The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018) s03e13 Episode Script

The Polarizing Plight of the Pitiless Poopetrators

1 I won! I'm king of the camp! Whoo-hoo-hoo! This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
George is on the left with the tie and the flattop.
Harold is on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut.
Remember that, now, because they've had better days.
-How did we get here? -Great question, buddy.
Good thing I made a trailer to answer that.
They thought camp would be fun.
You could go to your dream camp, like candy camp.
Only problem is the guy in charge.
We're on Team Melvin.
- Krupp isn't our enemy, he's our hero! - He's a different man now! We don't wanna wreck the camp.
We love it! We got the camp we wanted and Mr.
Krupp keeps his job.
Yeah, it's win-win! Actually, it's just win for me.
You've got to be kidding me! George and Harold have beaten me for the last time.
I will create an inferno! Bummer Camp.
In theaters now.
-That's scarier than I remember.
This show's not gonna win awards with puns and fart jokes.
So George and Harold make comic books - We're cool - Me, too Now they're summering at summer camp And Mr.
Krupp is, too Once they used the hypno-ring And first they made him dance Then accidentally, kinda on purpose Turned him into Captain Underpants Tra-la-la With a snap, he's the Captain Flying through the trees And don't forget when he gets wet You're sure to feel the squeeze Put it all together What could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end Of the Captain Underpants song - By George Beard and Harold Hutchins - Tra-la-camp The Polarizing Plight of the Pitiless Poopetrators.
Chapter 1: Control, Salt, Delete.
I can't believe our parents signed us up to come back here next summer.
-This camp was a total bust.
-But we did all that fun stuff.
Archery and kayaking And barbecue and dominos Laser tag, capture the flag Pie eating and a talent show -That was dream camp, remember? -Oh, yeah.
But dream camp had a talent show, and so can real camp.
Last chance to make this summer slightly less stinky.
Talent show's canceled! You've got digging to do.
There's a rich deposit of salt under this camp.
It's literally a gold mine of salt.
And he who controls the salt controls the world.
So grab a shovel and start digging.
Mm! Mm Like a pretzel made of dirt.
"Lake Summer Camp Salt Mine.
" This is worse than Lake Summer Camp.
"Make me smell an armpit.
" Ah, that helps a little.
A little, but not enough.
Hmm? -There's only one way out of this.
-Yep, new identities.
You're Jurgen, an 11-year-old Dutch singing sensation, and I'm Raoul, a 12-year-old French math prodigy.
We gotta get rid of Krupp.
So we gotta find someone to buy this camp from the FUNC and fire him.
And there's only one person in the camp game with that kind of cash.
Chapter 2: Talent Show Me the Money.
Glad you came to see me, boys.
This is Cash Networth, billionaire owner of Camp Uppercrust.
Truth is I'd like to expand my campire.
Is that a camp that drinks blood? No.
My camp empire, campire! Camp Uppercrust is the best at everything-- polo, water polo, wearing polo shirts.
But it's missing one thing: a great talent show.
Rich kids just don't have the hunger.
Well, the kids at Lake Summer Camp are starving.
We haven't had a decent meal all summer because our food money was spent on a waterbed.
Oh, no! Ow! -Only problem is the guy in charge.
Krupp? I sensed that when he pushed me overboard and stole my guac guy in a previous episode.
-That's why Krupp's gotta go! -Oh, I can buy another guac guy.
I have so much money, I don't know what to do with it.
This is about me having the best of everything because I'm rich.
So, if your talent show wows me, I'll buy that camp and get rid of Krupp.
By feeding him to the campire? No.
I'll just fire him.
By the way, can you throw this money in the garbage on your way out? So heavy.
You really think we can get Krupp to uncancel the talent show? Yep.
And here's how it's gonna go.
-Uncancel the talent show! -Yes, sir! Hmm.
I think it'll go more like This is our last chance to save our future summers.
We can't take no for an answer.
- Ah! - On your feet! Talent show is back on because Lee Dingman is coming! Lee Dingman is Professor Punch.
And school is out out cold.
Nature Punch, starring Lee Dingman.
Hungry? Have a knuckle sandwich with Lee Dingman in Out to Punch.
Just got a call from Lee's people.
Turns out he's vacationing in the area and he wants to see our show! You know, I'm Lee's biggest fan.
