The Equalizer (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

The Lock Box

Wow, we're in New York! We have to find a taxi.
Need a cab? Oh, sure, yeah.
Where's the cab? I'm privateIy-owned.
Same thing, onIy cheaper.
Cab into the city wiII cost you 45 bucks.
I'II take you in for 20 bucks.
That's a reaIIy good price.
Not bad.
Shove in the bags, another five bucks.
That's the best you're gonna do around here.
Come on, Daddy, Iet's just go.
We're here.
Hey, you! You! Out of my pocket, thief! I paid for a Iicense, I got my medaIIion.
You got bubkes! This guy is a bandit! These are my reIatives from Ohio.
You know this guy? No.
Hey, I'm gonna kick your butt! You better get out of here! Our Iuggage! My portfoIio! He's got my entire presentation! Do you have to drive so fast? I can't beIieve it.
I lost I can't beIieve it.
I Iost it aII.
My charts, my RoIodex, everything.
Just try to reIax.
How can I reIax? Can you sIow down, pIease? Can you watch the road? Can you watch the road? You can't be serious.
My secretary made this reservation over a month ago.
It's right here.
DoubIe room, three days, $85 a day.
We don't have it.
We have one suite Ieft and it goes for $210 a night.
Let's go find another hoteI.
Knock yourseIf out.
Town's fuII.
Come on, Daddy, Iet's not spend haIf our vacation Iooking for a room.
Edie's right, Sam.
Let's take the room.
This better be some suite for $210 a night.
Best in the house.
WeII, I'm ready.
Oh, Daddy's ordered room service.
Room service? Aren't we going out? No, we're not going out.
I've had about as much of New York City as I can handIe for one day.
WeII, I'm going to get a magazine.
See the Iine? Jerk.
Hey, my pretty IittIe girI, you want to go on a date with me? Get away from me! Why you don't want to go out with me, huh? Pretty IittIe thing, you.
I'm gonna Iove this.
Back off! Okay, okay, okay! Punk! Are you aII right? This city is faIIing apart.
I have to get back to my hoteI.
Let me drive you.
My car is right down the street.
It's okay.
You don't have to.
I insist.
I insist.
Are you from New York? No, I'm here on vacation.
So am I.
A vacation that turned into a very Iong stay.
You're EngIish? Yes.
You must miss EngIand.
Every day that I am away, a piece of my souI dies.
You're funny.
Nice car.
After you, madame.
WeII, okay.
Hey, my pretty, pretty baby.
You go on a date with me? What's going on? Where do you want me to bring these guys? WeII, how many more are there? There's these five, pIus three more in the car.
WeII, what were they doing, starting a riot? SteaIing a car.
Thirteen guys trying to steaI a car? They had picked it up and were carrying it down Lenox Avenue.
AII right, Iook, hoId them back here, and then get Eddie to caII the Ninth.
Have them taken over there.
Let's go.
Go on.
She has no money, no change of cIothes.
She wouId've caIIed.
WeII, most of the time they don't, I'm sorry to say.
Just have a seat, and the Iieutenant wiII be with you shortIy.
Come on, Iet's go.
Come on, McCaII, Iet's make Iove with the shades open and give a few of your yuppie neighbors a thriII.
AngeIica, do you say these sort of things pureIy out of shock vaIue or are you truIy and reaIIy perverted? Let me be the first to disappoint you.
You are as bad as everybody eIse.
Oh, couId it be the great stone face has smiIed? You know something, I may be badder than you think.
And a joke.
This is a red Ietter day.
I Iove you.
Don't disappear.
It took me too Iong to find you this time.
No, I won't do that.
Maybe we couId go and see the bird one day this week.
That wouId be nice.
Mind you, I'II have to Iook in my book.
You Iook in yours, I'II Iook in mine.
Then maybe we can Iook at each other's.
The thing that I'm trying to expIain to you Consider the circumstances.
What? I can't understand, what are the circumstances? There is a good chance that your daughter Ieft of her own accord.
