The Equalizer (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

The Kingdom

Previously on "The Equalizer" I saw something.
The money, the guns Who are you? Word on the Altnet is that you are a real-life hero.
Your legend is growing.
This is Melody, one of my oldest friends.
Why do I have a feeling this is not a social call? I need those freaky-ass superpowers of yours.
Since they don't play by the rules, neither can I.
How can I ever trust him again? Bishop probably hates that you're mad at him.
Use that to leverage him.
You're not planning on shooting me, are you? Depends on how this meeting goes.
Thank you for not taking a shot back in the subway.
Maybe the world does need you.
You all packed for your geology trip this weekend? Yep.
I'm all ready.
I still find it astonishing that you want to spend your entire weekend looking at rocks.
You know caves don't have Wi-Fi, right? I'm evolving.
- Uh-huh.
- Hey.
- Hey, baby.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
You know we're gonna miss you this weekend for the Costco run.
Could use those sharp little elbows for the crowds.
You know, something tells me you can handle yourself.
Is that work? It is.
You know, I'm going to try a new Pilates studio today.
Really? So everyone is just having a normal day.
Dee, I know this is weird Yeah, it's really weird.
Am I just supposed to make small talk and eat my bagel like you're not gonna spend your day going Jessica Jones on bad guys? No.
You're supposed to offer me the other half of that bagel.
It's all yours.
Doesn't that seem strange to you? That girl goes out to get the mail, and she calls it a hike Now all of a sudden, she wants to spend her weekend exploring a cave.
Until the dust settles in this house, I can't see a thing.
The Prophet teaches us that kindness is an act of faith.
As a diplomat and father living abroad, it's important that we have a place to celebrate our culture.
Saudi Arabia is modernizing, and I'd like to commend my wife, Misa, and my daughter, Mira, for helping bring this cultural center to life.
Bismillah! I don't have much time.
I was followed, he's outside.
Just calm down, take a deep breath.
Tell me what's wrong.
My little brother, Ali, we were supposed to meet a couple days ago, but he never showed.
It's like he just vanished.
I've called all the places he goes his university, Soho House nothing.
He's never gone a day without texting me.
Did you go to the police? I can't.
My parents are refusing.
Won't even discuss it with me.
But they know something.
You think he's in danger? I know he is.
Ever since Ali disappeared, Saudi men have been coming into the house, pulling my parents behind closed doors.
My mother is scared.
I can see it.
And there are eyes on me all the time.
My computer.
My phone.
I even had to borrow my friend's cell - just to send you a message.
- Mira, what do you think might be going on with your brother? Uh, there were fights at home, him and my parents.
They were trying to get him into an arranged marriage back in Saudi Arabia, but this is bigger.
Something is very wrong.
You have to find my brother.
Help him.
I will do everything in my power.
In the meantime, there are no eyes on this.
Take it.
You go.
I'll keep in touch with you.
You want to take on the Saudis? The guys with all the weapons, all the money, and the diplomatic immunity.
Those are the guys you want to piss off? Do you know what Mira risked to come to me? Not only is she living under an oppressive regime, but her father is a senior diplomat who works for it.
Stepping out of line like that would have major consequences.
I mean, she must have been terrified.
Whatever trouble her brother is in, - she needs someone by her side.
- Well, I mean, something's definitely up Ali cleaned out his bank account a few days ago; His phone's been inactive just as long.
But, I mean, nothing about this guy spells trouble.
Nothing to indicate why he would suddenly go missing, or why the Saudis would be so worked up over it.
He's working on his post-grad degree in psychology.
He loves crossword puzzles.
He's obsessed with the Saudi national football team.
I mean, the kid's adorable.
We need to know more about Ali.
What he's into.
His apartment might give us both.
What, weapons and immunity? You're not going alone.
Hey, Dante, you got a minute? Detective Mallory.
What can I do for you? D.
's put me on this vigilante case.
