Tal in Cuba.
One of Tal's operatives was injured in a firefight, and I was sent down to Havana to treat him.
But during the surgery, we were attacked by the military.
Bullets were flying, hitting everywhere around me, but I had only one thought running through my mind my boys growing up without a father.
Has Tal ever sent you to Cuba before? - No.
- Do you have any idea of what his operatives are doing there? Okay, that's enough.
Can I talk to you for a minute? We're on the clock, Shepherd.
We do not have time for this.
What are you hiding about Cuba? Nothing.
You used to be a better liar than that.
Found a number of leads linking Tal's activities to Cuba.
If the CIA knows something we don't, it might be a good time to tell us.
We are here to get Mendoza's location out of Novak.
Now, if you wanna help with that, great.
Go back in there.
If not, walk.
We got an address, 5103 Ambrose Street in Rosslyn.
Novak's supposed to meet there in 30 minutes.
Get a surveillance team out there ASAP.
We do not have much time.
- Andrews, you can see them out.
- Wait.
We're working on this together.
Mendoza's not gonna be there.
She's gonna be at a different location by now, one they won't tell Novak about until the last minute.
- You don't know that.
- I know that Tal's gonna take every precaution possible to protect Mendoza.
- Why? - For the same reason that he had a team of operatives interrupt a CIA transport convoy.
- Tal values Mendoza.
- For what? - I don't know.
- You know she's right.
Let us work this out with you.
I knew it was just a matter of time before this would happen.
- We're done.
- I got Novak to talk.
I got you an address.
Don't let your personal feelings towards me get in the way of you doing your job.
I I don't know how you do it.
She's an asset, that's how.
One that you're already working with.
Don't pretend you're above asking for our help.
Look, we both want the same thing here.
Let's go get her.
All right, let's work this one together.
We both know this isn't just about helping the CIA.
You wanna know what they're doing in Cuba.
Don't you? Of course.
Well, whatever it is, it's big.
You see the badges that they're wearing over there? That means they were read into a Top Secret Special Access Program.
That only happened a handful of times while I was here.
The safes in the corner, they're class four.
They're brought in for highly sensitive information.
And that team of senior analysts I worked with them.
They specialize in Tal's Latin American activities.
I don't know what Tal's doing in Cuba, but I'm gonna find out.
A- How? I'm gonna spy on the CIA.
What's the status? Just pulled up to the address in Rosslyn, but nothing to report here, no signs of Mendoza.
Okay, let's just give it a minute.
That's a STE phone.
It's used to make encrypted calls.
So? So he just got it out of a class four safe.
Whatever he's discussing is at the highest level of security clearance.
I wanna know what he's talking about.
So do I.
There's no shades on the windows, multiple lines of sight into the residence this isn't the place.
I need to use the restroom.
Sierra Maestra - Daniel, what's up? - We may have a lead on Bowman.
Yeah, this morning, a heliport in Anacostia received a wire transfer from an untraceable Swiss account.
Whoever sent the payment rented a medevac helicopter.
We think Bowman's using the helicopter to pick up Mendoza and then get her on a private plane out of the country.
There's no signs of Bowman yet, though.
He shows up, you do whatever you can to take him in alive.
Let me know when you have something.
We're running out of time on our end.
What'd he say? "Sierra Maestra.
" Mountain range in Cuba Dean Merriman was investigating.
Right before he was murdered.
What does the CIA have to do with Tal and Cuba? I don't know.
But I know someone who could help.
I gotta call you back.
Yes? Did you really think I wouldn't find out? What are you talking about? Sierra Maestra.
Never heard of it.
Oh, you have.
You all have.
CIA's planning an operation there.
- What do you want, Shepherd? - I wanna be read in.
I have information I know you'll want, and I think we should share.
I think we should help each other.
You gotta be kidding me.
Excuse me.
Sarah's a rule follower.
Everything's by the book.
Security breaches are supposed to be immediately reported to the operation supervisor.
That's what she'll do.
I'll follow her, see who she reports to.
What division's on the fifth floor? Uh logistics directorate.
They're in charge of off-book transportation.
What's the CIA bringing to a mountain range in Cuba? Novak just got a text.
New location for the meeting, some diner in Arlington.
He's supposed to be there in 15 minutes.
Come on.
I'll be following right behind you, Alan.
Aren't you gonna put some kind of a tracking device on me? Tal's operatives will be looking for that.
We can't risk it.
I don't know if I can do this.
Yes, you can.
Start driving.
Let's go.
- Here we go, black car.
- That's Bowman.
All right, let's go.
Bowman! FBI! Get down.
Get down! Hey, hey! Don't fight.
- Let him go, Bowman! - Stay back! Stay back or he dies.
Daniel, I'm in position for a shot.
Stand down.
We need him alive.
Pettigrew is gonna try to talk him down.
Don't come any closer! - You got this, Jacquie? - Yeah.
I got this.
Bowman, you've got options here.
You just need to talk to me.
- Stay back! - Okay, I'm stopping.
Easy, easy.
I'm trusting you.
And I need you to trust me.
Bragg, stand by.
Pettigrew's out on a limb right now.
- I can take him.
- Negative.
The primary objective is capture unless there's imminent threat to the hostage.
- Understood? - Understood.
You've got to be honest with yourself.
It's time to put the weapon down and let that innocent man go.
- No.
- Bowman! He's headed for the chopper.
Don't do anything until you hear my command.
We can't let him take off.
Take the shot.
Take the shot! - Shots fired.
- Shots fired.
He's not going to the location.
I told you he'd be given another address.
Daniel, what do you got? We had to take Bowman out.
He posed a threat to the hostage.
- We didn't have a choice.
