The Enemy Within (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

The Embassy

1 Previously on "The Enemy Within" CIA started sending Tal prisoners to a black site detention center.
- Sierra Maestra.
- What are these? Detailed schematics of the facility designed for Alcon.
This is Sierra Maestra, Will.
Tal is planning something at that CIA black site.
You've got to figure out what his endgame is before it's too late.
You mean we need to figure it out.
How is your dad? - Does he know that you're here? - No.
How long did you think you could get away with this? She's my daughter.
She hasn't been your daughter for the last three years.
I had to see her.
I can't let that happen anymore.
Please, don't do that.
Yes, I understand it's more than you'd like to pay, but this isn't Tahiti we're talking about.
It's the Gulf of Aden.
There were 47 Somali pirate attacks there just last year.
If your company is sending tankers through the canal, they're sitting ducks.
It's not if they'll be attacked.
It's when.
You want my services? Wonderful.
You have my price.
If not, best of luck.
Call me when you've made your decision.
- Hello? - You've been compromised.
The FBI knows your name.
They know what you did.
Get out of the country now.
His name is Desmond Visser.
Former South African Special Forces commando turned independent security analyst.
His area of expertise? Vulnerability reports.
Imagine a federal courthouse is worried about a terrorist attack.
Visser's the guy they hire to tell them where their weak spots are.
I pulled everything Homeland has on Visser and for the last decade, he has worked for illegal regimes, corrupt governments, and huge multinational corporations.
Including, most recently, Alcon, the same company that had six executives attacked and killed by operatives of Mikhail Tal.
You think Visser's connected to those deaths? Not sure yet.
But from the laptop, we know that he was hired by Alcon to run a security report for a CIA detention center in Cuba.
- Sierra Maestra.
- Exactly.
Remo, are you at the embassy? I need travel documents to a non-extraditing country.
Can you arrange that? Good.
See you in a few hours.
Do we know this guy's whereabouts? Yeah, Visser arrived in D.
earlier this morning.
So what are we waiting for? Let's go pick him up.
- We can't.
- Why not? - 'Cause it's not on US soil.
- You just said he's in D.
He is.
Two hours ago, Visser walked into a Swiss Embassy.
He met with an attaché named Remo Omlin.
Offered him $50,000 for an open-ended Swiss visa.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Please, this way.
However what Visser didn't know was that, two months ago, the Swiss authorities busted Omlin for selling those same types of visas.
To avoid jail time, Omlin's been cooperating with his government.
He reported Visser to the embassy, who brought it to the attention of the FBI.
Visser is still inside the embassy.
On my instructions, the Swiss are stalling him, keeping him in there as long as possible, 'cause we're not gonna arrest him.
We're going to run a counterintelligence operation to find out exactly what he knows about Tal and what they're planning in Cuba.
And here's how we're gonna do it.
Tonight, the embassy's holding a reception for their Arts and Culture foundation.
Daniel negotiated permission for Bragg and Pettigrew to attend as guests.
I'm gonna have the Swiss authorities keep Visser inside the event.
The reception is going to allow us the freedom to move, to improvise if necessary.
It's our best opportunity.
All you have to do is get within three feet of him.
I'll download software onto a phone that will allow us to remotely access Visser's cell.
So whatever communication he has with Tal, we'll be able to find it.
The only stipulation is that you two will not be able to take your weapons inside the reception.
There are going to be too many civilians.
They don't want any type of complications.
And we know this is not ideal, but this is our only shot at catching Visser before he leaves the country.
As a precaution, I'm gonna have the HRT team on alert, standing by.
We move in one hour.
Let's get to work.
Deputy Director Molinero.
You wanted to see me? Agent Pettigrew, please have a seat.
How long has it been since you and I worked together? Uh, I left the New York Bureau, uh, six years ago.
Six years.
Wow, it doesn't feel that long.
Can I ask you what this is about? I wanted to talk to you about the Tal investigation.
