The Equalizer (2021) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Equalizer CIA wants you back, Robyn.
I don't work for them anymore.
WOMAN: I've got nowhere else to turn.
ROBYN: I'm the one you call when you can't call 911.
This is Melody, one of my oldest friends.
Trouble's my specialty.
ROBYN: How's it going, Harry? Enjoying being dead? MEL: You got him out of one life sentence and straight into another.
Why do I have a feeling this is not a social call? ROBYN: I need those freaky-ass superpowers of yours.
(GRUNTING) What made you cross the line? There is no line, so you have to decide who you're gonna be and what you're willing to do to get justice.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING, GUNFIRE) Call 911! Do the police have any idea what happened? - I'm not waiting.
- DELILAH: I saw something.
The money, guns You don't work for a charity, do you, mom? There's some things that you don't understand.
Who are you? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Down! - Everybody down! Stand back! - (SCREAMING) Hands where I can see 'em! (WOMAN SCREAMS) Bank manager! Vault.
At the wall! ROBBER: Hands up! - Please - (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Anyone else want to die? - (SOBBING, SCREAMING) - keep your head down! Move it! (SIRENS APPROACHING) We got company! - Time to lock and load.
- All right, let's go.
Hurry up.
Go, go.
OFFICER: Keep it covered! Still need that coffee, Paley? Nope, wide awake now.
Thanks for that.
- Hey, Dante.
- What have we got? Alarm was tripped three minutes ago.
Been at least one gunshot.
And we've seen one at the window and assume hostages inside.
ESU's ten minutes out.
HNT's on route.
Allen, get these people - back behind this building.
- (GUNFIRE) - (SCREAMING) - (GRUNTS) Officer down, officer down! Paley, call for backup.
Dispatch, shots fired.
Officer down.
We need immediate backup and EMT.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Hang in there, hang in there.
(GRUNTS) - Ah! - Go, go, go, go! Where's that ambulance? Paley? Paley.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- (GROANS) Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, come on, I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
Hang in there.
(GASPING) I got you.
The god killer this Tokyo and I'm Godzilla playing Blackjack versus death gun on the card dealer just bought a demon I'm screamin' up out the car dealer the last temptation of Mike, but I'm a god figure tell beelzebub that the god don't need a job and if I did, the oligarchs would be missing, murdered and robbed the money never meant much.
Looks like you left it all on the field.
Not even half of it.
I talked to Miles this morning.
He said for the past two weeks, Delilah has just been going to school, coming home, and spending most of her time in her room.
Well, at least she's not going around telling everyone who her mother really is.
Telling her was a bad idea.
She's smart, Robyn, like you.
We couldn't keep lying to her.
She was already asking questions.
It was just Just a matter of time.
But at least it could have been on my own terms.
I mean, maybe I should just go over there and make her - talk to me.
- Right.
'Cause that would end well.
What you told her was a lot, honey.
She just needs the space to work through it.
Forcing her to come home before she's ready We just push her further away.
(PHONE BUZZING) Maybe what she needs is a good push.
so sorry, Marcus.
We were on our way to get coffee.
Weren't even supposed to be on shift yet.
Zamansky and Sokolov? No leads yet on the getaway vehicle, but we're running prints on a robber you took out now.
Anything on the bank security tapes? They've all been erased.
These guys knew how to cover their tracks, how much they get? Not a dime.
According to the manager, they didn't touch the tills.
They only took a safe-deposit box.
Whose box? McCall, just in time.
Where is the corpse? - Wow.
- Oh, good, Rob's here.
We can get on with this macabre ritual.
Come on, babe.
Five years.
Five years of freedom from being hunted by the feds.
Five years of being stuck underground.
It's getting a little old.
- Oh, come on, shut up and blow.
- I do like presents.
- Happy deathday.
Oh, Rob - Oh Rob.
- Sick! I mean, I feel seen.
- You are seen.
Yeah, thank you.
Little-little early - for cake, right? - HARRY: Oh, come on, Rob.
- Breakfast of champions.
- MEL: That's right.
Oh, and speaking of champions, we got a few texts on the board That deserve a look.
Word on the alt-net is that you are a real-life hero.
Your legend is growing.
Yeah, that's the problem.
I'm too exposed.
When I was working overseas, no one knew who I was.
Now my legend has gone all the way to the DA's office.
Cops know about me.
Delilah does, too.
Maybe I was foolish, thinking I could do this work so close to home.
I don't know, guys, maybe it's time we stop.
- Well, any luck? - The box was opened under a stolen identity.
