The Equalizer (2014) s01e19 Episode Script


To Benjamin and Deborah, the bride and groom.
(ALL CLAPPlNG) (ALL SCRWAMlNG) Get down! Wverybody! Under the table, get down.
(GUN FlRlNG) I want a 727.
If you fail to deliver, I will execute the hostages.
No! Will you, please! Please! We will have one chance, and believe me, that is not it.
If one of us dies, we all die.
(TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) (BABY CRYlNG) (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) (FOOTSTWPS APPROACHlNG) (lNSTRUMWNTAL MUSlC PLAYlNG) I'm meeting with the delegation in the morning.
The ambassador said he could see me at 5:00.
(KNOCKlNG AT DOOR) Room service.
Come in.
Lay the table, please.
Yes, sir.
(lNSTRUMWNTAL MUSlC PLAYlNG) Hey, move it! Now! Get that out of here, meathead.
Officer down! Officer down! Hurry! (GROAN) (CAR WNGlNW STARTlNG) (KNOCKlNG AT DOOR) (DOORKNOB CLlCKlNG) (GROAN) (lNSTRUMWNTAL MUSlC PLAYlNG) (DRUM ROLL) Ladies and gentlemen, Iet us remember someone who is not here today.
Friend, husband, father.
Who is sadly missed, and alas, cannot be with us today.
However, I am greatly honored in having been asked to give his daughter away.
Now, I've known Deborah since she was a very small girl.
And I've loved her all those years.
I can only say that if I had been blessed with a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like Deborah.
And Benjamin, (CROWD LAUGHlNG) this handsome young devil.
(DRUM ROLL) May you have lasting happiness, both of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand and raise your glasses to Benjamin and Deborah, the bride and groom.
(DRUM ROLL) (CLAPPlNG) Thank you.
DWBORAH: I have to find Ben.
Ben! Get down! Wverybody, get down! (GUN FlRlNG) (WXCLAlMS lN DlSTRWSS) TWRRORlST: Not you! Get down! Under the table! Get down! (GUN FlRlNG) (GLASS BRWAKlNG) (lNCOHWRWNT SHOUTlNG) Under the table.
Get in.
Get under.
Get in.
Get under.
Under the table.
Get the drapes.
Secure the room.
All right, come on.
Up, come on up.
All right.
Up, come on.
All right.
I want identification from everyone.
Driver's license, credit cards.
Something with your name on it.
(TWRRORlST GROANS) Credit cards not driver's licenses, pass it on.
Why? No pictures, pass it on.
No pictures.
DWBORAH: I don't have any lD.
It was my wedding you know? Your name? Deborah Corea.
Oh, my God.
Deborah Wade.
(SlRWN WAlLlNG) Corey Foreman.
And this is you.
Keep quiet.
Come on! There are too many of you.
Some of you will have to go.
We will choose names to see who can leave.
Who is it going to be? You? You? Who will be the lucky ones? You? Or perhaps the happy couple? Or what about you? Otis Hendricks.
Go on.
What are you waiting for? Get over there.
Frank Stevens.
(TWRRORlST GROANlNG) (SPWAKlNG FRWNCH) (TWRRORlST GASPlNG) If your name is called, let me go.
What? If they call your name, let me step forward.
I can't believe it, you coward.
You'll be all right.
I promise you.
Gwen Hunter.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Gary Speer.
One more name.
Who will the lucky one be? Could we get this over with? Benjamin Wade.
No, please, listen.
Let my wife take my place.
We were just married.
Please, let her go.
McCALL: Very, uh Very heroic, young man.
You know, if I were you, I'd seize the opportunity.
Shut up.
Go on.
You go.
Go on.
All right.
Anything to oblige.
No, Benjamin, you go.
You picked him, let him go.
TWRRORlST: Quiet, or I'll keep you both.
Let him go.
You are free to go.
Go on.
Go, get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Go! Deborah, baby, I didn't know Oh, get out.
Bastard! Out.
(PHONW RlNGlNG) This is Lieutenant Ferraro, listen to me.
You listen to me.
I want a television and a police band radio sent in immediately.
I want an armored car.
I want a helicopter at the Wast River heliport.
I want a 727 fueled and ready for take-off at LaGuardia.
When they are ready, I will give you further instructions.
If you fail to deliver, I will execute the hostages.
(GUN COCKlNG) (GUN COCKlNG) Sir, we got pictures.
Hey, get PLP on the wire, would you? Here.
Malta, Geneva, Athens.
Good, good.
