The Enemy Within (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Sierra Maestra

- Who's calling? - Shepherd.
Hello, Erica.
I'm running out of time.
You said if I wanted to work for you, I had to prove my loyalty.
I've done that.
I told you Keaton was closing in Chigorin.
I saved him for you.
It's your turn to live up to your end of the bargain.
- Is that so? - You have a friend in me.
I can feed you information about the investigation into you.
I can protect you.
You would do that? For the safety of my daughter and for my freedom, I would do anything.
I believe you would.
But the situation has evolved.
I no longer need your help with the FBI.
Not to worry, Erica.
I have a much different mission for you here in Cuba.
I to join me.
How will you escape? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
I won't have to.
Keaton will let me go.
Why would he do that? He trusts me.
Of course he does.
GPS coordinates of the rendezvous site and the name of a contact will be sent to your phone.
I so look forward to seeing you again.
Good-bye, Erica.
I'll take it from here.
Everything all right? Long night.
Team's standing by in the conference room.
Yesterday we obtained intelligence identifying Union Station as Tal's domestic target.
100,000 people pass through there every day, which means an attack there could be catastrophic.
So what are we doing here? Let's go.
We're not going to Union Station.
Why not? Because I don't believe that's the real target.
We got that intelligence from Backus.
You think he was lying? I think he was telling the truth as he knows it, but it's the truth that Tal wants us to believe.
Tal's a master of misinformation.
He planted the Union Station target with Backus because he knew we'd get it out of him.
You're saying the whole threat against Union Station is just a decoy? To distract us from the real target, yes.
- Which is what? - I don't know.
But Tal's not a terrorist, so a random attack on Union Station doesn't make sense.
What if you're wrong? That's too big of a risk to take.
Which is we're gonna have agents at Union Station, both uniformed and undercover.
So what are doing in the meantime, just sitting here waiting? Of course not.
This is a map of Backus' cell phone movements over the last two weeks.
His home and his office are heavily trafficked here and here.
But he also visited this location over half a dozen times.
What is that? It's a sheet metal fabricating plant.
We think this is Tal's staging area for the actual attack today.
We're gonna execute a raid on the plant.
We're gonna stop the attack before it starts.
Now, Bragg, Pettigrew, you two will each lead your own team during the raid.
I'll head up a third.
Kate, I'm gonna need you to run comms for us while we're there and monitor that Union Station situation for us.
Any questions? We move out in five.
What are you doing about Cuba? I don't have time to focus on Sierra Maestra right now.
You don't have a choice.
Tal is down there planning an attack as we speak.
Domestic threats take priority.
I can't be two places at once.
Then send me.
That's not gonna happen.
This is your chance to catch Tal.
Please don't ignore it again.
My plan is to stop the domestic threat here first.
Then you and I can get on a plane, fly to Cuba, and go after Tal together.
Can I trust you? Of course.
I have a plane standing by at an airfield in Arlington.
Once I stop the attack, we can be in Havana in under three hours.
Last night, when you were talking to Hannah what'd you say? I said good-bye.
- Move! - Let's go! [VEHICLE DOORS SLAMMING.]
Bravo teams at the rear exit standing by.
South side is clear.
Do you see anything? All clear so far.
Bragg, head to the west side and check the storage room.
All right.
Copy that.
The situation has evolved.
I no longer need your help with the FBI.
- I need to talk to Keaton.
- He's not here.
Then I need you to call him.
I need a phone.
We're not authorized to give you a phone.
You don't understand.
There's no time.
Get in your cell.
We'll call him for you.
Shepherd's trying to escape.
- Call Keaton! - Stop! It's a trap! Tal knows they're raiding the plant! - Call Keaton! - Please, wait.
Use the ram.
- Will.
- Kate, what's up? Will, you need to get everyone out of the plant now.
- What's going on? - Shepherd thinks it's a trap.
Will, just get out of there.
Everybody, fall back! Fall back! - [DOOR BANGS.]
Bragg! Bragg! You okay? Bragg.
Bragg! Wake up.
Is he okay? Yeah.
Looks like he's gonna be okay.
Stay with him.
Hey, Jacquie.
- Can you walk? I hope so.
Will? Will, are you there? Yeah, Kate.
- Are you okay? - I'm good.
Bragg's a little injured, but I think he's gonna be fine.
What happened? Tal knew we were coming.
Thank you.
How's Bragg? Superficial wound.
