The Equalizer (2014) s01e17 Episode Script


Come on, baby! O'TOOLE: With people like Moore that jealousy becomes an obsession.
(SCRWAMS) How's it going, kiddo? McCall, what are you doing here? Well, I think I've come to help the lady.
You're here to help me? Yes, I think so.
JASON: I guess you're not interested in getting Brian.
I haven't survived this long without instincts.
You always get like this.
(PHONW RlNGlNG) Laura's disappeared.
She's running away.
McCall, what the hell are you doing? No jokes! (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) (BABY WAlLlNG) (TlRWS SCRWWCH) Lady, you have a restraining order, he can't come around.
What do I do, wave a piece of paper in his face as he kicks down the door? You don't understand.
You don't know this man.
I do know him.
I helped put him away.
Please, this way.
They told me when I signed the complaint I'd be protected.
You were, and he went to jail.
What about now? He's getting out.
That's all we can do, Mrs.
We don't have preventive detention.
We can't lock him up until he breaks the law.
And by that time we're dead.
McCall, what are you doing here? Well, I think I've come to help the lady.
You're here to help me? Yes, I think so.
McCall, if the lady doesn't know you, then none of this is any of your business.
So to be very polite, butt out.
Isadore, I had a call.
I have a client here.
So who's the client? Hello.
I think your name is Laura, isn't it? Mommy, I called him.
I had to.
Daddy's coming home, and I don't want him to beat you.
Can you help us? Oh, I'm sure I can.
McCall, let me fill you in.
She's been married to this guy for 12 years.
He's been beating on her the whole time, all right? Finally she turns up at a doctor's office.
The doctor blows the whistle.
She denies the charge.
And then, one of those outreach groups puts a tag on her, gives her the courage and support to file charges.
Judge gives the guy 18 months.
He's out on Thursday.
Next Thursday.
At 7:00 in the morning the bell rings and school is out for this bum.
I may need your help later.
Partner, if you want it, you've got it.
Thank you.
Look, now all the husband has to do is enter the premises and I can bust him again.
McCall, I really don't understand how you can help us.
I can try to prevent your husband from hurting you again.
No one can stop Mike from hurting.
It's the only thing he knows.
Tell me about him.
What's to tell? He's got a temper.
It just goes off without warning.
The first place he'll be heading when he gets out in three days is home.
Restraining order or no restraining order.
No offense, Mr.
Mike is bigger than you and a lot younger.
Oh, believe me, I take no offense.
I can understand your reservations about me.
I think I ought to tell you that I've had quite a lot of experience in dealing with men like your husband.
And if he comes home, I'll be there.
Now why don't you go back to your apartment, and let me check out a few things? I'll see you there later, all right? Your husband will never hurt you again.
Believe me.
Thank you for calling me, young lady.
Very brave thing to do.
(PHONW RlNGlNG) Hello? McCall, hi.
I finally got you.
It's Jason.
Don't hang up.
We need to meet right away.
Meet you? Yeah, meet you, you know, powwow, rendezvous, get-together, whatever you wanna call it.
Jason, why on earth would I want to meet you? This is exactly what we've both been looking for.
It's a situation of mutual advantage.
Nobody gives anything up and nobody loses anything.
Well, probably.
There is one person, actually, who loses, but not you and not me.
Jason, if you have a point, do come to it.
All right.
All right.
This job is a bit out of my franchise, but it's a little housekeeping that needs to be done.
I need a situation corrected practically, and you need it rectified, let's say, emotionally.
I think I'm leaving.
Guess you're not interested in getting Brian.
You do remember Brian, don't you? No jokes! Don't you dare joke about that with me! I thought this might interest you.
McCall, listen to me.
Brian is coming to town.
I don't know when, but it's going to be soon.
Why are you giving this to me? Well, because I think you'll do what I need to have done without involving me in any way.
There'll be no cost to me, there'll be no risk to me.
Or to the agency, for that matter.
That's it, that's all.
This hasn't been sanctioned, has it? Look, McCall, why don't we just call this a marriage of convenience, all right? For me, a little upward mobility.
For you, answers to questions that have been long standing.
