The Enemy Within (2019) s01e10 Episode Script


1 What are you hiding about Cuba? Nothing.
Previously on "The Enemy Within" The past six months, the CIA started sending Tal prisoners to a black site detention center.
Sierra Maestra.
Tal values Mendoza.
I know you're not just one of Tal's operatives.
You're in a relationship with him.
- You know nothing about me.
- She's vulnerable.
I think we can turn her.
I was hoping I could see my mom.
How is your dad? Does he know that you're here? - No.
- If Chris finds out that I'm meeting Hannah, he'll put an end to it.
I spent the last three years barely surviving without her, so I'll do anything.
Tal, you made me an offer.
Feed me intelligence.
Protect me from your country.
In return, your daughter will be safe forever.
Agent Keaton he's closing in on you.
I know you feel it.
I can help you.
Why would you do this now? I am not going to die in a cage.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] No, no, that's not gonna work for us.
Dan's asking if operations have seen - that vulnerability report.
- Not yet.
I was planning to loop them in later today.
Because Langley needs their system back up and running this week.
- Something to drink, ma'am? - Coffee, black.
Then when can you have it? - How we looking? - Fuel levels are good.
Hydraulic fluid's good.
All set.
Tower, this is Gulfstream Four Tango Alpha, ready for takeoff on runway 2-1.
Four Tango Alpha, you're clear for takeoff runway 2-1.
Cleared for takeoff runway 2-1, Gulfstream Four Tango Alpha.
Thank you, tower.
[JET ENGINE WHIRRING] Carla Mendoza said anything yet? Not yet.
We only apprehended her 48 hours ago.
Daniel spent most of that time trying to get her to talk.
She wasn't just a lieutenant of Tal's.
She was a confidant.
So my guess is she'll be loyal till the end.
We'll see about that.
My experience, loyalty only goes so far.
I keep thinking about what we learned about Tal from Langley.
He's planning something at that CIA black site.
He knows Sierra Maestra has a detention center with his operatives.
Got to figure out what his endgame is before it's too late.
You mean we need to figure it out.
Whether I like it or not, Shepherd, you and I are in this together.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SIGHS] Thank you for this, by the way.
I'd forgotten the simple pleasure of just being outside.
No need to thank me.
You've earned it.
Haven't always made it easy, but you've helped me get closer to catching Tal than I have been in three years.
I need to catch him as badly as you do.
- Will.
- What's up? Earlier this morning, a private plane took off from Butler, Pennsylvania, headed for Miami.
Two hours into the flight, all communications went dark.
Hijacking? We don't know, but the plane just landed at an unmanned airfield 16 miles away, near Fairfax, Virginia.
Deputy Director just called.
He wants us down there.
- We got to go.
- What'd he have to say? Well, the company that chartered the plane was Alcon International.
They're a contractor for the CIA.
The passengers on board make up the entire operating arm of the company.
With their connections to the CIA, the Deputy Director thinks this could be a counterintelligence issue.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SIRENS APPROACHING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Any contact on the inside? - No, nothing yet.
How long have they been grounded? 26 minutes and counting.
Bring everybody in.
All right, circle up, guys.
Everyone got briefed on the schematics of this thing, right? 12 seats [SIREN BLARES, TIRES SCREECHING] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] What are you doing here, Cabrera? CIA has reason to believe that highly classified intelligence of ours may be on that plane.
We're here to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
You mean our hands.
I'm not here to get in your way, Agent Keaton.
I just need to protect our intel.
Your intel? What about the people inside? You have your orders.
I have mine.
All right, listen up, everybody.
We have a possible hijacking, hostage situation, or act of terrorism.
Flight manifest says there's nine souls aboard that plane.
They could be hurt and in need of medical attention.
Bragg? HRT, you guys take point on the approach.
Breach the cabin through the front door.
Then our team's going in, and we'll assess the situation from there, all right? Clear? - Let's do it.
- Let's move.
My God.
This is Agent Bragg.
We have multiple fatalities on board.
- Looks like everyone's dead.
- Not everyone.
The two pilots they're missing.
[SIGHS] The laptop's in our possession.
We'll upload the CAD files as soon as we get to the club.
No witnesses.
No survivors.
- It's bright up here.
- Yeah.
Better than the holding cell, right? A lot better.
That was nice of Agent Keaton.
You're gonna do great today.
Are you nervous? A little.
Don't be.
You'll be fine.
