The Enemy Within (2019) s01e12 Episode Script


Previously on "The Enemy Within" Your ex-husband came to visit you? - Does he know about Hannah? - He does.
And he's okay with her visiting you? No.
I can't see her anymore.
Anna Cruz was your last mistake.
Next one, you're out.
There's not gonna be anymore mistakes.
If you want to keep that promise, I suggest you stop relying on the advice of a traitor.
Tell me what Tal's planning in Sierra Maestra.
There's going to be another strike.
A major attack.
It's going to be right here in D.
You had Tal in your grasp and you let him slip away.
Catching Tal comes at a very high price.
And from the actions that I've seen, you're not willing to pay it.
I don't need be a murderer to catch one.
Tal? He's closing in on you.
I know you feel it.
I can help you.
Why would you do this now? I am not going to die in a cage.
Backus, thank you for meeting me.
You didn't give me a choice.
Who are you? Who I am is not important.
What's important is what I know about you.
How did you get that tape? What are you gonna do with it? You're an important man at the Pentagon.
I want to know what you know, I want to see what you see.
Oh, that tape is not worth committing treason over.
But that's not all I'm offering for your cooperation.
I know what you desire more than anything in your life.
True power.
But you have yet to obtain it.
You haven't been allowed into the room where the real decisions are made.
I can get you there.
What are we talking about? A directorship? National security advisor to the United States of America.
Who are you? You already know that.
Hawkins is never going to vote against the bill because he cannot survive another primary like last year's.
The only way we can fight it is in appropriations.
- Congresswoman Bell.
- Thank you so much.
Ray, how are you? We need to talk about funding for my NIH initiative.
Right idea, wrong place.
Okay, well, you said that last week.
Do I need to worry about your support? No, call my office.
I'll set up a meeting.
That's my cue.
Thanks, Ray.
Good morning.
If you can all take your seats, we'll get started.
Listen to me, Desmond.
The next 20 seconds will determine the next 20 years of your life.
Tal is planning an attack in a tourist attraction here in D.
You've already told us that.
Which one is it? You can ask me a thousand times.
My answer remains the same.
I don't know.
I sold Tal that report.
But until last month, I've had zero contact with him or his people.
Why would Tal tell me anything? Welcome to The Council for American Strategies' symposium, "America in the Future.
" We think the future is a bright one thanks in part to the strong vision and leadership of individuals like our guest speaker this morning.
But Tal paid you for that report.
Was that all he paid you for? What else did you do for him? He had me work up a dossier on someone.
Home address, contact information, financials.
Along with more sensitive Intel.
Like what? Family members, daily schedule.
Sounds like an assassination workup.
I didn't ask, but yes, that's what I believed it to be.
Who is the target? She's a three-term congresswoman from Florida's 28th district.
She also happens to be a Miami football fan, but I promised not to hold that against her.
Please welcome Congresswoman Evelyn Bell.
It's good to see you.
- Thank you for that.
- Go for it.
Good morning, everyone.
Thank you so much for coming.
Get down! Jacquie, secure the congresswoman! I've got her.
Congresswoman! - Take it easy.
- Stay back.
Put the gun down.
I mean it.
Don't come any closer.
No one has to get hurt, man.
Let her go.
Let her go.
I'll circle around.
Get down! Drop it! We have to ask ourselves, "What's wrong?" What's causing the Deputy Director at the CIA to turn against this great country of ours? Three years ago.
Congresswoman Evelyn Bell built her career on being tough on National Security issues.
Erica Shepherd has done irrevocable damage to this country.
We need to punish her.
We need to lock her in a cell and throw away the key.
We need to send the strongest message we can so that this can never happen again.
I remember these speeches.
She really went after you.
She exploited my case for political gain.
Or she meant what she said.
She wrote a letter to the judge on your case advocating for the death penalty.
I'm aware.
Bell's en route to an FBI safe house.
She claims she has no idea why she was attacked.
She's lying.
Well, she was also almost killed this morning.
So what? One has nothing to do with the other.
The question is, why is Tal targeting a powerful congresswoman? Why now on the eve of two massive attacks? We've learned this lesson again and again, Agent Keaton.
Tal's actions are never random.
That's your professional opinion? You're in no way biased towards her because of what she said about you? No.
The assassination attempt could be connected to Tal's attacks.
We should question her.
What is it? Molinero's calling a meeting about the Tal investigation.
- Is there a problem? - I don't know, but the National Security Advisor's in it.
That was a close call today, Agent Keaton.
Yes yes, it was.
Uh, thankfully Congresswoman Bell was saved due to the intelligence that was gathered by my team's investigations.