I'm still pretty new to the unit, but I'm sure Agent Keaton can provide you with more detailed information than I can.
I'm afraid that's not an option, because Agent Keaton is what I want to talk to you about.
Are you concerned, Jacquie? About what? Erica Shepherd.
Keaton's given her an awfully long leash.
Consulting from the confines of her holding cell is one thing.
But bringing her out into the field time and again? It's reckless and dangerous.
Uh, with all due respect, we have it under control.
You think you have Erica Shepherd under control? She is one of the most skilled, evasive operatives in CIA history.
We're pretty skilled too.
- Do you trust Shepherd? - No.
- Does Keaton? - I don't know.
See that's what scares me, Jacquie.
Because Shepherd is the last person on Earth anyone should trust.
A year after you left the New York Bureau, I worked with Shepherd.
The FBI and the CIA were running a joint operation into a network of Russian sleeper agents.
Shepherd uncovered Intel that identified the group's leader.
But she withheld that information from the FBI and the CIA.
The Russians found out.
They issued a kill order on her.
She was being hunted by some of the most highly trained and deadly assassins in the world.
She was completely alone and unarmed.
And watch for moving vehicles leaving the ferry.
Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
I'll just jump right out.
Thank you so much.
I need an immediate extraction at the Governor's Island ferry terminal now.
Shepherd's deception put the entire operation at risk.
She was an untrustworthy liar long before she was a traitor.
What is it you want from me? For now, be my eyes and ears.
In particular, in regards to Keaton using Shepherd in the field.
You want me to spy on my team? I want you to think about the lives that are at risk right now, including those of your fellow agents.
Shepherd is going to get someone killed, Jacquie.
I don't want that someone to be you.
The embassy has a security center with CCTV feeds of the ballroom.
You're gonna be in there with me monitoring the reception.
Are you all right? Why do you ask? If you're gonna be in this operation, I need to know that your head's in the game.
It is.
You sure about that? Is there something that you want, Agent Keaton? Your ex-husband came to visit you? Does he know about Hannah? He does.
And he's okay with her visiting you? No, I can't see her anymore.
- I know why you're asking.
- Why am I asking? Because the reason that I agreed to cooperate in the first place is so I could see her.
And now that I can't, you're worried that I won't be as invested? No, it's actually not why I'm asking.
Those the plans? Yeah, the reception's taking place in this ballroom.
From what I can tell, there's only one main entrance, the north side of the room there.
I just spoke with the head of security at the embassy.
There will be plainclothes personnel located throughout the reception.
Their people, not ours.
You worried? Well, Visser's an ex-commando and I'm going in there without a gun.
It's a little sketchy.
Don't worry.
I'll protect you.
- What? - Nothing.
Just you look nice.
You're surprised? Well, you said act natural.
Keaton, we're here.
Klausman, thank you for giving us - access to the embassy.
- Of course.
Do you have any, uh, holes in the coverage? We have cameras placed throughout the embassy.
Make sure you have your angles covered.
And your security team is briefed and in place? Yes, I have officers stationed outside the entrance of the ballroom.
What about the emergency exits? Who's this woman? - She's a consultant.
- Why is she in handcuffs? For your protection.
Keaton, you there? We've got a visual.
Where, Jacquie? Visser's at the bar.
Northwest corner of the room.
See if you can get close to him.
Not now.
He's on the move.
- Remo, I need to talk.
- It's not a good time.
What's taking so long? Please, Desmond.
This isn't the place.
You're hosting a party and I'm one of your guests.
I'm running out of time, Remo.
I need answers.
If you can't help me, I'll find someone who can.
No, no, I promise you.
I can get you what you want.
Look, just give me 15 minutes.
You said that an hour ago.
This is a bureaucracy, Desmond.
Nothing moves fast.
He's alone now.
I'm heading over.
Kate, I'm making a pass on Visser now.
Get what you need, Kate? No, I couldn't make the connection.