I'm nervous about parallel parking.
Nerves? Nerves are just adrenaline surges reacting to an emotion that you're having.
So, if you can distract yourself from that emotion, then the nerves will go away.
How do I do that? Um, you could take your thumbnail and squeeze it like this.
- Harder.
- It hurts.
Well, that's the point, right? You're thinking about the pain and not about the driver's test.
I guess.
You have to separate your emotions from what you have to do, or your emotions will sabotage you.
Did you learn that in the CIA? [CHUCKLES] You're gonna do really well.
And when you get your license, you're gonna be - a very careful driver.
- I promise.
Wear your seat belt.
No texting, never.
Dad already talked to me about it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] How is he? He's okay.
- I feel bad sometimes, though.
- Why? Just, you know, for not telling the truth about where I am when I come see you.
When I get my license, I can visit you more often.
I would love that.
If I could drive you someplace, where would you want to go? I don't The beach, the woods? Um anywhere as long as I was with you.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER, TELEPHONE RINGING IN THE DISTANCE] Maybe one day I could drive you out of here.
Help you escape.
I could be your getaway driver.
I really think that my getaway driver's gonna have to be a confident parallel parker.
[SIGHS] My team looked into Alcon International.
We know that they're a private defense contractor.
We also know that they specialize in security and communications.
But what we don't know is what work they're doing for the CIA.
I can't answer that.
Seven people are dead, and that's the game you're gonna play? Look, it's not my choice to leave you in the dark, Agent Keaton.
Then whose is it? And I'll go talk to them.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, all right.
- All right, bye.
- [PHONE RECEIVER CLATTERS] - Cabrera give you anything? - Negative.
I thought the CIA and the FBI were playing nice after 9/11.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Cabrera was on site to protect classified intel, which makes me think that those executives were killed because of something they had with them on that plane.
Let me call the departure airport and see if they have a log of everything that was on board.
I think I have something.
Tom Humphrey, Alberto Diaz they were the scheduled pilots for the Alcon flight this morning.
- Where are they now? - Dead.
Local PD found them both shot.
And both men's flight credentials were stolen.
Somebody else was flying that plane.
Whoever it was had to have left that airport somehow.
Get a list of every vehicle that entered and exited that property in the last 24 hours.
And see if Kate can get any type of security-camera footage from the surrounding area.
Did you hear back from the FAA? Not yet, but we should have the voice of the actual pilots - on tape by the end of the day.
- Keep me posted.
Highly organized execution carried out by trained assassins posing as pilots? You ever seen anything like this before? Yeah.
What's up, Jacquie? The plane's final flight manifest lists two pilots, a flight attendant, and six passengers.
But the original manifest lists seven passengers.
It was changed at the last minute.
Someone else was supposed to be on that plane.
Her name is Kathy Hong.
She's a former engineering professor at MI who now does consulting work for government contractors.
She's currently working with Alcon International.
What work does she do for them? Well, neither Alcon nor the CIA would tell us.
What we know is that Hong specializes in large-format self-sustaining systems.
Huge buildings and complexes that run solely on renewable energy.
- Where is she now? - We don't know.
I think that she's on the run.
In the last 24 hours, she cleared out all of her personal bank accounts.
So she skips a flight and now she's liquidating her assets? She's either involved in the murder, or she knows that whoever killed her colleagues is coming after her next.
I want her found now.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I go after Hong, I want you with me.
Why? She's a contractor with the CIA.
I go and arrest her, Cabrera's gonna have his agency's lawyers in my office before I get the cuffs off of her.
I want to know what Alcon is doing for the CIA.
I want to know why those seven people were shot and killed on that plane, and I want to find the men who did it.
I found her.
Our tracking software places Kathy Hong's cell phone at 645 West 24th Street in Manhattan.
It looks like the address for an art auction house.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [HANDCUFFS CLICK] Odd choice to come to an art auction after six of your coworkers have been murdered.
You think she's meeting someone here? Well, it's either that, or she's selling off assets.
Hong closed all her bank accounts yesterday.
I almost didn't recognize you.
That's kind of the point.
All right, when we get inside, don't just focus on finding Hong.
Take in the room.
Take in the patrons.
This is a new environment for us.
We're on our own.
Bragg, why don't you case the exits, make sure she doesn't try to flee? Yeah, you got it.
Is there gonna be a problem here? I don't know.
But we're in it together, right? We will start the bidding with this unique piece at $22,250.