The guy who supposedly owns it lives in Omaha.
He's never even been to New York, had no clue there was a box registered under his name.
- Who set it up? - No idea.
And without the security video, there's no way to find out.
Where are we with the dead robber's ID? We've run prints and facial rec.
No hits.
Come on.
You don't Rob a bank without having priors.
He has to be in the system.
The FBI team ran him through their system as well.
It's like he doesn't exist.
No vehicle, no video, no ID, no idea what they were after.
Clock's ticking, cap.
How are we supposed to find these guys if we don't know where to start? You let her parents know? Yeah.
We'll keep pushing.
Someone's gotta know these guys.
MEL: I'm glad you came.
And the other stuff We'll figure it out.
Hey, you know, Rob, if-if you want me to hack into Delilah's texts - just to see what she's saying - ROBYN: No.
I don't want to invade her privacy.
What? Delilah? Dante.
How's it going, detective? It's been a day.
Is everything okay? No.
Listen, I, uh I want to hire you.
There's something I need Equalized.
(BIRDS SINGING) Thanks for meeting me.
Deserted garage.
Very Watergate.
I could lose my badge for this.
DA's still gunning for you.
Yeah, I know.
I just came by to say I'm sorry about what happened to Paley.
And the others.
But I can't help you with this.
Wait, what? Something came up.
I'm hitting pause for a minute.
"Hitting pause"? You have any idea what it took to call you? - Listen - No, you listen.
Every time you asked, I was there.
Against my better judgement, I showed up, because the people you were helping needed it.
Well, now I need it.
These bank robbers left nothing behind, not a single trace.
And every minute that ticks away without a lead, we get a mile further from catching them and one step closer to this going unsolved.
I can't let that happen.
Those officers were killed on my watch.
She was killed on my watch.
So I'm asking you: Help me find these men.
All right, I'll see what I can do.
Um So, how does this work? What What does it cost? I don't charge.
Let's just say I have some money stashed away from previous work.
Allows me to take the cases that really matter.
This one matters.
Media doesn't know this yet, but the only thing they hit was a safe-deposit box opened under a stolen identity, so we can't even identify the owner.
And the one I managed to take down, he doesn't seem to exist.
I figured since you don't seem to exist Maybe you could shed some light.
(GUNFIRE) Barbarians.
They'll just shoot at anything.
Officer down, officer down! Damn, look at him racing out there like that.
No wonder they have a thing.
I wouldn't call it "a thing.
" Yeah? What would you call it, then? It's called mutual respect, Harry.
Oh, yeah, no, of course, but, uh, are you sure you're cool with this? I mean, talk about exposure.
He came to me this time.
I couldn't say no.
The way these guys work their gear, I'm willing to bet they have special forces training.
Well, if that's true, then our dead guy should be in one of the databases.
Only he's not.
We ran him through military, FBI, Interpol and he's not in the system, which he would be unless he's in a classified closed system database I can't access, in which case And I don't admit this lightly I can't help.
But you know who could? Look, yes, Bishop absolutely should have told you the CIA traded away Mason Quinn, but, I don't know, he was trying to protect you.
He lied to me.
- I know.
- About a terrorist - who tried to kill me.
- I know.
How can I ever trust him again? (SCOFFS) you don't have to trust him.
Look, Bishop probably hates that you're mad at him.
Use that to leverage him.
You know why I love you, right? Yeah, 'cause I'm smart, loyal and I'm fun to be around.
You know why I love you? The thing I do with the bandanas? Pretty much.
- He says he'll meet.
- Great.
Picture him with angel wings.
That always works for me.
And I'll look into the safe-deposit box.
If they opened it using a fake ID, whoever stole the ID probably left a digital fingerprint.
This is a nice, deserted spot.
You're not planning on shooting me, are you? Depends on how this meeting goes.
I heard about Delilah.
What happened to her friend, that's a terrible thing.
I also heard that she's been staying at her dad's for the last couple of weeks.
What, are you keeping tabs on me? Well, just 'cause you're pissed doesn't mean I stopped caring.
Okay? What happened? - She found out.
- How much? Everything.
About the CIA, what I do now.
That I've been lying to her her entire life.
- You know, like that.
- Oy.
Nothing like counting on a hormonal 15-year-old to keep your life and death secrets, right? (SIGHS) But that's not why you're here.
I need a name.
He and his pals shot up the first world bank this morning.
Police can't identify him; Neither can I.
Hey, you owe me.
(SCOFFS) okay.
