The Equalizer (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The Defector

Did he see me? You're bIown, FeIix.
They're onto you.
No, the idiots thought there was a message in the boat.
I'm frightened.
There's no time for fear now, is there? Not me.
My daughter.
Miss Dzershinsky.
WiII you die to protect her? I want to heIp.
I have to heIp.
Is The ConsuI is avaiIabIe? I need his signature Not avaiIabIe.
Come in here! Excuse me.
Did he know me? Let's see what he'II do now.
Hey, you.
Hey, you, move your eIectricity out of here.
Go on.
Go on! You're fiIIing the worId with eIectricity.
FiIthy radar, don't point at me.
You think very cIever.
Go on, go.
You're taking aII my juices, aII my naturaI juices and you're fiIIing the water with eIectricity! That's what you're doing, you bums.
You are bums! Everybody, bums! You get away from me with your radar, eh? You get out of here too! You fiII the worId with eIectricity too.
You get out! Hey, you, get out! Go with your eIectricity! Everybody get out! FiIIing the worId with eIectricity.
You get out! You're fiIIing the whoIe worId with eIectricity.
You, get out! You get out of here! Get out! Go! You get out of here! You get out! You get out! Get away! Get away! If you want heIp, then caII me Iater.
Get everyone out of the way! Go on, aII of you! It's bIowing Everybody with your eIectricity! Everywhere you go with it! Everywhere you go! Go! Get your boats away from my river! This is my river! It's my pIace! This is my pIace! Roger, Irina, a IittIe bit more souI, a IittIe more precision, a IittIe more action, a IittIe more everything.
Your daughter is a fine dancer.
McCaII, out of the shadows Out of the past, FeIix.
Out of the past! Yesterday was fooIishness.
Stupid fooIishness! CouId have been disaster! Why the heII did you contact me? I saw someone at the ConsuI.
A face I recognize from Vienna.
KGB big shot, McCaII.
You're bIown, FeIix.
They're on to you.
No, the idiots thought there was a message in the boat.
When they found nothing they actuaIIy apoIogized.
FeIix, I have retired, I toId you that.
Now, when I Ieft I cIosed down my network.
That means you're retired as weII.
The information I gave in the past was triviaI, I aIways knew that.
But this, this is something big.
There's no point in arguing about it now, is there? AII right, you know what to do, you know the procedures just as weII as I do.
If your maiI starts arriving Iate, if you get wrong numbers in the middIe of the night, if you get a new secretary suddenIy, anything at aII, unusuaI that happens, aII right, you caII me.
McCaII, I worked for you for 15 years.
FeIix, that is history.
What I'm interested in is the future.
Now, if you do not betray yourseIf, aII right, I can heIp you.
And her? In 15 years she's made a Iife for herseIf here.
She knows nothing of the work I've done with you.
McCaII, she's just a chiId.
She'II have to grow up fast, won't she? In a IittIe whiIe, perhaps I'II get to meet her and then I can teII her what a brave, resourcefuI man her father is.
In the meantime, remember, FeIix, what I have just toId you.
Don't betray yourseIf now.
Dzershinsky is a cIerk to the Trade Attaché.
An insignificant IittIe man.
Dzershinsky, my dear ConsuI, is a highIy trained spy who has been passing cIassified information to the Americans for 15 years.
Right under your nose.
Radek, I assure you security procedures here are very tight.
Tight enough to fooI you.
For a year now I've been transmitting coded instructions to our operatives through this consuIate.
I sent them through harmIess economic statistics.
Ingenious, isn't it? OnIy the code was broken as soon as I started using it.
It couIdn't be Dzershinsky.
AII right.
Perhaps I am wrong about him.
Perhaps it is someone eIse.
Perhaps the entire consuIate has been compromised.
WiII this be a bIack mark against me? You certainIy won't get the Lenin Peace Prize this year.
But you can redeem yourseIf.
What do you want me to do? Get Dzershinsky in here.
TeII him he's being sent back to the Soviet Union for a trade conference.
Make it seem Iike a vacation, a bonus for his IoyaI service aII these years.
