The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018) s03e12 Episode Script

The Shocking Showdown of the Staggering Sugamechanger

1 This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
George is on the left with the tie and the flattop.
Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut.
Remember that, now, because this is what happens when your camp hires a laser monster made by Melvin to be the laser coordinator.
Our camp got laser-jacked.
What camp? All I see is smoke.
Why are we warming our hands over this smoky bed? It's hot, and I'm down to my last gallon of sweat.
This har dryer deserved better.
Sophie One, write a har eulogy.
Other Sophie, dig a har grave.
Glorious, isn't it? What do you mean? Your laser lunatic turned this place into a moonscape.
Also, why are you outside? Aren't you allergic to the sun? Yes, but the hives are worth it because I'm celebrating.
Celebrating what? Campicide? -No.
A fresh start.
- Fresh start! As you know, tomorrow is the start of Parents Weekend.
Yeah, and when our parents see this blast crater, they're never gonna let us go to camp again! Or they'll let you go to a better camp of your choosing because I set you free.
Put on these rose-colored Fantasee-er 2000s and gaze upon your destiny.
Our destiny is red? Just wait! I didn't turn them on yet.
Mmm So George and Harold make comic books - We're cool - Me, too Now they're summering at summer camp And Mr.
Krupp is, too Once they used the hypno-ring And first they made him dance Then accidentally, kinda on purpose Turned him into Captain Underpants Tra-la-la With a snap, he's the Captain Flying through the trees And don't forget when he gets wet You're sure to feel the squeeze Put it all together What could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end Of the Captain Underpants song - By George Beard and Harold Hutchins - Tra-la-camp The Shocking Showdown of the Staggering Sugamechanger.
Chapter 1: Reboot Camp.
With the rose-colored Fantasee-er 2000s, George and Harold could see the future was bright, almost.
-Still just a bunch of red.
-They're still updating.
Should we do this later or Whoa! As I was saying, you could go to your dream camp, like candy camp.
Whoa, yeah! - I can't get the candy! - Because it's not real.
Or video game camp.
Yes! Again, not real.
Or trampoline camp.
Yay! Where did I lose you when I said "not real"? Was it the "not"? As for me, with Krupp out, my mandate to Melvinize this camp is no more, so I'll be at outer space camp.
Outer space camp? I wanna go there! -Make that a rocket for two.
-No, you can't go.
It's full.
Hey, guys! Heads up! Whoa! Erica saved us from getting cratered! No worries.
I got your back.
That's the rhino that escaped the last episode.
They didn't catch it yet? I caught it, but I let it go to save you three.
Guess I care more about you than a reward.
Who knew? - Whoa! She just invented crater logging! - That's right, Kurt.
No one carves craters like Erica Wang, because she invented the sport, literally.
As I was saying an eternity ago, when our parents see this camp, they'll feel guilty and send us to the camp of our dreams.
I can't believe this, but We're on Team Melvin.
Yeah, well, "misery acquaints a man with strange camp fellows.
" Shakespeare wrote that when he was at summer camp.
Have a seat.
And a marshmallow.
Bleh! Tastes like burnt rubber! Tastes like victory! Bleh! And burnt rubber.
Ugh! We probably shouldn't eat these.
I can't wait to see my parents.
And not just 'cause my underwear is on its last legs.
Oh, these legs Oof, my underwear bit the dust last week.
But we have bigger fish to fry.
I'm about to beat Big Boss Beard and win Brawl of Beards.
Yes! This is for all the hair.
I'm gonna try the close shave combo.
Left, right, snip, down, wipe, up, select! - No! - Big Boss Beard is invincible.
Even power-ups don't help.
Harold, you know you need the right combo to beat a big boss.
And if we can't crack it, I'm sure they'll have the answers at video game camp.
Plus their toilets won't be sticky like at candy camp.
Help! I'm stuck! Or bouncy like at trampoline camp.
Help! I'm bouncing! And the best part? No Krupp.
-Did someone say Krupp? -Ah! Oh, sorry.
Didn't mean to startle you.
May I have a word, please? -How about "nostril"? -What? -"Trickle"? -No! -Or "harpoon"? -Or "disclaimer"? Heard that in a toy commercial.
Disclaimer: Racket does not have rockets, may result in headaches, nausea Just take a walk with me! I know this summer fell short of your expectations.
-Fell short? It was a train wreck! -And a Dumpster fire.
Yes, train tracks are no place for Dumpsters.
The point is I feel bad and I want to make it up to you.
Really? No, but I need this job.
And after I showed the FUNC The Federation of United National Camps, AKA "the FUNC.
" how determined I am to keep it Huh? Ha ha! Ah! they've given me a second chance.
All the parents are here this weekend.
If enough sign their kids up for next year, I'm in.