That's why I'm a regular on the Lee Dingman Pacific Puncher cruise.
Ho-ho! Whoo! This punch is for you, Lee! I bet Lee's scouting for a fresh face to punch in his next movie, and you're looking at it! That's why I'm MCing the talent show.
Now out of my way! I have to rehearse for Lee.
Hey, what's the deal with traffic? Why don't people just drive faster? Am I right? Ho ho! Lee'll love that one.
I'm a little disappointed he didn't turn into a werewolf.
Game face, Harold.
If we want Cash Networth to buy this camp, we've gotta get everyone to step up their talent show game.
Yeah, with magic! Or other stuff.
While the boys prepared to break a leg, Melvin was having a revenge breakthrough.
The talent show.
Yes! It's the perfect venue for vengeance.
Patience, Sebastian.
Melvindication is nearly at hand, because next summer, I'm going to outer space camp.
All I need is a plan.
Beh! And something to eat besides beetles! And another way to cook besides a smoking tire.
Chapter 3: Talent Show No Mercy.
The talent show is the key to making future summers Krupp-free.
If we crush it, Cash Networth will buy this camp and make it amazing.
-So, blow us away! -Why are you yelling? I'm not yelling, I'm directing! - Human yo-yo? - Aerial silk.
-I've been studying-- -Is it aerial silk or aerial talk? Cook like it's your last meal! Uh, is that supposed to be Cash Networth? Try again! I've always wanted to DJ, and now's my chance.
Just need to figure out which button turns the music on.
Drop the beat or get dropped! - Talent show -Sing harder! - Ugh! - You call that magic? Ha! This is magic! Uh, can I see that megaphone for a sec? We'll never save the camp with these acts.
Some people can't take direction.
We gotta do something that blows Cash out of the water.
But everything that can be done is being done.
-So we need to do the undoneable.
-Okay, so, make a comic? No, make an epic game-changing comic event.
Chapter 4: Captain Underpants and the Toiletastics Versus Diaperado and the Poopetrators! By George and Harold.
So, one time Captain Underpants stopped evil diaper villain Diaperado, a lunatic in a body diaper and a cowboy hat-- yeepee! And the Wedgie Wallop gave Diaperado a rash, so he put on some ointment and took a load off to watch team ski-boxing 'cause it was the semi-finals-- swoosh-bonk-tibia fracture! Very tense! And that's when Diaperado realized what he needed to beat Captain Underpants.
"More ointment! What? No?" A team! So, Diaperado rounded up the best toilet-themed bad guys he could find: Poopacabra, the sewer savage; TP Mummy, the tissue terror; Clogneta, the pipe plugger; Camoflush, the cloaked commando; and Smartsy Fartsy, a talking fart.
And he made them the Poopetrators, 'cause what else? Don't know! But Captain Underpants caught wind of it 'cause he was in the bathroom and was all like, "Good thing I have my own toilet team!" So he called up Sergeant Boxers, the bro one; Plungerina, the tough one; Fartquake, the awesome one; the Flusher, the other awesome one; and Colonel Urinal, the grizzled one.
And then they all went to Tickle Tom's Trickle Town waterpark 'cause it's lots of space and free parking.
Got a group discount, and "the mother of all toilet teams versus other toilet team" fight was on! And it was all sploosh and kerplunk! And "Whose leg am I grabbing?" And kerswack! And "Is that a bandage floating there? Gross!" And "Should we take a lunch break?" And kerblammo! And "Who ordered the nachos? You owe me eight bucks!" And whap-whap-whap-fireball! And then the Giggle Gulch slide made the Poopetrators throw up, so they surrendered, and the Toiletastics won.
And the health department shut down Trickle Town so Tickle Tom changed his name and reopened the park as Drippy Doug's Leak Land.
Okay, the end! This is it.
We're gonna turn this comic into a live show, just like Advancimals Live.
Whoa! Welcome to Advancimals Live! I'm Buffalobe-- Ah! We're gonna do The Toiletastics Versus the Poopetrators Live! Starring our friends! Hey, is that vulture watching us? Nah, it's your imagination.
The same imagination I will turn against you.
That rashy goon Diaperado was right.
A team is the key to defeating Captain Underpants and achieving Melvindication.
No, Sebastian, a real team.