I'll see what I can do.
I have something for you.
Everything I could dig up on Mason Quinn since the CIA let him go.
I figure I owe you that, too.
But a word of advice.
Don't open it.
He's not your problem anymore.
Don't let yourself get dragged back into the past.
(PHONE RINGING) Harry, what you got? All right, so you know that stolen identity that was used to rent the box? Well, looks like it was, uh, sold on the dark web after a data breach.
So I cross-referenced its uses with source isps, fraudulent purchases, credit card company investigations Harry, remember that conversation about you giving me too much detail? But it's the details that make it sound impressive, man.
I mean, what, would you prefer it if I was just like, hey, guess what, I found the guy? You know, then you wouldn't know how hard it was.
Did you find the guy? Yes.
I mean, you know, it's circumstantial.
Guy's name is Atticus Lee.
Lives right here in the city.
Uh, former marine, recipient of the purple heart, hit hard times at home, minor possession rap made him unemployable, so he turned to crime.
Cops busted him for B and E and stealing jewelry.
Pretty sure the box belongs to him.
Harry Yeah? I'm impressed.
You have an address? You sure this is the guy? No, but My burden of proof isn't as high as yours.
Look, you might want to hang back for this.
The information I got came Not so legally.
I don't know anything about that.
I'm just here acting on a tip from a confidential informant.
I'm not hanging back.
I need answers.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) (DOOR CLOSES) Somebody was looking for something.
(FOOTSTEPS RUNNING) Somebody's here.
We're the good guys.
Come on, baby, you're safe now.
Come on.
Tell me your name, sweetie.
Oh, that's pretty neat.
If you tell us what happened, I promise we can help you.
Bad men came and broke into the house.
My daddy told me to hide in my special place.
And not to come out until he said it was okay.
These men Did you see them? But I heard them.
They were loud.
What were they saying? That they wanted it back.
And there were other sounds.
Scary sounds.
I think they were hurting him.
(EXHALES) Do you know what happened to him? After a while, it got quiet.
And I fell asleep.
When I woke up, they were all gone.
And you didn't call the police? Daddy says never call the police.
They'll take you to jail.
And he told me to wait.
And when I heard you, I-I thought maybe he was back.
Where's your mom? I was supposed to spend the week with her.
But she got in trouble because of drugs.
Daddy and I take care of each other.
When is he coming home? DANTE: What do you think? I think her dad stole from the wrong people and whatever he took, they want it back.
How does the safe-deposit box fit in? I think he set it up to hide stolen jewelry until he could get rid of it.
That way, if the cops searched his house, he'd be clean and they couldn't connect him to the box.
Only they may have gotten it out of him.
In which case, Atticus is already dead.
Let's try to hold on to hope a little longer.
She's a brave one.
I'll take her to social services, make sure she's okay.
And I'll see if I can find her mother.
- Okay.
- (PHONE RINGING) Yeah, what you got? Well, nothing good.
That dead bank robber? The reason you can't find him? He's CIA.
Well, this was hard for even me to find.
I had to call in some favors.
His name is Dustin Dempsey.
Intelligence operative, works mostly overseas.
- You're saying this was CIA? - No.
Whatever he was doing, he was doing it off book.
He's supposed to be on a fishing trip in Montana right now.
So what's one of our agents doing robbing a bank? You can tell me.
I mean, dude was with a team, so maybe you could get a list of known associates.
Folks he missioned with.
Oh, boy, you give a mouse a cookie What else you want? His pants size and his favorite ice cream? No, his shoe size - and his favorite color.
- Okay, okay.
Meanwhile, you watch your back.
Going up against guys like Dempsey? It's like going up against yourself.
You hear me? (CLICKS TONGUE) (PLAYING "OLD MAN" BY NEIL YOUNG) Old man, look at my life twenty-four and so much more live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two love lost - such a cost.
- Uh-oh.
Neil young? What's wrong? (SIGHS HEAVILY) How is it, out in the sun? With all the other humanoids? Uh, it's crowded and noisy and difficult.
Well, after five years, I kind of miss crowded, noisy and difficult.
Going to see bad movies, eating hot dogs off of speciously unsanitary carts, flipping off cab drivers.
Yeah, well, you also like not looking over your shoulder.
And, uh, I don't know, not being in prison? Can't I have both? So do you think Rob is serious about not doing this anymore? I don't know.
I mean, this whole Delilah thing's got her rattled.
What about us? I mean, if she stops, would you want to keep doing it? I mean, we're doing pretty good, right? Let's just focus on what's in front of us.
