The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Captain Underpants and the Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami

1 [both chuckling] [narrator] This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
George is the kid on the left with the tie and the flat top.
Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut.
Remember that, now.
And they are not a fan of these desks.
[sighs] Mr.
Krupp's always mean, but these new desks cross the line.
I've lost feeling in my left butt.
[narrator] Mr.
Krupp found the desks in a catalog called Kid Unfriendly.
The leading source of anti-student school supplies, it's also where he got the idea for air raid sirens at recess [siren wailing] [evil laugh] -frozen toilet seats -[Gooch] Ah! Cold! [maniacal laugh] -[narrator] and shock lockers.
-[groans] So George and Harold Make comic books -[Harold] We're cool! -[George] Me, too! But they had a mean old principal Who told them what to -Blah, blah, blah, blah.
- So they got a hypno-ring And first, they made him dance Then accidentally, kinda on purpose Turned him into Captain Underpants Tra-la-la! With a snap, he's the captain Not the brightest man And don't forget, when he gets wet - You're back where you began span style="style3"/-Blah, blah, blah.
Put it all together What could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end Of the Captain Underpants song - By George Beard and Harold Hutchins - Tra-la-la! -Man, I feel like a twisty straw.
-[bones cracking] I hate those new desks.
I wish there was a way to make Krupp a nice person.
-Or at least a different person.
-Or a dolphin! [laughing] [both laughing] [Erica] I can help.
You can make Krupp a dolphin? Yeah, no.
Look, nobody was born mean.
I'm pretty sure Krupp was.
-[crickets chirping] -That could be true.
I'm just saying there's almost always one bad moment in most bullies' lives that made them a bully.
[slurps] Perfect temperature, Dante.
Hey, who's this guy? Oh, this is Dante, my new personal assistant.
And don't raise your hand.
-What happened to Parker? -Didn't work.
Aw, Parker was the man.
His brownies were so moist.
You wanna find out why Krupp's a bully? Ask someone who knows.
-His dentist? -The mailman? [Erica] His mom.
Krupp has a mom? [chuckles] -[crickets chirping] -That could be true.
-[snaps fingers] -Sorry, conference call.
Yeah, he's way better than Parker.
Can you imagine life with a nice Mr.
Krupp? I'm feeling milkshake.
All right, here you are, gentlemen.
-Hey, in the mood for a song? -[both] No.
Oh, kids, kids, they're so swell [narrator] The boys found the address for Krupp Farm, -home of cattle rancher Bernice Krupp.
-[doorbell dings] [both grunt] One tough, cattle-rustling lady.
Thought you were the cows.
The cows ring the doorbell? -All night long.
-[cow moos] -So, you're Mr.
Krupp's mom? -Yep.
He's my sweet little bundle of major disappointment.
Ribeye? -Um, okay.
-Well, we're students of his.
-[laughs] Sorry.
-And can I ask you, was there Did something make him so -Completely annoying and mean? -Yeah.
Well, I sort of remember that fourth grade talent show not going so good.
Got a picture around here somewhere.
Now, where's that daggone picture? I swear I just put-- Oh, yeah.
Right there.
He was real bad.
It was a disaster.
Whoa! Where did all those fruits and vegetables come from? I brought them.
Passed them out.
Dang it, he was supposed to be helping me with the cows.
You can't get milk out of a talent show.
-But true.
He never got over it.
Nitwit's been a grumpy bully ever since that day.
What is wrong with him? -You, maybe? -T-bone? -Sure! -[doorbell dings] -[mooing] -[banging on door] [shushes] It's the cows.
[narrator] Having identified the exact moment Mr.
Krupp became a mean bully, George and Harold decided to hijack-- Uh, borrow Melvin's Time Toad 2000 to go back in time and see what they could fix.
[snoring] -What do you think he's dreaming about? -[Erica] That asteroid will end life.
-Nothing can save us now.
-Nothing but science! I love you.
Yeah, that's cool.
[powering up] Pew, pew, pew Let's do this before he wakes up.
[narrator] Question: If you borrow a time machine and return before you left, did you actually borrow it? I hope Erica was right.
[both] Whoa! [both grunt] -This place looks exactly the same.
Total dump.
All right, where's Mr.