So, how do I get you two on board? You can start by getting rid of the fire spouts.
-And the rat fights.
-And we want all the camp stuff - you never gave us, like canoes.
- And pillows.
- Wavezoomers.
- Running water.
Running water.
Okay, got it.
Harold, look! "Danger: quicksand.
As seen on TV, but real.
" "Danger: buttquake area close.
" So good.
And it may save some butts.
Yes, I'll get rid of this quicksand, too! Think Krupp'll do any of that? Nope.
He's Krupp.
We'll wake up tomorrow, and everything will be exactly the same.
Yeah, even the werewolf.
Chapter 2: You Camplete Me.
Whoa! -How could we have been so wrong? -It's a full camp-over! Look! Ponies! - Spoons! - Waterslide! -Ah, running water! -Looks like I'm out of a job.
Canoes! Toilet paper! Care for a crahbob? It's Bigfoot's recipe.
Bigfoot Big Flavor, order your copy now and receive a free crab.
Mm crabulous.
Bigfoot really knows his way around a crab.
Camp rebuilt, craters gone, toilets flushing? How'd you make all this happen so fast? Well, I made a few calls to the FUNC.
Ah! And it turns out there's an emergency FUNC fund for camp disaster relief, so I tapped into it hard, real hard.
Even got myself a talking dune buggy.
Vroom, vroom! -Hey, what's the Wi-Fi password here? -Huh? Ooh, ooh! Gotta check on the pig roast for the Parents Weekend luau.
It's gonna be ham-tastic! And it's the perfect time for you guys to tell your parents how much you want to come back here next summer, m'kay? Aloha! Vroom, vroom.
That guy's bush league.
I should bail to Baja.
Vroom, vroom.
Krupp turned it all around.
Even the dune buggy is cool.
-Hate to say it, but it's a home run.
-You're not falling for it, are you? Yep! Just like you fell for the massaging neck pillows.
Multi-speed massage, cooling mist, wireless speakers.
I'm only human.
-Are you? -Yes! And this is all still a ruse to fool our parents! Once they sign us up to come back next summer, that which Krupp hath giveth, Krupp will taketh away.
-Was that English? -I'm saying Krupp is your enemy.
And to prove it, here is a clip from his recent one-man show: Principal Enemy.
My hate will burn forever, George and Harold! Like those birthday candles that you can't blow out.
Oh, no, because I'm your principal.
No, your enemy.
I'm your principal enemy! Melvin's right.
Krupp is our enemy.
-How could we forget? -I don't know.
He's not so bad.
Hey, how do I turn on the cooling mist? Oh! Uh, right.
Krupp's our enemy.
Yes, just as he is mine.
And the enemy of your enemy is your friend.
I thought the enemy of your enemy was your cousin.
No! It's what I said! And we have to team up and expose this camp as the toilet it is to our parents or you can kiss candy camp goodbye.
-We're leaning toward video game camp.
-Or outer space camp.
-No, I told you, it's full.
So I guess we'll come up with a plan -And you'll execute it? -Precisely.
Chapter 3: Captain Underpants and the Staggering Sugamechanger! By George and Harold.
So, this camp director named Klupp, which sounds like Krupp, was super lazy, like "putting a recliner thing in your shower" lazy.
Instead of camp activities, which take work, he gave the kids stuff they're not supposed to have, like chocolate burgers and video games with laser pirates, and bone-snapping trampolines, like, everywhere, even the ceiling.
What? Look up! But all the kids, full of sugar, bouncing on trampolines, and playing video games, crashed into each other-- kerblash-- and created Sugamechanger, a half-sugar, half-video game, half-trampoline monster! Started busting up the camp like he was scoring points for it and was all "Cabin Carnage" and "Dock Devastation" and "Marshmallow Massacre!" Marsh-mallow! Luckily, Captain Underpants was patrolling the woods for lost keys 'cause it was Thursday, and when he saw Sugamechanger, he was like, "That monster's made of all my favorite stuff.
Party time!" And he ate Sugamechanger's frosting arms-- ka-slurp! He played Laser Headache on Sugamechanger's screen chest-- kamigraine-- and bounced on Sugamechanger's trampoline face-- kawhee, kawhee, do-ing! Until Sugamechanger exploded-- kabloing! The parents were all like, "Where's the camp director? We would like to know.
" But Klupp was taking a shower nap, so the parents sent their kids to comic book camp.
Captain Underpants used the game tickets he won to buy a fish pen that never worked.
Okay, the end.
Sugamechanger? Juvenile.
But it incorporates the forbidden fruits parents despise.
By the way, how did you make this bunker look like your tree house? -Home Tree-po.
-They got everything.
We know trees, we know houses, we know stuff.
Home Tree-po, we know tree house stuff.
