The Equalizer (2014) s01e18 Episode Script

Unnatural Causes

This guy is a real wacko.
He hits lonely, middle-aged women.
He strangles them.
Then he pins this damn flower on them like he's taking them to his high school prom.
Serrato, I represent a young woman who accuses you of beating her up.
Sally Ann We have a problem to solve, you and l.
He says he owns me.
God, what am l gonna do? You're asking me to give up my life.
No, I am telling you to save your life.
Come on in.
I wasn't expecting you for another 15 minutes.
Would you like a drink? I have some really nice sherry here.
I've been saving it for a special occasion, but This is a special occasion! I haven't gone dancing in I can't tell you how long.
By the way, how is it? Is it still windy out there? I wasn't quite sure which coat I should wear.
Well! Here we are.
(GASPS) (SOBS lN TWRROR) (SCRWAMlNG) (lNDlSTlNCT CHATTWRlNG) (STARTLWD) Oh! I really am sorry to trouble you again, Mrs.
More trouble with Robert W.
Lee? Well, sort of.
You know that my article for the Military Archive magazine is due shortly, and I'm having great difficulty with the Confederate counterintelligence system.
Does seem to be extremely well camouflaged.
Perhaps that's why they call it counterintelligence.
Yes, well, you might have a point there.
I know exactly what you need.
We have a microfiche file of all the Civil War documents available in 16 major libraries.
Just choose what you want and tell me, and I'll arrange for the loans.
When it arrives, you'll be the first to know.
Oh! I sent you a book through the mail.
A little surprise.
Ah, very kind.
I shall look forward to receiving that.
If I can be of any further help, let me know.
Thank you.
(SlGHS) (ANSWWRlNG MACHlNW BWWPS) MAN: Hey, Equalizer, I read your ad and it sounds pretty good.
I was thinking you might need a partner or something.
I live out in Brooklyn.
Maybe we could start a franchise (ANSWWRlNG MACHlNW BWWPS) My name is Sally Ann Carter.
I've only been in New York a couple of months.
I need your help.
I I met this guy, and he hurt me, and he keeps coming back.
Could you please meet me? There's this actors' bar on 46th, between 8th and 9th.
I'll wait outside for you around 7: 00.
Please, I don't know what else to do.
SALLY ANN: I need help with this guy.
He seemed really nice at first.
I'm from a small town near lndianapolis, Willow Creek.
And I'm here all alone.
I want to be an actress.
I know.
I know.
So does every girl who gets off the bus, but I'm determined not to get back on it.
I've been dreaming about coming here ever since I can remember.
Now Anza's turning it into a nightmare.
Anza? Anza Serrato.
That's his name.
I met him in a bar and we dated a few times.
And when did he start to beat you up? After he loaned me some money.
I was pretty hard up.
I mean, things kept coming up, auditions, and acting classes, looking for an agent.
Anyway, he got rough when I couldn't pay him back.
So, how much do you owe? Altogether, about $2,000.
Well, I suppose I better see this man.
Look, I don't have any money.
That, I know.
Can you tell me where I can find Anza Serrato? What? (WNUNClATlNG) Anza Serrato.
He's the guy in a green tie in the center aisle.
Thank you.
ANZA: You know, I got all this action.
Look, here's the deal.
What's important is that you find someone who is real.
Somebody who you can trust.
And that's where I come in.
Okay? Serrato.
Not now, okay? Oh, and another thing.
Most managers work on a 10% commission.
Me, I have a much more equitable arrangement.
Serrato, my name is Robert McCall.
I represent a young woman who accuses you of beating her up.
(CHUCKLlNG) Now, that's a real laugh.
It isn't, I assure you.
Sweetheart, perhaps you can excuse us for a minute here.
Maybe I'll just go freshen up.
Yeah, you do that.
All right, so you're here.
Now, what is that you want? Sally Ann Carter.
She would like you to leave her alone.
Sally Ann Sally Ann Yeah.
Yeah, well Yeah, I can understand where you find this girl attractive.
But, uh Well, how do I say it? Uh Sally Ann is not the girl you think she is.
Really? I believe she owes you $2,000.
Now you are both even.
(GRUNTS lN PAlN) Understood? Yes.