Anybody else? I think this is Jacques Semine.
It's hard to tell.
Good, listen Hey, get them to pull the file, would you? Beautiful.
These are beautiful.
You have another set of these? This could be the Gallego.
FWRRARO: God bless you.
You got anything? Yeah, the van was rented on a stolen credit card.
False address.
What about immigration? I'll give them a try.
Reports from the hostages who were released, together with the wedding guest list WOMAN REPORTER: have enabled us to compile an unofficial and as yet unconfirmed list of the hostages still being held by terrorists in the grand ballroom of New York's Fenwick Hotel.
Absolute All right, everybody.
Back it up, back it up.
Back it up, folks.
Whoa, you.
Go no further.
(lNCOHWRWNT SPWWCH) WOMAN REPORTER: of the hostages released.
The names are, City Councilman Frank Stevens, Gary Speer, Otis Hendricks, Gwen Hunter, and the just-married bride, Deborah Wade.
The man at whom the attack was apparently aimed, Gustav Herant, is a well-known philanthropist.
Clearly the intention was TWRRORlST: Philanthropist.
This man is a traitor.
He has betrayed his country.
He uses his filthy money to corrupt our people and our leaders.
You are a traitor.
He must be returned to my country for trial and public execution.
Say it.
You are a traitor.
Say it! Tell them! Tell these people why they are here.
They shouldn't be here.
You've got me, let them go.
You are a traitor.
Say it! I am not a traitor.
And I love my country.
I've devoted my life to achieving peace without the use of violence.
Does this sound like a traitor to you? You, by using violence, you are the real traitor.
Silence! I should kill you now.
Alive or dead, my work goes on.
Traitor! Say it! You can't stop it.
This is an outrage.
I am a member of the Council of this city, and l Get back down! All of you! Get down! Get down! Get down, under the table! Move! (DWBORAH SCRWAMlNG) Yo.
Hold it up there, buddy.
They just sent out.
What are you talking about? Who sent out? What? Get out of here.
Only, I want you to tell those sweethearts in the command post or whatever that I delivered it.
Only you didn't think they really ought to have it.
Go on, go ahead.
Go on.
That was so stupid of him.
You can't challenge them like that.
You've got to lie low, bide your time.
Lull them into a false sense of security.
Pick your moment.
Really? At least, that's what it said in my course on international terrorism.
You like me telling you this? Yes, it's very interesting for a man who's in insurance.
Right, insurance.
When the time comes, you tell me what you want me to do.
I can tell you now.
What I want you to do.
You will do absolutely nothing when the time comes.
Understood? You promise me? Then you'd have to deal with them without me.
Yes, yes.
That's how I planned it.
I think it's time for them to be nice to us.
They alternate.
That's what they always do.
May I have your attention.
I have no quarrel with you.
Only with this man.
So let us make the best of this difficult situation, in a spirit of co-operation.
I told you so.
TWRRORlST: Obey orders and you will not be harmed.
There are chairs, there is food.
If you need to use the restroom, one of my men will accompany you.
TWRRORlST: You can get up.
WOMAN: Oh, me first, please.
Oh, thank goodness.
Will you? Okay.
(SlGHlNG) Pizza man, he delivers.
Get it while it's hot.
What is it? Kostmayer is here.
Kostmayer? Yeah, he's got to get a search out.
But the guy's a nut.
What do you want? (SlGHS) Come here.
How the hell did you get in here? You guys are gonna stall until they start shooting the hostages.
Then you're gonna give them what they want, and when they come out the front door, you're gonna snipe them to death.
That's how it's done.
So? It isn't gonna work.
McCall's in there.
How do you know that? Because I was supposed to meet him here.
He didn't come out with the released hostages.
That means he's in there.
McCall isn't going to wait.
He's gonna start something.
So I figure there might as well be two of us.
Lieutenant Ferraro says you're like a loose grenade with no pin, you know what I mean? I see.
You know what? He's right.
Fix you a plate? No, that's quite all right.
Do you people eat meat? Well, sometimes.
Yes, we eat meat.
I hate it when they're nice to you.
All you can think about is when they'll get vicious again.
Which they will.
Which is why they do it, of course.
To control you.
I guess there are two sides to every question, right? TWRRORlST: Yes, I guess so.
Why the hell not? You'll get us all killed.
You have a better idea? We will have one chance.
Believe me, that is not it.
(SPWAKlNG FRWNCH) Is this what you want? No.
McCALL: Wxcuse me.