What's the problem, Kate? Visser has block cypher encryption on his phone.
I can get around it.
I need time.
- How much time? - Uh, 30 seconds? - But there's gonna be a catch.
- What? You need to be within three feet of time the entire time.
You got this, Jacquie? Yeah, I have an idea.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me? Do you see that man behind me? He's watching us right now.
What about him? He's been coming on to me all night.
He won't take no for an answer.
Well, what does that have to do with me? I told him you were my boyfriend.
Just talk to me for a moment.
Pretend we know each other.
You'd be doing me a huge favor.
- Kate? - Almost there.
Ten seconds, Keaton.
Oh, my name's Elaine.
What's your name? Look, I don't have time for this right now.
I'm sorry, guys.
I didn't get it.
- Remo.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Do you have the visa or not? - Not yet.
I'm still waiting on the ambassador's office.
- How much longer? - Soon, I promise.
Money buys many things, Remo.
Punctuality is one of them.
I can only do so much.
There's something you're not telling me.
What are you talking about? Did you tell anyone that I was here? No, of course not.
You're lying to me.
Keaton, you seeing this? We are.
Just hold your positions.
Enough, I'm ordering my security team to move in.
We need a little bit more time.
Absolutely not.
The situation is clearly starting to escalate.
I'm not putting my guests in danger for a minute longer.
Take him now.
All right, they're moving on Visser.
Answer me.
I had no choice.
- The building is locked down.
- Everybody, just calm down.
- Everyone down.
- Stay down, stay down.
- Get down.
- Everybody down on the ground! Now! Everybody on the wall! Go! On the wall.
Come on.
Move! On the ground now! On the ground.
Apply pressure directly to the wound.
- Up! Let's go! - I need a belt.
This man needs medical attention.
They both do.
- You seem capable.
- I'm a I'm a nurse.
Good, handle it.
He stays.
This is Will Keaton with the FBI.
We need EMS at the Swiss Embassy.
We have two people down with gunshot wounds.
Daniel, get with HRT.
Listen, I want you to grab all the bags and put them over there.
Everyone hand over your bags now! Let's go! Empty your purse, ma'am.
Everyone put your cell phones inside the bag now! Come on! Cell phones in the bag now! Did you not hear what I said? Your phone.
You don't have to do this.
I won't ask you again.
On the ground.
I'm in position.
- Do you have a shot? - Stand by.
You and you, on your feet.
Close the drapes.
Move! Negative.
I don't have a shot.
We've lost the line of sight, Will.
I have to shut this down.
Back with the others.
Now! Let's go! Bragg, Pettigrew, can you get those drapes open? Not without getting blood on them.
We might be able to take this guy out though.
No, no.
Too dangerous.
You're both unarmed and there are too many civilians.
Can you talk him down? I've been through dozens of hostage situations.
Some people never negotiate.
Visser's one of them.
Everyone can be negotiated with.
Easy for you to say that out there.
Do what you can do.
In the meantime, HRT is on standby.
All right, copy that.
We have to look out for ourselves.
Trust me, this will work.
Hey, whatever you're thinking of trying, - forget about it, all right? - Who are you? Someone who wants to live through this.
Sit down.
It's my mother-in-law.
She needs her heart medication.
It's in her bag.
Sit down.
A dying woman is going to make your life a lot more complicated.
Please let me get it for her.
Shots fired.
Shots fired.
Who's hit? Bragg.
You're wearing a vest.
Who are you? I'm just security for one of the guests.
Don't lie to me.
Please don't! Tell me now.
Who are you? Jason Bragg, FBI.
Your radio.
Now listen carefully.
There's a helipad on the roof of this building.
I need a chopper and clear airspace.
You have 30 minutes.
Then I start shooting hostages Starting with your agent.
All right, I'm getting HRT.
Wait, you haven't made a connection - with Visser's phone yet.
- I don't care about that.
You haven't got what you came for.
- You need him alive.