22,250 here.
Looking for 25,000.
25,000 in the back.
I have 30,000.
I have 35,000 right here on the phone line.
- Here you are, sir.
- Thank you.
I have 40,000 here.
45,000, looking at $50,000, $60,000, $70,000.
- I have $70,000 on the floor - I don't see her.
Why don't I take the north side, you take the south? No.
No, that's not how it's gonna work.
Bragg, Pettigrew, you guys see anything? Nothing over here.
Keaton, I'm by the north exit.
Nothing here either.
From the young lady over here, we have $100,000.
The gentleman there in the back, we got the phone lines at 105,000.
110,000 right here.
$110,000 on the floor.
110,000, sold! - [GAVEL BANGS, APPLAUSE] - Congratulations.
There she is.
Looks like she's selling off her assets to go on the run.
It doesn't mean she's not gonna be meeting someone else.
Got eyes on Hong.
She's at the auction floor the sellers' table.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Do you see those two men with her? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] She has two bodyguards with her.
Dark jackets.
Got 'em.
Me too.
What are we doing, Keaton? Hold your positions.
She's making a move.
[AUCTIONEER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] And you're sold! [GAVEL BANGS, APPLAUSE] Looks like she's going into the bathroom.
- I'll go.
- No, no, wait.
No, wait.
This is our chance.
We might not get another one.
Pettigrew, I need you over here right now.
On my way.
I'm gonna send Pettigrew in with you.
I'm not gonna be able to get information out of Hong with a chaperone there.
She won't be in there long, Keaton.
All right, go ahead and do it.
Are there any earlier flights? You're sure? [DOOR CLOSES] I'll call you right back.
Take the SIM card out of your cell phone and flush it down the toilet now.
- Excuse me? - You heard what I said.
Do it now.
- Who are you? - I'm Emma Clarke.
I'm a security liaison for Alcon International.
Six of your colleagues were murdered today.
We have reason to believe that your life is in danger.
Take the SIM card out of your cell phone and flush it down the toilet.
If I can track you by using it, they can, too.
Is there somewhere else we can talk? - I think so, yes.
- [LAUGHTER IN THE DISTANCE] - The antiquities room.
- Lead the way.
I know you're scared and you don't know who to trust, and I'm sorry I don't have time to walk you through this right now.
If you want my help, lead on.
If not, good luck on your own.
Just tell me I can talk to Ahman.
He's my contact at Alcon.
Get us out of here, and I'll call him myself.
[AUCTIONEER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Shepherd and Hong are exiting the bathroom.
What's our plan here? Hang back, or she'll see us.
But do not take your eyes off of her or Shepherd.
They're walking towards the west side of the building.
Need a vantage point inside that room.
I got them.
Why were six executives killed? Not here.
This way.
Bragg, do you have them in sight? No, I just lost them.
Wait there.
I'm headed your way.
I think Hong's guard's slipping out the back.
That's it.
I'm going in after them.
Shepherd and Hong are gone.
There's an exit on the north side of the building.
Get outside now.
- Anything? - No, nothing.
I don't have them.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SIGHS] Who are you? What do you want from me? I'm with Alcon Securities.
No, there is no one at Alcon named Ahman.
You're lying to me.
Now answer the question.
Who are you? They couldn't have gone too far.
You guys split up and keep at it.
Kate, I need you to run a trace on Shepherd's GPS transmitter.
On it.
Answer the question.
Who are you? I'm Erica Shepherd.
You're supposed to be in prison.
I'm cooperating with the FBI.
They're here with me.
- You should put the gun down.
- Keep it on her.
Someone just killed every passenger on a plane I was supposed to be on.
I am not trusting anyone, especially not you.
- Who killed those executives? - I have no idea.
You were supposed to be on that plane.
Something scared you.
What was it? [GUNSHOTS] I'm on 27th and 9th.
I just heard some gunshots on the northeast corner.
Let me ask you this again.
Why weren't you on that plane? I came home last night.
Someone ransacked my apartment.
- What were they looking for? - A laptop, I think.
What was on it? Your work? Yes.
Designs for a sustainable dormitory.
- Where? - I don't know.
That information was silo'd off.
It wasn't at your apartment, was it? No.
It was on the plane with the executives.
You listen to me carefully.
The people that are looking for you they don't like loose ends.
They are gonna come after you until you are dead.
- Drop the gun! - Okay.
- Now! - Okay, I'm putting it down.