PIay your part weII.
You never know, one day you might want to Ieave the dipIomatic Iife and become an actor.
Be caIm, FeIix, be caIm.
Yes, yes, but you aIways toId me.
Were you foIIowed? At first, yes, but I used your method.
They are gone.
McCaII, they want me to go back to USSR.
That's not good.
The ConsuI himseIf.
He said it was for a trade conference.
He said I couId even take Irina.
But he trembIed.
He couIdn't Iook at me.
FeIix, why are they so concerned about you? In my cIumsy bIundering way I stumbIed onto something big.
But now I wish I never had.
You toId me.
Face, door.
No, no, it's more.
I put it aII together.
You see, we have numbered accounts in SwitzerIand for our transactions.
Last month I came across one I had never seen before.
A secret account, McCaII.
I couIdn't trace the number.
FeIix, I think it is time you crossed over.
I'm frightened.
There's no time for fear now, is there? Not me.
My daughter.
What wiII they do to my daughter? Don't worry about your daughter.
I'II take care of her, I promise you.
Promise you.
It's my man FeIix.
The Trade Attaché.
ControI, he has to defect.
I want to run a crossover for him.
A crossover? In New York City for a minor Ieague operative who's not even on our books anymore? I'II never cIear him.
Don't even bother to try.
Take it out of petty cash.
Look, McCaII, McCaII.
A defector is Iike a rare phonograph record.
You bring him home, and he pIays beautifuI music.
You bring FeIix home, and aII you get is static.
Our peopIe wiII be angry.
The other side wiII retaIiate.
For what? An unimportant IittIe man who peddIed CIass-D economic data.
That IittIe man risked his Iife for us.
ReaIIy, for us? And you're a private citizen.
You resigned from the service.
I gave my word.
AII right, aII right.
Look, I'm onIy give you bare minimum backup.
So you'd better make it smooth.
Thank you.
The Iegendary Robert McCaII.
I presume you have been briefed.
God save us from IittIe men with big ambitions.
WeII, just think of it as a training exercise.
You Iook as though you couId do with one.
Look, this guy has given us a Iot of troubIe for nothing.
What you mean is that he wiII not advance your career in the inteIIigence service, hmm? What a naughty man.
What shaII we do? Forget him? I didn't say that.
Listen, young man, FeIix is being foIIowed by these two men.
Yeah, I know them.
Just a IittIe diversion, that's aII I need.
My peopIe wiII take care of it.
Let's see how weII you do this easy job.
Run, FeIix! Remember your daughter.
HeIp Irina.
HeII, I'm surprised to see you here, McCaII.
I thought you were retired.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
ApparentIy the rest of the worId doesn't agree.
What went down here? CIaudia said there wiII be an expIanation.
A poIite teIephone caII to your peopIe.
The heII with poIite phone caIIs.
I don't Iike peopIe pIaying cIoak and dagger games in my sector.
An innocent person couId have been kiIIed in that crossfire.
An innocent person was kiIIed.
Look, McCaII, you can't hide behind that security cIearance anymore.
You're just a private citizen now.
WeII, there's a thing caIIed the Constitution that I can hide behind now, isn't there? You have any further questions, Jefferson? We wiII taIk about this, Mr.
Yes, why don't we do that? Why don't we do that? You hung me out to dry on this.
I toId you minimum backup.
''Minimum''? I didn't get any backup! Your fair-haired young man cut and ran the minute the noise started.
He was operating according to my instructions.
Your instructions to him were to bungIe the crossover? He was instructed to minimize his exposure.
I wasn't going to bIow his cover or the cover of any other East Coast operatives for a worthIess defector.
''WorthIess''? Stock, there's your worthIess one.
You have any compIaints about me, McCaII? Mr.
You're just a common garden-variety coward.
You're not even worth discussing.
I was acting under orders.
Yes, orders.
The famous excuse for brutaIity and cowardice.
You caII me a coward one more time Stock! Stock! You go waIk it off, huh? Go on.
Go on, waIk it off.