We're drilling down on all the relevant Intel right now, and we will catch Tal.
Is that so? Yes, sir.
It is.
There is a strong belief in this room that you've compromised your ideals as a result of your continued cooperation with Erica Shepherd.
Well, that belief is wrong.
The National Security Council is taking over the Tal investigation.
That is a mistake.
No one has a better chance of catching Tal than I do.
I understand that you're upset My whole career, I've put the safety of this country above all the bureaucracy and agency politics.
Are you? A congressional leader was almost killed today.
There's an imminent attack about to happen on U.
soil and you don't even know the target.
Let's get something straight, Agent Keaton.
This is about the safety of this country.
I expect the case files by the end of the day.
- Three years wasted.
- Not wasted.
How can you say that when Tal is still out there? The work that we've done is gonna help the next team being them down.
Who's getting the case? CIA? Backus is putting together a fusion cell from multiple agencies.
But he hasn't done that yet.
Molinero is allowing us to stay on the case until the new team takes over.
My guess? Two, maybe three days before that happens.
And that's two to three days that I am not gonna waste.
Now we're talking.
What's the plan? Tal is gonna hit a D.
tour site.
We need to know which one and when.
What about, uh, Congresswoman Bell? If Shepherd's right, she might have the information we need.
I'm heading to the safe house as soon as we're done.
Do you want me to question her? No, no.
Because of who she is, it's not gonna be a normal interrogation.
So how do you want to play it? I have something in mind.
And there's something else, but it has to stay inside this office.
I want to look into Paul Backus.
You want to investigate the National Security Advisor? It's the way this was done.
It's the timing of it.
Something's not right.
Bragg, you still have your contact at the Senate Intel Committee? Yeah, talked to him last week.
See if they have anything on Backus.
Daniel, I want you to do a deep dive into his contacts and financials.
I want to know who he's talking to and where that money is coming from.
You know we won't get a warrant for this.
I know.
If that's a problem for you, I understand.
No, I'll do it.
Let's get to it.
When the case is gone, so am I.
Is that what you want to tell me? Yes.
My ex-husband won't let me see my girl; the Tal investigation is being taken away.
I'm done here.
I'm sorry, Erica.
Congresswoman Bell.
You said you had s ometngin mind for questioning h? Well, that depends.
Are you busy the next few hours? I think I'm free.
Congresswoman Bell, how you feeling? I've been better.
How long do I have to stay here? There's time-critical work for me back on the Hill.
We'll get you out of here as soon as we can.
How we looking out front? All clear in the front, sir.
- Out back? - All is clear.
There's 700,000 citizens in my district.
325 million in the country.
Do you think I'll really be able to protect them from national security threats while I'm locked up in here? We're just trying to ensure your safety.
Well, who's going to ensure safety of the American people? What's going on? Why is she here? Shepherd is cooperating with the FBI on the Tal investigation.
I have some questions for you.
You can't be serious.
It's not gonna take long.
Because I won't be a part of it.
We need to have a conversation.
You're a convicted felon.
You have no authority to tell me what to do.
I do.
Do you really want to do this, Agent Keaton? What I want is to stop Mikhail Tal.
Your lack of cooperation is keeping me from doing that.
Oh, let's do this.
It should be fun.
So what is this? Some some grade school version of payback for what I said about you three years ago? 'Cause I don't care.
I never thought you did care.
I did assume that you used me to gin up fear for your own political ascension.
Effective, but utterly unimaginative.
Not nearly as creative as your multiple acts of treason.
Why do you think Tal is trying to kill you? - I have no idea.
- None? Well, you're the expert on Tal.
Not me.
You seem so strong.
You seem so unbending in your beliefs.
But I think I see why you're projecting such strength because inside you're shaking.
Tal wants you dead.
He is relentlessly planning your assassination and he's not gonna stop until he succeeds, and you're afraid.
And I think you now why Tal wants you dead.
So what is it? Something personal? Something in your past? That's it, isn't it? Something in your past? You're right.
This is gonna be fun.
You always were punctual, Vargas.
Rangers didn't give us much of a choice, did they? No, they didn't.
Thanks for meeting.
I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't important.
I figured that when you called.
So, what's up? Working a counterintel investigation over at the Bureau.
I'm looking for background on a senior level intelligence officer.
Paul Backus.
- Are you joking? - Anything you got.
Financial ties, foreign contacts, personal issues You want me to leak dirt on the NSC advisor to the United States? This could cost me my career.
Yeah, me too.
But there's a chance Backus is tangled up in some trouble.
Backus has a reputation for being slippery.
He doesn't always stick to his word.