Never shopped there, never will.
And I'll have Sugamechanger ready to attack when our parents arrive.
-Our parents won't get hurt, right? -I'll see what I can do.
Chapter 4: A Complete One-Hatey.
The kids were thrilled to see their parents, even though it was a reminder that all good things, even summer, must come to an end.
Mom, Dad, I'm so happy to see you! I can't tell where the sweat ends and the tears begin! Like, why is the sun so hot? Sophie One, we need shade.
Other Sophie, like, make shade.
Ugh! I'm thirsty.
Sophie One's parents, want some lemonade? Other Sophie's parents, like, grow a lemon tree.
-Like, Sophies? -Like, Sophies' parents? Mom and Misty And boot camp and me Mmm We're a non-traditional family We're together forever Until you leave on Sunday Sunday! I know it looks like a great camp, but it's not.
We definitely don't want to come back next summer.
Why not? My summer camp didn't even have beds! This place has parasailing, Wavezoomers, beds, everything! Exactly! Who wouldn't love this place? Ha! I'm eating sushi made by the Tuna Tyrant.
Believe me, it sure beats spending your summer on a farm.
-Oh, boy, here we go.
-What? I grew up on a farm and it made me appreciate everything that isn't a farm.
Well, Melvin must be enjoying himself.
I haven't seen him since we arrived, and I'm his only friend.
Uh -He's working on a surprise.
-A big surprise! Is it a teleporter? I'd love one of those.
And this scenery! I can't stop sketching.
Look at this view! So good! Ah! Aloha! George, Harold, good news! Home Tree-po will replace all our cabins with tree houses! You want to design them? Sky's the limit.
-Us? Design tree houses? -On an unlimited budget? Guys, the roller coaster has to be above the waterslide or the tracks will get wet.
It's Roller Coaster-Waterslide 101.
Blueprints are your friend.
Wh-What do you say? Think you might wanna come back next summer and live in your dream tree house? -No.
-No? -No.
-No? No? No, we don't think we wanna come back next summer.
We know we wanna come back next summer! Will you excuse me? Great! Let's get you signed up! -We gotta undo what we did.
-Yeah, before what we did gets done.
Melvin, you were wrong! -Krupp isn't our enemy, he's our hero! -He's a different man now! So, no Sugamechanger.
We don't wanna wreck the camp.
We love it! I see.
Fortunately, you caught me just in time.
-Really? -No, you slow drains! You're too late.
The plan is in motion.
If you won't stop it, we will.
We all have a role to play.
You're the bumbling comic relief and I'm the villain you love to hate.
-What are you doing? -Setting us free by trapping you with my Ifthegluefits 2000.
-My shoes are stuck! -Mine, too! Ha ha! That's the idea! You can thank me later! Chapter 5: Parents Bleak End.
Right this way to the luau.
If you like eating at long tables with strangers, you're gonna love it! Mother, Father! Glory be! I never thought I'd see your sweet faces again! Melvin what happened to you? - Is the teleporter okay? - Don't believe your eyes.
Everything here is a ruse to make you sign us up for next summer.
In truth, Mr.
Krupp is a camp con-man.
He bought our silence with candy, video games and treacherous trampolines.
But his skullduggery backfired! What is that? Definitely not a teleporter.
No! To cover his tracks, Krupp dumped the evidence of his betrayal in a nearby landfill.
Unfortunately, the hot sun melted the candy onto the electronics and trampoline springs, turning the forbidden fruit into a monster! That does it, you're going to outer space camp next summer, Melvin.
If I must, Mother.
-You know best.
-He's lying! Who are you gonna believe, me or your own children? Whoa! That's what I thought.
Aloha! Vroom! Good call, brah! - Vroom! - Go, go, go! -Escaped my Ifthegluefits 2000, eh? -Yeah.
We realized all we had to do was take off our shoes.
-It took you long enough.
-Okay, call off Sugamechanger.
-You got what you wanted.
-You're right.
I'm going to outer space camp, so I win again.
I'm actually bored of all this winning.
Any time, Melvin.
I'm trying! The buttons are stuck.
Must be all that sugar.
Yep, this remote is sugar-jacked.
-So, what do we do now? -Ah! -We need Captain Underpants.
-We gotta catch Krupp.
Vroom, vroom! Time for a pony ride.
Vroom, vroom! Baja's the bomb, bro! Yes, Baja! We'll start a new life! Vroom, vroom, v-v-v-v-vroom! It is 3:00 a.
Will you please stop vrooming so I can sleep? Vroom, vroom, vroom, v-v-v-vroom.
You know, let's split up when we get there.
You know, just for safety.