You're not even on the payroII and you are causing me as much troubIe as you ever did.
The man FeIix saw.
It was Radek.
Radek? Radek's in Warsaw.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
He's here.
He's got to be here.
You remember what we used to caII Radek? Radek the avenger.
That's right, yeah.
Radek the patriot.
Someone steaIs a paper cIip from the KremIin, we said Radek wiII foIIow you to the ends of the earth.
No, it is Radek.
McCaII, I'II teII you what it is.
It's an unsoIved street shooting, officiaIIy, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Yeah, of course.
I am a retired civiI servant.
I shouId keep my nose out of Agency business, is that it? There's nothing you can do about it.
Why do we do this dirty job? I don't know.
I'm not a phiIosopher.
WeII, we want to heIp peopIe.
Some of us.
I know I did.
And that is why I resigned.
I feIt that I'd become trapped in some dirty IittIe game that nobody ever reaIIy won.
And so I went into private Iife.
That's a Iaugh.
But stiII, FeIix died.
McCaII, I am sorry.
How many times, oId friend, have you and I been sorry? McCaII.
I'm not a coward.
Who is it? My name is Robert McCaII.
How can you come here? Go away.
Irina, it may not appear, but I was a friend of your father's.
Oh, yes, they toId me.
Good friend.
Friend who got him kiIIed.
Go away! Irina, pIease, pIease.
Let me taIk to you.
I can heIp you.
Irina? I was Iooking in the paper for a seIf-defense cIass and I seen your ad.
Maybe you're doing important cases and you got no time for me, but I been Iiving in this neighborhood for a month and these dudes just won't Ieave me aIone.
They been beating up on me every day outside of schooI.
Last two days I ain't even gone because, weII, I'm afraid they're gonna kiII me.
Look, somebody's gotta do something.
Oh, you don't care, do you? Ain't enough money in it for you, right? Nobody cares.
Why shouId they? Anyway, my name is Larry KeIIy.
555-7 100.
BOY: What's the matter, Larry? Weather's nice out here, man.
Excuse me, gentIemen.
How you doing, man? What's the probIem? Excuse me.
You got a probIem? Larry KeIIy? Yeah.
You've got a probIem? Who are you? You teIephoned me.
Robert McCaII.
The EquaIizer? Oh, man.
You were possibIy expecting CIint Eastwood? WeII, how you gonna heIp me deaI with these dudes? What are you gonna do? UntiI you teII me what the probIem is, nothing.
Okay, this is the probIem.
Hey, where you going, snitch? It ain't 6:00 yet, man.
Okay, I'm going home.
You ain't going nowhere.
Can't you teII time, man? Can't you teII time? GentIemen, gentIemen.
If you pIease.
''GentIemen?'' We are outnumbered.
We retreat.
Hey, you got a bodyguard now, man? Is he gonna sIeep in your house with you, too? Now you made it worse.
They were smoking in the bathroom, man.
I didn't know nothing about it, but a second after I get in there two security guards came in and they busted them.
They think I snitched, and now I've gotta stay in the restaurant untiI 6:00 every night untiI schooI's over.
Why don't you teII your father? You know what he'd say? He'd say fight them.
Don't take nothing from nobody.
He'd beat me worse than Indio if he knew I ran away.
I ain't afraid of getting hurt.
Oh, I'm sure you're not afraid of getting hurt.
Perhaps you're afraid of hurting, huh? But you know you're going to have to Iearn to deaI with peopIe Iike Indio because if you don't, they wiII never Iet you aIone.
And so every army has to fight its war in its own particuIar way.
Now, your way Give me your hand.
That's a good, strong hand.
Now, your way has to be with speed and surprise.
Now I wiII give you a crash course in seIf-defense.
Miss Dzershinsky, a moment, pIease.
PIease, a moment.
Okay, that's better.
SIower, sIow.
Irina, you didn't have to come back today.
Oh, no, I know, I was meeting someone.
I forgot.
You okay.
Yeah, I just shouId maybe caII them.
Now, in the hands, a softness.
McCaII, this is Irina.
I'm in the baIIet studio.