- HRT trains for this.
If they can get him out alive, they will.
HRT is a hammer, you need a scalpel; you know that! I know that he's shot three people, including Bragg.
That's what I know.
Life's more important.
You stay right here.
This is a mistake.
On your feet.
Can you push in for me please? I need you to push in on Agent Bragg.
I think he's signaling something.
I don't see anything.
Ballroom has one main entrance through the double doors.
We're going to move in on my command.
Shepherd, where's Visser located in the ballroom right now? Shepherd? Shepherd, do you copy? Shepherd.
Stand by.
- Stay back or he dies.
- Calm down.
Erica Shepherd.
What are you doing here? Put the gun down and I'll tell you.
No, no, you're s you're supposed to be in prison.
They brought you out.
You're working with them, aren't you? I used to work for them, but I'm not anymore.
I'm not here to stop you, Desmond.
I'm here to help you escape.
- Why? - Because I'm going with you.
You you want to help me get out of here? I could care less about helping you! I want to escape! You're my best chance to do it! Why are you doing this? I spent the last three years of my life in a cage like an animal.
I'm not gonna do it anymore.
This is my only chance.
I can get myself out of here.
How? Are you gonna get out with a helicopter? You think the FBI is gonna fly you out, Desmond? I really thought you were smarter than that.
I have seen the blueprints of this embassy.
I know how to get us out of here.
If you're wrong, you die.
If I'm wrong, we both die.
We need to send in HRT.
No, I want to give her some more time.
What if she gets someone killed or tries to disappear? Shepherd's had plenty of chances to escape and she's never taken them, so why now? What's changed? - Oh, you know what's changed: Hannah.
If she goes through it, then she is guaranteeing that she will never see her daughter again.
I don't believe she'd do that.
And if you're wrong? If you're with me, we should go.
Otherwise just shoot me.
There's no "we" in this scenario.
Why should I trust you? You shot an FBI agent.
Another one right there.
You are being watched.
They're coming for you and they will kill you.
Are you coming? Enough, Will.
Don't let this happen.
Bravo 17, holding position.
This'll hurt.
Hold your fire! - You see him? - Not yet.
Move! Move! Help me.
Come on! Out! - You guys okay? - Yeah, we're fine.
- Where are they? - They were on that side of the room when Shepherd set off the tear gas.
Then she disappeared.
Keaton, Shepherd told Visser about the embassy blueprints.
All right.
We've got two agents down.
We need EMS in here now.
Go, go! They're coming! Move! Move! This way.
They're here.
This way.
Shepherd! - So what's our exit? - The maintenance hatch.
It should be up here somewhere.
- Shepherd! - Will! Shepherd! Shepherd! She's gone.
- Excuse me.
- Don't look at the gun.
Reach in your pocket and hand me the keys.
- Take them.
- Good boy, on your knees.
What are you doing? Let's go.
- No witnesses.
- Please! Don't do this.
I said let's go.
That was a big mistake.
He'll call the police.
They'll know what kind of car we're driving.
This is yours.
Fine, but we need to get off the roads.
Head for Mason Neck.
I've got a contact there who will help us.
I want road blocks set up within a 20 mile radius of the embassy.
Get facial recognition setup on all the tolls and public transportations in the area.
Kate, that GPS transponder implanted in Shepherd's chest.
Can you track that signal? I am not having any luck.
I don't know what's going on.
The Kevlar.
Before Shepherd escaped, she put a Kevlar vest on.
That would definitely block the signal.
I can't believe she would do this! Why? She betrayed her country, her colleagues, her own family.
Why would we be any different? D.
Metro just had a report of a carjacking a mile from the embassy.
Description matches Visser and Shepherd.
- You two.
- All right, we're on it.
Will, look, Shepherd's a trained operative.
Visser's a security expert.
Roadblocks, facial recognition.
It's not gonna work.
We need to call in outside help.
Like who? The US Marshals, local law enforcement.