Are those phone records? HARRY: Yeah.
I was trying to see if Atticus connected with anybody before.
- (ALARM WAILING) - what's going on? Someone's targeting my system.
I'm under attack.
They're through the outer layer.
- Who's "they"? - I don't know.
Somebody must have tagged me when I was pulling up Atticus's phone records.
They're through another layer.
Okay, what happens if they break through? They own the servers.
They know I'm alive.
Okay, I-I can't hold them off.
What are you gonna do? Harry! What in the actual ROBYN: How close did they come? Nicholson in the shining close.
Their digital axe was about to "here's Johnny" my entire system.
And it's one of the most secure on the planet.
It would take someone with mad skills Someone from the intelligence community.
(SCOFFS) I'm sorry, I thought I heard you say "intelligence community.
" The guys that attacked Atticus, that hit the bank, - one was rogue CIA.
- Oh, no.
No, no, no.
See, I didn't spend five years underground living like a mole person just to throw it all away.
- Harry - No, no.
I mean, maybe if someone doesn't want us looking into it this badly, we shouldn't be.
Babe, you're vacillating wildly.
I'm vacillating wildly - because they almost found me.
- ROBYN: Harry.
They killed cops, took a little girl's father and, yes, they came after you.
Don't you want to know why? - Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
All right, okay, look.
If I end up in jail, you both are breaking me out.
- You know we can.
- Okay, whatever.
So What triggered the attack? I was downloading Atticus's phone records.
Somebody must have set a trip wire on the account.
Tell me you managed to get the records.
Atticus called one number the past few days, but he called it several times, so I did a web search and it belongs to a Martin Navarro.
He's got a PHD in agricultural sciences from Cornell and he runs a Latin American nonprofit.
So why would their paths cross? (PHONE RINGING) Hey.
How's the girl? Still shaky, but I finally got her to open up about where she and her dad had been the last couple of days.
Two days ago, they visited a guy her dad called uncle Mike at a pawn shop.
Turns out uncle Mike is Atticus's fence.
Atticus was looking to unload a few things, including a pair of gold cufflinks with the congressional seal on them.
He stole from a congressman.
Not just any congressman.
One of New York's own.
Along with the cufflinks, Atticus had a watch engraved with the initials "S.
" S.
Sanford Ganis, chair of the house intelligence committee? Yeah.
I checked police records.
No one reported a robbery at his park slope residence, which means either Ganis doesn't know he was robbed, or Or he didn't want it reported.
Ganis is home for the recess.
I'm headed to him now to find out which.
Well, I gotta run down a lead of my own, so We'll connect after.
No, we are not rewriting that bill.
And if they don't like it, - they can go on the record.
- Congressman Ganis.
Detective Dante.
I just need a quick minute with the congressman.
- Unless that's a problem.
- No.
Always happy to help our friends in law enforcement.
Appreciate it.
Just wondering if you had a break-in at your house or office this weekend.
Break-in? No, why? Came across this as a part of another investigation.
I believe it's yours.
Where'd you find it? Can't share that yet.
The investigation's ongoing.
Just trying to pinpoint when it might have been taken.
Uh, that? About a year ago, from a gym locker.
Gym locker.
I assume you filed a police report.
You guys have more important things to do than chase down a watch.
$25,000 watch.
You'd at least need a report for an insurance claim.
Chalked it up to life tax.
But, hey, now that you have it, do you think maybe I can get that back? Of course.
Once we're done with our investigation.
Thank you for your time.
Navarro, can I speak with you for a moment? I'd like to ask you about Atticus Lee.
Who? Atticus Lee? He's called you multiple times in the past few days.
You know him? You know who he is? Please, I need to speak with him right away.
- Why? - Because he knows who killed my wife.
Noelle was a reporter with IDR news.
A couple of months ago, she found something Evidence that members of the U.
Intelligence community were behind the assassination of president Flores in Cortuguay.
And it was done without the knowledge or consent of congress or the white house.
A rogue operation.
Sponsored by U.
Flores was blocking hundreds of American business contracts.
Well, someone must have authorized it.
Noelle had linked the operation to a powerful member of congress.
She was on her way home from the airport with proof when her car went off the road.
Emergency crews found her body at the scene.
No files were found in the car.
Police ruled it an accident, but But someone ran her off the road.
Only I had no way of proving it until I got that phone call.
What exactly did Atticus say? That he had evidence proving Noelle was murdered.
He said he was a soldier once and that he he felt a duty to do what was right, but that he couldn't do it himself.