And plus, I think at the end of this you're gonna owe me one.
I can tell how important this is to you by the expression on your face when I say "Brian.
" Why? Why should he surface now? Why? Money! Money.
Why else? All right, who's his paymaster? It's a woman called Veronica Whitney.
Now that's all I have, okay? Now I get to find out if you live up to your reputation.
I think this is gonna be really fascinating.
Don't hold anything back from me.
I want this man.
Yeah, I know.
(SPWAKlNG POLlSH) (BRlAN SPWAKlNG RUSSlAN) Brian, where is my truck? Hey! Calm down, will you? We had some other priorities.
Well, don't worry.
I'm not gonna leave you hanging.
Didn't the kid tell you? I got something for you.
You see? You came in breathing fire for nothing.
Brian, this bus isn't sturdy enough for my trip.
Oh! It's sturdy enough for the West Road.
General Misha controls the West Road.
Not anymore, chum.
Brian, if his people get hold of Angela, our whole operation will be jeopardized.
We've been protecting her for eight months now, dummy, you don't think we're gonna give her up now, do you? Oh, no.
(SPWAKlNG POLlSH) McCALL: I'll handle this, Angela.
(CHATTERING ON RADIO) McCALL: Angela! Angela! Angela! That's an original Franz Hagenauer.
It's very attractively priced.
As a matter of fact, I'm interested in Rosenthal figures and I was told that Ms.
Whitney could help me.
Which Ms.
Whitney? Veronica Whitney.
Oh, my mother.
She'll be back shortly.
How did you hear about us? (PAGWR BWWPlNG) Oh, excuse me.
Oh, there's a phone you can use on the counter, Doctor.
Thank you.
(PHONW RlNGlNG) Hello? Jessie, it's Robert McCall.
Laura's disappeared.
She's running away.
For how long has she been gone? I don't know.
When I came home she was gone.
All right.
I'll be right there.
Wxcuse me.
I'm Veronica Whitney.
You wanted to see me.
Yes, I would very much like to talk with you.
However, at the moment I have an emergency.
Well, we're open till 7:30, or by appointment if you'd care to make one now, or you can call me.
There's my card.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I hope to see you soon.
I walked around the block six times.
All over the neighborhood.
I looked everywhere.
I can't find her.
(CRYlNG) She's gone.
She's gone forever.
Stop it, Jessie.
Stay calm.
You must stay calm.
That's right.
Now, think.
Wvery child has a place where they go to, to feel safe.
School, perhaps, or a friend's house.
I checked everywhere, I tried everything.
Now, I'm sure you did, Jessie.
I'm sure you did.
But think again.
For instance, is there a place where she's gone to before when you've been angry with her, say? Hmm? You look beautiful tonight.
Wverybody will like our sports car.
They'll turn their heads.
They'll be jealous 'cause you have such a beautiful dress.
She never laughs, you know.
That's why I signed the complaint against her father in the first place.
Little girls should laugh.
With him in the house there was always so much tension.
She was frightened all the time.
Well, we'll have to make sure that she's never frightened again, won't we? Why don't you go to her? Hope we get to meet a lot of them.
It'll be fun.
I'll pick you up at 9:00.
Baby, don't ever leave me like that.
No? Well, now, I thought these were an automatic hit with little girls.
Apparently not.
Wh, up.
Laura, it's not much fun standing here talking to myself, you know.
Are you all right? I didn't mean to make Mommy mad at me.
No, no, no.
She wasn't mad at you.
She was just worried.
That's something old people do, you know, they get worried.
I have a son called Scott.
He's grown up now, but when he was about your age he ran away.
And his mother and l were frantic.
How did you find him? Mr.
Benedict telephoned us.
Benedict ran the soda fountain in the local drugstore, and he said that Scott was there.
Were you mad at him? Oh, no, not really.
We were so happy to see him.
Mind you, he went to bed with a very bad stomachache after eating three chocolate sundaes while he was there.
Later on that night I asked him why he'd run away, and he said because he'd heard his mother and I arguing and thought we were arguing about him.
Were you? No, no.
We weren't.