Anything else? No, but I'll look into it and see what I can find.
But Bragg, this is the last time I do this.
I understand.
What is it? What is it you're not telling us? Nothing.
After three terms in Congress, I thought you'd be a more convincing liar.
Well, maybe you can give me some tips on how it's done.
I want to talk to the Deputy Director.
Call Molinero.
She's not available.
I knew it.
You're on your own on this, aren't you? Well, you've made a serious miscalculation, Agent Keaton.
Shepherd here has talked you out on a limb, and it's breaking underneath you.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Really? I didn't get as far as I am today by being stupid.
I know that this is unsanctioned.
I don't know why you're really here.
I know that you betrayed your country.
You participated in the death of four CIA operatives and God knows how many other people.
And now here you are trying to stop Tal supposedly? So what is that? What happened? 'Cause you're never getting out of jail.
What are you hiding? Are you trying to redeem yourself? Trying to make up for what you did? Nothing you can ever do will make up for the lives you took.
Thank you.
For what? Confirming what I already suspected.
You're former CIA.
- That's ridiculous.
- The way you comport yourself.
Your mannerisms when you're being questioned.
It's all classic CIA interrogation training.
And when I looked into your records, it's what wasn't there that caught my eye.
There's a 14 month gap, like a donut hole, right after graduate school.
You know what takes 14 months? Spy training.
And then there's Tal, who has systematically targeted the CIA every step of the way, and now he's targeting you.
There's no record of your service with the agency.
That can only mean one thing You were black ops.
- Excuse me.
- Can I help you? Yeah, uh, you the new owners? - No, realtors.
- Oh.
Is someone going to buy the place? It's been lying empty for months.
Hope so.
Is that true? Are you former CIA? Lives are at stake and you're withholding critical information.
Oh, you guys have been here since the morning, huh? It's a late client.
Wow, really late.
Yeah, well, nice talking to you.
You too.
[gunshots We gotta move! You trust her with a gun? I trust she wants to live.
Let's go.
Car's out back! Let's go! This is Agent Keaton.
We've just been attacked at the safe house.
We're headed back now.
You said lives were at stake.
What is Tal planning? A large-scale attack on a tourist site.
- Which one? - We don't know which one and we don't know when it's happening.
Well, I can't help you with the target.
But I can tell you that if Tal is planning an attack, he's gonna carry it out tomorrow.
Why? Because you were right.
I spent six years doing black ops for the CIA.
Mostly Eastern Europe and Russia.
Look, there's something that you need to know about Tal.
About ten years ago, one of my assignments was handling off-book operations during the second Chechen conflict.
Tal had been in Russian intelligence, but had recently left.
We thought he might be in play so we bribed him to sell us valuable intel about SVR operations in Grozny.
In return for his cooperation, the CIA made certain promises to Tal.
The most important one was that we would extract him and his brothers from Chechnya before everything got crazy on the ground.
Tal's parents died young.
His brothers were all he had.
CIA didn't keep their end of the bargain, did they? No.
Someone in charge decided that the agency had gotten everything it needed from Tal.
And that he and his brothers were justifiable casualties.
So we left them behind.
And while Tal was waiting for his contact to arrive, one of our airstrikes took out both of his brothers.
Tal's brothers were killed and Tal blamed the CIA.
He's not going to stop until he has his revenge.
The attack.
How do you know it's happening tomorrow? Because tomorrow is the anniversary of his brothers' deaths.
I was expecting Chigorin.
- You're disappointed? - No, no.
Of course not.
It's just that I thought you'd be in Cuba by now.
There are things here that are too important.
The congresswoman.
Yes, she's still alive.
I was informed.
You never served in the military, so I don't expect you to understand the significance of an order.
When given, it must be followed without excuse, without exception.
That is why when I ordered you to remove Agent Keaton from the FBI investigation into me I expected it to be done.
It will be.
It is.
When I served in Spetsnaz, do you know what would happen when an order was not followed? Bell isn't important to your plans.
She can't do anything to stop us.
That woman means nothing.
To me, she does.
- You okay, Will? - Yeah, I'm good.
An attack on an FBI safe house in broad daylight? What the hell is going on? You think Backus leaked the location? It's the only explanation I can think of.
What did you get on him? My contact at Senate Intel found a cluster of recent calls going from Backus to overseas encrypted sat phones.
So if he's communicating with Tal, that's how he's doing it.
Daniel? I did that search into Backus's finances.
Turns out he has a number of offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.
And he just made a series of deposits right under the U.
wire transfer limit.
I think he's trying to avoid being flagged by the Treasury.
What about Bell? Did she give you anything? Yeah, I did.