Krupp? Yo! I'm DJ Krazy Krupp! [hip-hop music playing] My name is Krazy Krupp And I'm here to stay I like to follow the rules Particularly the ones I make up myself [audience booing] [grunting] Mm-hmm, okay -So bad.
-[Bernice] Benny! -Why aren't you watching the cows? -Ugh! Mom, I'm rapping! Fire at will, kids.
I need that boy milking! [Krupp sobbing] -[Krupp] Leave me alone! -That's it! From now on, I'm gonna be mean and grumpy, and then become principal of this school so I can make all kids feel worse than I do! [laughs maniacally] [narrator] So George and Harold went back for a do-over that would change Mr.
Krupp's life.
Yo, I'm DJ Krazy Krupp! And I'm DJ Jazzy George! [panther roars] And I'm DJ Heavy Harold! Wicka-wicka.
And we're gonna rock your world! [funky music playing] -[kid 1] Wow! -[kid 2] Whoa! [Bernice] What? Huh? [narrator] And so, DJ Jazzy George and DJ Heavy Harold made kid Krupp awesome.
-I don't know who you are, but thank you! -You're welcome.
-Feeling good, right? -Yeah, like I can do anything.
Punch bears, fly, even open a business! -I'm gonna be the best businessman ever! -Mission accomplished.
[both yelling] -I sure hope we changed Mr.
[both] Krupp Corp? We definitely changed something.
Harold, ever have the feeling two evil robots are right behind you? All the time.
Why? -[propellers whirring] -Oh.
'Cause that.
[robot 1] Halt, non-robots.
[yelling] Obstruction is fruitless.
[screams] This way, George.
In case we die, remember when I said a ghost ate your ice cream sandwich? Well, that was me.
I know.
That's why I signed you up for a bunch of furniture catalogs.
[chuckles] So good.
[both yell] Robot wedgies are extremely unpleasant! Harold, it's a toy factory with all of our classmates working here.
[Harold] More like a toy sweatshop.
Let's go, people.
Work more, smile less.
-This looks bad.
Rude! Where were you guys? You can't leave your posts.
It gets us all in trouble, especially me.
-Why you? -I'm section leader.
If you leave again, they'll give us all robot wedgies.
[kids yelp] This is rubber ducky easy street.
It doesn't get better than this.
-Of course Melvin is in on this.
-Yep, no surprise there.
[Krupp] Thank you, Melvin.
And thank you for never speaking.
You really are the perfect underling.
Melvin doesn't talk here? Guess this place isn't all bad.
[both laughing] Behold, sweatshop staff, the new Krupp Corp.
commercial! [alarm ringing] [announcer] It's a Krupp Corp.
toy-dal wave.
The stretchy sticky stuff.
Sneaky-snuggle snake.
-And Laughy Lenny.
-[laughing] Krupp Corp.
We make it, you buy it.
[Krupp laughing] This is a Krupp-tastrophe.
Maybe we turned him from a mean principal into a meaner businessman.
Maybe he was born mean.
-[crickets chirping] -That could be true.
It's time for Captain Underpants.
Got your snapping finger loaded? -Snap them if you got them.
-[snaps fingers] [snapping continues] Why are you snapping at me? Are you snapping in praise of me? Are you beatniks? Wait.
We got rid of Captain Underpants? Again? Robots, wedgie these beatniks out of here! Robot wedgies are the worst way to travel! We could have just walked here.
Erica, do you think we'll ever have bowls so the hot gruel doesn't hurt our hands? One day, little buddy.
[alarm blaring] Lights out, everyone.
Sing us a song, Erica.
Please? Well, okay.
In a wedgie-free world Where the sun shines all day And robots don't pinch you with glee You can eat from a bowl And run out and play And you don't need a gate pass to pee Every boy and every girl In a robot wedgie-free world It sounds like paradise.
They're out.
Wanna play cards? Sure, but before we play, can you tell us how all this happened? [sighs] Okay, it's not like we're short on time.
[playing toy piano] It all began when Krupp killed it at his talent show, which gave him the confidence to become the best businessman ever.
[Erica] So Krupp bought this failing school on the cheap and turned it into a toy sweatshop.
Then he made the government get rid of child labor laws so he could get rich off of our sweat.
Just your typical diabolical rags-to-riches story.
[Gooch] Bowl.