I know you had a few run-ins with her.
I wanted to ask you some questions.
I gave the D.
everything I know.
Yeah, I read the report.
Former military intelligence, moral compass, highly skilled.
Thinks she's a do-gooder.
Cop to cop, what'd you leave out? Think I'm keeping secrets? I'm just looking for some color.
She's clever, uses sophisticated tactics.
- It won't be easy.
- Easy's no fun.
I like the cat-and-mouse.
Long as you're the cat.
Don't underestimate her.
Oh, I'm not you.
If she's in my crosshairs, I won't hesitate to shoot.
Still all clear.
No Saudi activity.
Approaching now.
Okay, I'm in.
Somebody definitely beat me to it.
- Tossed? - Yeah.
Someone came looking for Ali.
Or something he had.
Judging by the looks of it, they're motivated.
Mel? Mel? Mel? Spotter.
Bishop! What are you doing here? There's ten Saudis around that corner.
Get in.
How'd you know? 'Cause I'm working with them.
Let's go! Sorry, I didn't have time to win you over.
Best way to do that is to bind a girl's wrists and throw her in the back of your car.
It's hard to watch McCall's six when you're dead.
What, you didn't think I knew she had people? I trained her.
Ali Shah.
Why are the Saudis after him? And why shoot at me for being in his apartment? I don't know, but I'm assuming it's big, because they called me to find him.
- So you work for the Saudis now? - Yeah.
Helps me keep an eye on them for the CIA.
And right now the CIA wants to know why the Saudis have called out their big guns.
Who are their big guns? You know that crew up in his apartment? - Yeah.
- They're led by Shakir Khan.
Senior intelligence.
Key enforcer for the regime.
He's the guy they call when they want someone disappeared.
Is that a nice way of saying dead? Exactly.
Look, whatever's going on, the CIA doesn't want this spilling out into the streets.
I'm here because they don't They can't afford to be involved.
And you gotta keep the oil flowing.
Can't go to bed mad on the Kingdom, can ya? Drop it.
We don't know what this kid's done.
And you know the Saudis They're ruthless, they're resourced and they're way ahead of all of us.
Thanks for the lift.
And thanks for the pep talk.
'Cause you know that woman loves a challenge, right? You might as well have given her a Red Bull and a high five.
So, this guy Ali has drawn the ire of not one but two of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world.
- What the hell did he do? - We need to find Ali first, if he has any chance of surviving.
I might be able to help with that.
I got a bead on Ali's car.
His financials have him parking at a parking garage near the Soho House around the time that he vanished.
So I called the garage.
Car's still there.
Might be the last place he went.
His sister implied he spends a lot of time at that club.
I'm on it.
Mira thinks her parents know something.
If Saudi intelligence is hunting Ali, the first thing they would do is pressure his father, Basam.
We need to get into his email server.
Which is in the Saudi embassy.
So? So I'm kind of on a health kick.
You know, eat right, drink lots of water, avoid anyone with a state- sanctioned license to kill.
And I promise you, that place is firewalled every way possible.
Maybe to us, but not to everyone.
Are you okay? You seem jumpy.
I just didn't eat enough today.
I'm gonna go find something.
What does Saudi intelligence want with my brother? What did he do? We don't know yet.
But I think your parents do.
We have a way for you to help us find out - what they know about Ali.
- I'll do anything.
What do you need? Mira's in.
She just needs a few minutes to set up.
I'm ready when she is.
So, I got some intel from a friend who works at the Soho House.
It turns out Ali hasn't been inside in months.
That's weird, 'cause his credit card has him parking - at the valet on the regular.
- He lied to his sister.
He wasn't going to the Soho House.
He was going somewhere else.
Harry, pull up a map of that neighborhood.
It's the Meatpacking District.
Nightclubs, gambling dens, kinky hotels, lots of places a 20-year-old would want to go on the low.
Hookah lounge.