He'll be okay.
Kate said you warned her about the plant.
I need you alive.
How'd you know it was a setup? I told you our first day of working together that Tal knows how your investigations work and he knows how to beat them.
That hasn't changed.
That plant bombing hurt Bragg and four other HRT members.
Now we have no idea how Tal's gonna attack.
I know you don't wanna hear this, but stopping that attack today is not your priority.
Stopping Tal is.
Why do you say that? Do you think stopping this attack will make any difference whatsoever? Because it won't.
Tal's gonna continue to murder civilians again and again until he is eliminated.
You don't think I know that? You don't think I lie in bed every single night trying to figure out how to put a bullet in his head? Then do it.
Not until I stop the attack.
I know the plan was for us to go together, but events have changed, and you need to change too.
There is a plane standing at the ready.
Let me go.
Tal will kill you the moment he sees you.
No, he won't.
How do you know that? A few weeks back, you were going after Tal in D.
Instead of capturing him, you chose to save the life of a 19-year-old, Braden Decker.
You gave up Tal for one innocent life.
I couldn't live with that, so I used my own tactics.
I stole a burner phone out of evidence.
You did what? I sent out signals with old contacts saying that I wanted to be in touch with Tal, told him I wanna work for him.
I told him what I told you, that I don't wanna die in a cage.
I told him that in exchange for my freedom and for Hannah's protection that I would feed him information about you and the FBI investigation.
I worked him like I worked any other target.
Keaton, I was lying.
You have to believe me.
I can get him.
After all these years, I can stop him for the both of us.
But you have to let me.
Nobody's getting out of here alive Not tonight Not tonight She's not running; she's gone because you let her go.
I know you think you can trust her, but she's a traitor, Will.
But I trusted that woman.
You can't believe a word Erica Shepherd says.
Ooh-hoo This is a battle Royale We're fighting fire with fire, with fire Until it all burns down Battle royale The pilot has instructions to land at a remote airstrip outside of Havana.
I'll be tracking that GPS transponder in your chest.
After you leave that plane, you're on your own.
If anything happens to me, Hannah's gonna need your help.
I have a secure location for her and your ex-husband.
She'll be fine.
Thank you.
Sure you wanna do this? Good-bye, Agent Keaton.
Battle royale Ooh-hoo [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- How you been? - Been better.
- You? - Same.
I need your help.
Molinero has me under investigation.
I don't care about Molinero.
Listen, Tal's planning an attack on a domestic site here in D.
, and I have no idea which one it is.
- Tal's here in the U.
? - No.
Chigorin's gonna head up the attack here.
I need to stop him.
But, Daniel, I can't do this without you.
We're gonna implant a GPS transponder into your body.
It'll be locked around your subclavian artery.
All right, let's run through this again.
We've identified dozens of potential targets.
We had field agents canvass each one for suspicious activity.
Airports? Transportation hubs? It's all covered.
Daniel, what are you thinking? You know, you're right about Tal.
His actions are never random, but that's only part of what's going on here.
What do you mean? Tal planted the decoy at Union Station.
Then he set a trap for us all at the sheet metal plant.
He's never done that before.
What that tells me is that Tal's done everything in his power to stop us from finding out about this attack.
There's only one target that could be that important to him.
The CIA.
Tal's brothers were killed by a CIA-led air strike.
His world ended that day, and he's never forgotten who was responsible.
Everything he's done since then, every attack he's carried out is at the same target: the CIA and its personnel.
That's who he's going after.
Well, you think he's going after the CIA headquarters? Langley's one of the most secure places in the world.
It'd be a suicide mission.
There has to be another way to target the CIA.
I just don't know what it is yet.
I don't either, but I think I know who might.
This is Cabrera.
Cabrera, this is Keaton.
What's going on? Tal's operatives are planning to carry out an attack on U.
soil today.
Now, we have strong reason to believe that that attack will be against the CIA.
How? Where? That's exactly what I'm calling about.
Now, we don't think that he's gonna risk going after Langley.
Is there another site, another group of personnel that he might target? The agency's hosting a ceremony this morning for its Clandestine Trainee Program.
- When? - In about an hour.
But this can't be the target.
We're on a military base.
Deputy Cabrera, they're about to begin rehearsals inside.
Sorry, Will, I need to go.
Let me know if you hear anything.
That's our target.
That's the target.
Let's get ready to move.