But you guys aren't going to believe it.
She's former CIA.
Bell is? She worked black ops in Chechnya ten years ago.
She also said that Backus reached out to her office to check her travel schedule.
Said he wanted to set a meeting, but I think he was planning that hotel hit.
If we're right, and Tal has someone as highly placed as Backus in hand, imagine the damage he's done.
We've got to arrest him now.
Yeah, but we need hard proof.
How are we gonna get that? We're going to run a false flag operation on Backus.
The plan is to leak information to him about the location of Bell's meeting later today, as well as the route she'll take to get there.
If Backus is dirty, he'll pass the information to Tal and Tal will attempt an attack.
When he does, we'll have the proof that we need, and we can arrest him for conspiracy against the United States.
And what about Bell? You're using her as bait? No, it's too risky.
We'll have a decoy in her place.
For that to work, we're going to have to tell Bell about Backus.
- I know.
- Can we trust her with that? We don't have a choice.
There's just one problem.
What's that? If anyone working for Tal finds up what you're up to, Backus will know and you will lose your only chance to catch him.
Which is exactly why we need to be careful.
Like you were at the safe house.
So you don't want to use a decoy? No.
There's no way I'm going to knowingly put you in that type of danger.
It's an armored car, Agent Keaton.
Look, Tal has eyes everywhere.
No one knows that better than you.
So if you want to guarantee this works, you're going to have to take risks.
- Why are you doing this? - It's my job to protect America and its citizens.
I take my job seriously.
Okay, you'll be in the vehicle.
We leave in 30 minutes.
And why are you doing this, Shepherd? You seemed pretty sure of your answer earlier today.
And I stand by it.
You're trying to make up for the lives that you took.
I see that clear as day, but there's something else.
Something that you are trying really hard to keep the world from knowing.
So what is it? You should get ready.
We have a change of plans.
Bragg and Pettigrew will be driving the Congresswoman on the new route that was leaked to Backus.
If we're right about this, there will be an attack on the vehicle.
HRT's gonna be following.
Loose reins ready to tighten up on my command.
Copy that.
Agent Keaton.
A word? - Everything okay? - No.
Someone on your team carried out an illegal search into the National Security Advisor.
Must be a mistake.
Special Agent Zain? Deputy Director Molinero.
We have reason to believe that you violated intelligence oversight rules when you carried out a warrantless search into Paul Backus.
Do you have any evidence of this? We need to have a talk.
Officers, place Agent Zain under arrest.
Wait a minute.
Hold on a second.
Stand down, Agent Keaton.
That's an order.
It's okay, Will.
I'll answer any questions the Deputy Director has for me.
- What do we do? - There's nothing we can do.
But this is Daniel we're talking about.
Any one of us interferes with Molinero's investigation, we'll be guilty of obstructing justice.
As much as I don't like it, we have to let it play out.
Will Daniel say that you suspect Backus? No, he won't.
He's been suspicious of your methods ever since I got here.
He thinks I've been a bad influence on you.
Considering what just happened, maybe he was right.
Daniel wouldn't do anything to disrupt the investigation, would he? We're talking about a man's career.
His future at the FBI.
How far do you think he'll go to protect your secret? If we're not successful at this operation today, none of us will have a future.
At least not at the FBI anyway.
Listen, the plan remains the same.
We're going to put the Congresswoman in a transport vehicle as the target.
I'm gonna post up with a team right outside Backus's house.
If this confirms that he's working with Tal, I'll be right there to arrest him.
We're in this all the way.
Now more than ever.
Get back to work.
Cointel One.
Radio check.
Heading out on the designated route.
Copy that.
Constant communication.
Anything out of the ordinary, you let us know.
So Congresswoman, how long were you working black ops for the CIA? Six years.
How'd you like that? It could be exhilarating at times.
Knowing that you were a part of something bigger than yourself.
Other times, it was harder.
Your identity and what you were working on had to remain a secret.
So sometimes that meant you had to pretend to be someone other people didn't like.
A liar, a thief, criminal, traitor.
Sometimes you had to endure the scorn of people you respected.
Even while you were risking your life to protect your country.
Cointel One, we're coming up on - the Water Street overpass now.
- Stay alert.
If anything's gonna happen, it's gonna happen right there.
Bragg, you see anything yet? All clear.
Spike strip! Hold on! All units, we're under attack.
We're under attack! Move! Move! HRT, go! Go! Surround them! On the ground! On the ground! - Your weapons! Drop them! - Now! Go! On the ground! Bragg, Pettigrew, you okay? Yeah, we're good.
Bell's safe.
The assailants have been neutralized.
We're good.