Hey! You get Sally Ann to do something real nice for you, okay? You just set a record.
This is the highest price I've ever been paid for a cheap hooker! I don't give a damn what she is! Just make sure it is not necessary for me to come back here! (CLOCK TlCKlNG) (DOOR CRWAKS) Oh! My goodness, you startled me.
You're early.
I'll be finished in a minute.
How on Warth did you get in here? I thought I locked that door.
I (GASPS) You? Oh, my God.
(GASPlNG) (BODY THUDS) Wxcuse me, Officer, can you tell me who's in charge here? Detective Smalls.
SMALLS: No new evidence.
MAN: Okay.
Nothing from the lab? We're waiting for a report about the fibers.
All right, call me when you get them, huh? Right.
Lieutenant, there's someone here to see you.
Yeah, listen, I have to get back to you on that.
McCall, what are you doing here? I'm busy as hell.
Who is it? Librarian named Francine Grant.
She's been here about 20 years.
Oh, dear God.
What's the matter? You knew her? Yes.
Yes, I knew her.
She used to do some research for me occasionally.
Is it your killer? It's got all the marks.
And what are they? Look, McCall, you know I am not free to release that sort of information.
Oh, come on, lsadore, I'm not going out and telling the press.
Oh, no.
Hell, no.
You're gonna go out and get the guy.
I didn't say that.
Robert, you don't need to.
I've got a case of my own on at the moment.
But if I happen to come across some information that might be of use to you, what do you want me to do? Throw it away? I mean, is that what you want me to do? All right! All right! Look, the truth of the matter is, we don't have much more to go on than the newspapers do, all right? This guy is a real wacko.
He hits lonely, middle-aged women.
He strangles them.
Then he pins this damn flower on them like he's taking them to his high school prom.
Lieutenant? Do you mind if I look around? Yes, I do mind.
Wxcuse me.
McCall, this visit is over.
The chief's on his way up here right now with about 1,000 reporters, and the last thing I need is for him to find the Wqualizer here, so get your tail out of here.
All right, all right, I'm on my way.
And Robert, leave this one alone.
Please! It's a political football, and the whole country's watching it.
Isadore, I'm always happy to let the police do their job.
SALLY ANN: He didn't say anything to me.
His soul and his heart are still hidden from me.
So why do l feel so happy? I told him, "You have poise" I told him, "You have poise and nobility of mind.
" His voice vibrates and caresses.
I can almost feel it in the air now.
His voice vibrates.
Okay, Sally Ann, let's stop here.
Look, I'm sorry.
I just got flustered No, no, no.
It's fine.
Now, we can stop here or we can do it again.
SALLY ANN: I don't know what happened.
I You lost your place and just dried up.
Sometimes you just lose your concentration.
It's all a matter of focus.
You stopped focusing on your real feelings in the scene.
Something was distracting you.
I'm trying.
I just Now look, Sally Ann, your progress up to this point has been really promising.
But let's look at the last few weeks.
Something has been preventing you from your total commitment to the craft.
Think about it! Okay, thank you, everyone.
We'll take another crack at it next class.
Your teacher is a woman of great insight.
She's okay.
I would say she's got you very well pegged.
I have had an interesting talk with Mr.
He says you're a prostitute.
He's lying.
That's what he wants me to be.
Really? Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me who and what he was? Because I figured you would just think I belong to him.
And nobody cares about a hooker.
Don't be cheeky.
I think it's time you and l had a walk and a talk.
At first he seemed so nice.
He took me out to dinner at all the right places.
He bought me lots of nice clothes.
I thought it all was a gift.
The money? $2,000.
You thought that was a gift? Well, I felt funny about that.
But Anza said it was all right, that I could pay him back as soon as I got on my feet.
Then one of his friends blew into town.
The guy needed a dinner date.
I just figured it was the least I could do for Anza, considering everything he had done for me.
And then there were more dinners.
And more friends.
And they all seemed nice enough, so occasionally I was nice to them.
Last week, another friend came to town.
The guy was old enough to be my father.
He didn't even want to go out.
He just sat in his hotel room wanting me to do all kinds of things to him.
I got home with my clothes ripped to shreds and in tears.