- [GUN COCKS] - Don't move! Put the gun down right now.
Put it down.
Back up.
I got Shepherd and Hong in the alley off of 8th Ave.
Send the cars in.
Agents from the New York Bureau, they're questioning Hong.
But I think she told us everything she knows.
How could the designs for a sustainable dormitory be worth the lives of seven innocent people? They wouldn't.
Unless the dorm was actually a CIA black site.
Alcon was under contract with the CIA.
I bet you they were hired to build a secret detention center at Sierra Maestra.
That makes sense.
That puts Tal behind it.
He should have just pulled the trigger himself.
And that jet that Laine was on it crashed into the mountain.
Everybody on board was killed, including those Tal operatives.
I knew there were similarities, but I didn't think they were connected.
Well, now we know why they were killed.
We know Tal was behind it.
We just have to find the man who did it.
[PHONES RINGING] The air traffic control recording came in.
We have the assassin's voice.
Tower, this is Gulfstream Four Tango Alpha, ready for takeoff on runway 2-1.
- You can turn it - [SHUSHES] Four Tango Alpha, you're clear for takeoff, runway 2-1.
Cleared for takeoff, runway 2-1, Gulfstream Four Tango Alpha.
Thank you, tower.
- [RECORDING CLICKS OFF] - What is it? Play this one.
Tower, this is Falcon Kilo Papa Niner, ready for takeoff, runway 0-4.
Kilo Papa Niner, you're clear for takeoff, runway 0-4.
Cleared for takeoff runway 0-4, Falcon Kilo Papa Niner.
Thank you, tower.
That's the recording from the flight that Laine was on, isn't it? Play the new one again.
Tower, this is Gulfstream Four Tango Alpha, ready for takeoff on runway 2-1.
The old one.
Tower, this is Falcon Kilo Papa Niner, ready for takeoff, runway 0-4.
Same tone.
Same cadence.
Those aren't two different pilots.
The man that shot seven people yesterday is the same man that murdered a flight full of CIA operatives three years ago.
Laine's killer's still alive.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] This makes no sense.
Laine's killer was on the plane when it crashed.
- No one survived.
- Yeah, well, he did.
Somehow, someway, he got off that plane.
He had to have parachuted before impact.
That's the only explanation.
All this time.
All this time he's been walking around the streets.
Don't do that.
There's no way you could've known.
No, I should've known.
I want witnesses.
I want the biometrics.
I want a physical description from yesterday's attack.
I need to know who he is.
I can give you his name.
What? After Laine's death, the CIA was running their own investigation on Tal.
Her killer's name was caught on chatter between associates of his.
I never mentioned it because the name alone never led anywhere and he was presumed dead.
- What's his name? - Alexander Chigorin.
Anna Cruz said that name to me before she died.
I asked you about it.
You lied to my face.
I believe Anna Cruz gave you that name to hurt you and to send you on a path looking for a dead man.
And you didn't want to do that, now, did you? No, I wanted you to focus on Tal! [SIGHS] Kate, escort Shepherd back to her holding cell.
Of course.
He's still alive, and he's killing people.
I'm sorry, Will.
I can't imagine what you must be going through.
Yeah, well, I need to find him.
We will.
We will.
You know, I've, uh I've never liked the idea of working with Shepherd, but this is Laine's killer we're talking about.
You sure you don't want to use her to help us find Chigorin? No.
Not this time.
Bring up Carla Mendoza.
I want to talk to her.
- [FIST POUNDS ON TABLE] - [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Alexander Chigorin I need to know where to find him.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Don't lie to me.
We know he's alive.
I know you both worked for Tal from the beginning.
Where is he? Are you gonna answer me? You're wasting your time.
You can't stop him.
Stop him from what? He's planning something else, isn't he? What is it? Another attack? What is he planning, Carla? You got a visitor.
Send her in.
It's not your daughter.
It's your ex-husband.
Keaton allowed that? He threatened to come back with his lawyer.
[DOOR CLOSES] Uh How long did you think you could get away with this? - Christopher, listen - How long? She's my daughter.
No, she isn't.
She hasn't been your daughter for the last three years.
Don't say that.
She said she was seeing a math tutor.
She lied to me because of you.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry? For the last month, Hannah has been sneaking out here.
She has to take two buses and walk half a mile to get here.
Did you know that? Sometimes she doesn't come home until after dark A 15-year-old girl walking alone in D.
at night.