All right, I'm moving in on Backus.
Hands behind your back.
I can't believe Tal got to the National Security Advisor.
I can.
Have you heard from Daniel? Not yet.
They're going to question him, Will.
And they're going to ask if you ordered him to run that search.
What do you think he's going to say? Daniel will do the right thing.
He always does.
That attack that Tal is planning.
What's the target? I want a guarantee that I won't spend any time in prison.
You're in no position to negotiate.
The best you can hope for right now is mercy.
Tal's going after a popular tourist site here in D.
Which one is it? This is a waste of time.
You won't stop him.
No one will.
I asked you a question.
Every day, close to 100,000 people pass through Union Station.
It's not the place Tal wants to destroy.
It's the people inside it.
I want to know what Tal's planning to carry out.
Who he's working with.
And I want to know what exactly your involvement is.
You got a pen? This doesn't need to take long.
I want you to write a statement detailing the truth of what happened.
Today's arrest doesn't change the fact that Agent Keaton ordered you to perform an illegal search into the National Security Advisor, Paul Backus.
Agent Keaton did nothing wrong.
I performed the search on my own.
Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to fall on your sword for someone who has abandoned all of the principles that you and I stand for? This is your career, Agent Zain.
Tell me the truth.
I just did.
- You're making a mistake.
- No, you are.
With respect, Deputy Director, it's your career too.
Tal is planning an attack as we speak.
He'll cause casualties on a scale we've never seen before, and you're wasting precious time making accusations against the one man who could stop him.
I'll ask you again, Agent Zain.
Did Keaton order you to perform the search? No.
I'll need your badge and credentials.
Effectively immediately, you're suspended from the Bureau while we move forward with the internal investigation.
I hope it's worth it.
So this is where they keep ya.
For now.
Is that your daughter? It is.
She's beautiful.
How old is she? Almost 16.
So what would make her, what? 12 when you got arrested.
I worked a mission in Lithuania many years ago.
I was trying to turn a former FSB Agent.
I tried for months.
No matter what I offered, he wouldn't play ball.
Well, one day, I had an idea.
He was a father to two little boys.
They lived in a rough area of the city.
So I put a protective detail around the kids.
He started cooperating the next day.
Now, I learned something that day, 'cause I don't have kids, but parents will do almost anything to protect their children.
Right? Goodbye, Erica.
It's good to see you, my friend.
Are you well? I will be.
Backus has been arrested and the congresswoman is still alive.
I'm sorry.
I know what she meant to you.
There will be time for her, but not now.
The moment we've been planning for is finally here.
My team's in Washington awaiting your orders.
Tomorrow, we change the world.
We're locking down Union Station tonight.
We'll have agents on site all day tomorrow.
When Tal strikes, we're gonna be ready.
Is that enough? We'll see.
When I first came here, you said there was no redemption for someone like me.
Do you still believe that? Yes.
But I hope I'm wrong.
Tomorrow's attack.
This is Tal's endgame.
Either he stops us or we stop him.
I need to know you're with me on this.
There's something I need to do first.
What are you doing here? I need to see Hannah.
No, no.
Look, we talked about this.
Chris in all of my years of working intelligence, I was never able to tell you where I was going when I was going on a trip.
- I remember.
- But you knew me so well.
You knew when I was going somewhere dangerous.
Somewhere I might never come back from.
This is one of those times.
I need to see Hannah.
You're here.
How? Your dad asked me exactly the same question.
How long can you stay? Not long.
Uh, they call it Algebra II but it's actually much harder than one.
Exponentially, as my teacher would say.
What about your music? It's going well.
I'm doing a theory class now too.
You're really lucky that you found something you love.
You know, you should never stop doing it.
What is it, Mom? I made a lot of choices in my life.
And some of them have really hurt you and your dad and other people.
But I think it's really important that I tell you about the best decision I've ever made.
Do you know what it is? What? You.
Being your mom.
I've always been a very decisive person, so I would make a decision and I would never look back.
When when I was training at the CIA, um We would do this exercise where we would all have to jump out of an airplane.
- Really? - Yes.
It's not that bad.
But the instructor, every time would ask for a volunteer.
And my hand would shoot into the sky before I was even aware of it.
That sounds right.
But Later when I found out that I was going to have a little girl, Hannah I met fear.
What kind of mother would I be? How was I going to protect you? I had no control.
I was terrified.
You Were so eager to take your place in the world that you were born before the doctor even made it into the delivery room.
For 16 years, you have taught me time and time again, you will succeed at whatever you put your heart to.
I may not always be there to see it.
But woman I feel it.
I love you.
I love you too.
You okay? Let's end this.