Anza was waiting for me.
You know, I thought he'd be sympathetic, help me out.
Instead, he started beating me.
And then he told you what it was really all about, hmm? Look, I don't know how I could be so stupid.
All those things he gave me weren't gifts.
Those guys weren't his friends.
I was never his girl.
All he was interested in was trying to get me to be one of his hookers.
I guess I just saw too many movies with happy endings.
I thought maybe there was one out there for me.
Well, that might be it.
What do you mean? I've paid your debt for you.
$2,000? Mmm-hmm.
What's the catch? Oh, don't worry.
It's not a gift, it's a loan.
And you will start paying me back at $20 a week the moment you get a proper job.
You don't think Anza's gonna bother me anymore? Well, we have a certain agreement, he and l.
Let's see if he honors it.
Well, Mr.
McCall, you're wonderful.
I'm wonderful.
Hey, I'll start looking for that job first thing tomorrow! "Mr.
McCall, this collection of General Lee's memoirs just arrived.
"l thought you should be the first to have it.
"Best wishes, Francine Grant.
McCall, it's Sally Ann.
He came back.
(SNIFFLING) Sally Ann, where are you? (SALLY ANN SOBBING) Anza was waiting for me.
He says he owns me.
God, what am l gonna do? Come on.
Come on, honey.
McCALL: All right, Jimmy, tell me about Serrato.
This is gonna cost you double, McCall.
(GROANS lN PROTWST) You're getting into territory I don't like stepping in! Yeah.
Yeah, well, I thought it might cost me some more.
There you are.
You're getting very greedy, Jimmy.
The lawyers are eating me up.
Yeah, yeah, all right.
All right, Jimmy.
I just don't want to know.
I do not About Serrato, he wants to be a big deal.
Right now, all he's got going is high hopes and a string of girls.
Yeah, I know about the girls, Jimmy.
The guy you want is named Peters.
He runs a bunch of lowlifes, including Serrato.
But what's all this business about you not wanting to tread in somebody else's territory? Peters works for (CLlCKS TONGUW) those guys.
Where do I find him? I thought you knew.
He runs the club Serrato hangs out in.
Thank you.
Jimmy? Have you any idea where I would find Kelly Sterling? She's strictly retired, McCall.
Has her own business.
Makes window displays for department stores or something.
Why do you want her? Oh, it's an entirely different subject, but I may well need a female operative with experience.
Well, she's your lady.
I'll give her a call.
Yeah, yeah, do that, okay? McCALL: So, this morning you will get into a cab, you are going out to the airport, and you will get on an aeroplane to lndianapolis.
(SlGHS) You can't ask me to do that.
I have no choice.
You don't understand.
Nothing else matters to me but being an actress.
Now, I know if I stick it out long enough, I'll make it.
But it'll never happen if I go back home.
I've always wanted to be somebody.
This is my only chance.
You stay in New York, you will not have a chance.
You know perfectly well what would happen if you stay in this city.
He will find out where you are, and either you will finish up by doing what he says, or Anyway, I cannot deal with Mr.
Serrato unless I know you are safe.
You're asking me to give up my life.
No, I am telling you to save your life.
You know perfectly well, Sally Ann, that you are living in a dream world.
It's turned into a nightmare.
Now, come on, it's time to wake up.
I guess I could come back when it's all over with.
Yeah, of course you can.
And you'll have a fresh start, hmm? And I'll keep you fully informed of everything that happens.
I'll leave a string of messages with your service.
I don't have one.
You don't? I thought all real actresses had a message service.
Anza always took care of everything for me.
So it's time someone took care of him.
(PWTWRS GROANS) (lNDlGNANTLY) What the hell is this? Let's say it's a little meeting between businessmen, shall we? (SLAMS DRAWWR) We have a problem to solve, you and l.
What problem? I don't even know you.
That's true.
You don't.
Actually, the problem concerns an employee of yours.
Well, then why don't you talk to him about it? I have talked to him about it.
(SLAMS DRAWWR) Now, I'm talking to you about it! His name is Anza Serrato.
He attacked a young woman who happens to be a friend of mine.
Now, either you put him out of business completely, or I will terminate your whole illicit operation.