And if that is the case, she's not missing, so there's no one to find.
WeII, that's not what happened.
This city attracts young girIs from aII over the worId, Mrs.
They come here and And get swept away.
No, my Edie did not get swept away.
It happens 200 times a week.
Don't teII me that! You don't know Edie.
She didn't just get up on her first day in New York and run away! That's Iudicrous.
TeII him! Go back to DuIuth and wait.
She'II caII when she's ready to come home.
What are you saying? EIeanor, pIease.
Are you trying to teII me that I come to New York on a vacation with my daughter, she disappears, and I'm supposed to go home empty-handed? As if I Ieft my umbreIIa in the hoteI room, give it an ''Oh, damn'' and go on? What kind of man are you? Say something, damn it! The man is trying to teII you to forget about your chiId and you just stand there? WeII, what do you want me to do? TeII him he's wrong.
PIease, you have to give me something more.
You can't just Ieave it Iike this.
I'm sorry, Iady, that's aII I have.
That's aII you have.
HeIIo? PIease state your probIem, Ieave a number We've been everywhere.
HospitaIs, traveIers aid, haIfway houses.
The morgue.
We have no iIIusions.
Is your reIationship at home working? I don't know what working means.
We We had our probIems Iike any other parents, but there's aIways Iove in the house.
If there was a probIem, we wouId aIways taIk it out.
You've had no caII for ransom, anything Iike that? No.
PIease understand this, Mr.
My daughter did not run away.
I know this in my heart.
She's out there somewhere in this city.
She's in terribIe troubIe, and she needs our heIp.
Oh, she'II get it.
So, assuming Edie is not dead, and was not abducted to be kiIIed.
Why was she taken? Answer.
To be used in some manner.
To be forced to do something against her wiII.
What wouId a 1 7-year-oId Midwestern girI have to offer? Can't you see, Bob? That's the beauty of the whoIe thing.
Now, Iet's say they need someone in their pocket.
Now, it's a pain to have to caII up and say, ''AII right, we need so many IegisIators.
''Go out and start setting them up.
'' I spend my time setting them up beforehand.
You see, I keep them on ice.
And that way, when they're needed, I just turn to the oId stockpiIe, there they are.
Now, some of these guys, we may never even use.
That's okay.
Let them sweat.
Just Iast week, I got a certain foreign ambassador in a Midtown hoteI, with teen twins, reaI Amazon types.
And the best part is, in this guy's home country, that particuIar crime is punishabIe by death.
I got to teII you, Bob, I Iook forward to work when it's so much fun.
And you know what eIse? It's educationaI.
I Iearn what makes men cIick.
I'm Iooking for a girI.
Aren't we aII? CaIdrin, I need a tour of the cesspooI.
So naturaIIy I thought of you.
Show it to me.
Am I supposed to be taIking to you, McCaII? No, no, no, no, no.
ApparentIy, I'm a threat to the security of this country.
Yeah, I thought I heard something about that.
Come on.
Oh, you see that cIub over there? You know who I set up in there? That ambassador.
You know him, SabarwahI.
I just put him in the piIe, grabbed some snapshots.
He got reaI cooperative according to my amigos with the State Department.
I Iove this pIace.
WeII, here we are.
After you.
That's Indian Sadie.
Nice gaI, runs a cIean house.
Great food.
The young ones, CaIdrin.
How do the young ones get into this? It doesn't happen that way, McCaII.
Bottom Iine, they get into it because it's the best entry IeveI job in town.
Look, McCaII, if your girI is in the game, she's a voIunteer.
I mean, nobody snatches them off the streets anymore.
They don't have to.
There's a Iot of good houses in this area.
High roIIers.
I'm taIking 10 G's a night for the right combination.
Is it worth my whiIe checking them out? Nah.
Sounds Iike your girI doesn't have the kind of experience to work in this area.
You did say DuIuth, didn't you? AIthough, there is a Iot of Iow-end kiddie stuff happening these days, too.
Pretty spooky stuff and profits Iike you wouIdn't beIieve.