He had a tip and a hose in his apartment, but no pipe.
So he's smoking some place else.
Yeah, but why would he want to keep that a secret? Only one way to find out.
What's going on? Hey, Baba.
Do you have a minute? I just need you to look at the press release for the cultural center.
I'll look at it tonight.
I really need to get it out today.
Where is it? Um, my cloud account.
I sent you the link.
I'm in.
You sure this won't blow back on Mira? A hundred percent.
She's not opening the door for us.
Basam's system is.
Computers drop crucial security protocols in order to access shared data in the cloud.
- How long? - Three minutes to download data from Basam's email server.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
You have a typo in the beginning of the second paragraph.
Okay, got it.
And what else? Nothing.
It's good.
It's good? No other thoughts? What, you're asking me to find problems? Not enough time.
She's got to stall, she's got to stall.
When have you ever had trouble doing that? I have to go.
I'll see you at home.
Oh, wait.
Mira, what's going on? Okay.
The thing is, this isn't really about the press release.
- She's panicking.
She's panicking.
- No.
Just trust her.
It's about Ali.
- Baba, - I am scared.
I know you know something.
Why can't you just tell me? I do trust you.
I just wish you trusted me.
Got it! I do trust you, but these things are complicated.
It's not something I can talk about, - but I'll see you at home.
- Great place.
Lots of character.
Yeah, you want to eat, drink or smoke? All the above.
Actually, I just wanted to know why this guy was here.
Why? Who's he? You don't recognize him? You got to step your game up.
You're the owner, right? Reza Shaheen? You're supposed to know your customers.
Especially the ones who come in all the time.
Wait, what's happening here? What, your gears turning a little slow, Cheech? Look, you tell me what I want to know, or you can tell some real cops why you are serving underage girls from Santi Padre High School.
Just level with me, Reza.
This guy, he's missing.
He might be in trouble, and I'm just trying to help him.
Missing? Hold up.
I don't know anything about that.
I was just trying not to blow up his spot about the girl.
What girl? White girl.
That's why he was coming here.
To hang with her.
I know he's the son of some important guy at the embassy, so I thought they were keeping it quiet because his parents wouldn't be cool.
But, you know, I swear I have no idea why he'd be missing or where he is.
So, Ali was resisting an arranged marriage while secretly meeting up with a girl his parents didn't approve of.
It's a real-life Romeo and Juliet.
Yeah, but the Saudis wouldn't send their dogs after Ali just because he was hooking up with a white girl.
Well, that doesn't mean Juliet's not involved somehow.
Maybe they got into something together.
I think I know what.
I've been going through Basam's emails.
They think Ali's a Bee.
What's a Bee? Two years ago, Saudi Arabia formed an army of "Flies" to push Saudi propaganda on social media.
So Saudi dissidents, or "Bees," waged war with them online.
The last time the Flies caught a Bee, they tortured him, killed him and carved him up with a bone saw.
It gets worse.
They're on to Ali because the Flies raided a known Bee hangout in the city.
When they came up empty, they were pissed.
They suspected somebody tipped them off.
- Ali? - As a senior diplomat, Ali's father was informed of the raid beforehand, and shortly after, the leader of the Bees, whom the Saudis refer to as "Dissident X," sent out a message warning the Bees it was gonna happen.
So they think Ali somehow overheard his father being briefed about the raid - and put the word out? - They think Ali is Dissident X.
Which means if they catch him he could be the next Khashoggi.
It's only a matter of time.
Thanks to Defeat Geo, the Saudis found out that there's a Bee safe house in the city.
They think Ali's there, but, uh, they just don't have a location yet.
What's Defeat Geo? Defeat Geo is a proprietary spy software which infiltrates mobile devices and grants unlimited access.
Now, on the occasion that I help people on the dark web fight illegal surveillance, Defeat Geo comes up a lot.
Any chance you'd ever done work for a Bee? Oh, I know I have.