Whoever we usually enlist.
No, there's no need for that.
Why not? Will, what is going on here? - I don't think she's running.
- No, you're right.
She's not running; she's gone because you let her go.
I saw what happened in the tunnel.
I know you think you can trust her, but she's a traitor.
She betrayed our country.
- And what if she didn't? - What are you saying? The tunnel, right before she closed that hatch, she gave me this look, like like she was asking me to hold off.
Yeah, because she wanted to escape.
No, no.
I think she's playing Visser.
She's working him like an asset to get information about Tal.
I hope you're right.
My contact will be here in ten minutes with his trawler.
Is he reliable? I wouldn't have called him if he wasn't.
Once I'm in Canada, I have a friend who will hide me out as long as I need.
- You should come.
- No, I can handle myself.
It's the least I can do.
Well, if you wanna pay me back, you can tell me what Tal's planning in Sierra Maestra.
Why do you care so much about Tal? Because he took everything from me and he has to pay for that.
You go after him, he will kill you.
You owe me your life, Desmond.
You said that.
What's he planning in Cuba? I don't know.
You're lying.
You know something.
Uh, I do.
But not about Sierra Maestra.
About what then? There's going to be another strike.
A major attack.
Bigger than anything he's ever done before.
But it's not gonna be in Cuba.
It's going to be right here in D.
I don't know all the details.
But the target's a major tourist attraction.
- Which one? - I I don't know.
Give me something.
I don't know.
I don't work for Tal.
We had a one-time transaction.
Do you really think he would tell me everything about what he's doing? Well, what did he tell you about this attack? Only that hundreds, maybe thousands, would die.
And that it's going to happen very soon.
It's time to go.
Shepherd's tracking device is back up.
- Where is she? - Mason Neck, Virginia.
Send me the address.
Tell Bragg and Pettigrew to meet us there.
- Okay.
- Daniel? - Right behind you.
- She wants us to find her.
He should be here by now.
Who is this, uh, boat captain that's meeting you? Why does it matter? I just want to know if I can trust him.
I want to know who we're working with.
I already told you we could trust him.
You set me up, didn't you? - Put your weapon down! - Stay back or she dies! Put the gun down! It's over! - I said stay back! - There's no way out, Visser! Once a traitor, always a traitor.
I said let's go.
This is yours.
You okay? Yes.
We've got a lot to talk about.
Yes, we do.
I wanted to ask if you made a decision about my offer.
Yes, I have.
And? I'm sorry.
I can't go against Keaton and my team like that.
Shepherd escaped custody today.
She helped a known criminal flee from the scene of a hostage crisis.
She was only apprehended as a result of her GPS transmitting device.
That's not the whole story.
Please enlighten me.
I was in that room when Shepherd came in.
She told Visser she wanted to help him and that this was her chance to escape too.
In that moment, I was sure you were right about her.
But you weren't and neither was I.
See, Shepherd helped Visser escape so she could gather intelligence on Mikhail Tal.
And we didn't apprehend her.
She used that GPS transmitter to signal to us her and Visser's location.
It was her plan from the very beginning.
- And you believe that? - Yeah, I do.
I guess I was wrong about you, Agent Pettigrew.
It seems you're not the person I thought you were.
Seems not.
Daniel is questioning Visser.
If he knows anything else about Tal, we'll find out.
Visser's not one of Tal's people.
Their relationship was transactional.
So Tal wouldn't have told him details about the plan.
A second attack, this one on U.
Do you think that's real? Yes.
You took a huge risk today It wasn't as huge as you think.
Why do you say? I've seen you at work, Agent Keaton.
I was willing to bet that you'd figure out my plan at the embassy.
Yeah, well, figuring out your plan and trusting you to do it, those are two very different things.
Yes, they are.
At any cost.
You and I are willing to catch Tal at any cost.
I think as long as we can trust that We'll get him.
Good night, Shepherd.
Good night, Agent Keaton.