I wonder, we would like some more roast beef, as you're the only one with a knife, would you mind cutting some? Not at all.
Thank you.
Get back to your chairs! Get out! Get back! Go on all of you! Move it down! All of you back down! Sit them down! Get them down! (WHlSTLlNG) I'd like to use the ladies room.
Pretty white dress.
White is for virgin bride, yes? Give me a break.
In my country, a woman not a virgin.
Anybody can use her.
Your country gives new meaning to the expression "virgin wool.
" DWBORAH: Stop it! Get away! Help! TWRRORlST: Shut up! (SCRWAMlNG) Shut up! Help! Wnough! Wnough! Anything to say? POLlCWMAN: Through here, Jerry.
(WHlSTLlNG) (WHlSTLlNG) What is it? Well, you'll have to wait until it's finished.
(MAN MOANlNG) (SPWAKlNG FRWNCH) That man is dying.
Are you a doctor? No.
Anyone can see he's dying.
POLICEMAN: Command post.
I need a doctor.
All right, okay.
All right, let's have it.
All right, it's on the outside.
Please remember that.
It's on the outside.
It'll be all right.
Right, one little.
22 against heavy artillery.
Does this guy McCall know how to work the safety? Sure he does.
How do you know that? He knows, I know him.
What are my instructions? Your instructions? Yeah, um, just Do what you can.
But I want you back here alive.
Don't be a hero.
He'll make it if you get him to a hospital as soon as possible.
No hospital.
Then I wish him luck.
Give him one of these every half hour.
I'm gonna check the others.
Doctor? Come on, sweetie, sit up.
Oh, my.
Get me some water.
What is your name? Deborah Wade.
That'll make you feel better.
I'm sorry I can't do more for you.
But you're going to be just fine.
Anyone else? Over here.
Doctor, you've dropped your pen.
We use these, too.
(WOMAN SCRWAMlNG) Get out of here.
Tell them I want no more games.
Tell them they're out of time.
I want our transportation here in half an hour.
Or I will kill one person every 15 minutes after.
Now, get out! (WHlSTLlNG) (COOlNG) So anyway, the story goes that the great bird of the north flew away and was never seen again.
And to this very day, all the other birds fear his shadow.
(LAUGHlNG) That's interesting.
Yes, it is.
You learned that in Japan? Yes.
I have been to Japan.
Really? I've been to many countries.
May I have your attention? I need a volunteer.
I need someone to deliver this message.
I'll go.
I really think it might carry more weight if it came from someone like myself.
Thank you, but that would not be fair to the others.
We will leave it to chance.
The bag.
Who will it be? Otis Hendricks.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Nonsense, it is the luck of the draw.
You will not be needing that.
You can leave it here.
No, that's okay, l'd No! Will you, please! Please! Oh, why you doing that? Down.
The word's come down.
There's no alternative.
Let's go.
(GROANlNG) MAN ON RADIO : Squad, this is Central.
I repeat, you're on, fellows.
Now! (PHONW RlNGlNG) FERRARO : All right, your helicopter is on its way.
Have everybody ready to move in 15 minutes, you got that? Yes.
15 minutes.
You're going home.
Our demands have been accepted unconditionally.
We will be leaving here in 15 minutes.
Oh, great! Let me explain the ground rules.
They're very simple.
If one of us dies, we all die.
Do what you're told and everything will go smoothly.
There is nothing to fear as long as you do what you are told.
When will you let us go? As soon as we have safe passage back home.
You mean you're going to take us on that plane with you? I hope that will not be necessary.
They won't allow it.
They have no choice.
They have seen what happens when we don't get what we want.
Any more questions? McCALL: Yes.
May I use the men's room, please? Yes, of course.
Thank you.
I'll just be a minute.
I, um I expect you're in a hurry to get home.
I know I am.
You know, I don't think that I'd be much good in your line of business.
I think it's a little bit too stressful for me.
Mind you, the insurance business is pretty tough.
Competition is ferocious.
Absolutely ferocious.
I know some agents who'd go to any lengths just to get an account.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm just going to wash my hands.
Prepare them all.
Check on them.
What about her? Go! Don't do it.
Why die needlessly? Robert! I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Deborah, earlier on You know, when this happened to you I know.
Next to that, this was easy.
That's it? That would seem to be it.
I can't wait to see Benjamin.
Now would be a good time.
Go to him now.
Not as neat as I would've done, but close.
Don't suppose you considered coming in through the men's room, did you? McCall (SlGHlNG) You had to be there.
Next time, get it right, Mickey.
Get it right.