There was this one guy, Zaki Mohammed.
He had to flee Saudi Arabia because of his tweets.
Now, I had to do Internet security for him because the Saudis will literally never stop hunting this guy down.
Wait, so then he would know where the safe house is.
- He's how we get to Ali.
- No, we're not doing that.
Why? You're saying you can't track down Zaki? Of course I can.
In a heartbeat.
I did his security.
But it would be a huge betrayal of his trust.
Guys like us live or die by our anonymity.
Disrespecting that would be a Would be a huge violation.
Come on, Harry, you already saved the guy's life.
Maybe you could do the same thing for Ali.
Oh Oh, man.
Well, I can't reach out to him online.
You know, he'll-he'll He'll get spooked, he'll go dark.
- I mean, I'd have to go in person.
- I'm coming with you.
No, no, I gotta go alone.
I mean, these guys know to look out for spotters.
Rob's right.
Ali and I are both running.
The difference is I get caught, I go to jail.
Ali gets caught, he gets murdered.
Do I know you? Yes.
I patched your security.
I'm deadtrain.
Wait, no.
Just whoa, whoa.
I need to talk to you.
I would not have come here if it wasn't a matter of life or death, I swear.
But one of your friends is in serious trouble.
Follow me.
I'm sorry, man.
I know it's not cool, me just popping up like Zaki, just listen to me Who sent you? Nobody.
Okay? I'm trying to save a Bee Ali Shah.
He's in a safe house, but he's not safe.
There is no safe house.
Whoever sent you has bad intel.
I'm alone.
I'm on your side.
Do you know why I did your security? Because I know what it's like.
I'm dead.
Okay? I worked for the government.
Cyber warfare.
And I found evidence.
Bad stuff, dude.
Unforgivable crimes our military was committing.
So I leaked it.
You know, I thought I was doing the right thing, holding my government accountable.
But they came after me, and they made me leave everything I knew.
My family, my life, everything.
That's why I wanted to help you.
That's why I want to help Ali.
You don't know what it's like.
I didn't just leave my family behind.
The Saudis dragged them to jail after I fled.
Tortured my best friend.
Forced her to call and tell me what they're doing to her, what they'll keep doing to her if I keep speaking out.
These people would burn the city to the ground to get to me.
Who's to say they're not using you? Because they'd have to find me first.
If you think that little ten-minute patch I did for you is good, can you imagine how secure my own life is? Thank you.
I don't know Ali Shah.
Most Bees don't know each other.
It's safer that way.
But I can get the location of the safe house.
Great job, Harry.
I'm about ten minutes from the safe house.
- I'll call you after.
- Great.
What's up, Auntie? I was dropping off laundry in Dee's room when I saw what she packed for her geology trip.
Now, I don't know what you wear in a cave, but I know it's not strappy, so I dug a bit.
I found a fake ID and the printout ticket to a Megan Thee Stallion concert in Philly.
What? Okay, a hip-hop concert, two nights, 100 miles away? I could strangle that girl.
She is really testing me.
I think it's time for another family meeting.
And tell her what, that I went through her bag? She's just gonna turn around and go right back to her father's.
This is the fallout for telling her what I do.
No, she bought the ticket months ago.
Well, regardless, she's going through with it today.
It didn't even bother her that she lied to our faces this morning.
Because as far as she's concerned, I've been lying to her her whole life.
I'm gonna have to think about this, but I can't think about it now.
There's someone else I have to save.
Hey, McCall.
Question for you.
- Close the case yet? - Day's still young.
Times you crossed with her, Was there any connection you could draw between the vigilante and the Saudi embassy? I don't think so.
Why? Because there is now.
Embassy got in touch with NYPD through the State Department.
Somebody matching the vigilante's description - interfered in their business.
- What kind of business? Something about a diplomat's kid.
They asked if she was ours.
Looks like they might do my job for me.
I'm going to go meet with them now.