Laura, we'd like to think that our parents are perfect.
But they're not, you know.
They have their troubles, problems that have nothing to do with their children at all.
That's when they need the love of their children most of all, to get them through their troubles.
What's that for? Just because.
Can Mr.
McCall come home for dinner? Do you want him to? Yes.
Oh, that's very kind of you.
I'd like to, but I have to meet somebody now.
Perhaps another time? Good.
You want that? Thought you might.
Thank you.
O'TOOLW: Most people exhibit feelings of jealousy at one time or another in their relationships.
But with people like Moore, that jealousy builds until it becomes an obsession.
An obsession that manifested itself as violence.
Wven though she insisted that there were no other men in her life.
The more vehement her denial, the greater his rage became.
He was convinced she was lying to him.
She wasn't.
I know that, you know that, but Moore's obsession wouldn't let him see that.
Has he changed much, or at all, since he's been inside? I'm just his case worker.
I'll say this for him, he's been a model prisoner.
But he has been separated from his whipping post for a year and a half now.
All told, I'd say he's made considerable progress.
I think that restraining order will be enough to keep him away from his wife.
Not if he's still carrying his obsession around with him.
Who are you? My name is Robert McCall.
I'm a friend of your daughter's.
My daughter hasn't come to see me the year and a half I've been in here.
No, she's more concerned about your visiting her when you get out of here.
Why would I want to do that? I've been told one condition of my getting out is that I keep away from Jessie and Laura.
I don't want to come back here.
You have to believe that.
Well, just remember that when you get out.
Next time, it's five years.
You really think I want to spend five years in here? Well, only you and God know that.
Jason, what the hell are you doing here? Believe me, I don't want to be here.
But I have information that you don't have, and frankly, McCall, that disappoints me, seriously.
What have you found out, Jason? I've found that Brian is not coming.
He's already here.
All right, so there's much more at stake.
What is it, Jason? McCall, you're the one who's emotional about this whole thing, not me, okay? You know, it really bores me to have to do your job for you, McCall, but I found out that Brian is here to see Shumway.
So it's not just another payday, he's come here to buy weapons.
Yeah, whatever, whatever.
Listen, I have to share something with you.
You know, dealing with you and this whole experience is making me suffer from subject/object confusion.
Now I'll explain, I'll explain.
Just let me digress for just a second here.
I was on a holiday once, you know, in Cancún, and I was taking pictures and I was giving the photos to the 24-hour lab for processing.
And there I was, McCall, I was looking at these pictures and I was feeling nostalgic about an experience that I was in the midst of having.
You see, that's what I feel is happening between us.
Okay, you have to factor into it a natural antagonism between us, but that's because of our relative positions in life, you know.
I'm on the elevator up, you're on the elevator down, career wise.
But if you'd just stand back and perceive what's happening between us, it's exhilarating, you know? Jason, what the hell have you been talking about? Well, it doesn't really matter, I mean, you know, if whatever it is you have been talking about comforts you, that's fine, fine.
But can we get back to the subject at hand, Brian? Sure.
I'll find out where and when Brian is gonna see Shumway.
Does that make you happy? Well, it could take you forever to look for where and when.
My move has to be preemptive.
Preemptive? Now, wait, wait just a second.
You wait for my call.
Don't scare the prey.
Why don't you just relax, Jason? Let me handle it, all right? After all, it is just a little housekeeping job, remember? If this guy's holding as heavily as you say he is, this could be a major bust for me.
I mean one hell of a collar.
Isadore, I have to warn you.
There will be no second chance with this man.
Well, anyone as well-equipped as you say he is is bound to be formidable.
But listen to me, McCall, I know your background.
All right? I know your abilities.
But this afternoon has got to go my way.
I didn't imagine it going any other way.
Isadore, I could have taken this information to a number of people and a number of places.
It is essential that this is done correctly.
That's why I brought it to you.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I have some news about that Moore case.
Well, apparently there's been over-crowding at Metropolitan, so they're letting him out early.
How early? Probably tomorrow morning.
Oh, hell.
(VACCUUM CLWANWR WHlRRlNG) Lettie, can you switch that noise off, please? I'm trying to concentrate here.