You are Shepherd, no? Where's Tal? We'll take you to him, but first we need to check you.
If you have a GPS device implanted in you and it's transmitting, we'll know you're still working for the FBI.
And I put a bullet in you.
If not, I'll take you Tal.
Hello, Erica.
I doubted this day would ever come.
So did I.
You're not the same woman I met three years ago.
There's something different about you.
Three years of solitary confinement has a way of changing someone.
I remember the men in Lefortovo prison in Moscow, the emptiness in their eyes.
They were like ghosts.
But you survived.
How? A person needs distractions.
I created some, I guess.
- Fantasies? - You could call them that.
Fantasies of being free, of seeing your family? Yes.
Of killing me? Yes.
You brought me here for a reason.
What is it? In time, I assure you.
But first, I'm curious.
How did you convince Agent Keaton to release you? It wasn't difficult.
- No? - No.
He's wounded.
His grief and his empathy make him weak.
They feed into his obsession.
- Of what? - You.
You have two attacks, both on the same day.
Why? Domestic attack is about the past.
Our work here is about the future.
- General Miller.
- Good morning.
- Nice to see you.
- It's good to have you here.
Keaton, what are you doing here? Tal's targeting this site for an attack.
This is a military base.
It's Mikhail Tal.
You shouldn't be surprised.
How's he planning to carry it out? - I don't know.
- Okay.
And what Intel do you have to know that he's targeting us? None, but his operatives are on their way.
Hold on.
We're having a ceremony for the covert ops trainees.
I have the entire CIA senior leadership, not to mention two generals, here.
If it's going down, we have to ensure their safety.
You said you used me to gain your freedom from Agent Keaton, but you didn't say how.
We grew close during the investigation.
You helped him to capture many of my operatives, in fact.
I needed him to trust me.
And he does, doesn't he? He thinks you'll return to him.
What are you planning at Sierra Maestra? Well, if you cannot tell me, perhaps you're not the asset I hoped you'd be.
You left Russian intelligence years ago because you felt restricted by diplomacy.
And now you think of yourself as the great disruptor.
You wanna destabilize the whole world but not because you wanna destroy it 'cause you wanna reshape it in your image.
That takes numbers.
I think you're going to get your army.
Sierra Maestra holds a lot of your operatives.
I think you're going to attack the detention site and break them out; that's what I think.
I was right to recruit you, Erica.
It's time.
Director Paul, Generals Kent and Sandover esteemed guests, faculty, and trainees welcome to the 2019 CIA Clandestine Service graduation ceremony.
It is truly an honor for me to be here today.
It's been almost 20 years since I was standing right where you are now.
And I can honestly say that there has not been a single operation I've been a part of where I haven't used the skills and the training I acquired in this program.
And now I'd like to invite up Director Paul to say a few words.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Any update? - No, not yet.
- Will, 11 o'clock.
- Everybody down! - [GUNFIRE.]
We need to get some heavy ammo.
Hopkins, your office! - Take cover.
Get everybody back.
- Get back! - Move, move! Everybody down! Stay down! Back, back, back! [GUNFIRE.]
Stay down! Stay down! [GUNFIRE.]
- We got to get out of here! - What? We stay in here, we're gonna get massacred.
We got to take the fight to them! I can't leave these people.
Will, we got it! Go! Go! You, follow me.
Bragg, with me.
I'm out! [GUNFIRE.]
Let's go.
- You good? - Yeah, good! Go! Stay down! [BOTH PANTING.]
Chigorin! Cover me.
Beg for your life.
Beg me just like she did.
- How much further? - Two kilometers.
When we arrive, make sure the men keep away from the clearing.
What's after Sierra Maestra? Why do you ask? You didn't bring me here to carry your gear.
After today, the leadership of the CIA will be crippled, and the detention site at Sierra Maestra will be ripped open for the world to see.
But the hundreds of covert operatives that make up the tip of the agency's spear will still be alive.
That is why I want you, Erica.
You know these operatives better than anyone.
You know how they work, how they think.
You know how they hide from detection.
You are going to help me hunt them down, every last one of them, until they cease to exist.
I don't just want to attack the CIA.
I want to erase it.
Agent Keaton.
I'm Clara Baez.
Deputy Cabrera told us you were coming.
I need to get to Sierra Maestra as soon as possible.
This way.
Cabrera tell you about the threat to the detention site? Yes, we have our lockdown protocol in place, and more agency enforcements are on the way from the States now.