See if I can get any intel on what she's a part of.
Who's that? One of Shakir's men.
Looks like Ali was as dangerous as the Saudis were making him out to be.
Except this was self-defense.
The assailant was armed.
The door's busted in, so clearly he didn't knock.
And judging by those two holes in the wall, - he came in shooting.
- Yeah.
And Ali returned fire and killed him.
- You forgetting about that? - You don't know, do you? They're not after him because he's violent or dangerous.
They're after him because he's a dissident exercising free speech.
And this guy here Well, I'm sure he was here to drag him to his death.
Well, I sympathize with Ali.
I do.
But he's a Saudi national, and he just killed a Saudi enforcer.
As far as the U.
is concerned, it's an internal Saudi affair.
The United States is not going to risk their relationship with the Kingdom over this.
So Ali is going to be tortured and executed because of a tweet.
Just so some guys in a nice office can shake hands and have no hard feelings? Those handshakes keep us off the precipice of World War III.
Our economy, our diplomacy, our national security I cannot risk that by interfering, - and you know it.
- All the effort, all the money, all the pain.
Just to stop a kid from speaking his mind? Just because they haven't realized yet that fear doesn't breed loyalty, trust does.
Look, if you want change for tomorrow, you gotta make hard choices today.
This is not a hard choice at all.
Go home, Robyn.
If you wanted to stay in the game, you never should have left it.
Ali must have been using that safe house to plan his next move.
The apartment had Wi-Fi, so he must have been communicating with someone.
Okay, I'll pull all DNS queries from the last few hours.
Hurry up.
If you can do it, so can the Saudis.
Detective Dante.
Tangling with the Saudis now? Wow, word travels fast.
All the way to NYPD.
Whatever you're into, they know you're involved.
They? There's a new cop on you.
Solid track record with big fish.
He's not going to stand down.
He knows you're on this, and he's coming for you.
I'd watch your back.
Thanks for the intel, Detective.
Word opponents? Data from the safe house Wi-Fi says that this was the site Ali was on.
So this guy is on the run from Saudi intelligence, - and he's playing Internet games? - Well, maybe not.
People hooking up sometimes use this app for affairs because there's a chat feature and the messages delete every time you start a new game.
I've heard.
So he could be using it to send covert messages.
Well, he left the apartment in a hurry.
Maybe the game still active.
We just need his user name.
Maybe it's something the Saudis might not have.
Give me a second.
So this whole, uh, Word Opponents affair scenario, you're familiar with that from personal experience or Hey, please.
I'm married to a hacker, okay? I'd be way more careful than that.
Very good.
Okay, Mira said she and Ali would play sometimes.
His user name is lower case ah29.
Okay, I'm in.
And look at this.
Not only is the game active, Ali just logged on.
Wait, he's talking to somebody right now? As we speak.
The mystery player is Whisper99.
Look what they're saying to him.
"I love you.
We'll get through this.
"I'll take you somewhere the Flies can't find us.
" It's Ali's Juliet, the girl from the hookah bar.
Looks like they're running away together.
Yeah, they're meeting in a parking lot in Crown Heights in half an hour.
Yeah, and if the Saudis get onto this, he's walking right into an ambush.
Reza? Mira sent me.
To help Ali.
That Romeo and Juliet story you told me.
That wasn't a lie, was it? But it wasn't the whole truth, either.
We tried keeping it from his parents.
But when he started resisting the arranged marriage They found out he had a boyfriend.
And in our culture This is all my fault.
Ali is a loyal Saudi, but when he heard about the raid, he told me.
He saved my life.
And now they think he's a Bee.
So he's not a dissident? No.
He just fell in love with one.
Ali, thank God.
Where are you? I'm not coming.
They cornered me.
I'm trapped.
Ali, talk to me.
What's going on? Where is he? Get a location.
Where are you, Ali? You have to find somewhere to hide.