(SLAMS DRAWWR) (WlNClNG) It's done.
It is done.
He is nothing.
He's finished.
You've got my word on it.
Well, doubtless you will make the, uh, appropriate phone calls.
(SLAMS DRAWWR) Good day.
Hey, kiddo.
Kelly! (CHUCKLlNG) Still up to your old tricks? Well, I could lie and say you haven't changed a bit.
It is very good to see you.
And please don't lie, because then I'd have to lie, too.
It's like going-home week, seeing you and Jimmy.
You know, you would think he would have made it up with his wife by now.
You would, yeah.
You must really be up against it to call up this old girl.
Are you? I'm not sure.
Why don't you get back inside the car and I'll take you somewhere? You are the most stubborn, secretive man I have ever met.
Oh, Kelly, that is possible because you are the most impatient woman I've ever met.
Well, if you weren't so secretive, I wouldn't have to be so impatient.
Robert, what have you got? Tell me! This is what I've got.
Why haven't you given this to the police? Well, it'd be a little difficult to explain that I broke into the library in the middle of the night, stole a book, and found that ad inside it, wouldn't it? You'd think they would've tumbled onto it by now.
Loneliness is not a thing you shout about from the rooftops, is it? Mrs.
Grant tried to prevent me from seeing that.
And I suspect that the others, having dialed, simply threw the ad away.
If they ever called it.
It's only a hunch, Kelly.
So was Fernandez.
We were lucky there.
(SCOFFS) I was lucky to get out with my behind in one piece! Since then, I've done a pretty good job of keeping it that way.
Robert, it's been a long time.
I like my life now.
I'm my own boss.
The hours are good.
And the only thing I have to carry in my purse is my compact.
I'll be covering your back at all times.
That's what you said last time.
That's exactly what I did last time.
What are we looking for? A contact.
What you actually mean is a date.
MAN: Sometimes you feel all alone.
Even on a crowded street, you feel as if you're the only one there.
Well, it's not that I don't have friends.
It's just that You don't have a confidant.
Why, yes.
How did you know? Oh, Kelly, I've been where you are.
Some might call me an expert on loneliness.
Possibly, we could meet? Uh, yes, that would be fine.
I'd have to check my schedule.
Could you give me your number? 555-8233.
I'll call you back soon, Kelly.
(DIAL TONE DRONING) Very careful, isn't he? What do you think? I don't know.
I don't know.
Could be.
I wish you hadn't given him your number, Kelly.
Well, obviously he checks his ladies out.
I had to give him my number.
All right, point taken.
Just don't want him suddenly turning up at your place, that's all.
I thought you said you'd cover my back.
Come on, Kelly, humor me, please.
What am I supposed to do with my compact? Get a bigger purse.
All right, you set it up, and then let me know.
Robert I promise you I'll be there, Kelly.
I promise.
How you doing? Got an appointment with Mr.
Hey, Mr.
Peters, you wanted to talk to me? Yes, Anza, I did want to speak to you.
I'd be the first one to admit I got a pretty good life here.
So, it naturally follows that I don't like anyone to screw it up.
I don't understand.
You've been getting careless, Anza.
When you get careless, I get hassled.
And I don't like to get hassled! (SCRWAMS) (GROANS) What are you talking about? I had a visitor today.
White-haired guy, in a fancy suit.
Look, I can take care of that guy, I can take care of him! Too late for all that.
What about my girls? That's finished.
But you can't do that! With scum like you, I can do anything I want.
I am so pleased how you're all coming along.
Your improvement is fantastic! And next week, we're gonna start working on The Plan by Chekhov.
MAN: Hey, Jimmy? Get the lights.
He didn't say anything to me.
His soul and his heart are still hidden from me.
(CHUCKLWS) So why do I feel so happy? I told him, "You have poise and nobility of mind, and such a soft voice.
" Did I sound out of place? His voice vibrates and caresses.
I can almost feel it in the air now.
(SLOW CLAPPlNG) Such waste.
Such a pitiful waste.
(PlANO PLAYlNG) (PHONW RlNGlNG) Robert McCall.
McCall, it's Sally Ann.
Look, I'm still here.
What on Warth are you doing here? I thought we had an understanding.
Yeah, I know.