What kind of mother would let her child do that? I had to see her.
[SCOFFS] Well I can't let that happen anymore.
Oh, Christopher, please don't do that.
Please don't punish Hannah because you hate me.
You think that's why I'm here to punish you? This isn't about you.
This is about my daughter.
When you left, you destroyed her.
But you don't talk about that.
You don't talk about how she couldn't eat for days, how she didn't leave her room, How she missed so much school, she had to take summer classes.
Did you know that? - No.
- No, of course you didn't, because you weren't there, Erica.
I was.
[CRIES] Look after you left, it took months to get my child back.
And I know you love her.
I do.
But I cannot let you hurt her again.
I've got something.
Alexander Chigorin's in his 30s.
He's former Chechen Special Forces.
He was recruited by Tal as a teenager, and he's one of Tal's most senior lieutenants.
I reviewed the security footage within a five-block radius of the airfield where his plane landed.
And I found this.
This was yesterday morning at 9:07 a.
This is a block away from the airfield It must have been as soon as they left the plane.
Where is he? I pulled the license plate number from the footage, and I'm running a search now.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Chigorin's vehicle was tracked to this address, known to law enforcement as the Underground Russian Social Club.
The mission is to extract him alive and as quickly as possible, but it's not gonna be easy.
They're gonna be armed and extremely dangerous.
The longer our presence can go undetected, the better.
Let's move.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [POP MUSIC PLAYING] You said this would take a few hours.
The CAD files are larger than I thought.
I have to upload them one at a time.
I need to speak with Agent Keaton.
- He's not here.
- Okay, Agent Zain.
Anyone in Counterintel.
It's really important.
- They're all out.
- Where? Prove you want to work for him, or there will be consequences.
What is it? It's Shepherd.
I have an urgent message for Tal.
FBI knows where Chigorin is.
He should get him out.
Warn him now.
- What? FBI's coming.
Give me the laptop, now! [MUSIC CONTINUES IN THE DISTANCE] FBI! Hands up! Hands up! Get down on the ground! I said get on the ground! - On the ground! - Get down, get down! - All clear.
- [MAN SHOUTS] Got him.
I let him get away.
Come on.
I want to show you something.
What are these? Detailed schematics of the facility Kathy Hong helped design for Alcon.
These were on the laptop Chigorin was carrying.
This building is completely self-sustained.
There is no need for external power or water.
Perfect if you want a location off the grid.
This is Sierra Maestra, Will.
It has to be.
That's why Tal wanted this laptop.
He was planning something there.
Question is, what? I miss her.
I miss her every day.
So do I.
When I heard that voice, it was like I was right back there the day she died.
I thought it would somehow feel different after all these years.
Uh, but it doesn't.
Does it? No.
Well, I know you don't like to talk about it, but if you want to, I'm here.
Maybe some other time.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] - Where were you? - New York.
Chigorin? Did you get him? No.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
If there's anything else that you're keeping from me, I need to know it now.
No I've hurt you enough.
The day that Anna Cruz was killed, Tal called me on her cell phone said he knew what Laine said before she died.
He was just trying to get into your head.
Maybe he was telling the truth.
Maybe Chigorin told him exactly what happened on that plane.
But I have to know.
The CIA said that the black box on Laine's plane was destroyed in the crash? Yeah.
Why? Flight recorders are designed to withstand the most severe impact.
And I know from first-hand experience that the CIA has lied about black boxes before.
Does it exist? Agent Keaton, it's late.
I really don't want to argue about a black box that was destroyed three years ago.
Does it exist? I need to hear it, and I need to hear it right now.
Or I'm launching a public investigation as to why Tal operatives are being held in a CIA black site in Cuba.
I need to hear it.
It's all set up.
Just press "play.
" [BUTTON CLICKS, HISSING] Traffic, this is Falcon Kilo Papa Niner leveling off at cruising altitude, 32,000 feet.
Roger that, aviation.
Falcon Kilo Papa Niner.
Pull up.
Terrain ahead.
Pull up.
Terrain ahead.
Pull up.
Terrain ahead.
Pull up.
- Pull up.
Pull up.
It's good to see you, my friend.
You're hurt? Nothing serious.
Good, good.
I need you healthy.
We have so much work still to do.
Thank you for warning me about the FBI.
That wasn't me.
It was Shepherd.
You're surprised? She's not who I thought she was.
No one ever is.
I believe it is time to bring her in.