I'II teII you, I reaIIy feeI guiIty sometimes.
I wonder why.
WeII, sure, you must know the feeIing, too.
Sometimes I regret wasting my Iife as a vendor for the agency.
If I went out on my own, I couId make a fortune.
Of course, if I Ieave now, I'm not sure I'd ever be abIe to get my IRA and Keogh PIans fiIIed up.
It's better to be steady and safe than to get too adventurous in these unsafe times, right Bob? Oh, that's who you shouId taIk to.
She's a good kid.
She'II teII you aII about the gravy train.
Where you get on, where it takes you, when you get off.
If you ever do get off.
Thank you.
No probIem.
Hey, McCaII.
Don't be a stranger.
Let's brunch sometime.
You want some company? Yes, yes, I do.
Who is this anyway, your daughter? She has been missing for four days.
She has no money, no famiIiarity with the city.
Four days.
She hasn't been turned out yet.
UnIess UnIess? UnIess she's getting a crash course.
A cIosed house.
Come on, you know, a Iock box.
No, no, I don't know.
EnIighten me.
AII right.
I don't reaIIy know about it firsthand.
But about six months ago, guy comes into town.
Hookers started disappearing from the streets.
Young, oId, boys, girIs.
The guy reaIIy didn't seem to care.
And he didn't stop at hookers, either.
See, the way I get it, which is Iike third hand, is that a John with a serious jones passes heavy at the door and does whatever he wants.
I'm taIking whatever he wants.
Where wouId I find one of these pIaces? You don't find one of these pIaces.
It's invitation onIy.
From whom? Oh, you might want to try a guy.
His name's Scavosa.
Who is he? And where wiII I find him? You know, McCaII, the greatest thing you couId do for your heaIth, for your psyche and the human race in generaI is to have just a IittIe bit of humor.
Not too much, mind you.
Ramon Scavosa is a nobody.
He's a two-bit baII racker.
For whom? Francis DeGraumont.
I know that name.
He's a vendor.
We use him to provide specific services when required.
OccasionaIIy, we have an important visitor in New York who needs specific entertainment.
He must be very specific since you haven't mentioned him to me.
He's for occuIt tastes, I'II admit that.
Hey, CaIdrin.
I'II see you Iater.
I'd Iike to meet him.
You don't just meet DeGraumont.
What do you think, you just show up at the door? What pIanet are you Iiving on? This is a very serious individuaI, McCaII.
I first met DeGraumont in Bombay in the Iate '70s.
That's where he started the Iock boxes.
They're Iike nothing I've ever seen in my Iife.
Bombay, yes, of course.
Wicked reputation.
This girI you're Iooking for, if she's with DeGraumont, you don't want to find her.
Just set up the meeting.
AII right, that's no probIem.
But Iet me teII you something, McCaII, you pIay this out, you pIay it out aII the way.
If you teII DeGraumont that you want ''X,'' you better be prepared to do ''X.
'' Because if you back down even a IittIe bit, he'II kiII you.
Or worse, he'II turn you out.
Do you stiII want me to drop the quarter? Yes.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's too rare and it's ice coId.
It's aII right.
It's too rare.
Send it back.
PIease, it's fine.
Just Iet me eat it.
Can't anything be wrong? Ever? You aIways have to accept everything? Send the damn thing back.
This is the way I want to eat it.
PIease have some respect for me.
I wouId if you couId be a man for once.
Whatever I am is exactIy what you've made me.
How convenient it is to have me to bIame.
I haven't cried since I was a chiId.
My My baby's gone.
My sweet IittIe girI is gone.
I tried taIking to peopIe in the city.
But nobody has seen Edie.
I mean, some were rude, but you can expect that.
But some even taIked to me, and I reaIIy appreciated that.
But I I couIdn't find Edie.
But I don't think anything or anybody wiII ever find her.
To teII you the God's honest truth, I think she's dead.
But at Ieast I can say I tried.
From 6:30 at night untiI 5:30 in the morning, I tried.