I will turn their fake Poopetrators into real Poopetrators with the Switcheroobicon 2000.
It will turn one thing into something better, just as a waffle iron turns batter into delicious waffles! All we need now is a waffle iron.
As you can see from our resumes, Sebastian and I have extensive waffle experience.
We would love to join the Waffle Hovel staff.
Check one.
Check whatever comes after one.
Hey, I found the DJ button Erica, for the finale, you'll be Plungerina.
Lucky I brought my costume.
-We'd like you to play Poopacabra.
-I've been worse.
Hey, Dressy! We think you're perfect for-- Clogneta TP Mummy? Fine! Sophie One, you'll do my har and makeup.
Ugh, Other Sophie, you're my stunt double.
Hey, Bo, you'll play Camoflush.
Smartsy Fartsy? I've always wanted to be a fart, and I have no idea how to turn this off! It's lucky snapping still turns Mr.
Meaner into Sergeant Boxers.
Never played in a play before, but I'm always ready to play, Coach! Yeah-yeah-yeah, cord tangle.
I got this.
Aw, I wish my mouth was bigger so I could fit more dirt in it.
Tra-la-landwich - Captain, we need you to-- - I'll do it! -We haven't told you what it is yet.
-Like it matters.
Yep, he's in.
Water? Hey, why is it wet? Am I right? Oh! That's a Lee-slapper.
-That just leaves Colonel Urinal.
-There's only one man for that job.
This is Mr.
Ree, school janitor.
He's also a former secret toilet agent and a urinal aficionado.
Yellow? Urinal? Be there in five.
Waffles up! And waffle iron out! Oh, Sebastian! Lee Dingman is here! Whoo! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee? Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee! Lee? Lee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee! Lee? Lee! Oh, these are all pictures of my finger.
Lee! Uh, Lee? Yah Wow, full house, but no sign of Cash Networth.
He's not gonna buy the camp.
We're doomed! Don't worry, he'll be here.
Rich people are late to everything.
Sorry I'm late, Padre.
Let's do this wedding, muh? Sorry I'm late, Robes.
Let's do this trial, muh? Muh? Sorry I'm late, Doc.
Let's do this surgery.
Muh? Muh? Muh? It's showtime! No barfing! There's still empty seats.
We should wait until everyone's here.
No! Lee Dingman's here, and he's everyone who matters, so the show starts now! Almost curtain, Sebastian.
Time for the Switcheroobicon's final test before it steals the show.
There, Sebastian, I've transformed you from beast to beauty, and you-- No! Sebastian! Sebastian! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your MC for the evening, and Lee Dingman's number one fan, Benny "the Jokemaster General" Krupp! Now, Gooch, play the music! - What music? - Any music! Okay.
Hey, what's the deal with shoelaces? I mean, why are they so hard to tie? Am I right? Oh, no! I'm bombing in front of Lee Dingman! Lee, this is going a lot better than it looks, okay? Trust me! Anyhoo, welcome to the Lake Summer Camp talent show, especially movie star Lee Dingman! Come on up, say a few words, Lee.
Okay, bad idea.
And now, singing something, Dressy Killman? Really? That's her name? Oh.
Okay! Oh, no.
Bad start.
So bad.
Here are the campions -Wow! Good recovery! - Here are the campions right here Dinner is served! Like, Other Sophie vanished? She was supposed to be a tigarrr.
Other Sophie, stop vanishing and start being a tigarrr.
Ugh, how did she Bleh! Ugh! This dirt is salty.
I need a beverage.
-Whoo-hoo! -Yeah! This is amazing! And the most amazing part is I don't know how any of it is happening.
This show is incredible.
Like, even Gooch is killing it.
But Cash Networth is missing it.
Cash or no Cash, camp or salt mine, this summer is almost over.
Let's own this moment and go out with a bang! Tra-la-live show! Too-de-look alive, people! I left the music on because I still don't know how to turn it off.
-That's everyone.
-Where's Colonel Urinal? Did someone say "Urinal"? Guys, you've all done great, but this is the grand finale.
Let's do this for all the summers! You've met your match, Poopetrators, because I am-- Line? - Captain Underpants.
- Oh, right.