Sorry, guys, we've gotta burst your Baja bubble! Tra-la-- Huh? Ooh! - Tra-la-- Oof! -Boom! That half-naked dude got smoked, yo! Tra-la-little horse! Hey, can I have a pony party? Can I, can I? Sure, after you save the camp from Sugamechanger, a sugar-video-game-trampoline monster! Ooh, that sounds like a fun monster! Vroom! You guys been to Baja? Sugar dissolves in water! We just need to make it to the lake! -How do we quit this game? -Ooh, a game! I want a turn! Which button do I press to jump? Mm this one? This one? This one? But close enough.
Tra-la-la! Chapter Six: The Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter, presented in Sugar-O-Rama.
Heard of sand painting? Well, sugar painting is the same thing, only sweeter and stickier.
Here, sugar artist Cain Sweetfinger depicts Captain Underpants and Sugamechanger not fighting, but riding on a tandem bike.
Wait, are those ants? Now, instead of trading punches, they're sharing ice cream and-- Oh, no, the ants are back! And here, Cain Sweetfinger has the combatants cooperate as they restore a 1962 Deelia Sideburn, a classic car that-- No! Ants everywhere! Ah! That sugar guy is gonna ruin my supper! And these ants are gonna ruin my everything else! Ooh, ow! Ooh! Like, where's our lemonaaade? Look, he's scoring points like in a video game! 'Cause to him, this is a video game! He's a big boss, and there's always a combo that beats a big boss.
Like chocolate syrup, eggplant and shag carpet.
Yes! Or one that'll work.
Wrong! I'll handle this.
This one's stuck, too? You've got to be kidding meee! Ah! Mommy! My darling baby boy Melvin! - You know what he could use? - Don't you dare say teleporter.
We need time to find the right combo for Captain Underpants.
- So we need a distraction.
- No worries.
My family's got your back.
Mom, Dad, let's conga.
Everybody, join the conga line! Yeah! That'll keep him busy.
Yeah, no one can look away from a conga line.
All right, Cap, try bite, bounce, punch, up, down, A button.
Feels like a winner! Bite, bite, bounce, bounce, bounce Wait, what's the next-- Ooh! Whoa! I got tons of energy.
I'm gonna learn to play the banjo.
And start a pool-cleaning business.
And build a pyramid.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Two pyramids! He's wired from the sugar.
It's like a sugar power-up! Maybe that's what we need to figure out the combo.
Yeah! - I can see the combo.
- So can I! It's right there! It's bounce, kick, bite, left, bite, bite, left, bite, bounce, kick, bounce, kick Bounce, spin, up, bite, select, start! - Can you see it, Captain Underpants? - See what? Ah! I see it! And my teeth are hot! Sugame on! Oh, bounce-kick-bite-left-bite-bounce- bounce-spin-up-bounce-bite-select-start! My heartbeat is like a drum solo! Oh-ho! Oh-ho! Yah! Good night, Detroit! Sugame over! And I'm crashing.
Why am I in a lake? Why does my tummy hurt? Where are my pants? Chapter 7: Forest for the Squeeze.
That monster attack was so vivid.
I still can't believe it was staged.
But it was, Mom.
Definitely staged.
-That's just how great this camp is.
-It's certainly expanding your horizons.
Well, a young artist needs that.
Harold is in for next summer! So is George, even though I still think he should work on a farm.
Will you give the farm a rest and let the boy enjoy his summer? Heck, I might even join him.
Hmm? Eh, but probably not.
Uh, let's get a picture of you three.
We did it, guys.
We got the camp we wanted and Mr.
Krupp keeps his job.
Yeah, it's win-win.
Actually, it's just win for me.
Melvin was right.
This is a hoax.
All this great new stuff? The Wavezoomers, the laser tag arena, the taco bar gone the moment your parents leave.
And the best part is it's your fault.
Cheese! What? Y-You -Krupp! -We'll tell our parents! Keep smiling, boys! Sketches take a bit longer than photos.
So good.
Go ahead.
You just convinced them that the monster you invented was a camp activity.
Now you're gonna tell them you were lying? Why would they believe you? Why would they believe you ever again? -You won't get away with this.
-I already have.
Now king me.
That's checkers, because I don't know how to play chess.
It's too hard.
This is rock bottom.
That means we can only go up.
You kids got us.
You know, I-I mean, we really thought Melvin hated it here.
He's gonna be thrilled when we tell him he's coming back here next summer instead of outer space camp.
By the way, where is Melvin? -I don't see him.
-I was wrong.
So wrong.
George and Harold have beaten me for the last time, for the last time! They say fight fire with fire.
Well, I will create an inferno! An inferno that will bring me Melvindication in the next episode! Because this is part one of a two-parter! Why is everyone doing my job? Bleh! Tastes like a pine cone and burnt rubber.
Probably shouldn't eat this.