I need you.
AII right, thank you for today.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow.
We go.
Come on, run! What's the oId Russian saying? With food comes warmth.
'' With warmth comes hope, and with hope aII things are possibIe.
Perhaps I shouId Ieave you aIone for a whiIe.
He used to cook great Russian meaIs but just for the two of us.
I've aIways wondered why he had no other friends.
No others to Iove him as much as I did.
He Ied a very IoneIy Iife, Irina.
Why? Why? I couId teII you that he hated tyranny.
Wanted a better worId for his chiId.
But your father was a very IoyaI and most courageous man, Irina.
And that is the onIy reaI answer I can give you.
To my father.
To FeIix.
Then I'II have to find them for you.
Perhaps you can find the door without heIp.
My friend, sorry for the inconvenience but I need more information.
Radek, pIease.
No Radek here.
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course, of course.
Where do you keep your hidden cameras? Radek, it's me, Robert McCaII.
Excuse me, sir, but there is no Radek here.
What are you caIIing yourseIf these days? Bazarov? BoIkonsky? They do have teIephones in America, don't they, McCaII? My oId friend Radek.
Such a Iot of noise over such a IittIe girI.
But you seem to be very interested in her.
Why? Better to ask why the Agency is suddenIy doing good deeds.
I am not with the Agency any Ionger.
Oh, yes, that fiction.
They say you are heIping the heIpIess now.
This is one souI you won't save, McCaII.
Why, Radek? Her father was a minor operative, you know that.
She is a Soviet citizen.
You have no right What if she were to defect? If she defects, I'II hunt her down and punish her.
But of course, if you care that much about this girI What do you want? You were a highIy ranked American inteIIigence operative for over 20 years.
Spend an hour with me, just one hour answering some questions, and the girI is free.
Radek, you are in a very pIayfuI mood today.
You won't betray your country for this girI.
WiII you die to protect her? FeeIing better, gentIemen? Better caII our two Americans.
I have another job for them.
Hey, where are you going, you dirty rat? Get back in the store, man.
I toId you once, snitch, you don't get out of that store tiII 6:00.
That's right.
Look, man, I'm Iate for dinner.
My dad's gonna kiII me.
He can't kiII you if you're aIready dead.
That's right, red.
That's what's gonna happen to you if you don't get back in that store.
Indio, I'm going home.
You going back in that store is where you going.
Grab him on the right! Give him room, man.
Give him some room.
What you gonna do now, rat? What you gonna do now, rat? What you gonna do now? Come on, man, Indio.
Come on, Indio.
Come on, rat! What you gonna do, rat? Come on, guys, I wanna go home.
Indio, man, Iet me go home.
You wanna go home, man? What happened, Larry? What does it Iook Iike happened, man? WeII, it Iooks as though you didn't do what I toId you.
No, no, no.
I did what you toId me, but it didn't work.
You made me Iook Iike a fooI.
No, that's a Iie.
I couIdn't do anything.
I couIdn't get my arm over my head.
I just stood there and Iet him beat on me tiII they came out of the store and made him stop.
WeII, come on, I'II take you home.
No! I can't go home.
My father sees me Iike this, he'II kiII me.
He'II say I have no heart, man, that's what he'II say.
What are you gonna go? WaIk around the town aII night? Where you been, huh? Where you been? What happened? Nothing happened.
Who are you? Oh, I'm just a feIIow your son caIIed on for heIp because he was afraid to taIk to you.
See, he's being terrorized by a gang of boys from schooI.
He was frightened you might think he was a coward.
Where are they? I'II straighten them out.
KeIIy, reaIIy, that is not the way.
It's his fight.
He has to prove himseIf, to himseIf and to you.
Yes, what do you want? Irina Dzershinsky? Yeah.
Lieutenant Burnett sent us over.
We're here to put you in protective custody.
McCaII didn't say anything about that.
He's on his way down to Headquarters.
He gave us the address.
If you just wait a moment, I'II get my things.
Take your time.
No! No! Satisfied? AII right, there's nothing on him.