Captain Underpants! And these are the - Line? - Toiletastics! Oh, yeah, the Toiletappers! And we're going to wipe you out because toilet! Tra-la-- Lee Dingman? Lee, Lee! Lee! Lee! -Those are fingers, not a camera.
-Oh, no! All the pictures from my niece's graduation are on these.
Toiletastics, toilettack! Time to fight, toe to bro! Like, stunt double! Okay, Other Sophie, he's gonna punch you off the stage.
Ugh! Other Sophiiie! You're going down, Clogneta! Down the drain! -Wait, what are you doing? -TP twister! It's potty time! Easy, kid.
The porcelain's a rental.
You're through, number two.
Also, I need to go number two.
You smelt it, Smartsy Fartsy, but I dealt it! -Ooh! -Speaking of dealt it Ugh! That stage fart was real.
Okay, guys, this is the twist where the Toiletastics go down so they can make a climactic comeback.
-Punch! -Ow! -Yeah! -Ah! Oh, no! Time for a real twist.
Not so fast, Poopetrators! Is it me or do the Poopetrators look a lot realer than they did three seconds ago? Probably just the lights.
Chapter 5: The Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter, presented in a gritty, dark Her-O-Rama.
Because, let's be honest, you've seen worse.
Mountain of Trouble.
Slaughter Under the Bridge.
Sphere Itself.
Hey, we were supposed to win! Yeah, this isn't the script.
There is no script.
The show is over, you costumed crab apples.
-Is that a waffle iron? -No, you misaligned tire! It's the Switcheroobicon 2000! And I used it to turn your costumed comrades into authentic adversaries.
But it does also make waffles.
And now you and your bumbling, be-briefed baboon have beaten me for the last time.
For the last time! Because Captain Underpants is no match for a team of real super villains! You're right, Melvin, he's not.
But we are! Toiletastics, flush 'em! Ah, never mind.
I'll just use the Switcheroobicon to turn you into waffles.
What? Wait.
-Where is it? -Right here.
Say "Diaperado"! Change me back! Change me! Ha! Diaperado needs to be changed.
Ah! Sebastian! We're back on script.
-Feels like the perfect moment for a song.
-Because it is.
Hit it, Gooch! Here are the campions Here are the campions Open your eyeballs and you'll see - The campions right here - Now, that was a show.
- Yeah.
Too bad Cash Networth missed the whole thing.
Maybe he didn't.
Why am I wet? Where are my pants? - And why are you talking to Lee Dingman? - They're not.
They're talking to - Cash Networth! - That's right.
Gotta be incognito to test-drive a camp.
And that was the best talent show I've ever seen, boys.
- Consider this camp sold.
- What? But-- But-- But I get to keep my job, right? Sorry, sport.
This camp needs a fresh start.
Cash bought the camp And he got rid of Krupp Gonna tear it all down And then build it back up - Fresh start - Every kid gets a clone - Fresh start - And a jet of their own With unlimited money Every day will be sunny Oh, fresh start But here's a bag of money to take the sting out of being fired.
Are we cool? Muh? Muh? Muh? Muh! Muh, muh! Muh! Muh, muh! - Whoa! - You can't buy me or my salt! George, Harold, you're not gonna let him get rid of me, are you? Are you insane? Yes! -We did this! -So you never ruin another summer.
Ruin? I just gave you the best summer of your lives! You need me.
I'm the balloon to your air! So many things we did So many times we had This camp was always good And it was never bad We're all best friends We really had a ball Lake Summer Camp's The greatest camp of all -He's-- He's right.
No! You can't do this to us, not now! We were so close, but then you made sense.
I'm sorry, Cash Networth.
This camp is no longer for sale.
Right, because I just bought it from the FUNC.
But I want you to be happy, so what's it gonna take, sports? Muh? Muh? Muh? Chapter Six: Last But Not Ceased.
And the camp's third roller coaster leads to the Nacho Surf Lake.
-Yep, that's everything we wanted.
-And this is everything I wanted.
Took a week to inflate, but my new LeisureMyLand is now open for leisure, thanks to Cash Networth.
I can't believe the show's over.
-At least we're ending on a high note.
It's sad when shows keep going after they run out of ideas.
I'm glad we're not doing that.
-"More Captain Underpants coming soon"? -Yes! We are overstaying our welcome.
No! Yachts are pointy! That yacht's gonna pop my LeisureMyLand! Muh?