- Anywhere.
- You remember when we met, Ray? - Ali, please - You called me "kid" and I pretended to be all mad.
And I turned to you and I said, "I'm not a kid.
- I'm 22 and a half.
" - "I'm 22 and a half.
" And you laughed just like that.
I think I fell in love with you right then 'cause it was such a beautiful sound.
I just wanted to hear it one more time.
Ali, please I love y - I have to save him.
- Reza, listen to me.
You have to let me help.
You can't save him yourself if they already have him.
I have to, and I know how.
I had to call on a lifetime of goodwill with the Kingdom to be here.
Tell me you're not who they say you are.
Who do you think I am? It was him who got you into this, wasn't it? The man who poisoned you.
I wasn't poisoned by him.
We fell for each other.
And the Kingdom that I love It would have me kill that part of myself forever.
They're going to hurt you.
They're going to torture you and execute you.
You are no dissident.
You were simply misled by one.
And you need to give him up to save yourself.
If you do I can get you home.
But if you don't, I-I can't stop what's about to happen.
My name is Reza Shaheen.
By now you may have heard Saudi intelligence has captured your son.
Mom, is that true? They think Ali is a dissident, but he's not.
And I want them to take me in exchange for his life.
Why? Who are you? The man Ali is protecting.
He has never defied the Kingdom except to save me.
But he will never give up my name.
Not even under the pain of torture.
Because you're the one he's in love with? I came here and not the embassy because if you turn me in, it can buy your family goodwill.
And what makes you think they will exchange Ali for you? Because I'm Dissident X.
I'll admit to that, and tell them I forced Ali to help me.
But they'll kill you.
I'll die knowing your brother will live.
I'm calling the embassy.
Please don't.
There's another way to save your son.
Who are you? I'm someone who specializes in these situations.
I can end this and make sure that both young men come out of it alive.
This is not your business, and nobody here asked for your help.
I did.
When you wouldn't talk to me, I asked her to find out what was going on with Ali, to save him.
You bring a stranger into our affairs? You disrespect your father.
I have been the dutiful daughter my whole life, but if you won't help Ali, then someone has to try.
What are you talking about? We're trying to help your brother.
Mira, let her.
This is not what he wants.
This is the man he loves.
He's trying to protect him.
If you turn Reza in to be murdered, you'll be saving Ali, but you'll be losing a son.
Kindness is a mark of faith.
One hour.
Just give me one hour.
Please give them his name.
This man He's going to get you killed, Ali.
And you work for the government that'll do it.
It's time.
- Baba? - Ali, please.
Ali, please, just give them his name.
His name.
Baba Baba, don't let them do this.
- Baba? - Please.
Don't let them do this, please.
Baba! - McCall, what's up? - Don't talk, just listen.
Well, that's a great way to start a conversation.
You must know where they're holding an Ali.
Now, what if I were to tell you that we could save him and you could end up in a better position with the Kingdom than you are now? I'd tell you to get more sleep.
Ali doesn't have that much time.
And the NYPD is back on my tail.
So I need to know if you're coming off the sidelines now.
Got something? Location of the vigilante.
Saudis just called it in.
- Mind if I ride along? - Sorry.
Don't want anything between me, and putting her in cuffs.
Are you tired, Ali? Tired of lying? Tired of fighting? This can end.
Just give me the names.
Speak! Aah! No! No! This is your last chance.
Please, no, no.
Speak! Shakir.
- What are you doing here? - Trying to save your ass.
There's been a leak.
The CIA is onto you.
This is not your concern.
I'm on retainer with you.
Your concerns are my concerns Interrogating him here could cause problems for you.
What do you suggest? We're gonna take him out of here.
Now, I have a place.
I'll take Ali, you're gonna meet us there.
I'm going with the prisoner.
You're very heavy on the radar right now.
If you get detained, every news outlet leads with this story in the morning.
It's Khashoggi all over again.