And I didn't find her.
Nobody can say that I can't face my wife.
McCALL: So, I suppose heroes are men who face the most trying situations and continue straight on.
But the reaI hero is the man who Iooks inside himseIf and confronts the ugIiest demon his mind can create.
I knew a man once.
Some peopIe caIIed him a hero.
And he fought and he faced dangers.
He had ideaIs.
Those ideaIs Ied me into anything.
You see, I didn't care about dying.
I onIy cared about the cause.
The cause was everything.
And I fooIed everybody.
They aII thought that I was fearIess, which was faIse.
I was so frightened of showing the sIightest bit of myseIf, the smaIIest amount of affection.
So, you see, Sam, I was as frightened then to the same degree that you are now.
OnIy in a different way.
I was no hero.
No hero.
But then, I suppose being a hero is not reaIIy the most important thing, is it? I wiII be aIone with her.
There wiII be no interference.
I'm not coming to heIp you, if that's what you mean.
She's giving us a probIem.
She's bouncing off the waIIs.
ChiII her out.
No, no.
Don't drug her.
HoId your money.
I've got a IittIe something I want to show you.
By anyone.
Edie, this is a very good friend of mine.
And I want you to treat him right.
PIease, don't.
I wanna go home! PIease? Nice, huh? Just Iook at her.
But we had a deaI.
We did.
The price was set.
Oh, you can stiII have something for that price, but not Edie.
No, not her.
How much? Times three.
That's a Iot of money.
Yeah, it's a Iot of money.
But quaIity is remembered Iong after the price is forgotten.
And remember, no bruises on the face.
No, no, of course not.
Because if you do, I'm gonna have to take it out on your head.
And I don't want to exert myseIf.
So, what's your pIeasure? Do you have the money? Hmm, no? I wiII check out, I'II give you a caII Iater.
If you don't, you don't.
Oh, I'II check out.
TeIephone here.
I hope so.
I can accept that you don't caII me.
I understand you've got this thing every two or three weeks where you disappear.
It's a weird thing, but it's your worId.
You make it what you want to make it.
But this was our anniversary.
Anniversary? I know some peopIe don't think that two months is a big deaI, but I'm sentimentaI.
You couId have caIIed.
Or a Ietter.
Nothing Iong, just, ''Dear AngeIica, happy anniversary.
Thinking of you.
'' But nothing.
I thought you EngIish were supposed to be cIassy.
Nothing ain't cIassy.
AngeIica, I'm sorry, I reaIIy don't have time to taIk to you now.
You know, if you got another thing, I don't care.
A thing? You know, two girIs, one guy.
Somebody ends up crying.
AII right, aII right, who ends up crying? What are you taIking about? Forget it.
Just PIease give me a hug.
I wiII give you a hug.
PIease don't Ieave me.
Excuse me.
MackIin, you know who this is.
Twenty-seventh and 10th, 3.
00 p.
Got it, I'II be there.
And I'II be seeing you soon, Mr.
Sorry, AngeIica, I have to go now.
Where are you going? Now, you know I cannot teII you that.
AngeIica, wouId you pIease go away? Sorry, sorry.
AngeIica, I did not mean it that way.
Maybe you didn't.
I don't need this kind of pain in my Iife right now.
Brought you an hors d'oeuvre.
I'm not interested.
Get him out of here.
Beat it.
We're not off to a very good start, are we? Hey, I'm sorry.
I didn't know how young you Iiked them.
If this is the kind of service I am to expect, I shaII go straight back to my hoteI.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
He's okay.
My bag, pIease.
MackIin, Mr.
WeIcome to our IittIe nest here.
Nothing personaI.
But in this business, you know, can't be too carefuI.
Did you bring the money? Yes.
It's aII there.
Everything's ready for you.
We prepared them, just Iike you requested.
WouId you Iike to keep the hair? It wouId give me the greatest pIeasure to kiII you.
It's cooI, chief.
This is a raid! Everybody get out! It's a raid! Everybody out! Everybody get out! Out, out, out! Edie? It's aII right.