So we arranged to meet, but He never showed.
So Atticus robs the congressman's house, empties his safe Not realizing that he's taking evidence linking the congressman to the assassination of a foreign leader.
Which is why he didn't report it.
Instead, the congressman calls his people to get it back.
And they'll do anything to make sure it never comes to light, no matter who they have to kill.
Only we could never prove it.
They're going to get away with this, aren't they? Rogue intelligence agents, a senior member in congress? Tell me, how the hell am I supposed to go up against that? You can't.
And you can? People like them? They're the reason why I'm doing this in the first place.
They think they're untouchable.
They don't care who lives or dies, including cops.
It's not right.
So since they don't play by the rules, neither can I.
So what happens next? - (TIRES SQUEALING) - get down! They followed you.
All I did was ask some questions.
Yeah, the kind of questions that get you killed.
Send the boys to their mom's.
Don't go home.
Pick a hotel at random, pay in cash and turn off the GPS in your phone.
For how long? - Until you hear from me.
- This isn't right.
I'm a cop.
I'm the one who's supposed to be investigating.
You'll have your moment, but right now, it's my turn.
(LINE RINGING) Hi, you've reached Bishop.
- Please leave a message.
- (BEEPS) Yeah, Bishop.
I know you're running Dempsey's associates.
Can you let me know if any of 'em connect to a congressman, sanford Ganis? All right, call me back as soon as you can.
Dee? Hey, mom.
We need to talk.
I got your messages.
I wanted to call back, but (INHALES) I mean, I wasn't sure who I was calling.
My mom, who drives carpool, or some ex-spy turned avenger, who's a complete stranger.
Delilah, no matter what I do, I'm always your mom.
No, but you lied to me.
Okay? For years.
Because I had to.
It would have been dangerous for you to know.
It is dangerous.
Okay, and what about all that time you were away, mom? All those moments in my life you weren't there, running around the world.
While Aunt Vi and I were here, living our boring little lives.
My life is not boring, or little.
And that is no way to be speaking to me or your mother.
(LAUGHS): Why? What? She gonna waterboard me? Hey, that is enough.
You will show some respect in this house.
Number one, you do not have the moral high ground you think you have, little girl.
Number two, you were sneaking around and you found something you were not ready to see.
That's on you.
Number three, you are too young and too sheltered to have a clue as to what you are saying, so this is what it is.
I am your mother.
And I'm not going to make excuses and apologies for what I do.
I've done what I can to keep this country safe.
And I've done my best to keep you safe.
Dee, there are things in this world that I hoped I could protect you from.
Things that no one should have to experience.
Like Jason.
And it is my job to make them right.
It's what I was put on this earth to do.
But none of that takes away from how much I love you.
Dee You've been through so much, so quickly.
Just Just by itself, seeing your friend shot, losing him I know you're reeling.
Which is why you should be running to us, baby.
Not away from us.
But How can I trust either one of you again? That's something you're gonna have to decide.
And now that you know my secrets, you're gonna have to grow up just a little faster than what we would've hoped.
But, um Maybe we can just start by giving each other the benefit of the doubt.
Just being honest with each other.
You know where we stand.
You give respect, you get respect.
Just think about it.
(ROBYN SIGHS) As hard as this is, I understand how she feels.
Sometimes, I wish I could UN-know what I know.
(PHONE RINGING) Whatever that is Be safe.
(SIGHS) Yeah, Bishop, what you got? Okay, that connection you were looking for? I think I found it.
Congressman Ganis's chief of staff, Remy Hollenbach.
I'm going to text you his photo.
(PHONE CHIMES) Now, Hollenbach was a former CIA operations officer until he turned to politics.
Guess who he served with? My dead bank robber.
They were in the same tactical unit, doing covert ops about a decade ago.
Hollenbach sounds like just the kind of guy you want for a rogue intelligence operation.
Except this is classified.
None of it can be used legally to connect any dots.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll connect the dots.
Oh! (GASPS) Are you kidding me? You need to watch where you're going.
You need to get off your phone, jackhole.
(GROANS) We good? Yep, tracking is active.
We have audio.
He's in the building.
He should be in his office by now.
All right.
Let's see where we stand.
(PHONE DIALS, LINE RINGING) WOMAN: Congressman Ganis's office.
Hello, may I speak with congressman Ganis? Tell him it's Atticus Lee.
He'll know what it's regarding.
- (BEEPING) - well, that struck a nerve.
They're tracing the call.