Now we're stuck here forever.
Unless we escape! I know everything about this place.
It's impossible to escape.
I'm out.
-[snoring] -[sighs] We've gotta escape.
And get back to the Time Toad to fix this.
But we're never gonna get out of here without Erica's help.
We've gotta find a way to inspire her.
How about a comic book? [comic narrator] So, there was this evil fat cat with a top hat and monocle named Kruppsly P.
Whiskerton III, etc.
, who had so much money and coins.
But he was so greedy, he wanted all the money, times infinity.
So he made kids work in a hot factory to make dumb stuff, like lawn furniture and taxes.
And the kids were all, "This is terrible.
" So Captain Underpants was like, "Kids shouldn't be factory working.
They should be running around, cha-cha-cha, and playing trumpet.
" [imitates trumpet sounds] So he went to punch Kruppsly P.
Whiskerton, but he couldn't because Kruppsly was cute, and heroes can't hurt cute things.
So Captain Underpants was stumped, but then he noticed how much the kids sweated, which you could tell 'cause he said, "You're sweating, like, a lot.
" So he used his super flying speed to fly in circles so fast, it turned their sweat into a sweatnami that broke the walls, splish-splash! And washed the kids out of the factory to sweet freedom.
[imitates fanfare] My lips hurt.
Then the kids made Kruppsly pay them back by putting him in cat videos where he falls off counters and snuggles with a rhino and, like, plays piano.
It got the kids rich! And the kids used the money for good things, like building roads and bridges and hospitals and playgrounds and roller coasters and trumpet practice rooms and salamanders and an ice cream combat arena.
And that's how they escaped to freedom.
We can do that too, if you help us, Erica.
The end! [narrator] So, did it work? Ooh, the suspense is killing me.
I'm in again.
-Yes! So first thing, we need to deal with the robots.
Too bad we don't have a naked super guy like him.
-But we could.
-Yeah, we just need a hypno-ring.
[Erica] A hypno-ring? -How are we supposed to get that? -[Melvin] I can make one.
[all gasp] [narrator] They gasped because no one has ever heard Melvin speak.
Plus, the air quality in here is not great.
[kids coughing] -[all gasp] -I can make anything.
I invented all of this.
The robots, the machines, the factory.
Krupp said he'd reward me.
Instead, he made me his furniture.
His footstool, his coat rack, his wig mannequin! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We got it, man.
[stammering] Sorry, it's just been a while since I spoke.
Anyway, enough! So I'll make your ring.
And I'll-- We'll be free of that nitwit.
Okay, so while Melvin makes the ring here's what we'll do.
[Krupp] I've been thinking.
-How'd you like to be promoted to -[laughing] And then, the orangutan said, "Not in my swimming pool.
" [kids laughing] Ah! The sound of happy children, it's like nails on a chalkboard.
Stop being happy! Robots! Everyone, it worked.
Draw the robots away.
[kids clamoring] Psst! Melvin, give us the ring.
Here! -[gasps] Melvin, you can speak? -Oh! -Oh, you traitor! -[Melvin chuckles evilly] -What is that? -You are getting sleepy.
No, I'm [groaning] [thuds] All right, here goes nothing.
When I snap my fingers, you'll turn into Captain Underpants.
Ah! [frogs croaking] Tra-la-la! Hey, I'm on a cloud of frogs! Moo! Captain Underpants, we need to escape.
-Oh! Can we take the frogs? -[Melvin] Not so fast! I have The Big Book of Business Rules.
I invoke business rule 36JX47.
If the president of a business ever becomes a crazy naked guy, whoever calls it gets to be the new president.
-I call it! -[George] What? Melvin, why did you help us? Oh, no, you helped me.
Fools! I'm in control now.
Robots, get the caped naked guy! [grunts] Wait, he doesn't have any powers.
Oh, yeah, we forgot super juice.
Maybe it'll be okay.
-[grunts] -[crashing] -[Underpants] Hello.
-[crashing goes on] Presented in Shop-o-Rama.
Because it's safe unless you shop till you drop.
[woman] Here we have the Pummel Plate featuring a delightful rendering of a robot punching a man in his underwear.
Yours for six easy payments of $19.
Look out.
Here comes the Bash Ball, which shows robots sandwiching a partially clothed gentleman.