Cultural firestorm.
Billions lost in sanctions.
I don't think that's a good idea for you or your country.
I'm not letting this traitor out of my sight.
Move, move! - Go, go, go! - Hands! Show me your hands! NYPD.
Where is she? Let's go.
Congratulations, Detective.
Quite a bust.
Heard you saved the kid.
Except no one's gonna know about it.
Whole thing's with the State Department now.
You knew, didn't you, that she wouldn't be there? That's why you wanted to come To see the look on my face.
She's never seen unless she wants to be.
Tip like that is a clear setup for the part she can't do.
The part where people have to get arrested.
Well, I can play games, too.
This was round one.
I'm just getting started.
Ali! You saved me.
After some high-level diplomatic discussions, Saudi intelligence has agreed that they will never go after Ali again.
He's safe, he's free.
But he can never return to Saudi Arabia again.
Good news is you won't be alone.
- Hey, kid.
- Oh Oh, I can't believe my parents didn't turn you in.
I owe them my life.
This was their last act of love.
A Saudi diplomat like him cannot have a son like me.
They're sending us back.
So this is goodbye for me, too.
I'm forbidden from ever seeing you again.
Change is coming.
Maybe someday.
There are a million other bars in the city, you know.
What are the odds? Maybe we should become drinking buddies.
Let's not, though.
- I don't love my worlds colliding.
- Yeah, well, I'm not the one who keeps showing up unannounced.
I don't think she likes me.
You have that effect on women.
By the way, that was some fancy dancing you did with the State Department.
Well, it ain't the Iran nuclear deal, but the Saudis won't go after Ali.
However, we're gonna have to sweep that abduction and torture under the rug.
You know that.
It avoids a major diplomatic incident for everyone, so But the good news is the CIA loves the fact that the Saudis owe me a favor for cleaning up their mess.
You want to front like that's why you did it, when the truth is you have never been able to resist a good love story.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, they usually end better.
Hey, Ali may be free, but that immunity deal doesn't cover Reza.
He starts up that Dissident X stuff, and they're gonna come after him again.
I promise you.
Maybe he lied to save Ali.
Maybe Dissident X is not even a person at all.
See, that's what oppressors have never understood, Bish.
You can't kill an idea.
And I'm gonna make sure to tell 'em that.
This is a nice place you got here.
Your secret is safe with me.
He didn't pay for that, you know.
Come down for a drink? No.
I have an even bigger crisis waiting for me at home.
- I'll see you.
- Okay.
Are you cheating on me? Oh, man, I'm so sorry you had to find out this way.
Well, what's Zaki have that I don't? Well, it turns out that nearly getting shot in an alley is a real turn-on for me, so Huh.
I'll keep that in mind.
- Can I fin - Yeah, you can finish.
Have you lost your mind? Are you really gonna let her go to this concert? No.
But I don't want to confront her.
I think she might come clean.
I just want to give her a chance.
She's had months to do that, Robyn, and she hasn't.
And where the two of you are right now There was no trust in the house of the person I was helping today, and it nearly cost him his life.
What this house needs is trust.
So I'm gonna give her mine.
Maybe she'll do the same.
Here she comes, our little spelunker.
You all set? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Are you okay? - Excited? Yeah, I guess.
It's really not that big of a deal.
What are you talking about? It's a huge deal.
You're trying something new.
Come on, co come here, give me a hug.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Mom.
Okay, well, I'll see you.
Just in case.
I'll call you when I get there.
Love you, babe.
Love you.
Just wanted to know where I stood.
I know you wanted her to take a step towards you, and she will, at her own pace.
Just give it time.
Now go save that child from herself.
You going somewhere? Uh, hey.
Aunt Vi and I were about to go get some frozen yogurt.
Did you forget something? No, no.
No, um I need to tell you something.
Fro-yo sounds good.
Yeah, okay.
Don't forget to get your 50 bucks back.

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