Knock, knock, you son of a bitch.
All right, let's see exactly how big a nerve we struck.
Turn up the volume on that bug.
HOLLENBACK: Trace failed.
GANIS: She called herself Atticus Lee.
She was sending me a message, which means - she knows.
- HOLLENBACK: Or was fishing.
GAINIS: First the cop, now this? We need to close up shop.
I want this to be over.
HOLLENBACH: Atticus can't hold on much longer.
One way or another, we'll finish this today.
Atticus is alive.
Which means they don't have the evidence.
He lied to them about the bank.
He's been lying to them to stay alive.
Because he knows once they have it Yeah.
They'll kill him.
If we can save Atticus, we can end this.
All right.
(DIALING) Who-who you calling? Dante.
He deserves to be a part of this.
(CAR LOCK CHIRPS) - Him? - Yep.
And he's gonna lead us straight to Atticus.
Atticus must be inside.
We need to call.
Oh, no good.
That guy'd spot a SWAT team a mile away.
Atticus would be dead before they hit the front door.
I'm gonna have to do this one solo.
Mm, you're not doing anything, not without backup.
These aren't common criminals.
These are highly trained mercs.
All the more reason.
Someone's gotta have your back.
I can handle myself.
All right.
But if you get shot I'll kill you.
Now, what's the plan? How's your handles? (GRUNTS) Well Nice assist.
Hell of a pick-and-roll.
Don't make this harder on yourself.
Just tell me where you hid those notebooks and the drive.
I can't get a clean shot.
Gotta take out all three of them.
(COUGHING) HOLLENBACH: You can end this, Atticus.
It's in your control.
Huh? Where is it? Over there.
He's toast.
Kill him.
Burn the body.
Leave no trace.
Yes, sir.
(GRUNTING) - (GUNSHOT RICOCHETS) - get him out of here.
(GUNSHOTS, GUN CLICKING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) who are you? The one who's gonna take you down.
You Were Wrong.
(GUNSHOT) You okay? (EXHALES) yeah.
Atticus? Alive.
And ready to end this.
(SIGHS) Hey, Dante Thanks.
DANTE: Finished that investigation.
Thought I'd bring this back.
Also brought these.
They belong to a friend of mine.
She was murdered because of you.
Sanford Ganis You're under arrest for accessory to the murder of a peace officer The murder of journalist Noelle Navarro and the kidnapping of Atticus Lee.
You can't arrest me.
Do you people have any idea who I am? Yeah, I know who you are.
I also know what you are.
Atticus knew they were going to kill him once they got what they needed.
So he told every lie he could to buy time.
Only thing that kept him going was the hope of seeing his daughter again.
He sent them to that bank box hoping they'd get caught.
Didn't mean to cost anybody their lives.
Well, he also said someone helped him land a legit job at the.
Any idea who that might have been? I may have made a call.
And thanks to Atticus, congressman Ganis will be going away for a very long time.
Atticus And you.
Thank you.
For helping me get justice for my people.
That's it? Thank you? (CHUCKLES) No lecture about my methods.
The world's a messy place.
I'm hired by the people to uphold the law.
If I cross that line, no matter how well-intentioned, I violate trust.
But you're right.
Sometimes we can't help.
Maybe the world does need you.
"The world needs you"? Dante really said that? Here.
Sounds like we have a new ally.
We'll see.
So what happens now? (SIGHS) Do we take that pause or keep going? (SIGHS) We keep going.
What about, uh, overexposure? Let 'em come.
We'll stay one step ahead of 'em.
Hey, so, um Seeing as how you're back in the saddle again, you feel ready to take on a new client? You got one? Uh-huh.
I want you to resurrect me.
Being dead is killing me.
Are you serious, babe? A hundred percent.
I just want to live again, preferably without being arrested by the feds for leaking military secrets.
That's a tall order, Harry.
I know.
Look (SIGHS) Getting the band back together? Man, it's been the best thing to happen to me since I died.
I just don't want to have to keep hiding.
You know? And I don't want to feel as vulnerable as I felt yesterday, right? So I'm asking, Rob Help me live again.
Yeah, I'll try.
But it might take a while.
That's all right.
Not going anywhere.
Um I thought about what you said.
About (SIGHS) Giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and I realized I never thanked you for what you did for Jason.
Look, who you are What you are It's a lot, and I don't know how to get used to it.
But you're my mom.
And I want to come home.
(SIGHS) Can I come home? Of course you can come home, baby.
(WHISPERS): Don't cry, don't cry.

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