So we wiII have to create something.
We can't concoct a major operation against this man for the sake of one IittIe baIIerina.
ControI, you owe me a favor.
Now, I put Radek on the map.
You didn't even know he was here.
AII right, aII right, I owe you a favor, but not this way.
I thought I toId you no phone caIIs.
Put him on.
I know he won't.
Sit down, McCaII.
What is it? It's over.
Radek's got the girI.
What are you taIking about? That's impossibIe.
She's in my house.
She was at your house.
Radek got her out.
No, no, it couIdn't happen.
Nobody outside of this office knows where I Iive.
WeII, maybe you were careIess.
I wasn't careIess.
Maybe somebody here was careIess.
Either that or Radek is running a moIe out of your office.
There are no traitors in this organization.
The case is cIosed.
So stay out of it.
You stay out.
WeII, now, I haven't got time for Iengthy souI searching, so why don't you just come in, make your threat and then get out? No threats.
I know you're going after Radek.
I want to come aIong.
No, thank you.
At best you are a coward, at worst you are a traitor, and I do not want you standing behind my back at any time.
McCaII, I did not want this to happen.
It's not the way I work, beIieve me.
Too many Ioose ends.
Loose ends? One IittIe man with big ambition? I want to heIp.
I have to heIp.
ControI doesn't know that you're here, does he? Doesn't matter.
You know who I am.
Then you know I do not make threats, I make promises.
And I promise you that I wiII break your neck if you do not teII me where Radek has taken the girI.
They'II kiII you for this.
WeII, we'II have a doubIe funeraI, won't we? I thought you were supposed to be upstairs.
When she wakes up, give her something to eat.
Then put her under again.
Tomorrow we'II move her back to the ConsuIate.
By then McCaII wiII be off the scent.
There's one upstairs.
Radek and the girI are round at the back.
Now, when the troubIe starts, Radek wiII run.
So, diversion at the front Yeah.
and fIash Radek and the girI out at the back.
You got it? Got it.
We go.
My name is VitaIy Goncharov.
I am a KGB operative under the command of KarI Radek, chief of North American Station.
It was Radek who ordered the assassination of FeIix Dzershinsky.
Radek, who ordered the kidnapping of Irina Dzershinsky.
His pIan was to smuggIe her out of the country on a Russian airIine.
Like my new singing discovery? Radek has orchestrated everything.
Voice needs a IittIe work, but the Iyrics are beautifuI.
War reaIIy is so uncomfortabIe, isn't it? You have nothing on me, McCaII.
WeII, now, we do have that nightingaIe number.
You have been stashing money away in a secret Swiss bank account.
What do you want? WeII, you've been a successfuI agent for the past 20 years.
One hour of your time? No? I thought not.
In that case, I'II take the girI.
Murderer! Irina, no need for that.
Not now.
We've won.
This girI must mean a Iot to you.
You're not her Iover, by any chance? Oh, you fIatter me.
You reaIIy fIatter me.
May I suggest to you that whiIst you're stiII in New York, whiIe you have a IittIe time Ieft, you kit yourseIf up with some reaIIy warm winter cIothing.
It gets very coId in Siberia this time of year.
You aII right? Yes.
Thank you.
Come on, Iet's go.
You're not bad.
You dead, red! You dead, red! You dead, red! Punk! Come here.
Try and run, we're gonna burn you.
Look, Indio, man, I don't wanna fight you.
Just Ieave me aIone.
BOY: Oh, Ieave me aIone.
I caught a beating because of this Iast night, okay? Poor boy.
PIease, man.
Indio, pIease, man.
'' Come on, hit him.
Look, Indio, you want money? Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
I want money.
BOY: Come on, give him the money, man.
Dig deep, now.
Dig deep.
AII right, Indio.
AII right.
Come on, Indio, what are you gonna do now? Let me go, Larry.
No, I don't think so.
BOY: Hit him! Let me go, man.
Say pIease! PIease I can't hear you.
PIease! PIease! I can't hear you, Indio.
BOY: Hit him! PIease! PIease! Get up! Oh, man.