It's aII right, Edie.
I've come to take you home.
The doctor said she's going to be fine.
She's going to be fine.
She's back.
That's aII that matters.
I didn't have anything to do with it.
Then who did? I don't know, I swear.
Look, DeGraumont was hoIding videotapes and pictures, a Iot of very graphic materiaI and a Iot of peopIe.
Any of them has the juice to keep him out.
ControI? What turns his crank, you can't fiIm.
But you're not surprised that he was sprung? No, no, I'm not surprised.
See, I thought when you found out that DeGraumont was on a path with an INS ticket to Sri Lanka, that I'd be scraping one of us off the overhead.
ProbabIy me.
He's a vendor.
He provides services that certain peopIe feeI important.
So, as Iong as he has vaIue, he wiII be protected.
Correct? Yeah.
He's a Iucky guy.
They'II set him up somewhere eIse, better than here.
They have to.
Just Iike you said.
The guy is too good at what he does.
The doctor said we couId take her home tomorrow.
That's That's wonderfuI.
McCaII, there might have been others who couId have gotten my daughter out of there aIive, but there are very few who wouId have heIped me the way you did.
TaIking to me that night in the park.
Your humanity made a difference.
My humanity? Is there something wrong, Mr.
McCaII? They are not going to prosecute DeGraumont.
They're not going to Iet him go? ApparentIy, he has some sort of dipIomatic immunity.
What kind of a dipIomat is he? He's a vaIuabIe conduit.
He's going free? They're taking him to the airport this afternoon, putting him on an airpIane and sending him out of the country.
I don't care about that man.
I just want to get Edie out of here and home.
To heaI and forget, that's aII.
HeaI and forget.
HeaI, EIeanor? Look at her.
What's Ieft to heaI? No, no.
Sam, it doesn't matter.
You aII right, Sam? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, no.
No, I have to do it now.
McCaII, this is EIeanor Griffith.
I can't find Sam.
I'm scared.
He's going to kiII that man.
I just know it.
New York's great.
I'II miss it.
It's on fire.
It's Iike one of those rivers and you can't hide.
No compIaints.
AII personneI in restricted area must have cIass A security cIearance.
The area is compIeteIy secure.
Pass through.
I'II teII you a story.
My brother kiIIed a woman because she was innocent.
I understood immediateIy.
He was no mystery.
She was the mystery.
So was I, because I didn't join him.
Hey, you! Hey, you! HoId on! AII right, aII right.
I'm on officiaI business.
Don't move.
I have a pistoI.
For which I have a permit.
Show me.
SIowIy! from the shadow, where no one Iooks.
That's where I Iearned.
And I came to this country.
But there's a war here.
So much money.
I was gIad to obIige.
You see, I seII them a knife with two edges.
Sex and destruction.
PIease, I'm in a hurry.
Looks okay, but you can't go in the airport with this.
HoId it! Hey, stop! You can't go in there! HoId it, you! Get the gate! You've got five minutes.
This is as far as we go.
I can't Iet you get away.
Sam, no! Sam, it's not worth it.
He isn't worth it.
If he gets away, I can't face Edie.
You must be the quiff's father.
Edie woke up.
She started taIking.
She couIdn't stop.
It aII came out in a rush.
Through the tears, hers and mine.
I hope you got it on tape.
CouId be worth some money.
There's a big market in porno audio.
You attacked me! Drop it.
Drop it.
How can you be sure he's stiII here? Oh, he's here.
I'm sure.
There he is, you see? There.
How did he get here? A bird Iike that? A great hawk in the middIe of a city.
Oh, I don't know.
Abandoned, I presume.
Somebody brought him to the city, tried to make a pet out of him.
Can you do that? To a creature Iike that? No, no.
I wonder where he stays.
WeII, the hunting's good.
And when it no Ionger is, he'II Ieave and fIy away.
Oh, he's magnificent.
Isn't he? How Iong can he survive? WeII, for as Iong as he's carefuI.