I've got work to do.
Is there any way I can help you, Mr.
McCall? Help? I don't need help.
Just a little peace and quiet.
(WHlRRlNG STOPS) What is it that's troubling you? A woman? Yes, in a way, I suppose you're right.
A few years ago I was Well A woman I was working with was betrayed by a man.
She was taken away.
I never saw her again.
What happened to her? I don't know.
Anyway Why did this man do this? Money.
And you feel responsible? I was responsible.
And now you have a chance to avenge her.
It was a fluke.
(SPWAKlNG SPANlSH) I've been looking for the man for years.
Now I have the opportunity to put things right.
They say two things.
The souls of the departed demand justice if ever they're gonna rest in peace And a man And a man who seeks vengeance should dig two graves.
Yes, yes.
I know.
I've heard it, I've heard it.
Anyway, it's something I have to do.
Can I get you another cup of tea? No, no.
Haven't got time.
Better get dressed and go.
Thank you.
What's going on? Is Brian here with Shumway? Are you sure? Is he in there? Well, now, Jason, why don't you come with me and find out? Who's in that van? Take a look.
I have no secrets.
What the hell are you doing? Get out here! Quickly! Oh, McCall, why? (OFFlCWRS SHOUTlNG) I warned you a long time ago, Shumway, if you made a friend out of Brian, you would make an enemy out of me.
You're under arrest.
You guys wanna hold it down out there? I gotta read him his rights.
Now, why did you have to do me this way, McCall? Couldn't we have discussed it first? SMALLS: You have the right to remain silent Shumway was arrested.
What? Wow.
(SlGHlNG) That was no accident.
Does this change your plans? I'll I'll have to see my friends in Amsterdam and let them supply me.
But you can stay for a few days? I don't know.
Shumway! Shumway getting knocked over doesn't make any sense.
He's always so careful.
(SNAPPlNG FlNGWRS) Something's off.
I don't think he was that careful.
The day before I'm supposed to make my deal, this guy gets knocked over? That's no coincidence.
Who knew? Nobody.
Are you holding out? Huh? Are you telling me everything? Stop this.
I haven't survived this long without instincts.
And I can smell it.
You always get like this.
You always see shapes and shadows.
There's nothing there.
There is something there.
McCALL: But, Jessie, you've got to get on with your life.
It seems to me that's what your husband is trying to do.
I can't believe it.
I just know he's coming back.
I don't think he is.
But anyway, I shall be in contact with you at all times.
What am I gonna do? If I'd have been a better wife none of this would have happened.
You must stop blaming yourself, Jessie.
You really must.
It doesn't do any good.
You've got to stand up for yourself, and for Laura.
LAURA: Mommy? I guess it couldn't hurt to try.
I don't wanna mix in where I'm not invited, but Brian is being scared off.
I thought the plan was to blindside him.
You can blindside a man only if he's looking in one direction.
McCall, you are doing everything in your power to send this guy away.
So? That's one direction, isn't it? He'll be easier to take now that he's preoccupied.
Oh, by the way, Mickey Kostmayer, George Cook, and a few other of my people seem to have left the city.
Would you happen to know anything about that? I haven't a clue.
I'm sure you haven't.
Wxcuse me, do you mind if we start over again here? If you don't want Brian, fine, just tell me.
But let's not fight over it, McCall.
Life is too hard.
Yes or no? Where? Precise location.
The heliport on 37th Street in 45 minutes.
(TWLWPHONW RlNGlNG) Hello? MIKE: It's me.
I'll be home in a couple of minutes.
No! He said you wouldn't.
Please, you promised.
Why can't you (WHlMPWRS) Laura? Come on, baby.
Just come with Mommy.
(SCRWAMS) How's it going, kiddo? You've got no business being here, Mike, so why don't you just get the hell out? Is that any way for your mommy to greet her long-lost husband? Stay away from us, Mike! We don't want you here.
I only hear one of you saying that.
You lay a hand on her, I swear to God, Mike, I'll kill you.
Yeah, right.