- Did you get anything? Yeah, his cell phone, a series of encrypted texts.
Kate's working on it now.
He's pulling over.
Gotta go, keep me posted.
Novak's stopping.
Where is he going? Agents, we're at an alley off Mason Road and Del Rey.
- Proceeding on foot.
- Wait.
What? We're losing him.
That alley, it bottlenecks.
You can't follow him down there.
One of his operatives will see you.
Why do you think they're sending him down a narrow alley? Novak's being watched.
You follow him now, you're gonna be exposed, the whole operation's gonna be blown.
Go, go, go.
Agents, we lost Novak.
You got a visual on him? No, we don't have him.
He's gone.
Damn it.
Get facial recognition on tolls and subways, and move the perimeter out.
I want a status report in 20.
Something's wrong.
The team tracked down Bowman.
He took a hostage.
Bragg had to take him out.
You're running your own op.
Your people found the convoy driver and shot him.
He was a critical asset.
It was the only way we could protect a civilian.
You and Shepherd have been running your own game from the start.
I should've known.
We know about Sierra Maestra, and so does Tal.
You're transporting something to Cuba, and I'm guessing that something is either weapons or people.
Whatever it is, it's either illegal or it's very embarrassing to the Agency.
Either way, we'll find out.
Situations like these, there's always a scandal, there's always a fall guy.
Sure would hate for that to be you.
Good luck with that, Agent Keaton.
I have something.
I just decrypted Bowman's texts.
He sent a string of numbers and letters to an unknown number.
So at first I assumed it was some sort of coded message, but that's not what we're dealing with 1-8-S-U-J.
That's a grid zone designation.
You said Bowman was former military? That's a location marker.
That's where they're hiding Mendoza.
That's what I was thinking.
I have an address for you.
It's 2076 Norfolk Street, Annapolis.
Got it.
We're on our way.
Just pulled up.
What's your ETA? I'm 20 minutes out.
Any idea how many operatives we're dealing with? No, there's no visuals from here.
I'm gonna do some recon.
We'll game plan when you get here.
Let me come.
I can help.
Here's a walkie in case you need me.
Keaton New instructions just came in.
What's going on? Tal thinks the doctor may have been working with the CIA.
We take him out as soon as he finishes surgery.
We need you back here now.
On my way.
Now it's a change of plans.
I'm moving in now.
What are you doing, Will? We're on our way.
There's not enough time.
He's gonna kill Novak.
Will? Will? The surgery's almost complete.
I need one of you guys up here now.
Copy that.
On my way.
Keep working.
Are you okay? You okay? Don't shoot.
Mendoza, she's upstairs, alive.
So, I've been in touch with the CIA regarding your situation.
And unfortunately, since Carla Mendoza's in FBI custody, they no longer feel the need to put you in their relocation program.
I see.
But here at the FBI, we feel differently.
You were a huge part of Mendoza's arrest, so we're gonna help you.
We're gonna put you in the FBI's witness protection program today.
You have a new life.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
An agent will be in here shortly to fill you in on all the details.
Good luck.
I can't believe this is happening.
I never thought I would be out from under Tal, but now my family has a second chance.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say.
Goodbye, Alan.
How are you feeling? Hm? You look like you're doing much better today.
You don't wanna talk to us, I understand.
The thing is, sooner or later you're gonna have to.
We don't just give up on people like you, Carla.
- We know who you are now.
- You know nothing about me.
We know you are not just one of Tal's operatives.
You were in a relationship with him for years.
You're his confidant.
That makes you a very important person.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Luke Bowman.
He knew all about you and your relationship with Tal.
We read his texts, his emails, his files You look tired.
I'm gonna let you rest for a while.
And we're gonna have another chat.
And we're gonna be honest with each other.
I've never seen someone this close to Tal before.
Imagine what she could tell us.
And now she's vulnerable.
I think we can turn her.
This is Keaton.
On my way.
Be right back.
Wondered how long it'd be before you came back.
We need to talk about Mendoza.
She's our prisoner, Agent Keaton.
We captured her in Bilbao.
Then you lost her on American soil, and we got her back.
She's ours.
This isn't Langley.
You're in the Hoover Building now.
We'll be doing things my way, by my rules.
And what are those? Good old-fashioned inside the Beltway horse-trading.
We'll share what we get on Mendoza transcripts, all of it.
But you're gonna tell me everything you know about Sierra Maestra.
That's the deal.
What did he tell you? Over the past few years, the CIA's had a series of problems with security breaches.
You were their case in point.
They wanted a way to safeguard their most important intelligence, starting with the Tal investigation.
So about six months ago, they started sending all of their Tal prisoners to a black site detention center in a Cuban mountain range.
- Sierra Maestra.
- Exactly.
It's like a Guantanamo for Tal operatives.
I can't believe you got Cabrera to crack.
Yeah, he wasn't too happy about it.
I bet.
That's impressive.
Had some help.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
Agent Keaton.
All the pain you've been through all the pain you've put the people in your life through you're gonna see that it all has honor when we catch Tal.
See you tomorrow.
What do you want? Thomas, listen.
I I just wanted What do you want, Will? I understand why you hate me.
You you need to leave.
But but working with Shepherd is not easy for me.
After what she did to Laine, do you know, it crosses my mind every single time that I look at her.
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
I loved your daughter more than life itself.
And I know you did too.
We share that same grief.
But this is not about Shepherd.
This is about finding the man that's responsible for all of this.
I am not trying to cause you any pain.
It's just what I have to do.
And I think that if I think if you were in my shoes, you'd make the same choices I did.
Come on inside.
Come on.
You have Tal's attention now.
Prove you wanna work for him, or there will be consequences.