And it's yours for just 12 easy payments of $35.
The Enchanter's T-shirt for him shows robots hurling an injured, mostly naked buffoon to his doom.
[yelling] Yay! A yogurt pool! Mm, okay.
Most yogurt doesn't burn.
[narrator] Because that yogurt is actually toxic plastic.
Most yogurt doesn't burn! Oh, no! Call the yogurt poli-- -Captain Underpants! -No! No! Well, that was unsettling.
Anyhoo, I hereby rename this company Sneedworks! -Captain.
[Harold] No! My Sweltershelter 2000 accomplishes the impossible task of amassing liquid in one place.
Liquid, you've met your match.
You mean, like a cup or a glass or a jug or a bowl? -Ooh, a bowl! -Silence, chair! [crashes] I'm alive even though you kicked me off the balcony and you don't care.
I'm going to sell toys and the sweat that made them.
Wanna look like you've exercised without exercising? Sneaky Sweat.
[grunting] It looks like sweat because it is sweat.
Sneaky Sweat.
I'm double dipping.
I'm gonna make trillions! [laughs] This is all our fault.
I can't believe Captain Underpants is gone.
He was a true hero.
So long, sweet, bumbling prince.
Yeah, he can't save us now.
We're doomed.
So hot.
So sweaty.
Hey, George, wait a minute.
What if we made our own sweatnami? [George] Yeah, we can use that! Hey, get back to toiling.
Robots, get them! [Harold] Let them fly! Jump! [Harold] It worked! It's about to get funky in here.
[Harold] Sweatnami! Everyone, grab a dolphin floaty.
And surf your way to freedom! -[dolphins trilling] -[kids yelling] [both cheering, laughing] [George] Hoo-hoo! Yeah! Oh, we did it, and it wasn't even hard.
Harold, we need to find the Time Toad.
George, wait! Look.
Oh, yeah, can't pass that up.
-"Our products R doo doo.
" [Melvin] Very amusing! [slurping] -Wait, why are you so calm? -Yeah, that's not good.
You're right because now I'm gonna do this.
[robot] Melvin.
[ground rumbling] [electricity crackling] Factorytron 2000! How you like me now? [laughs] I heard that phraseology in a movie once.
[kids yelling] Any way to talk you out of this? Hmm, no.
Nothing personal.
Just don't like you.
[both screaming] -[pounding] -[Melvin groaning] What? What is that? -[grunts] It's inside! -[both] Huh? -[grunts] -[Melvin] No! [Melvin] No! -I don't like these readings.
-[Captain Underpants] Tra-la-la! -He's alive! -Captain Underpants! [grunts] Oh, froggies! [squeaks] [narrator] How's Captain Underpants alive? I'll tell you.
I'm the narrator, that's my job.
You see, the strange toxic slurry was the exact right combination of chemicals and plastic to give Captain Underpants stretch powers.
Ha-ho! I'm mad bendy, yo! I can use my arms as a jump rope.
How about you use your arms to punch that robot? Worth a shot.
Tra-la-la! [kids cheering] Oh, snap! -Ha ha! -[beeping] Heard that in a movie, too.
Engage! [kids screaming] Be intimidating.
Worth a shot.
Hey, robot.
Why don't you pick on someone with stretchy legs? Come on, to the Time Toad.
Let's get out of here before this goes south.
[Captain Underpants] Ducky! [grunts] [yells] Let's go back and try something else to make Mr.
Krupp nice.
Don't you see? When we try to make Krupp better, we make everything worse.
Whoa! We've gotta put things back the way they were 'cause our Krupp is as good as Krupp gets.
[both yelp, grunt] [straining] There's the Time Toad.
[grunts] -[alarm blaring] -[grunting] [yelling] [grunts] "U R doo doo.
" I R not doo doo! [hip-hop music playing] My name is Krazy Krupp And I'm here to stay I like to follow the rules Particularly the ones I make up myself [audience booing] [narrator] George and Harold managed to return everything to the way it unfortunately was.
But you said bullies become bullies because of one bad moment.
Most bullies, but not Krupp.
[laughing maniacally] He was just born that way.
And you can't unpickle a pickle.
Thanks, Dante.
Oh, and by the way, you guys left this at Sneedworks.
[both] What?