(SCRWAMS) (GLASS SHATTWRlNG) How about coming over here? Welcoming home your daddy? (PHONW RlNGlNG) McCall.
It's O'Toole.
I was wondering if you'd talked to the Moore woman today.
Yes, I've just left her.
Well, her husband was released early this morning and he was supposed to come directly to my office.
And he didn't show up? Well, I don't want to panic, but No, no, no.
Thank you.
I can't get there right now.
You'd better contact Lieutenant Smalls.
OPERATOR: The number you have reached is not in service.
This is a recording.
BRIAN: Don't worry, McCall.
We won't let anything happen to her.
JASON: Brian's coming to town.
JESSIE: Mike's coming home, I know he is.
LAURA: Mommy, please! No more.
JASON: You're letting him get away.
JESSIE: What am I going to do? BRIAN: Don't worry.
I'm not going to leave you hanging.
Didn't the kid tell you? I got something for you.
(BRIAN LAUGHING) (GUNSHOTS) (WXPLOSlONS) I guess you're not interested in getting Brian.
Can you help us? (GUNSHOTS) (ALARM BLARING) JASON: If you don't want Brian, just tell me.
Yes or no? Laura! Laura! Laura, come back here! Leave her alone! Laura! (HONKlNG) Laura! No! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie, stop! Jessie! Stay away from us.
Stay away! Let her go.
Don't come any closer.
Oh, come on, come on.
You don't really want this.
I won't go back there.
Mike, comes a time in your life when you have to make a choice.
Now, you want to throw away your life, that is your choice.
You have no right to make a choice for somebody else.
Wspecially your own daughter.
Please, Mike.
Don't do this.
I don't have to listen to you.
McCALL: Yes, you do.
You do have to listen to her.
Because sometime in the past, you and Jessie got together, huh? Something brought you together.
Perhaps it's over, but don't throw away the one truly blessed thing that came out of it.
Your daughter, Michael.
Come on.
All right.
All you have done so far is violate a court order.
Don't make it any worse.
You know, Mike, that you have to go back.
Let me help you, eh? SMALLS: McCall! McCall! I told you I'm not going back there.
(GRUNTlNG) Damn you! Damn you! (SOBBlNG) Damn you! I warn you, when you finally get out, I shall be here.
It's finished.
You do understand that? McCall! Brian got away.
Now, I depended on you, and that was a big mistake.
Let me tell you something.
You know, for a while I had this overwhelming admiration for you.
I mean, you had him.
He was off guard, he was anxious, he was ripe, and now he's gone.
You know something, McCall? You have lost it.
I mean, it isn't just a question of getting soft or being old.
It is a complete and total lack of focus.
Brian isn't the one responsible for Angela's death.
That's right, McCall.
She is dead.
The General's men shot and killed her as soon as you left.
You know, Brian is the one that I've got respect for.
Not you.
You set me up on this.
You wanted Brian dead.
I don't know why.
Believe me, I will find out.
McCall? I think I'm gonna take your advice.
About what? I seem to have done nothing but give advice lately.
About getting on with my life.
No more looking back, only towards the future.
Oh, that would seem to be a good idea.
Got quite a lot to look forward to now.
If only I could convince Laura of that.
Now that will take time.
That's something she's got to convince herself of, I think.
That is beautiful.
My daddy liked ships.
He promised he'd take me around the world on one.
He's not gonna take me.
Is he? Wver.
Oh, I'm sure he will, but it won't be for a long time.
Will I ever see my daddy again? Of course you will.
But your daddy needs help.
Is anyone gonna help him? Oh, yes.
Lots of people are trying to help him.
In the meantime, you've got to be very strong because you have to help your mummy.
But I love my daddy, too.
Of course you do.
And you'll never stop loving him.
But, you see, sometimes grown-ups, they find it difficult to express their love.
But hopefully one day your daddy will be able to show you exactly how much he really does love you.
Hey, you remember you invited me for dinner once? Well, I am going to return the favor.
I make the most fantastic souffle.
Souffle? Souffle.
You know what a souffle is? Well (STAMMWRlNG) It's a How about peanut butter and jelly? Come on, little one.
Come on.