We did.
I I couldn't bring myself to leave.
Is something wrong? It's Anza.
He still won't leave me alone.
Where are you? At your apartment? No, I'm at my acting class.
(CLWARS THROAT) Look, I'm afraid to go home.
He keeps leaving these messages on my service.
What are you talking about, Sally Ann? You don't have Is he there with you? If he is, don't say anything.
I'll be there.
Please, I know I'm becoming a pain, but I'm scared.
Okay, thanks.
All right, you got what you wanted.
He's coming.
That's good.
That's great.
You know, I'd say that you're getting your money's worth out of this place.
Okay, Sally Ann, Iet's go get ready for your Mr.
KWLLY: Of course, I'd love to see you.
It's just that it's rather short notice, that's all.
MAN: If it's a problem, we can do it another time.
No, it's really not a problem.
I mean, if you don't mind coming here Mind? Not at all.
I have a few things I've got to finish up.
Is tonight Fine.
Oh, Kelly, that would be Fine.
Yes, I'll see you at 8:00.
Oh, I'm so looking forward to it.
Till then, Kelly.
ANSWERING MACHINE: This is Robert McCall.
If you'll leave your name, message, and number, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Goodheart is showing up at 8:00.
I sure as hell hope you are, too! (BANGlNG) Maybe you and your buddy were able to put me out of commission.
The least I can do is pay back the favor.
McCALL: I really wouldn't bother.
(DOOR OPWNS) Police! Freeze! Put the gun on the floor and your hands behind your head.
Now! I recommend you do as they say.
COP: Okay, get the other one back.
(HANDCUFFS CLlCKlNG) Come on! COP 1: You have the right to remain silent.
Do you understand that? COP 2: Okay, move it.
Come on.
(SOBBlNG) Come on, you're all right now.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
It's finished.
It's over.
Goodheart is showing up at 8:00.
I sure as hell hope you are, too! (TlRWS SKlDDlNG) (CRASHWS) (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) (HORN BLARlNG) Thank goodness, Robert.
It's about time Kelly? You startled me.
You're early.
I got things wrapped up sooner than I expected.
I hope I haven't inconvenienced you.
Oh, Ralph.
Who are you? Kelly.
Kelly Sterling.
Don't lie! You knew.
I don't know anything.
Don't lie! You're just like the others.
Others? What others? Liars! Just like her.
Liars! (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) Come on.
Kelly! Stop.
Over here! Come on! MAN: Shut up! Kelly? Robert! (GUN FlRWS) (WHlSPWRlNG TO HlMSWLF) Where are you? (MWTAL CLATTWRlNG) (WLWCTRlC MOTORS WHlRRlNG TO LlFW) (WOMAN LAUGHING INSANELY) (MAN LAUGHING EVILLY) (SCRWAMlNG) (VARIOUS SCREAMING) (GUN FlRWS) Stop it! Stop it! (GUN FlRWS) Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! (GUN FlRlNG) Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! (WOMAN LAUGHING INSANELY) (FOOTSTWPS APPROACHlNG) (SlGHS lN RWLlWF) You I know.
Don't say it.
I know.
I know.
Now, come on, let's get you sorted out.
I didn't do too badly, did l? No, no, no.
You did marvelously.
Marvelously for a novice.
Novice? Who you calling a novice? At least l wasn't late! Can I help you? Oh, I think so.
I'm looking for someone but I'm a bit late.
Who are you looking for? A brunette.
Mid-twenties, very pretty.
Mind you, she may have come and gone already.
Care to wait? Yeah, I'll wait.
Thank you.
Okay, you can have any table.
Thank you.
Catherine, I was expecting some guy to meet me here.
Has anyone come? (WHlSPWRlNG) He's right over there.
Well, well, well! Surprise! Yes! I got your note.
I thought it was another frantic Oh, no, no! Thank goodness, no.
No, I started working here this afternoon.
I figured you kept up your part of the bargain.
I might as well live up to mine.
Good, good.
Takes courage to start with a clean slate.
Yeah, I know.
And, for you.
What's that for? That's the first installment of what I owe you.
Thank you.
I figure if I work hard and hang in there, someday I'm gonna make it.
I think you're already on your way.
Good luck.