How long before they get here? [SIGHS.]
Well, ETA is within the hour.
But the facility is more than secure.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
That's it.
Send teams to locations two and three.
We'll take this one.
Just over that ridge lies the entrance to a decommissioned Soviet missile silo.
Under the heavy concrete, under our very feet, is Sierra Maestra.
Check complete.
57 prisoners, 42 guards all accounted for.
Where's the entrance to the facility? - Just at the end of the path.
- Is that the only one? That's it.
One way in, one way out.
And you're sure it's secured? Behind a steel blast-proof door.
Nothing's getting through that thing.
Tal has to have something else planned.
What's out there? Jungle, then cliffs, then the ocean.
No emergency exits, utility ducts? What? What is it? There are ventilation shafts, three of them.
Show me.
You're blasting in from above.
You're not going from the entrance site.
The structural design of the facility hinges on three support columns located directly beneath this ventilation shaft and two more just like it.
Take them out, and the roof crumbles like sand.
We're ready.
Team One, go.
Go! Go! Go! Sound the alarm! Team Two, go.
Team Two, what's your status? Team Two, do you copy? Team Two! [UNEASY MUSIC.]
Team Two, do you copy? This is you, isn't it? No.
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon, or she dies.
Do you feel peace, Agent Keaton? With your own hands, you killed the man who took your fiancée's life.
Do you feel peace? Perhaps now you can begin to understand me, why I targeted the CIA, why I destroyed anyone who stood in my way.
There is no peace, not for men like you and me.
Your vest, take it off.
All this time, she was sitting right in front of your nose.
But you already knew that, didn't you? She told you she was communicating with me, working me as an asset.
And you trusted her.
But I assure you, Agent Keaton, she was lying.
You don't believe me? Tell him.
Tell him what you did for me.
You were closing in on Chigorin.
I called Tal and warned him.
I helped him escape.
You're never gonna win.
There are gonna be more agents after me, and they're not gonna stop until you're dead.
I can promise you that.
Perhaps, but not today.
There is one round in this gun.
Kill him.
You claim you want to work with me.
Kill him.
- Prove it.
- I have.
Sparing a life and taking one are two very different things.
Kill him, and I will know once and for all where your loyalties truly lie.
Five, four [GUNSHOT.]
You don't cease to surprise me.
Now we're free to work together.
He's still alive.
Ah! Keaton, I'm trying to help you.
Put pressure on your chest.
Put your hand on your chest.
Push, push, push.
Come in.
Come in.
An agent's been shot outside your facility.
They need medical attention immediately.
I shot you in your clavicle, nowhere near your heart or your lungs.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Shepherd? - Yes.
- End this.
Hold your chest.
Hello, Erica.
Can you smell the salt in the air? I wasn't alone.
What? I didn't do this alone.
I couldn't have.
There was someone else, high up in the U.
intelligence community Someone who shares my beliefs.
Backus? Someone with real power, who operates from the shadows.
You're lying.
Not about this.
Search your mind, Erica, and you will see I speak the truth.
Spare my life, and I will help you bring them down.
I will help you capture this enemy.
I don't need your help.
- Here we go.
Got it! That's yours, Jenna! Got it.
Go, Hannah! Yes! Let's go, Hannah! [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
There you go, girls! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Yeah, here we go.
You can do it, ladies.
Come on! Come on! I thought there'd be sirens.
Not this time.
How are you feeling? You shot me.
How do you think I'm feeling? - I did it to save your life.
- Mm.
You have any idea what that sounds like? Yes.
I'm sorry.
How'd you get back into the States? Making it sound like it was hard.
When you were reaching out to Tal and feeding him intelligence were you using him as an asset? Or was there a small part of you that was actually considering his offer? I couldn't risk not seeing Hannah again.
Even if it meant working for Tal? What's next? I'm sending you back to your holding cell.
That's not what I mean.
I've requested that you stay in D.
and continue to assist my team in counterintelligence investigations.
But you can't guarantee they won't send me back.
- The truth? - I think I've earned it.
No, I can't.
Right there! - Yeah! - Yes, Hannah! But there is one condition.
You helped Chigorin escape, and you kept that from me.
That can never happen again.
And if there's anything else that you're withholding from me, now would be a good time to let me know.
Is there? I didn't do this alone.
There was someone else, high up in the U.
intelligence community.